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Where Are They Now – Santino Marella

WWE caught up with Santino Marella at his gym in Mississauga Ontario, Battle Arts Academy.

I am showcasing this video just because Battle Arts along with Anthony and Yuki, have truly changed me this last year I’ve been training under them. I never understood the term “respect your dojo” until I actually started at Battle Arts. It’s a place where the stresses of your everyday life can be put on hold the moment you step foot on the mat or ring. It’s a place that means a lot to me being a student there and frankly I always love seeing the deserved attention it gets.

Personal Thoughts On The Sexy Star & Rosemary Situation

I’ve been troubled by the latest reports I’ve been reading today following TripleMania event from this past weekend, where Sexy Star intentionally injured Rosemary’s arm following the completion of their match. Being someone who’s training right now to become a professional wrestler, this is truly upsetting.

One of the main lessons we learn in the fundamentals in wrestling is that you have to protect the fellow challenger in the match. You entrust a lot to your fellow competitor and in thus the other competitor entrusts a lot in you. It’s a trust in that ring and it’s crucial to have it as your life depends on the other person. You trust that the competitor delivering a move to you can deliver it safely, and with enough sense to protect you and vise versa.

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There have been stories of talents who believe that their better than someone else, and that can really rub some people off.  To a point where talents would stiff the competition during the match, not by accident, but on purpose. Just one hard punch. But going out of your way to intentionally injure someone is something completely different. You’re taking the bread off their table. You’re putting them on the shelf and jeopardizing their way of living. You could have injured them in a way where they couldn’t return to do what they love to do. How is that fair?

I use to like Sexy Star; she’s one of these talents that showed a lot of heart in the ring, which gets the audience behind you. But this weekend she truly showed her real colors and they are dark. I know she’s been more focused on her professional boxing career than wrestling, but that doesn’t give you the right to intentionally hurt someone. Yes there can be bad blood between talents, but usually talents still remain civil in the ring to give the audience; the one thing that connects both talents in that ring, something they can take home and talk about.

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The Wrestling market has never been bigger and instead of hot-headed talents in the locker-room who think they are the only important thing in there, there are a lot of friendships being developed now. It’s a new generation for the business, and even though friendships in the past were hard to come by, they still worked together in the ring.

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Sexy Star has now positioned herself to pretty much kiss her professional wrestling career away. Booker’s have already started pulling her from shows, just as WrestleCade did in their latest tweet:

And the fans that made you who you are today, are now turning their back on you. Talents who you befriended in the past now disregard you as a heartless person. It doesn’t matter if you have personal problems with a certain talent, when you’re in that ring, your main thing to do is put on a show for the audience, and make sure to PROTECT THE OTHER PERSON no matter how much you hate them.

As far as I see it, Sexy Star should not only remove that mask, but throw it away as well, as not only did she disrespect herself, the fans, her fellow competitors but the wrestling business itself.

Here is Rosemary’s comments 24 hrs removed from her fight against Sexy Star where she revealed that the injury was intentional.

MOC wishes Rosemary a speedy and healthy recovery.

Pre-Thoughts On WWE Raw – July 31, 2017

Before tonight’s WWE Raw broadcast, I thought I would go through the previews from and give my thoughts on what we can expect tonight.

Three’s A Crowd

WWE announced last week that at this years SummerSlam PPV, Brock Lesnar will face his biggest challenge yet when he defends his WWE Universal Championship not only against 1 man, but three. Lesnar is set to face Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe & Braun Strowman in a Fatal-4-way match at the biggest party of the summer. But before the big PPV match, WWE announced that on tonight’s WWE Raw broadcast, Roman, Joe and Braun will take part in a triple threat match. Let’s be honest, this is gonna be a hard hitting match which may end with all three men just brawling it out.

In my opinion Braun will have to be showcased as the biggest challenge for everyone involved in the match. Roman and Joe will team together to hopefully bring Braun down but in the end he’ll over power. I foresee this match as being the highlight of the show, and as stated, I feel the ending will not be clean and all men go on an all-out brawl to end the show. This only strengthens the story between the men and builds anticipation.

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Jason Jordan Speaks Out On Miz TV

After finding out that Kurt Angle is Jason’s father who didn’t know about him, he’s had much more attention on him. Last week he had his singles debut on Raw against Curt Hawkins and safe to say he won that. But tonight he’s the special guest on Miz TV and there are a couple of angles this could go.

1 – WWE could surprise us all and make Jordan go after the IC title.

2 – WWE could tag both Rollins and Ambrose with Jason to face Miz’ Miztourage possible at Summerslam.

In my honest opinion I feel WWE will have Jason team with the former Shield members to take on the new stable. It at least shows his stance in the roster and that he too doesn’t want to put up with Miz’ crap. So during tonight’s Miz TV segment, I see Miz trying to down talk Jason which in the long run will make Jason take Miz out.

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Brothers in Arms

For the last few weeks Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have appeared to be on the same page. This comes after Ambrose showed he was still skeptical of Rollins following his back-stab on The Shield three years ago. But the common saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and these two seemed to have at least set aside their issues to work together.

The one idea I had as stated above with Jason Jordan, is that Rollins and Dean will be used in the MizTV segment which will in turn lead to a temporary alliance with the new son of Kurt Angle, Jason Jordan. This could technically lead to a six-man tag at Summerslam, which I know not many WWE fans want, but in all honesty it’s at least a story angle these guys are working towards. Eventually one will go after the IC title, but until then it’ll be interesting to see how this angle proceeds and what role Jason will play in it.

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Hardy Boyz & “Good brothers,” meet Team Red’s “top guys”

I’ll admit it, I’m a big Revival fan. I love the team tactics & strategy. Dash and Dawson really bring back the term team work as they make sure to cut that ring in half, and always work a certain body part to make that one talent vulnerable. Now they get to work with other well known teams such as the Hardy’s and Gallows & Anderson.

In my opinion I see Vince truly backing the Revival as a team, and will at one point give them a Raw title run. But for now, they have to work towards that, and it wouldn’t surprise me if WWE pin Revival vs. The Club vs. Hardy’s for a #1 contendership for Sheamus & Cesaro’s Raw Tag Team Titles. Though I feel WWE will want Revival & Hardy’s to have a few matches before any of those two get title shots yet again. So if anything The Clubs (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) will get the next title opportunity and Revival vs. Hardy’s will be an ongoing feud potentially leading to Summerslam.

Related image

Balor to Bray “Let’s Play”

Bray Wyatt has made it clear that Finn Balor is on his hit-list. This though is gonna be interesting because in all honesty, when was the last time Finn Balor came out as “the demon?” Last I recall he was the Demon during the Summerslam match against Seth Rollins for the universal championship. So in all honesty, it’s a bit overdue. This is why I think WWE has pinned these two together. Have Bray draw the negative (demon) out of Balor.

This Summerslam I feel will be the return of Demon Balor, and this feud between him and Bray will only grow slowly during Raw. We saw Bray screw Balor over last week, during the no DQ match, so in all honesty I foresee Finn having some tricks up his sleeve.

Well, those are my thoughts for tonight’s WWE Raw broadcast, and what I feel will happen tonight. They’ll be a ton more action waiting to happen. Make sure to follow me on twitter at @MindofCarnage to interact with me live during the show.

MOC Prediction – WWE Battleground 2017

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This Sunday we see the return of the Punjabi Prison Match, a match in where you’re not only within a cage, of bamboo, but within a cage, within a cage of bamboo… That’s a lot of bamboo.

Below are my predictions for this Sunday’s PPV and my thoughts on the matches.

Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English
Singles Match

These two have had there moments in a WWE ring developing a small feud which merits decent matches. Tye has garnered the upper hand on many occasions and has captured multiple wins over the drama-king Aiden English, but in all honest there has to be a climax in their story where the bad-guy gets the upper hand. See what I did there? In my opinion Aiden English needs a win now that he’s a singles competitor, and even though he gotten them on Smackdown, he needs a bigger one during a bigger event, so in my opinion I feel English comes out on top of this one.

MOC Prediction: Aiden English

Breezango Prepare To Close The Case At WWE Battleground

Not really sure how to address this, but Breezango plan to get to the bottom of the case in who’s been attacking and ruining their Fashion office these past few weeks. These guys have been making probably some of the best segments I’ve seen in a while and frankly their killing it. As for attackers, I really couldn’t tell you who I think it is but some ideas I have are:

  1. Ascension
  2. The Hype Bros
  3. The Colons
  4. Dolph Ziggler

In all honesty, I hope it’s Dolph just upset that he couldn’t be apart of this beautiful crew of men.

Charlotte vs. Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Lana vs. Becky Lynch
-5-Way Elimination Match To Determine #1 Contender For Naomi’s Women’s Championship-
5-Way Elimination Match

The women in WWE have been doing a great job at delivering some intense hard hitting matches. This will be no different. Now i’m not going to list who I believe will be eliminated 1st, 2nd and so on. But I’ll give my thoughts on who I feel should deserve it, and in all honesty I’m going with Natalya. She’s been on the short list on so many occasions when it comes to the WWE title, and the woman can deliver a good match depending on her opponent. I feel that giving her an opportunity a the title will at least give her a bit more backing to the ass-kicker she could be.

MOC Prediction: Natalya 

And if I had to guess, I would say her and Charlotte are the final two competitors.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens
-WWE United States Championship-
Singles Match

It was a bit shocking when I heard AJ Styles won the US title during WWE’s live event at MSG, but then again not really. WWE usually likes to do utilize that venue for some surprises. But this has only developed a feud which has been fun to watch and enjoyable to experience. Owens in my opinion works with everyone, and when he’s pinned with another guy who can deliver in the ring, it’s just a present to experience. I feel this match will deliver on many bases and I honestly feel that Owens will come out on top re-capturing that WWE US title. Only to elevate this feud to another rematch at Summerslam.

MOC Prediction: Kevin Owens (New US Champion)

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin
Singles Match

Shinsuke vs. Baron in my opinion is just a placement feud to give Baron something to do while we wait for him to cash in the Money in the Bank case. Which wouldn’t surprise me if it happened during Battleground. I feel though that WWE will keep Nakamura strong and will have go over, so at a later time he could challenge for the WWE title if Baron wins it and can claim that because he’s beaten him before, he can do it again. So for me I’ll say Nakamura goes over.

If WWE wanted to keep Baron looking like a monster he could generate the loss by getting DQ’ed by using a weapon or a low blow. Take the sleazy heel way out.

MOC Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura via DQ

The Usos (c) vs. New Day
-WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match

I won’t lie, I’m enjoying the new Usos gimmick. It seems more genuine and it appears that their having a good time with it. They can be taken more seriously than before, and seem to have gotten better on the mic. New Day though are always enjoyable and yes some can argue that they’ve become stale, but to be honest they still put a smile on your face and mine, so i’ll leave it at that.

When it comes to this match I feel Usos will still come out on top. Either they win cleanly, or they run an angle where the ref confuses one of the Uso brothers, and gives New Day the 3 count, but reverts the win after discovering that the illegal man was pinned. Usos take advantage and pick up the win again. This at least leaves room for once again another match down the line, that is if WWE wants to keep this feud going leading to Summerslam.

MOC Prediction: The Usos (retain)

John Cena vs. Rusev
Flag Match

John Cena has gone on record saying that his time in WWE is numbered. Reaching his 40’s he knows that his time is coming up and wants to work with those that he believes can make the biggest changes in the company. That should tell you something about Rusev. This flag match is good for cheap pops, as Cena will try to the US title and Rusev for the Bulgarian flag. Though, as much as I want to say Cena will win, I’m cheering for Rusev. The man needs heat, and being grabbing the Bulgarian flag waving it over a downed Cena will generate great heat for him. To be honest he could also grab the us title, cover Cena with it and just stand above him waving the Bulgarian flag. Again, this match works well for cheap heat and frankly I feel Rusev needs it the most.

MOC Prediction: Rusev

Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Randy Orton
-WWE Championship-
Punjabi Prison Match 

The return of the Punjabi Prison Match and the main event for the night. This match positions Jinder to not receive any help from the Singh Brothers, at least at the beginning so it could position Randy to win. But in my opinion I feel Jinder will still come out on top with the potential for Baron to interfere at the end and cash in the MITB against Jinder.

Not much to say about this match, but I know it’ll be a aggressive match between the two with the Singh brothers getting involved somewhere down the line. But as stated, I believe Baron will get involved and potentially win the WWE Championship leaving Battleground.

MOC Prediction: Jinder Mahal (retains) 
MOC Prediction: Baron Corbin cashes in (New WWE Champion)

MOC Predictions – 2017 Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View

As we inch near to Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV, you can already hear the collision between skin and steel, or wood, as some of the ladders are painted silver to make it appear as if their steel. BUT, I digress; Sunday will be filled with a ton of excitement as we get two MITB matches, a tag team title match and a Women’s championship match.

Let’s review the matches and provide our predictions for the show to come. Make sure to share yours as well either through the comments below, Twitter or Facebook.

Naomi (c) vs. Lana
-Smackdown Live Women’s Championship-
Singles Match

In my honest opinion, Lana getting a title match is a bit ridiculous. Especially since Naomi did want to fight her and would fight her nonetheless, but her putting up the title didn’t need to be incorporated. But it’s WWE, so they’ll give the opportunity to Lana while the rest of the deserving women compete in a ladder match for it. But here’s what I see going on. WWE did accidentally mention that the Women’s MITB match would incorporate SIX women, and not the regular five that have been advertised. See the tweet below.

Here’s what I feel will happen. Rusev will make a return causing a distraction allowing Lana to pick up the win over Naomi. Thus Lana becomes the new Smackdown Women’s Champion. Naomi angry about the situation gets added to the Women’s MITB match. Remember Naomi did show interest in being in the match a few weeks back on Smackdown Live. So it wouldn’t surprise me if she did get added on.

So my prediction moving forward is that Lana wins, following a distraction from Rusev. Naomi gets added to the MITB match.

MOC Prediction: Lana (New Smackdown Live Women’s Champion)

The Usos (c) vs. The New Day
-Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match

The Usos face a big challenge as the New Day make their Smackdown Live PPV debut at Money in the Bank. New Day have already gone in the record books for being the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history, and look to make more history by capturing the Smackdown Live Tag Team titles, but the Usos are no joke and will put up  a fight against the Unicorn Ice Cream Boys.

In my honest opinion, I feel that the Usos will come out victorious this Sunday. Claiming that Smackdown Live has a stronger Tag Team division than Raw, and that’s why New Day managed to keep those titles for so long. This builds the Usos up as a serious tag team which won’t be beaten easily and that their claim over those titles goes hand-in-hand with their new attitudes. As much as I would love to see the New Day become champs, I honestly feel Usos will come out victorious in this, for now.

MOC Prediction: The Usos (retain)

Charlotte vs. Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella (potentially Naomi, Maria and or an NXT talent added)
Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Sunday will mark history as this will be the very first ever, MITB ladder match contested in the Women’s division. Frankly I feel this will be a heavy hitting match and am interested to see what these women come do with the ladders. Let’s be honest, they can also use any other weapons as well. When it comes to winners, it’s hard to tell cause you gotta ask yourself, will we have a last minute entree, will James Ellsworth somehow get involved to help his supposed girlfriend Carmella. Not sure  but if I had to pick I would assume Charlotte comes out on top. She’s been a landmark in historical matches in WWE and I feel the win will only add to her prestige.

Like I said though, it’s unknown if there will be a last minute entree, which could change things up.

MOC Prediction: Charlotte (1st Ever Winner of the Women’s MITB match)

Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Randy Orton
-WWE Championship-
Singles Match

Listen I’ll admit it, typing in Jinders name as the WWE champion is still a bit odd, but I feel he’s been doing a great job at keeping the heat on him now that WWE has given him this huge spotlight. Jinder may not be many fans pick to be champion, but he’s a character in development and holds the gimmick of the “Modern Day Maharajah” very beautifully. I love the way it sounds and it brings a new visual to WWE TV, whether people like it or not.

Jinder is developing a ton of heat and with the addition of the Singh brothers by his side, he’s being portrayed as a proper heel who has to steep to underhanded tactics to win. That’s the job of a heel and I feel he’s doing a great job at it. When it comes to winners, I think Jinder retains his title. Whether he retains due to the Singh brothers causing a problem, or a potential NXT call-up by the name of Jeet Rama causing an distraction giving Jinder the win. You never know what could happen, but I feel Jinder will remain champion moving forward.

MOC Prediction: Jinder Mahal (retains)

Kevin Owens (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler
Money In The Bank Ladder Match

This is probably one of the most stacked matches I’ve seen in a while. So many great talents in one match, fighting for a chance at the WWE Championship. Let’s face it, there are reasons why every one of these men deserve the opportunity to potentially be that the next WWE champion.

For me, I’m picking a surprise winner, just as Jinder was a surprise winner for the WWE title, I feel surprises is one thing that could set a match apart, and for this one I’m going with Sami Zayn. Sami has been a guy who has been made to look as the underdog in many of his matches and even in this one, he gives the appeal that he’s not the guy to win. But this could be a turning point for Sami and would add at least some credentials to his WWE run.

This match will be one that will last in our memories as I anticipate many big spots and close calls. And I feel Sami will be in the right place, at the right time.

MOC Prediction: Sami Zayn (2017 Money In The Bank Winner) 

Make sure to share your predictions down below and let us know who you think comes out on top.

Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling!

Inconsistency Of Rules Was Key During The Extreme Rules PPV

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You gotta love those moments of inconsistency in wrestling, and last night’s edition of Extreme rules was filled with them.

As most of you saw, last night WWE broadcasted Extreme Rules on the WWE Network, and during several of the matches there was a bit of inconsistent backing of rules. Here are a few examples in my opinion of the inconsistent rules that took place from last night’s Extreme Rules PPV.

The Cage match between the Hardy’s vs. Sheamus & Cesaro was actually not bad. They implemented the two guy rule, meaning that both members of the team were intended to leave the cage to instigate a victory for that team. Jeff Hardy was the first one to reach the outside giving the Hardy’s brothers one step ahead in victory. But later on in the match, Jeff was forced to return to the ring by climbing the cage and hitting a whisper in the wind from the top onto Cesaro & Sheamus… But the odd part about this was that because Jeff climbed back in, he reverted the decision and that he now had to re-escape the cage to count him and Matt as the winners. It’s just one of those odd stipulations that yes in a way make sense, but in another doesn’t. Again it’s no DQ, so anything can go. It’s more of a logical confusion than anything, especially for fans watching it live. All of a sudden Jeff escapes, then has to escape again? I feel that WWE should have at least listed out the rules for the match just for that very reason.

Neville taps out to The Last Chancery, but escapes defeat because Aries must win in the ring.

The submission match between Neville and Austin Aries was well fought and put together… if you take away the idea of the ref counting rope breaks and count-outs. Now, don’t get me wrong, Disqualifications and/or count-outs are possible outcomes for the match, but then don’t identify it as “THE ONLY WAY TO WIN IS BY SUBMISSION” because in a way that throws out the count-out and DQ wins. But again this is one of those times where being inconsistent with the rules apply, and not listing out the proper victory possibilities only sets to confuse the audience.

The Kendo-Stick on a pole match was another match where I feel could have seen a change. I know the main draw was to get the Kendo stick down and bash your opponent… but let’s face it. They could have used any and all weapons instead of a Kendo Stick. As a matter of fact, I feel when one women was reaching for the Kendo stick, what was stopping the other from getting a chair? Now I know WWE Officials probably limited the women to the ONE weapon only, but I feel if you wanted to show tactics you could have had the other women grab another weapon to distinguish the ability to think outside the box. It’s a no DQ, and never in the rules does it state “cannot use other weapons.” It was just one of those things where you see the potential, but don’t get much from it.

Finn Bálor, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins battle in a Fatal 5-Way Match to determine the No. 1 contender to the Universal Championship.

Now last but not least, was the fatal-5-way Extreme Rules match, which to say the least wasn’t as much Extreme Rules as I anticipated it may be. Literally, there was the top half of the steel steps used, one chair, potentially two, and one broken table… That was it, ohh and a broken barricade. For a 5 man match I really was expecting more weapons to be utilized. Not saying it wasn’t a good match. All men delivered in their own way and made it entertaining, but again it’s one of those things that you anticipate something considering it being a “first time” ever match, but get short changed based on creative decision. Again, i’m not downgrading when they did, but I feel they could have added more to the match. I know there is a limit, and having all matches utilizing weapons takes away from the OMG moments. But I feel there were many opportunities during the PPV to generate more OMG moments without downgrading matches as the card progressed.

Overall, Extreme Rules brought us a ton of gimmick matches. We saw titles change hands, and had a few weapon moments here and there. But for a PPV where Extreme is the main game, I feel it lacked on that and thought that it could have added more to not only the main event, but all the matches. It’s one thing to limit weapons in certain matches to make the main event moments involving weapon seem that much more grande, but it seems WWE didn’t even have that many moments with weapons for the main event. So what was the deal with limiting other matches?

This is merely just my opinion. Many could have watched that Pay-Per-View and thought it was the best thing ever, and if you did; GREAT! I have nothing against a fan enjoying the content, I just felt there were moments during the PPV that could have been tweaked to make certain moments feel bigger and more memorable. Cause for me the PPV, seemed very generic and didn’t work to making big moments feel big.

What were your thoughts? Did you enjoy the PPV? Were there moments where you thought they could have changed things up?

Share your thoughts below or through Twitter or Facebook.

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MOC Predictions – WWE Extreme Rules 2017

Here are my predictions for this Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules PPV, which airs on the WWE Network.

Make sure to share your thoughts on winners with me through Twitter, Facebook, or even using the comment section below.

Images here-under are sourced from

Sasha Banks & Rich Swann vs. Noam Dar & Alicia Fox
Mixed Tag Team Match

Here’s a match where in my opinion seems to have been thrown together quickly, just for the hell of it. Throughout the weeks we’ve seen growing tensions between Fox and Banks, which eventually brought in Swann and Dar. So a story to instigate a match is there, but i believe this is one of those “put it together, end it quickly” type of matches. To be honest, one of the biggest surprises from this feud is when Fox pinned Sasha cleanly on Raw two weeks back. That provided some insight on Fox and the potential that WWE may try and get her to go for the Women’s Championship at some point. But, Fox can celebrate that victory in her head, as I see the dancing duo of Swann and Banks coming out on top.

MOC Predictions: Rich Swann & Sasha Banks

Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries
-WWE Cruiserweight Championship-
Submission Match

Neville yet again puts his title on the line against the greatest man on the planet, Austin Aries. These two have been having some memorable matches, spanning back to WrestleMania 33. But instead of having Neville once again cheap out and retain his title, this has now become a submissions match, when in all reality anything goes. The only way to win is via submission, and DQ wins are not allowed. Aries has a lot to gain, and Neville has a ton to lose, but you do have to ask yourself, will TJ Perkins in some way get involved? TJ has been riding the wave, so to speak on Neville’s shoulders. Being a student of the king he could either help or potentially hurt his chances in retaining that championship. Neville did submit on Raw to Aries Last Chancery finisher, which only showed that the potential to lose the title is there. But in my honest opinion I feel a distraction from TJ could potentially cost Aries yet another match, allowing the King to stand tall once again.

MOC Prediction: Neville (retains)

Matt & Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Sheamus & Cesaro
-Raw Tag Team Championship-
Steel Cage Match

Let the extreme begin! These men locked in a cage is like having the extra cherry on top of an already overflowing chocolate cake. It’s just too good to not be excited for it. Cesaro & Sheamus has positioned themselves as “The Bar” when it comes to the Raw tag team division, and frankly have what it takes to beat the Hardy’s in my opinion. But you’re also talking about a team who go to the extreme to win. Matt and Jeff are well known for their crazy moments in gimmick matches such as this. I’m sure anticipating a potential splash from the top of the cage, or some type of huge spot that will adhere a “holy shit” chant. I do feel that Sheamus & Cesaro will get their opportunities as the champions and it will come this Sunday as they will take those titles off the Hardy’s. This only allows for the feud to continue and will lead them into Summerslam where you for sure could expect a huge match with some type of stipulation involved. Time will tell, but for sure I see Sheamus & Cesaro coming out as the victors in this one.

MOC Predictions: Sheamus & Cesaro (New Raw Tag Team Champions)

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley
-Raw Women’s Championship-
Kendo Stick On a Pole Match

Seriously, a kendo stick on a pole match? In a way I feel Vince Russo is running this match. But nonetheless these women are prepared to get extreme. In all honesty you don’t have to just use a kendo stick, but being as this is WWE they’ll probably only limit them the use of one weapon and only that weapon on the pole. Throughout the last few weeks, we’ve seen Alexa get into the mind of Bayley and try to break her down mentally, and it’s kind of working. Following the horrendous “this is your life” segment on Raw we saw Alexa once again come out on top, which begs the questions if she’ll be able to retain that title at Extreme Rules. I’ll be honest I’m not sure, but I can’t see Bayley once again winning and continuing this feud, as there are a ton of other potential competitors on Raw that could very well compete for the title. So, preferably I’m going for Alexa to retain, to potentially compete against Nia Jax down the line.

MOC Predictions: Alexa Bliss (retains) 

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz
-WWE Intercontinental Championship-
Singles Match (If Dean is DQ’ed he loses the title)

Listen, we can all admit that Miz has elevated himself to a talent in which can invoke emotion, anger and frustration from the audience. He’s one of the top heel’s in WWE and can work the mic above anyone else on that roster today. He elevated that IC title on Smackdown based on how he held himself and the actions he took to keep it. So him requesting this DQ stipulation only tells me that he will find someway to screw Ambrose out of this title. Here’s one example, what’s stopping Maryse from slapping Miz, causing a DQ and having Ambrose lose the title? What’s stopping Miz from taunting and pushing Ambrose to utilize weapons against him through annoying tactics. I feel Miz will take advantage of this stipulation to garner the win. He had a point on Raw, Dean hasn’t helped the prestige of that title at all. In a way WWE creative just doesn’t seem to know what to do with him when he’s champion. It’s the same when he was US Champion, WWE champion and now the IC Champion. He just seems to fill the void and not actually play the role in my opinion. Miz is the perfect fit for that title and this Sunday he’ll win it back for sure. Let’s face it, on a show where the MAIN [Universal Championship] title is not showcased on a weekly basis, you do need a top title to make it the goal for the show. Miz can make the IC title that title.

MOC Predictions: The Miz (New IC Champion)

Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe
-#1 Contender Match For The Universal Championship-
Fatal-5-Way Extreme Rules Match

The main event for the show, and potentially the TOP match for the show will feature Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe going against one-another for a shot at the Universal Championship. Ohh and did I mention it’s an Extreme Rules match?

This in my honest opinion will be one, if not the top match of the night. These five men are not only great competitors in the ring but have the ability to make anything they do spectacular. The winner for this match is difficult to determine as each man has his own merits on why they should compete for the Universal Championship. Roman is obvious, he’s Vince’s guy and usually gets the big opportunities. Same goes for Rollins. Bray is the enigma of the group and his creepy vibe can make for an interesting match with Brock. Joe is just a bad-ass, beat down, gonna kill you type of guy. His style along with Lesnar’s could make for a great hard hitting match. And then there’s Finn, a man who never lost the title and even got a hand shake from Paul Heyman, where Heyman wished him luck. Let’s face it, WWE has already implemented who they want winning, why else would there be a segment featuring Finn and Heyman where Heyman appears to want Finn to win. It’s obvious that Heyman wants Finn to win as he sees him as not a threat to his client Brock Lesnar. When you see both men together you understand why, but Finn will hone into his inner demon, as usual to give him the potential he needs to defeat any challenger that comes his way.

Even though this match is hard to determine on who comes out on top, it’s still intriguing to have seen Heyman and Finn and therefor I will have to go with Finn. Give him the opportunity to compete for his title and bring a fight to Lesnar which he’ll never forget.

MOC Prediction: Finn Balor (New #1 Contender For The Universal Championship)

Those are my predictions, feel free to share yours!

Who do you think walks our of Extreme Rules champions, new #1 contenders and overall winners.

MOC Predictions – NXT TakeOver: Chicago – May 20, 2017

Hey guys, so as some of you may know, MOC is no longer reporting news and recaps. It was a decision I wanted to implement as I want to bring a more customized site to you all featuring exclusive content and opinions. But it doesn’t mean I can’t give you my glorious predictions which NEVER come true. So being as this weekend is TakeOver and Backlash, here are my predictions for Saturday’s broadcast of NXT TakeOver: Chicago which will be aired on the WWE Network.

(images below sourced from

Roderick Strong vs. Eric Young
Singles Match

There been some growing tension in the last few weeks between these two men. WWE has run a few highlight videos on Strong trying to build his character up and reveal that he’s become a new father, and the videos have been doing a decent job.

So when it comes to this match, I feel Roderick has the most momentum behind him as WWE tries to sell him as being “the guy” at this time. So in my opinion I feel that he does win, but via DQ. When Eric Young is involved in a match, you also have to know SAnitY will also be involved somehow. So I feel the way WWE can draw out this feud is having Strong win following an interference from SAnitY.

MOC Prediction: Roderick Strong via DQ.

Tyler Bate (c) vs. Pete Dunne
-WWE United Kingdom Championship-
Singles Match

We get a surprise UK title match at an NXT event. Frankly I can’t complain as these talents are great. Tyler Bate has been a fighting champion and represents a division in WWE that is gaining ground. This Saturday that UK title [which looks beautiful by the way] get defended against a fighting challenger who will go to any cost to become the new champion. Pete Dunne is a fighter, and has truly showed his capabilities in that ring in every match he’s been apart of. Whether fighting along side UK talents, or showcasing his dominate talents in singles competition I feel Dunne’s time is here, and this Saturday he becomes the new UK champion. Especially as WWE begins to tape the UK Championship specials. The time for UK fighting has begun.

MOC Prediction: Pete Dunne (New United Kingdom Champion)

Authors of Pain (c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano
-NXT Tag Team Championship-
Ladder Match

So this match is up in the air at this time as Tommaso Ciampa sustained an injury at an NXT Live event in Highland Heights, KY. Ciampa jumped off the apron for a knee attack, but when he landed he may have sprained his knee or ankle. The match was stopped right away when the ref threw up the “X” indicating a true injury. Here’s a slow motion of the spot thanks to a fan in attendance:

WWE hasn’t provided any updates on the situation, or even if the match has been cancelled but nonetheless even if it were to happen, I feel WWE would keep the tag titles on Authors of Pain, and eventually split Gargano and Ciampa as both men are amazing singles competitors. Not to mention there was a singer who revealed online that she was taping a theme for Gargano, which only lead to speculation of a potential split sometime soon. So in my opinion, no matter the circumstances or who faces who, I believe Authors of Pain retain those titles.

MOC Prediction: Authors Of Pain (retain)

UPDATE: In an update, Triple H revealed in a conference call that Ciampa twisted his ankle and is being evaluated today. But early reports indicate that Ciampa is good to go for TakeOver.

Asuka (c) vs. Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross
-NXT Women’s Championship-
Triple Threat Match

Let’s face it, when you compete against Asuka one-on-one, you’ll eventually be tapping out. So let’s add more women to a match, and the potential to have Asuka lose without even being pinned or submitted. With WWE running the Women’s Tournament sometime in the fall, there’s been several new talents which WWE are looking to bring in. Many presume that Asuka who has been so dominant in NXT may be one to be called up to the main roster sooner rather then later. This match, has the potential to have Asuka lose her title, but without her being the one who lose it.

With Asuka not being the reason to losing her title, it could just drive her insane trying to regain her title as it would mean that her streak as the longest NXT women’s champion comes to a stop. In all honesty I do feel that Asuka may lose her title this Saturday, and if I had to pick one winner, I would assume Nikki Cross becomes the new champion. The main reason is because NXT may start pushing the SAnitY stable soon, and this could lead to potential titles in the long run.

MOC Prediction: Nikki Cross (New NXT Women’s Champion) pins Ruby Riot.

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Hideo Itami
-NXT Championship-
Singles match

All I can say is, if Hideo hits the GTS, the Chicago crowd will either support him, or boo the ‘F’ out of him. As we all know the Chicago audience are crazy for their hometown boy CM Punk, so I will be expecting a ton of Punk chants, but really hope they don’t over saturate the show with them.

In regards to this match, I feel NXT hasn’t really built this match as a main event worthy draw. Bobby Roode has been fabulous in the ring, and Itami’s not bad either, but his lack of charisma is what kills my draw to see this match. He’s not a bad competitor in any way shape or form, I just feel that the build for this match has been a bit lack-luster. But nonetheless I feel both men will deliver and give a decent show. As far as winners go, Bobby Roode comes out on top in my opinion. He holds that title with pride and frankly it looks good on him and I feel that WWE will keep that title on him for a while. Due to that, I feel Roode will retain.

MOC Prediction: Bobby Roode (retains)

Those are my predictions for Saturday’s show. Please feel free to share yours below and let’s see what you guys think may happen. Always love to hear from others.

Please note, due to the new format for, we will not be covering the show live, but I will be live tweeting and maybe run a Facebook chat during the show and would love to chat with you guys there. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. 

Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling

MOC Predictions – WWE Payback Pay-Per-View – April 30, 2017

What’s going on guys and welcome to the MOC Predictions for this Sunday’s WWE Payback PPV.

Below you will find the announced matches and graphics (sourced from for the event. Remember to stick with MOC as we will be covering the show live with results, highlights and whatever else comes at us.

Special Edition of Miz TV

Now I’m not really sure what this is intended for, but if Bray Wyatt doesn’t attack, or tease an attack on Balor…. I’m done.

Big Cass & Enzo Amore vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows
Tag Team Match

Following the attack on Raw where Karl and Luke laid out Enzo Amore, this wasn’t a surprise that this match was made. But I still can’t see Enzo and Cass coming out on top. This may not be the most popular decision, but I see Enzo as a weak point in his team. I feel that they won’t get those titles anytime soon as they’re too Jokey of a team to be honest. I like them, but I can’t see them coming out on top… Actually one thing I could see if WWE wanted to give Cass his own opportunities is to have him show fraustration over Enzo for being that one guy who always has them losing. Personally I can’t remember when Cass has been pinned. So for this one, I’m going for the Club for the win.

MOC Prediction: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Austin Aries vs. Neville (c)
-WWE Cruiserweight Championship-
Singles Match

These two had an amazing match at WrestleMania 33, and even though it was on the KICKOFF show, this could have very easily been a main card spot. But nonetheless their getting the opportunity once again to shine at Payback. Last time we saw Neville come out on top, and I’m pretty sure TJ Perkins may try and poke his head in this match, but I personally feel that the king may be dethroned as Aries will pick up his first even WWE title victory and become the new Champion of the Cruiserweights.

MOC Prediction: Austin Aries (New WWE Cruiserweight Champion)

The Hardy Boyz (c) vs. Sheamus & Cesaro
-Raw Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match

It’s still surreal to see that the Hardy Boyz are back in the WWE, but it’s still a cool site when they perform nostalgic moves which brings back so many memories. Sheamus and Cesaro though have been a power force in the Raw tag team division and are two guys that not only can take a beating, but deliver it too.

For the past couple of weeks the Hardy’s have had the advantage over them, with Sheamus and Cesaro offering their hands in respect for the team. But at Payback I believe that the respect will get thrown out the window as I feel the Hardy’s may get a distracted victory over Sheamus & Cesaro, which will send them into “pissed mode.” I personally see Sheamus & Cesaro beating down on the Hardy’s and fully turning heel. This could potentially lead to another match down the line utilizing weapons and or, ladders.

MOC Predictions: Matt & Jeff Hardy (retain)

Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe
Singles Match

These two have unfinished business as Seth tries to put himself together after being victories at WrestleMania 33 against Triple H. Joe vs Rollins will be a match you don’t want to miss. Tensions have been the base of this rivalry as Joe nearly re-injured Rollins knee back in March after an attack. But Rollins fought back, beat Triple H and needs to end his ongoing problems with Samoa Joe. Though, I don’t think this will end at Payback. This is not a “one-off” match in my opinion and it’s a rivalry that can distinguish both men. As we’ve seen Rollins has moved away from the Pedigree and is now focused on a new finisher which he hopes will give him the victory, though I feel that Rollins will get a victory…. a DQ victory as Joe will utilize some type of weapon to cost him the match. Thus leading to more matches down the line.

MOC Predictions: Seth Rollins via DQ.

Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss
-Raw Women’s Championship-
Singles Match

Listen, I have been losing support for Bayley these past few weeks. For me there are very few women on the Raw women’s division that a stand behind, and primarily it’s because of how they cut promos. Many of them are great in the ring don’t get me wrong, but when it comes to personality and delivery Alexa Bliss just has….. IT! Bayley is just so whiny, and Sasha just sounds as if she has a mouth full of socks when she talks. Now I’m not sure if Sasha somehow gets involved in this match, and potentially costs Bayley the win, but in my honest opinion I feel Alexa leaves as the new champion.

MOC Predictions: Alexa Bliss (New Raw Women’s Champion)

Kevin Owens (c) vs. Chris Jericho
-WWE United States Championship-
Singles Match

Now this match is a bit predicable. Not saying the story-line is predicable, but because Chris Jericho will be leaving the company temporarily to go on tour with his band Fozzy. So right away you gotta think to yourself that WWE won’t allow another title such as Brock Lesnar & The Universal Title, to be absent off of WWE TV. This is why I believe that Owens comes out on top. And to be honest, Owens is the one who benefits the most by ending this feud with Jericho. It’s been entertaining and honestly their chemistry together has been great. But as a send off to their feud, I’m seeing Kevin Owens come out on top.

MOC Prediction: Kevin Owens (retains)

Side note: Loving that two Canadians are fighting to the US title.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Bray Wyatt
House of Horrors Match

Ok, so WWE has confirmed that this match will NOT be for the WWE Championship as many thought it would be. But, we’re still unsure exactly what a “house of horrors” match actually is. Is it set in a factory, will it be in a cage surrounded by fire with fire eating ants crawling around? We have no idea. So it’s one of those things that we’re just gonna have to wait and see. BUT, not having the title on the line changes things. The reason is becuase Bray has potential to win. Originally I thought that the Title could come to Raw, but it would make sense to keep it on Smackdown Live, therefor I believed if the title was on the line, Bray would lose. But now that it’s been removed, Bray has potential to end this feud with a win. Thus giving him momentum moving forward and winning in a match of his creation. Randy beating Bray at his own game would just kill any momentum he’s built.

So as far as the match is concerned…  I got no clue what’ll be apart of it, but no matter what I see Bray Wyatt coming out on top.

MOC Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman
Singles Match

Roman Reigns makes his return to WWE TV after suffering a “story-line” beat down from Braun Strowman where he was thrown off a loading dock while strapped to a stretcher, and while inside the ambulance, get flipped by Braun Strowman. The updates we received on his health was that he had injured ribs, dislocated shoulder and more. So you gotta ask yourself, how healed up is Roman Reigns?

It’s no surprise to anyone that Braun has been on a dominating streak, especially as a man his size. You know when you big, working for Vince you’re already in his good books. But it won’t surprise me if Roman has his “look strong” moments which i’m anticipating. Though when it comes to winning, I can’t see Braun lose again. As some of you remember Braun lost the dumpster match on Raw against Kalisto, and I know that was a gimmick match, but I feel Braun losing a standard singles match could kill his big guy momentum. So I feel that Roman comes into this match beaten up, and leaves…. dead…. just dead…..

MOC Prediction: Braun Strowman

Those are my predictions for this Sunday’s show, what are yours? Make sure to share them in the comments below, or send them to me on Twitter. 

My Top Three Moments That Made Me Fear The Undertaker

Wrestlemania 33 was as much as entertaining as it was sad, as a realization that many fans believed was coming soon.. actually came to fruition. The Undertaker possibly wrestled his last match.

As a fan it was sad to see Taker suffer another loss at Wrestlemania, this time at the hands of Roman Reigns. His loss though wasn’t what was memorable in my mind, as after the match Taker put on his jacket and hat and stood in the middle of the ring. What was to follow made a huge impact and spoke words. Taker would slowly remove his gloves, his jacket and followed by his hat and lay them in the ring, a sure sign that this was in deed the ending of the deadman.

Undertaker has had an illustrious career with an over the top character which worked too well. He planted fear in fans and his opponents for at least two decades and made us believe that he was truly unstoppable. From his debut back in 1990 to his apparent last match in 2017, Taker was a house hold name and was synonyms with WWE. The Undertaker was a character that many had nightmares about and left an impression on you. Whether through a match or using his dark powers, Undertaker knew how to work the audience and in his prime was the most unstoppable force anyone could face.

There are so many moments in Takers career that made him special, and for sure there are more than 3, but here are my 3 moments when Taker truly planted fear in me.

Image result for ministry the undertaker

Ministry of Darkness

There was a time in WWE where the Undertaker took an even more darker turn in his career. He would hone a dark hooded robe and portray a more demonic presence. Taker at this time didn’t do a ton of wrestling as he had just undergone a hip replacement, but his non in-ring action is what made him even more creepier. Dawning the black robe, sitting on a custom throne just watching his Ministry of Darkness (Christian, Edge, Gangrel, The Acolytes, Viscera & Mideon) take control over the WWE. He would even at one point crucify Stone Cold Steve Austin on his symbol high above the entrance area.

This was a time in WWE that Taker was truly a character on his own and inflicted an unknowing on the fans. We had no clue what devilish action he would take next, or how he could go darker the following week. Taker was also even apart of a “Dark Wedding” with Stephanie McMahon which really creeped me out. A helpless women tied to Taker’s symbol and forced to get married to this man. It was something to witness. So let’s witness it again:

Image result for buried alive match

The Invention of the Buried Alive Match

Mortality is something that everyone has to live with. You will die someday. But one fear is being buried alive, and the Buried Alive match truly heightened that fear. It was a match idea developed in 1996, and Mankind vs. The Undertaker had made way into showcasing this match on WWE TV. It was a terrifying concept where you literally had to bury the man alive under dirt, and it’s something that I fear to this day.

Taker was synonyms with this match and was featured in all 5 of them spanning 1996 to 2010. No matter the outcome, it was always a site to see, especially the times where Taker would lose and his hand would raise from the grave. Taker was always unstoppable. Here’s one video I found featuring Taker & Big Show vs. Rock and Mankind during Smackdown and one of these buried alive matches:

Image result for taker in casket

Ascend into Heaven

There was one moment that always sent chills down my spine, even to this day. It may have been a bit corny, but during a casket match with Yokozuna Taker would end up losing the match with help from the entire WWE locker-room. They positioned the casket near the entrance area as smoke came from inside and Taker would come on the titon-tron. He delivers a creepy message that he will be reborn. After that, the camera pans out you can see Taker Ascend into the heavens. Well sort of, I don’t think that was Taker himself but just a copy of him.

It was just such a creepy feeling watching that and listening to his music at the same time just sent goosebumps up and down my arms. This was one memory that I can’t forget as it was such a memorable moment that really showcased the capabilities of the Undertakers character. Again some may call these a really cheesy WWE Jesus moment, but for me it was memorable especially watching it as a little kid.

Thankfully, WWE actually has that video available. Check it out below:

There are way too many moments from the Undertakers career to relive. So this is why I wanted to share those three that really made me see the potential in the Undertaker and truly feel his character. He was a man of mystery, and had several moments in the ring and out of the ring that made you want more.

If we truly did experience the Undertaker’s last match, it was an honor to witness what he did prior to it. To those fans who will never watch Taker in his prime, you truly did miss out on a great wrestler. But no matter what, Taker will always be remembered for being the scariest and most terrifying deadman ever to walk this blue earth.

Share your memories below, what was your most memorable moments from the Undertakers career?