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My Top Three Moments That Made Me Fear The Undertaker

Wrestlemania 33 was as much as entertaining as it was sad, as a realization that many fans believed was coming soon.. actually came to fruition. The Undertaker possibly wrestled his last match.

As a fan it was sad to see Taker suffer another loss at Wrestlemania, this time at the hands of Roman Reigns. His loss though wasn’t what was memorable in my mind, as after the match Taker put on his jacket and hat and stood in the middle of the ring. What was to follow made a huge impact and spoke words. Taker would slowly remove his gloves, his jacket and followed by his hat and lay them in the ring, a sure sign that this was in deed the ending of the deadman.

Undertaker has had an illustrious career with an over the top character which worked too well. He planted fear in fans and his opponents for at least two decades and made us believe that he was truly unstoppable. From his debut back in 1990 to his apparent last match in 2017, Taker was a house hold name and was synonyms with WWE. The Undertaker was a character that many had nightmares about and left an impression on you. Whether through a match or using his dark powers, Undertaker knew how to work the audience and in his prime was the most unstoppable force anyone could face.

There are so many moments in Takers career that made him special, and for sure there are more than 3, but here are my 3 moments when Taker truly planted fear in me.

Image result for ministry the undertaker

Ministry of Darkness

There was a time in WWE where the Undertaker took an even more darker turn in his career. He would hone a dark hooded robe and portray a more demonic presence. Taker at this time didn’t do a ton of wrestling as he had just undergone a hip replacement, but his non in-ring action is what made him even more creepier. Dawning the black robe, sitting on a custom throne just watching his Ministry of Darkness (Christian, Edge, Gangrel, The Acolytes, Viscera & Mideon) take control over the WWE. He would even at one point crucify Stone Cold Steve Austin on his symbol high above the entrance area.

This was a time in WWE that Taker was truly a character on his own and inflicted an unknowing on the fans. We had no clue what devilish action he would take next, or how he could go darker the following week. Taker was also even apart of a “Dark Wedding” with Stephanie McMahon which really creeped me out. A helpless women tied to Taker’s symbol and forced to get married to this man. It was something to witness. So let’s witness it again:

Image result for buried alive match

The Invention of the Buried Alive Match

Mortality is something that everyone has to live with. You will die someday. But one fear is being buried alive, and the Buried Alive match truly heightened that fear. It was a match idea developed in 1996, and Mankind vs. The Undertaker had made way into showcasing this match on WWE TV. It was a terrifying concept where you literally had to bury the man alive under dirt, and it’s something that I fear to this day.

Taker was synonyms with this match and was featured in all 5 of them spanning 1996 to 2010. No matter the outcome, it was always a site to see, especially the times where Taker would lose and his hand would raise from the grave. Taker was always unstoppable. Here’s one video I found featuring Taker & Big Show vs. Rock and Mankind during Smackdown and one of these buried alive matches:

Image result for taker in casket

Ascend into Heaven

There was one moment that always sent chills down my spine, even to this day. It may have been a bit corny, but during a casket match with Yokozuna Taker would end up losing the match with help from the entire WWE locker-room. They positioned the casket near the entrance area as smoke came from inside and Taker would come on the titon-tron. He delivers a creepy message that he will be reborn. After that, the camera pans out you can see Taker Ascend into the heavens. Well sort of, I don’t think that was Taker himself but just a copy of him.

It was just such a creepy feeling watching that and listening to his music at the same time just sent goosebumps up and down my arms. This was one memory that I can’t forget as it was such a memorable moment that really showcased the capabilities of the Undertakers character. Again some may call these a really cheesy WWE Jesus moment, but for me it was memorable especially watching it as a little kid.

Thankfully, WWE actually has that video available. Check it out below:

There are way too many moments from the Undertakers career to relive. So this is why I wanted to share those three that really made me see the potential in the Undertaker and truly feel his character. He was a man of mystery, and had several moments in the ring and out of the ring that made you want more.

If we truly did experience the Undertaker’s last match, it was an honor to witness what he did prior to it. To those fans who will never watch Taker in his prime, you truly did miss out on a great wrestler. But no matter what, Taker will always be remembered for being the scariest and most terrifying deadman ever to walk this blue earth.

Share your memories below, what was your most memorable moments from the Undertakers career?


MOCLive – WWE Raw Recap April 3, 2017

Show: Monday Night Raw
Date: April 3, 2014
Venue: Amway Center, Orlando, FL.
Author: Cade Carnage

Welcome everyone to your WWE Raw recap following what was an exciting WrestleMania 33!

We can expect tonight to be filled with a ton of surprises and have an over excited audience, as it usually does following WrestleMania. Hardy Boyz returned, New Universal Champion, New US Champion, and a potentially retired Undertaker will all take center stage tonight leading into the first Raw of the new wrestling year.

I won’t dabble, so let’s begin this rabble!

Remember to refresh this page for the latest details and highlights. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @Mindofcarnage to interact with me there. Images below sourced from @WWE.


VIDEO: Raw starts with a video package recapping Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns from WrestleMania 33.

OPENER: Raw begins with the audience giving a loud Undertaker chant, the camera just pan the audience as the chant goes on for a while. The chant would transition to “Undertaker, Roman Sucks.” Roman Reigns entrance would hit and the Booing begins.

Roman gets on the mic and begins addressing a very upset audience. Roman doesn’t even say anything and the audience starts a “fuck you Roman,” “you suck,” “asshole.” “Roman sucks” and “Delete” chant. Man he got roasted… LOL

Every time Roman positions the mic to talk, the audience get louder booing him. Roman spends a good amount of time in the ring, not saying anything and just looking at the excited audience telling him to go away. He would finally begin his promo and only say “this is my yard now” and walk away. The audience, didn’t like that.

ANNOUNCERS: They hype #RawAfterMania hashtag and how the fans tonight will be excited and very vocal. Hardy’s vs The Club are on next, They also introduce the German announcers ringside right now.

The Club vs. Matt & Jeff Hardy (c)
-Raw Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match

During the Hardy’s entrance the audience go absolutely insane do a DELETE chant.

The Club go on the attack quickly but Hardy’s manage to stop them and keeps the advantage. Matt tags in and hits the side effect and tries for the twist-of-fate, but Karl counters. Matt takes Karl to the outside, and both Hardy brothers clotheslines Luke to the outside leading us to a commercial break.

When we return Luke Gallows has some advantage over Matt Hardy and tags in Karl Anderson. They connect a double neck breaker and Karl pins for a 2 count. The Club cut off Matt from his brother Jeff and work on him in the Clubs corner. The audience try and get behind Matt, which works for a little bit but Club is too overwhelming for Matt laying him out when ever they can. Matt though manages to move out of the way from a elbow drop and tags in Jeff.

Jeff comes in with momentum and lands a few punches to Luke and a running forearm. He hits an atomic drop and a dropkick to the face. Gallows rolls to the outside, so Jeff sets up some steps, jumps off them and his Luke with the poetry in motion. Jeff rolls Gallows back and looks for a top rope move, but Anderson distracts him and Gallows tags in Karl. The Club hit their boot finisher on Jeff and push off Matt from the apron. They pin bu only get a 2 count. They try for the magic killer, but Matt pulls Karl out, and Jeff hits the twist of fate. Matt tags in, hits the twist of fate and Jeff hits the senton bomb pinning Luke for the 3 count.

Winners: Matt and Jeff Hardy (Retain)

I over detailed that match, just because i’m happy the Hardy’s are back.

ANNOUNCERS: Brock Lesnar the new Universal Champion addresses his WrestleMania win. Also, Chris Jericho & Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe for later tonight. The announcers show a few photo’s from the Triple H & Seth Rollins Wrestlemania match.

IN RING: Neville comes out to the ring and gets on the mic and says that he did what he said he was going to do, and that was beat Austin Aries. Neville downgrades Austin’s ability and says that some may not like his tactics, but you can’t deny his results [holding up the Cruiserweight title.] Neville tries to continue, but gets stopped by Mustafa Ali.

Neville (c) vs. Mustafa Ali
Non-Title Singles match

The action starts quickly with Mustafa getting in some offence early on. Neville would stop him and throw him to the outside taking us into a commercial.

We come back from commercials and Neville hits a missile dropkick. Something also seems to be happening in the audience which is taking the attention away from the match. We later find out that it’s a beach-ball that’s freaking the audience out.

Anyways, back to the match. Neville tries to clothesline Mustafa’s head off and pins for  a 2 count. Neville tries for a top rope move, but Mustafa counters into a back-flip Spanish Fly. Neville comes back delivering a few kicks, but Mustafa counters into a huge DDT and pins for the close 2 count. Mustafa tries for the inverted 450, but Neville moves and tries for the Red Arrow, but Neville decides against it jumping down and locking in the Rings of Saturn. Neville picks up the submission victory.

Winner: Neville

BACKSTAGE: A limo pulls up, and from behind Vince McMahon climbs out and is heading to the ring.

ENTRANCE: Vince McMahon makes his way out to the ring and gets a great ovation from the audience.

Vince gets on the mic and right away a “Roman sucks” chants begins. Vince says that he wants to say to something to the fans of the WWE, and says “Thank you, Thank you for being the most passionate fans in the world.” Vince says that even though WrestleMania was last night, the wheel keeps turning. He’s verified that Raw and SD roster will be ‘shaken up’ next week. He also references the closing moments from last night’s match between Triple H & Seth Rollins, when Stephanie McMahon was taken through a table.

Vince says that his daughter will be out of action for some time. Vince says that the show must still go on, and introduces a new General Manager for Raw. Vince says that this new GM was just inducted into the 2017 Hall of Fame, and right away Teddy Long’s music hits. Vince says to cut Teddy’s music and tells him to stop dancing and says it’s not him. Teddy asks, “it’s not me…. ok my bad.” He sends out a Holla Holla Holla and runs away. Vince now introduces the new GM, Kurt Angle!

Angle shakes Vince’s hand and gets handed the mic as fans chant “you suck” to his music. Kurt gets on the mic and says that he has one thing to say “it’s great to be back on Monday Night Raw, it’s true, it’s dam true!”

ENTRANCE: New Day make their entrance to a rowdy Orlando audience. They come out with their ice cream bike and the New Day members wear a Legion of Doom themed gear, while Big E wears a backpack Booty O’s box which explodes Booty O’s out of it.

They get in the ring and Big E gets on the mic first yelling “what a night!” They talk about how great WrestleMania was. Kofi says that they hosted a record setting event, but there was a part of them that was upset for not being able to get in the ring to whoop anyone in the back. So tonight New Day issues an open challenge for anyone in the back.

NXT tag team Revival answer the call!

As revival walk to the ring, they push the New Day’s ice cream bike.

New Day (w/ Kofi Kingston) vs. The Revival
Tag Team Match

The match starts and right away Revival have the advantage over Xavier Woods. They keep Woods in their corner, but Xavier counters into a hurricanrana. Xavier goes on the attack, but Scott Dawson gets a blink tag and comes in slamming Xavier to the mat. We head to commercials

When we return from commercials, Revival keep the advantage over Xavier Woods. Dash tags in and Scott drives Xavier shoulder first in Dash’s knee. Dash beats on Woods in the corner and lifts him on the top turnbuckle, but Xavier pushed him off and connects a missile dropkick. Big E would eventually get the tag and hits a few belly-to-bellies on Scott Dawson. Big E runs the ropes, clotheslining Dash over the top rope and tries for spear Scott on the apron, but Scott moves out of the way.

Xavier Woods comes in as he got a blind tag and lands a few shots on Scott. Dash Wilder tags in and Woods tries for his flipping clothesline, but Revival hit their shatter machine finisher for the 1..2..3!

Winners: The Revival

After the match, the Revival lift Kofi from the outside and begin beating on him. Scott positions Kofi into a leg lock, and Dash jumps from the second rope hitting a hard slam looking to “injure” Kofi.

BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle is in the back office. Enzo Amore & Cass comes in and deliver their usual intro promo, but Kurt doesn’t seems impressed. Enzo says that they’re not doing the best after getting screwed at WrestleMania when the Hardy Boyz got entered into their WrestleMania match for no reason. Enzo goes off, but Angle stops him saying that he has no idea what he’s [Enzo] is talking about. Angle says that he can get Enzo and Cass closer to the tag titles, giving them a #1 Contenders match against Sheamus & Cesaro for tonight.

Bayley (c), Sasha Banks & Dana Brooke vs. Emma, Nia Jax & Charlotte
Six Women’s Tag Team Match

Emma makes her return to in-ring competition.

The match begins with Emma and Dana, and Emma dropkicks Dana to her corner and makes Dana tag in Bayley. Both women clinch and Emma takes control of Bayley’s arm. Bayley eventually comes back with a few offensive moves, but Emma knocks her to the mat with a hard elbow, taking us into the commercial break.

When we return from commercials Nia Jax is shown beating on Bayley. Charlotte tags in and both hold Bayley up allowing Charlotte to land a hard chest slap. He hangs Bayley upside down and stomps on her stomach. Emma tags in and also stomps on her stomach. Emma tags in Charlotte and she delivers a few knees to Bayley’s hamstring. Bayley finally manages to fight back and throws Charlotte the outside. As Bayley almost reaches Sasha Banks, Charlotte pulls her off the apron.

Bayley tries for another tag and would actually tag in Sasha Banks. Sasha hits a double knee on Charlotte. Kicks Emma and Nia off the apron. She drives both knees to Charlottes stomach and pins. Emma breaks it up, but Dana takes her out. NIa comes in but both Dana and Sasha take her out. Bayley jumps on Nia on the outside. Inside the ring, Charlotte tries for Natural selection, but Sasha counters into the Banks-Statement and Charlotte taps out.

Winners: Sasha Banks, Bayley & Dana Brooke

After the match Charlotte pushes Nia and Emma asking where they were. Nia pushes back and begin her attack on Charlotte landing a hard elbow drop to the queen.  Nia leaves Charlotte laid out.

BACKSTAGE: Angle is shown in the back talking with Sami Zayn. Sami says that he wants to cultivate a similar relationship he had with Mick Foley with Kurt Angle as well. Angle says that he sees the three “i’s” in Sami Zayn, and no matter what he does in his career, he’ll do just fine. Sami thanks Kurt Angle, Jinder Mahal comes in and says that he deserves winning the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Sami and Jinder bicker back and forth with Angle stopping them and making a match between the two.

ANNOUNCERS: Brock Lesnar comes out next

ENTRANCE: The New Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar along with Paul Heyman make their way to the ring.

Heyman would get on the mic and in his usual fashion make an impressive introduction to himself and his client Brock Lesnar. Heyman says that his client has authorized him to tell a true personal story. He says that Brock wants Heyman to tell a little bed time story which he tells to his children at night. The story, talks about a “hero” [Goldberg] and how Lesnar destroys him once the hero made a wrong turn into Suplex City… but the happy ending is, that we won’t be seeing Goldberg around anymore. There, I shortened it. LOL

Heyman continues saying that Lesnar is looking for new challenges and challengers. Heyman begins listing a few talents, Seth Rollins, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, hell even both Hardy’s vs. Brock Lesnar. Heyman says that Lesnar is the distributor of the statuesque and begins talking about the 2 or 23-2. Heyman calls forward Roman Reigns to determine who’s yard this [the ring] really is. The audience don’t really care about Roman and begins a “we want Balor” chant.

Heyman continues saying that if Roman is the “big dog” than Lesnar is “animal cruelty.” Heyman says that it’s time they give the Raw after mania audience something that they would never forget and says that Roman vs. Brock should go now! But all of a sudden Braun Strowman’s music hits.

Braun climbs into the ring, and towers over Lesnar. Braun says that when he’s finished with Roman Reigns, maybe he’ll get Lesnar’s attention. Braun pushes Lesnar saying that he’s got Braun’s attention. Lesnar lays the Universal Title on the mat and beckons Braun to attack.

Braun backs off and climbs out of the ring.

BACKSTAGE: Charly interviews Chris Jericho backstage and says that in 4 week’s Jericho gets his Unites States Championship rematch against Kevin Owens. She asks about his match tonight. Jericho hypes the audience and says that “beach-ball mania” is running wild. Jericho calls everyone the “friends of Jericho, cheer me on maaaaaan!” Jericho continues his promo, until Kevin Owens runs in and attacks Jericho from behind.

Both Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe beat on Jericho backstage and powerbomb him through a table. Can he make his match, or will Rollins have to find a replacement?

BACKSTAGE: We’re shown the training room where Kurt Angle steps out from. Rollins meets him and Angle says that Jericho’s in no condition to fight tonight, but he keeps the match on, and promises Rollins he’ll find him a partner.

Enzo / Cass vs. Sheamus / Cesaro
-#1 Contender Match For the Raw Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match

I will admit, i did take a bit of a break during this match… Sorry guys, it’s been a lot of recapping this weekend.

Pretty much Sheamus & Cesaro beat Enzo and Cass to become the new #1 contenders.

Winners: Cesaro & Sheamus (#1 Contenders For The Raw Tag Team Championship)

Jinder Mahal vs. Sami Zayn
Singles Match

The match wouldn’t even start and Jinder Mahal goes on the attack right away taking Sami to the outside. Jinder throws Sami against the steel steps and beats on Sami against the barricade. Jinder again throws Sami against the steps and rolls him into the ring.

The ref checks on Sami and then rings the bell. Jinder goes on the attack quickly, landing a few clotheslines and dropping a few knees to the chest. Jinder continues the assault and drives his knee into the lowerback of Sami. Jinder lands a few more knees to the chest and pins for a 2 count. He locks in a choke, but Sami fights back and hits an exploder suplex in the corner. Sami hits his Helluva kick and pins for the win.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens (c) & Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins & ….
Tag Team Match

Seth Rollins would make his entrance and waits in the ring for his partner picked by the new General Manager Kurt Angle. His partner would be the returning Finn Balor.

Kevin Owens (c) & Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins & Finn Balor
Tag Team Match

Before the match could begin… Raw cuts to commercials.

When we come back from commercials the action begins and Rollins starts things off with Kevin Owens. Both men go back and forth with a bit of chain wrestling, but Owens takes the advantage with a hard shoulder tackle. Rollins counters with a few kicks and tries for a suplex. Owens counters into a pin, which Rollins reverses into his own. Both men stare off.

Samoa Joe tags in and both he and Rollins begin exchanging punches. Joe gets the upper hand with a few punches in the corner. Rollins comes back with a few of his own, but Joe drops him with a huge left kick. Owens tags in and lands a few punches in the corner and mocks Finn Balor on the apron. Rollins manages to counter an attack from Owens and smashes his face against the turnbuckle. Rollins holds Owens and pulls him to his corner and tags in Finn Balor.

Owens backs off, but Finn comes for the attack and lays him out. Balor climbs to the top rope but Owens rolls to the outside. Balor runs around the ring and hits a hard dropkick taking Owens to the barricade. Balor tags in Rollins and both men try for a double move, but Owens goes to the outside. Rollins runs the ropes and hits a nice suicide dive on Owens. Joe tries to attack but Rollins rolls into the ring. As Joe helps Owens, Rollins runs the ropes again and lands on both men at ringside.

Rollins rolls Owens into the ring but Owens kicks his knee and hits a big DDT. Owens pins but gets a 2 count. Joe tags in and delivers a few punches to Rollins in the corner. Joe hits a hip attack and kick to the head to give him a 2 count pin on Seth Rollins. Owens tags in and chokes Rollins in his corner. Owens lands several focused punches to Rollins and finishes it with a senton. Owens pins for a 2 count.

The assault continues as Joe and Owens tag in and out focusing on Rollins knee. Rollins almost gets the tag but Joe slams him back on the mat knee first. Joe goes for a senton, but Rollins moves out of the way. Joe tries to stop Rollins again, but he counters landing his head kick on Joe. Finn Balor would get the tag.

Balor comes in hot taking out Owens and hitting Joe off the apron. He dropkicks Owens and takes him to the corner landing a running knife-edge chop. Balor hits a hard head kick and positions Owens. He climbs to the top rope and goes for his finisher but Owens gets back on his feet. Owens catches Balor as he runs the ropes and slams him to the mat. Owens tries for the pop-up powerbomb, but Balor counters with the sling-blade. Balor goes for the running dropkick, but Joe catches him with the choke. Rollins rebounds off the rope and hits Joe with a knee. Owens hits a superkick to Rollins. Balor now connects his running dropkick and hits his top rope finisher and pins Owens for the 3 count win.

Winners: Seth Rollins & Finn Balor

And that was Raw after mania guys! Hope you enjoyed it! We now have the debut of Revival, Angle as the GM and the return of Finn Balor. Next week we also have a “shake up” on the rosters. This will be interesting.

Any missed highlights will be uploaded tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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MOCLIVE – WWE WrestleMania 33 Live Play-by-Play (April 2, 2017)

Show: Wrestlemania 33
Date: April 2, 2017
Venue: Orlando Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL
Author: Cade Carnage

We finally reach the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania 33! It’s all come down to this, as we see almost every title competed for during tonight’s PPV event. Not to mention a few great matches not surrounding any type of Championship. Tonight will be a memorable one, and as we usually see during WrestleMania I’m expecting a few surprises here and there.

Make sure to keep refreshing the page for the latest details and highlights. Spread the word and let people know to check out the best recap online for Wrestlemania 33.  If there’s any mistakes please let me know, hard to proof read and live play-by-play at the same time. Sorry I can’t multitask that well, LOL. Highlights will be uploaded when they’re available and images will be sourced from @WWE. 

Make sure to follow me @MindofCarnage to interact with me personally.

Let the recap commence!

WrestleMania Kickoff Show

RAMP: Jesus the Ramp is a total of 80 yards from the entrance to the ring. That’s one huge ramp.

Great view of the arena filling up:


Austin Aries vs. Neville (c)
-WWE Cruiserweight Championship-
Singles match

I won’t be detailing this match as you can watch it on the Kickoff stream above, but I’ll outline the ending.  Aries at one point locks in his submission victory, but Neville rakes at Aries repaired eye, and lays him out. Neville hits the red arrow and pins for the 3 count.

Winner: Neville (retains)

Match was really good, face paced and well timed.


Andre The Giant Battle Royal
Braun Strowman, Sami Zayn, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Apollo Crews, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, Mark Henry, Goldust, R-Truth, Curtis Axel, Primo, Epico, Bo Dallas, Jinder Mahal, Rhyno, Heath Slater, Mojo Rawley, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Breeze, Fandango, Killian Dain, Tian Bing

I’ll list who gets eliminated and provide the winner after the fact. Just as a side note the Vaudevillians, Ascension, Titus O’Neil along with a few more talents that were announced as removed from the match earlier in the day, have been added back on. Looks WWE just packed them in.

  • Primo Eliminated by Braun Strowman
  • Kalisto Eliminated by Braun Strowman
  • Simon Gotch Eliminated by Braun Strowman
  • Heath Slater Eliminated by Braun Strowman
  • Goldust, Jey Uso & Konnor Eliminated By Big Show
  • Big Show Eliminated by Braun Strowman
  • Viktor Eliminated by Braun Strowman
  • Braun Strowman Eliminated by everyone else.
  • Curt Hawkins Eliminated by Mark Henry
  • R-Truth Eliminated by Dolph Ziggler
  • Aiden English Eliminated by American Alpha
  • Jimmy Uso Eliminated by American Alpha
  • Jason Jordan Eliminated by a few wrestlers
  • Chad Gable Eliminated by a few wrestlers
  • Tyler Breeze & Breezango Eliminated by TIan Bing
  • Sin Cara Eliminated be Mark Henry
  • Mark Henry Eliminated by Killian Dani and Sami Zayn
  • Tian Bing Eliminated by Dolph Ziggler
  • Epico Eliminated by Sami Zayn
  • Bo Dallas Eliminated by Mojo Rawley
  • Apollo Crews Eliminated by Killian Dain
  • Dolph Ziggler Eliminated by Mojo Rawley
  • Luke Harper Eliminated by Titus O’Neil
  • Titus O’Neil Eliminated by Sami Zayn
  • Sami Zayn Eliminated by Killian Dain

Jinder Mahal, Mojo Rawley and Killian Dain remain.

  • Killian Dain Eliminated By Mojo Rawley
  • Jinder Mahal Elminated by Mojo Rawley

Winner: Mojo Rawley (2017 Andre The Giant Battle Royal)

More Highlights:

MOC: Now i didn’t know this next match was on the Kickoff, but it must have been moved last minute as it…. is….


Baron Corbin vs. Dean Ambrose (c)
-Intercontinental Championship-
Singles Match

Baron and Dean have a pretty good back and forth contest but the finish comes when Baron tries for his ‘End of Days’, but Ambrose counters into his Dirty Deeds and pins for the 3 count.

Winner: Dean Ambrose (retains) 

WrestleMania 33

OPENER: recording artist, Tinashe is introduced in the middle of the ring and begins singing American The Beautiful. Jets would fly overhead when she finished singing. We cut to the opening video for WrestleMania 33

I’m singing

OPENER: We cut back to the arena and New Day, the WrestleMania hosts make their way out with their ice cream bike, and wearing Final Fantasy inspired gear.

The English, German and Spanish announce team is introduced ringside by Michael Cole, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton.

New Day enter the ring and Xavier gets on the mic first and yells “WRESTLEMANIA” as loud as he can. They say they are honored to be there tonight and that men and women collide to engage in battle for the audience enjoyment. They claim that there will be excitement tonight and officially pull their levers. They joke around thinking it’s a penis joke, but Big E says its the lever to begin WrestleMania, and begin a New Day Rocks chant.


Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles
Singles Match

Shane McMahon comes out in his white jersey top and runs down the 80 yard ramp to the ring. His family is shown ringside for this match. AJ entrance has him daunting some new White, black and red gear.

The match begins and Shane looks to throw fists. AJ backs him up and says he needs to relax with the fists. Shane lowers his posture and both men clinch up. AJ plays around with Shane to showcase that he can out wrestle Shane. They clinch again, and both men perform a bit of chain wrestling going back and forth. Shane would throw him to the ropes and Aj hits a running shoulder. He hits a snapmare and mocks Shane McMahon’s shuffle. Shane watches as both men glare off.

They clinch again and this time Shane quickly slams Styles to the mat. He hits a few arm drags and hits a surprise roll up pin. Styles kicks out and rolls to the outside not believing what Shane can do. Shane mocks AJ Styles in the ring.

AJ climbs back into the ring and hits a straight right to Shane. Shane shakes it off and goes off on Styles throwing several punches connecting to AJ. He hits a jumping knee and tries for another attack, but AJ hits a throat punch. Shane comes back landing a few punches, and AJ throws him to the outside. Shane gets to his feet and AJ hits a running sliding dropkick.

Shane jumps backwards and goes right over the announcers table. Both men would go back to the ring as the ref count downs. AJ stalks Shane as he lands a few hard punches and kicks. AJ hits a knee drop to the head and takes Shane into the corner. He hits a running clothesline and pins for a 2 count. AJ land a hard right hand and yells at Shane to do the same. Shane follows his request and begins laying several punches. AJ fights back but Shane gets him back with a gut kick. AJ pushes Shane away and tries for a rebound move, but Shane shakes the ropes tripping AJ Styles.

Shane looks to take control and begins delivering a few jabs to the head. Shane shuffles around AJ landing a few hard punches. He takes him off the ropes and lands a jumping back elbow. Shane tosses AJ across the ring and hits the Olympic slam. Shane pins but only gets a 2 count. Shane positions AJ and tries for a suplex, but AJ fights back and lands a neck breaker against the knee. AJ looks for his Styles Clash, but Shane pushes AJ into the corner. Styles though quickly counter into the calf-crusher in the middle of the ring.

Shane screams in pain but manages to reach behind, crab AJ into a choke hold. Shane transitions the choke into an arm lock, and then into the rings of Saturn. AJ rolls Shane for a 2 count, as does Shane to AJ. Both men deliver a hard clotheslines and lay each other out. AJ rolls to the apron but Shane meets him and tries to bring him back into the ring, but AJ hangs him on the top rope. AJ positions himself and goes for the 450, but Shane transitions and catches AJ into the triangle choke. AJ gets it locked on and begins to fade. He slowly falls back, but continues to fight. He reaches his feet, and quickly positions for the Styles Clash, but doesn’t get all of it as he only uses one arm. He pins but Shane kicks out at 2.

Both men reach their feet and begin exchanging punches in the middle of the ring. Shane takes AJ into the corner and delivers several knees to AJ. AJ goes for a kick but the ref gets hit by mistake. Shane goes on the attack again, but AJ counters with his pele kick. Styles notices that the ref is down and begins to look under the ring for some weapons.

He throws in a garbage can, and stands it up in the ring. He drags Shane into the corner sitting down and forces the steel can against his chest. AJ climbs the opposite corner and looks for the coast-to-coast but Shane explodes up as AJ jumps, and smashes the can against his face. Shane positions AJ this time, and sets up the second trash can in the ring. Shane climbs the opposite corner and jumps delivering a nice coast-to-coast on AJ driving that can into his face. Shane pulls AJ to the middle of the ring and pins for the 1…2..kickout!

Shane moves to the ringside and strips the English announcers table. He pulls AJ to the outside and lays him on the table. Shane climbs into the ring and to the top rope. Shane jumps, but AJ Styles moves out of the way taking Shane right through the table. AJ  drags himself to Shane, and rolls him back into the ring. AJ climbs to the apron and tries for the forearm, but Shane counters into a jumping DDT. Shane drags AJ to the corner, climbs to the top rope and tries for the shooting star press, but AJ moved out of the way and Shane crashes to the mat.

AJ again, rolls to the apron and prepares himself for the forearm. This time AJ connects. He pins Shane and gets the 1..2..3!

Winner: AJ Styles

My abs love you!

ANNOUNCERS: They showcase some celebrities ringside, but get stopped by Kevin Owens entrance. They continue and say that YouTube sensation Lilly Singh is at ringside.


Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho (c)
-WWE United States Championship-
Singles Match

Jericho had the countdown during his entrance, and it was refreshing as we haven’t heard that for a while. IN addition he’s also wearing a leather light-up scarf. Amazing!

The match begins and both men exchange punches quickly. Owens tries for a running move but Jericho counters right into the walls of Jericho. Owens reaches the ropes and rolls to the apron. Jericho hits a sliding dropkick taking Owens to the outside. He climbs to the top rope and lands a cross body on Owens on the outside. Jericho continues the assault driving Owen’s head against the steel steps. He rolls him back into the ring, and Jericho hits an axe handle from the top rope. Jericho throws Owen’s to the opposite corner, and tries for a move, but Owens stops him with a side head kick.

Owens takes the advantage now landing several punches to the head. He hits his cannon ball in the corner, and does it again on the apron driving Jericho’s head into the ring post. Both men go back into the ring and Owens pins for the 3 count. Owens lands a hard kick to the back and locks in a rear choke grounding Jericho.

Jericho manages to get some momentum and break out but Owens stops him with a hard kick to the chest, and a running senton. Owens pins and gets a 2 count. Owens stalks Jericho telling him to stay down, and drives his forearm against his face. Owens continues the beat down on Jericho slapping him around. He runs the ropes but Jericho hits a quick dropkick taking Owens to the apron. Jericho hits his rebound dropkick taking Owens to the outside.

Jericho goes to the outside, but Owens pushes him against the apron and tries for his apron powerbomb, but Jericho counters flipping him over. Jericho lands a few running shoulders on the outside, rolls Owens into the ring and climbs to the top rope hitting a spinning elbow.  Jericho pins but only gets a 2 count. Jericho takes Owens into the corner delivering a few slaps to the chest. Jericho counters an attack but Owens and tries for the code breaker but Owens counters with a package style sit down slam. Owens pins and only gets a 2 count.

Owens begins to climb to the top rope, but Jericho quickly trips him and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Jericho climbs with him and hits a top rope hurricanrana. Jericho pins, but again only gets a 2 count.  Jericho and Owens begins exchanging some punches, but Jericho gets control with a running bulldog. He goes for the lion-sault, but Owens counters and hits a superkick. Owens pin but gets a 2 count.

Owens positions Jericho and heads to the top rope, he jumps for a frog-splash, but Jericho counters with a knee to the gut. Jericho goes for the Lion-sault but Owens counters with his knees. Owens again goes to the top rope, and tries for the senton, but Jericho counters with his knees. Both men reach their feet and Jericho right away tries for the walls of Jericho, but Owens breaks out. Owens catches Jericho’s cross body, and hits a swinging splash giving him another 2 count pin. Owens tries for the pop-up powerbomb but Jericho counters, hits an elbow and lands the Lion-Sault. Jericho pins, but gets a very close 2 count.

Jericho can’t believe Owens kicks out and slowly reaches his feet. He lifts Owens up and slaps him around. Jericho tries for the hurricarana but Owens catches him hanging upside down and transitions Jericho into the Walls of Jericho.  Jericho yells as Owens has the submissions locked in, but Jericho fights out. Owens though gets the upper hand and lands a gut kick. Owens tries for a cannon ball, but Jericho catches him right into the Walls-of-Jericho. Jericho pulls him to the center of the ring and locks it in. Owens would manage to pull himself to the bottom rope.

Jericho goes on the attack again stomping on Owens who’s grabbing the bottom rope. Jericho tries for a clothesline but Owens counters and hits his pop-up powerbomb. Owens pins but Jericho kicks out at 2. Owens yells in frustration and positions Jericho on his knees. Owens yells at Jericho that he’s a piece of trash and tries for the pop-up powerbomb again, but Jericho quickly counters into a code-breaker. Jericho pins, but on the count of 2 Owens gets ONE FINGER on the bottom rope.

Owens rolls to the outside, and just as Jericho was climbing out Owens catches him and lands a powerbomb onto the apron. He rolls Jericho back in and pins for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Kevin Owens (New United States Champion)

I win


Nia Jax vs. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley (c)
-Raw Women’s Championship-
Fatal-4-Way Match

Bayley would come out first, experiencing some technical issues with her wavy armed air things on the stage area. She had some extra at ringside. Nia is second with nothing really special. Sasha Banks got a ride down to the ring in a fancy little taxi car. Charlotte was the last entrance and she daunted a nice green robe.

The match begins and right away Nia goes after Charlotte. All women try and focus on Nia Jax but she uses her size and dominates all of them. She hits a running body press on all three women. She hits a cross body on both Bayley and Sasha in the corner. She throws out Sasha, and Nia lands a big splash on Bayley. Charlotte and Nia begin to face off. Charlotte lands a few slaps to the chest but NIa hardly feels it. Charlotte gets taken to the apron and hits a hard punch on Charlotte, but Nia stops her and throws Charlotte onto Bayley and Sasha on the outside.

After a crazy workout

 Bayley, Sasha and Charlotte climbs the apron and face Nia Jax. All three women climb in an begin attacking NIa. Bayley and Sasha hit a few knees to the head. Bayley and Sasha try for a back drop, but Nia doesn’t allow them. Charlotte lands a hard kick which takes Nia back and gets slammed right on her head. Sasha pins but Nia kicks out. Nia again, takes control and takes out all the women. She tries for a splash on Charlotte, but Bayley stops her. Charlotte positions from the bottom and all three women land a three-way powerbomb. Each women pins and get the 1..2..3!

Nia Jax Eliminated

Charlotte looks to get a high-five from Sasha and Bayley, but they don’t answer and look to attack, but Charlotte rolls to the outside demanding both of them [Bayley and Sasha] to fight. Bayley and Sasha look to start but Charlotte pulls out Bayley and attacks her on the outside. Sasha runs the ropes and Charlotte moves out of the way making Sasha land on Bayley. Charlotte climbs to the top rope, and jumps landing a twisting corkscrew on both Bayley & Sasha.

Charlotte rolls Sasha into the ring and tries for the Natural selection, but Sasha counters for the Bank statement. Charlotte counters and hits a back breaker on Sasha. She pins but only gets a 2 count. Charlotte begins removing the second turnbuckle, but Sasha looks for a roll up pin. Charlotte kicks out and delivers a few punches. She takes Sasha off the ropes, but Sasha hits a hurricanrana and takes Charlotte to the corner. She smashes her head against the turnbuckle and climbs to the top. She hits her double knees, and locks in the bank statement. Charlotte again manages to fight out.

Sasha rolls Charlotte up, but Charlotte kicks out throwing Sasha into the exposed turnbuckle. Charlotte pin and gets the 1..2..3!

Sasha Banks Eliminated

I need to poop!

Bayley begins attacking Charlotte and lands several punches, but Charlotte hits a kick to Bayley’s knee. She drives her knee into the exposed turnbuckle. Charlotte climbs to the top rope and goes for the moonsault, but Bayley moves out of the way. She drags over Charlotte and pins for a 2 count. Bayley now climbs to the top rope, favouring her knee. She jumps but Charlotte catches her and locks in the figure-4-leglock. Charlotte tries to lock in the Figure 8, but Bayley manages to drag herself to the bottom rope.

Charlotte now goes on the attack and hangs Bayley upside down in the corner. She climbs the corner and stands on Bayley’s hurt knee. Charlotte pulls Bayley up in the corner but Bayley counters flipping Charlotte over her and back to the mat. Bayley remains hanging upside down in the corner. Charlotte looks for a running shoulder, but Bayley sits up and Charlotte goes shoulder first into the exposed turnbuckle. Bayley climbs the top rope and hits her Macho Man elbow, pins and gets the 1..2..3!

Winner: Bayley (retains)

ANNOUNCERS: They thank the city of Orlando for being a great host to WWE. They recap the Hall of Fame on Friday and show a few highlights.

Check out the full highlights here. 

They now introduce the Hall of Fame inductees to the stage area; DDP, Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, Family of Rick Rude, Teddy Long, Eric LaGrand, Beth Phoenix & Kurt Angle who got a huge ovation.

BACKSTAGE: Seth Rollins is shown backstage having his knee wrapped up.


Enzo Amore/Cass vs. Sheamus/Cesaro vs. Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson (c)
-Raw Tag Team Championship-
Triple Threat Ladder Match

Enzo and Cass make their way out first for this match and deliver their usual opening promo. Sheamus & Cesaro are out next, and both men are wearing a suit / kilt type of gear. Both men rip them off.

The match was about to begin, but gets stopped as New Day make their way out. Big E says that as the hosts, they have just received word that the ladder match has become a fatal-4-way. They tease another team entering which they tease could be them, but THE HARDY BOYS MUSIC HIT AND THEY MAKE THEIR WAY OUT. Matt and Jeff have RETURNED!!!! HOLY FUCK!!!

The match finally begins after the audience goes crazy and the fight begins. All members begins brawling inside and outside of the ring with Jeff and Matt connect Poetry in motion on Karl and Luke. Enzo runs in but the Hardy’s hit their fist drop, senton. Jeff and Matt connect a double suplex on Cass. Sheamus and Cesaro stop the action, but Jeff comes back hitting Whispier in the wind on Cesaro and Sheamus. Matt grabs a ladder and he and Jeff begin setting them up in the ring. Jeff begins climbing but Luke Gallows pushes the ladder down and takes both Jeff and Matt out with a ladder.

The Club set up the ladder in the ring but Cesaro comes in and pushes Karl off the ropes. Cesaro hits his rolling Senton on Luke and connects it to Gallows as well. Cass runs in and takes both Sheamus and Cesaro out. Cass stops Matt from entering the ring with a big boot, and stops Jeff with one as well. Enzo throws out Matt Hardy and Cass grabs another ladder. Both he and Enzo slide two other ladders in the ring, as one still remains in it. Jeff and Matt set the ladder up across the barricade and ring apron, but Luke and Cass sandwich them. They push the ladders together creating a ladder table on the outside.

In the ring Sheamus and Cesaro positions Luke and Karl for the giant swing and beats. They gets a standing ovation and Sheamus slams Karl Anderson. Cesaro hits a 619 on Luke Gallow and both members celebrate in the ring. Cesaro and Sheamus look for another ladder but Cass kicks them out of the ring. Cass throws Enzo on both of them. Jeff Hardy attacks Cass and takes him to the outside. Jeff tries for a rebound move, but Sheamus hits the Brogue kick. Sheamus grabs a ladder and slides it into the ring.

Sheamus sets up the ladder as many talents are on the outside, Luke Gallows also climbs up with Sheamus and both struggle with the titles. Enzo comes in and pushes both men off the ladder. Enzo sets up the ladder again and begins climbing. Enzo slowly works his walk up, and gets some help when Cass comes from underneath. Gallows and Sheamus grab Cass from underneath and powerbomb him on the ladder in the corner. Sheamus and Gallows take eachother to the outside leaving Enzo on the ladder by himself.

Karl Anderson meets Enzo on the ladder and both brawl it out ontop of the ladder. Karl throws Enzo off, and right against Cesaro landing a hard European uppercut. Sheamus and Cesaro look to throw Kalr to the outside but  Gallows stops them. They hit the Magic killer on Sheamus, but Matt Hardy comes in hitting the twist of fate on Gallows. Karl climbs the ladder but Matt meets him. He positions Karl and connects a twist of fate to Karl. Jeff positions a very large ladder  on the outside and lands on Sheamus and Cesaro who were laid out on the ladders set up earlier. Matt Hardy would climb the ladder and grab the Raw Tag Team Championships…… HARDY’s WON!!!

Winners: The Hardy Brothers! (New Raw Tag Team Champions)



John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse
Tag Team Match

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler is introduced as the guest commentator. Al Roker is the special guest ring announcer and asks the fans to refer to him as “chocolate thunder.” He delivers a very lacklustre introduction to Miz and Maryse.

The match begins with Maryse and Nikki Bella. Before they clinch, Maryse would backtrack to her corner and tag in Miz. This makes Miz and Cena enter the ring.

Before they clinch, Miz taunts the audience and gets a great ovation. Cena tries for an attack, but Miz rolls to the outside. Cena follows, but Miz out thinks him and begins stomping on Cena as he entered the ring. Miz taunts the audience and goes back on the attack on Cena. As the ref gets distracted by Miz, Maryse lands a hard slap to Cena. Cena looks to tag out but Miz grabs his arm and hits a hard head butt. Miz hits a right arm to the face and taunts the audience. Miz goes for a corner clothesline and hits it getting the audience excited.

Miz climbs to the top rope and connects a double axe handle; Miz pins but gets a 2 count pin. Miz hits a running boot to the head and again, taunts the audience. Miz gets another running boot to the head and the audience chants “one more time.” Miz obliges. Miz continues the assault looking for another running clothesline in the corner but John Cena moves out of the way taking Miz right into the corner. Cena reaches for Nikki and just as she gets to her, Maryse pulls her off the apron. Miz hits a neck breaker and pins for the 2 count.

Nikki gets back on the apron and rallies for the tag, but Miz won’t allows Cena and counters an AA attempt planting a DDT. Miz picks up another 2 count pin. Miz begins connecting sidekicks to Cena’s chest as a YES chant begins. Miz mocks Nikki and she connects a hard slap taking Miz to the outside. Cena would push and tag in Nikki.

Nikki comes in and right away spears Maryse. She lands a few punches, but Maryse runs to the outside. She gets consoled by Miz, but Nikki runs the ropes and hits a sucidie dive, and hits Miz. Nikki brings Maryse back in and lands a hard forearm. Cena plants Miz in the ring, and both Cena and Nikki hit the five knuckle shuffle. They hit the rack attack, and AA at the same time and Cena and Nikki pin for the 1..2..3!

Winners: John Cena & Nikki Bella

POST MATCH: Cena would get on the mic after the match, and tell Nikki that this was what she wanted; a WrestleMania moment. Cena says that before her surgery he asked her a question when she was very loopy, and that she wouldn’t remember he asked her a question that he would tell her when the time is up. John Cena said that now is the time, Cena would say that before she went into surgery, Cena would tell her that one day he would marry her. John Cena would go on one knee and propose to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33. Showcasing a LARGE FUCKING DIAMOND RING, he asked and Nikki obviously accepted.


Triple H vs. Seth Rollins
Non-Sanctioned Match

Triple H entrance had him entering the arena surrounded by police patrolled bikes, riding his own three wheeled bike with Stephanie McMahon on the back.

Rollins entrance had him hold a torch and place it on the ground; this set the ground a fire down the ramp and to the ring. This was just a special little effect.

The match begins and right away both men begin exchanging punches. Rollins beats on him and gets Triple H off his feet. He runs the ropes and hits a running kick and takes Triple H to the outside. Rollins throws HHH against the ring post. He tries to Irish whip him into the barricade, but Triple H counters taking Rollins instead. Triple H tries for an attack, but Rollins counters and clotheslines Triple H to audience area ringside. Triple H tries for a running move against Rollins but he flips him over the barricade and at ringside once again. Rollins jumps off the barricade and takes out Triple H.

The action goes back to the ring and Triple H grabs Rollins leg, but Rollins hits a kick to the head, taking Triple H to the outside. Rollins runs the ropes and hits a suicide dive. Rollins runs back into the ring and connects a second one. Rollins takes Triple H to the announcers table and smashes his head against one. He strips an announcers table and puts Triple H on top of it. He positions HHH for the pedigree but HHH counters and hits a DDT on the table. The table does not break.

Both men lay on the table as the ref checks on both of them. Triple H grabs a chair and smashes Rollins over the bad knee with it. Rollins yells in pain and tries to climb back into the ring, but Triple H comes back again and smashes Rollins against the knee. Triple H positions Rollins knee on the announcers table, and jumps off the chairs driving his knee to the back of Rollins’ bad knee.

Triple H takes Rollins to the ring and slices at his knee, and begins dropping elbows to the knee. Triple H locks in a swans neck on the knee and twists Rollins leg making him yell in pain. Rollins tries to fight back and manages to break the hold, but Triple H continues to hunt Rollins and lands a few slaps to the chest. He stomps on Rollins knee, but ever time Rollins desperately tries to attack Triple H. He quickly launches Triple H face first into the middle turnbuckle, giving him a well needed breather.

Rollins tries to climb to the top rope, but Triple H stops him and tries for the superplex. But Rollins fights back and head butts HHH, he rolls over Triple H for the powerbomb, but as Rollins lands he grabs his knee and yells out in pain. Triple H laughs and begins landing punches to Rollins head. Rollins positions him for the powerbomb, but again his knee gives out. Triple H tries for the pedigree but Rollins counters and hits the turnbuckle powerbomb.

Rollins gets some energy to get himself to his feet and connects a running forearm to Triple H and throws him to the outside of the ring. Seth Rollins climbs to the top rope in the ring, and goes for a cross body on Triple H and hits it. Triple H lands hard and holds his head. Rollins grabs Triple H and throws him against the corner post, not once, but twice. Rollins goes under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. But not just one, two… accompanied by a table. Rollins set it up at ringside as Triple H rolls back into the ring.

Rollins sees HHH in the ring and climbs to the top rope, and hits a frog-splash on HHH to his lower back. Rollins pin but gets a 2 count. Rollins grabs a steel chair and Triple H begs to not hit him. Rollins goes for the attack, but Triple H kicks his knee and delivers a spine buster. Triple H pins but gets a 2 count. He then grabs the chair and positions Rollins ankle between it and stomps on it crushing his ankle. He lands a dropping elbow on the chair and positions the chair higher so it was crush Rollins knee. Triple H climbs to the top rope, but as he gets there, Rollins removes the chair and throws it at HHH’s face. Triple H sits on the top turnbuckle as Rollins climbs up, positions himself and hits a superplex on HHH, and hits the falcon arrow. Rollins pins but only gets a 2 count.

Rollins again climbs to the top rope facing the audience, but Stephanie McMahon comes in and trips Rollins. Triple H grabs Rollins legs and locks in a reverse figure 4 [similar to the one on Raw] and pushes back making Rollins yell out in pain. Rollins tries to fight out with a few punches and manages to get out and tries locking in his own submission, but Triple H fights out. Seth Rollins rolls to the outside.

Triple H quickly grabs another chair and smashes it against Rollins leg and locks in the leg lock once again. Rollins throws the chair on Triple H and begins looking under the ring for more weapons. He throws a sledgehammer near Triple H, and that makes Triple H break the hold. He grabs the hammer, and Rollins retreats into the ring. Rollins goes on the attack first and gets HHH to let go of the hammer. Both men exchange punches in the ring, until Triple H hits a knee to the face, Rollins hits a few kicks to the gut and face, but Triple H finished it landing a hard clothesline flipping Rollins inside, out.

Triple H once again grabs the sledgehammer but Rollins quickly flips and lands a hard head kick to Triple H. Rollins picks up the sledgehammer this time and waits for Hunter to get up. He looks to strike but Stephanie grabs the sledgehammer and pulls it out of his grip. Rollins gets distracted and turns back to Triple H and right into the pedigree. Triple H pins for a very close 2 count pin.

Triple H annoyed drags Rollins into the corner and looks for a top rope pedigree but Rollins flips him over into the ring. Rollins positions himself and hits the phoenix splash and pins for a very close 2 count. Rollins lifts HHH up and tries for the pedigree but HHH counters and tries for another one. Rollins counters and tries for the pedigree, but Triple H counters. Rollins lands on his feet but Triple H again goes for the pedigree. Rollins counters once again and Triple H takes him out with a knee chop. Stephanie tries to grab Rollins to give Triple H a spot to hit him, but Rollins moves out of the way. Triple H misses her, but Rollins bounced him back taking Steph off the apron, and through the table set up earlier at ringside. Triple H upset goes on the attack, but Rollins hits him with the pedigree and pins Triple H for the 3 count win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

PERFORMANCE: Steven Marlee and Pitbull are on the stage ready to perform


Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt (c)
-WWE Championship-
Singles Match

The match begins and right away Orton lands a lou-thez press and hits a few puches to the head. Orton his the powerslam and tries for the RKO quickly. Bray rolls to the outside. Orton follows and begins beating on Bray on the outside. He rolls Bray into the ring, but Bray takes advantage landing a hard punch to Randy, and connects a running headbutt in the ring. Bray taunts in the corner hanging upside down. The lights go out and in the ring, maggots are projected. Randy freaks out and roll to the outside.

Bray kneels in the center of the ring and taunts towards Randy. Randy comes in trying to attack, but Bray tries for the sister Abigail, Orton counters and tries for the RKO but Bray counters, runs the ropes and hits Randy hard with a running cross body. Bray rolls Randy to the apron and hits a DDT taking Randy head first against the apron.  Bray hits Randy with a running clothesline in the corner, and again Bray taunts Randy hanging upside down. For the second time maggots are projected on the ring.

Bray beats on Randy, but he quickly tries to counter into the RKO, Bray counters and hits a running senton. Bray pins for the 2 count. Bray tries for the sister Abigail but Randy counters into a roll up pin, but Bray kicks out and hits a hard clothesline taking Randy to the outside. Bray climbs to the apron and tries for a move, but Orton stops him with a dropkick. Randy tries to attack but Bray pushes him into the ring apron, and lands Sister Abigail face first into the ring barricade.

Bray rolls Randy back into the ring, but Randy rolls out on the opposite side. Bray follows and tries for a clothesline, but Orton counters and hits the RKO to the outside. He rolls Bray into the ring and pins for  2 count. Randy begins pacing the ring trying to raise the energy and stands over Bray. He backs into the corner looking for the head bunt, and goes for it; but Bray counters and tries for Sister Abigail, but Orton counters into the backbreaker. Orton follows that up with the apron DDT. Orton begins taunting the audience and calls for the RKO, but Bray hits Sister Abigail quickly, and pins for a close 2 count.

Bray taunts the audience and begins to crawl like a crab, and for the third time bugs are projected in the ring. The lights come back and Bray is slapping Randy around, Randy hits a quick RKO and pins for the 3 count for his 13th title reign.

Winner: Randy Orton (New WWE Champion)


Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg (c)
-WWE Universal Championship-
Singles Match

Both competitors get introduced, with Heyman making the introduction for Brock Lesnar.

The match begins and right away Goldberg tries to attack, but Lesnar hits a German suplex. Lesnar hits two more, and as he taunts, Goldberg hits a quick spear. Lesnar gets up and Goldberg hits another spear. Lesnar rolls out of the ring and Goldberg follows. Goldberg lands a third spear right through the barricade into the time keepers area.

Goldberg drags Lesnar back into the ring and looks for the Jackhammer, but Lesnar counters into the F5, but Goldberg counters into the 4th spear. Goldberg positions Lesnar and hits the Jackhammer. Goldberg pins, but Lesnar kicks out at 2. Goldberg positions for another spear, but this time Brock sees him and jumps over him as Goldberg goes for it. Lesnar hits one German suplex, two German’s and a third, making that a total of 6 German suplexes in this match. Lesnar hits a 7th and an 8th and that’s right… a 9th. The audience start a 10 chant, as Lesnar hits it.

Brock hovers over Goldberg and picks him up delivering the F5 and pins for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Brock Lesnar (New WWE Universal Champion)


Naomi vs. Mickie James vs. Carmella vs. Natalya vs. Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss (c)
-Smackdown Live Women’s Championship-
Six-Pack Challenge

This match quickly gets started and all women begin to brawl it out in the ring. Naomi takes out Natalya and Mickie James takes Alexa out of the ring. Becky Lynch hits an exploder to Carmella taking her to the outside. Naomi and Bliss hit a double suplex to Naomi on the outside. In the ring, Becky Lynch takes Mickie to the outside. She tries for a top rope move, but Ellsworth holds her down, and Carmella gets a hurricanrana and pins Becky for the 2 count. Alexa kicks her off and slaps Carmella out of the ring.

Natalya comes in and Alexa slams her and pins. Mickie James breaks the hold but Becky Lynch comes in taking the momentum and taking Natalya into the corner. She hits a cross body and an exploder to Natalya and Carmella. James Ellsworth tries for a superkick on Becky, but she hits an exploder on him too and takes him to the outside. Mickie attacks Becky’s back and gets a pin, but Alexa breaks it up. Natalya looks to get a pin on Becky but Naomi breaks that up. Carmella tries to interrupt but Natalya counters and locks in a sharpshooter on both Noami and Carmella.

Mickie James breaks up hold and hits her DDT on Becky Lynch. Carmella lands a hard kick to James but Alexa takes them both out. Naomi takes ot Alexa with the rear view, and hits a cross body on all women on the outside of the ring. She rolls Alexa back into the ring, and tries for a rebound move, but Alexa counters with a forearm. Alexa tries for a pin, but Naomi locks in a submission lock, and gets the tap out victory.

Winners: Naomi (New Smackdown Live Women’s Championship)

NEW DAY: New Day make their way out dressed in fantastic blue suits. They come out to announce the new attendance record which is 75,245 people in attendance and tell the fans that without no WWE Universe, there is no WWE.


Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker
No Holds Barred Singles Match

Jim Ross makes his entrance to the announcers table to call this match with Roman Reigns & Undertaker.

We get revealed that this match will be a no holds barred match where anything goes.

The match begins and Roman tries for the attack right away, but Undertaker stops him with a hard right hand. Taker lays a few punches on Roman and throws him out of the ring. He yells towards him “my yard!” Roman runs back in and tries for another attack, but Taker stops him and throws him back to the outside “still my yard.”

Roman begins to think about a tactical way to re-enter the ring and manages to hang Taker on the top rope. Roman comes in and attacks and clotheslines Taker out of the ring. Taker lands on his feet and lures Reigns to him. Taker grabs his legs and pulls Roman to the outside, and throws him against the steel steps. Undertaker rolls Roman back into the ring and delivers more hard right hands. Undertaker throws Roman off the ropes but Roman counters and hits a Samoa drop to Taker.

Taker slowly begins to get up but Roman stops him with a few shots to the head. He tries to attack on the outside, but Taker lands a cheap punch, followed by a head butt. Taker tries to drive Roman into the ring post, but Roman counters throwing Taker instead. Roman hits the drive by dropkick and lays Taker out on the outside. Roman brings him back into the ring and begins beating on Roman in the corner. Roman and Taker begin delivering punch after punch in the middle of the ring. Taker tries for a back drop, but Roman stops him. It makes no difference as Taker comes back attacking Roman and hits a running clothesline in the comer. Taker hits the snake-eyes and the big boot, followed by the leg drop and gets a 2 count pin.

Taker tries for the choke slam but Reigns rolls to the outside. Undertaker follows, and Reigns tries for another drive-by, but Taker stops him with a hard punch. Taker strips the announcers table and brings Roman over. Taker hits a head butt, but Reigns runs back hitting a dropkick. Roman tries for another one, but Taker catches him and choke slams him on top of another announcers table that wasn’t stripped.  Taker begins stripping the third announcer’s table ringside.

Undertaker climbs on top of the tables, and Roman does to, but as Taker was taunting Roman runs and hits a huge spear taking himself and Taker through the far announcers table. Roman rolls into the ring as the ref checks on the Undertaker. Roman stands in the middle of the ring looking back at the Undertaker yelling “who’s yard is it now?” Undertaker sits up and gets to his feet heading towards the ring.

Undertaker rolls into the ring but Roman immediately goes on the attack and stomps away on Taker. He delivers a few clotheslines in the corner and follows it up with a few punches to the head. Taker though is in position and sets Roman up for the last ride and hits it. Taker covers Roman and Roman kicks out at 2. Undertaker rolls to the outside and grabs himself a steel chair and brings it back to the ring.

Reigns tries to get up, but Taker lands a hard kick to the head. Taker grabs the chair and drives it into Roman’s midsection. He hits it across his back a few times really whacking Roman and bending that chair. Undertaker calls for the chokeslam, but Roman rolls out of the ring and to the outside. Taker follows, but Roman rolls back in quickly, and as Taker comes back into the ring, Roman hits a superman punch. Roman hits a second one, and tries for the third one, but Taker catches him a choke slams him on the steel chair. Taker covers but only gets a 2 count.

Undertaker calls for the tombstone and goes for it hitting it. Undertaker pins Roman put he kicks out at 2, and Taker can’t believe it. Taker tries for another Tombstone, but Roman looks to counter. It looks like Roman was trying for his own tombstone, but was unable to lift Takers body up into position. It appeared that Taker couldn’t get his legs up. Reigns instead hits him with a superman punch, and positions himself for the spear. Roman calls for it, connects it and looks to pin. As Roman crawls for the pin, Undertaker locks in the Hell’s Gate looking to choke Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns manages to roll and get to the bottom rope.

Undertaker crawls to the chair he used earlier, but Roman Reigns grabs the chair first and smacks it over the Undertakers back. Roman keeps smashing Taker over and over with it hitting him across the back, or mid section. Roman Reigns hunts Taker as he Taker crawls to his feet. Taker gets up and Roman hits another spear. Roman pins but Taker kicks out at 2.

Roman positions himself again, and waits for Taker to get to his feet. Roman calls for the spear again and tries for it. Roman hits it again and pins and again Taker kicks out at 2. The audience are freaking out and deliver a YES chant for Takers resilience. Roman just can’t believe. He hits a superman punch to Taker, and positions again for the spear. Taker tries to sit-up, but falls back as he just can’t. Roman stalks Taker as he reaches his knees and Taker mouths something to him. Roman hits a few punches and runs the ropes a few times and hits another hard spear, pinning the Undertaker giving him the 1..2..3!

Winner: Roman Reigns

Roman gets some celebratory fireworks after the match as Taker stays laid out in the ring.

POST MATCH: After the match Undertaker is shown laying in the ring as a “thank you Taker” chant begins. Taker manages to sit up and looks around the arena as another “thank you Taker” begins. They show the highlights of the match.

Take would get his coat and hat back on and stand under his blue lights as his music plays. Could this very well be the last WrestleMania Taker fights at? Taker stands looking around at a sea of clapping fans. Taker removes his gloves, Jacket and Hat and lays them in the ring signifying that this was in deed his final match,

As fun as WrestleMania was, it ends on a sad note with the unfortunate end of the Undertaker.

Thank you so much for reading guys, hope you enjoyed WrestleMania. Any highlights not posted yet, will be posted tomorrow.

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MOCLIVE – WWE NXT TakeOver: Orlando Recap (April 1, 2017)

Show: NXT TakeOver: Orlando
Date: April 1st, 2017
Venue: Amway Center, Orlando, FL.
Author: Cade Carnage

Ohhhhh dam here we go! NXT Orlando baby, the first show in what will be an exciting weekend. I can’t begin to explain how much I love WrestleMania weekend, because no matter what, WWE makes this weekend the most important and memorable for wrestling fans. So if you’re sitting at home, watching from a bar, or experiencing these shows live, be prepared for one amazing experience.

No tonight’s no different as NXT brings you TakeOver from Orlando FL. But here’s one extra special treat for tonight’s show, earlier today William Regal announced while at Axxess, that during tonight’s show, WWE NXT will be unveiling new championship belts for all divisions (Top Championship, Tag Team, & Women’s.) That’s pretty special, and no it was not an April Fools joke. So not only are we looking forward to some great matches, but the unveiling of what we hope to be some amazing looking belts.

I won’t wait any longer, let the recapping begin! Make sure to keep refreshing the page for latest updates and highlights. Also let me know of any errors you see, it’s hard to recap and proof read during live events. Images sourced below from the event sourced from @WWENXT on twitter.

NXT TakeOver: Orlando Pre-Show

No Way Jose Out: During the PreShow we found out that No Way Jose will not be able to compete in the eight-person tag team match after being attacked by SAnitY during WrestleMania Axxess. Dillinger, Strong and Ruby can either fight SAnitY with a man down, or find another partner.

Many people online are speculating that Hideo Itami or Kassius Ohno may answer the call.

SAnitY Gets Dark: 

NXT TakeOver: Orlando Recap

OPENER: NXT TakeOver Orlando begins with the lights dimmed and with the spotlight on the ring. Triple H gets on the speakers and says that tonight’s is “our night” and that this is WrestleMania week. He says that tonight they show “them” that they are NXT that they are home! A NXT TakeOver Orlando video package airs.


—-, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot & Tye Dillinger vs. Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, NIkki Cross & Eric Young
Eight-Person Tag Team Match

SAnitY enter the ring first as they re-show the footage when Sanity attacked No Way Jose at Axxess. Dillinger would follow and instead of his usual entrance he comes in serious and focused. Ruby and Roderick comes out and now we wait for the potential partner. The lights would go down and Kassius Ohno would come out.

Kassius Ohno, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot & Tye Dillinger vs. Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, NIkki Cross & Eric Young

Dillinger’s team would run into the rind attack Sanity. They would take all members of Sanity out instead of Nikki Cross. Nikki gets left in the ring with Ruby Riot and the match begins. Nikki keeps the advantage on Ruby until Ruby takes her to the corner and drives her head against the turnbuckle. Wolfe tags in and Ruby must tag out. Kassius comes in as Wolfe jumps around like a crazy person. Ohno hits him with a hard elbow and hits Eric Young as well. Kassius lands a senton on Wolfe and pins for a 2 count.

Kassius goes on the attack against the arm and twists and pulls on it. He takes Wolfe down and gets another pin. Kassius gets distracted by Young, allowing Wolfe to take advantage with a hard elbow. Young tags in and the beat down on Kassius begins. Young keeps him in his corner and tags in Wolfe. Wolfe hits a hard European uppercut and tries for an elbow drop. Ohno moves out of the way and tags in Roderick Strong.

Roderick comes in fast and attacks Wolfe, takes Young off the apron and throws Wolfe into Dain. Roderick hits a back breaker on young, and goes for some knees in the corner. Wolfe manages to counter Rodericks attack and hits a huge German suplex. Dain tags in and stomps away on Strong. Dain lands a few elbow drops and taunts the audience. Roderick manages to fight back with a few kicks and tries for a tag but Dain picks him up and throws him to his corner. Roderick attacks young and wolfe, but Dain hits a huge running dropkick. Young tags in.

Young takes Strong to the corner and chokes him by lifting him up on the apron. He hits a fist to the back of the head and pins for a 2. Young tags in Wolfe, and Wolfe tags in Dain. Both men deliver a double team where Dain hits a corner spear, and Wolfe; a running clothesline. Wolfe tags back in and locks in a choke. He hits a neck breaker and tags in Eric Young. Young jumps from the top rope and hits a nice elbow to the back of the head and pin. Dillinger would kick him off Strong. Eric goes on the attack again and lands a cheap shot to Dillinger on the apron. Roderick tries to fight back but Young takes him out and hits a cheap shot to Kassius Ohno on the apron.

Roderick again tries to fight back but Young takes him to the corner. He goes for the dropkick but Strog moves out of the way and tags in Tye Dillinger. Tye comes in with the momentum and takes out all the members of SAnitY connecting a perfect looking DDT to Alexander Wolfe. He hits a top rope cross body on Wolfe, and a suicide dive on Young on the outside. Dain hits a hard punch from behind, but Strong lands a running dropkick. Wolfe takes him out. Kassius runs the ropes and looks for his own bomb, but he creatively stops himself, flipping to the outside and hitting Wolfe with a hard elbow. IN the ring, Ruby looks to land a running cross body, but Nikki stops her. Both women fight to the outside.

Dillinger and Young are the two men back into the ring. Dain tries to stop Dillinger but he takes him and Young both out. Wolfe takes him out, but Kassius comes in hitting a DDT, suplex to Dain and Wolfe. Eric hits a neck breaker on Kassius. He looks for his finisher on Dilliger, but Roderick hits a running kick to the head. Roderick is left in the ring with Dain. Both men were about to fight, but Ruby jumps on Dain’s back and Nikki lands on Roderick. Both men get thm off and they begin fighting on the outside. Dillinger is in the ring with Dain and looks for his finisher, but Young stops him and Dain hits his finisher on Dillinger and pins for the 3 count win.

Winners: SAnitY

BACKSTAGE: Bobby Roode is backstage starring at his NXT championship.

AUDIENCE: Edge and Beth Phoenix, two WWE Hall of Famers are sitting ringside.


Aleister Black vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas
Singles Match

The match begins and both men slowly begin working. They reach a clinch but split right away. They try for another one and Almas gets an arm lock. Black counters and locks in his own arm lock. Almas counters into a neck lock and looks for a pin, but Black counters, and tries for a head kick but Almas ducks it. Both men split.

They go for another clinch and Black goes behind and pushes Almas to the ropes. Almas locks himself into the ropes and taunts. He goes on the attack and Almas rolls to the outside. Black tries for a suicide dive, but stops himself on the ropes, back flips and lands in a cross legged position. Almas climbs back into the ring and goes on the attack, but Black manages to counter each attempt and hits a hard kick for the head.

Both men head to the corner and this is where Almas takes advantage landing a double stomp to the chest. He fakes a running move and delivers a hard slap to Black. Almas goes for the suplex, but Black takes him to the apron, but Almas locks in the arm lock over the top rope. Almas lets go and heads to the top rope landing a missile dropkick. He pins for a 2. Almas gets an arm lock but Black manages to fight out and begins landing several knees to the gut and chest. Black continues the attack with multiple kiks and takes Almas to the outside. He hits Almas with a springboard backflip and rolls him back into the ring. Black tries for a kick but Almas counters with a few elbows. He tries for another arm lock on the apron, but Black stops him with some knees. Almas again tries for the top rope missile dropkick, but Black counters with a powerbomb and a 2 count pin.

Almas counters the pin with an arm lock and takes Black to the corner, he tries for the cross body but Black counters with a small package pin. Both men exchange a few more punches and kicks and even knocked eachother down with their kicks. Almas manages to land a backflip kick to the head and pins for a 2 count. Almas lands double knees to the head and tries for his DDT finisher but Black counters. Almas re-counters and hits a quick German for a 2 count. Almas goes for a running move but Black stops him with a high knee, and begins delivering several kicks to Almas’ head. He lands a quick roundhouse and pins for the 3 count victory.

Winner: Aleister Black


Authors Of Pain (c) vs. The Revival vs. #DIY
-NXT Tag Team Championship-
Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Before the match could begin, William Regal addressed the team to introduce the new NXT Tag Team Championships. He hands the ref the new belts and holds them up… Ok their not that bad.

The match begins and all members of each team are in the ring. Both Revival and DIY turn to focus AOP and as the bell rings, all the teams go for AOP. They takes them to the outside and DIY take out Akam against the barricade. DIY now pull out a table and set it up at ringside. They go for Akam but he magaes to fight back a little, that it until DIY push him into the steel steps. On the otherside Revival take out Rezar.

DIY and Revival meet eye to eye and get back into the ring. Scott Dawson gets thrown out and DIY hits a double team on Dash and pins for a 2 count. The teams get settled down as Ciampa and Scott head to their corners. DIY tag in and double hip toss Dash Wilder, but Akam tags in and double clotheslines DIY. Akam tags in Rezar and he lands a hard gut kick to Ciampa. Rezar goes for a corner attack but Ciampa hits a big boot. He tries for a jumping move but Rezar catches him. Ciampa counters hits a hard kick to the head and tries to tag someone from Revival, but they back off. Akam tag in and AOP both beat on Ciampa as Revival watches on. As Akam has his back turned, Revival attack Akam and hit a DDT and pull Ciampa over them to Eliminate AOP. But that does work and Dash tags himself in. Scott tags in and hits a elbow drop. Akam though manages to fight back and when Scott looks for a tag from DIY, they back off this time.

Akam goes on the attack again but gets tagged out by Johnny Gargano. Scott takes out Akam and turns to Johnny’s apron spear. Gargano takes out Dash who was trying to run in. On the outside, Ciampa lands a cross body on Rezar and Johnny on Akam. In the ring, Johnny climbs back in and hits a springboard DDT on Scott for a  2 count pin. Johnny tries for a cross body on AOP but they catch him easily. They use him as a shield to stop Ciampa hitting a sucide dive, and throw Johnny on Dash Wilder on the outside. AOP rolls Scott and Johnny into the ring. Rezar tags himself in and begins to choke Johnny in the middle of the ring.

Rezar tags Akam and both hit a double team backbreaker. Akam pins for the 2 count. Akam chokes Johnny to slow down the action a little bit. DIY teammate Ciamp and Revival are still laid out on the outside. Akam lifts Gargano up and locks in a torture lock. Gargano manages to slowly fight back and tries for a pin, but Akam counters and tries for an elbow drop, he missed. Gargano tries to jump over Akam to tag Ciampa but Akam catches him. Gargano breaks out and throws Akam against Scott Dawson ringside. Ciampa gets the tag and manages to take out Rezar and Akam. He hits not one, but two German Suplexes on Akam and its his running knee. Ciampa pins and looks to eliminate the champions, but gets a 2 count.

Ciampa hits a few chest slaps and sees Rezar cimbing the apron, he looks for a powerbomb through the table they set up earlier but Rezar holds onto the ropes. Gargano tries to help but against Rezar holds onto the rope. Revival run in and hit Rezar making him let go and go through the table. The audience go crazy.

In the ring, Revival and DIY now focus on the remaining AOP member, Akam. All teams go on the attack, with Akam trying to fight back, and actually getting the upperhand. Akam goes for a powerbomb on Ciampa, but Dash tags in and takes out Akam. Scott comes in and locks in a leg lock on Akam. Gargano looks to kick Dawson off, but stops and instead locks in cross face on Akam. Akam almost looks to tap out, but Rezar comes back in, and even with Ciampa and Dash holding him back, he breaks the submission.

The audience give a “this is awesome chant.” Rezar tags out and goes on an attack on Dash, but Rezar gets stopped. Each member of Revival and DIY hit a hard strike on Rezar leaving Revival’s Scott and DIY’s Gargano in the ring. Gargano and Scott hits DIY finisher on Rezar, while Dash and Ciampa hit Revival’s finisher on Akam, thus leaving Revival and DIY the only two teams in the ring.

Each face off, battle it out. Ciampa and Dawson get taken to the outside. Dash and Gagano fight it out until they see AOP get back to their feet. They both run the ropes and hit a suicide dive on AOP. Ciampa begins climbing to the top rope but gets stopped by Dawson, he climbs to the top rope and hits a superplex to Ciampa on top of AOP, Dash and Gargano on the outside.

Scott rolls Ciampa in the ring, but Rezar quickly tags Scott and clotheslines him. Akam gets to the apron and tags in. Both men deliver their finisher to Ciampa and pin for the 1..2..3!

#DIY Eliminated

AOP double team Dash Wilder and get a quick 2 count pin. They go for another double team finisher but Scott Dawson stops Akam on the ropes. Dash throws Rezar to the opposite corner. Dash lifts Akam on his shoulders and Scott hits a clothesline from the top rope. Scott hits a few German Suplexes on Rezar and pins for a 2 count. Revival look for a double move, but AOP fight back. They try for their finisher on Scott, but Dash gets in the way and takes the clothesline himself. Scott manages to get on quick pin on Akam, but that doesn’t matter as AOP take both men out and double powerbomb both men.

AOP still go on the attack taking Dash Wilder outside of the ring. Akam tries to lift Scott on his feet but Scott falls back down. Scott though tricks Akam and gets a surprise pin but it’s only for 2. On the outside Rezar runs Dash into the barricade, and in the ring Akam runs Dash against the turnbuckles. AOP hit their double powerbomb again and pin for the 3 count win.

Winners: Authors of Pain (retain)


Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon
-NXT Women’s Championship-
Singles Match

Before the match could begin, again William Regal handed the ref the new Women’s Championship. Ok, not bad either.

The match begins and both women stare off to start with. They clinch quickly and get to the ropes, making the ref break them apart. They clinch again and both roll on the matt with Ember Moon locking in the headlock and taking her over. Both women’s deliver headlock takedowns, arm locks, arm drags, and a dropkick and stare off once more.

Asuka tries to shake hands, but tricks Ember and tries for an attack. Ember counters into a hurricanrana. Ember manages to connect a arm drag and both women go back and forth again this time with shoulder blocks. Asuka gets the upperhand landing a hip attack but Ember comes back landing a few kicks and taking Asuka to the outside. Ember tries for a sliding move, but Asuka slides into the ring, runs the ropes and hits Ember off the apron with a hip attack throwing her against the barricade.

Ember Moon slowly climbs back into the ring where Asuka lands a few hard strikes. He hits a few spinning punches taking Ember to the mat. Asuka goes on the attack again but Ember catches her leg and faceplants Asuka against the mat. Ember runs the ropes, but Asuka hits her with a third hip attack. Asuka lands a few chest kicks and tries for a German suplex, but Ember tries to fight out. Asuka tries for the Asuka Lock, but Ember breaks out and hits a hard forearm taking Asuka to the outside. Ember runs the ropes rebounds to the outside landing on Asuka.

Ember throws Asuks back into the ring and looks to try for her Eclipse finisher, but Asuka counters and hits a shining wizard. Asuka pins but only gets a 2 count. Asuka gets on the top of Ember and locks in a choke. Ember Moon manages to reach her feet with Asuka on her back and tries for the ropes, but slowly begins to fall back to the mat, but she doesn’t quite and gets back to her feet, and falls back breaking Asuka’s lock.

Asuka tries for another hip attack, but Ember counters and hits a superkick. Both women are laid out on the mat as the ref checks on both of them. Both exchange and block a few kicks but Ember gets the neckbreaker. Ember hits a running dropkick to the head and lands a few kicks to the gut. Ember hits a fall-away slam and hits a corner clothesline. Ember tries for a rebound move, but Asuka stops her and hits a German Suplex on Ember giving her a 2 count pin.

Asuka begins slapping Ember around until Ember hits a discuss clothesline. Asuka goes for a spinning kick, but Ember stops her and hits a t-bone suplex. Ember climbs to the top rope looking for the finisher, and Asuka stops her, but Ember fights back and throws her off. She positions herself again, but Asuka grabs the ref and pushes him against the ropes taking Ember off them. Asuka lands a hard head kick and pins for the 3 count.

Winner: Asuka (retains)

AUDIENCE: Drew McIntyre (aka. Drew Galloway) at ringside for tonight’s NXT TakeOver: Orlando show… that’s interesting.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bobby Roode (c)
-NXT Championship-
Singles match

Prior to the beginning of the match, William Regal hands the new NXT championship to the ref. Again, this one is not that bad either.

The match begins and both men exchange a kick with one-another. Roode tries go behind, but Nakamura stops him with a neck lock. Both men go back and forth with some chain wrestling, with Nakamura taking Roode to the ropes and resting his head on his gut. Roode laughs at it and tells him that NXT is his now. He does a Glorious taunt, but Nakamura pushes him away with his leg. Roode finally goes on the attack, but Nakamura stops him with a few knees to the gut. He takes Roode to the corner and delivers a few more kicks and looks for the good vibrations, but Roode grabs his foot and pushes him away. Nakamura lands a side head kick and takes him to the corner again where he lands the good vibrations.

Roode rolls to the outside and Nakamura follows. He throws Roose into the barricade and rolls him into the ring. Roode stops Nakamura on the apron, and Nakamura tries for a suplex. Roode stops him, runs the ropes and hits Nakamura hard throwing him against the barricade. Roode moves to the outside and goes on the attack. Roode rolls Nakamura back into the ring and begins choking him on the ropes.

Roode takes Nakamura to the corner and stomps away on him as the ref counts to 4. He stomps on his again with the ref counting to 4 once again. Roode taunts “Glorious” to the audience and goes on the attack. He hits a few chest chops and throws Nakamura to the opposite corner. He lands a running clothesline and hits a neck breaker giving him a 2 count. Roode locks in a clavicle hold keeping Nakamura down riving in pain.

Nakamura manages to fight out, but Roode puts him back to the mat and delivers a dropping knee giving him a 2 count. Roode continues to wear down Nakamura by locking in a neck twist and yelling at a ref “common!” He gets another pin but only a 2 count. Roode right away locks another neck twist. Nakamura gets some momentum and gets to his feet. He pushes him off the ropes but Roode tries for the sleeper, Nakamura rolls him out and hits a kick to the back of Roode’s head.

Both men reach their feet and Nakamura begins landing some hard strikes. He hits a few punches and kicks to the chest and takes Roode to the corner. He lands a running knee to the gut, and hangs Roode over the top turnbuckle. He hits a knee to the gut, and dropkicks Roode to the outside of the ring. He lays Roode along the apron and hits a running knee to Roode’s head and jumps landing his knee to the back of Roode’s head. He rolls Roode back into the ring and pins for a close 2 count.

Nakamura looks for the exploder suplex, but Roode breaks out with a few elbows. He tries for a running move but Nakamura counters and runs the ropes. Roode counters and hits a HARD clothesline. Roode Takes Nakamura to the corner and hits a chest slaps. He tries for a running move but Nakamura connects a big boot and hits a running knee. Nakamura looks for his finisher but Roode steps out of the way and attacks Nakamura’s past “injured” knee. Roode attacks the knee with a few elbows and drags Nakamura to the corner driving his knee against the steel post.

Roode stomps on the leg in the ring and drives his knee into the back thigh. Roode slaps Nakamura and locks in the Figure-4-Leglock. Nakamura yells out in pain and tries to break the hold, but instead he tries to flip over to reverse the pressure, and eventually manages to do it. Roode breaks the hold and again goes on the attack on the knee.

As Roode was taking his time with the attacks Nakamura surprise him with a arm lock. Roode manages to break it, but gets transitioned into a Triangle hold. Roode almost breaks out of that as well, but Nakamura again transitions back into the arm lock. Roode slowly inches to the ropes and manages to making the ref break the hold. Nakamura gets to his feet angry and delivers hard aggressive kicks to Roode’s body and head. Nakamura lays Roode over the top turnbuckle again and tries for another knee, but Roode moves out of the way taking Nakamura’s knee into the turnbuckle.

Roode tries to stretch out his arm on the outside and climbs back into the ring. He delivers a few shots to Nakamura’s back and grabs his leg. Nakamura begins kicking Roode in the arm over and over again. Roode ducks one of the kicks and hits a back stabber giving him a 2 count pin.

Both men, exhausted stare off in the middle of the ring as they reach their feet. They begin exchanging punches. Roode looks to hit his DDT, but Nakamura counters with a knee. He hits a face front suplex and lands a running knee to Roode giving him a 2 count pin. Nakamura calls for his finisher but Roode uses his brain and rolls to the outside. Nakamura follows and rolls Roode back in and as he’s climbing into the ring, Roode kicks the middle rope giving him a low blow and hits his Glorious DDT. Bobby pins but Nakamura kicks out at 2.

Roode not believing that Nakamura kicked out, climbs to the outside of the ring and grabs the ringside bell. The ref argues with Roode and grabs the bell pulling it away from Roode. Bobby turns around to a hard kick from Nakamura. He hits his exploder suplex and tries for his finisher but Roode catches him into a spinebuster and pin for a very close 2 count.

Roode struggle to get Nakamura to his feet for the DDT, but Nakamura pushes Roode into the corner and drives his shoulder into the gut. Nakamura tries for a running move, but Roode drives his shoulder into Nakamura’s knee. Bobby Roode climbs to the second rope, and holding Nakamura jumps and transitions into his Glorious DDT and pins for the 3 count win.

Winner: Bobby Roode (retains)

What are your thoughts on the show, and the new belts?

Thanks for reading guys.

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MOC Predictions: NXT TakeOver: Orlando April 1, 2017

Here are my predictions for Saturday’s NXT TakeOver: Orlando show.


Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose, Roderick Strong & Ruby Riot vs. SAnitY
Eight-Person Tag Team Match

This was a last minute addition to the already packed show and it’s no surprise as Sanity have been having continues problems with Dillinger, Jose and Strong. The addition of Ruby Riot just adds variety to this match allowing Nikki Cross and Ruby to show what they’re capable of. When it comes to the winners, I feel SAnitY still has something to prove as a developing stable in NXT. This will be a hard hitting match with SAnitY coming out on top in my opinion. Is this another opportunity where Dillinger fails his friends? Could Dillinger end up turning heel after this match joining SAnitY as he’ll have no other choice? I guess will see.

MOC Prediction: SAnitY


Aliester Black vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas
Singles Match

Well, this is a no brainier. How often do talents who debut on a huge show not get the win? Almas is considered one of those talents who can work with anyone and makes them look good. So it’s no surprise WWE made this match as the debut for Black. Now I don’t know much about Aliester Black I’ll admit, but he did have one surprise appearance during the WWE UK Tournament, which he didn’t disappoint and this match will be no different. Black comes out the winner on his debut match.

MOC Prediction: Aliester Black


Authors of Pain (c) vs. The Revival vs. #DIY
-NXT Tag Team Championship-
Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Here’s one match which has many people excited about, especially after NXT TakeOver Toronto featuring Revival and DIY. They had one of the best matches of the year and fans have been dying for those two teams to go at it again, but this time the addition of AOP adds a bit more of a problem in their way. Following their tag team title win, AOP have shown that they are a dominating team and not many can stand in their way. But the possibility of DIY and Revival working together to take them out tells me that AOP could potentially come out on top. Take out the obvious threat (AOP), focus on the other team (Revival & DIY), and when you think someone has the upper-hand, here comes AOP once again and picks up the win. So in my opinion, AOP retain their titles.

And yes, I have no idea what AOP’s names are again… I fail.

MOC Predictions: Authors of Pain (retain)


Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon
-NXT Women’s Championship-
Singles Match

Asuka has accomplished so much since arriving to NXT, being one of the most dominant female competitors and becoming the longest reigning NXT Women’s champions, she has a lot to lose. But in my opinion, because of all of accomplishments, I feel Ember could potentially win this match. There’s been many rumors going around that Asuka could potentially be called up to the main roster soon, and having competed on Smackdown Live events it shows that her call-up could be coming up very soon. So because of all of this, Ember is my pick to come out on top.

MOC Prediction: Ember Moon (New NXT Women’s Champion)


Bobby Roode (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
-NXT Championship-
Singles Match

The glorious Bobby Roode puts his title on the line against the energetic and charismatic Shinsuke Nakamura who is looking to recapture his NXT championship. I’ll will say, this is a hard call. In my honest opinion, here’s another situation where I feel that a talent will be called up soon to the main roster. Shinsuke Nakamura has spoken to reporters about a potential call up and where he wants to go, and the feeling going around is that we may see him on the main shows sooner rather than later. Though that’s still uncertain as WWE still feels he needs a bit more work on camera placement and how production works. To be honest, I rather see Nakamura on one of the main shows and I feel that this may be his final TakeOver show… that is if he doesn’t win. I do feel that Nakamura’s time has come and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him get called up sometime after Wrestlemania. So for that, I feel Bobby Roode retains his title.

MOC Predictions: Bobby Roode (retains) 

Those are my predictions for Saturday’s NXT show, what are yours? Make sure to share your predictions below, on twitter or Facebook.

MOC Prediction For NXT TakeOver: San Antonio

Hello your glorious wrestling fanatics and welcome to the MOC prediction page for this Saturday’s NXT TakeOver: San Antonio.

Here are the matches along with my predictions. Please feel free to share yours below in the comments. Images below are sourced from

Roderick Strong vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas
Singles match

I haven’t been such a huge fan of Andrade since he started in NXT. Lately I have noticed an even more aggressive style from him, yet he still doesn’t catch my eye and frankly I don’t see him elevating to the top anytime soon. Doesn’t surprise me when the company turns you into a wannabe male stripper. Roderick Strong is not only the new face in NXT, but a well known indie guy, so when it comes to this match I feel WWE has more backing towards Strong then Almas. So unfortunately Roderick Strong is my pick to win this match.

Though an interesting twist would be to have Almas snap after the match. Attack Strong and say that the only way to get what he wants, is to bring back his mask, the one character that got him successful in the first place. Get rid of this awful gimmick, please.

MOC Prediction: Roderick Strong

Tye Dillinger vs. Eric Young
Singles match

I won’t lie, I’m a fan of both of these men. I’m loving the 10 gimmick with Tye, and the SAnity gimmick with Young. But could these two work together on the same page? Tye Dillinger has worked his ass off to get to where he is right now. But some people could argue that his character hasn’t caught the eye of WWE officials, even though fans are chanting 10 during the top weekly shows on WWE. If WWE wanted to work away from the 10 gimmick, they could have Tye lose in this match only backing the claim that he keeps failing those who support him. This is where Eric Young comes in and says that SAnity can provide the support in which Tye always needed. So saying that, I kind of want to see Tye in the SAnity stable and see where it could lead him. Sometimes a change of character is the best option.

MOC Prediction: Eric Young

Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. The Authors of Pain
-NXT Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match

#DIY vs. Two guys in which I can never remember their names. I’ll be honest, other than the big size of both Akam & Rezar [I believe that’s their names] they haven’t showed me anything fantastic in the ring, and don’t generate enough enthusiasm that grabs my attention. Whereas Ciampa and Gargano are the complete opposite. Two guys that not only can wrestle but can generate amazing matches on a weekly basis. I truly hope that WWE doesn’t revert back to the “their big, so they win’ philosophy, because in my opinion #DIY should remain champions to solidify why NXT is a the promotion to be in. Not trying to put down Akam and Rezar [right?] but it’s not a good sign when you’re in a championship match, and several fans hardly know your names. Trust me, I’m not the only one. LOL

MOC Predictions: Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa (retain)

Asuka (c) vs. Nikki Cross vs. Billie Kay vs. Peyton Royce
-NXT Women’s Championship-

Let’s face it, Asuka is the most dominant woman in NXT history. Her in-ring style along with her technical techniques is unmatched to this date. So it’s no surprise that a 1-on-1 match with Asuka will always benefit Asuka. So how can we work around that, let’s cluster it up! Asuka puts her title on the line against three other women, two of which [Billie and Peyton] are actually on the same page and will generate a numbers game against Asuka & Nikki. Though in my opinion it won’t last as both Peyton and Billie will eventually turn on eachother as one women can only come out on top. But picking a winner in this match is hard, as I honestly believe that because Asuka is already a record holder for the NXT women’s title, WWE will have her lose it. So I’ll go out on a limb and say that Nikki Cross will be the surprise winner in this match. But don’t get me wrong, she won’t pin or submit Asuka of course as you have to have a driver for a feud. Asuka can easily claim that she never lost the title, as she was never beaten.

MOC Prediction: Nikki Cross (New NXT Women’s Champion)

Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Bobby Roode
-NXT Championship-
Singles Match

Not only will this match be exciting, but I’m sure it will be glorious as well. I can’t begin to tell you how hard it is to get the “Glorious” theme out of my head, it’s like a drug. Anyways though, Roode vs. Nakamura for the NXT championship is headlining TakeOver San Antonio, and to be honest I’m expecting a heavy hitting matchup. Compared to Nakamura, Roode is the fresher face in NXT and I feel has a lot more to gain by winning the NXT title. With Samoa Joe out of the picture NXT needs to pin  a new threat to Nakamura’s title reign, and by having Roode win this Saturday it only begins a potential feud between the two. So with that being said, I believe the NXT title will get a taste of Glorious this weekend!

MOC Prediction: Bobby Roode (New NXT Champion)

Thank you for reading and feel free to share your predictions below or on Twitter.

MOC’s Top 5 Predictions For The 2017 Royal Rumble Match

January always holds a special place for many wrestling fans as the Royal Rumble marks the official road to WrestleMania. It’s this time of year when surprises and the unexpected always makes for entertaining television.

This years Royal Rumble already has a lot of anticipation going into it, especially since Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and even the Undertaker have announced their participation in the match. So with that being said I wanted to share my top 5 predictions for this years Royal Rumble match.

So without hesitation, here we go!

Image result for samoa joe nxt

Joe’s Gonna Kill You

It’s no surprise that since Samoa Joe debuted in NXT back on May 20, 2015 during NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable, many fans have been speculating on when he’ll be called up to the main roster. Joe has had a pretty successful run in NXT holding the NXT championship on two separate occasions for a combined 135 days. But with his NXT story line coming to an end with Shinsuke Nakamura, fans are speculating if his time for a call-up is near, and as the Royal Rumble inches closer it wouldn’t surprise me if we hear that Rhino grunt and Joe makes his main roster debut.

In no way am I expecting Joe to win the Rumble, but his use in the match could instigate future feuds with main roster talents and possible tease which brand he’ll be competing for.

Image result for tye dillinger

The Perfect 10

Tye Dillinger, a house-hold name in NXT for the last several years may finally get his opportunity to showcase his perfection at the Royal Rumble. Tye Dillinger, a former Hart Wrestling School student from Cambridge Ontario, has been with WWE since 2006 when he signed a contract and went to developmental down in OVW going by the name of Gavin Spears. Dillinger also competed in WWE’s re-branded ECW for a short period before his WWE release back in 2009. In 2013 Dillinger would re-sign with WWE and compete under the Dillinger name making his NXT TV debut against Mojo Rawley. For the last several years Dillinger has been on a continues rise with fans, growing support and even maturing his character to the now Perfect 10 gimmick.

It’s no surprise that WWE does have some hesitation calling Dillinger up to the main roster due to the fact that fans are beginning to chant “10” during a ref’s count. WWE’s feeling is that the chant is more over than the talent. But in all reality many fans have been wanting Dillinger to make his debut in the main roster, and I feel this years Royal Rumble is a great spot for that. If the audience are chanting 10, is should tell you that the talent has made an impact and connected with them. There’s no reason to ignore that now.

Image result for triple H 2016

Time To Play The Game

As we saw on the August 29th edition of Monday Night Raw back in 2016, a fatal-4-way match was made to determine the new Universal Champion, and to everyone’s surprise Triple H made his return and cost Seth Rollins the match siding with Kevin Owens. Rollins who was a former Authority boy who carried WWE on his back  for the last year prior to his knee injury, was furious and demanded answers. Since the attack Triple H has been very absent from WWE TV with Rollins making it clear that he wants him in the ring. But to get to Triple H, Rollins has to go through a list of other talents just to get the opportunity.

In my opinion Triple H could have a huge surprise appearance at the 2017 Royal Rumble with the idea to cost Rollins the match. This will only add tension to their already rumored match at WrestleMania 33. This also works as a transition to get Triple H back on weekly TV programming to build a match between the two. Triple H won’t win in this years Rumble as I believe both he and Rollins will eliminate one another having to be broken apart by the refs.

Image result for braun strowman

A Record Meant To Be Broken?

Roman Reigns made history when he eliminated 12 competitors from the 2014 Royal Rumble, beating Kane’s 11 eliminations back in 2001. But records are meant to be broken. Braun Strowman has been on a dominating streak as of late and has been painted as a monster who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. WWE has potential to make history once again with giving Braun more eliminations than ever before. Braun is a one of a kind talent who literally miniaturizes others. His mass can be used as an effective tool and because of his size, if Braun is brought into the Royal Rumble match early on, he will be an elimination machine with the potential to make history that night.

Dean Man Rises

As we saw on the January 9th edition of Raw, The Undertaker announced that he would be making his Royal Rumble return. It’s no surprise that there has been speculation, rumors and stories out that Undertaker could very well be fighting John Cena at the Main Event for WrestleMania 33 for the WWE Championship. If this is the case, in my honest opinion I feel that John Cena will be the one to retire the deadman, and it makes sense. Undertaker welcomed Cena into the WWE following his debut match against Kurt Angle back in 2002, and John Cena would end up retiring the Undertaker over a decade later. It’s one of those “you were always the one” moments. So I feel with the attention around the Undertaker joining the Rumble, and with John Cena possible becoming a 16 time World Champion; I feel the potential for a Cena and Taker WrestleMania match is very real, and due to that I feel Taker will win the Rumble and will main event WrestleMania one more time.

Those are my predictions for this years Rumble, what are yours? Feel free to share your predictions and thoughts in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter and we can chat there.

Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling!

Happy New Year From MOC

Hey guys!

I want to start off by apologizing for not posting much these last few days. I’ve just been really busy and haven’t had time to sit down and update MOC. Again I do apologize for that. But I just wanted to post this thanking all you for supporting MOC throughout 2016. I truly appreciate it, and you’re interaction with me is what drives me to continue growing this site along with it’s content.

2017 will bring forth more editorials, along with my progress with Battle Arts Academy as I work towards my dreams as a full-blown wrestler. It’s been a memorable 2016 as I started training at Santino Marella’s school and have already progressed in my training.

So stay tuned, and as always Cause Carnage, watch wrestling!


Why Are Fans Still Booing Roman Reigns?

I think it’s about time we wrestling fans ask a simple question to those who need to explain themselves. Why are you still booing for Roman Reigns?

Image result for roman Reigns

For the past few months I’ve been contemplating why Roman is still receiving so much hate from the wrestling world. Is it his character, the way he carries himself or is it just because it’s the cool thing to do? Let’s face it, for many of you who still boo him, there is no actual viable reason why. Yes, some may just not like him, but for those who don’t know the reason why, I think it’s about time you stop following the “cool thing to do” and just make your own decisions.

Image result for roman Reigns

I’ll admit that once the Shield broke up and Rollins, Dean and Roman went on their own to solidify a singles run, Roman had some moments where it was really unbearable to listen to him. But his in-ring work never faltered and throughout many of his matches the guy always delivered. But the main issue at hand was his promos, and even though his persona may have not matured until later on in his career it didn’t mean he was never meant to wrestle, all it meant was that creative needed to develop a script in which Roman was comfortable to portray.

Image result for roman Reigns

Let’s face it, Wrestlers take a beating from fans if creative don’t know what they’re doing. They write a script, acting as if the person their writing it for is actually saying and thinking these things. But sometimes it’s difficult to write for someone else and make it seem like their own words. It’s even harder to do it when you have a micromanaging boss [Vince McMahon] breathing down your throat saying that this guy is from a bloodline that SHOULD be able to deliver lines such as “sufferin succotash.” Roman has over the years and months been on the receiving end of abuse from fans due to the decision made by Vince McMahon. Guess what though, Roman has gone out every night doing what he loves and performing in front of those fans which creative have turned against him.

Roman is a silent warrior and his latest few promo’s have been bang on. Whether talking to Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, Stephanie McMahon, or hell even Rusev, it doesn’t matter; if Roman is made out to be the silent strong type it works for him. WWE has had moments when they believe that more words are better suited for someone, when on many occasions it’s not. Here’s an example, remember when Bray Wyatt was getting boring chants? I do, as I recall it was because Vince decided that he was so good on the mic that he needed to go out every show and deliver a promo every time. We all know Bray is gifted when he’s on the mic but by over-saturating the fans with the same thing over and over again, you don’t make it special. Bray is one of those instanced when less is more and it goes hand-in-hand with Roman Reigns. Reigns benefits from that same saying as his character doesn’t need to have long winded promo’s but just quick smart-ass comments and there you go. Now it’s true, that Reigns may not be as visually stimulating when on the mic. WHOA! Ease up there ladies, he’s a good looking guy but his facial expressions aren’t as prevalent as the Rock’s was. But nonetheless he doesn’t need to be, as he’s not the Rock and shouldn’t be treated as such VINCE!

Image result for roman Reigns

Roman has come a long way in developing himself on the mic, but people still seem to have trouble bypassing that, and that’s why I’m a little surprised by this. When asking fans for a legitimate reason why they hate him, I get nothing. They can’t explain the hate they show towards Roman, which leaves me to believe that a lot of these boo’s and hatred received by the fans are because… it’s the cool thing to do. That’s right, many fans feel that when they’re surrounded by fans booing one talent, why not boo that talent themselves as they obviously hit a nerve with a lot more people and don’t want to be the odd one out. This is following a trend in which makes no logical sense, and the reason I say this is because people HAVE SAID THIS TO ME! During the latest Raw in Toronto, Ontario; Roman Reigns came out to an obviously negative reaction from the fans. When I asked a few fans around me the reason for their negativity towards Roman…… I got nothing. One fan said “because I don’t like him.” I asked why, and they couldn’t answer that. It’s action based on reaction. There’s no logical reason why this man should continue to get booed. One fan told me that “he doesn’t defend his title often enough and is always on my tv…..” Ok, because Roman Reigns tells WWE when and how often he FEELS like defending the US title. Listen, WWE is a company who controls everything their contractors (wrestlers) do, so if you’re upset over Reigns being on your TV too often, or not defending the US title often enough, which by the way is contradictive to your first problem of being on my TV too often, it’s not the talents fault, but WWE creative decisions for him and when to use him. It’s amazing how often fans don’t seem to understand that especially in a time when we know a lot more about the structure of wrestling events. It’s not like the 80’s and 90’s when we didn’t know that all talents were friends, and that many of the storylines were not planned out. This is a new time in Wrestling where fans should be smarter than this, but unfortunately I have yet to witness it.

Roman Reigns has been one talent which has matured to a point where I can say, this man has a gift. His in-ring work along with his attitude towards the way WWE have treated him has only helped him mature on the mic and express himself in a way to piss the audience off even further. Why, because he can and I guarantee that him along with myself and many logical fans who have an actual reason why they like and hate a talent find it funny to still see many others react based off of mass ovation.

Image result for roman Reigns

So I ask you guys, that if you actually can’t think of a logical reason why you dislike Roman Reigns, exempting what WWE controls (amount of TV time, promos structure, theme, title defense, etc.) than please think for yourselves and see that as a talent he’s been a part of many top tier matches  and is developing into his own. Doesn’t surprise me why many WWE talents speak highly of him. Not saying you’re not allowed to hate a talent, but without providing an actual reason why, you’re just following suit.

What are your reasons for hating a talent?

MOC Predictions: 2016 WWE Survivor Series – Fantasy Warfare

It’s that time again, where I spew my predictions all over your glorious faces and force myself on….. ok, i’m going to far now. Let’s just stop, breath and share with you fans my thoughts on who comes out of Survivor Series the winners and the potential changes to WWE.

Images below sourced from

Kalisto vs. Brian Kendrick (c)
-WWE Cruiserweight Championship-
-If Kalisto wins, the Cruiserweight Division moves to Smackdown Live-
Singles Match

This is an interesting match and the reason why is when the Cruiserweights were first introduced many thought Kalisto would be apart of it, but it came as a odd shock that WWE moved him to Smackdown. But with recent rumors of WWE not being happy with how the division has been utilized on Raw, many believe that they would get a better reaction on Smackdown as that’s considered the more “Wrestle Heavy” show. So in my honest opinion I feel Kalisto will win this match and move the entire Division to Smackdown.

MOC Prediction: Kalisto (New Cruiserwight Champion – Division Moves to Smackdown)

The Miz (c) vs. Sami Zayn
-WWE Intercontinental Championship-
Singles Match

In correlation to the Crusierweight match above, it kind of paints a picture with the decision WWE proceeds with for the IC championship. If Kalisto does in fact win the Cruiserweight title and division, then Raw will win the Intercontinental Championship. I feel it’s a decent trade off to have the major titles on Raw, and have the more specific titles on Smackdown. But even if the Cruiserweight Division match is undecided when these two fight, I still think Raw gets the IC championship hands down.

MOC Prediction: Sami Zayn (New Intercontinental Champion) 

Team Smackdown Live vs. Team Raw (Tag Team Division)
Traditional Elimination Match

I also refer to this match as cluster f*** 101… There will be 20 men in this match to start with and frankly that’s a lot of guys in one ring at the same time! When it comes to who gets eliminated, I’m looking at the lesser teams to go first (ex: Breezango, Shining Stars, Ryder and Mojo.) I do feel that the last remaining teams will be the Smackdown and Raw Tag Champions. But I do see something happening in the end where The Club could attack Austin Creed on the outside, causing a distraction for New Day and costing them the match. So for me I see Team Smackdown Live comes out on top.

MOC Prediction: Team Smackdown Live (Tag Team Division)

Team Smackdown Live vs. Team Raw (Women’s Division)
Traditional Elimination Match

The Women of WWE square off in this traditional elimination match to determine which division out ranks the other, and I gotta say they’re impressive. But for me, the Raw team looks a lot more stacked than the Smackdown team…. that sounds wrong… I mean stacked in the way of talents… not assets… get your minds out of the gutter.

Raw and Smackdown have a pretty even team but I believe Nia Jax will be the wild card in this match. Her stature over all the women is impressive, and will take a ton of keep her down. I do feel that team Raw will have more talents remaining at the end other than Smackdown Live and I feel that Nia may even eliminate a few of them to prove that there’s more than one woman in the division that Charlotte should look out for.

MOC Prediction: Team Raw (Women’s Division)

Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown Live
Traditional Elimination Survivor Series Match

 The main guys, the main honchos, the top of the chain, the golden guns of the WWE, the… guys….. who….. I got nothing. Raw’s best vs Smackdown Live’s best and frankly they’re both impressive. Shane was a bit of an odd call to the Smackdown Team to be honest, but his determination to never quit and drive to keep fighting back could make him an underdog who eliminated one, maybe two guys from the Raw team. But the main factor here is Braun Strowman, who I believe will be a force that will make a huge impact. Smackdown Live will have to work together to get that huge beast off his feet. As for who’s winning, it’s hard to tell, but Takers threat on Smackdown Live kind of indicated a potential for a feud IF Smackdown live should lose, and that’s what I feel will happen. Smackdown Live loses, Taker takes it out on AJ Styles [Team Captain] and challenges him for the WWE title; from there wins it and heads to Royal Rumble to defend it against Cena. Ok, i’m really pushing forward in the story-line here. But nonetheless, sometimes you need to look at it that way to pinpoint a reason that would justify a loss, and for me that’s justification enough.

MOC Prediction: Team Raw

Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg
Singles Match

Now this is just fantasy warfare come to life. Last we saw these men in the ring [Raw], tensions were flying back and forth and you could feel that each just wanted to get their hands on the other. It’s been 12 years [March 14, 2004] since these men last faced off against each other with Goldberg having the only win over Lesnar. So you can understand why Lesnar wants redemption. It’s interesting to see how WWE proceeds with this because if Lesnar wins; we would need a rubber match no? If Goldberg wins, that’s that and Goldberg can go home happy having two wins over the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. But then you kill that “monster” image from Lesnar. In my honest opinion, if anyone is to kill off the beast it has to be a new up-and-comer, so this way WWE can build that new star moving forward. No reason to kill off Lesnar to a talent who’s only doing a one-off match.  So for me, it would make the most sense for Lesnar to win, and this working towards a rubber match down the line. You gotta also remember, Goldberg’s got ring-rust so him beating Lesnar this Sunday just makes it that much worst.

Now please don’t get upset because I’m saying Goldberg can’t beat Lesnar. He can, but at this stage, I feel a talent who’s been in the ring a few times over the past few years would be better suited to win over a talent who has not been in the ring for at least a decade. Not to mention I wouldn’t mind seeing a rubber match.

MOC Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Those are my predictions, what are yours? Feel free to share them down below.