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MOC Exclusive – TSC Magazine Interview

MOC recently had an interview with a new magazine covering the wrestling world, TSC Magazine. We spoke with the editor of the paper MD, Faizan Shaikh and gave us some details about the magazine, and how it came to be.

In June 2016 I started it as a tool to get popular on social media. Then after a seminar in my college which was on early business planning & after some college friends appreciating my work. I finally thought of turning my passion into my profit. It was actually never about money for Me or My Staff. We have offered It for free for a whole F’N year but now its a very critical phase as we want to start printed issues as soon as possible. So Started charging a little bit which is just $1.5 for a digital issue.

The magazine is based out of India, and at this time the wrestling market in India is beginning to grown, has there been a big shift of interest for Wrestling from your point of view?

It sucks that Indians have never watched something else than WWE & very little of TNA. Its really a Tough job for us to issue these magazine’s in India. We are really in a confusion every time because if we just write about WWE It won’t be enough for International Readers plus if we don’t write enough WWE it would not meet the needs of our Indian Readers. Its High time that India gets introduced to the Indy Wrestling scene. We are Looking forward to do that & Quiet frankly I want to be the “Father of Pro Wrestling Revolution” in India.

With a growing market, what other promotions (if any) in India are there that fans who are not aware of can look out for?

Brother we aren’t talking about US or UK Its India and We only have a single promotion here called Continental Wrestling Entertainment ran by the Great Khali in the state of Punjab. If you wanna have a look at it you can visit their YouTube Channel or you can wait till 31st May for Interviews of The Wrestlers from CWE who had been a part of WWE Dubai Tryouts in our Issue 12.

Out of all the issues you’ve released, and with a growing fan base, who was your most favorite interview and who stood out the most to your editors?

Moose definitely! He’s my favorite wrestler from IMPACT. I always Used to do that moose Hand Pumping gesture/Moose Taunt in My College. My Professors & Class mates always refereed me as ‘Moose’ and always ask me to do that taunt for them. I love my College people for all that Love & Support. It was a Dream Come true for me when we Interviewed Him. Other Favorite can be Axel Dieter Jr., Matt Riddle “Bro”, Jurn Simmons & last but not the least our First Big Interview which was With Lance Hoyt. Lance & Axel are two of the Kindest wrestlers On Earth. I’m Blessed To Have Ever Conversed With All of them.

When it comes to upcoming interviews, are there any now you wish to share?

Yes! Axel Dieter Jr., Brian Cage from LU, IWGP World Tag team Champ Hanson & our Indian Wrestlers from WWE Dubai tryouts. All this just for $1.5!!!

What can you tell us about your writers?

Some Of Our Permanent Writers are, Our Senior writer & My biggest Advisor in the Business, Joe Salles. He’s a part of Our International crew He’s a Drummer & have Been in sports like Wrestling, MMA & Boxing Before. You can Follow Him on Twitter/Insta: @Raddrumz . Other Important Writer’s Name is Andrew If I’m not Wrong & He runs a Podcast Known as Jobbers cast

What are your future plans for the magazine moving forward:

There are a lot of Plans Coming Up that has never been implemented before in pro wrestling magazines. We are here to revolutionize but seriously can’t reveal anything now as there is a cut throat competition in this field.

If you guys wanted to check out the magazine please feel free to check out their site right here and give these guys a try. You can’t go wrong with $1.50 USD a month for a great magazine.

Make sure to follow TSC Professional Wrestling here on Twitter.

MOC wants to thank TSC Magazine for answering some of our questions, and can’t wait to follow up with them in the near future to see the progression they’ve made.


MOC Exclusive – FSW Commissioner Pauly Kover

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Join me tonight at 7pm EST as I interview Future Stars Of Wrestling Commissioner Pauly Kover.

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