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Wrestling With My Wife (Ep.33): Conspiracy Victim

This week, Sam and Adam discuss the bombshell news regarding Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega’s enormous match at New Japan Pro’s “WrestleKingdom 12” on January 4th, Triple H showing up at Insane Championship Wrestlig in Scotland, and the recent string of WWE releases.

The Diabolical Duo also discuss the marketing campaign behind the upcoming Eminem album, “Revival”, and the state of the popular DC series “Gotham”.

As always, a strong sense of humor and listener discretion is advised.

PODCAST: ANNOUNCEMENT – Wrestle Addict Podcast Closes It’s Doors

G-Rod makes the announcement that the WrestleAddict Podcast has come to a close. I was honored to be apart of this and frankly made great friends and connection through it. To the boys from Wrestle Addict I want to say thank you from MOC.

PODCAST: Wrestle Addict Live | November 3rd 2016 – Hell In A Cell / TNA / Survivor Series

Take a listen as the Wrestle Addict boys talk Hell in a Cell, TNA and the current status plus much much more.

PODCAST: Wrestling With… Episode #35 – WWE, Space Mountain & More

Wrestling With… is back with Adam and Sam along with their Director of Operation. Tonight they talk Wrestling, WWE, Space Mountain, Football & much more.

PODCAST: Wrestle Addict Live | September 1st, 2016 – PWG, Chikara, and the PWI 500

Week one of the new era for the Wrestle Addict is here! Paul and Laz talk the indies & the new edition of the PWI 500! Fast forward to 12:08 to where the podcast starts.

CHARITY STREAM: Bury The Stigma, In Support For ‘To Write Love On Her Arm’s’ Charity

Bury The Stigma is a 24 hour live stream that will air at 1PM ET on August 19th and continuing till 1PM ET the next day. It will feature live podcasts, video game streaming and more. We will be raising money for To Write Love On Her Arm’s to help them continue their amazing work. The stream will feature special editions of many podcasts from around the pro wrestling podcast community.

Click here if you would like to donate. Use #BuryTheStigma on Twitter and get communicating with us.

Here is the full schedule of shows & events: