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PODCAST: Wrestling With… (Ep.5): New Contenders On An Old Holiday

This week, Sam and Adam discuss Jinder Mahal’s surprise win on SDLive, and what this could mean for his character’s direction. The duo also give their opinions on other current No. 1 contenders in WWE’s landscape, and answer questions from the best audience in podcasting. Also, in the spirit of the lighthearted “420” holiday, Sam and Adam give their top 5 stoner movies and songs for their pop culture segment.

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PODCAST: Wrestling With… (Ep.4): United In A Shakeup

This week, Sam and Adam discuss the WWE Superstar Shakeup, Braun’s Hauling Service, the JBL/Mauro situation, and answer questions from the best audience in the podcasting game.

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PODCAST: Wrestling With… (Ep.3): Marathons And Mania

“This week, Sam and Adam discuss the marathon WrestleMania weekend, The Walking Dead season finale, answer listener questions, and discuss AJ Brooks’ newly released book “Crazy Is My Superpower”.

PODCAST: Wrestling With… (Ep.2): Leaving Las Vegas For WrestleMania

For sure. “Sam and Adam discuss WrestleMania 33 weekend in Orlando, potential returns or NXT call-ups, take listener questions…and Adam has a mini meltdown regarding the Raiders proposed move to Las Vegas.”

PODCAST: Wrestle With… (Ep1): She’s Baaaack!

Wrestling With… returns with episode number 1, a complete reset. Listen as Sam and Adam discuss why they took time off, the recent leaks, WrestleMania and some non-wrestle talk.

Their baaaacckk!

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PODCAST: Wrestling With…(Ep33): Throwback Thursday Episode

Sam and Adam do a “throwback podcast” style show! They discuss what’s right about today’s product, list their top five gimmicks right now, and discuss the premiere of season 3 of Gotham!

PODCAST: Wrestling With (Ep32): BackLash, CM Punk, Comedy Central Roast, Football

Adam & Sam are joined by Eric Friedman from  to discuses wrestling, football, CM Punk’s UFC debut and more!

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