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Jeff & Karen Jarrett Involved In Argument With Bob Ryder Backstage During TV Tapings


Based on reports, there was backstage incident between Jeff and Karen Jarrett & Bob Ryder during the iMPACT Wrestling tapings on Sunday, from Orlando, FL. Many believed after the heated argument between them that it could have been Ryder’s last moments with the company.

The incident occurred during the final segments of the tapings when Karen Jarrett approached Bob Ryder and began to argue with him regarding the booking of the hotel room. The argument was described as a “dressing down” be Karen who would walk away shortly after. Shortly after Jeff Jarrett would address Ryder and an argument between the two would begin. Jeff loudly confronted Bob and told him to “not wait” until the show ended and have him leave the event. Ryder would pack his bags and leave not completing his work. Ryder would reportedly have another argument with Jeff and Karen as he was getting in his car.

Many people assumed that Ryder was either fired or quit following the incident. However, Ryder was back to work in the company’s Nashville offices the next day and it is believed that everything has been settled down between both parties. Impact Wrestling officials tried to keep the incident quiet claiming that the outburst was due to the pressures of producing for television. Other claim the incident was “as bad as you can imagine.” There is sympathy towards Ryder during the argument as he has been dealing with some health concerns in recent months, and many believe that this didn’t help.

For those who don’t know, Bob Ryder has been with Impact Wrestling (aka. TNA) since day 1, and has been in charge of bookings, talent relations, contracts and more.

*SPOILERS* Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results


Impact Wrestling held their latest TV Taping from Orlando, FL on April 21, 2017. The taping consisted of two episodes for the company leading towards their Slammiversary event on July 2nd. It’s unknown when these episodes will be aired, and some segments may be moves around.

Here are the spoilers:

OPENER: Josh Matthews kicks off the show with some HR representative who informs Jermey Borash that he has been suspended due to bullying. They state that that company won’t tolerate bullying from their commentators. (This is a play on the WWE issues where reports state that JBL is a bully backstage.)

Matt Sydal vs. Trevor Lee
Singles Match
Winner: Matt Sydal

Sienna vs. Christina Von Eerie (c)
-GFW Women’s Championship-
Singles Match
Winner: Sienna (New GFW Women’s Champion)

Ethan Carter III vs. Unknown Talent
Singles Match
Winner: Ethan Carter III 

EC3 cuts a promo following the match indicating that he will become a three time World champion at Slammiversary.

Magnus vs. Matt Morgan
Singles match
Winner: Magnus

Kongo Kong vs. William Waits
Singles Match
Winner: Kongo Kong

Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. vs. Idris Abraham & Hakim Zane
Tag Team Match
Winners: Laredo Kid & Garza Jr.

Sienna (c) vs. ODB
Non-Title Single Match
Winner: Sienna

Matt Sydal vs. Eddie Edwards
Singles match
Winner: Matt Sydal

Davey Richards would come out after the match and attack Eddie with a steel chair.

Moose (c) vs. Marshe Rockett
-Impact Grand Championship-
Singles Match
Winner: Moose (retains with a pinfall in Round 2)

Tyrus, Eli Drake & Chris Adonis would attack Moose after the match.

Ethan Carter III came out mocking James Storm. James would retort and both men would brawl it out. James takes off his belt and begins striking Carter, but EC3 would come back and whip Storm several times. Officals would run out and split up the two men.

Alberto El Patron vs. Eli Drake
Singles Match
Winner: Alberto El Patron

Impact Wrestling Announces Partnership With AAA – Press Release

Impact Wrestling issued the following:

IMPACT Wrestling Announces Landmark Partnership with Mexico’s Lucha Libre AAA

TORONTO | NASHVILLE – IMPACT Wrestling, a subsidiary of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp., announced today that it has reached an agreement to establish a landmark alliance with Promociones Antonio Peña S.A. de C.V., the owner of Lucha Libre AAA, Mexico’s preeminent lucha libre organization founded in 1992.

The alliance will include a talent exchange between the organizations and other opportunities to collaborate with each other in their respective markets. The high-flying lucha libre style synonymous with AAA events was an early influencer of IMPACT Wrestling’s X-Division, which has produced some of the most memorable matches in professional wrestling history.

“In 2017 and beyond, IMPACT Wrestling will be working with more promotions around the world, which is best for the professional wrestling industry as a whole,” said Jeff Jarrett, Chief Creative Officer of IMPACT Wrestling. “This is an exciting time to collaborate, coinciding with AAA’s 25th anniversary and IMPACT Wrestling’s 15th anniversary. By building bridges with various partners globally, we can give fans a premier product featuring the best possible talent, which has always been a top priority. Looking to the future, IMPACT Wrestling will be unveiling more international partnerships in the coming weeks and months.”

“We are thrilled to forge this alliance with AAA, a company rooted in tradition, as we continue to grow our network of global partners, which also includes Japan’s Pro-Wrestling NOAH,” said Ed Nordholm, president of IMPACT Wrestling. “This alliance is an important step in our international expansion strategy, bringing together the best performers around the globe as we take IMPACT Wrestling to the next level.”

“This is a very exciting announcement for AAA and it coincides with our 25th anniversary,” said Dorian Roldan, Executive VP of Enterprise Development for AAA. “My uncle Antonio Pena started working with Jeff Jarrett many years ago and my family look forward to carrying on this mutual cooperation into the future. The talent exchange will combine both massive fan bases with a rich professional lucha libre history.”

For more information, please visit


Impact Wrestling Teasing New Talent Debut

Impact Wrestling send out the following tweet today teasing a potential new talent set to make their debut on April, 6, 2017.

Here is the video entitled “Fury Will Be Unleashed”

*SPOILERS* Former & Current WWE Talent Backstage For Impact Wrestling Taping



During tonight’s Impact Wrestling tapings from Orlando Florida one former WWE talent and present talent were backstage. Alberto El Patron (Del Rio) made a debut in the company during tonight’s taping, while his girlfriend; Paige (current WWE talent… for now) was also backstage with him.

El Patron and Anthem had come to terms on a contract in the last few days. Sources close to the situation say that El Patron will get a massive push in the company.

Reby Hardy Explains Why The Hardy’s Left TNA, Matt Using His Broken Gimmick & More

Reby Sky was a special guest on the latest edition of Busted Open Radio, where she discussed the decision for the Hardy Brothers to leave TNA, and the potential for Matt Hardy to keep the Broken Gimmick.

During the interview Reby would confirm that the Hardy’s were not signing a new contract with TNA and that both have left the company. She claims that the Brother recieved the new contracts five fays prior to the expiration of the old ones, and they felt as if they were being buillied to sign, and that there should not be a sitaution with talents such as Jeff and Matt chasing their employers to get new deals.

Reby praises Dixie Carter and says that she knew how to talk to people, and that even in hard times she managed to keep spirits up which made talents work their butts off druring TNA’s difficult time.

Reby also discussed Matt’s use of the “broken” gimmick out of TNA. Here’s what she had to say:

“Matt is in love with his Broken Universe; he’s not about to let that go anytime soon. I can confirm that for sure. It’s kind of his baby, his brainchild, and he took such a risk with it. Even I was telling him, ‘Dude, this accent, it’s gotta go.’ Everyone was like, ‘You’re crazy, this is dumb!’ But he kept on with it and it kept evolving. It’s his baby, so there will be broken wherever there is Matt Hardy.”

You can listen to the entire interview here. 

Backstage News On TNA’s New Contract Changes & Creative Team Changes


Here are some updates on TNA’s executive structure along with some changes to their talent contracts.

Jeff Jarrett will now be overseeing things as the company’s Chief Creative Officer and will not be featured on TV as of right now.

In a recent email to talents, Jarrett also noted that Dutch “Zeb Colter” Mantell will now be the head of creative for the company going forward. John Gaburick will be the creative consultant and will run the gorilla position during Impact Wrestling TV Tapings. Gaburick will not be involved in creative aspects but only utilizes as a consultant. The email also confirmed the departure of former TNA creative member Matt Conway.

When it comes to the new contracts, there are some new terms which talents must agree too. One term is the pay structure during TV Tapings. Prior to the change, talents were paid on a Per Episode basis. Meaning, if they taped three episodes in one day, and the one talent were used in all three, they would get paid for three individual episodes. Now the new term would see talents get paid on a per-day pay scale instead. In addition, some talents will have to get approval for independent bookings and will have to pay TNA 10% of their wrestling earnings outside the company. There is also talks about a change in royalty payments on its way.

MOC: Personally, these new terms don’t sound attractive at all, and could cause Anthem and TNA officials a lot of problems with talent.

Huge Star Announces He’s Leaving TNA

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Drew Galloway, announced via twitter that he is leaving TNA. Drew Galloway has wrestled for TNA for Two Years and has become the TNA World Champion & Grand Champion during his time in TNA.