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TNA Announces Upcoming Impact Wrestling TV Tapings

Impact Wrestling issued the following:

Impact Wrestling will be at Universal Studios in just a couple of weeks for our next set of Television Tapings from March 2nd – March 5th. Four days of incredible action that will be must see if you are in the Orlando area. If your travel plans don’t take you to Orlando in March, we are pleased to announce our Universal taping schedule through August 2017.

This is your chance to plan ahead and be a part of the energy and excitement that is Impact Wrestling LIVE. Admission to our shows at Universal Studios is always free of charge and the nights are filled with pulse pounding action.

As we march towards Slammiversary, the rivalries are certainly going to intensify. As Impact Stars EC3, Lashley, Eddie Edwards, Moose, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and his wife Maria, Decay and others will all be appearing over the next several months.

Here are the dates you can catch Impact Wrestling LIVE!

Thursday, March 2nd – Sunday, March 5th

Thursday, April 20Th – Sunday, April 23rd

Sunday, July 2nd – Thursday, July 6th

Thursday, August 17th – Sunday, August 20th

April 20th and August 17th will feature Live episodes of Impact Wrestling. Don’t miss your chance to see your favorite Impact Stars and Knockouts LIVE and up close. VIP and Travel Packages will be announced soon from ShopTNA.Com. We are looking forward to spending the summer with our great fans at Universal Studios Orlando, FL.

Title Changes From Last Nights TNA iMPACT Wrestling

During last night’s broadcast of TNA iMPACT Wrestling, two titles changed hands.

  • Moose won the TNA Impact Grand Championship over Damien Sandow
  • Rosemary won the TNA Knockouts Championship in a six sides steel cage match against Jade. (this was for the vacated championship)

TNA iMPACT! Wrestling *Spoilers* For Future Episodes


Here are the *Spoilers for the upcoming episodes of iMPACT Wrestling

Jade vs. Laurel Van Ness
-Madison Rayne on Commentary-
Singles match
Winner: Jade

Fact Of Live Segment: Eli Drake hosted his show and had EC3 on it. Both men went back and forth verbally.

In Ring: All current champions in TNA – Lashley (TNA World Champ), Aron Rex (Grand Champion), Hardy Boyz (Tag Team Champions), DJ Zema (X-Division Champion) & Gail Kim (Knockouts Champion) came out to put over their own divisions. Billy Corgan along with Aiden O’Shea announced that every championship will be put on the line in tonight’s show, exempting DJ Zema as he is apart of the Team X Gold Match, which is next.

DJ Zema (c), Mandrews & Braxton Sutter vs. Marshe Rockett, Anrew Everett & Trevor Lee
-Team X Gold Match-
Six Man Tag Match
Winners: DJ Zema, Mandrews & Braxton Sutter

In Ring: Cody Rhodes & Brandi Rhodes are out to deliver a promo. Cody says he wants a shot at the World Title. Mike Bennett along with Maria Kanellis interrupts them. Both teams exchange a few words and a brawl ensues. Bennett and Maria manage to escape and Cody demands a match against Bennett for next week.

Gail Kim (c) vs. Sienna
-TNA Knockouts Championship-
Singles Match
Winner: Gail Kim (retains)

Following the match Maria, Sienna & Laurel beat down on Kim. Allie would join in.

Aron Rex (c) vs. Baron Dax
-Impact Grand Championship-
Impact Grand Style Match
Winner: Aron Rex (retains) (second round submission victory)

In Ring: Bobby Lashley gets to pick his opponent for the TNA world title. His options are Ec3, Moose or Eddie Edwards. Bobby decides to pick Eddie calling him an easy win.

Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Lashley (c)
-TNA World Heavyweight Championship-
Singles Match
Winner: Eddie Edwards (New TNA World Champion)

DJ Zema (c) vs. Marshe Rockett
-X-Division Championship-
Singles match
Winner: DJ Zema

Cody Rhodes vs. Mike Bennett
Singles match
Winner: Cody Rhodes

Aron Rex (c) vs. Jessie Godderz
-Impact Grand Championship-
Impact Grand Style Match
Winner: Aron Rex (retains) (Third round pinfall)

In Ring: New TNA world champ Eddie Edwards delivered a promo. Lashley would come out and begin beating on him. EC3 and Moose make the save.

Gail Kim (c) vs. Maria
-TNA knockouts championship-
No DQ Singles Match
Winner: Gail Kim (retains)

Announcement: Moose vs. Lashley & Cody vs. Edwards is announced for next weeks show.

Moose vs. EC3
Singles match
Winner: Moose

Huge Spoiler From Tonight’s TNA TV Tapings


Eddie Edwards managed to beat Bobby Lashley at tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, Florida to win the TNA Championship.

Billy Corgan set up the match allowing Lashley to pick his opponent. Lashley had three options to choose from; Ethan Carter III, Moose or Edwards. Lashley would assume to take the easy road and pick Edwards.

That was a mistake.