Video: 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees

Below are the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee’s.

1st: Ultimate Warrior


2nd: Jake The Snake Roberts


3rd: Lita


4th: Paul Bearer


5th: Carlos Colon


6th: Mr.T


7th: Razor Ramon

Report: WWE Main Event Leaving ION TV?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE Main Event’s run on the ION Network will end on April 2nd. The network lists a marathon of “Burn Notice” episodes on April 9th. While WWEhas not officially commented on the status of the show on ION, the feeling is that it’s simply a case of the television contract expiring. It was previously reported that the show will stay on the WWE Network, where it has aired live for the last four weeks.

WWE Main Event debuted on ION back on October 3rd, 2012, and has produced a total of 78 episodes.

Ex-TNA Announcer Todd Keneley Talks about TNA

Former TNA Announcer Todd Keneley recently spoke to The Shoot podcast. Here are some highlights:

TNA’s using cheap finishes in World Title matches: “On PPV in a world title match people deserve a clean finish especially when you look at recent history. You went through an entire reign of Aces & Eights with Bully Ray as a world champion. There you know you’re going to have interference, you know you’re going to have screwy finishes. Then AJ wins the title but now you’ve got Dixie hellbent on getting rid of AJ, so you’re going to throw absolutely everything but the kitchen sink at AJ to get the title off of him and on to Magnus. Now you’ve got this handpicked company champion doing Dixie’s bidding so you know during that run it’s going to be squirrely.”

“But I’m hoping that it’s going to play into the whole MVP storyline and getting back to pure wrestling that he will make make Magnus put his money where his mouth is and defend the title on a regular basis and do it the right way. If it plays off that way then it makes MVP’s position and role that much more important because we’ve been through this for so long. Now if it doesn’t and this continues then yeah I’d say at some point you’ve gotta jump off that train. But we’ll see.”

On Jeff Jarrett’s new project: “I think people are interested, and he has kept pretty closely guarded. I think it’s good that Jeff has expressed that he is looking at the fans perspective and what they want to see. He’s got his clues here and there, but then he’s been out there traveling, going around the country scouting talent. I think it’s cool that step by step we’re learning a little more, now of course he’s announced his first real size able announcement. I’d be very anxious to see what he has to say the day after WrestleMania.”

Thoughts on if Jeff’s new project needs a TV deal immediately: “If you look at Jeff’s history, he found a way when he launched TNA in terms of doing the weekly PPVs. With WWE doing the network the business has really changed. There might be some more availability in the PPV market if you do it correctly. I think in a fans perspective and just about anyone’s perspective whether it’s necessary or not, TV obviously seems to be a very important part of the ball game. Just for perception I think it would certainly help.”

“If it is CMT I think wrestling would be right at home there especially if Toby Keith is involved. Jeff has found ways to work around having a traditional TV distribution deal in the past. With this I think he’s biding his time, i don’t think he’s rushing anything here. I think he’s going to have all of his ducks in a row before he launches. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had TV all tied up.”

Still No Communication Between CM Punk & WWE

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There has been no communication as of late between CM Punk and WWE. Punk has been completely out of communication with people who he’s been friends with in the past.

MOCTournament Round 1, Match 8 RESULTS

Here we go with Match 8.. Vote for who you want winning!

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Match 8, ready and willing!

Big E vs. Batista



Batista comes out to a sea a boo’s from the crowd as they hold up signs saying “Bootisa”.. Batista climbs the corner turnbuckles and taunts the crowd flexing his muscles and mocks the fans for the reactions towards him.

The bell rings and both Big E and Batista clinch up, struggling back and forth to see who gets the upper hand. They break the clinch and stare at each other noticing that both competitors are physically fit. They clinch up again to the same struggles they had before. They can’t seem to move the other at all. They break the clinch and as they go for another, Batista kicks Big E in the gut taking him to his knees. Batista smiles towards the audience, lifts Big E back to his feet and Irish whips him. Big E rebounds off the ropes, ducks a close line attempt and runs into Batista with such force that it sends him to the outside. Batista pissed, glares at Big E back in the ring. The audience begins a “Bootisa” chant as Batista climbs back in the ring. He heads to the corner and yells out at the audience “Deal With it!” He turns around to Big E running and connecting a corner spear. Batista lets out a huge exhale and drops to the mat holding his midsection. Big E connects a few stomps and drags Batista to the center of the ring. Big E runs the ropes for his body splash but Batista gets up quickly and connects a hard close line taking Big E off his feet. Batista still in pain after the corner spear stomps away on Big E’s chest. He throws him into the corner and delivers a few punches. He backs up and tries for his own corner spear and connects it successfully.. Batista connects another one and tries for a third spear. Big E manages to counter making Batista’s head run into the second turnbuckle. Big E grabs Batista and connects a belly-to-belly. He runs the ropes and lands his body splash pinning for the 2 count. Big E reaches his feet and drops his straps hyping the crowd up and getting ready for the Big Ending. Batista staggers back to his feet allowing Big E to lift him up on his shoulder. Batista begins fighting out and pushes himself off giving him enough time to connect a spine buster on Big E. Batista throws him into the corner and connects his shoulder into the gut of Big E a few times and close lines him over the top rope and to the outside. Batista taunts to the crowd and only receives the usual sea of Boo’s.

Batista climbs to the outside and smashes Big E’s head against the steel steps and throws him against the barricade. He stomps away on Big E once again and goes back to the steel steps. He removes the top half of the steps and waits for Big E to get up. The ref climbs to the outside reminding Batista that the match is not a No DQ. Batista argues with the ref until the ref grabs the steps from Batista and relinquishes the object from his grasps. Batista angry yells towards the ref allowing Big E time to get back to his feet. Batista turns to face Big E only to be connected by a hard running close line taking him down against the outside mat. Big E drags Batista back on his feet and looks towards the bottom half of the steel steps. He clinches Batista’s head and lifts him up connecting a suplex on the lower part of the steel steps. Batista yells in pain as his back lands hard on the steps. Big E also lets out a yell as his back hits the edge of the steps. Big E grabs Batista and tries to roll him back into the ring, but Batista over powers slamming Big E’s head against the apron and throwing him into the barricade once more. Batista holds his back after the suplex and goes after Big E, slamming his head against the barricade a few times. He lifts him up driving Big E’s back against the barricade and turns driving him into the apron.  He rolls Big E back into the ring. Batista climbs back in and positions himself in the corner for the spear. Big E reaches his feet and Batista runs connecting a hard spear. He heads to the ropes, does his usual taunt and gives the audience the thumbs up.. As he transitions to thumbs down, music starts playing.



Batista distracted looks towards the stage area and shouts for Orton to come in. The music stops and as Batista turns around; Big E connects a hard close line making Batista rebound off the ropes and right into the Big Ending. Exhausted Big E pins Batista for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Big E

Big E moves on closer to becoming the first MOC WarGod Champion. Orton’s underhanded sneakiness comes in handy again.

After the match Big E walks up the ramp leaving Batista in the ring pissed off that he lost. As Batista reaches his feet, out of nowhere Orton slides into the ring and connects an RKO on Batista. Orton stands above him smiling as the crowd cheer in agreement.

Expected Return Date for RVD’s, Negativity Over Warrior’s HOF Induction


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Rob Van Dam is scheduled to return to WWE on the April 7th RAW, the night after WrestleMania XXX, for a several month run.

– There is said to be a lot of negativity among some veterans regarding WWE inducting The Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame this year.

Reason Why WWE Would Be Hiring Jonathan Coachman Back

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE looks to be either close to or has just signed a new deal with former announcer and current ESPN personality Jonathan Coachman. The two sides have been discussing a part-time gig where Coach would keep his ESPN job but would do in-studio wrap-arounds for WWE. One idea thrown out would be for him to host a WWE talk show for the WWE Network.

Backstage News on Sting Wrestling Only One Match for WWE

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There is now a working idea within WWE that Sting will wrestle one match and then retire, which everyone presumes will be against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 in California.

There’s still no confirmation that WWE will make this known at WrestleMania XXX or on RAW the next night. The only thing that’s said to be certain right now is that Sting will do one last match.


MindofCarnage Plays Banished Episode 9, Respect the Miners

Twinkle Town expands Miners Lane and a recent death makes us remember the hard working people who bang away each day.


You can follow MindofCarnage (ME), on the following extravaganzas!




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