WWE Battleground Predication

Battleground predication!


Welcome my War Gods to the Mind of Carnage!

Listen to my words and spread them throughout your lands!


Ok so last time I did predications for a PPV (Night Of Champions), I was pretty much wrong on all the matches.. Let’s see if that should change today, hopefully; but probably not.



Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow (PRESHOW)

I hate Damien, so I’m hoping Ziggler kicks his ass. Ziggler needs a boost and beating the Money in the Bank holder should begin his triumph.

Prediction – Dolph Ziggler Wins by Pin



Curtis Axel vs. R-Truth (Intercontinental Championship Match)

I’m predicting R-Truth to win, I think one Paul Heyman guy will win tonight but it won’t be Axel.

Prediction – R-Truth Wins by Pin and Becomes the New Intercontinental Champion.



AJ vs. Brie Bella (Diva’s Championship)

I haven’t been following much of the Diva’s division but I presume AJ to win and retain her belt.  Because Brie can’t wrestle, and she’s been given way to much air time..

Prediction – AJ Wins by Pin and retains her Diva’s Championship.



Cody and Dustin Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins (The Shield)

This match will see if the Rhodes boys can get their jobs back within the WWE. I honestly don’t know who will win, but I see the Rhodes family breaking down.  Cody will turn on his family and join the corporation. I would like that outcome.

Predication – Cody will turn on Dustin costing him the match. Triple H will hire Cody back for his actions.



Alberto Del Rio vs. RVD (World Heavyweight Championship)

RVD will lose due to Ricardo turning on him. They still don’t match up nicely. Ricardo is just out of place in his RVD shirt. They didn’t do it at Night of Champions but they will at Battleground.

Predication – Alberto Del Rio Wins by Pin and retaining the World Heavyweight Championship.



CM Punk vs. Ryback

Ryback will win due to a distraction from Heyman. I also think Punk will be too distracted on getting his hands on Heyman which can back-fire on Punk.

Predication – Ryback Wins by Pin.



Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (Vacant WWE Championship)

Orton’s mean streak is back, and even though Daniel won last time; I think Orton will get the upper hand and win the WWE Championship. Daniel will have a rematch at some point but Randy will win at Battleground and it’ll be because his viciousness has returned.

Prediction – Orton Wins by Pin and Becomes the New WWE Champion.


These are my predications. Once again if you bet with anyone, it’s not my fault if you followed my predications. You should have learned from my Night of Champions Predications. But we’ll have to wait and see.

Maybe Smack down tonight will open our eyes to new possibilities.


Real humans watch wrestling.


Spew this information in your worlds my War Gods!

Carnage Out!

3 Words a Day! 04/10/2013


The crystal was pure, and radiantly clear.
Its shine implanted its beauty within anyone who held it.
Deep inside ones mind, the feeling of clarity and euphoria was prominent when starring within the crystal.
You would easily confess any downfall, actions, or hatred; just to hold it.
This was a cursed crystal.
Intended to bring the most pure human to their knees, and damage their honorable status.
Beauty is a curse, and can inflect true pain and suffering.
Just because it can.

3 Words a Day! 03/10/2013


2 years ago.
He was stranded in another country, and terrified at what might happen to him.
No family or friends to turn to.
No phone to hear any recognizable voice.
His uncertain future, turned his action into impulses.
He was ready to make the deal, with the shady secretive individual.
“I would have never thought of doing this back home.” He thought to himself.
But here, it was legal.
It wouldn’t be a drug to him, instead it would be a souvenir of a new persona, and a new life.
He remains unreachable.

3 Words a Day! 02/10/2013


She finalized her article in her first issue of Cosmopolitan.
The feeling that her complete article would reach the eyes of 1000’s of people, was overwhelming.
She had finally done it, and completed the first steps in her truly successful career.

3 Words a Day! 01/10/2013


The grounded ship layed deep within the seabed.
Moss and seaweed hanging off the protruding parts of the sails.
Even though it was broken and degrading, I promised that one day I would salvage it.
Today, I take it on the lake.
Brand new, shiny.and ready for a new life.

3 Words a Day! 09/30/2013


He was given a contract to develop a logo for a commercial company.
He finally finished his illustration after a grueling 7 days.
A quick advertisement landed him money in his pocket.
But got thrown a trademark lawsuit against him.
This is an example of when extreme exhaustion can make you copy another persons work, without you knowing.
He did not win.

3 Words a Day! 09/29/2013

convenient – (Kind of used this.)

Seeing his family brought up traditions that he never liked.
Brought up memories he didn’t find comforting.
Ignited feuds he wished were forgotten.
His contemplation of leaving weighted heavily on his shoulders.
Seeing the front door, his mind began to push him towards leaving.
But family is too important than ones personal convenience.
Even though he struggles to seem interested.
Family is family, and no one’s prefect.

3 Words a Day! 28/09/2013


He wasn’t the best player.
He didn’t have that many fans.
He lost pretty much every game.
His solution was to introduce alcohol to improve his performance.
This did not help him bowl.
At all.
As a matter of fact, there’s a lesson to learn from his actions..
Don’t introduce liquid neurological numbing agents, when handling heavy large items, around a large crowd

3 Words a Day! 27/09/2013


Driving down the highway, he was ready for the day.
Excited to share his theory with his team and ready to make a break-through in their development.
But a stalled Engine delayed his thoughts.
As he waited by his car, he realized his office building was in the foreground.
He decided to leave the car and make the trek.
Who needs a car when you have a life saving idea ready for the world?

3 Words a Day! 26/09/2013


The curtains got pulled, and the producer gave the green light,
The actor was calm and ready to begin her performance alone on stage.
She let out a strong voice which over passed the audience and into the theater.
She was ready for anything.
Her performance got an unexpected distraction, when a women is heard disciplining a child…
She stood on the stage quietly, glaring to see where the noise was coming from.
To her surprise, the confrontation was a mere few rows in front of the stage; where her mother and child were sitting.

Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling!

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