Batista Flips the Bird to a Fan.

One Fan was at Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble and saw an altercation between Royal Rumble winner Batista and a fan.

While “The Animal” was high-fiving fans, making his way to the back, one fan in what was believed to be in a CM Punk t-shirt, flipped up the finger at him. Batista looked at him as he kept high-fiving the fans, and the fan did it again. Batista thought about it, and then gave the finger back to him. He was standing in that spot for around 20 seconds and then continued to make his way to the back while getting boo’d.

You can check out a photo of Batista flipping the bird below:

WWE Royal Rumble Results Jan.26.2014

Show: 2014 Royal Rumble

Date: January 26, 2014

Author: Cade Carnage

Venue: Consol Energy Centre (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Welcome my WarGods to the 27th Annual Royal Rumble! Tonight we find out who the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to be determined at the main event of WrestleMania 30 will be! With a majority of the Royal Rumble card filled in, there are still some spots open in which we, the audience have not been advised who will fill them. Will we see any more superstars return today other than Batista? Let’s watch, experience, and live the 2014 Royal Rumble!

Let’s begin this show with our Kickoff Match.

Kick-off Show:


Video: Introduction Video for WWE Royal Rumble.


Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

Bryan comes out to a huge ovation with continues “YES YES YES” chants until Bray’s entrance kills the buzz.

Erick and Luke come out with Bray Wyatt and stand at his side. The bell rings and Bray looks as if he’s chanting to himself and laughing like a crazy person. Bray walks side to side and yells to himself as a mixture of chants both Daniel Bryan & YES come from the crowd. Bray attacks and gets Daniel in the corner throwing a few punches. Daniel begins fighting back but Bray Irish whips him and lands a hard shoulder taking Daniel down. Daniel gets back to his feet and connects a knee to the gut and connects a few more until Bryan gets distracted by Luke Harper. Bray attacks from behind and Irish whips Daniel. He runs off the ropes, ducks a close line by Bray and suicide dives Luke Harper. Bray talks to the ref in the ring as Erick goes for Daniel. The ref see’s Erick backing off and kicks Luke and Erick to the outside. Bray comes to them and explains that he doesn’t need them and see’s them off. He turns around to Daniel Bryan jumping from the top rope onto him. Daniel rolls Bray back into the ring and connects another top rope cross body for a 2 count. He takes Bray into the corner and connects some kicks to the chest. He climbs the turnbuckles but Bray slaps Daniels chest taking him to the outside. Bray comes to the outside and connects a right hand and tries to run at Daniel against the steps. Daniel side steps and sends Bray into the steps knee’s first. Bray struggles to get inside but he manages to climb back in holding his leg. Bryan takes advantage and goes after the legs of Bray. Elbow drop, Twisting Dragon, and kicks all towards the left knee. Bryan manages to lock in a leg lock stretching Bray upwards and smashing his head into the mat. Bryan rolls Bray and gets a 1 count. Bray gets back to his feet and attacks Bryan with a few head butts. He takes him into the corner and delivers a few punches until Bryan fights back and once again goes after the leg. After a dropkick to the leg, Bray rolls to the apron. Bryan meets him and tries to suplex him back into the ring. Bray counters and both go back and forth trying to suplex each other. Bray suplexes Bryan on the apron where he lands an arm breaker against the apron. Bray stops the action and throws Daniel back into the ring. He continues to attack Bryan connecting a throwing suplex. He taunts the crowd and locks in a chin hold grounding the action for a bit.

The crowd gets behind Daniel as he fights his way back up. He runs the ropes but Bray throws him over the top rope to the outside. Bray follows him to the outside and rolls Daniel on the apron. He puts Daniels head against a ring post as he connects a few elbows and a close line banging Daniels head against the pole. Daniel rolls to the outside holding his head. Bray follows and lands a senton on the outside mat. He rolls him back in and pins Bryan for the 2 count. Bray continues his speech telling Bryan how he could help him, that he gave him the world.. Bryan tries to connect a gut kick, but Bray catches him and tangles Bryan against the ropes for another 2 count. Bray locks in a chin lock as Daniel fights back. Bray locks in a rock bottom type move but doesn’t drop with it making Bryan land hard on his shoulders. Bray heads to the corner and does his odd exorcism move in the corner. He rolls out of it and connects his running body splash pinning Bryan for another 2 count. Bray with another chin lock stops the action. He takes Daniel to the ground and tries to connect an elbow drop. Bryan rolls out of the way and makes it up to his feet with Bray. He runs the ropes and connects a running close line allowing him to build up the momentum. He attacks Bray and sends his face into the turnbuckle. Bryan continues by kicking him in the chest and taking Bray to the top rope where he connects a frankensteiner for a 2 count. Bryan continues the attack but Bray stops the momentum with a hard body hit. He pins Bryan for a 2 count and tries for a suplex. Bryan counters and manages to take Bray to the outside. Bryan jumps off the apron and lands a jumping spinning DDT sending Bray into the barricade head first. Bray gets to his feet where Bryan lands a running dropkick against the barricade. Bryan rolls Bray back in and connects a top rope missile dropkick, kicking up and getting the crowd crazy. He connects his signature chest kicks followed by a side head kick and a 2 count. Bray rolls to the corner and gets back to his feet as Bryan gets to the other corner and connects 2 running dropkicks. He goes for a third but Bray connects a close line sending Bryan rolling in midair. He pins for a 2 count and both gets back to their feet. Bray goes for Sister Abigail but Bryan spins him into a pin for the 2 count. Bryan gets up and locks in the Yes lock. Bray through bites out of it and begins landing elbows against Bryans head. He takes him to the corner and lifts Bryan on the top rope. He climbs up with him but Bryan begins head butting him back until Bray falls off. Bryan stands on the top ropes and lands a body splash chanting the YES YES YES YES. He runs for his running knee but Bray rolls out of the ring. Bryan runs the ropes and goes for the suicide dive. Bray catches him and connects the sister Abigail against the barricade face first. Bray carries Bryan back into the ring and once again looks to connect his sister Abigail. He connects it and pins Bryan for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match Luke and Erick come to the ring to celebrate with Bray.


Backstage: Renne Young interviews Paul Heyman where she wants him to give the opinion of the upcoming match against Brock Lesner & Big Show. Heyman apologizes for what will happen tonight and that Lesner will just have to victimise him and take the Big Show down and go on to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


Royal Rumble Panel: HBK, Ric Flair, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan discuss the outcome of the last match and their opinions of the Big Show and Lesner fight.


Big Show vs. Brock Lesner

Lesner enters the ring and immediately goes for Big Show with flying fists. Heyman throws in a chair and tell Lesner to attack with it. The bell has yet to ring so Lesner takes advantage and attack Big Show with the chair. He hits him continuously not allowing Big Show to get back to his feet and weaken him. Brock backs off and allows the ref to check on him. He comes back and hits him hard making Big Show roll to the outside. Brock remains in the ring holding the chair until he throws it away. Big Show after the last hit looks hurt. He climbs back in slowly but again Lesner comes in for the attack. Lesner runs for the same chair and attacks Big Show again. The ref runs behind Brock and steals the chair away from him. Big Show slowly makes his way back up just as Heyman hands Lesner another chair from the outside. The bell rings and he goes for another chair shot but Big Show connects the WMD dazing Brock. Brock goes to the ground appearing dizzy and confused. Lesner goes to the outside where Big Show follows, throwing Lesner to the ground and rolling him back into the ring. Big Show the whole time holds his arm calling at Brock to get up. Big Show lands a hard punch to Brocks Mid Section and tries for another WMD but Brock counters and lifts Big Show and connects an F5. He pins him and gets the 1..2..3!

Winner: Brock Lesner

After the match finishes, Lesner takes his gloves off and goes for the chair on the outside. Heyman stands by the announcers table approving of what’s happened to Big Show. Lesner makes his way back to the ring holding that chair, as Big Show tries to get back to his feet. Lesner hits Big Show in the back over and over again weakening him. Show finally rolls to the outside but Lesner keeps the attack on, beating on Big Shows back and mid section. He focus and the legs and begins hitting away at them with the chair. Big Show tries to crawl away but Lesner just continues the attack until the chair begins falling apart. Lesner throws it away and Heyman throws him a new chair where he continues the beat down. Lesner goes under the ring and the ref tries to stop him. He pushes him away and grabs another chair and again, hits away on the Big Show over and over. He throws the chair in the ring and stands looking down at the Big Show. Heyman comes towards Lesner and both begin walking up the ramp, out of the arena.

So that match was just a beat down on the Big Show.. He became a chair durability tester.


Backstage: The Shield do a promo where Dean says that the Shield is still the most unstoppable and that all the superstars who are jealous of them, all of them will be thrown out tonight where all 3 members of the Shield will remain the last members of the Royal Rumble. They will remain strong after the Rumble.


Backstage: Renee interviews Randy Orton about his match. Orton says that once Cena loses again he’ll be at the bottom line. Renee says that there will still be a lineup of superstars like Lesner, Batista, and even Bray Wyatt who impressed many tonight defeating Daniel Bryan, but all wanting that chance. Orton calls Bray a Duck Dynasty reject and that no one is better than him. He will prove it with Cena and anyone else who wants to challenge him.


Video: Showing the build-up to the Orton vs. Cena WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

The bell rings as the crowd chant “Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan”. Randy and Cena do the usual side head locks and stare down to build up the match. The crowd are not impressed by the match and do the usual “boring, boring, and Cena Sucks chants”. The side head locks continuous to be locked in keeping the match slow and steady.  Cena gets the upper hand connecting a few punches and a bulldog for the 2 count. He runs to the corner where Randy counters and connects an elbow to Cena’s face. Orton connects a suplex for another 2 count and begins connecting some stomps and a head butt. Randy pins again for another 2 count and locks in yet another side head lock. The crowd begins chanting different superstars from Randy Savage, to Y2J. Cena tries going for a Boston crap but Orton counters and punches Cena to the outside of the ring. Randy follows and slams Cena’s head against the apron. He goes back into the ring and suplexes Cena from the apron to the ring for a 2 count. Randy again locks in the side-head lock. The crowd in their ruthless aggression begin the “Boring, Boring” chants. Cena begins fighting back and close lines Orton over the top rope to the outside. Cena rolls to the outside and meets Orton trying to Irish whip him into the steps. Orton counters and sends Cena in them instead. Orton catches Cena and rolls him back into the ring. Randy Orton pins for another 2 count. Orton begins walking around taunting the crowd saying that “You should be chanting my name.” Orton turns around and almost gets caught in the AA but Orton counters and connects a DDT for the 2 count. Orton taunts the crowd again but climbs to the second rope in the corner. Cena comes from behind and seats Orton on his shoulders connecting an electric chair. Cena connects some shoulders and goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle. Orton counters and connects a power slam for a 2 count. Both get back to their feet where Cena connects a neck breaker for a 2 count. Cena climbs the ropes to the top but Orton stops him and climbs himself. He tries to go for a super-plex, but Cena head butts him off and connects a top rope leg drop for a 2 count. Cena waits for Orton to climb on his feet and goes for the AA, but Orton counters into his signature back breaker for a 2 count. Orton glares at Cena and walks towards him and taking him on the ropes trying to connect his elevated DDT. Cena counters and throws Orton over the top rope to the outside. Cena tries to follow but Randy stops Cena on the apron and connects his DDT on Cena from the apron to the mat on the outside. Orton rolls Cena back into the ring and pins for a 2 count.

Orton takes his time walking around catching a breather and allowing the ref to check on Cena. Randy faces away from Cena and taunts the crowd again; he goes into his slithering position and waits for Cena to get to his feet. He goes for the RKO, but Cena falls and locks in his STF. Orton struggles and makes his way to the rope breaking the hold. Randy rolls to the apron where Cena meets him. Orton hangs Cena against the ropes and runs back into the ring. He goes for a close line but Cena counters in the suplex and 5 knuckle shuffle. He waits for Orton again and tries for the AA, Orton catches the ropes and hits the ref with his feet. He gets off Cena’s shoulder where Cena goes for the STF. Orton taps quickly and Cena gets off looking for the ref. As medics and Cena attend to the ref, Orton went to the outside, grabbed the World Title and hits Cena right in the head. The ref comes back to his feet where Randy pins and only gets a 2 count. As Randy can’t believe it, he turns as Cena connects his AA for a 2 count. By this point the crowd begin chanting “This is awful, this is awful.” Cena lifts Orton up, but Orton connects the RKO by surprise and pins Cena for the 2 count. The crowd chants “We want refund, we want refund.” Randy positions Cena and goes for his punt kick but Cena counter and tries going for the STF lock, but Orton counters and locks in his own STF.. Cena tries to fight out and of course Super-Cena comes breaking out and reverting to a cross face. Orton fights out and connects his own AA for a 2 count. Orton who can’t believe that Cena kicked out, goes to pick up Cena by the head. But to follow suit, Cena connects his own RKO and pins for a 2 count. Cena lifts Orton up on his shoulders and takes him to the top rope in a corner. Cena climbs with him and lifts Orton on his shoulders. Looking for the AA off the second ropes but Orton fights out jumping off Cena’s shoulders back onto the mat. Cena manages to connect a twisting DDT leaving Randy open for Cena to lock in the STF. Orton struggles to get to the ropes and almost looks to tap out just as the Wyatt’s music comes on. The lights go out, and when they come on Bray, Erick, and Luke are on the apron surrounding Cena. Cena goes after them and as he turns around Randy connects the RKO and pins for a 1..2..3!

Winner: Randy Orton

Randy walks off through the crowd leaving Cena alone in the ring with the Wyatt’s. Luke connects a large boot and Erick takes Cena in the corner punching away on him. Erick runs the corner and cross bodies him, while Luke close lines him leaving Cena down in pain. Bray asks for Cena up, and does his corner bent down taunt. He holds Cena and connects his sister Abigail yelling “Behold the creators of the new world!” he hits the move and the crowd chant “YES YES YES”


Backstage: Renee interview the new Tag Team Champions the New Age Outlaws. They do their usual gig, and recap their victory on the kick-off show. They’ve made history being the only team to have 14 years since they held the titles and have proved that at any time they will always be the best tag team ever.


Video: Showing what the superstars say about their goals in the Royal Rumble.


2014 Royal Rumble Match

Throughout the Royal Rumble match, I will give as much detail as I can but I will focus more on who’s coming out and who has become eliminated.

Justin Roberts Introduces the Royal Rumble match and explains the rules.

1.       CM Punk

2.       Seth Rollins

The match begins and Punk goes for Rollins slamming his shoulder into his gut and trying to lift him out of the ring. Seth fights back and tries to throw Punk out of the ring himself. Punk counters and connects a few kicks and connects a hard gut kick and punt to Seth’s chest. Seth runs the ropes and connects a running knee and takes Punk into the corner. He runs to the ropes and connects his body splash.

3.       Damien Sandow

Damien runs in and goes after Punk trying to pull him over the ropes. Seth comes in and tries to help but Punk fights back and tries to stop the alliance of Seth and Damien. Punk finally catches both and connects a neck breaker/DDT combo taking both down. Punk Tries to throw Seth over again with no avail. Damien attacks Punk from the back and the clock counts to one.

4.       Cody Rhodes

Cody comes out quick and goes directly for Damien Sandow with fists back and forth. Damien goes for a punch but Cody ducks and connects the cross roads. Seth attacks Cody from behind as he goes into the corner. Sandow runs for Punk on the ropes and Sandow gets thrown over.


Punk and Cody try to take Seth over the ropes as the countdown begins.

5.       Kane

Kane comes in ripping his shirt off. Cody attacks Kane but gets stopped by a big boot. Kane then turns to Punk with a neck punch and stomps against CM Punk. A running close line and side back breaker leaves Punk on the ground gasping for air. Kane goes for the choke slam but Punk connects a side head kick and throws him out of the ring.


6.       Alexander Rusev

Alexander comes in quickly with a kick to Seth Rollins and tries to throw him out. Seth hangs on as Alex goes after Cody. He throws him over the top rope but he too holds onto the ropes. CM Punk comes in but Alex throws him over leaving Punk under the ropes. Seth attacks Alex from the back as the clock reaches 0.

7.       Jack Swagger

Swagger runs in and connects his Swagger bomb on Rollins and Rhodes. Alex and Swagger go punch for punch until Alex runs into him taking Swagger out. Swagger goes into the corner where Alex connects a gut splash. By this point everyone except for Punk begin stomping on Alex.  The countdown continues.

8.       Kofi Kingston

Kofi comes in blazing almost taking CM Punk out. Cody connects his disaster kick to Swagger and Alex almost eliminated Seth Rollins. Cody almost throws CM Punk over the top ropes until Punk hits him in the gut. Rollins almost pushes Swagger over the ropes.

9.       Jimmy Uso

Jimmy comes in connecting a spine breaker to Seth Rollins and connecting a shoulder attack to Kofi and kicking Cody in the chest. Swagger and Alex still fight back and forth in the corner. Punk and Rollins go back and forth. Jimmy takes Cody over the top rope but Cody lands on the apron.

10.   Goldust

Goldust comes in beating against Seth Rollins and Alexander. Cody and Seth go back and forth and then everyone; Punk, Kingston, Seth and Cody all throw Alexander out of the ring.


Kofi gets thrown out of the ring but Alexander catches him. He takes him on the barricade, lays him on it and connects a few knees to the gut. Kofi still not touching the mat gets up on the barricade and runs on the barricade and jumps on the apron. What a show-off.

11.   Dean Ambrose

Ok, from now on I’m just focusing on entrance and eliminations, It’s getting hard to follow.. I’m only one person with one set of eyes..

12.   Dolph Ziggler

Dolph comes in connecting a missile dropkick to Dean and goes after the Shield’s Seth Rollins. Dean tries to suplex Dolph over the ropes, but Dolph stops it and Goldust attacks Dean.

13.   R-Truth

Truth goes after Dean but gets stopped with Rollins and Ambrose attacking him.



Kofi catches the big boot of Jack Swagger taking him on the outside and almost out but hangs on the boot trying to not get eliminates. Kofi pulls the boot off and hangs upside down on the ropes not being eliminated. He hits Swagger in the head by his boot and climbs back into the ring.

14.   Kevin Nash!!


Kevin Nash goes after Dean and Seth and punches both and connects a big boot too Cody Rhodes.  He continues by trying to throws Dean Ambrose outside the ring. The countdown continues.

15.   Roman Reigns

Roman runs in and dropkicks Cody who was choking Seth in the corner. He continues by spearing Cody and throwing Kofi out of the ring.


Reigns continues by delivering a spear to Dolph and throwing him out.



16.   The Great Khali

The Shield focuses on Khali, but he connects his head chops to Roman and Seth and slaps Dean on the chest. Roman connects his superman punch and all member of the Shield throws Khali over the ropes.


Cody fights Seth on the apron, where Goldust gets pushed into Cody pushing him off.



17.   Sheamus

Sheamus comes in fighting going after all member of the Shield. Happy to be back he man handles Shield and connects his forearms smash to Dean’s chest. He connects a back breaker to Rollins and connects a big boot to Roman Reigns.

18.   The Miz

Miz tries to take Ambrose out but he hangs on. Shield gets the upper hand but Miz gets close to eliminating Roman Reigns. Sheamus continuous to fight the Shield but the numbers game is too much and they almost eliminate Sheamus.

19.   Fandango

Sheamus comes in attacking Miz and throws him on the apron; Miz rolls back in and tries to throw Fandango out but doesn’t work. Sheamus breaks them up and the action slows down again. The Shield continue to attack Sheamus as Miz and Fandango go at it, and CM Punk breaths in the corner.

20.   El Torito

He comes in delivering a hurricanrana to Seth Rollins, a head butt to Miz, and a stare down to CM Punk. Punk stops him by the head and gets caught in a hurricanrana. Fandango attacks from behind and lifts El Torito up, but he counters and performs a hurricanrana taking Fandango to the apron and delivers a dropkick taking Fandango out.


Torito jumps on Roman Reigns but he throws El Torito on the outside.


21.   Antonio Cesaro

Antonio comes in and locks in the giant swing on Miz and begins to do it on Punk but gets stopped by Seth. Dean and Seth try to double attack Cesaro but he stops them and connects the giant swing on Seth Rollins for 27 rotations.

22.   Luke Harper

Roman spears Antonio as Luke comes in and attacks Roman Reigns. Punk and Harper go fist for fist as Dean and Sheamus go to the apron. Luke looks to eliminate Seth but Sheamus attacks him from behind. Roman connects a right hand to CM Punk taking him down for a breather. Seth and Cesaro go fist-for-fist as the countdown reaches zero.

23.   Jay Uso

Jay comes in focusing on Cesaro and lifting him up looking to eliminate him. Luke Harper almost eliminates CM Punk but he rolls back into the ring. Cesaro and Luke exchange European uppercuts and punches in the middle of the ring until a big boot takes Cesaro down.

24.   JBL

JBL gets up from the announcers table and makes his way to the steps with a full suit and tie. JBL walks in and removes his coat asking Michael to take his coat.. As JBL gives his coat to Michael, Roman Reigns comes up from behind him and throws him over.


25.   Erick Rowan

Erick comes in and saves Luke from Miz. He tosses Miz on the apron and Luke connects a Close line eliminating Miz


Jay goes after Erick but the size difference takes advantage and Erick suplexes Jay on the apron where Luke connects a big boot taking him out.


26.   Ryback

Ryback comes in lifting Cesaro on his shoulders and connecting shoulders to his gut. Ryback throws Cesaro over the ropes but doesn’t eliminate him. He turns to Sheamus but he doesn’t toss him off. Cesaro and Sheamus meet in the middle but Ryback comes in between. Sheamus punches him off and takes Cesaro down.

27.   Alberto Del Rio

Alberto comes in and goes after Ryback connecting a chest slap and trying to push him over the ropes. Punk and Seth continue going back and forth trying to push each her over the top rope with no avail. Cesaro stands in the middle of the ring and goes for Seth Rollins as the countdown returns.

28.   Batista

The crowd goes nuts as Batista comes to the ring. He close lines everyone possible and knees Erick Rowan in the head and throws him out.


Batista and Ryback go face-to-face and both exchange punches. Ryback throws him into the corner and tries for the meat hook close line but gets throws out by Batista


Alberto Del Rio comes from behind and attacks Batista connecting a side head kick. He goes for his cross arm breaker but Batista lifts him up and throws him out.


29.   Big E Langston

Big E comes in and goes after Batista taking him off his feet. He connects a few side breakers to Sheamus and almost throws Sheamus on the outside. Punk goes after Batista connecting a few punches and tries to throw him over. The Countdown begins for the last entre

30.   Rey Mysterio

Mysterio comes out with a negative reaction considering the crowd wanted Daniel Bryan. Rey goes for Rollins and throws him on the apron, and goes after CM Punk. Punk goes for the GTS but Mysterio rolls him on the apron as the crowd boo in disapproval. Big E tries to take Sheamus out but Sheamus connects a close line and takes Big E Langston out.


The action continues in the ring as Rey goes for the 619 on Seth. Seth manages to kick Mysterio in the head as he was going for a springboard and eliminated him.


The Shield try to get Luke out until a hit by Roman Reigns completes it.


Dean tries to go after Roman Reigns but he hangs on the ropes. Seth tries to stop Dean but doesn’t reach him in time. Seth and Dean try to take out Cesaro. Roman comes up from behind and eliminates Dean, Seth, and Cesaro


As the actions continues in the ring, Batista hits the spine breaker to Roman, Sheamus big boots Batista, and CM Punk puts the GTS on Sheamus. Punk goes to the corner and from nowhere Kane comes in pulling Punk over the top ropes to the outside.


Kane attacks Punk on the outside and choke slams him through the announcers table.

Back in the ring Batista, Sheamus, and Roman Reigns remain in the ring and the crowd Boo that Daniel Bryan is not in there. Sheamus attacks Roman and Batista goes after Sheamus exchanging a few blows back and forth. Batista slams Roman down and gets a big boot by Sheamus. Sheamus connects his rolling splash and taunts the Bro Kick. Batista ducks out of the way as a frightened child. Sheamus lifts him back up to his feet but Batista looks to connect a power bomb. Sheamus counters and goes for a close line but Batista throws him over the ropes on the apron. Roman comes from behind and spears Sheamus off the apron.


Roman and Batista remain in the ring starring each other down. Batista throws Roman into the corner but he explodes and connects a hard Close line. Roman goes for his superman taunt as the crowd chant his name. He runs for it, but Batista spears him in the middle of the ring. Batista taunts his finisher but turns to Roman Reigns own Spear. Roman tries to throw him out but Batista counters and throws Roman over the top ropes.


Winner of 2014 Royal Rumble – BATISTA

The crowd gives a horrible reaction to Batista and that Daniel Bryan was not in the Royal Rumble. As Batista celebrates his win, the crowd show their disapproval by booing. The WWE made a bad move not incorporating Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble this year. Once again the WWE have made a bad call which leaves the return of Batista stained with the mis-use of Daniel Bryan.


We go into Raw with a stained Royal Rumble win.


Great.. Thanks WWE..


Cause Carnage, Watch Wresting.

Video: Smackdown Results Jan.24.2014

Check out the Smackdown Results here:




Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio


Miz vs. Brodus Clay 


Cameron vs. AJ Lee


Curtis Axel & Ryback vs. Los Matadores


In Ring Promo: CM Punk


Prime Time Players vs. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper


Kofi Kingston vs. Fandango


10-Man Tag Team Match





Royal Rumble 2014 Predictions

I’m posting these a little late so I’ll just do a quick prediction article.


Kick Off Show:

New Age Outlaws vs. The Rhodes Brothers (WWE Tag Team Championships)

Winner: The Rhodes Brothers


Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

Winner: Daniel Bryan


Brock Lesner vs. Big Show

Winner: Brock Lesner


Randy Orton vs. John Cena (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Winner: Randy Orton


2014 Royal Rumble

Winner: CM Punk


As a side treat here are the top 100 eliminations for Royal Rumble.



6 hours from now the rumble PPV begins.. Can’t wait.

Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling!

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4When can I buy WWE Network?
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WWE Network is a 24/7 streaming service with both scheduled programming and an on-demand library.  WWE Network will include all 12 WWE live pay-per-view events including WrestleMania 30, groundbreaking original series, reality shows and documentaries, and the most comprehensive video-on-demand library featuring all WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-views and classic matches uncut and uncensored as well as replays of Raw and SmackDown episodes.  Additional programming, including a live daily studio show coming this summer, and video-on-demand content will be added regularly.

11. Will WrestleMania be available as a part of this subscription?
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12. Will encores of Raw, SmackDown and Main Event be on WWE Network?
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Yes, WWE will continue to offer individual pay-per-view events to TV providers.  Please call your local cable or satellite provider for availability.

14. Will classic WWE content be available on WWE Network?
Yes, your WWE Network subscription will include access to the most comprehensive video-on-demand library featuring all WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-views and classic matches uncut and uncensored as well as replays of Raw and SmackDown episodes.  Additional content will be added regularly.

15.  Will “WWE Superstars” and NXT air on WWE Network?
Yes, premiere episodes of Superstars and NXT will air on WWE Network.

16. Will Raw, SmackDown and Main Event move to WWE Network?
No, Raw, SmackDown and Main Event will continue to air on their current networks – USA, Syfy and ION television, respectively.

17. Will shows on WWE Network be available in HD?
Yes, all programming on the WWE Network will be available in HD.

18. Will shows on WWE Network be available in Spanish?
Live pay-per-views will be available in Spanish.  All other programming will be presented in English.

19. Will shows be closed captioned?

20. Will WWE Network also be available through my cable or satellite provider?
No, WWE Network is delivered directly to fans through over-the-top digital distribution on the following devices: desktops and laptops via; through the WWE App on: Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices; Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy; iOS devices such as Apple iPad and iPhone; Roku streaming devices; Sony PlayStation® 3 and Sony PlayStation® 4; and Xbox 360. Availability on additional devices, including Xbox One and select Smart TVs, will follow this summer

21. Will all of the programming that premieres on WWE Network also be available via on demand?  
Yes, all programming that premieres on the network will become immediately available in the video-on-demand library.

22. How quickly will content that premieres on WWE Network be made available on demand?
Content that premieres on WWE Network will be available on demand immediately after it airs.

23. Does WWE Network programming contain advertisements?
Most WWE programming on WWE Network will be commercial-free, however, there will be limited promotional content in select programs.

24. Is the entire WWE library available through on demand?
WWE Network will launch with more than 1,500 hours of on-demand content, including all WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-views.  New, on-demand content will be added regularly.

25. Will WWE Network be available internationally?
Beginning Monday, February 24, WWE Network will only be available in the United States. WWE Network is scheduled to launch in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Nordics by the end of 2014/early 2015.

26. Will all content on WWE Network be PG?
WWE Network will contain a range of programming suitable for various audiences.  Content rated TV-14 or TV-MA will be preceded by appropriate advisory messages recommending viewer discretion.  Parental controls will be available for on-demand content.

27. Can I set up parental controls on the WWE Network?
Yes, parents will have the ability to block content that is rated TV-14 and TV-MA for on-demand content only.  Viewer discretion is advised for live 24/7 streaming programming.

28. Who can I call or email today if I have questions?
Customer Service support will be available beginning Monday, February 24 at 9:00 a.m. ET. Additionally, searchable Frequently Asked Questions and live chat service will be offered starting February 24.

Wade Barrett Not in the Royal Rumble

Wade Barrett recently posted that he gave up his spot for a legend..

Read it here:

Daniel Bryan Says He Won’t Be In The 30-Man Royal Rumble.


Daniel Bryan was asked by ST Communities if he will be participating in the 30-man Battle Royal match at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

“As of now, I’m not in the 30-man Royal Rumble match, I’m trying to get involved in it,” Bryan replied. “Triple H doesn’t want me anywhere in the Royal Rumble match.”

Bryan also mentioned in the interview that if he’s not wrestling for the WWE World Heavyweight title at WrestleMania, then he would like to face Triple H since he’s been keeping him away from his goals. As an alternative match to Triple H, he said he would also like a shot at The Undertaker’s streak.

MindOfCarnage Plays “Don’t Starve” Episode 1 – Where’s the Flint?

Welcome my War Gods to the gaming stream of Carnage! That’s right folks. check out the very first game stream of Let me know your opinions and if I should continue with this. This is the first in what I hope to be many streams! 

Sting Posts A Quote From His WCW Days (Photo)

– Following his big loss on Thursday night’s Impact, Sting changed his Facebook cover photo to a quote he used in WCW:

“The only thing that’s for sure about STING is nothing’s for sure…”


Sting also posted the following back on January 11th: I’ve qouted the text becuase for some reason I cannot seem to embed the file.

“When contemplating what’s around the corner, try taking it all to prayer… it may help.”


There’s no word yet if Sting really is gone from TNA or if this is part of the story-lines. However, while a contract itself hasn’t been signed yet, talks between Sting and WWE are reportedly so far that they are discussing concepts for him using the name “A Man Called Sting.”


Ted DiBiase’s Son Arrested After Standoff with Police and SWAT reports that Mike DiBiase, son of WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase, was arrested early Thursday morning after a 12-hour standoff with Amarillo Police and SWAT teams.

“According to APD, the incident began at 11:12 Wednesday night after officers received information that a man wanted for a parole violation was in the 3900 block of northwest 12th. APD said the suspect was reportedly inside the building where several business are located and was seen by an employee attempting to break through a wall between businesses.”

“APD attempted to make contact with the suspect however attempts were unsuccessful as officers learned the suspect may have access to weapons inside the building. Knowing the escalated danger of the situation, SWAT and APD negotiators were brought in to assist with the situation. APD also mobilized a remote control robot to make its way through the building in an attempt to locate the subject.”

DiBiase was eventually arrested after a SWAT team entered the building around 5:10am and used chemical agents in an attempt to force him out of the building. It was noted that DiBiase was hiding under a pile of cardboard boxes. SWAT officers used a K-9, remote controlled robots and chemical agents to aid in their search for DiBiase.

Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling!

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