Steve Austin Denies Reports of Why He May Not Return to the Ring

Earlier this morning, it was reported that people close to Steve Austin mentioned that when he filmed WWE Tough Enough a few years back, he banged himself up while in the ring and has since then been contemplating on how dangerous it would be if he ever got back into the ring again.

Austin responded to those reports, writing on Twitter,


WrestleInc responded:


WrestleInc was the initial leak regarding this story.

WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony Airing on WWE Network

It was announced by Triple H at Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Ontario, CA that the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will air in its entirety on the WWE Network.

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will air the night before WrestleMania on Saturday, April 5, at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.

VIDEO: Jeff Hardy’s TNA Return Revealed

TNA sent out the following tonight:

“MVP promised change upon his arrival to TNA Wrestling – and he’s certainly delivered! On Monday, MVP tweeted out that the in-ring debut of the The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) will take place this Thursday night on IMPACT on SpikeTV at 9/8c! But MVP didn’t stop there, as on Tuesday he announced via #IMPACT365 that “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy will make his TNA return at Lockdown weekend in Miami, appearing at Fan InterAction and the annual “Lockdown” Pay-Per-View event!”


Steve Austin’s In-ring Future

While Austin has said he will never wrestle again on his podcast, people close to Steve Austin say that when he filmed WWE Tough Enough a few years ago, he got in the ring and messed around but banged himself up worse than expected. That incident sort of “set off a light bulb” in Austin’s head about how dangerous it would be to get back in the ring.

RVD’s RAW Meeting With Triple H

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

– Former WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam was backstage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Monday night. Van Dam apparently met with Triple H to find out the status of his possible inclusion in the upcoming WrestleMania XXX event in April. There are a number of steps “Mr. Monday Night” will have to go through, if the company is interested, before he can return. Among those steps would be RVD passing the new, strict physical that WWE puts their active performers through.


Backstage Update – Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania Match?

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— According to one source, a WWE Tag-Team Championship match between The New Age Outlaws and The Usos is expected for the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

— As previously reported, WWE is discussing the idea of including Daniel Bryan in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match betweenBatista and Randy Orton at WrestleMania XXX. Additionally, there remains discussions of Bryan facing Triple H on the show. It appears as thoughWWE will not be making any definitive decisions on the matter until the completion of the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.


Report: Antonio Cesaro Drops First Name

According to reports from the WWE SmackDown television taping in Ontario, California on Tuesday night, WWE has dropped Antonio Cesaro’s first name. Apparently from this point forward, he will be referred to as simply, “Cesaro.”

To reflect the name-change, Cesaro has changed his Twitter handle to say “Cesaro” only.

Smackdown *Spoilers* for Feb.14.2014



Show: Smackdown

Date: Taped Feb.11.2014, Aired Feb.14.2014

Author: Cade Carnage

Venue: Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario California

Hello my lovely WarGods and welcome to the Smackdown Spoilers!

As usual these are nothing but spoilers from yesterdays taping of Smackdown, so if you read and find out something you don’t want to know; HA that’s just too bad. You were warned.


Dark Match

Alexander Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Alexander Rusev

MindOfCarnage Opinion: You know I like Ziggler, but I’m getting frustrated seeing him continuously lose. The guy needs a push considering the audience is always on his side, yet the WWE just keeps putting him in these jobber matches.


The Shield vs. Sheamus, Daniel Bryan. & Christian

Winners: The Shield


Backstage: Vicke tells Zeb Colter that tonight it will be Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry vs. Kofi Kingston in a fatal-4-way to determine the number one contender spot for the IC championship.


Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry vs. Kofi Kingston

Winner: Jack Swagger (Number One Contender for Intercontinental Championship)


Eva Marie vs. Alicia Fox

Winner: Eva Marie


Goldust, Cody Rhodes & The Usos vs. New Age Outlaws, Ryback & Curtis Axel

Winners: Goldust, Cody Rhodes, & The Usos


Darren Young vs. Damien Sandow

Winner: Darren Young

Darren comes out to a new theme song, and once defeating Damien Sandow he gets attacked from behind by Titus O’Neil. Darren though fights back and rips the suit off of Titus.


The Miz vs Fandango

Winner: The Miz

He picks up the victory after Santino Marella and Emma distract Fandango


Cesaro vs Randy Orton

Winner: Cesaro

MindofCarnage Option: I find it odd how the WWE decided to change Antonio Cesaro’s character name to just Cesaro.. I preferred it the other way. It was different and suited Cesaro considering he has a different Style of wrestling.


Anyways, that was it. I hope you enjoyed the spoilers. Thanks for reading, and if you found out something you didn’t want to find out, well then.


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Monday Night Raw Recap Feb.10.2014


Show: Monday Night Raw

Date: February 10, 2014

Author: Cade Carnage

Venue:  Staples Centre,

Welcome to the Raw recap where Orton’s elimination chamber Gauntlet continues against John Cena. Betty White guest stars, and Mark Henry returns. There is still no sign of CM Punk and there probably won’t be for a while, the boy needs some rest. So let’s stop this chatter and see what Raw brings us. Let’s start this shiz-nit!

The Announcer introduces the guest star Betty White.


Stage Promo: Big Show comes out with Betty White and both stand on the ramp. The crowd chant “Betty White, Betty White” which almost takes her to tears. She tells the audience that she is thrilled to be there and tells the audience that she’s gonna kick some ass tonight! The audience cheers as Triple H’s music comes on and Stephanie and HHH walk out to greet Betty White. Triple H smiles the whole time towards Big Show mocking him. Triple H and Steph make their way to the ring as Big Show and Betty White make their way backstage.


In Ring Promo: As usual they both grab mics and Triple H addresses some confusion from last week. He recapped himself saying that Daniel Bryan would get “reconsidered” for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship if he beat Randy Orton. But the audience has to focus on the word “reconsidered” just as Sheamus, John Cena, Antonio Cesaro is also considered for the championship.. Triple H would continue the list of superstars but Randy Orton’s music comes on and he makes his way to the ring. Steph asks Randy if he’s seriously interrupting them again. She tells him to reconsider and to go back and get ready for his match. Randy insists that he’s out to apologize for his actions, to the authority and not the audience. Randy apologizes and tells them that he needs to bring out the viper and retain his championship reign. Steph reverts asking Orton how they could trust him. The crowd chant “Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan” which seems to distract Randy Orton. Steph brings up the point of the Daniel Bryan chants and Randy declines that. He doesn’t want to be the face of the WWE in the ring, but the face of the WWE outside of the ring. Daniel Bryan’s music comes on and the crowd goes fucking nuts!!!! Daniel comes to the ring and smiles towards the authority and Orton. The crowd stand behind Daniel doing the usual YES chants. Steph gets on the mic and tells both Bryan and Orton that she doesn’t appreciate superstars coming on during a live show interrupting the Authority. They need to go to Kane and make an appointment. Bryan tells them that he’s not there and that last week he still beat Kane by defeating Randy Orton. He demands a match against Kane later on Raw. Steph tells Daniel that Kane is on leave due to his actions and has a bad negative word on his appraisal. Daniel comes back and tells them that their stupidly running this company. Orton begins yelling at Daniel to think whose he’s talking too and kisses the Authority’s ass for a minute. Daniel comes back reminding Orton of the time he handcuffed Triple H and kissed Stephanie McMahon. Orton looks pissed and tells Triple H that he will kick his ass. Triple H says “no” and tells Daniel Bryan that due to his agitated state, he gets the night off. The crowd chant “No” as the Authority and Orton walk out of the ring.


Announcers: Rey Mysterio, Goldust, and Cody vs. The Wyatt Family is next


Rey Mysterio, Goldust, Cody Rhodes vs. The Wyatts 

As Cody and Goldust make their way to the ring, their entrance gets cut half way and lights go out as the Wyatt’s get introduced.

Cody and Erick start things off. Erick takes the advantage and delivers a few forearms and kicks to Cody’s gut. Cody counters a back-drop and delivers his own kicks and dropkick. He tags in Goldust who takes Erick into the corner and delivers a few punches. Erick pokes him in the eyes and tags in Luke Harper. Harper connects a close line to the back of Goldust’s head. Luke gets him up but Goldust elbows him, goes to the second rope, blind tags Cody Rhodes, and delivers a jumping hurricanrana on Luke; Cody than springboards off the ropes and connects a dropkick taking Luke out of the ring. He tags in Mysterio, and Cody launches Mysterio out of the ring onto Luke Harper on the outside. Rey runs back into the ring as Bray and Erick go after him on the outside. Cody, Goldust, and Rey stand in the ring as we cut to commercials. We come back to Erick locking in a neck lock on Goldust. Goldust manages to fight out but Erick connects a hard forearm and pushes him into the Wyatt’s corner. Luke tags in and pushes Erick away slapping him. He Irish whips Erick into Goldust and pushes him into Luke’s big boot for the 2 count. Luke tags in Bray and he comes in delivering multiple punches and head butts. Goldust gets back up and both exchanges punch after punch until Bray lands a hard running forearm grounding Goldust. Bray tags in Erick Rowan who throws Goldust into the corner and stomps away on Goldusts head. He tries again to throws Goldust into the corner, but Goldust counters climbing the second rope and delivers a jumping elbow. Goldust runs for his corner but Erick catches him and takes him to the ropes. Erick goes for Goldust but he throws him outside the ring. Luke throws Erick back into the ring and tags himself in. He punches Cody off the apron and goes for Goldust who counters and connects a power slam. He reaches and tags in Rey Mysterio. Rey comes in throwing Luke Harper around and throwing him into the corner steel post head first. Rey connects a top rope senton and goes for the pin. Bray kicks him out and Mysterio gets both onto the ropes. Rey goes for the 619 and connects against Luke Harper. Bray rolled out and trips Rey on the apron head first. Cody from the inside the ring climbs the top ropes and jumps on Bray Wyatt. Erick comes from behind and throws Cody into the barricade. Goldust comes off the apron and delivers his own Senton against Erick Rowan. Rey gets back on the apron and tries to deliver another 619 on Luke but as he runs off the ropes, Bray tags in and delivers a quick sister Abigail on Rey and pins for the 1..2..3!

Winners: The Wyatts

After the match Bray gets on the mic and delivers another cryptic message telling the Shield their little toy soldiers and that his game will now begin.


Announcers: Show the highlight video of Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble.


Backstage: The Shield is in an interview with Renee Young who brings up their Elimination Chamber match against the Wyatt’s. Seth, Roman, and Dean pretty much says that the Shield will win at Elimination Chamber. Renee brings up the fact that Dean hasn’t defended his US title in a while. Dean begins to defend himself but Roman asks “What type of champion do you want to be?” Dean doesn’t like that response and delivers an open challenge tonight against anyone who wants to challenge for the US Title.


Backstage: The diva’s talk to Betty White about her shows and awards until The New age Outlaws come and escort Betty White for some coffee with them.


Announcers: Video Recapping Orton vs Cena match at Breaking Point September 2009.

Santino Marella vs. Fandango

Emma and Summer Rae come out to the ring with their associated men. The match starts slow until Fandango delivers a forearm to Santino lower back. Fandango lands a few punches and slaps Santino until Miz makes his way to the announcers table. He gets on the headset and says that a twinkle toe and a guy with an act older than Betty White get to have a match on Raw and not The Miz. He calls it awesome and walks off pissed. Back inside the ring, Fandango pushes Santino off the ropes and goes to the top rope and lands his legdrop for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Fandango


Backstage Interview: Sheamus is asked about his match with Christian and if he will be on same terms before their elimination chamber match. Sheamus pretty much says that he’s excited to be back, excited to be teaming with a Canadian, and excited for Elimination Chamber because no one will stand in his way to win the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


Sheamus & Christian vs. The Real Americans Zeb gets on the mic and tells the Irish man (Sheamus) and the Canadian (Christian) that they sneaked back into the WWE after their so-called “Injuries” and for that illegal act get awarded a WWE Championship match. Antonio gets on the mic and tells everyone that at Elimination Chamber he will be a real American champion. Swagger in the background didn’t like that comment. They get in and the bell rings. Cesaro and Christian start things off with submissions until Cesaro dead lift Christian off the mat and connect a power slam. Cesaro tags in Swagger and both go for a close line but Christian side steps and punch Cesaro and takes out Swagger. He counters many of Swaggers advancements and tags in Sheamus. He comes in delivering forearms and a suplex to Jack Swagger. Jack stops the advantage with a knee to the gut and tags in Cesaro. Cesaro seems to be getting a good response from the crowd and tries to arm drag Sheamus. Sheamus counters and delivers a hard close line and tags in Christian. Christian goes to the top rope and lands a forearm on Cesaro’s arm. He tags in Sheamus where both Cesaro and he exchange European uppercuts. Cesaro lands a few more in the corner with the audience chanting YES on each connected forearm. Sheamus counters and pushes him away and climbs to the top rope. He connects a shoulder slam and goes to the apron. Swagger tries to interfere and distract Sheamus which works. Antonio runs and takes Sheamus to the outside as we cut to commercials. We come back to Sheamus delivering the Irish curse backbreaker to Antonio Cesaro. Sheamus tags in Christian allowing him to come in and delivers a few punches and a rolling pin on Cesaro for a 2 count. Christian continues with a punch to the neck and a forearm to Cesaro’s head. He goes for the kill switch but gets connects into Cesaro throwing European uppercut where he pins for a 2 count. He tags in Swagger who stomps away on Christian’s chest. He hangs him against the ropes and pins for the 2 count. Swagger locks in a reverse choke hold slowing the action. Christian fights his way back to his feet and counters Swaggers lock. He goes for Sheamus but Swagger catches his leg and throws him in the Americans corner where Swagger tags Cesaro and both connect the Swagger Bomb, Mid Section Stomp. Christian tries to fight back but Cesaro catches Christian and locks in his giant swing for 10 rotations. He releases Christian where he rolls to the outside allowing the ref to begin his count. The ref reaches 9 and Christian runs back into the ring. Swagger tags in and the Real Americans connect a double power slam. Swagger tags Cesaro and both try for another move but Christian countered taking Cesaro and Swagger out of the ring. Christian tags in Sheamus and Swagger makes his way back to the ring. Sheamus connects a corner spear and delivers his chest forearms on Swagger. He goes for his big boot but Cesaro stomps him with an elbow to the head. Sheamus fights back ad grabs him throwing Cesaro to the apron against the ropes and delivers his chest forearms. Swagger comes from behind and locks in his patriot lock. Christian climbs the top rope and connects a body splash on Swagger. Christian goes to the apron and connects jumping DDT on Cesaro on the outside. Inside the ring Swagger goes for a close line but Sheamus counters and runs the ropes connecting his big boot for the 1..2..3!

Winners: Sheamus & Christian  


Backstage: Rene interviews John Cena. She wants to know Cena’s thoughts on his match tonight against Randy Orton. Cena says that for a decade it’s been Cena and Orton, but now there is a change coming. New Network, New Talents, brings a new future. Tonight John Cena closes his rivalry with Randy Orton and will beat him with a 1..2..3! And that this statement goes out to anyone in the back, if you want to hold the future of the WWE, know you have to go through John Cena to get it.


Announcers: Recapping when Betty White said she was going to “Kick some ass”. Video 30 Second Fury of Batista:


Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio Del Rio entrance music begins just before Ziggler gets to the ring, he doesn’t look pleased. The Announcers show a video recap where Del Rio attacked Batista last time on Raw. The bell rings and Del Rio goes after Zigglers legs. He connects a few punches and Irish whips Ziggler. Ziggler stops himself and taunts Del Rio. He counters a close line and connects a fast dropkick to Del Rio. Ziggler connects his signature 10 elbow drops. He waits for Del Rio to get up and tries for his Zig-Zag but gets countered by Del Rio. Del Rio tries for a backdrop but Ziggler counters into the fameasser. He pins for a 2 count. Ziggler gets Del Rio back to his feet where Del Rio counters into an arm breaker and delivers his signature side head kick for the 1..2..3!


Winner: Alberto Del Rio Del Rio celebrates his win and begins walking out of the ring. He decides to re-think his actions and runs back in locking in the cross-arm-breaker to Ziggler. Batista’s music hits and comes running down to the ring in his ring gear. He comes in spearing Del Rio and throwing him to the outside. He throws Del Rio into the steel steps and barricade and strips the announcers table. Batista takes Del Rio up and delivers a Batista Bomb through the announcers table. Del Rio is out, Feud Over.

Announcers: Show a video of the WWE Network where the Bella’s explain how to use it… 

Up Next we find out the latest Inductee into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame.


Backstage: Batista walks out and gets stopped by Triple H. Triple H tells Batista that he can’t go off on Del Rio like that. Things have changed; the WWE is a publically trading company now. Triple H is only trying to fit Batista into the business. Batista tells Triple H that Del Rio is my business. Triple H awards Batista a match at Elimination Chamber against Del Rio.    


3rd inductee into the 2014 Hall Of Fame – Lita 


Backstage: The New Age outlaws are in the back with Betty White having some tea.. My correction, it wasn’t coffee. Road Dogg gives Betty White some of his signature tea which he pours. Gunn distracts Betty White and Road Dogg pours something in it, poising her? Before Betty can drink it she asks for some lemons. Both Billy and Road Dogg go grab some just as Betty exchanges her glass with Billy Gunn’s. They both come back with lemons and all three drink up. Betty gives Billy a sneaky look as he gulps down his tea.


The Uso’s vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel The New Age outlaws are at the announcers table where Billy doesn’t look so good. Curtis and Jimmy start things off but Curtis gets aggressive with his own punches and head locks. Jimmy manages to tag in Jay but gets reversed into a dropkick by Axel. Axel drags him into his corner and tags in Ryback. Ryback comes in stomps away on Jay to the “Goldberg” chants. While at the announcers table Billy gets really sick and begins burping while on the microphone. Axel tags in and goes after Jay stomping and punching him down against the mat. Axel lands a hard punch and drops his forearm against Jay Usos face. Ryback tags in once again to the Goldberg chants and lifts Jay on the top rope. He punches against Jays back. He climbs up with him but Jay elbows him off and connects a flying summersault. Jay tags in Jimmy while Ryback tags in Axel. Jimmy connects a side kick to Axels’ gut and a kick to the leg. He lifts him on his shoulders and throws him into the corner and delivers a death-valley-driver. Jimmy pins but Ryback kicks him off. Ryback runs into the corner but Jimmy side steps making Ryback go into the steel post. Jay comes in on the other side and sidekicks Axel. Jay goes to the apron. Jimmy runs the ropes and tags in Jay as he jumps over the ropes to land on Ryback on the outside. Jay climbs the ropes and connects his body splash on Axel for the 1..2..3!

Winners: The Usos After the match the New Age Outlaws get up to address the Usos but Billy Gunn begins running up the ramp holding his bum as if he’s going to explode.. From the back side..

Dean Ambrose vs. Mark Henry

The returning Mark Henry makes his way to the ring to challenge for the United States championship. The bell rings and Ambrose doesn’t move from his corner. Roman and Seth yell from the outside to go after him.. Dean eventually goes for the attack but only locks in a clinch. Mark Henry throws him away easily taking Dean to the outside. Ambrose climbs back in and goes to the corner. He ducks Mark Henry’s punch and focuses his attack on the bandaged arm of Mark Henry. Dean tries to run against Mark Henry but a big boot stops Dean in his place. Mark Henry picks Dean up and throws him into two corners and throws him through the turnbuckles into the steel post. Dean goes to the apron but Henry just throws him back into the ring. Ambrose again tries to throws a few punches and focuses on Henry’s arm. He manages to break and throw away the arm brace of Mark Henry. He backs away from Henry and tries for another attack but Henry hip tosses Ambrose over the top rope to the outside. We cut to commercials as Mark Henry yells at Dean to “Come Back in Here!” We come back to Ambrose connecting a DDT to Henry and locking in an arm lock. Henry fights out and Dean runs to the top rope. Henry catches him and throws him from the top to the mat. He connects a few close lines and a power slam. He runs towards Ambrose in the corner but gets connected with a big boot. Ambrose goes for his finisher but Henry catches him in his world’s strongest slam. He goes for the pin 1..2..Seth Rollins comes from behind and attacks Mark Henry.

Winner: Mark Henry

Henry throws all members of the Shield out of the ring and follows to the outside. He throws Seth off of his back and turns right into a spear by Roman Reigns. The Shield makes it to their feet and walk off through the crowd as the Wyatt’s music hits. “We’re here”. The Wyatt’s make their way to the ring as the Shield remain in the crowd watching their entrance. The lights come on and the Shield and Wyatt’s stare off as the crowd chant “Fight, Fight, Fight!” The Shield makes their way back at ringside. The Wyatt’s begin their walk to ringside as well. The crowd cheer Yes as The Shield and Wyatt’s climb their way up to the apron. Roman Reigns makes his way into the ring as Dean and Seth stand at the apron. Bray climbs half way through the ropes and stops. He turns back and stands on the apron as Luke and Erick climb down. Bray climbs down and the Wyatt’s walk up the ramp and stand with arms to their sides telling the Shield “Make a move”.


Announcers: Recap the attack last month when Orton punched his father after losing to Kofi Kingston.


Announcers: Pay tribute to Black History Month. BoBo Brazil is featured in a memorable video.


Cameron & Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee, Alicia Fox, & Aksana Ya don’t care.. No details.. I’m getting a sandwich.


Winners: The Bella Twins & Cameron


Video: Alexander Rusev promo video


Announcers: Show a recap video of the beginning of the show where Orton sucked up to the Authority.


In Ring Promo: Kane’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic and tells the Authority that he accepts the reprimand of the weeks leave. He continues telling the audience that it was under his own accord when attacking…. Daniel Bryans music hits and he runs his way to the ring. Bryan runs in delivering quick kicks and knees to Kane. He runs the ropes and Kane connects a hard neck punch stopping the momentum. He goes for a choke slam but Daniel Bryan counters and takes Kane to the outside and connects his suicide dive. He takes Kane to the barricade and connects a running dropkick taking Kane into the crowd. Daniel climbs back into the ring and climbs the ropes to taunt the crowd in the YES chants as Kane makes his way through the crowd.


Backstage: Betty White thanks the audience for the warm welcome and says that she hasn’t been around so many shirtless guys in small undies since.. Well… last night.. Let’s get to the main event.. Gotta love Betty White!


John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Randy’s gauntlet continues and goes into this match 1-for-1. Will Orton win or lose to another big name?

The bell rings and Orton locks in a side head lock, but gets reversed into a hip toss by Cena for a quick pin. Orton rolls out of the ring to catch a breather and climbs back in allowing both to clinch up again. Cena this time locks in his own side head lock allowing Orton to fights out. Orton goes for his own hip toss but Cena counters into his own. Orton for the second time rolls out of the ring. Orton makes his way back in and goes for a kick to the gut taking Cena off his feet. Orton begins raining fists against Cena’s head. Cena comes back to his feet and connects his own punches followed by a close line and a pin for the 1 count. They get back up where Orton connects a hard forearm and kick to Cena’s leg. Cena begins limping on it allowing Orton to target the legs. Orton tries for a suplex, but Cena counters into his own. Cena charges Orton in the corner, but Randy side steps making Cena go chest first in the turnbuckles. Orton takes advantage and begins stomping on Cena’s legs. Cena and Orton head to the outside of the ring. Orton slams Cena’s head against the announcer’s table and backdrops Cena spine first on top of the barricade. Orton rolls Cena back in and pins for the 2 count. Orton continues the assault with forearms to the chest and stomps against Cena’s head as we cut to commercials.

We return to Orton stomping on Cena against the corner. Orton taunts the crowd to quite down and makes his way back towards Cena. Cena explodes up and delivers a scoop slam giving him a breather. Both get back to their feet and exchange punch-for-punch until Cena runs the ropes and connects one shoulder tackle. Cena goes for another but Orton ducks taking Cena to the outside. Cena struggles back into the ring where Randy meets him at the turnbuckle and suplexes him inside the ring from the apron. Orton pins for a 2 count and locks in a chokehold grounding the action. Cena tries to get the audience on his side but they don’t react as he wants so he slowly fights out of the choke hold. Orton goes for a gut kick but gets reversed onto Cena’s shoulders. Orton fights out and delivers a DDT to Cena pinning him for a 2 count. Orton surprised begins his stomping barrage on Cena. He walks around his body and stomps everything he can find. Orton taunts the crowd again telling them to quite down but turns around to a roll up by Cena. Orton kicks out at 2 but gets caught in John Cena’s shoulder attacks, backdrop, and five knuckle shuffle. Cena goes for the AA but Orton counters into his back breaker for a 2 count. Cena rolls to the apron where Orton positions him for his elevated DDT. Cena counters and backdrops him to the outside. Orton runs back in and gets caught by Cena where he powers Orton on his shoulder and tries for his AA. Orton counters, pushes Cena against the ropes ad connects a power slam for another 2 count. Cena rolls to a corner where Orton meets him and both climb to the top rope. Cena fights out and throws Orton off, but Orton catches him and trips him making Cena land on the family jewels. Orton catches Cena and positions him for the elevated DDT off of the top ropes and connects. Orton coils and goes for the RKO but gets reversed into the STF by Cena. Orton fights to the ropes making the ref break the hold. Both reach their feet and Orton connects a fast dropkick. Both are on the mat as the ref begins the count. By 5 Orton gets back to his feet and stares at the WrestleMania sign hanging in the distance. Cena this whole time has been laid out and begins to work himself up to his feet slowly. Orton goes for his punt kick but Cena rolls out of the way and tries for his AA. Orton jumps off and connects his RKO for the 1..2..Kickout! Orton surprised makes it to his feet slowly and gets caught by Cena as he explodes up and connects his AA for the 1..2..Orton kicks out! Cena in disbelieve lifts Orton to his feet and drags him in a corner and lifts him up on the top turnbuckle. Cena climbs the ropes and lifts Orton on his shoulders looking for the AA. Orton fights out and jumps off his shoulder and tries to deliver an RKO to Cena on the top rope, but Cena kicks Orton away. He jumps off the top rope and connects a leg drop. He gets up quickly and connects another AA for the 1..2..3!

Winner: John Cena  


There we go, Orton is now 2-for-1. 2 loses and 1 win. I presume that he will win the next 2 matches against Cesaro and Sheamus and go into Elimination Chamber as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and leave as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Thanks for reading.


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