Monday Night Raw. Oct.7.2013 (Big Show gets fired, Cena Returns at Hell in the Cell, Punk gets revenge)



Welcome to Monday Night Raw my War Gods! Let the excitement begin!!

The backlash of Battleground will be felt tonight! Will Big Shows interference in the WWE Championship match cost him severely? Will we see Maddox be punished for screwing up Battleground? I hope so!

Let the Raw shooting of words begin!


Raw begins recapping Battleground and Big Show punching around Daniel Bryan, Armstrong, and Orton! Big Show unleashed and unrated!


Stephanie McMahon is the first to start the show off. She begins by addressing how the main event at Battleground got ruined due to one selfish man. She calls Big Show out to accompany her in the ring. Big Show begins to address her and she abruptly stops him with a quick “shut up!” She continues by saying that Big Show may have problems at home, work, and personal life and that he can’t control himself in stressful situations. Steph pretty much runs down Big Show that he’s pathetic and can’t manage his life. Big Show does not have the right for free will, he doesn’t even have a soul; and all this is because Steph and Hunter own Big Shows mortgage and life, apparently. Steph wants Big Show to get on his knees and beg for forgiveness. Show laughs it off and says no. Big Show begins by agreeing he knocked out Randy, because he couldn’t take it anymore. He knocked out Bryan cause that’s what Steph asked. Steph pushes Big Show and begins slapping him asking him; “Whatcha gonna do?, You gonna cry?” He takes the slapping with a smirk on his face as if he’s enjoying it..  Steph gets annoyed and eventually just fires Big Show all of a sudden. Big Show walks off yelling “I’m fired? Fine, I’m fired!” Will he knock out Triple H tonight?


Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

Wow my wife does not like Zigglers ripped shirt.. Honestly she keeps repeating Dumb, Dumb, Dumb..

This is a rematch from the kick off show at the Battleground PPV. Sandow knee appears to not be hurting him anymore as it did last night. Sandow starts it off quickly; with a clinch overpowering Ziggler, followed by a shoulder thrust in the corner, and wears Ziggler down with a chokehold.  Ziggler fights back but gets caught with a quick elbow from Damien. Ziggler continues to get beat down by a very aggressive Damien Sandow. I don’t like the guy that much, but I do like the aggressiveness in this match.. Sandow continues the beat down by bringing Ziggler back down in a leg lock. Ziggler fights out but manages to get thrown to the outside. A quick kick and punch has Ziggler back into the ring in pain. Sandown continues the aggressiveness into the commercial.. Dam commercials!! I would use my WWE App but the things sucks some time for streaming videos…


We come back with Sandow continuing bringing the pain. Another shoulder thrust to Ziggler in the corner followed by a side back drop. Sandow performs his fancy what-ever-the-fuck-it’s-called elbow, and gets a 1..2..Ohh! Sandow takes the action to the outside and slams Dolph right into the ring post. Rolls him in and pins Ziggler for the 1..2..Oh! A quick reversal in the corner has Damien going shoulder first into the padded turnbuckle. Ziggler brings his own intensity with flying punches and repeated fists to Sandows face. Taking him to the outside and connecting a sliding drop kick. Ziggler follows Damien down and delivers elbows to his head. Ziggler gets him back into the ring and repeats with more fists to Damien’s head. Sandow reverses the Zig-Zag and grabs Ziggler in a double arm suplex. Damien Irish whips Ziggler, but finds himself getting rolled up and has a fameasser connect for the 1..2..3!

Winner Dolph Ziggler by Pin.


Backstage Segment: Brad Maddox gets a talking too by Stephanie McMahon about how he screwed up last night. The blackout, Re-instating Armstrong, The Rhodes Family Winning, and Big Show interfering with the main event match. Steph wants Brad to go out later in the show and apologize to the wwe universe and to tell them how he will make up for it.. Brad tried blaming Hunter, but Steph stopped him immediately. Man I forgot how intense Steph can be, I swear to god she’s one intimidating women.


If you watched the faulty WWE APP you would see the introduction of Bruno Samartino in his hometown. The 78 year old celebrated his birthday and had the WWE universe sing it to him.. The guy looks great for 78.


Alici Fox, Askana, Rosa Mendez vs. Natalya, Eve Marie, Jo Jo

This is a 6 diva tag match; Natalya starts things off against Askana and Nat just out submissions and keeps Askana down. Eve gets tagged in just bored me!!! They were on the ground crawling around for such a while. Rosa gets tagged in and has become a bright blonde.. Almost didn’t recognize her, anyways she did some moves on Eve, and tagged in Alicia. Eve and Alicia go for a bit with nothing interesting. Eve sidesteps a running knee and gets Natalya in. Natalya just takes it to Alicia’s team and delivers a huge close line to Alicia Fox. A quick sharpshooter has Alicia Tap Tap Tap.

Winners Natalya, Jo Jo, Eve Marie by Submission

FYI: Jo Jo didn’t even do anything.. At all.. Seriously is she getting air time because she’s Orton’s girlfriend?


Anyways, Right away; Brad comes out right after the match to apologize to the universe. He makes a main event match at Hell in a Cell, in a Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship; Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton. A special stipulation though has Maddox providing the WWE universe the ability to pick the special referee. The first selection is Booker T. Booker comes out and says that he will do what’s best for business, Fail!



Another WWE App installation, Fuck me!!! People install the WWE App!! Let’s show you how! Because no one knows how!!

Wow though, Jerry the King even addressed for us to not get angry at them.. Well then stop showing it! We know how to install apps.


3MB Jinder & Drew vs. Los Matadores

What happened to Drew’s hair? Was he in an explosion? Diego, I think; starts things off against Jinder. Some quick kicks and fancy hurricanrana’s has Fernando tagged in. Fernando though gets stopped by Jinder and Drew gets tagged in. Drew keeps the pressure on but eventually Los Madatores gets their move in, don’t know the name of it yet; but with that they finish it with a 1..2..3…

Winners Los Matadores by Pin.

I didn’t like the match. That was boring.. Sorry War Gods it’s just my opinion.


Heyman and friends attend the center of the ring. Heyman introduces himself as the best in the world, because he can claim that he beat CM Punk with both hands tied behind his back. But Heyman gives prop that Punk can say that he beat Ryback by pin at Battleground. But he only did this by cheating, cause CM Punk low-blowed Ryback and got the pin afterwards. We see a photo of the leg to the crotch. Punk’s music hits!

Punk comes out mocking Ryback by holding his own crotch.. It’s crotch grabbing time!

Punk didn’t cheat; he kicked Ryback in the nuts to see if he had any!! Ohh in your face Ryback!! CM Punk claims that if he had to do it again he will beat Ryback anywhere, and accepts any challenge Heyman and friends want to make.

Heyman tells Ryback that Punk is bullying him and that Ryback wants him to do something about it. Some babbling from Ryback has requesting Punk to walk down to the ring. But wait! Here comes R-Truth!! Both head towards the ring and all of a sudden we have a tag match..

CM Punk & R-truth vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel

Axel and Punk kick things off, but not much happens considering punk just schools Axel in the clinch and then the floor. He gets Axel in a leg lock and tags in Truth. He gets Truth to leg drop Axel on the back of the head, and Commercials!!

When the app come up All of a sudden Ryback and Truth are in the ring. Ryback though just overpowers and scoop slams Truth down. Truth rolls away from a body splash and locks in Rybacks arm in an arm lock. Truth pulls Ryback in his corner and Punk tags in. Ryback breaks away terrified and quickly tags in Axel. Punk continues his dominance and keeps Axel in the opposing corner. Punk tags Truth an they both perform a double arm hip toss. Truth keeps the advantage for a bit but Axel manages to get a tag to Ryback. Ryback keeps the advantage on by punching, and slamming Truth down. Ryback locks in a bear hug. Truth tries to break free but Ryback slams him down for the 1..2..Ohh! Axel gets tagged in and stomps away at Truths chest. A running kick to Truths head, Axel pins for the 1..2..Ohh! Axel keeps the advantage by a chokehold on Truth. A hard Irish whip to Truth has Axel tagging in Ryback. Slam after Slam to Corner after corner has Truth struggling for air. Ryback throws Truth in the corner with such impact that Truth bounces right back, Ryback gets the 1..2..Ohh! A huge octopus stretch on Truth has him reversing against Ryback but gets him right back into the corner. Ryback went for a huge snack-eyes, but Truth delivers a huge kick to Ryback’s face.. The crowd goes nuts to get Punk into the action. Truth tags Punk in and Punk deliver his Springboard close line, Vintage high knee, bulldog, and top rope elbow drop to Axel. Punk pushes Ryback off the apron and delivers the Go-To-Sleep on Axel. Punk tags in Truth and he delivers his swift leg spinning drop, or whatever it’s called. He gets the 1..2..3!

Winners CM Punk & R-Truth by Pin.


The Next Candidate as the special referee for the hell in the cell match is, Bob Backlund?! Huh!

He starts off by yelling why people should vote for him. That he has a Heck of a reason! He has a heck of a reason, because he doesn’t like saying hell… He will call it down the middle, and if anyone gets in his face he will put in the cross-face-chicken-wing! He yelled through that whole thing, like from deep inside. So the two options now are Booker T and Bob Backlund? The third selection must be a “of course” candidate. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton

Wow, Kofi’s still alive after what happened to him at Battleground; so let’s put him in a match with Randy Orton. Wife is so happy, as she angrily eats grapes; slowly and agitated.

Orton starts the match focusing on Kofi’s midsection with kicks and hard hits to the back. Randy throws Kofi to the outside where Randy throws Kofi barricade to barricade. Randy rolls Kofi in and gets the 1..2..Ohh! Kofi begins his assault by Irish whipping Orton to the outside. Orton runs back in but gets caught with a flying close line. Kofi again delivers a close line to Orton to take him to the outside. Randy takes a breather and goes for Kofi, getting the upper hand. Orton takes Kofi out of the ring and lays him out with a nice suplex. Kofi gets back into the ring by the 7 count. Randy begins ripping at Kofi’s face and once again throwing Kofi out to the outside; where Randy backdrops Kofi’s spine on the top of the barricade. Orton rolls Kofi in and pins for the 1..2..Ohh! Orton locks in a side chokehold and takes a breather. Kofi connects with some elbows but Orton slams his head back into the mat. Orton takes his aim on Kofi’s legs, stomping on the knee caps and shins. A signature back spine breaker by Orton gets him the 1..2..Ohh! Orton Irish whips Kofi in the corner but Kofi counters the attack and kicks Orton down. Another Irish whip has Kofi sliding in between Orton’s legs, but gets connected with a fast dropkick by Orton.

Kofi exhausted barely manages to get up. Randy pulls Kofi to the corner by his hair. Lifting Kofi to the top rope backfires has Randy take a flying DDT.  Both competitors reach their feet and it’s Kofi to connect his momentum booster. Randy stops the boost but gets caught with a corner kick by Kofi; followed by a flying cross body for the 1..2..Ohh! Kofi goes for a springboard move but Randy catches him in mid air for a large power slam. Randy gets the 1..2..Ohh! Randy sets up Kofi for the second rope DDT, but Kofi manages to back drop Orton out of the ring. Kofi gets his sliding kick sidestepped and Orton takes advantage. Delivering a close line, a front suplex on the barricade, and a barricade DDT on the outside.. Orton drags Kofi back into the ring and delivers the RKO, and gets the 1..2..3!

Winner: Randy Orton by Pin.

My wife mumbles in silence at the fact that Randy Orton just won..

Whoa! Daniel Bryan came out and begins attacking Orton. Throwing him to the outside and suicide diving him over the announcer table. Daniel follows Orton and begins punching repeatedly to Orton head. Referees, and back stage officials have a hard time holding Bryan off. Bryan manages to escape them and keeps going after Orton. They all eventually run to the back.


Backstage Segment: Vickie tells some guy that he needs to run his vacation through her next time.. Alberto Del Rio makes his appearance and speaks to Vickie as if he wants her.. In his pants.. I hope they don’t do a Vickie, Del Rio story line.. That would be odd. Anyways Del Rio wants to be known as the face of the WWE because he’s the only champion. Vickie doesn’t look impressed with the come-on, could this be a bad thing for ADR?


The third selection for the special guest referee is of course the guy who will win; Shawn Michaels!! I told you there would be an obvious option. Shawn goes on saying how he is a personal friend of Triple H, how he trained Daniel Bryan, and that he hates Randy Orton; that nothing will sway him in anyone’s preference. He wants the best for the WWE Universe and wants a winner.. HBShizzel is a new saying? Shawn wants it trending? Ohh boy…

Another WWE download app tutorial, this time for Android; because we all now need Apple and Android tutorials, separately and in detail… AHHHH!!


Vickie interrupts the entrance of Alberto Del Ro to introduce Alberto’s opponent.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

The match bell rings, but Vickie makes another announcement. At Hell in the Cell, Alberto Del Rio would be defending his World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena. This enraged Del Rio which made Ricardo get a drop kick to the back of Del Rio and rolled him up for the 1..2..3!!

Winner: Ricardo Rodriguez by Pin.

Vickie Laughs, while Ricardo celebrates. Del Rio gets pissed and attacks Ricardo as he celebrates on the announcer table. Alberto kicks Ricardo right in the head and grabs a chair. He locks Ricardo in the chair and gets the cross arm breaker in and tries to break Ricardo’s arm. The refs arrive and break the action up.

So it will be Del Rio and Cena at Hell in a Cell. I thought Cena would come back at the Royal Rumble, Interesting.


Zack Ryder vs. Fandango.

Ok, I’m not paying attention in this match.. It’ll be crappy moves and same old shit from these guys. Don’t expect detail, or any attention from me. Look cats!

Cats again!

Seriously though, this is a breaker match, I’m going for a piss.

Ohh look I came back and there’s a winner after a huge top rope leg drop.

Winner: Fandango by Pin


The winner of the special referee poll is? Of course Shawn Michaels! Booker T walks away saddened and upset that Bob Backlund out polled him by 18%!! Ha!!

So at hell in the cell, it will be Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton in a Hell in the Cell match, for the WWE Championship; with the guest referee Shawn Michaels.


The Real Americans vs. Santino Marella & Great Khali.

Ok, once again this Is a rematch from Battleground. It didn’t keep my interest last night, nor do I think it will tonight.. Sigh….

Look cats!

Ok, so pretty much the Real Americans keep Santino down by continues punishment. Santino does his modified stunner and gets Khali tagged in. Khali elbows and slaps Cesaro twice in the corner. A close line to Swagger on the apron has Cesaro going after Khali’s legs. Santino grabs Khali again and performs the Giant Swing to Khali, and as last night the Real Americans get the 1..2..3!

Winners: The Real Americans by Pin

Swagger manages to grab hornswaggel asking “Should we swing him?” Cesaro grabs him and starts rotating the little man. Santino comes from behind and Cobra’s Cesaro to stop the swing. Swagger goes for a close line but a quick duck by Santino has Swagger slam right into a Giant hand by Khali.


Miz TV is coming up next; and his special guest is, himself!? Dammit, I just want Miz to not talk for a bit; why can’t we get that for a few months.. Or years.. Dammit just staple his mouth shut.

Miz begins by his usual Must-See Talk show!! Thank god the Wyatts interrupted him early on!! The lights come back on and behind Miz are Wyatts fun boys. Miz runs towards Bray on the ramp and manages to run by him, kicking Bray into his beard buddies.


Backstage Segment: Steph and Brad Maddox speak about his downfalls and that he has allot to learn. Triple H arrives on scene and claims that he is in the process of cleaning up the mess Maddox made at Battleground. Triple H will be heading to the ring to make sure that everything remains clean in the main event, and to make sure that what’s best for business is done..


The Shield vs. Daniel Bryan & Cody, Dustin Rhodes

Triple H makes his entrance before the match can begin and attends

Goldust and Seth Rollins begin the match arguing. A spit in the face to Seth has him starting punching. Goldust gets the upper hand and manages to get Cody in. Cody delivers a springboard dropkick to Seth. Cody tries for more punches but Seth counters and gets Dean Ambrose in. Ambrose and Seth try for a double team but Cody counters both and keeps the punches and knees to Ambrose. Another quick tag to Goldust has some double kicks delivered to Ambrose. Cody tagged back in goes for the top rope moonsault but gets thrown off by Ambrose into the outside Barricade. The Shield advantage begins. Ambrose gets Cody back in and focuses on his shoulder. A quick close line gives Ambrose the 1..2..Ohh! Roman Reigns gets a tag and delivers a huge elbow to Cody’s head; followed by a pin, 1..2..Ohh! Roman keeps it slow with punches here and there. He tags in Seth Rollins and Seth keeps in a neck lock to keep Cody down. A suplex leads to a pin for the 1..2..Ohh! Seth continues the barrage to Cody by stomping his chest, and getting Ambrose in to cause more pain. Ambrose focuses on Cody’s midsection and keeps him in a few holds for a quick breather. Cody fights back with elbows to the midsection but Ambrose stops it with a knee to the gut. Ambrose lifts Cody to the top rope and attempts a reverse back drop; but Cody reverses and lands the top rope moonsault.  Both competitors struggle to get tags but a back body drop on Ambrose has Daniel Bryan tagged in. Bryan’s quick speed elbows Roman Reigns and Back suplexe’s Seth Rollins; followed by a top rope hurricanrana. All competitors get into the ring and the Rhodes family manages to get Roman and Ambrose out of the ring. Daniel gets the Yes Lock on Seth; Ambrose comes in with a chair and smashes Cody in the mid section. The Shield gets Disqualified…… No! Triple H grabs the mic and restarts the match as a no-disqualification match. Seth and Bryan, Cody and Ambrose, and Goldust and Roman continue the punching on each other. Daniel gets Seth down and suicide dives Ambrose and Roman on the outside. While Bryan celebrates, Orton comes out from the crowd and RKO’s him on the ground. Seth rolls Bryan back into the ring and gets the 1..2..3!

Winner: The Shield by Pin

As Triple H walks away, The Shield attacks the Rhodes and Bryan. It looks as if the Shield would take advantage, but the Big Shows music hits! Show slowly walks into the ring as Hunter hides behind the Shield. As show enters the ring, the shield attack and appear to have Show down. But Show pushes them all off and sucker punches Hunter right in the face!!


Big Show walks away satisfied and Daniel Stands above Triple H chanting YES YES YES!!!


Raw ends off on that note!

Big Show is fired, Del Rio fights Cena, HBK will ref the Bryan, Orton Championship Match. Allot happened tonight and now we’ll just have to wait and see what comes out of it.

Thank you for reading my War Gods! Take my words and cause Havoc!


Real Humans Watch Wrestling.

Carnage Out!

3 Words a Day! 07/10/2013

(All Five Used)

The dog barked throughout the night.
His leaky wooden doghouse surly would not protect him through the storm.
With no response from his masters, the dog tries for a plan.
Wanting the heat of the home and the dryness of carpet, he needed to be inside.
His eyes focused on the one way in..
The cat door..
“I could fit it”, he thought excitedly .
He slowly approached and wedged his head in; followed by his two front paws.
Slowly he wormed himself into the dry home, becoming more excited with every inch.
His back side reached the opening; and as fast as the excitement came, it left in a quick hurry.
His larger mid section had made him stuck, in the cat door, in the middle of a storm.
One half drying, while the other slowly soaked.
He struggled in the cat door for close to an hour, but decided to call it a night.
He awakes to laughter.
His masters find him that morning laughing at the site of him.
Embarrassed and humiliated, he does the only thing he knows how.
Wag at the masters appearance and reaction, and beg for food.
No wonder he got stuck..

WWE Battleground Results! Oct.6.2013



Are the Rhodes Employed? Has CM Punk gotten revenge? Do we have a new WWE Champion?

Welcome my War Gods to WWE’s New PPV “Battleground!”

Take my words and cause Carnage to all!

Since I posted my Battleground predication a few days ago, there was an addition of one match; Kofi Kingston vs. Bray Wyatt. I’m just going to say that Bray may win this, just because he’s supposed to be on a winning streak right now. You never know maybe Kane may make an appearance on the side of the Wyatt’s family.

Anyways, now that that’s out of the way, let’s see what comes out from tonight’s PPV. Who will walk away as the new WWE Champion? Will Punk get his revenge? And will the Rhodes family overcome the odds?  Let the Spewing begin!

First the kick-off show on YouTube.. Because you know, where ever the WWE asks us to run, we do it willingly.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow (PRE-SHOW)

I hope Ziggler wins this match. My hatred for Sandow grows daily; and the fact the he may become the next world heavyweight champion, kind of gets to my nerves. Pronouncing himself as the Uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion makes me want to pronounce my fist against his face.. Not literally though.. Ok, it may be literal. I wonder if he’ll cash it in tonight, we’ll just have to wait and see.

We’re introduced to the WWE panel. Josh Matthews, Titus O’neil, Miz, and Tensai.. Just going over the things we already know. Whatever, it’s annoying; and it’s odd seeing Tensai in a suit.

Damien comes out spewing the fact that he’ll be close attention to the ADR, RVD match and may cash in his briefcase later in the night depending on how it goes. NO! NO! NO! Ziggler’s music hits.

The match finally begins and starts slowly with the usual neck locks and arm drags. After snap mare Ziggler gets up but Sandow gets a close line and taunts his greatness. After a countered Irish whip, Ziggler connects a nice, loud drop kick to Damien’s face.  A quick back drop leads to Ziggler connecting his signature elbow drops 10 times for a 1..2..Ohh! Sandow Irish whips Ziggler out of the ring and takes the action to the floor. After some manoeuvring Sandow gets Ziggler back into the ring and delivers a chest to the corner and a suplex leaving Ziggler down. Damien drops his elbow and gets the 1..2..Ohh! A chin breaker has Ziggler taking advantage and landing a few punches. But Sandow manages to stop it and goes to the top rope. Ziggler catches another drop kick and stays down for a breather. Ziggler continues the onslaught, a running close line, body splash, and delivering a few punches in the corner. Sandow manages to connect a reverse neck breaker and running knee, getting a 1..2..Ohh! Sandow going for a neck breaker has Ziggler reversing to a fameasser; for the 1..2..Ohh! Sandow though keeps the advantage, but a bad landing has him holding his knee in pain. Ziggler focuses on the knee and manages to land the ZigZag for the 1..2..3!

Winner Dolph Ziggler by Pin


That was my wife’s reaction to that match. I wonder if Damien will hold off cashing in the contract due to his knee. We’ll never know, but I believe that we haven’t seen him for the last of him.. I hope we have though.

Battleground begins recapping all feuds going into the PPV event. Let the Fireworks Begin!!

We begin things off with a good one;


RVD vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship) (Hardcore Match)

Ricardo accompanies RVD to the ring and I still think he’s going to turn on him. Del Rio enters looking confidant and willing to take chair shots to his face.

The match begins and Del Rio delivers kicks and punches to RVD, putting him down quickly and getting the 1..2..Ohh! Del Rio goes out and RVD catches him with the sliding dropkick to the outside. RVD catches a barricade back flip on Del Rio and taunts to the crown “RVD”. RVD gets a steel chair and delivers a magnificent jumping DDT to Del Rio on the steel chair. Del Rio pushes RVD in the corner and delivers the Backstabber to get the 1..2..Ohh! Del Rio takes his turn with the chair and smashes RVD against his back 3 times. Del Rio Pins and gets the 1..2..Ohh! A chock hold takes Van Dam down and a kick to the head keeps him down. Del Rio sets a chair in the corner and Van Dam surprises him with rolling kick to Del Rio. RVD decides to get the toys and grabs a ladder from the outside and hits Del Rio in the midsection with it. RVD delivers a thrust kick from the top rope, and sets up the ladder in the corner. RVD Irish whips Del Rio into the ladder, but that impact throws Del Rio to the outside violently.. RVD gets him back into the ring for the 1..2..Ohh! Another Irish whip to Del Rio has RVD landing a heel kick. RVD goes for leapfrog but Del Rio side steps and catches RVD with a kick to the head. Del Rio gets the 1..2..Ohh! ADR bring a garbage can into the ring and decides to smash RVD in the back several times. Del Rio climbs the ropes with the garbage can, but has it kicked back to him as RVD delivers a dropkick. RVD catches his momentum and lands two close lines and a kick to the head to Del Rio. RVD drags a ladder flat to a corner and scoop slams Del Rio on it. Springboard moonsault has both competitors reeling in pain; RVD goes for the pin and gets the 1..2..Ohh! RVD continues dragging the ladder around and kicks Del Rio onto it, setting up for the rolling thunder. RVD goes for it but Del Rio rolls out the way and RVD gets the ladder to the back. Del Rio takes advantage and gets RVD in the arm lock. Ricardo runs in and smashes Del Rio with a bucket to realise the hold. RVD goes for a rollup and gets the 1..2..Ohh! Del Rio throws RVD out and both Ricardo and Del Rio stand in the ring arguing back and forth. Ricardo was about to give Del Rio the bucket but ends up kicking ADR in the gut and smashy smashy with the bucket, leading them to the outside. Del Rio gets the upper hand and smashes Ricardo into the barricade.

RVD finally regains his composure and kicks a ladder right into Del Rio to the outside. As the ladder magically lands on Del Rio, RVD delivers a Frog Splash from the ring apron to the outside. Both competitors are in extreme pain after that. RVD rolls Del Rio in and gets the 1..2..Ohh! RVD is starring ADR down in the corner. RVD decides to deliver the Vam-terminator but Del Rio moves away at the last second, making RVD land hard on his back; because he wouldn’t land like that anyway? Del Rio sets the chair up in the middle of the ring and drop toe holds Van Dam into the chair face first; followed by a side kick to RVD while on the chair. RVD lands in a way where his arm is in between the chair folds, and Del Rio begins stomping on the chair hurting RVD’s arm. He puts on the arm breaker to RVD while the arm is through the chair and the leverage is too much for RVD and makes him Tap! Tap! Tap!

Winner Alberto Del Rio by Submission (Retains World Heavyweight Championship)

Ohh and I called it, Damien has a knee injury now.



Backstage Segment: Zeb Colter talks about Buffalo and that it’s full of latino’s and maple syrup chugging Canadians. This segment was made to make a matchup against The Real Americans vs. Santino Marella and Great Khali… Ok..


Great Khali & Santino Marella vs. The Real Americans.

This is an odd last minute matchup; but we have Swagger and Santino starting things off. Swagger out manoeuvres Santino and delivers a hard shoulder which knocks Santino on his ass. Swagger follows up with a neck lock and continues to keep Santino Down. Swagger going for an early patriot lock has both standing off again. After another clinch Santino takes advantage and delivers his 3 moves and brings out the cobra.. Swagger rolls out and hornswaggel meets him with his own cobra. Swagger laughs and rips the sock and goes after Santino. A quick arm breaker has Santino stuck in the Real Americans corner. One tag has Swagger delivering his body slam followed by Cesaro’s body stomp. Cesaro delivers Santino in the corner and gets the tag to Swagger. Swagger keeps Santino down in submissions to re-group. Santino fights out and delivers a side suplex to Swagger which landed hard. A tag to Cesaro and Khali has Khali unloading. A few hits to Cesaro’s head followed by some elbows to the shoulder and a slap to the chest… Wait, 2 slaps!! A big chop has Khali pinning Cesaro for the 1..2.. Swagger interferes. Swagger manages to get on the outside and Santino jumps from the ring. Cesaro attacks Khali’s legs and begins his famous swing. He got 10 or so swings and pinned Khali for the 1..2…3!!!

Winners The Real Americans by Pin



Curtis Axel vs. R-Truth (Intercontinental Championship)

As stated I hope Axel loses, R-truth needs to start getting some momentum. Not to mention I find him more entertaining than Axel.. Heyman enters with Axel to stands in his corner.

They begin by clinching and remain clinched until the ref counts them apart. Truth begins landing punches and a elbow to Axel and gets him a 1..2..Ohh! Truth slowly drags Axel corner to corner slamming his head into ring posts and delivering punches here and there. The crowd doesn’t seem to be behind this match that much and remains quite. Truth lands a quick close line and sends Axel to the floor. A running close line from the apron gets Axel down again. Truth rolls him in the ring and gets the 1..2..Ohh! Axel rolls out and Heyman begins consoling him. Truth comes from behind, but gets himself thrown into the barricade. In the ring Axel continues with elbow after elbow to Truths head.  A quick momentum boost by Truth has Axel putting him down with a hard dropkick; Axel gets the 1..2..Ohh! Axel focusing on Truth tries to deliver a running kick but Truth lands his feet in Axel’s mouth. Truth continues by landing elbows, fists, and spinning kicks to Axel giving him the 1..2..Ohh! A front drop suplex has Truth getting the 1..2..Ohh! Truth delivers a gut kick but Axel gets a snack eyes on Truth and lands his swinging neck breaker for the 1..2..3!

Winner Curtis Axel by Pin (Retains The Intercontinental Championship)

Ok I was wrong. I would have thought Truth would win. Whatever shit happens.


Brie Bella vs AJ (Diva’s Championship)

Don’t expect detail in this.. Frankly I don’t care about this match.. You know what.. I’m going piss, that’s right; piss… Dammit, I’m back and match still hasn’t started.

Brie begins with some punches and takes AJ down. AJ runs away like a dog because as a Wrestler she can’t fight? Brie goes for her but AJ new muscle Tamina stands in Brie’s way, which allows AJ to run back into the ring. Brie gets caught with a few punches by AJ, but takes advantage and slams AJ in the corner a few times. A suplex has Brie getting the 1..2..Ohh! AJ manages to take advantage and gets Brie on the apron, and smashes her face against the side ring post. Brie slowly gets herself back into the ring where AJ focuses on her arm and puts her in a couple of holds keeping it quite and slow progress. Brie manages to reverse into a DDT, but AJ reverses the DDT to an arm breaker. AJ gets the 1..2..Ohh!! “COMMON” AJ yells in annoyance at the ref. AJ continues her assault by focusing on Brie’s shoulder and throwing Brie into the corner shoulder first. For another 2 minutes AJ still continues to focus on Brie’s shoulder… Brie gets the momentum and fights out with a few punches to AJ. But a slip up has her throat against the ropes. AJ goes for a run but Brie gets a dropkick to AJ’s face. Brie delivers the knee to the face and was preparing for some leg submission, but Tamina grabs Nikki in a chock hold witch grabs the attention of Brie and AJ rolls her up for a 1..2..3!!

Winner AJ by Pin (Retains Diva’s Championship)

Next is the Rhodes family Feud with the WWE. The next match is to determine their job status with the WWE.


Cody & Dustin Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins (Jobs on the Line Match)

Dusty and Dean stand in opposing corners in their team’s side; will they be a factor in this match?

OK first, Goldust face paint I found awesome tonight, it was a good design. And second, I love how if you get fired from the WWE, you’ll be in the unemployment line immediately and you can’t work ever again. WWE is the life line to your future, basically.

The match begins with a huge stipulation on the line. Cody and Seth start things off and Cody begins his aggression by throwing Seth around. Roman comes in after an invisible tag and Cody drops him with a dropkick. Cody and Goldust tag in and double team Roman, but Roman gets pulled out of the ring by the Shield. The Shield plans to set their eyes on Dusty, but Goldust and Cody get in the way and intimidate the Shield away.

Back into the ring Goldust gets advantage against Seth Rollins and gets Cody tagged in. Cody gets planted with a sucker punch and Seth takes advantage. A tag to Roman keeps Cody down. Seth comes back in but Cody begins the advantage. Displaying his anger he doesn’t tag out and stomps away at Seth. After Seth grabs Cody and bashes his face against the turnbuckle, he tags in Roman. Roman lands a huge shoulder to Cody and keeps him down. Roman and Seth tag back and forth and keep on wearing Cody down. Cody begins fighting back but Seth grabs him and hangs him in the corner. Seth tries for a running dropkick but Cody kicks him right in the face, elbows Roman, and delivers a flying moonsault to Seth Rollins. Cody gets Goldust in and Goldust just dominates Roman Reigns. After a sidestep to Roman against the turnbuckles, Goldust lands a top rope cross body for the 1..2..Ohh!! Goldust going with the momentum has him missing a running cross body on Roman and gets him to the floor.  Goldust stays down there until the count of 9, Roman pins him immediately for the 1..2..Ohh! Seth gets tagged in and does a couple of punches and re-tags in Roman. Roman keeps the action down and holds a heavy chokehold on Goldust. The momentum grows for Goldust as the crows gets behind him. He breaks the chokehold but gets stopped by an elbow to the head. Roman drags Goldust in his corner where Seth tags in and delivers a flying leg drop and gets the 1..2..Ohh! Seth continues the chokehold, while at the same time yelling “You’re fired, that’s it!” Goldust reverses a dropkick but gets caught by Roman. Goldust counters all advantages by the Shield and tags Cody and he comes in with a flying dropkick on Seth Rollins; followed by a gut kick and a Alabama slam to Seth, Pushing Roman off the ropes and goes for the pin on Seth and gets a 1..2..Ohh! Seth stumbles and climbs the top rope and Cody catches him for the clinched fisherman suplex. Cody gets the 1..2.. Roman Reigns interferes. Goldust gets Roman and gets caught with a huge hit to the gut by Roman.

Ambrose on the outside sets his eyes on Dusty. Dusty though throws his hat at Ambrose and smashes his face with his belt buckle. As Dusty threatens Ambrose, Roman comes up from behind but Goldust interferes and continues his punching on Roman. In the ring Seth Rollins goes for his finisher but Cody counters and catches Seth in the cross-roads and gets the 1..2..3!!!!! THE RHODES FAMILY HAVE JOBS AGAIN!! Everyone stands in ovation for the Rhodes family!!!

Winners Cody & Dustin Rhodes by Pin (Retrieved their Jobs!)

The whole locker room came out when the Rhodes family walked back… Good on’em!

Backstage Segment – Brad is on the phone with the McMahon’s, and the McMahon’s have left the show for unknown reason and that the show is spiraling out of control. Vicky comes into view because Brad called her there to help him.. She laughs in his face and says that he’s left in charge, not her. HAHAHA….ok


Kofi Kingston vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray begins this with his “I will rape you look”. Bray runs around Kofi and gets some kicks delivers to his legs. Bray backs off and laughs. Bray continues his advance and pushes Kofi’s face into the mat. Kofi delivers a kick to Bray from the ground, going for a high risk maneuver; Bray reverses and makes Kofi land on his nut sack! Bray runs corner to corner and deliver a body splash on Kofi who’s laying chest first upside down on the turnbuckle.. oww!

Bray keeps Kingston down yelling “I am the Profit of Clarity”. Kofi fights out but gets a scoop slam and an elbow drop delivered to him. Bray gets the 1..2..Ohh! Both of Brays followers wait outside the ring with Luke in the weird goat mask.. Anyways Kofi reverses a suplex and gets the 1..2..Ohh! Kofi goes for a springboard Cross Body, but Bray grabs him in mid flight right into a power slam.  Bray gets the 1..2..Ohh! Bray continues his advantage but Kofi counters into a back slam that has Bray landing right on his head. Kofi begins his chest slapping and Boom dropping, he taunts for the Trouble in paradise but gets countered into a huge body splash by Bray. Kofi looked like he broke himself. Bray walks around happy and finds a corner to do his creepy exorcist thing. He actually crawled out of the corner though. It was creepy until he fell on his face! HAHA! Kofi creped out, rolls to the outside and Bray follows. Kofi runs back in and jumps on the whole Wyatt family. Bray makes it back in and eventually counters an SOS right into the sister Abigail.. Bray gets the 1..2..3!

Winner Bray Wyatt by Pin

His Bray Bunch come in after the match and deliver a large back breaker and a huge close line to Kofi which I’m sure has killed him.. Seriously Kofi dead… RIP Man…  No not seriously but he should be after that hit..

Bray grabs the mic and continues his talk of dropping them 1-by-1. Follow the Buzzers..

Video recapping the feud against CM Punk, Heyman and Ryback, let the face ripping begin!


Ryback vs. CM Punk

Heyman accompanies Ryback to the ring to watch his big-bad-beautiful-Ryback beat Punk..

Punk’s music hits and he enters the arena with a huge ovation from the Crowd.. He’s still wearing the Wolverine Mutton-chops. I don’t know if I like this look on him. That’s just me.


The bell goes and match begins. They start things off with a clinch and Ryback overpowers Punk. Another clinch has Ryback pushing Punk down. Punk starring was outlining his next moves and listened to the crowd as they chanted his name. The third clinch has Ryback pushing punk to the corner. Irish whipping him to the opposing corner, CM punk slides to a stop and comes back with kicks to Ryback. Kick after kick has Ryback retreating to the outside. Ryback comes back in but more kicks have him rolling out again. Punk though doesn’t allow it and suicide dives Ryback. While on the outside Punk climbs the barricade and jumps, but Ryback catches him and goes for a smash into the post. Punk reverses that and runs Ryback into the post. Rolling Ryback into the ring, Punk gets the 1..2..Ohh! Ryback begins to take advantage by utilizing his large size; Throwing Punk from the corner, slamming him down and throwing Punk through the bottom ropes right into the corner post. A quick belly to belly has Ryback pinning Punk for the 1..2..Ohh! Ryback man-handles Punk to the corner, and delivers a back hand; followed by a running spear to Punk.

Ryback continues his advantage by countering Punk with a running close line and suplexing punk on the ring ropes. A quick kick to the head sends Punk to the outside apron and slammed back into the ring. Ryback continues the abuse to Punk in the corner with more punches and another spear. Ryback takes Punk down and gets Punk in a choke hold, wrapping his large legs around Punk and squeezing the air out of him. Punk fights back and delivers elbow after elbow to Ryback’s head. A quick kick to the head in the corner allows Punk to take Ryback into the post. CM Punk takes the advantage and delivers his side kicks, punches, and signature neck breaker. Punk taunts the Go to Sleep, but Heyman grabs the mic to distract Punk and tells him that “He’s the best in the world” and that “He beat Punk with his hands tied behind his back”. Ryback attacks Punk from behind and delivers a horrid Power Bomb and gets the 1..2..Ohh! Heyman gets Ryback to power bomb again. Punk reverses the second power bomb with a bulldog. Ryback gets up and Punk manages to get the corner knee and bulldog. Punk climbs the top rope and delivers the elbow drop and gets the 1..2..Ohh! Ryback gets advantage and gets Punk in the ropes in front of Heyman. Ryback delivers elbow after elbow to Punk. With the referee distracted By Ryback Heyman grabs a Kendo stick. The ref sees that and distracted once again Punk gets a low blow on Ryback and Pins for the 1..2..3!!!

Winner CM Punk Wins by Pin.

Well I did say that one Paul Heyman guy would lose. I at least got that one right.. YES YES YES!

The panel again.. Son of a bitch!! I hate this panel crap!! Yes they want Daniel to win the WWE Championship!! What a fucking surprise considering everyone hates Orton.. Even my wife!

Video Recap of the Orton, Daniel Bryan Feud over the WWE Championship.

Ok well I’m annoyed.. My signal feed has somehow become interrupted.. Seriously before the main event.. It better come back on soon.  Ohh look lets bother some cats!!



Ohh hey look we’re back! They had a power outage in Buffalo! That’s why we lost signal! Ha! I want my money back!!



Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan (Vacant WWE Championship)

The bell rings and this match should be epic.. A quick clinch has Bryan applying the side headlock and Orton rolling him up for a 1 count. Bryan keeping the side headlock on, Orton pushes him to the corner making the ref break the hold. Meeting in the middle of the ring again, Bryan gets the side headlock again. Orton counters and delivers a shoulder block on Bryan stopping the action. Orton delivers a few kicks and takes Bryan down with a side headlock. Orton gets Bryan to the ropes, but gets caught in the face with a dropkick from Bryan. He delivers two arm breakers on Orton with a few kicks in-between. Bryan goes for a third arm breaker but Orton captures him in his side back breaker. Bryan is stalled and gets stomped and kicked in the head and gets pinned for the 1..2..Ohh!  Orton keeps an arm lock on Bryan wearing him down, but Bryan rolls out of it and gets the knee to the gut. Bryan begins with the kicking and focuses on Orton’s legs. He manages to lock himself in a leg lock and delivers elbows to Orton’s head. Orton stumbles to the corner and Bryan lifts him up on the top rope. Bryan proceeds to climb to perform the hurricane-rana but Orton throws Bryan on the ropes and delivers a side close line to Bryan.

Orton begins his beat down by delivering a hard close line to Bryan and delivers 10+ punches in the corner. A close line and a head butt keep Daniel in the same spot. Orton goes for a running close line but Bryan stops it with a boot to the face. Bryan runs for Orton, but gets caught in a quick power slam and gets pinned for the 1..2..Ohh! Orton puts in a choke hold and suplexes Daniel on the top rope; goes for the pin, 1..2..Ohh! Orton walks about starring and smiling while the crowd chants for Daniel Bryan. Both competitors get back to their feet and exchange punches. Orton gets Bryan in the corner but Bryan counters to his signature top rope flip. But instead of connecting his running close line, Orton sidesteps him to the outside. Bryan hangs on to the ropes and rolls up to grab Orton with his legs, throwing him to the outside. Bryan delivers a suicide dive, followed by a running dropkick on the outside. Bryan takes Orton back into the ring and climbs the top rope. Bryan jumps, but Orton catches him in a huge power-bomb and gets the 1..2..Ohh! Orton grabs Bryan and takes him in a Boston Crab. Bryan almost reaching the ropes, but Orton pulls him back to the centre of the ring. Bryan manages to roll Orton up for the 1..2..Oh! Bryan goes for the Yes Lock but Orton gets to the ropes. Orton rolls out, Bryan goes for the sliding dropkick but gets side stepped and gets thrown into the steel steps. Orton picks up his game and slams Bryan into the Spanish announce table and the ring post. Orton get Bryan back into the ring and pins for the 1..2..Ohh! Followed by some punches and kicks, Orton takes Bryan to the top rope. Orton goes for a top rope suplex but Bryan counters with head butts. As Daniel prepares to fly Orton pushes his foot out from under him and manages to get the top rope suplex. Orton pins for the 1..2..Ohh! Both competitors are back to their feet and are exchanging punch after punch, European uppercut after European uppercut.. Bryan gets the advantage but Orton stops it, Daniel though manages to get the back slide for the 1..2..Ohh! Daniel gets up quickly and connects a large kick to Orton’s head. Orton rolls out to the apron and Daniel follows trying to suplex him back in. Orton though gets Bryan and suplex’es him to the outside. Orton strips the Spanish announce table and tries to power bomb Bryan though it. Bryan counters and sidekicks Orton while throws him into the steel stairs. Daniel climbs to the top rope and lands on Orton to the outside. Rolling Orton in, Bryan goes to the top again and lands his flying head butt, and gets the 1..2..Ohh!! Daniel gets to his feet and delivers corner-corner dropkick 5 times to Randy Orton!!!! Jeezes!! YES YES YES!!!! Kick teeth in!! The crowd goes nuts and are ready for the chest kicks.. Daniel begins connecting as the crowd chants yes!! By the last one Randy catches Daniel Bryan and T-Bone suplexes him, landing Bryan on his shoulder. Bryan is positioned on the outside ring apron and Orton delivers a quick rope DDT.

The Viper waits, and listens as the crowd disagrees with his actions.. He coils and goes for the RKO; but gets reversed. Daniel goes for the last kick, but gets reversed to a roll up for the 1..2..Ohh! Daniel gets the YES lock in, and then The Big Shows music hits!! Show runs to the ring and pulls the referee out. Daniel asks what he’s doing, and then BIG SHOW SMASH, right into Daniels face.  Daniel lays flat and out cold.

Brad Maddox Stands on the ramp and calls for Brad Armstrong, the initial referee that did the fast count originally at Summerslam. Brad goes in and counts 1..2.. But The Big Show pulls the ref out and knocks him right out! Show gets back into the ring and stands there as Orton yells at him that he’s given up, and that he lost it, and that he should think about his family! I think Big Show doesn’t care anymore. Pushing Big Show ends up giving Randy Orton a nice whack to the face! Big Show stands in the ring victorious starring down Brad Maddox on stage. The match ends in a no contest.

No Contest (No WWE Champion Crowned)


Well that was an interesting un-eventful PPV. I’m glad both Cody and Goldust have jobs again and there were no new champions.. I was right on some accounts… I think.. Whatever I suck at predicting, you all should know that by now.

Anyways thank you for reading my War Gods! Take this information and enjoy life!  Lets see where raw gets us. Big Show will be punished for his actions.. I’m pretty sure. And please get rid of Brad Maddox already.. Just slap him out of the office.1


Real Humans Watch Wrestling.


Carnage Out!

3 Words a Day! 06/10/2013


He hid from the shadowy figures which he believed lived within his room,
He folded himself under his bed sheets chanting, “Go Away, Go Away”
He reached out from under the sheets and grabbed his TV remote off the nightstand.
He turned the TV on, which engulfed his room in a light blue.
His fears dimmed, and his heart calmed.
He peeked his head out from under the sheets, and examined the room.
His fear overtook him once again when he saw a tall dark figure standing in the corner of his room.
He starred within the dark abyss of the figures face.
His voice was lost, and his skin chilled instantly.
No Face, Clothing, or comfort came from this figure.
Only a darkness that overtook him.
This was the last night the shadowy figure was seen.
This was the first night in a troubled difficult life to come, for the young boy.

3 Words a Day! 05/10/2013


Life is not a manuscript outlining ones accomplishments..
What ever can happen, will happen for a reason.
No-one lives life less than anyone else.
Cherish and enjoy every moment.
Release your inhibitions and live life.

WWE Battleground Predication

Battleground predication!


Welcome my War Gods to the Mind of Carnage!

Listen to my words and spread them throughout your lands!


Ok so last time I did predications for a PPV (Night Of Champions), I was pretty much wrong on all the matches.. Let’s see if that should change today, hopefully; but probably not.



Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow (PRESHOW)

I hate Damien, so I’m hoping Ziggler kicks his ass. Ziggler needs a boost and beating the Money in the Bank holder should begin his triumph.

Prediction – Dolph Ziggler Wins by Pin



Curtis Axel vs. R-Truth (Intercontinental Championship Match)

I’m predicting R-Truth to win, I think one Paul Heyman guy will win tonight but it won’t be Axel.

Prediction – R-Truth Wins by Pin and Becomes the New Intercontinental Champion.



AJ vs. Brie Bella (Diva’s Championship)

I haven’t been following much of the Diva’s division but I presume AJ to win and retain her belt.  Because Brie can’t wrestle, and she’s been given way to much air time..

Prediction – AJ Wins by Pin and retains her Diva’s Championship.



Cody and Dustin Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins (The Shield)

This match will see if the Rhodes boys can get their jobs back within the WWE. I honestly don’t know who will win, but I see the Rhodes family breaking down.  Cody will turn on his family and join the corporation. I would like that outcome.

Predication – Cody will turn on Dustin costing him the match. Triple H will hire Cody back for his actions.



Alberto Del Rio vs. RVD (World Heavyweight Championship)

RVD will lose due to Ricardo turning on him. They still don’t match up nicely. Ricardo is just out of place in his RVD shirt. They didn’t do it at Night of Champions but they will at Battleground.

Predication – Alberto Del Rio Wins by Pin and retaining the World Heavyweight Championship.



CM Punk vs. Ryback

Ryback will win due to a distraction from Heyman. I also think Punk will be too distracted on getting his hands on Heyman which can back-fire on Punk.

Predication – Ryback Wins by Pin.



Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (Vacant WWE Championship)

Orton’s mean streak is back, and even though Daniel won last time; I think Orton will get the upper hand and win the WWE Championship. Daniel will have a rematch at some point but Randy will win at Battleground and it’ll be because his viciousness has returned.

Prediction – Orton Wins by Pin and Becomes the New WWE Champion.


These are my predications. Once again if you bet with anyone, it’s not my fault if you followed my predications. You should have learned from my Night of Champions Predications. But we’ll have to wait and see.

Maybe Smack down tonight will open our eyes to new possibilities.


Real humans watch wrestling.


Spew this information in your worlds my War Gods!

Carnage Out!

3 Words a Day! 04/10/2013


The crystal was pure, and radiantly clear.
Its shine implanted its beauty within anyone who held it.
Deep inside ones mind, the feeling of clarity and euphoria was prominent when starring within the crystal.
You would easily confess any downfall, actions, or hatred; just to hold it.
This was a cursed crystal.
Intended to bring the most pure human to their knees, and damage their honorable status.
Beauty is a curse, and can inflect true pain and suffering.
Just because it can.

3 Words a Day! 03/10/2013


2 years ago.
He was stranded in another country, and terrified at what might happen to him.
No family or friends to turn to.
No phone to hear any recognizable voice.
His uncertain future, turned his action into impulses.
He was ready to make the deal, with the shady secretive individual.
“I would have never thought of doing this back home.” He thought to himself.
But here, it was legal.
It wouldn’t be a drug to him, instead it would be a souvenir of a new persona, and a new life.
He remains unreachable.

3 Words a Day! 02/10/2013


She finalized her article in her first issue of Cosmopolitan.
The feeling that her complete article would reach the eyes of 1000’s of people, was overwhelming.
She had finally done it, and completed the first steps in her truly successful career.

3 Words a Day! 01/10/2013


The grounded ship layed deep within the seabed.
Moss and seaweed hanging off the protruding parts of the sails.
Even though it was broken and degrading, I promised that one day I would salvage it.
Today, I take it on the lake.
Brand new, shiny.and ready for a new life.

Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling!

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