3 Words a Day! 24/10/2013


She peeked from behind the curtain.
And exhaled in fear once she saw the audience.
It was a sold out theater, excited for the opening show.
She had trouble remembering her lines.
Nervous and terrified she began the performance.
In the end,
She knew she had done well,
As the audience stood in ovation for her.

3 Words a Day! 23/10/2013


We, are the matter of existence.
We, believe in death for all life.
We, host the entangling game of Humanity.
We, are Time itself.
And your time, is up!

3 Words a Day! 22/10/2013


Changing one’s mindset is difficult,
yet worthwhile if the reason is life altering.
You could fake it,
but sooner or later you will slip up,
and destroy the personality you’ve tried to portrait.
Is a life changing experience not worth turning into a better person?
Or has the person within you become to frightened to change?

Smackdown Oct.25.2013 (Big E’s Hungry, CM Skunk?, More Gringo talk, and Miz lies)

Show: Smackdown

Author: Cade Carnage (Mindofcarnage.com)

Date: Oct.25.2013

Venue: Nationwide Arena (Columbus, OH)


Welcome War Gods to the Smackdown Recap!!

Read my words and spread the carnage!


Video Recap: We get a recap of last Mondays Raw, and hear the main event for tonight; The Rhodes brother, Miz, and Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton & The Shield.


What will the final Smackdown before Hell in the Cell bring us? Will the Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan feud, along with the Heyman & Punk feud reach a boiling point? Will Goldust and Rhodes stand tell yet again? And will Big Show make another surprise appearance to make his point that WWE management are corrupt, vile excuses of human beings.. Let the verbal word shooting begin!



We begin Smackdown with an interview between Michael Cole and the COO of WWE, Triple H in the middle of the ring. Triple H claims that due to Big Shows Mack Truck interruption on Raw, he’s had to fire 6 people that he believes should have done their job in stopping him. Because you know, people will and should try to stop an actual giant in a huge Mack truck; which is a perfect reason for firing someone, Right? Hunter continues his verbal assault on Big Show calling him irrelevant and definitely fired and that Triple H cannot and will not answer anymore questions about the Big Show. Cole asks about the World Heavyweight Championship match, Hunter builds up Cena and compares himself to his suffering when he had a similar injury. He believes it will be a very exciting match.  Hunter gets asked about WWE Championship match and the crowd chants YES YES YES in the background. Hunter begins promoting Orton and the Hell in the Cell match, while attacking Daniel Bryan’s passion and character. But all of a sudden for some reason we abruptly cut to commercial while in mid sentence. Something may have been cut out?


The Usos vs. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper

Erick and Rowan start things fast and just plow through Jimmy, keeping him in their corner delivering punch after punch. Luke bounces Jimmy off the corner and delivers a front slam for the 2 count. Jimmy gets to his feet and runs around Luke and tags in Jay Uso. Jay runs past Luke and attacks Erick on the ropes and gets Luke down with a dropkick. The match goes to the outside where Jimmy jumps from the ring and connects a flying cross body onto Erick. As Jay attempted the same move he gets connected with a big boot from Luke. Luke big boots Jimmy on the outside and Bray Wyatt comes to assist his family. Miz gets up from the announcers table and attacks Bray on the outside, he distracts Erick to chase after him up the ramp and into the back. Luke is left to yell after his partner in the ring, just as he turns around, both Usos connect a super kick for the 1..2..3!

Winners: Jay and Jimmy Uso.


AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella (Tamina and Brie Occampany AJ and Nikki)

Brie chases after AJ, but AJ wraps around the ropes getting the ref to push Nikki off. Nikki still manages to get AJ down and delivers punch after punch. AJ rolls out and hides behind Tamina as Brie yells at her. As AJ climbs back in, she connects a neck breaker on Nikki off the ropes and gets the 2 count. AJ gets a chokehold on Nikki and keeps her down. She fights her way out with minimal motivation from the crowd and delivers close lines and a dropkick to AJ. As Nikki misses a corner dropkick in the corner to AJ, outside the ring Brie attempts to attack Tamina but ends up getting thrown into the stairs. Inside the ring AJ wraps in the Black Widow on Nikki and gets the Tap Tap Tap.

Winner: AJ Lee


Video Recap: John Cena’s Career recap; showing his first match against Kurt Angle, his thug-nation character, and his careers downfalls, and achievements.


As the announcers speak of Johns past early returns, Bray interrupts on the titon-tron having the camera-man follow him into a dark hallway. At the end of the hallway we see Erick and Luke standing on both sides of a masked wrestler who is beaten down on the floor; with the word “Liar” on his abdomen. They lift the mask off and we see that the beaten masked wrestler is actually The Miz. This is payback for attacking the leader Bray and for not following the Buzzers.. Common Miz, just follow the buzzers.  



3MB vs Los Matadores

Before the match could begin, the Real Americans music hits and they stand on the ramp to admire the match. Drew and Diego begin things quickly with punches and a hurricanrana. Heath gets a blind tag as Drew gets Irish whipped; Heath delivers a fast dropkick to Diego for the 2 count. Heath gets Drew in again and they both deliver a double rebound suplex for the 2 count. Fernando gets tagged in as Drew misses a flying elbow in the corner. Fernando connects a cross body and a springboard cross-body. Heath tries to distract Fernando, but he gets connected with a double chop to the head off the top rope. Diego gets tagged in and both Los Matadores connect a double neck breaker on Drew for the 1..2..3!

Jinder comes in to make a point but gets taken out by Los Matadores and El Torito. As Jinder rolls to the outside, El Torito springboards from the ring with a flying leap sault taking out Jinder on the outside.

Winners: Los Matadores

Zeb gets on the mic and pretty much praises Americans and states that El Torito is a kidnapped immigrant who gets made to dress up in a full body bull suit, and works for Los Matadores as a show puppet. The Real Americans stand tall and say “We the People”. They’re getting some decent reaction from the crowd.


Ryback & Paul Heyman vs. CM Skunk

CM Skunk gets introduced by Heyman where he has the exact same entrance as CM Punk. This man will be eaten, alive, quickly; by Ryback, Let’s begin!

First and foremost, CM Skunks hair due is just as a skunks tail, black with a white stripped Mohawk. Skunk attacks first with two, maybe three punches. Ryback though quickly devours skunk, delivering corner shoulder thrusts, close lines, and power bomb after power bomb. Heyman asks for the tag and gets tagged in by Ryback. Heyman grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and begins pounding Skunk continuously. Heyman yells for Ryback to finish him where he delivers the meat hook and Shell Shock to CM Skunk. Heyman gets the 1..2..3 as he stands on CM Skunks face.

Winners: Ryback & Paul Heyman

The Skunk was run over, scraped off, re-positioned and run over again.

Heyman grabs a mic and assures the audience that this Sunday the monster Ryback will utilize all the steel in the cage and grind CM Punks face all over it. Heyman promises that once again he will pin CM Punk and that he is “The Best In The World..”


Backstage Segment: Vikki laughs historically at the name difference between Punk and Skunk. OMG so funny! As she laughs, Big E walks in and asks to be in the main event match considering Miz has been taken out. Big E brings up the point that he is young and hungry for action. Vicki states that she likes the idea but will ask Triple H. Big E wonders if he stepped in the GM’s office or Brad Maddox’s office. He asks “Aren’t you the General Manager of Smackdown?” Vicki reacts very annoyed being referred to as Brad Maddox and allows Big E to be a part of the main event.


Alberto Del Rio makes his way out to cut another promo for his match against Cena this Sunday. ADR claims that Cena is too full of himself and that his over confidence will cost him the match. Del Rio says that he is the Mexican Superman, and that Latin & Mexican people are building monuments in his name, naming children after Alberto Del Rio and many more over confident blabbering. Alberto continues by calling Cena a gringo once again, and claims to put Cena in the cross arm breaker and never let go. ADR compares the WWE gringo’s with the peasants in his country; saying that they have one thing in common, and that is they can kiss his ass.


Fandango vs. The Great Khali

Khali comes out dancing with Natalya and Hornswaggel. We get another dance routine when Fandango and Summer Rae make their way to the ring. Do any of you Fandango?

Fandango starts things off with chest slaps on Khali, but it’s Khali’s size that takes advantage and gets Fandango into the corner. Khali delvers his corner chest slap 2 times before Fandango hangs Khali onto the ropes and connects some kicks in the corner. Khali once again takes advantage but gets distracted by Summer Rae who has climbed the apron. Natalya pulls her off and gets a slap for it by Summer Rae. Natalya goes after Rae and as they enter the ring, Natalya spears her down and the ref calls for the bell. Fandango splits up the girls and gets connected with a Big Chop from Khali.

Winner: Non (No Contest)


Daniel Bryan & Big E Langston & The Rhodes Brothers vs. Randy Orton & The Shield

Quick note; JBL comments that Bryan came out earlier tonight interrupting Triple H during his interview with Michael Cole. This was never shown, it was abruptly cut out..

Ambrose and Cody Rhodes start things off with a clinch, but it’s Cody who gets the upper hand with corner punches and multiple stomping kicks. Cody gets Ambrose’s arm and tags in Goldust where he delivers a knee to Ambrose and gets the 2 count. Goldust delivers a hard close line and tags in Cody, as he throws Ambrose outside the ring, and here is where we cut to commercials.

We return seeing Seth unloading slaps to Langston. Seth goes for a cross body but gets caught with a huge Belly-to-belly slam for the 2 count. Big E tags in Cody, where he rolls up Seth for the 2 count. Cody tries to continue the assault but gets thrown into the turnbuckle face first. Roman gets the tag and begins to wear down on Cody Rhodes. Cody gets the upper hand and tags in Bryan where he begins kicking Rollins mid section and locks in the standing knee lock. Big E gets tagged in and lands a large mid section punch to Roman, followed by shoulder thrusts in his corner. Goldust gets tagged in and connects a top rope cross body for the 2 count. Cody gets tagged in and delivers his drop to the floor neck punch for the 2 count. Roman gets angry and uses his size to carry Cody to the Shields corner. Ambrose gets tagged in and slowly works away at Cody with punches, and kicks. Orton gets the tag, and delivers 10 corner punches. Cody though gets the upper hand and counters Orton, delivering multiple shots to his head and a front drop suplex for the 2 count. Cody tags in Goldust and he punches Orton until he goes to the mat for the 2 count. Cody gets tagged in again and tries for corner punches, but it’s Randy who racks Cody’s eyes and delivers a suplex hanging Cody onto the ropes. Orton delivers a big knee sending Cody to the outside. Ambrose gets tagged in and backdrops Cody into the barrier. He takes Cody back into the ring and stomps away at his chest for the 2 count. Orton gets tagged in again and slowly paces around Cody looking to deliver a flying knee drop. Cody thinks fast and moves away, allowing him to deliver corner punches to Randy. As Cody delivers punches, Orton sneak under him and gets his signature elevated backbreaker from the second rope. Both competitors are down for a breather as we cut to another commercial break.

We return to a video recap of Cena’s injured body and miraculous return for the World Heavyweight Championship. Who else thinks Cena will win?


OK now back to the actual match; we see Roman in the middle of delivering a suplex to Cody Rhodes for the 2 count. Dean gets tagged in, and delivers punches to the mid section and head of Cody Rhodes. Seth gets tagged in and stomps at Cody’s head keeping him down. He tries to get him up but Cody connects a jaw breaker and tries to go between the legs for a tag. Seth grabs him and drags him back into the Shields corner. Ambrose gets the tag and stands between Cody and his team taunting towards them. Cody manages to reverse Deans run with a big boot, but Roman ghost tags Ambrose as he fell. Cody reverses Roman advantage, but it’s Seth making a ghost tag on Roman and tries for a high risk maneuver. Cody see’s this and reverses Seth with a punch to the mid section. Cody gets the tag to Goldust, where he connects a close line and a running cross body to Seth. But it’s Seth who gets the upper hand. The Shield, along with Randy Orton continuously wears down Goldust for a few minutes in their corner. Goldust gets the upper hand delivering a double corner elbow to Seth and Roman and drags himself to tag in Daniel Bryan. The crowd goes nut and for good reason. Bryan dropkicks Orton off the apron, takes out Seth and Roman, Works away at Ambrose ducking his close line and suicide dives Orton on the outside, Irish whipping Ambrose to the barricade, and delivering his side kick to Ambrose back into the ring for the 2 count. Roman interfered in the count, but Roman gets connected with a huge close line by Big E. Seth gets Big E out of the ring as Goldust close lines Roman to the outside. Cody connects the devastating kick to Seth and Ambrose takes out Cody. Bryan locks in the Yes lock to but Ambrose counters and tags in Orton. Orton tries for the RKO, but it’s Langston who distracts Orton by pushing him right into Bryans running knee for the 1..2..3!!

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Big E Langston & The Rhodes Brothers


Smackdown Ends with The Rhodes, Big E, and Daniel Bryan standing victorious together. How will this effect Hell in the Cell? Now that Bryan is going in with the momentum, will he succeed or fall to the Viper?

I’ll see about posting my prediction in the day to come! Who will win? Will early returns grant victories? Who will be the last one to stand in the cell?


We’ll just have to wait and see!


Real Humans Watch Wrestling!


Carnage Out! 

Monday Night Raw Oct.21.2013 (Contract Signing, Rhodes Championship Match, Langston’s Chance)

Monday Night Raw (Contract Signing, Rhodes Championship Match, Langston’s Chance)

Author: Cade Carnage

Date: Oct.21.2013

Venue: FedEx Forum (Memphis, TN)

(UPDATE) – Forgot to add the ADR video.


Hello my War Gods to another week of wrestling. Read my words and share thigh knowledge, enjoy!!

Tonight we get to see the contract signing between Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton. Triple H addressing the Rhodes Brothers, regarding their controversial Unified Tag Team Championship win over the Shield. In addition, Paul Wight (A.K.A. Big Show) will be addressed over his attitude and unprofessional actions towards WWE management, and Brad Maddox this past week. I’m not a Brad Maddox fan, and don’t consider him a real person in the WWE. Somehow when he gets on the mic, I don’t see a person talking; All it is, is just a floating mic reverberating really bad, highly pitches words from an unknown source.. I highly enjoyed Big Show knocking him out this past Smackdown, which actually was the first time I enjoyed a segment with him since he’s become the GM of Raw. Anyways, let the verbal-word-shooting begin!

Just a side note; if Raw has any segment showing us how to download the WWE app, I will freak out.. Honestly, I will.. Just you wait; I’ll walk around pointing at people and saying “You’ll be next, to download the WWE app; HERE’S HOW!!” It gets me so annoyed.

Video Recap of last week’s Raw main event where Big Show comes in from the crowd and knocks out all of the Shield members and allows the Rhodes Brothers to capture the Unified Tag Team Championships.

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon starts off by entering the arena and walking down to the ring. Recap of Smackdown, The contract signing later on Raw, and Bryan vs. Ambrose for later tonight.

Steph starts off by announcing the Hell in the Cell card, ADR vs. Cena, Brie vs AJ, CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman, and Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton with HBK as the special referee who guaranteed there will be a new WWE champion. Triple H takes the mic and says that he trusts and respects HKB more than anyone in the WWE. All of a sudden Big Show comes on the titon-tron yelling that Triple H doesn’t know anything about respect. Big Show continues by saying that he will sue Hunter and the WWE for “The Millions” left on his contract. He insults Steph and tells her to shut her mouth. Steph though throughout Big Shows rant on the titon-tron was yelling at the ringside crew too shut the feed off! She responds to Big Shows insult by telling him to “Shut Up!” and by counting down from 5 as Big Show gets cut off. Triple H rants on some more disrespectful things towards Big Show; saying that the show must go on. He introduces Dean Ambrose for the next match, yet in his stead Daniel Bryan’s music hits. Daniel just continues to run around the ring leading the YES YES YES chants as we cut to commercials!

Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose

Daniels beard seems shorter today.

Both Bryan and Ambrose begin the match with submission manoeuvres and arm locks. Chest slaps get passed along to Bryan and Dean who ends up having Daniel Bryan kneeing him right into the gut for the 2 count. Daniel keeps Dean down and begins manipulating his arms pinning him for the 2 count. Dean fights his way out but still ends up tasting Bryans boot from a dropkick. Bryan focuses on the arm and connects an arm breaker, side kick, shoulder roll and stomp to Dean’s arm. Bryan tries for a drop kick but it’s Dean who hangs onto the ropes leaving Daniel to fall straight down. Dean begins stomping on Bryan wearing him down, followed by focused punches. Dean connects a suplex and gets the 2 count. An Irish whip gone awry has Daniel and Dean screwing up a rollup. Bryan still connects his kicks and goes for the flying head butt. Dean realizing what’s happening rolls out of the ring before Daniel could jump. Daniel immediately chases after and slides a dropkick to Ambrose. Bryan goes for the flying knee from the apron but Ambrose ducks and close lines Bryan as he turned around. We leave them to fight it out, as we cut to commercial.  Btw I’m not using my WWE app because it’s not working for me right now. I hope I installed it correctly, not!

Bryan is in a chokehold as we return from the commercials. Bryan fights out of it as the crowd cheers, but Dean connects a fast knee to the gut. He hangs Bryan on the ropes keeping him upright, and lands a running dropkick to him for the 2 count. Dean continues with submissions, keeping both on the ground. Bryan gets the crowd behind him, but it’s Ambrose who connects a back suplex for the 2 count. Dean tries for a leg lock, but Daniel counters into his surfboard stretch. Dean gets a poke to Daniels eyes and breaks the hold. Daniel rolls to the apron and Dean stomps away at him. Daniel begins punching back and manages to get to the top rope. Dean see’s him and interrupts Daniels flight path by connecting a forearm and double under hook suplex from the top rope; Dean gets the 2 count. Once again Dean gets the choke hold on Daniel for a breather. Bryan reverses and rolls up Dean for the 2 count. Both competitors are back on their feet and Daniel gets the upper hand by connecting his running close line and corner running dropkick. Bryan connects a top rope hurricanrana and gets the 2 count. Ambrose manages to connect a spine buster and tries for another running drop kick. Bryan fell and Dean goes to the outside over the top ropes. Bryan begins to shake his head and connects his suicide dive. Bryan gets Dean back into the ring and connects his signature sidekicks; but just as the last kick was to be delivered, Dean rolls Bryan for the pin. Bryan being the technical wrestlers he is continues the roll and locks Dean up to the Yes Lock; where he Taps Taps Taps.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

CM Punk gets introduced and stands on the ramp to address the WWE universe. Punk is looking to make a legacy based on what he does to Paul Heyman, once he gets his hands on him. Heyman though believes that Ryback can protect him, but what Heyman and Ryback don’t know; there entering the cell with the devil himself. Punks plan is to put Ryback to sleep and corner Heyman and slam him all over the steel structure, because that’s what he deserves. Sunday at Hell in a Cell PPV, 3 men walk into the Hell in the Cell structure, but 1 man will walk out under his own power; and that is The Best in The World!

Backstage Segment: Hunter and Steph appoint Vickie in charge of Raw due to Maddox absents. They leave Vickie and enter an office where HBK is already waiting for them. HBK asks why Hunter thinks Daniel can’t be the WWE Champion; and Hunter states that Daniels face is like weeds and that he can’t be champion. HBK comes back saying that people told him that he wouldn’t be champion and same for Hunter. After that comment Hunter seemed somewhat disappointed.  HBK feeling the intensity doesn’t stay and decides to “head out to have some fun.” He points and leaves on a weird pig laugh.. I still think he hunts humans for fun now, at night.

Santino Marella vs. Heath Slator

Santino comes out with Khali and Hornswaggel, and for some reason they’re all dressed up as Elvis.. Alright, this match looks promising so far…. NOT!

Santino dressed as Elvis connected a few karate chops to Heath and some Karate taunts. Heath irish whips Santino and connects a knee to the gut. He continues by connecting a few shoulder thrusts in the corner and gets he 2 count. He keeps Santino down with a mid section grab. Santino starts building momentum but Heath continues the shoulder thrusts while there back up on their feet. Santino side steps Heath and goes right into the corner post. Santino connects his hip toss, Splits, and cobra taunt. Heath connects a kick and goes to the top ropes. Heath jumps, but Santino kicks up and lands the Cobra on Heath for the 1..2..3!

Winner:  Santino Marella

Santino goes to the announcer table and dances with Jerry the King Lawler honoring him considering he’s from Memphis TN.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton

This match will be good; these two competitors have good chemistry together.

These two starts things slow with a long clinch where the crowd was getting behind both competitors. The ref splits them up and Orton rolls to the outside. The crowd seems to be 50-50 on this match. Orton climbs back in and delivers a gut kick and punch after punch to Ziggler. Orton rolls Ziggler outside and slams him right into the barricade and delivers a fast close line on the mat. Orton takes him back into the ring and gets the 2 count. He drags Ziggler to the apron looking to connect his elevated DDT; but Ziggler runs Orton back into the barricade and punches away at him. He goes for a close line but Orton sidesteps and Ziggler connects hard to the flow. Both competitors are back in the ring and exchange punch after punch between each other. Orton Irish whips Ziggler to the corner but gets a close line right back into his face. Both Ziggler and Orton struggle to their feet where Orton connects his signature side neck breaker for the 2 count. Orton keeps Ziggler down with a choke hold and gets a breather. The crowd slowly gets on Zigglers side and he connects a jaw breaker on Randy, which allows him to continue the assault with a running close line, neck breaker, and his jumping elbow drop for the 2 count. As they both get to their feet, Ziggler connects the fameasser for the 2 count. Ziggler tries for a corner cross body, but it’s Orton who catches him in a T-bone suplex. Orton drags Ziggler to the ropes for his signature DDT and taunts for the RKO. As Ziggler gets up he delivers a fast dropkick to Orton for the 2 count. Ziggler tries for the Zig-Zag but Orton counters into a huge RKO for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Randy Orton.


Video Recap: John Cena’s surgery progression and his slow transition to become healthy again to wrestle. Fine we get it; your coming back because the WWE’s last PPVs were very controversial and angered allot of people due to no winners In the main events.

AJ & Tamina vs. The Bella Twins

Ok, let’s see how much detail will be in this match… Don’t expect much.

Brie and Tamina starts things off where Tamina is just man handling Brie. Brie reverses a back suplex and tags in Nikki where a horrible double drop kick was landed. Nikki gets Tamina on the ropes, but it’s Tamina who throws Nikki to the outside and hangs Nikki on the ropes. Some quick knee drops and punches, gets Tamina the 1 count. Tamina holds in a modified choke but Nikki stomps her way out. As Nikki runs to the corner, Tamina grabs her hair and slams Nikki right down to the mat. Tamina continuous with choke holds, slams, and a suplex to Nikki. Tamina tags in AJ and she gets the 2 count.

I had to leave my computer for a sec and Brie is in now yelling and beating on AJ. Brie connects one of her running knee to Tamina, who pushed AJ away; and connects the face buster on AJ for the 1..2..3!

Winners: The Bella Twins

Video Segment: Showing ADR’s 30 Seconds of Fury – Cross Arm breaker. See it here too:

Backstage Segment: Renee Young recaps Heyman and Friends attack on Punk on Smackdown when Big E Langston attacked Curtis Axel. Heyman walks into the shot with his friends, and goes on a crazy rant how he’s lava and how he hurts and melts innocent village people.. So eventually Heyman snaps back to reality and say that at Hell in The Cell, Punk will be locked in a cell with Heyman and that’s the worst possible option for him. Big E walks into the shot and asks “Am I a rookie now?” Both Ryback and Axel’s feelings got hurt because Big E didn’t say excuse me; and a match is made against Big E Langston vs. Curtis Axel.

Video Segment: We get a video recapping Daniel Bryan and Shawn Michael’s relationship as a teacher and mentor.

The Wyatts vs. Kofi Kingston & The Miz

Erick begins the match with the Miz. Miz manages to get Erick out by ducking a close line. He jumps on Erick on the outside and goes face-to-face with Bray. Erick attacks from behind and gets Miz back into the ring. Erick tags in Luke and connects a body splash and big boot to Miz for the 2 count. Luke gets Miz in the ropes and hangs Miz’s throat against them for the 2 count. Luke tags in Erick and gets a large back breaker for the 2 count. Luke comes in once more and begins dropping elbows to Miz for the 2 count. Luke grounds Miz in a choke hold and rolls him around like an alligator. Miz tries to reach for Kofi but its Luke who stop that momentum. Luke throws Miz into his corner and connects a large drop suplex on Miz for the 2 count. Miz fights back and connects a kick on Luke and gets the tag to Kofi. Kofi comes in throwing close lines and his own body on these two giants. Kofi catches a nice cross body on Luke and gets the 2 count. Kofi ducks a big boot by Erick and throws him over the ropes. Kofi ducks an attack and rolls up Luke for the 2 count, and catches Erick with the Trouble in Paradise as he climbed the ropes. As Kofi turns his attention on Luke he gets connected a large close line for the 1..2..3!

Luke attacks Kofi after the match and baits Miz into the ring. They knot Miz in the ropes as Bray comes in chanting his cursed words. Both Luke and Erick hold the Miz’s eyes open to watch the words from Bray’s mouth. Bray is here to lead Miz to the gates and then we cut to commercials.

Winners: The Wyatts


Curtis Axel vs. Big E Langston

Both Heyman and Ryback come to the ring with Axel, A.K.A “Heyman and Friends”.

Langston attacks Axel immediately and considering the match hasn’t began, both Ryback and Axel attack Big E. Big E keeps the heat on Heymans friends and gets them to the outside. Ryback and Axel appear to get the upper hand but it’s Big E who keeps the fight going, dragging Ryback into the apron and Close lining Axel on the Mat. Heyman attacks Big E with a kendo stick with no effect. Ryback attacks Big E and Punk runs to the ring swinging his Kendo Stick!! All members run in fear of the flimsy wood! Vickie comes out and makes a tag team match. CM Punk & Big E Langston vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel, and here we go with the commercials.

Big E Langston & CM Punk vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel

This match gets re-started, or more like started to begin with as a tag team match.

We return with Big E tagging in Punk while they dominate Axel. Punk lands a swinging neck breaker and tags in Big E as they perform a double under hook hip toss. Big E tags in Punk again and connects a knee to the gut. Axel comes back kicking Punk and slapping him down to the mat. Axel tags in Ryback but its Punk who fights back with punch after punch. Ryback utilizes his large stature and runs Punk into the corner and hard Irish whips him in the corner. Ryback punches and lands a leg drop onto Punk for the 2 count. A scoop slam has him tagging in Axel for the second rope forearm drop; Axel gets the 2 count. Axel locks a choke hold to build up the momentum where Punk fights back and connects a flying cross body for the 2 count. Axel nullifies his momentum with a large close line. Ryback gets tagged in and scoop slams Punk again. Ryback connects a big splash and gets the 2 count. Ryback slowly just punches and slaps Punk. He goes for a suplex but Punk rolls him up for the 2 count. Ryback stands up quickly and lands a big boot on Punk. Ryback locks in a bad looking rear bear hug on Punk as you hear Heyman yell “Tag me Punk, I’ll help you.” Punk reverses and gets a boot to Rybacks head allowing Punk tp tag in Big E just as Axel gets tagged in. Big E connects a fast close line and flapjack. Big E takes the straps off as CM Punk jumps on Ryback as he tries to interfere. Big E is able to catch the Big ending on Axel and pins for the 1..2..3!

Winners: CM Punk & Big E Langston

Punk chases Heyman and he runs for his life!

Backstage Segment: R-Truth does a promo for WWEShop.com.

Tons of Funk vs. The Real Americans

Tensai and Swagger, these two behemoths begin the match exchanging blow after blow. Cesaro gets a phantom tag while Swagger brings down Tensai. Cesaro lands a mid section stomp and tags in Swagger. Swagger backdrops Tensai and it looked as if Tensai landed hard on his head. Swagger lands the big corner splash and Cesaro tags to connect his over the shoulder stomp. Tensai manages to get the upper hand and gets in Brodus. Brodus lands in a few punches when Antonio lands a huge European uppercut and grounds Brodus. Cesaro begins the big swing on Brodus for a maximum 8 seconds, not so impressive. Swagger gets tagged in and knocks Tensai off the apron and locks in the Patriot lock on Brodus for the tap, tap, tap.

Winners:  The Real Americans

Zeb comes into the ring and introduces a Bull-whip as his little friend. So if any Matadores attack him, he can whip them like a bull. He needed to work on his whipping; he looked to bad doing it.

Video Segment: Cena’s debut and career outline his achievements, audience hatred, and passion for the sport of wrestling.

Smackdown Recap: ADR calling Cena soft and that he will lose against him at Hell In the Cell, and remaining a nobody just as Cena already is.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes make their way to commentary to watch this match.

The Usos vs. The Shield (Roman and Seth)

Seth and Jimmy begin things off, with quick pins and fast back and forth punching. Jimmy gets a knee to the gut and close lines Seth to the outside followed by a jump over the top ropes onto Seth. Jimmy gets Seth back into the ring and gets the 2 count. Seth manages to tag in Roman where he body splashes Jimmy for the 2 count. Jimmy pushes Roman back to the Usos corner for a double body splash. Jay comes in and lands a few kicks and punches to Roman and quickly tags in Jimmy. Jimmy punches and kicks both Seth and Roman in their corner; but gets knocked out by a fast drop kick by Seth. Seth and Roman continue their advantage for a few tags between them. Roman keeps a choke hold on Jimmy and takes him to the apron. Roman tries to suplex Jimmy into the ring but ends up being pushed off right into the announcer table as we cut to commercial.

We return seeing Jimmy struggle to get to Jay, but Seth stops him and drags him to the Shields corner. Roman gets tagged in and both Seth and Roman perform a double leg split on Jimmy. Roman connects a suplex and locks in a choke hold for a breather. Jimmy tries to pump up the crowd and manages to fight his way back with DDT on Roman. Both stay down as the ref begins to count. Roman tags in Seth and he interrupts Jimmies attempt to tag with a quick close line. Seth taunts and runs to his corner to body splash Jimmy. Jimmy backdrops Seth out of the ring, but Roman tagged Seth. Roman comes in and attempts to back drop Jimmy but gets reversed to a kick to the head. Jimmy tags in Jay and he just goes ballistic; punching and kicking, reversing and damaging both members of the Shield. Jay goes for a corner close line on Roman, but Roman connects a evil looking close line to Jay for the 2 count. Jimmy saves the pin, and here is where we see the Rhodes brothers get pissed off at Ambrose on the outside; and all hell breaks loose. All members of the shield, Usos, and Rhodes get in on the match. After some mayhem and punching we hear the bell ring marking the ending of the match. After some barricade and stairs throwing to both of the Usos, they still stand with the Rhodes brothers victories in the ring, as the Shield limps away.

Winners: No Contest

Due to this battle royal It will be a Triple Threat Tag Team Match at Hell In The Cell for the Unified Tag Team Championship.


Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton Contract Signing

We see Triple H and Steph in the ring facing the contract signing table. Randy Orton’s music hits and he walks to the ring, grumpy and un-oiled. We get an introduction to Daniel Bryan leading the Yes chants throughout the arena. Triple H stands in the ring clapping for Daniel, is he censer?

Triple H introduces HBK with almost all of the suck-up names you can think of, even “My best friend”.

HBK enters to a great reaction, this guys is crazy, honestly hunts people at night..

Steph thanks everyone for coming to the contract signing. She hands over the contract to “The Face of the WWE” Randy Orton. We listen to him make some usual comment of Daniel not getting back up on Sunday. Orton states his past victories against John Cena, and the Undertaker in a Hell In a Cell, and considering this will be Bryans first; it will also be his last. Randy Signs the Contract.

The contract is handed to Bryan where it’s his turn to talk. He begins by stating that the threats are the usual thing, and that without The Shield, The Authority, and even Triple H; he would be standing there WWE champion as it should be. Bryan also claims that he is capable of smashing in that face of the WWE. He Thanks Orton for being the corporate lackey he is. And that Orton brought out the sadistic, evil, under hooked Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Triple H takes his turn to talk and states that there are allot of guys back there in the locker room who are A+ players. But that doesn’t mean they could be the WWE champion; if they were, Hunter and everyone would be working for Ted Turner by now. And at Hell In the Cell Daniel Bryan will understand that he is nothing but a B player. Bryan challenges to fight Triple H if he got out of his suit sometime. Triple H claims that he wouldn’t come back to fight Daniel Bryan. Of course Hunter would fight A+ players, and would not waste his time fighting someone like Daniel Bryan. HBK shouldn’t have ever wasted his time training him, this is where HBK interrupts.

He claims Daniel is very good, and asks what happened to Triple H? What happened to the guy that raised the machine with him? The guy who rode the tank into WCW? The guy who played Poker half naked in the ring with HBK? All HBK knows is that the WWE universe picked him to ref the match and he’ll do it clean and straight. Triple H claims that at the end of the day “Shawn will do what’s right”. Shawn agrees, and claims that he will do what’s right for the business he loves. Shawn continuous to ask what Hunter has against Bryan? Is it because he’s smaller? Because he has a grotesque beard? Or is it that in the end, Triple H is angry at him because Bryan has proved him wrong?  Randy retorts that he will take this A+ player and take him straight to hell.. Isn’t Daniel Bryan a B player as Triple H claims?

BUT WAIT!! We see a Mack truck driving into the garage, slamming into garbage cans, chairs, tables, and right into the arena. Big Show pulls the horn and continuous to pull the horn and stands at the door chanting YES YES YES. He moves his hand as if telling Orton in the ring to turn around. Orton did and got a knee to the face. Daniel stands in front of Triple H raising his hands chanting YES YES and then standing victorious with Big Show on the Mack truck.

This Sunday we will see one hell of a WWE Championship Match. And Langston got a championship match against Axel.

Take this information and spread the word my War Gods!

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3 Words a Day! 21/10/2013


He stood feeling confused.
Swaying side to side.
When he tried to take a step, his legs gave out from under him.
We layed him down, and the confusion was still present.
His vitamin supplements had taken an effect on him.
Both physically and mentally.
We waited a few hours keeping him calm and comfortable.
The effects on him seemed to fade.
He stood on his own accord, promising never to use them again.

3 Words a Day! 20/10/2013


Despite our efforts, we weren’t able to evacuate all of the town.
Our time was up.
The earthquakes hit with tremendous force just as planned.
We stood watching as the mud-slide took the whole town up-river.
We could only stand and prey for those left inside their homes.

3 Words a Day! 19/10/2013


It was time to have that father & son discussion.
To explain just how his funny feelings would begin to impact his life.
He looked horrified as I described how his male parts worked.
And looked disgusted as I described how the female parts worked.
In the end, he seemed to understand.
But a call from his teacher told me he didn’t.
He managed to scare all the other male students in his class.
Claiming that “the females can grow eggs inside them, and make people”
He was certain the females would make armies of small people to spy on him and his friends.
Terrified that the females would give birth as the teacher was teaching them.
He screamed “Don’t Spy on Me!”
“My dad told me about your powers!”
I remained speechless on the phone as the teacher explained what happened.
I think I need to clarify my point next time.

Smackdown Recap Oct.18.2013 (Big Show Banned, Big E’s redemption, The Shields new streak)


Smackdown Recap Oct.18.2013 (Big Show Banned, Big E’s redemption, The Shields new streak)

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Welcome to the Smackdown Recap my War Gods!

Raw ended on a high note this past Monday, with the Big Show interfering in the main event allowing the Rhodes brothers to capture the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships from the Shield.  Triple H claimed that he has now become the “bad guy”. WWE posted another video interview between Triple H and Michael Cole which I recommend watching, I’ll post the URL at the ending of this article. Triple will address the Rhodes Brothers and Paul Wight (Big Show) next week on Raw. But in the mean time, will Smackdown have any relevant story progression, or will it continue its stale performance that goes nowhere? Let’s find out!

The show begins with Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox standing in the ring, showing us their pretty faces. They recap Big Shows appearance on Raw, and his unprofessional actions towards the Shield; costing them their Tag Team Championships. They continue their rant by banning Big Show from the arena, and decimate his character. But man, the crowd booed consistently for like 4 minutes towards Vickie and Brad. Daniel Bryans music hits and he decides to join them in the ring. Bryan re-iterates his match at Hell in the Cell and warns that Big Show is within the arena. Big Shows music hits and the crowd cheers; in the end, it turned out that Bryan was teasing them. Instead he introduced the Rhodes brothers who come out wearing the covenant Unified Tag Team Championships. Goldust wears gold again!! Well, actually more like Bronze this time. Vickie decides to place all three (Cody, Goldust and Daniel Bryan) in a 6 man tag-team match against the Shield for tonight’s main event.


The Wyatts (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) vs. Kofi Kingston & the Miz

Miz and Erick begin the match, as we cut to Bray in his rocking chair on the ramp. Miz takes quick advantage in the match with his signature corner close line and dropkicking Erick into his corner. Kofi gets tagged in and lands a jumping stomp on Erick’s forearm. Kofi tries to continue the advantage, but it’s Erick who stops him and tags in Luke Harper. Luke looks to connect a scoop slam, but Kofi’s speed is too much to handle as he reverses out of it. Kofi keeps the advantage on the Wyatt’s and goes for a Springboard move, but a slip-up has Luke’s big boot landing right into Kofi’s face. This begins the onslaught towards Kofi from the Wyatt’s. Both Luke and Erick tag back and forth utilizing their size and power. Kofi manages to connect an elbow to Luke and before being able to tag Miz, Erick pulls Miz off the apron and Luke connects a close line which I swear almost took Kofi’s Head off. Luke pins for the 1..2..3!

Bray gets on the mic and tells Miz that he knows how he’s feeling, and that it’s ok to be afraid. Miz should enjoy his world for as long as he can. Because the Wyatt’s will take it all away.. Be Careful Miz, The injured Bray will take your life away.

Winners: The Wyatts


Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee

Brie has an obvious bulls-eye as her shoulder is wrapped -up due to the shoulder breaker she received from Tamina on Raw. The match begins and Brie goes right after AJ, but a roll out of the ring by AJ has Brie giving chase. Once back into the ring AJ rolls out again and uses Tamina as protection standing between Brie and AJ. Once Brie begins to head back into the ring, AJ turns her back and Brie lands a forearm to the face. The action moves back inside, but it’s AJ who takes advantage; focusing on Brie’s wrapped arm and shoulder. AJ continues focusing on the arm with submissions and an arm breaker to get the 2 count. As the crowd cheers for Brie to get back into the match, she lands a flying dropkick and a few knees to AJ’s face. Tamina looks to cause a distraction, but a side step by Nikki has Tamina going right into the stairs. Brie gets the Face crusher and pins AJ for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Brie Bella


We return from commercial where we see Lillian announcing the next match, but it’s Big Show who makes his way into the ring from the crowd. He stands in the ring showing his Daniel Bryan autograph ticket, and thanks the WWE universe for supporting him and his family throughout this hard time. Brad and Vickie begin their march towards the ring. Brad begins to demand and ask “How can you be here?” “You shouldn’t be here!” “You knocked out the COO!”, “You’ve already lost everything, so why don’t you get out!” Big Show responds to them by saying that; he may have lost everything, but that means that he has nothing to lose. WMD to Brad Maddox!!! Maddox is out for the night!

CM Punk vs. Big E Langston

Punk and Langston gave a great performance throughout this match. Big E connecting a large corner close line and European uppercut which I’m sure Punk spat out a tooth. Punk comes back with some elbows taking Langston to the outside. Punk goes for the spring boards cross body to Langston; but its Langston who catches Punk in mid air, and slams him on the corner of the apron. Langston throws Punk into the barricade and we cut to commercials.

We return to the action where Big E has a Half-Crap locked on Punk. Punk tries to fight back, but Big E puts him right back into it. Punk struggles but manages to get to the ropes. Big E releases but delivers a gut buster and forearm hit to Punks head. Big E goes for his big splash, but it’s Punk who gets his knees up; which gives him the advantage to connect kick after kick to Langston and side steps a running spear taking Big E’s shoulder to the ring post through the turnbuckles. Langston goes to the outside where Punk performs a suicide dive, takes Langston back into the ring and delivers a top rope cross body for the 2 count. Punk delivers his signature corner knee and connects his top rope elbow drop for the 2 count. CM Punk taunts the Go-to-Sleep but Langston reverses to connect his Big Splash for the 2 count. Langston removes the shoulder straps and gets ready for the finisher “big ending”. But it’s Punk who reverses and connects the Go-To-Sleep for the 1..2..3!

Winner: CM Punk

Heyman and friends are on the ramp congratulating Punk on his victory over a sub-moderate-rookie wrestler from NXT. Heyman continues by calling himself the best in the world and that Punk will be facing a professional at Hell in the Cell, which is “His Ryback”. Punk takes the mic and tells Heyman that at Hell in the Cell, he’ll put both Heyman and Ryback through hell, and put down Ryback like the animal he is. Heyman sick’s his friends on CM Punk. As Punk waits for Ryback and Axel, Langston steps in the ring and attacks Axel and Ryback!! WHAT!! Face turn!! Both Punk and Langston clean house and stand together in the ring. Langston yelling “Who’s the rookie now!?” Will we see a tag match on Raw?


Alberto Del Rio has an interview with Josh Matthews in the ring. We get shown a video recap of John Cena and his passion for wrestling. ADR calls all non Mexican fans “gringos”. They have no passion, no souls, and are nobody; and their representative is the top Gringo himself John Cena. ADR calls Cena soft due to his injury and that he will lose against ADR at Hell in the Cell. ADR asks if the Gringo’s wants to see what he will do to John Cena. ADR grabs Josh Matthews and locks him in the cross arm breaker leaving him to cry in the middle of the ring..


The Real Americans vs. The Usos

Cesaro and Jimmy begin things with back and forth punches. Cesaro tags in Swagger and he just beats down Jimmy with shot after shot. Cesaro tags in and gets in the giant swing on Jimmy, for close to 30 seconds. Swagger gets another tag and delivers a belly to belly to Jimmy for the 2 count. Swagger locks in the neck lock to ground Jimmy for the breather. The crowd chants and Jimmy fights back but quickly gets stopped by Swagger. Swagger lands his body splash followed by Cesaro’s over the shoulder stomp for the 2 count. Swagger, is to continue the assault when the Madatores music hits. El Torito comes in and spears Zeb Colter. In the ring the Usos take Cesaro outside, super kicks Swagger, and lands the Super fly splash for the 1..2..3!

Winners: The Usos

The Matadores land their finisher on Swagger and stand celebrating with the Usos.


We get shown a Raw Recap showing Shawn Michaels referee speech in which he guarantees the WWE Universe that one man will leave the Hell in the Cell as WWE Champion.


Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Goldust vs. the Shield

Just as Daniel Bryans entrance finished, Randy Orton comes out asking Daniel “Who do you think you are?” Orton tells Bryan that he’s way over his head, and that Orton will be the WWE Champion, and the face of the WWE once again.

Roman and Goldust begin things off aggressively. Roman doesn’t start things off slow; he just goes right after Goldust assaulting him punch after punch. Roman gets Goldust in the Shield’s corner and tags in Ambrose which follows suit and delivers punches after punch to Goldust. Ambrose tags in Seth, and once again just follows suit by punching Goldust down while still stuck in the Shields corner. Roman gets tagged in, but it’s Goldust who gets the upper hand on Roman and manages to tag in Cody Rhodes. Cody lands a spring board dropkick to Roman and running elbows to Ambrose and Seth in their corner. Roman takes advantage and catches him with a back close line and we cut to commercial.

We come back and see Ambrose rubbing Cody’s head along the ropes. Seth gets tagged in and delivers a leg drop onto Cody for the 2 count. Seth keeps Cody down with a chokehold as the audience cheers for Cody. He manages to reverse Seth into a back slide for the 2 count. Seth continues to wear him down by chocking Cody along the ropes. He tags in Roman and hold Cody down as he delivers a body splash for the 2 count. Cody tries to fight back, but gets an elbow delivered to him by Roman. Seth gets tagged in once again and stomps on Cody until he gets pushed off by the ref. Cody rolls to the apron and Seth suplex’s him over the top rope into the ring for the 2 count. Roman once again gets tagged in and locks in a choke hold; keeping them down for a breather. Cody gets the momentum on his side and sidesteps Romans spear pushing him to the outside. As Roman re-enters the ring, Cody delivers a fast dropkick exciting the crowd as Cody tries to tag in Goldust. Seth tags in first and attacks Goldust. He sets his attention on Cody; but a quick side step has Cody getting the tag to Bryan and he cleans house. Taking out Seth and bashing the crap out of Ambrose for the 2 count. All hell breaks lose as all members enter the ring. Seth takes our Goldust, Cody takes out Seth, and Ambrose take out Cody. Ambrose and Bryan connect a double close line to eachother. On the outside Roman throws Cody to the Barricade and sets up Goldust for a spear against the steps. Goldust moves and Roman says hi to steel. Bryan on the inside goes for the flying head butt, but Ambrose superplexe’s Bryan from the top rope for the 2 count. Seth tries to assist Ambrose in the ring, but Cody interferes and stops Seth’s momentum. He tries to get him to the outside but Seth catches Cody in a power bomb and throws Cody into Goldust which takes both of them over the announcer table.  From inside the ring, Bryan throws out Ambrose and lands his suicide dive onto the Shield. He gets Ambrose in the ring and delivers his running knee for the 1..2..3. Shield’s losing streak continues.

Winners: Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Daniel Bryan.


Smackdown ends with the Rhodes and Bryan celebrating with continues YES YES YES chants.


This is the URL for the interview with Triple H and Michael Cole that I addressed earlier:



During this Smackdown there was hardly any story development. The only change was Langston changing sides and bridging into baby face land. But what will Raw bring us this upcoming Monday? Will Triple H get revenge on Big Show and the Rhodes, and will we see CM Punk and Langston team up to go up against Heyman and Friends (Ryback & Axel)?

We’ll just have to wait and see.


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3 Words a Day! 18/10/2013


I bid her an emotional farewell.
Releasing our long hug to one-another.
We ending it all with one last kiss.
This was the second time we ended our relationship.
The continuous fighting and emotional arguments were taking a toll on our health.
We loved each other, but couldn’t stand each other.
As I watched her and her curved body walk away from me.
Inappropriate thoughts ran through my mind.
I wanted to chase after her and beg her to give me another chance.
But I learned from my mistakes.
And even though I’m saddened to watch her leave.
I’m selfishly relieved to see her go.

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