3 Words a Day! 13/09/2013


Today is Friday.
I purchase my refrigerator on Monday.
You stated it would be safely Delivered on Tuesday.
You marked on my receipt that it would be delivered on Tuesday.
Yet, today is Friday, and I have no refrigerator.

WWE Triple H Second Sit-down with Michael Cole


Triple H addresses Big Show & Edge and backs his decisions on what transpired against Cody, Goldust and Orton.

Raw September 9th 2013 (Goldust Returns, Edge Insults, & Bryan Surpasses)


Hello to all my followers of another world! I hope you enjoyed your day, because now it is time to be witness to The Mind Of Carnage!

Monday Night Raw took place in Toronto Ontario!! And Fuck was it Loud!!


So Edge hosted Raw and came out to a huge ovation from the Canadian audience. Black carpet in the ring, two chairs centered, looks like Cutting Edge came back for one night! Edge started it off saying that he was requested by Triple H to attend Raw and to have as his guest Randy Orton, because you know, “Its what’s best for business”. Edge decided against that, and got another guest, which the audience already knew who, because Torontonians can read people’s minds and always make them do as we want. Hypno!


Edge continued by stating that he himself wrote the Blueprint for Money in the Bank. That Orton is just Triple H’s lackey, and that the Shield are there to fight his battles. And I will say that Edge was an entertaining wrestler and no-one beats his put-downs and actions. But Edge introduced his guest, Daniel Bryan! Torontonians Agree!

Bryan’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy.. Torontonians Loud!

The goat faced man states that he sees satisfaction in his struggles. That no matter how many times Randy attacks him from the back. No matter how many times the Shield orgy attacks him from the side. Or even get a baby sized fist shoved down his throat. He knows that he will beat Randy Orton and that he will win the WWE Championship and have his way with it.. mmmm excited!

Wife: “FUCK!”.

Orton’s music hits, and the cheeky-thigh man comes out to address not being a part of the Cutting Edge. Orton goes on saying that the only place that would give a crap about edge, is Canada; and that it was a shame his body failed him at such an early age. Edge retorts with a whopper! “I may have a problem with my spine, but at least I have one..” Wife: “Take That Bitch!!” Before Edge could continue on some insults on Hunter, the games music hits and Triple H stands on stage with Orton. “If you got something on your mind just let it out Edge”.

Edge has some bios opinions on Triple H, when he stated that he didn’t think Jericho, Cena, and Edge couldn’t make it in the business. And that Triple H’s nose is huge, but he has to look past it.

Hunter mention a promotion he had agreed to do with Edge’s comeback and he still did it. For Haven, on Sci fi channel.. Will you watch it? I know I won’t!

Triple H continues by saying that he was wrong of other people and they proved him wrong. Just as Cena did, just as Jericho did; and if Daniel Bryan wins the WWE championship, he will too. But there was one person that Triple H new would fail, and that was Edge!! FAIL!


Hunter decides to have a match, and no it didn’t include Edge because of his stack-of-dime spine. No, he put Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose as the main event. But he arranged to have Big Show at Daniels side while at the same time putting edge down for not being able to fight like a man. The crowd by this point began the “Asshole” chant! Edge came back by stating that he didn’t have to get married into success, he earned his HOF ring.. And that Hunter is not a Dictator, but just a Dick!! You’re a floppy bald Penis Hunter!! Floppy and Bald!

Triple H did say that if he couldn’t hurt Edge, he would hurt the closest thing to him.. Christian gets dragged out beaten, bruised, and humped near death!

This was a simple way of having Christian out of action for a bit, due to a concussion he received the prior week.

After the opening segment finished, Edge barges into Hunters office where Steph, the Shield, and Hunter were all hanging around with eachther. Triple H’s twinkle-toe group The Shield stand between them. Triple H claims that this is his town, his city, his show, and his property; and that Edge was to leave and not come back.. Like a dog who’s spilled the full turkey on the floor and pee’ed inside it.. Bad Edge!

Kofi Kingston vs. Curtis Axel  (Rematch from Smack down)

So first as usual a rematch from Smack down, this time Axel seems more aggressive and wants to prove to Heyman that he can’t be beat. A few close-lines to both front and back of Kingston, some knees and dropkicks also. Near the ending Kofi was thrown in the corner, countered Axel’s attack and performed a obvious SOS that aloud Axel to reach for the ropes. Axel stops outside the ring for a breather. Heymans expression really shows his disapproval.


Axel lured Kofi back into the ring delivering a kick right to Kofi’s face leaving him in the corner. Axel begins stomping Kofi while in the corner. Kofi pulls himself to the middle turnbuckle when Axel begins driving his thigh into the back of Kofi’s head. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over… Disqualified!! and over and over and over and over and over.. Axel wants Kofi dead!

Kofi Wins by DQ

 After Heyman speaks to Axel to remind him to stay focused and remember that he’ll be alone with Punk, that all this (Cheering Crowd) would be over. Axel being confident, set his eyes on the already vulnerable Kofi. He began to force Kofi up, when a surprise Trouble in Paradise to Axel’s head laid him out! Heyman face = Broken!

Heyman 2

Raw Recap… Ohh look Big Show! WAAAA WAAA!

big show crying

Booker T has some words with Show during the show. Reminding him of their background and that Booker T is old! Dam! “I was there when you started in this business”. Well now that we know that Booker and Big Show have some history together, lets remind Big Show that he needs to think of his daughter, his family if he was gone. Have you thought of them? Big Show? Have you thought of them?


Are you thinking of them now?


Whoa! Big Show relax, I’m on your side.. Relax!


That’s better..

Anyways lets continue now that he’s calmed down.. It’s Wyatt time! Yay?

Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt

This was a new direction for Ziggler, and it wasn’t too bad. Bray had allot of moments where he stopped Zigglers momentum. Bray got Ziggler in a chock hold taking their times for a breather, Ziggler gets the advantage and does a running body splash to the corner and slap slap slap to Bray; followed by a neck breaker and a high elbow drop. Bray reverses as he gets up and tried for a back suplex, but Ziggler countered and delivered a nicely performed Fameasser on Bray. The Beard Brothers try and get involved, but Ziggler manages to overcome the distraction, but landed himself in a corner full of Bray. Bray performs Sister Abegail and ends it for a 1..2..3..

Bray Wins by pinfall.

And again they stand there overtop the bodies as Cannibals just rejoicing over their catch…!

Artistic Cannibalism
Artistic Cannibalism

Goldust Recap – The Bizarre one makes his appearance tonight! Will be win for Cody??? Huh??

I like Heyman bringing his own Doctor to Canada because he doesn’t trust our health care.. Is Canadian healthcare worse than Obamacare? Fuck! So Heyman tries to lie to get out of the NOC match against Punk, Obvious! Anyways, Heyman pretends to have a fractured knee based on his pumped personal doctor that travels whenever traveling out of the states. Saying “I am injured and I withdraw from competition”. So the child wearing Brad Maddox comes down with the WWE certified doctor. The same one that Heyman refused earlier. Brad says “That you can’t withdraw from the match due to Medical injury, unless a certified WWE doctor says so”. Heyman regretfully lifts his pant leg while sitting in the middle of the ring on a chair.. Just as the audience chanted, I though the same thing “This is awkward, this is awkward”. So he didn’t have an injured knee and the WWE doctor says that he should be ok to compete. Words were exchanged, Punks music hits, crowd goes nuts, Kendo stick starts swinging, Heyman starts running.. No injury! By the way, I loved the wack to Heymans doctors head with the Kendo Stick by Punk.. Doctor Out!


Layla, Askana, Alicia Fox vs. Natalya, Naomi, Brie Bella

AJ attended this match as an announcer. This match gathered some attention due to the fact that Natalya pretty much kicked ass in it. Simple wrestling by the other Divas, and Brie decided to withdraw her hand from Naomi’s tag, because you know she’s a whore! This though had Natalya come in and pretty much clean house. Making quick work of Layla and  Askana, grabbing Alicia and performing the Sharpshooter and having Alicia Tap,Tap,Tap.

Natalya Team Wins by Submission

AJ stunned; walks off silent as her three competitors stand in the ring together starring her down.. And why was Brie always raising her arms in the air? Put’em down no one’s paying attention to you! FUCK! Ohh and AJ put Jerry down pretty nicely.. Advising that she was too old for him! Ha! He likes them under 25.. Doesn’t he have a girlfriend? Isn’t he too old? Isn’t his skin cracking and chipping off piece by piece?

Goldust! Re-Cap! He was a ridiculous character yet he never goes away.

R-Truth vs. Del Rio

This match started quick with Del Rio advancing on Truth. I did notice that throughout the match the crowd was chanting different slurs. It kind of distracted you in a way. But they exchanged multiple blows back and forth…. That sounds wrong. “This is awkward, This is awkward”. Eventually Del Rio delivered a second side kick to Truths head followed by a Cross-Arm breaker. And Tap Tap Tap we go for the win.

Del Rio Wins by Submission

Tag Team Tourmouil at NOC for the Unified tag Championships! Sounds good, my prediication will be the Price time players. WWE has pushed these guys for the obviouas reasons but whatever, if they win I won’t complain.  (Prime Time Players vs The Usos vs The Real Americans vs Tons of Funk vs 3MB)

Cesaro vs Santino Marella

Santino recieved a huge reaction from the Toronto Crowd. Torontonians!!

The match was short but had a crazy 40 second Giant swing to Santino! See for your selves:

Cesaro continued his rampage after the dizzying swing, which by the way didn’t even seem to faze Cesaro! After some comical routines, Santino ended up surprising Cesaro with a roll-up and got the 1..2..3

Santino Marella Wins by Pin

You know Cesaro is actually talented in the ring. I find it kind of crappy how his character lately has been surfing on a losing streak for the last little bit. Maybe soon the WWE will notice the ability of Cesaro and utilize him. My opinion is that this guy will make it.. To the top.. And become Triple H’s Face of the Company.. You never know.

Sandow comes out to address the WWE. Pretty much spitting some crap about the MITB case, but initally identifying himself as the Uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion. No one Cares!


Damean Sandow vs. The Miz

Ohh look Cats! Sorry this match is too boring.

Miz gets boo’ed by the crowd.. Love being a Torontonian! Cats!

Sandow and Miz are so booring the crowd even had to entertain themselves. Cats!

Wow that ones dumb..

Anyways, Fandango distracts Miz and Sandow takes advantage with a rollup, and gets the 1..2..3

Damean Sandow Wins by Pinfall


Next is the Orton Match, and as you all know my wife is so excited!

Randy Orton vs. Goldust

Goldust, is doesn’t matter how long this guys out. Whenever he comes back he gives a good show. He’s still impressively quick and accurate. This Gold hassn’t dimmed! Goldust held his own and gave Orton a beat down, in which made my wife was very happy. Orton though comes back with a eye poke. The action moved to the outside where Goldust got a reverse back suplex on the padded barrier.. Main word “Padded”. More like Extremly padded.

Goldust had a moment of excitment though when a reversed RKO into the Crossroads connected and Goldust got the 1..2.. Ohhh!! Randy catches Goldust with a rollup and gets the 1..2…Ohh!! They both get to there feet where Goldust misses with the closeline and recieves an RKO to the face! Orton gets the 1..2..3.

Randy Orton Wins by Pin.

I will say that even though we havnt seen Goldust compete for 3 years, he gave a good showing. Wife: “FUCK YOU ORTON, YOU DOUCHEBAGE”


Steph stopped Goldust in the back and pretty much blatantly told him he failed and that he’s a loser. Failed his brother, and that he let everyone down. Goldust cries into the sunset..

RVD vs. Ryback

This match was odd because there were many moments where Ryabck seemed to not know how, and where to position RVD for any moves. I think he made RVD bend over, then twist, and then bend more all at the same time. Ryback was very un-cordinated on Raw. RVD though delivered his signature Rolling Thunder, though by the end Ryback got a shellshock on a distracred RVD and got the 1..2..3.

Ryback Wins by Pin


Once again we get to see Steph. This time pretty much saying that Big Show cannot touch the Shield. If one finger by the big Show touches the shield, he would be fired. Show! Are you thinking of your family?


Dean Amborse vs Daniel Bryan

The main event! The Last Macth! The Last Time you can get off your ass and piss! Jesus, Go Piss!

I’ve noticed that even though Ambrose may not be fast, he’s has a very rough style of fighting in the ring. It’s different. It’s refreshing.

Daniels begins his offensive attack with some quick kicks to Ambrose’s back and knee to the face. Daniel keeps the action floowing, grounding Ambrose and twisting him as a preztel. For Daniel it seems that once his oppenants are on the floor, Daniel just takes over. Ambrose manages to get the upper hand and throws Daniel out of the ring. The action continued outside the ring with Ambrose taking advantage. But Daniel still comes back with kicks-galor! Daniel even performed a Hurricanrana from the top rop once they were back in the ring. Daniel got the Yes-Lock on Ambrose, but Ambrose manages to reach the ropes. The kicking barrage continues on Ambrose, with a swift reversal on Bryans running corner dropkick. Ambrose gets the rollup and gets the 1..2..Ohh!! Daniel eventually got thrown out the ring again. Ambrose distracting the referee allows Roman to try for the spear. Daniel side steps and makes Roman slam right into the steps; followed by side stepping Seth Rollins into the announcer table face first.. Ambrose takes advantage of the distracted Bryan and closelines him in the back of the head and spike DDT’s him on the outside mats. Ohh and Big Show is in Daniels corner this whole tiem doing nothing.. Becuase he can’t.. you know fired and all… Maybe he can get a hot dog this time.

Ambrose gets Daniel Bryan into the ring after the outside DDT and gets the 1..2..Ohh!! Ambrose fraustrated yells at Daniel to “Stay Down! Stay Down! Stay Down! St..” You get the point. The breather allows Daniel to get a small Package on Ambrose and gets the 1..2..3!!

Daniel Bryan Wins by Pin

While celebrating Ambrose goes for spear but Daniel Side Steps yet again and send Ambrose into the rest of the Shield! Celebration Continues!

Orton though decides to show his face! And blind sides Bryan. Big Show unable to do anything tries to walk out, but Hunter and Steph want him to knock out Bryan once again just as he did last week. Big Show returns back into the ring reluctantly, as Orton holds Daniel up awaiting for the Fist of Fury. Big Show doesn’t want to. Orton throws Daniel away and yells and yells at Big Show to do this.. To think of his family, to do the right thing, to do this for his job. As Orton turns to retrieve Daniel; BOOM Running knee to Randy’s Head!! Everyone’s going nuts!!! AHHHH! Daniel Bryan finally stands above Orton and Celebrates with the WWE Championship. Will Daniel win this Sunday at Night of Champions? We’ll just have to wait and see. My prediction is that he will not win this Sunday.. He will eventually, but not this Sunday.

That was my Rant. It’s once again late! Darn you life! But I have done it! I will try and post what I can, when I can, and if I can.. And I’m amazed that Triple H Law didn’t go into effect today (No superstars on stage).

Thank you all for readying and have yourselves a great hump-day! Or Wednesday to you un-humpy people. Also!! If you wish for your life to be complete, watch this:

You’re completed huh? I told you, now you know.

What does the Fox say?!

Carnage out!

Raw September 9th 2013 Thoughts and Predictions.

Hello my followers! Mind of Carnage has some spewing to do.. About Raw! Geesh get your minds out of the gutter!


So tonight this is happening:

Goldust vs Randy Orton!

So obviously Goldust is fighting for Cody’s firing. But if Dustin wins, and Cody apologizes; Cody gets his job back! Anyone else pretty much foresee the ending? Dustin loses and Cody doesn’t get his job back. Or Dustin getting his ass taken to him by the Shield.. Take my word for it. We’ll see if my prediction is true or not. If it’s not, I owe you all a Pepsi. If you drink Coke, then that’s too bad.


Triple H

Will Triple H law be in effect tonight? Will the superstars stand on the stage all together sharing odors and sounds? What will Triple H say or do if any other superstars decide to give their opinions? We will have to wait and see.


Edge makes his appearance on Raw considering the show’s taken place in Toronto!! Home Town!  What will the Rated R Superstar have to say with whats been happening in the WWE?

Will he get in Triple H’s face? Or address Where Kane could be? Or will the Shield take him down and rip Edge’s head off? Ohh sorry that’s pretty extreme, but you never know. A person can dream.

We’ll see tonight!

Del Rio

Allot of people as saying that Del Rio will lose at NOC. I personally don’t think he will. Once again RVD is partnered with an odd ball. They don’t make sense together and therefor I have stated that Ricardo will turn on RVD and cost him his match. This will show the loyalty of Ricardo to Del Rio and the Latino people.. Just watch, you all will owe me a Pepsi.. If you give me Coke, i’ll revolt!

Well that's extreme!
Well that’s extreme!

Heyman and Punk

Will Punk get beaten down by Heyman and friends? Will Heyman get his face broken by Punk? Will Axel finally realize that the original Yellow Power Ranger died from a car accident a few years back? You just never know. We’ll just have to wait and see!

I hope that today’s Raw is entertaining and filled with some controversy and surprises, and not a waste of time. You know when you realize you gave these people 3 hours of your life and they give you crumpled up pieces of cheese they call a show? Anyways I’ll be watching with high hopes as I hope so will all of you!

Carnage Out!

P.S. cats are jerks!


3 Words a Day!


How can it be that between both my jobs; as a Drywall installer and a Cook.
I bring the wrong bag, to the wrong location!
How am I going to construct this wall with Herbs!?

3 Words a Day!


As I listen to both of them shouting at each-other upstairs, I fold the laundry in silence.
As much as their anguish is unbearable to listen too, I just found a hole in my favorite sweater. *sigh*.
Life Sucks!

WWE SmackDown September 6th 2013


Hello to my followers from different mothers! Unity is among us, and we must Welcome all to the Mind of Carnage!

First and Foremost, this post is a little late, what can I say life has it’s way of making you busy with other stuffs. Because other stuff’s is around us and holding us down for happy sun fun time…

Let’s begin the ramble:

Smack down starts off by recapping the firing of Cody Rhodes on Raw. The heart of Rhodes breaks and the tears commence!

320 - Big_Show Raw crying why wwe

Ohh wait sorry that’s been Big Show that’s been doing all the crying. Everyone’s tears of pain are confusing me! There too much drama lately!


Triple H Law; states that all wrestlers must converse upon the stage. You know, where all wrestlers stand on the ramp together smelling each other’s body odor and sharing each other sweat. Triple H. Vickie, and that other man who wears children’s clothes, Brad Maddox all stand in the ring facing the wrestlers. By the way I love the red carpet. Just another reason to ask why?

download (1)

Triple H wants to make it clear that no superstars should fear for their jobs and that what happened to Cody was an insubordinate employee given every opportunity to fight for his job.. Triple H wants the opinions of the superstars. The wrestlers obviously don’t agree but Kofi decides to share his thoughts. Kofi begins by saying that the roster is scared and living with fear and don’t know what they can say or think. Health Slator complains that the Big Show’s action weren’t right. Ryback’s tired of being called a bully. Well stop holding people down against their will! Damian Sandow, stating that he is in agreement with Triple H’s decision to eliminate Cody Rhodes. By the way, Does anyone else just want to smack Damien face against an oncoming car? Anyone? No? Maybe? I guarantee there’s someone out there who agrees.

I do..
I do..

And RVD in his cool manner says that what Triple H is doing isn’t cool “dude”.

Triple H comes back by saying that Slator probably just opened the whole content of his brain. And that triple H has been waiting since 2000 to be called “dude” by RVD. After Hunters stand-up routine completes he decided to make some matches:

– Bryan with his huge inflamed child beating Ego can pick any member of the shield to fight.

– Kofi gets a match with the Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel.

– RVD against Randy Orton

– Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler.

So first up is!

Triple H calls his love bucket Orton to the ring to begin the first match.

Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam

Both competitors are nothing but artists in the ring. By the ending of this match the audience could clearly be heard chanting “This is Awesome”. Ohh and Del Rio joins the announcing team before the match began!! So you know he’ll be joining at some point.

Their match had allot of action, these two guys can really give a showing for everyone. Allot of risks by RVD and allot of opportunities for Orton. Del Rio though had to get involved and attacked Ricardo while at ringside during the match. RVD sights went to Del Rio as he spring boarded himself over the top rope and ass-to-faced Del Rio. Orton took advantage, throwing RVD against the announcer table, performing his signature rope-DDT to RVD but to the outside. Orton struggled to get Van Dams body into the ring, but once he did he got-em up and sent him down by an RKO.

Orton Wins by Pinfall

Hey guess what? Here come Del Rio after the match!! Slap Slap Slap Slap to a defenceless RVD… *Towel Throw to the Head!* Del Rio Makes his point..


Renee Young had a quick talk session with Daniel Bryan in the back. basically Bryan says that the shield can decide who to face him because he’s sure they’ll all get involved anyways.. Smart Hairy Troll Man!


Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler

Before the match could begin, Dean Ambrose decides to enlighten us all with his glories frog voice commentary.. Thank you for diminishing my hearing Ambrose. What I found funny was that Cole got up either to shit himself at the site of Ambrose, or fight back? The match though was interesting. Ziggler tries to start things quick by throwing himself at Ryback and delivering a few punches. Ryback got the upper hand on Ziggler and got Ziggler in a odd Bear hug where he was just initially squeezing around his hips and Ziggler was bending back as if he was taking it up the a…. Lost Track.. Ziggler brought more energy in this match, even delivering a nice famasser to Ryback. Things moved to the outside and Ryback decided to run into the steps because you know, it looked like food. Ziggler taking a breather turns his attention on Ambrose still announcing, and begins to chase after him like a farmer going for a wet pig. Unfortunately Ziggler gets caught with the meat hook and gets planted hard on the ringside mats. Ryback man handles Ziggler back into the ring for Shell Shock and end it all with a 1..2..3..

Ryback Wins by Pinfall

Ambrose disapproved at Zigglers actions and leaves causing no problems… Huh.. SUPRISED!

Kofi Kingston vs Curtis Axel

I do like Axel, he has some good power moves.. I still love how the crowd cheered for the Perfect plex. But anyways, a decent match. Really only had Kofi receiving allot of the beating. Close line to the back of the head, flying dropkick in the middle of Kofi’s momentum move; and being hung upside down in the corner and being slapped, slapped, slapped!! But in the End a surprise SOS pins Axel for the Win.. Leaving Heyman stunned and dropping the belt.. Pretty much realizing that at Night of Champions he may get his face broken! His expressions are just priceless though. No one does it better.

Kofi Kingston Wins by Pinfall

Later on in the night Heyman gets stopped by Renee Young in the back, and says that Axel’s loss was a mistake and that he would break CM Punk Limb-to-Limb. And that Heymans worst, is worst than Punks worst.. Do you think he liked the word worst?

The Worst..

Ohh look Bray’s Murder video re-caps on Smack down.. Nice. “Where’s Kane? Ohh right Burning in his bed!” Psycho!

Brie Bella vs Naomi

Ummmm.. so as usual nothing happened in the Diva match and everyone came ringside… There was minor fighting, and then it all went to the floor; where shouting and hissing was heard. After a barrage of female verbal missiles back and forth; Nikki, Cameron, Brie, Naomi, and AJ start going at it and obviously stops the match.. and AJ declares herself the WWE Diva’s champion on the mic. Umm ya we know.. And her music hits. Ya that was it. Nothing else. Were done. Next entre.

No Winner.


Los Matadores…. Why?


The Usos vs The Real Americans

Good match, filled with allot of hard hitting action from the Real Americans. And allot of high flying risks by the Usos. The Real Americans have a good flow in the ring. Swagger and Cesaro are similar, but not in the style of wrestling but the intensity they portrait. The ending had Jay Uso get pushed off the top rope by Swagger and right into Cesaro’s European Uppercut.. Cesaro get the 1..2..3..

The Real American Win by Pinfall


Triple H had a conversation with Big Show in the back. He’s aloud Big Show to let out some steam against 3MB; and to treat them like human stress balls… I would like to see big show continuously squeezing 3MB’s heads, you know as you would a stress ball until it goes pop! It would really sell the Giant story line, no?

Pop, goes your face!
Pop, goes your face!

Big Show vs 3MB

Obviously we knew who would win right? Big Show did try and use 3MB as stress balls, almost literally. Using Jinder’s chest as a drum, spearing Drew on the outside and kneeing his head into the barrier. Double choke slamming Drew and Jinder and Punching the color out of Slators Hair!!


Big Show Wins by Pinfall

Big Show walks off after the victory looking as if he’s got to dump a big one.. Ohh man he’s got to dump that shit literally! The Shields music hits. This distracted Shows sphincter so he stopped to see what will happen. Watching the Shield descend on a pretty much dead 3MB, triple H shows up and escorts Big Show to the back approving of his actions against 3MB.

The Shield remains at ringside as Daniel Bryans music hits! At this point Daniel doesn’t know who he’s facing. Roman Reigns gets in Daniels Face to give the impression that he will be facing Daniel Bryan, but Surprise!! Seth Rollins attacks from behind and the match begins!

Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins

These two have great chemistry. I think out of all the Shield members, Seth Rollins probably has the better opportunity to succeed in the WWE. I know Roman’s got the size, Ambrose got the looks? But Seth has the talent. Seth and Bryan should one day develop a faction, that would be interesting. They could do a double running knee to the head as their finisher.. Anyways, these two as usual had a match that worked up the crowd. Allot of back and forth with the obvious assistance by the Shield. Roman managed to get a flying close line on Daniel on the outside, Rollins took advantage and threw Daniel against the stairs. After throwing Daniel back into the ring Rollins tried for a high flying move but Daniel managed to catch him in the No Lock. The Shield began to interfere but Daniel stopped them before they could get any advantages. After Daniel ducked under a close line from Rollins he jumped threw the ropes and got Roman on the outside, Hip tossed Ambrose, and elbowed Rollin before jumping out of the ring. Daniel runs in and gives Rollins a running Knee to the head and gets the 1..2..3..

Daniel Bryan Wins by Pinfall

The crowd and Michael Cole are going crazy that Daniel Bryan beat The Shield single handily. Daniel celebrates on stage leading the YES YES YES chants, When all of a sudden, Randy attacks Bryan from behind with the WWE championship and the crowd BOO’s because there all  a bunch of boo’ers!! Go Boo yourselves!! Ohh right there booing Orton.. Umm never mind.. Been writing for a while..

Anyways Smack down ends with Randy standing above Daniel Bryan with the WWE championship high above his head. Will Daniel ever get to be on top?


Thank you all for reading, and I’ve noticed that my blog has gotten some new attention. To those new readers, Thank you following and I hope my wacky what-the-f&*^ writing is entertaining to read.. Let me know your opinions and again; Welcome to the Mind of Carnage!

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Nothing else because frankly there too much and my soul is fragile.

Carnage Out!

Share Your World!

If life was ‘just a bowl of cherries’ …. which fruit would you rather be?

– Definitely a ripe plum.. Small and un-expecting.. But once you bit in, I’ll liven your mouth up!!

If you could witness or physically attend any event past, present or future, what would it be?

– I’m a wrestling geek, if you hadn’t noticed from my Blog. I would have loved to attend Wrestlemania when it was in Toronto to witness The Rock vs Hulk Hogan match-up.

If you could know the answer to any questions, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, What would it be?

– Why are cats jerks?


If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

– Rainbow, encompassing all colors and tones because I’m a lively person who like random stuff!!

Why Wrestling?

I always have people asking me, “Why do you follow or watch wrestling?”. I re-iterate asking “Why do people watch soap operas & television shows?”. Because Its a story that’s worth watching.

For wrestling fans, this is our soap opera in-a-way.. I call it a Mopera, because in reality it is a soap opera for men. It has acting, action, surprises, and people turning on people.. Its the idea that these multi-talented performers can portrait a story-line, while at the same time learn to take an impact.

I’ve trained to be a wrestler, and trust me your body does feel it. But the enthusiasm and interaction with the crowd and wrestlers is what people really look forward too. Chanting YES YES YES as 1000’s of others do it, really can send chills up your spine. Just as a rock concert when you hear your favorite song come on Live. You feel the need to move to it, to experience it, and feel the vibe as others do the same thing.

So when people ask me “why do I follow wrestling?” Well it’s because it’s my motivation and entertainment.

We, are wrestling fans and just because you don’t understand why, doesn’t mean that you have full right to judge or ridicule.


Carnage out!!

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