3 Words a Day! 15/10/2013


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Frank is a genius in his own way.
He may not be able to split the atom.
But he sure as hell could repair and build anything he got his hands on.
His greatest achievement was building an electric children’s car from a old cooler.
He was ecstatic when the electric engine started up and the cooler moved forward.
His child loves the vehicle, and Frank was asked to build 50 more.
Off to the races he went and began his first production of the Speeder Cooler.

3 Words a Day! 14/10/2013


My neighbors are huge history buffs.
They have a vast collection of books and dictionaries.
They spend hours everyday reading them and memorizing each historical reference.
One night I awake to the sound of their fire alarm sensor.
I realize with the faint orange glow in my room, that their home was on fire.
Each book and collectible burn with each passing second.
Fire Marshall called it a tinder burn.
This was because of all the paper and dry material my neighbors stored.
They stand and watch as their collection withers and burns into the night air.
They stand saddened, but relived to hold each other and share this experience.

3 Words a Day! 12/10/2013


The heat was unbearable in the bus.
All of us were thirsty and sweating the last bit of moisture from our bodies.
The bus driver advised us it would be another hour until the next pit stop.
We contested!
Instead of waiting for another hour dying of dehydration.
We made the driver stop by a river we were following.
One-by-one we all took a cool and refreshing dip.
We began our journey again.
But, we would not have enough time to stop at the pit-stop.
We were running behind, and within 40 minutes.
We were all dying of heat again.

WWE Raw Recap Oct.14.2013 (Triple H is WWE, Brie Cried out, and Rhodes Beat the Odds!)


Welcome my War Gods to The Mind Of Carnage.

Monday Night Raw, October 14th 2013.

Today is thanksgiving in Canada and I am too stuffed with turkey and gravy to go into detail in this recap. The tryptophan is taking effect and I feel my body shutting down finger-by-finger.  I am sorry my War Gods, but if you eat turkey, you will understand and share my sleepiness.


We begin the night with HBK addressing the WWE Universe in anticipation of his special guest referee appointment at Hell in a Cell, Shawn Michaels promised to officiate the contest fair and square despite the involvement of both his protégé Daniel Bryan and his best friend’s chosen champion, Randy Orton. The Viper, however, wasn’t buying what HBK was selling and quickly made himself known, vowing to take “Mr. WrestleMania” out for good if he should “screw” the former WWE Champion at Hell in a Cell. Orton’s fighting words didn’t lead to an actual fight, but a barely missed Superkick had The Apex Predator seem worried that HBK may screw him out of the WWE Championship.


Backstage Segment – Paul Heyman and Brad Maddox are seen together in the general manager’s office, talking about the match at Hell in the Cell. Paul Heyman wants to name the stipulation in the match at Hell in the Cell, due to Punks cheating low-blow on Ryback at Battleground. Maddox decides to create Beat-the-clock matches for tonight, Ryback vs. R-Truth, and CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel. If Ryback beats the clock, then it will be Ryback & Axel vs. Punk at Hell in the cell. But, if Punk wins, it will be CM Punk who decides the stipulation at Hell in the Cell.


Video Segment: WWE shows a video segment showing the passion of John Cena and getting us all ready for his return at Hell In the Cell against Del Rio.


Los Matadores vs 3MB (Slator and Drew McIntyre)

Winners: Los Matadores


Video Recap: We get another video recap of last week’s raw where Stephanie McMahon fired Big Show, and The Shield beat Daniel Bryan and the Usos, and where big Show knocks out Triple H. BIG SHOW SLAP!!

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out to address the WWE Universe regarding Triple H’s condition. The crowd begins by chanting “You got knocked out!” towards Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Steph states that Big Shows house, items, and everything he owns are now being repossessed and sold. She continues by saying that Triple H is the new era, and that he is the new WWE. The rumors of his jaw being wired shut and concussions are falsified and generally exaggerated. Triple H takes the mic, and says that he became the COO for the fans; and that all the heat and problems he’s had being in the COO position is nothing. Triple H’s breaking point was when he was lying in the middle of the ring after the knockout punch by Big Show. While everyone in the arena, and the world chanted YES!! If the WWE universe wants a bag guy, then they got a bad guy. Triple H vows to make Big Show grovel at his feet and the WWE Roster will be begging to keep their jobs. And to those who even thought of the word “Yes”, he would make their lives a living hell. Daniel Bryan comes out to hopefully address Triple H and Steph, but quickly gets attacked by Del Rio from behind. As Bryan lays motionless on the ground from a kick to the head, Steph introduces Daniels opponent for the night; The World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. Triple H chants Yes Yes Yes, as the crowd chants No, No, No!


R-Truth vs. Ryback (Beat the Clock Match)

I read that a story development between Ryback and Goldberg may be in the works for Wrestlemania XXX. It hasn’t been finalized as of yet, but WWE and Goldberg are in talks.

Truth tried wasting as much time as he could by taunting on the outside and taking time connecting his moves. A quick Shell Shock to Truth gives Ryback the pin for the 1..2..3!

The Match ends at 5 minutes and 44 seconds. Punk has to beat Axel by that time, or else at Hell in the Cell; it will be Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. CM Punk in a hell in the cell match.

Winner: Ryback (5:44 minute match)


Backstage Segment: Stephanie McMahon runs into the Bella’s and congrats Brie on her engagement to Daniel Bryan. Considering Bryan was chanting Yes Yes Yes over Triple H’s motionless body last week; Steph makes a match between Brie and Tamina. Nikkie cannot be at ringside and AJ will have a bird’s eye view.


Tons of Funk (Tensai and Brodus) vs. The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Antonia Cesaro)

Cesaro delivers a hanging gutwrech suplex to Tensai; and the Neutralizer to Brodus for the 1..2..3!  Antonio Cesaro grabs Tensai for the Giant swing and the crowd begins cheering for it. Antonia begins the swing but doesn’t keep it in long enough. After 5 rotation The WWE universe begins to boo him.. Geez, these people are hard to impress.


Winners: The Real Americans


Brie Bella vs. Tamina (AJ at ringside)

As Brie taunts, Tamina connects a huge boot right to Brie’s face. Tamina gets the 1..2..3!

Tamina attacks Brie after the match with a Samoan Drop and a shoulder breaker. Tamina makes her way to the top rope and lands a Super Fly Splash on Brie. AJ climbs into the ring and while Tamina holds Brie up, AJ locks in her Black Window stretch. The refs come in a break up the attack.

Winner: Tamina


Backstage Segment: Steph and Maddox are seen watching Triple H’s new DVD. Bryan barges in and is pissed at Steph for making that match with Brie and Tamina. Steph understands Bryan’s anger but asks him “Don’t you have a fiancée to attend too?” Bryan walks off.


CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel (Beat the Clock Match, 5:44 is the time to beat)

With 45 Seconds left, Heyman yells hold him down, hold him down, to Curtis Axel. Axel tries for a suplex but gets rolled up by Punk, a quick kick to the head followed by the Go-To-Sleep has Punk getting the pin on Axel for the 1..2..3 with 12 Seconds to spare. Punk wins the Beat-The-Clock.

Heyman walks to the ramp pissed and yelling the fact Axel lost. Punk gets the mic and decides his stipulation. At Hell in the Cell, it will be a Handicap match: CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman, In a Hell in a Cell!! The crowd cheers “CM Punk, CM Punk!”


Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio

This match displayed allot of technical manoeuvres both from Del Rio and Bryan; either on the mat or face-to-face. Many times Bryan got the momentum, but it was Del Rio who was one step ahead of him and stopped his advantage.  Daniel Bryan fought back and managed to land a suicide dive and flying dropkick to Del Rio; Bryan goes for the pin and gets the 1..2..Ohh! All of a sudden, Orton comes on the titan-tron and says that he’s going to see how Daniels fiancée is doing. Randy enters the trainer’s room where Brie and Nikkie are being attended too. Once the door is closed you hear the Bella’s scream in fear. Daniel tries to run to the back but Del Rio connects a side head kick and gets the 1..2..Ohh! Daniel still delivers a kick to Del Rio and manages to run to the back. The ref counts to 10 and Bryan is counted out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio by Count out

A camera follows Daniel Bryan as he gets to the trainer’s room. Randy attacks him from the back, slamming Bryans head against a steel bin they had in the trainer’s room. Brie begs for Orton to stop and the refs enter to assist in getting Randy Orton out. Bryan is left on the floor surrounded by Refs and Brie.


Backstage Segment: The Shield stand in an office facing Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Triple H makes the match against the Shield and The Rhodes brothers a no disqualification championship match. “The gloves are off boys”.


Video Recap: John’s Cena rehabilitation of his surgery and showing the WWE universe that he’s ready and better than ever.


Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. The Shield (No DQ, WWE Unified Tag Team Championship Match)

The Shield has the advantage on Goldust. Quick tags between Seth and Roman continue to wear him down.  Goldust gets his momentum back and elbow drops Roman and super slams Seth from the top rope, which allows him to tag in Cody. Cody comes in throwing punches to Seth and Roman; seeing Dean Ambrose trying to interfere, Cody delivers his disaster kick which leaves Ambrose on the outside. Cody and Goldust begin to gain momentum, and while Cody sets up the Cross roads on Roman, Ambrose attacks from behind. The Shield attacks Cody and gets ready for the triple power bomb. Goldust comes in to save his brother swinging a chair hitting all of the Shield members. On the outside Cody and Seth go fist-to-fist. Cody goes for the disaster kick off the stairs, but Seth catches him and power bombs Cody in the barricade. Goldust takes out Roman inside the ring and atomic drops Seth Rollins from the top rope. Goldust continues by close lining Roman and himself to the outside. Ambrose attacks Goldust which distracts him and gives Roman enough time to connect a huge spear to Goldust through the barricade.  Ambrose tries to drag Roman into the ring but out of the crowd, Big Show runs in.. Knocking out all members of the Shield.  Cody pins Roman and gets the 1..2..3!!

Big Show stands with the crowd as Triple H gets into the ring, yelling and frustrated with what just happened.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust (New Unified Tag Team Champions)


Raw Ends with new Champions and a pissed off COO! Big Show stands tall yet again!

This Thanksgiviing has been eventful and my fingures are falling asleep as we speak. To those in Cacnada Happy Thanksigiving! To those from the States, your is coming up.

Thank you my War Gods for Reading! Let me know what you thought of this post.

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WWE Smackdown Recap! Oct.11.2013 (Damien Sandow Cheered, Wyatt’s Downfall, Vickie Gets Kissed)

WWE Show: Friday Night Smackdown!!                                                                Date: October 11th 2013,

Location: Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH                                                  Author: Cade Carnage (www.Mindofcarnage.com)



Smackdown kicks off with Vickie Guerrero addressing the WWE Universe. She begins by stating that Big Show’s house is already up for sale; hours after his actions this past week, and that he should have been fired a long time ago. Del Rio’s music hits and interrupts Vickie from continuing her segment. Del Rio walks to the ring appearing intense and concerned. He demands, actually more like pleads that the World Heavyweight Championship match at Hell in the Cell against John Cena; be cancelled. Vickie refuses his request. Del Rio obviously showing annoyance by this seems annoyed. Vickie asks that if Del Rio was sincere about his comments to her on raw he would kiss Vickie on the lips. After a quick tap from Del Rio to her lips, he eventually lip locks her in his arms. She acts as if she liked it, but Vickie would prefer him to kiss her ass instead! Damien Sandow interrupts the love connection between Vickie and Del Rio. Sandow tries to explain to Vickie that Del Rio is manipulating her. Damien continues by stating that Del Rio is begging for the match to be cancelled against John Cena, because he knows he’ll lose. Vickie takes the opportunity and makes a match up for tonight; Alberto Del Rio vs. Damien Sandow. Not happy that his advancements on Vickie have not swayed her decision, Alberto Del Rio takes out his anger by assaulting Damien Sandow with the mic. Sandow fights back, but Del Rio retreats.


Curtis Axel vs. R-Truth (Intercontinental Championship on the line)

Heyman accompanies Axel to the ring, to provide his support and motivation to his Heyman guy. The match begin with Axel keeping truth in the corner with shoulder thrusts and Taunting. R-Truth reverses and puts Axel in the corner for back hands to the chest. An irish whip has Truth hip tossing Axel. A rollup has Axel taking a breather out th ring. Truth comes after him and Paul Heyman repeats to Axel, “He’s coming after you, He’s coming after you!”. Axel turns and ends up getting a punch to the gut. Truth throws him back in and gets the 1..2..Ohh! Axel manages to get the upper hand get R-Truth on the apron. A rope spear takes Truth to the outside. Here is where we go to commercial break.

Back from Commercial has Axel continuing his aggressiveness with an arm lock, followed by his signature back-ofp-the-head close line. Axel goes for the pin and gets the 1..2..Ohh! Axel keeps Truth down with punches, and choke holds. Truth gets the momentum flowing and Irish whips Axel into the corner. Axel grabs Truth and slams his face on the turnbuckle behind him. Both competitors exchange punch after punch, until Truth lays a punch that knocks Axel off his feet. Truth comes back with a flying close line and shoulder bumps. Truth gets the 1..2..Oh! A quick dropkick has Truth pinning Axel for the 1..2..Ohh! Truth continues by reversing a desperate dropkick by Axel; a front drop suplex has truth getting the 1..2..Ohh! Truth delivers his signature off the rope spinning leg drop. Truth goes for the pin and gets the 1..2..Axel reaches the ropes! Axel rolls to the apron and punches Truth in the gut, reverse neck breaker to Truth over the top rope; followed by Axel’s finisher neck breaker. Curtis Axel gets the 1..2..3!

Winner: Curtis Axel (Retains Intercontinental Championship)

Los Matadores Compete Next.

Los Matadores vs. Los Local

Fernando starts things off with Loc Local 1.. Quick springboard maneuver and a fancy spinning hurricanrana by Fernando has him getting the 1..2..Ohh! Fernando tags Diego and double teams Local 1 for the 1..2..Ohh! Los Local 1 tags Los Local 2 (Which from my understanding is Ricardo Rodriguez in the mask), anyways LL2; for short, gets some offense on Diego but has him getting stopped shortly after. Los Matadores get their finisher in and get the 1..2..3!

El Torito comes in after the match and drop kicks LL1; and assists the Maradores in their finisher to LL2 again but this time El Torito springboards off the top rope and lads directly on the top of LL2 while the Madatores drop LL2.

Winners: Los Matadores

They Show a recap of Shawn Michaels‘ campaign speech on RAW stating why he should be decided as the special guest referee, in the Orton vs. Bryan Hell in the Cell match..

The next segment shows Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan for later on SmackDown.


Cameron, Naomi, Brie Bella vs. Eva Marie, NatalyaKaitlyn 

Jojo accompanies Natalya team. Brie and Natalya start things off with a good sport handshake. Both divas keep the moves on but has Natalya pretty much dominate. Brie gets Natalya in a Boston crab but Natalya gets to the ropes. Natalya goes for a sharpshooter but has her getting kicked off by Brie. Nat tags in Eva. With a quick cartwheel and close line to Brie. Eva has her getting the pin for the 1..2..Ohh! Kaitlyn gets tagged in and Brie escapes and tags Naomi. After some quick moves from both Divas, both Eva and Natalya get involved, as does Cameron and Brie. After a battle royal Naomi and Kaitlyn remain in the ring. A rollup by Kaitlyn gets reversed with another rollup for Naomi; getting the 1..2..3!!

Winners: Naomi, Cameron, Brie Bella

Renee Young interviews Goldust and Cody Rhodes backstage to discuss their accomplishments and the fact they have their jobs back.


Damien Sandow vs. Alberto Del Rio

Sandows’ match against Ziggler this past raw, showed a true aggressive side of him. Which is one reason why Sandow began the match taking Del Rio to 3 turnbuckles and smashing his head against them? A few shoulder thrusts to the corner had Del Rio rolling out for a breather. Sandow follows but Del Rio rolls back into the ring and gets the advantage against Sandow. Even with a kick to the head, Sandow gets the upper hand and keeps Del Rio down on the mat. Sandow impressively keeps the advantage on Del Rio, taking him to the outside and Irish whipping him to the barricade. Back into the ring Del Rio dropkicks Sandow in the corner and delivers a top rope forearm smash. Del Rio gets the 1..2..Oh! Del Rio gets a choke hold on Sandow.. And what’s this; Sandow begins getting cheered! Del Rio tries to negate his momentum boost but Sandow backdrops Del Rio over the top rope in the corner. Del Rio gets back into the ring and Damien continues the assault; with a corner punch and snap suplex. Del Rio manages to get a small advantage, but Sandow again comes back and stops Del Rio’s momentum. A side step by Del Rio has Sandow running right into the corner post between the turnbuckles. As Del Rio tries to take advantage, Sandow shows his resilience and close lines Del Rio right out of the ring. As we leave for commercials, Damien lifts his Money in the Bank Briefcase and yells “Uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion!”

We return with Alberto Del Rio connecting a drop kick to Sandow. The action goes to the outside; where Damien tries for an Irish whip to the stairs but Del Rio counters and kicks Damien right in the head. Del Rio tries to pull Damien’s MITB case off, but as usual it’s handcuffed. Sandow attacks from behind and gets Del Rio back into the ring. Sandown delivers a scoop slam and his signature elbow. After an exposed knee drop gets reversed, Del Rio lands a hard kick to the head from the corner. Del Rio continues with a jumping arm breaker and tries for his cross arm breaker, but gets a reverse neck drop delivered to him for the 1..2..Ohh!! Sandow tries for a neck breaker, but Del Rio gets the backstabber; 1..2..Ohh! As Del Rio tried for his signature climbing corner head kick, Damien ducks and gets the running flipping neck breaker. Sandow pins for the 1..2..Ohh! Del Rio tries to escape but Sandow stops him between the ropes. As the referee tries to split them, Del Rio kicks the exposed knee and gets the cross arm-breaker locked in. Sandow has no choice and has to tap tap tap.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio.

We get a recap of Big Show getting fired and punching out Triple H this past Raw. Triple H gets a concussion and possibly has a broken Jaw.. Not to mention that Big Show may be charged with assault and assault with a deadly weapon, (aka. His fists)

We in addition get a recap of John Cena on Good Morning America, showing that he’s fit and ready for Hell in the Cell.

The Great KhaliDarren YoungTitus O’Neil vs. 3MB.

Khali and Heath Slator start things off. A quick clinch has Slator thrown back by Khali and made to tag Jinder Mahal. Jinder gets some shots on Khali, but Khali takes Jinder to the corner and delivers his elbows and chest slap. Moving to the adjacent turnbuckle Khali delivers another chest slap. Khali tags in Darren and the beat down on Jinder continues. Close line after close line has Darren getting the 1..2..Ohh! Jinder pushes Darren to 3MB’s corner and Drew is tagged in. Darren gets the advantage but Drew stops that quickly with a corner backstabber. Drew tags in Heath and both deliver a double suplex off the ropes to Darren. Heath gets the 1..2..Ohh! More tags by 3MB keeps Darren down; but after taunting from Drew and a reversed kick, Darren gets in Titus and he just cleans house. Taking out all 3MB member and throwing around Jinder like meat, Titus gets a pin 1..2..Drew interferes. Drew goes for Darren, but Darren side steps and Drew goes out of the ring. Darren jumps off the apron onto to Drew and leaves him down and out of the ring. Titus backdrops Slator and tags Khali. Khali delivers his chop and pins Slator for the 1..2..3!

Winners: The Great Khali, Darren Young, Titus O’Neil.

Cody Rhodes, Goldust vs. Luke Harper, Erick Rowan

The Wyatt’s appear to have a new style of entrance, they don’t just claim “we’re here” and enter the ring. Bray says a few of his scripture and then claims “We’re here” and enters the ring.

Goldust begins the match against Luke Harper. Luke delivers some elbows but Goldust manages to get him down with a huge close line. Luke retreats to his corner and gets tagged by Erick, who is still wearing his sheep mask. Goldust stairs at him as Erick enters the ring, but Goldust proves that even if you’re wearing a goat mask he will always out disturb you. Goldust performs his signature taunt rubbing his body and slaps the mask right off Erick’s face. Erick attacks, but Goldust keeps the advantage. He quickly tags Cody in; but that turns out to be a bad idea when a huge close line delivered by Erick takes Cody down and we cut to commercials.

We cut back to the match where Cody reverses a back drop from Luke. He trips Luke into the corner and Cody tags in Goldust. Goldust connects a close line to Luke and Erick, and delivers the atomic drop and corner punches to Luke Harper. Goldust goes for the running bulldog but Luke counters with a corner close line. Luke pins for the 1..2..Ohh! Luke tags in Erick and double teams Goldust throwing him gut first onto Erick’s knee. Erick keeps Goldust down with a chokehold and tags in Luke Harper. Luke walks around yelling loudly in an odd pattern. Harper pulls Goldust to the middle of the ring and has elbow and elbow delivered to him. Luke pins for the 1..2..Ohh! Luke attaches the choke hold and keeps Goldust grounded. The momentum gets Goldust up and countering a dropkick from Luke. A DDT gives Goldust the opportunity to tag, but Luke gets to Cody first and close lines him off the apron. Luke pushes Goldust back to their corner and Erick gets tagged in. A huge power slam has Erick pinning for the 1..2..Ohh! Erick hammer throws Goldust into the corner planting him chest first into the turnbuckles. Erick continues his overpowering aggression with a huge bear hug on Goldust. He lets him out and delivers a kick to Goldust into the corner. An Irish whip to Goldust to the adjacent corner has Goldust reversing into a flying elbow to Erick. Goldust going for the tag gets interrupted by Erick and gets a claw delivered to him. Erick tosses Goldust to the other corner and taunts for a running maneuver. Goldust counters by running by him and delivers a running bulldog to Erick. Both Goldust and Erick get a tag, but its Cody taking advantage with a springboard close line and disaster kick to Luke. Cody gets the pin for the 1..2..Erick attacks! Erick goes for the corner close line but Cody pushes him out of the ring, as with Luke Harper after Cody sidesteps the big boot. Cody jumps from the top rope and Luke moves away having Erick take the entire body splash. Luke gets Cody back into the ring but Goldust also comes back in. Luke delivers a huge close line to Goldust and Irish whips Cody into the corner. Cody counters a corner running spear with a rollup and gets the 1..2..3!!

Winners: Goldust and Cody Rhodes


Smackdown ends with the Rhodes Family standing victorious on the ramp, having defeated the undefeated Wyatt family.


Real Humans Watch Wrestling!

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3 Words a Day! 11/10/2013


My alarm rang at 8 am sharp.
I awoke from my sleep uncovered and feeling the cold temperature in my room.
My body begins to shiver.
My jaw begins to tremble, as I hear the bashing of my teeth against one another.
I remained under the covers, to warm my body up.
It was too cold to contemplate moving.
Too cold to consider the idea of lifting my covers off of me.
I lay in bed,awaiting for the warmth to develop within my body.
To pass the time I count my stucco tiled ceiling.
36 tiles later, I remain under the sheets.
The thought of movement still sends chills up my spine.
I turn on my side, and notice that my window has been forced open by some unknown force.
As I discover the reasoning behind this cold breeze, I see two eyes stare out at me from behind the curtains.
I sigh in annoyance..
Dam Cat!

3 Words a Day! 10/10/2013


My questionable actions was obvious to all.
I was afraid and acted without thought.
A life lays motionless due to my lack of judgement.
I hide from the peering terrified eyes of others,
The distant sirens grow louder, and fiercer.
I begin to pray for my family, and cry for my love.
I convince myself, my time has come.
And it is here, where I either live, or die.

3 Words a Day! 09/10/2013


The cool breeze blows the aroma of the evergreens to my senses.
I sit and enjoy, while I stare as my family and friends setup for the festivities.
My life and accomplishments, was to be a celebration for all.
I have traveled all over, and plan to travel again.
But to there unknowings, I mean to not return.
One last memory to hold, as they honor me.
As they celebrate me, I will cherish them.
As they celebrate me, I will sing with them.
As they celebrate me, I will celebrate them.
For it may be the last and final time I stand next to them.

3 Words a Day! 08/10/2013


I am trapped within my own mind.
Seemingly working on an invention which remains incomplete as the days pass.
A light shines from above, yet I cast no shadow..
I am trapped, and await the voices to take me.

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