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As I listen to both of them shouting at each-other upstairs, I fold the laundry in silence.
As much as their anguish is unbearable to listen too, I just found a hole in my favorite sweater. *sigh*.
Life Sucks!

WWE SmackDown September 6th 2013


Hello to my followers from different mothers! Unity is among us, and we must Welcome all to the Mind of Carnage!

First and Foremost, this post is a little late, what can I say life has it’s way of making you busy with other stuffs. Because other stuff’s is around us and holding us down for happy sun fun time…

Let’s begin the ramble:

Smack down starts off by recapping the firing of Cody Rhodes on Raw. The heart of Rhodes breaks and the tears commence!

320 - Big_Show Raw crying why wwe

Ohh wait sorry that’s been Big Show that’s been doing all the crying. Everyone’s tears of pain are confusing me! There too much drama lately!


Triple H Law; states that all wrestlers must converse upon the stage. You know, where all wrestlers stand on the ramp together smelling each other’s body odor and sharing each other sweat. Triple H. Vickie, and that other man who wears children’s clothes, Brad Maddox all stand in the ring facing the wrestlers. By the way I love the red carpet. Just another reason to ask why?

download (1)

Triple H wants to make it clear that no superstars should fear for their jobs and that what happened to Cody was an insubordinate employee given every opportunity to fight for his job.. Triple H wants the opinions of the superstars. The wrestlers obviously don’t agree but Kofi decides to share his thoughts. Kofi begins by saying that the roster is scared and living with fear and don’t know what they can say or think. Health Slator complains that the Big Show’s action weren’t right. Ryback’s tired of being called a bully. Well stop holding people down against their will! Damian Sandow, stating that he is in agreement with Triple H’s decision to eliminate Cody Rhodes. By the way, Does anyone else just want to smack Damien face against an oncoming car? Anyone? No? Maybe? I guarantee there’s someone out there who agrees.

I do..
I do..

And RVD in his cool manner says that what Triple H is doing isn’t cool “dude”.

Triple H comes back by saying that Slator probably just opened the whole content of his brain. And that triple H has been waiting since 2000 to be called “dude” by RVD. After Hunters stand-up routine completes he decided to make some matches:

– Bryan with his huge inflamed child beating Ego can pick any member of the shield to fight.

– Kofi gets a match with the Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel.

– RVD against Randy Orton

– Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler.

So first up is!

Triple H calls his love bucket Orton to the ring to begin the first match.

Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam

Both competitors are nothing but artists in the ring. By the ending of this match the audience could clearly be heard chanting “This is Awesome”. Ohh and Del Rio joins the announcing team before the match began!! So you know he’ll be joining at some point.

Their match had allot of action, these two guys can really give a showing for everyone. Allot of risks by RVD and allot of opportunities for Orton. Del Rio though had to get involved and attacked Ricardo while at ringside during the match. RVD sights went to Del Rio as he spring boarded himself over the top rope and ass-to-faced Del Rio. Orton took advantage, throwing RVD against the announcer table, performing his signature rope-DDT to RVD but to the outside. Orton struggled to get Van Dams body into the ring, but once he did he got-em up and sent him down by an RKO.

Orton Wins by Pinfall

Hey guess what? Here come Del Rio after the match!! Slap Slap Slap Slap to a defenceless RVD… *Towel Throw to the Head!* Del Rio Makes his point..


Renee Young had a quick talk session with Daniel Bryan in the back. basically Bryan says that the shield can decide who to face him because he’s sure they’ll all get involved anyways.. Smart Hairy Troll Man!


Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler

Before the match could begin, Dean Ambrose decides to enlighten us all with his glories frog voice commentary.. Thank you for diminishing my hearing Ambrose. What I found funny was that Cole got up either to shit himself at the site of Ambrose, or fight back? The match though was interesting. Ziggler tries to start things quick by throwing himself at Ryback and delivering a few punches. Ryback got the upper hand on Ziggler and got Ziggler in a odd Bear hug where he was just initially squeezing around his hips and Ziggler was bending back as if he was taking it up the a…. Lost Track.. Ziggler brought more energy in this match, even delivering a nice famasser to Ryback. Things moved to the outside and Ryback decided to run into the steps because you know, it looked like food. Ziggler taking a breather turns his attention on Ambrose still announcing, and begins to chase after him like a farmer going for a wet pig. Unfortunately Ziggler gets caught with the meat hook and gets planted hard on the ringside mats. Ryback man handles Ziggler back into the ring for Shell Shock and end it all with a 1..2..3..

Ryback Wins by Pinfall

Ambrose disapproved at Zigglers actions and leaves causing no problems… Huh.. SUPRISED!

Kofi Kingston vs Curtis Axel

I do like Axel, he has some good power moves.. I still love how the crowd cheered for the Perfect plex. But anyways, a decent match. Really only had Kofi receiving allot of the beating. Close line to the back of the head, flying dropkick in the middle of Kofi’s momentum move; and being hung upside down in the corner and being slapped, slapped, slapped!! But in the End a surprise SOS pins Axel for the Win.. Leaving Heyman stunned and dropping the belt.. Pretty much realizing that at Night of Champions he may get his face broken! His expressions are just priceless though. No one does it better.

Kofi Kingston Wins by Pinfall

Later on in the night Heyman gets stopped by Renee Young in the back, and says that Axel’s loss was a mistake and that he would break CM Punk Limb-to-Limb. And that Heymans worst, is worst than Punks worst.. Do you think he liked the word worst?

The Worst..

Ohh look Bray’s Murder video re-caps on Smack down.. Nice. “Where’s Kane? Ohh right Burning in his bed!” Psycho!

Brie Bella vs Naomi

Ummmm.. so as usual nothing happened in the Diva match and everyone came ringside… There was minor fighting, and then it all went to the floor; where shouting and hissing was heard. After a barrage of female verbal missiles back and forth; Nikki, Cameron, Brie, Naomi, and AJ start going at it and obviously stops the match.. and AJ declares herself the WWE Diva’s champion on the mic. Umm ya we know.. And her music hits. Ya that was it. Nothing else. Were done. Next entre.

No Winner.


Los Matadores…. Why?


The Usos vs The Real Americans

Good match, filled with allot of hard hitting action from the Real Americans. And allot of high flying risks by the Usos. The Real Americans have a good flow in the ring. Swagger and Cesaro are similar, but not in the style of wrestling but the intensity they portrait. The ending had Jay Uso get pushed off the top rope by Swagger and right into Cesaro’s European Uppercut.. Cesaro get the 1..2..3..

The Real American Win by Pinfall


Triple H had a conversation with Big Show in the back. He’s aloud Big Show to let out some steam against 3MB; and to treat them like human stress balls… I would like to see big show continuously squeezing 3MB’s heads, you know as you would a stress ball until it goes pop! It would really sell the Giant story line, no?

Pop, goes your face!
Pop, goes your face!

Big Show vs 3MB

Obviously we knew who would win right? Big Show did try and use 3MB as stress balls, almost literally. Using Jinder’s chest as a drum, spearing Drew on the outside and kneeing his head into the barrier. Double choke slamming Drew and Jinder and Punching the color out of Slators Hair!!


Big Show Wins by Pinfall

Big Show walks off after the victory looking as if he’s got to dump a big one.. Ohh man he’s got to dump that shit literally! The Shields music hits. This distracted Shows sphincter so he stopped to see what will happen. Watching the Shield descend on a pretty much dead 3MB, triple H shows up and escorts Big Show to the back approving of his actions against 3MB.

The Shield remains at ringside as Daniel Bryans music hits! At this point Daniel doesn’t know who he’s facing. Roman Reigns gets in Daniels Face to give the impression that he will be facing Daniel Bryan, but Surprise!! Seth Rollins attacks from behind and the match begins!

Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins

These two have great chemistry. I think out of all the Shield members, Seth Rollins probably has the better opportunity to succeed in the WWE. I know Roman’s got the size, Ambrose got the looks? But Seth has the talent. Seth and Bryan should one day develop a faction, that would be interesting. They could do a double running knee to the head as their finisher.. Anyways, these two as usual had a match that worked up the crowd. Allot of back and forth with the obvious assistance by the Shield. Roman managed to get a flying close line on Daniel on the outside, Rollins took advantage and threw Daniel against the stairs. After throwing Daniel back into the ring Rollins tried for a high flying move but Daniel managed to catch him in the No Lock. The Shield began to interfere but Daniel stopped them before they could get any advantages. After Daniel ducked under a close line from Rollins he jumped threw the ropes and got Roman on the outside, Hip tossed Ambrose, and elbowed Rollin before jumping out of the ring. Daniel runs in and gives Rollins a running Knee to the head and gets the 1..2..3..

Daniel Bryan Wins by Pinfall

The crowd and Michael Cole are going crazy that Daniel Bryan beat The Shield single handily. Daniel celebrates on stage leading the YES YES YES chants, When all of a sudden, Randy attacks Bryan from behind with the WWE championship and the crowd BOO’s because there all  a bunch of boo’ers!! Go Boo yourselves!! Ohh right there booing Orton.. Umm never mind.. Been writing for a while..

Anyways Smack down ends with Randy standing above Daniel Bryan with the WWE championship high above his head. Will Daniel ever get to be on top?


Thank you all for reading, and I’ve noticed that my blog has gotten some new attention. To those new readers, Thank you following and I hope my wacky what-the-f&*^ writing is entertaining to read.. Let me know your opinions and again; Welcome to the Mind of Carnage!

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If life was ‘just a bowl of cherries’ …. which fruit would you rather be?

– Definitely a ripe plum.. Small and un-expecting.. But once you bit in, I’ll liven your mouth up!!

If you could witness or physically attend any event past, present or future, what would it be?

– I’m a wrestling geek, if you hadn’t noticed from my Blog. I would have loved to attend Wrestlemania when it was in Toronto to witness The Rock vs Hulk Hogan match-up.

If you could know the answer to any questions, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, What would it be?

– Why are cats jerks?


If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

– Rainbow, encompassing all colors and tones because I’m a lively person who like random stuff!!

Why Wrestling?

I always have people asking me, “Why do you follow or watch wrestling?”. I re-iterate asking “Why do people watch soap operas & television shows?”. Because Its a story that’s worth watching.

For wrestling fans, this is our soap opera in-a-way.. I call it a Mopera, because in reality it is a soap opera for men. It has acting, action, surprises, and people turning on people.. Its the idea that these multi-talented performers can portrait a story-line, while at the same time learn to take an impact.

I’ve trained to be a wrestler, and trust me your body does feel it. But the enthusiasm and interaction with the crowd and wrestlers is what people really look forward too. Chanting YES YES YES as 1000’s of others do it, really can send chills up your spine. Just as a rock concert when you hear your favorite song come on Live. You feel the need to move to it, to experience it, and feel the vibe as others do the same thing.

So when people ask me “why do I follow wrestling?” Well it’s because it’s my motivation and entertainment.

We, are wrestling fans and just because you don’t understand why, doesn’t mean that you have full right to judge or ridicule.


Carnage out!!

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I advertise for by business nonstop.

Coupons were handed out everyday to anyone who showed interest.

Yet the greed of society is overpowering, and people just want more.

Triple H Interview addressing “New Regime”


What to expect on Smackdown!!
Town hall Meeting to discuss the thoughts and opinions of the wrestlers!
Based on a recent interview Cole conducted on Triple H, this week’s Smackdown will have a Q&A session where all the wrestlers can ask and address their concern to Triple H on how he’s running the company and what’s best for business. By the way, I think I’ve heard that statement way too often, my brain is slapping away insignificant thoughts and yelling at me that “That’s not best for business!!”
I’ve attached a copy of the video on my blog. Triple H really shows the in depth attention to the ideas behind why hes’s doing what he’s doing. Pretty much saying that Daniel Bryan is not; and cannot be the face of the WWE. And that even though he is aware of what he did at Summerslam he did it for what was best of business.
Check it out and get excited about Smackdown.. Not too excited, you don’t want to pop a vein.

Carnage Out!

WWE RAW September 2nd 2013.


Welcome to the Mind of Carnage!!

A Flabber-Gasting Hello to all especially after the long weekend!!!

Yup you know what time it is, it RAW Re-cap time!!  Everyone Rejoice!


Raw, being 3 hours long can really seep into your mind. I mean there’s so much that when you fall asleep you dream YES YES YES, but silently; like a silent but deadly fart you let out whenever your wife is studying. HA Enjoy it!!


Triple H and Randy Orton begin the night addressing the audience as being the reasoning behind Daniel’s raising Ego; and that him getting hurt and attacked is all due to the them and their chanting. Because you know the audience members chant for The Shield to take on Bryan; or to have Bryan attacked from behind. Crazy old Ego filled Daniel Bryan just wants multiple men on him..Wait, I think I lost track of this point..

But the three parts I liked about this segment was:

  1. They referenced Doink the Clown as being a good entertainer but not really WWE Champion material, because his face wasn’t right.  Just ask the audience member dressed as a clown.. HE GOT A WRONG FACE!!
  2. Triple H brought up Big Shows iron clad contract.
  3. Triple H stating that he should bring back the Cruiserweight or European Championship so Daniel can fight for something.

I like the use of Big Shows Iron Clad Contract because it shows that the WWE are becoming more consistent with their story lines. Identifying that Show could have helped Daniel Bryan; but just decided to stay seated and cry for Daniels pain… Or not having a Hot Dog, we’ll never know.


The references of the Cruiser and European Championships just make me want the WWE to re-instate these belts and have the not-so popular guys competed for them… I would have these belts defended weekly on Raw or Smackdown and leave the bigger championships for PPV or special events. But that won’t happen so I won’t waste my breath or the rigidity of my fingers on this subject.

Daniel did come out after Triple H’s and Randy’s squirt-a-thon and pretty much insulted both of them. Pretty well if I may say. “Triple H gave up being a man once he got his hair cut and suite on; Randy Orton being less masculine then Stephanie McMahon”.  And Daniel Bryan addresses that he had a pretty hard life getting to the WWE, where Randy Orton pretty much got everything given to him. But my favorite had to be Triple H; “Why are you so angry? You’re like a grumpy old troll”. Hunter allows Bryan to vent his frustration against Big Show in the main event. Good opening segment for Raw.

After commercials and advertisements, we got to see Randy and hunter talking/walking backstage when they run into Cheeks… Sorry that’s what my wife calls Cody Rhodes ‘Cheeks’. Cause of this face, and that horrible segment he did where he was Dashing Cody Rhodes.. Ohh god.. Just search ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes – Grooming Tips on Youtube and you’ll see. But anyways, pretty much Cody speaks his mind to Randy and Hunter. “Randy you shouldn’t just ignore the match with Daniel, there’s no reason, just fight him and get it over with. That would be best for business”. Obviously Hunter gets upset and his nostrils flare out! He makes a match for Cody against Randy Orton where Cody’s job is on the line.. Especially when he’s getting married just days away.. Ohh no!! Have a good Honeymoon Cody..

Fandango vs The Miz (Miz wins by submission)

Ok I’ll admit it, I was smart enough to figure out how to download the WWE app on my smartphone.. Because you know, were all idiots in this technological Smartphone world where we don’t know how to download apps or whatever. Anyways if you watched this match on the WWE app you got to see Fandango’s face all red with Blood!! After taking a stiff kick from Miz, Fandango suffered a broken nose during the match. The ref stopped the match temporarily to get Fandango looked at by the ringside medic. After the medic corrected the broken nose (Where you saw Fandango squirm in pain) the bleeding stopped and the match continued. But wow was there ever allot of blood initially. Kind of reminded me of ECW a bit.. All I wanted was Balls Mahoney to come in and smack Miz and Fandingo with chair shot after chair shot.. But that didn’t happen. And the match ended with a figure-4-leg-lock on Fandango.

Ziggler gets a mystery opponent, because his attitude is not best for business. If you watched on the WWE app, you would have seen Ziggler threaten to break Maddox’s hand.. Now that would be good for business.

Ziggler vs Ryback (Ryback wins by Pin)

Anyways, Ziggler got a match against a mystery opponent which ended up being Ryback…. But prior to the match beginning, Ziggler got attacked from behind by Dean Ambrose. Because you know they’ll be a feud between these two, which I wouldn’t mind watching. That US title has no relevance right now and should go to someone who wills at least portrait it properly. But what amazed me was that only Ambrose came out.. No other Shield member.. I know!! Celebration!!


Ummm.. Maybe not that type of Celebration..

Ziggler still put up a fight here and there. The guy performs a dropkick so fast, probably one of the quickest I’ve ever seen. And did anyone hear Ziggler’s bone chilling yell as Ryback pulled his face open? I hope, because if not then that sentence sounds wrong…. But in the end Ryback beat Ziggler with his finisher and got the pin.

We get to a point in the show where Big Show decides to not wrestle against Daniel Bryan. Stephanie McMahon decides to address this issue in the ring in front of the audience. She decided to bring in personal history between them, in which it really gave the segment a bit of a back story. It is true that Big Show was a supporter for Steph when she was younger, and gave her business advice whenever he could. In addition Big Show travels allot with Steph for promoting B.A.S (Be a Star), Yahoo partnership and other WWE commercial adventures. There is history there, even when Big Show aligned himself with Triple H, Stephanie, and Shane McMahon in the attitude era. But, this segment got really interesting when Show’s financial issues came up. Big Show ‘Paul Wight’ has been having some financial situations with the IRS and failed business adventures. I actually was amazed this got brought up, obviously Paul had to approve of it, but it was a direction in which Stephanie really showed her ‘heel’ attitude.. And once again Big Show needs to release those tears. And his Iron Clad Contract has a loop hole? He has to perform for the contract to stay valid. Pretty much telling him to fight or else. I did love the “Rampage” segment in the back where Show just lost it. He actually threw a chair at two people standing by watching him. There’s never a safe place around an angry giant. Fucking hilarious..


Again the WWE must show us how to download the WWE app.. Crap, if I only had waited my confusion in going to the App store and pressing ‘install’ would have saved me some time and aggravation… WE’RE NOT STUPID!! STOP SHOWING US THIS!! RELEASE A BOOK FOR FUCKS SAKE!


Heath Slator/Jinder Mahal vs Prime Time Players (Prime Time Wins by Pin)

So is Drew Mcintyre not wrestling anymore? I thought he was the handpicked favorite by Vince McMahon? FAIL!!  So here’s another match in which the obvious winner are Prime Time player. Because you know 3MB never wins, nor will they ever. Now once again, Prime Time is getting pushed.. But no one has said why. All people are saying is “their entertaining & aggressive”. Obviously the WWE is pushing them and I’m for it. Prime Time Players are entertaining to watch, when they land the moves properly. Seriously Titus O’Neil was hitting Heath as if he was a small 12 year old girl.. PUT SOME UMMPH IN IT! Ok match, Prime Time Players Win by pin on Jinder Mahal.

Maddox, Heyman, Hunter

This was short segment and really showed the anger and aggressiveness of Paul Heyman, which is until Triple H entered, and Paul went to his smooth corporate persona. There’s obvious tension between Hunter and Heyman considering Heymans guy “Broke” Hunters arm two times..  But Hunter says it has nothing to do with that. This is more along the lines of Hunter just wanting CM Punk to beat down Heyman for the hell of it.. I agree!! I still think Axels Intercontinental Championship should be on the line considering it is Night of Champions and all titles should be on the line!! INCONSISTENCY!!


Bray Wyatt has a new video… Where’s Kane? Ohhh apparently burning in his bed… Nice Kidnapping and murder, how appropriate. The videos are interesting because there of a different style not used that much in the WWE. But I still believe Kane will return on the side of the Wyatts. It would be interesting if Undertaker came back looking for Kane, and that’s when Kane could turn on the undertaker.. This would give us Kane vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania! Streak on the line! I would watch that.. Hell ya!


Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton (Orton wins by Pin)

Randy Ortons music plays as Orton walks to the ring… Wife “OMG this song goes on and on!! Just fucking get in the ring already!! God I hate you Thighs!!” Just had to get my wife’s reaction out of the way.. Ohh and just to keep all you readers in the loop. These are the names my wife gave to Cody and Randy.

Randy Orton – Thighs

Cody Rhodes – Cheeks

Pretty much this match is Thighs vs Cheeks. Anyways, the match-up was descent with some good highlights. Cody can perform a Moonsault so beautifully. Kurt Angel and Cody Rhodes are two people who perform them perfectly nearly all the time. Cody put up a good fight and the match was clean. No interference or distractions, just a good clean fight. I was cheering for Cody, but the guys getting married and wanted time off anyways. So obviously this is how he’s going to get it. Have a wonderful Honeymoon Cody. Can’t wait for your return at the Royal Rumble.. Yes that’s a future prediction.

Later in the evening WWE interviewer caught up with Cody and asked what his thoughts were. Cody came out blasting saying how he lost fair and square, and how the WWE has ridiculed and portrayed his family as laughable characters. I wonder what feud will come of this. We’ll just have to wait and see.

CM Punk Promises to beat down Heyman and Axel

CM Punk, ohh wait Dark Punk, has promised the WWE universe that he will beat down Heyman and Axel. More specifically; he will give a “Biblical Ass Beating” to those two. I can see Punk being a little upset about what happened last week when he got Kendo Raped by Heyman and Friends. But this new Dark Punk is something I want to see. Punk gives great matches and I foresee this match being epic, especially now when Punk promises to break Heymans Face!!

Funny fact though, they did a re-cap of what happened last week; as they did 2 other times during raw. But Punk stayed in the ring the whole time gripping and fiddling with the Kendo Stick. It got to a point where I think he damaged and started to unravel the bindings.  Funny Punk Man!

Natalya vs Bri vs Naomi (All lose due to DQ by AJ)

Ok another Divas match. With all their friends’ ringside, and look here comes AJ!!  This match did not impress especially considering it only lasted 2 minutes. Until AJ decided to come in and attack all the divas within the match.. What I found funny was that Nat, Bri, and Naomi all started attacking AJ and it looked aggressive!! Nat eventually just grabbed AJ and held her down as the other two just beat up on her. Natalya can definitely snap AJ if necessary.  I think she winded AJ actually… HA now we have a fatal-4-way match at NOC for the Diva’s championship. It will be interesting to see how this match acts out. If the Diva division is getting more aggressive, it will definitely keep my interest.

Damian Sandow vs RVD (RVD by Pin)

AS much of an RVD fan I am, this match didn’t keep my interest. I blame Sandow!! Dam you!! And in the mean time my cats eyeing my food.. Don’t even think of it!!

The match was slow paces and Del Rio eventually and obviously came out and just watched as RVD got the frog splash on Sandow and pinned him for the win.

I still think Ricardo will turn on RVD. HEY!!! WTF!! Cat just stole a piece of steak!! What the!!!!

Cats are jerks!!

All wrestler must attend this match on the Stage.. This is Triple H Law.

Daniel Bryan vs Big Show (Bryan by DQ)

So why is the Big Show in the WWE when he doesn’t want to wrestle a competitor obviously willing to introduce Big Shows face to his knee! Seriously, this whole match was pretty much Show telling Daniel that he was forced to be in this match. That he didn’t want to do this. That Daniel should just stay down.. Ya that’s not going to happen. Daniel managed to get Big Show down just by kicking at the legs and head, and had a few attempts to pin him. But the Big Show just threw him off like I did my cat when eyeing the rest of my streak.. DAM YOU!

In the end, Show decided against the match and started walking up the ramp. The Twinkle Toe Security (The Shield) came down and surrounded the Ring. Eventually the Shield attacked Bryan and Big Show ran in to help. But wait!! Here comes big bad trainer Triple H and started yelling at show to allow the beating. Show stood tall and proud, until Daniel got 3 man power bombed where show collapsed in sorrow after his friend. Hunter eventually told show to WMD Bryan and knock him out. Show said no and off he went to cry some more.. But Wait here comes Steph.. She uses her female ways in making Big Show feel bad for letting his family down and talks him into getting in the ring again. After a few minutes of Show deliberating if he should punch Bryan, and threatening to punch Triple H but having Steph stopping him; he eventually started to cry on the ropes and then just turned and POWED Daniel Bryan.. BIG SHOW SMASH!!

After that whole headache segment, Orton came out and gently got in the ring. Slowly reaching out to Bryan, as if Orton wanted cuddle time. He turned Daniel on his back and stepped on his chest and raised the championship high. He stood above him in celebration that Daniel Bryan’s time would soon be up. “FUCK YOU ORTON AND YOUR FACE!!” Sorry my wife just thought of expressing her approval..

This week’s Raw had some volatile moments, and we got to see a firing; when in reality its time off for his Honeymoon but still! Good show, good matches, and an asshole of a cat.

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Smackdown August 30. 2013


Hey all! How you be?

Wanna talk about Smackdown!?

Fine then let the Carnage Begin!

August 30 2013 where in reality Smackdown taped August 27 2013, but here are some spoilers!!  So don’t read or complain if you read and didn’t understand that word Spoiler..

Spoilers ahead, Spoilers coming up, Spoilers in your face making you wonder if your life turned out the way you wanted… SPOILERS!! There now you know. Unless you read this after August 30th, then Smackdown Re-Cap!

So Smackdown actually had some interesting things happen. I don’t usually follow Smackdown that much because I’m not someone to watch a match on Friday and if it gets good reaction to re-watch it on Monday.. It’s just reiterating the same thing. Nevertheless we begin with the ever so annoying Miz and Miz TV!! It was Ziggler and Big Show who attended this vomit pile talk show and pretty much said nothing. And is the Miz in his wrestling trunks? Usually he comes out in a suit so obviously there’s gonna be a fight somewhere. Maybe a fight between Miz and Ziggler, or even Big Show; maybe even Miz vs. Miz because that’s pretty much the size of his Ego. But the three amigo’s tried to talk, but felt that the heat was still on by Triple H to not provide their own opinions regarding Daniel Bryan and his match on Raw with the Shield; in which Triple H had Daniel Bryan Raped and made all in the locker room come out to watch..


Before Big Show and Ziggler could say anything The Games music hit and Triple H walked down to the ring looking spiffy and eager to cause hell; or bend someone over, you never know. So Triple H addresses why Miz is in his ring gear, and Miz replies that “you never know when a fight is going to break out”. Of course random fights would break out, that makes complete sense on a show that’s already heavily planned out. Spew-Spraying Time! And FYI Miz is creepy:

You'z Got a Pretty Face!
You’z Got a Pretty Face!

Anyways, Triple H doesn’t understand all this and wonders why “everyone is trying to make this all so personal”. Well I would find it personal if you took one of my friends and made me watch as three men kicked his ass and told me that you would fire me if I were to help..  I believe that’s good reasoning behind hating someone. Triple H is one of the few people who can play an awesome Heel (bad guy) for the people who don’t know wrestling talk. So Triple H decides to make some matches; Ziggler vs The Shield, cause you know that’s fair.  Miz vs Randy Orton, cause we give a crap, and Big Show gets the night off by sitting ringside to watch all the matches where he can’t interfere or move. What if Big Show has to go to the washroom? Ohh well that’s what Michaels Coles face is for I presume.

Mis vs Randy Orton (Orton wins by RKO)

So this match had some action in which I frankly don’t care for. Shield comes out and stands in the background, to you know watch the match. And Big Show sits ringside, you know getting frustrated that he doesn’t have a hot dog yet. Allot of back and forth by Miz and Randy but the match ended clean with Miz getting RKO’ed and Randy picking up the win.. Ohh wait! Shield came out for a reason, attack Miz!! The one time I cheer for the shield. But no, Daniel comes out swinging a chair and running them off! YES YES YES! HIT MIZ!!! YES YES!!

moriarty omg yes photo tumblr_m11uy1CwFZ1r4n4yf.gif


Ohh and Ryback finally has a match! But it’s against Daniel Bryan, cause Vickie likes seeing smaller men getting beaten by larger men.. Kind of sounds like her sex life. Get it? Cause she looks like a man, the larger man… HA, whatever!

RVD vs Damien Sandow (RVD Wins by Frog Splash)

Short match, didn’t keep me interested so I choke slammed my cat and he got pissed and put me in a figure 4 leg lock… Cause you know cats are jerks…

Ohh and Del Rio said something about turning the rolling thunder into rain.. And that Ricardo betrayed the Latino’s! OHH NO HE DIDN’T! Like I said, Ricardo will turn on RVD at NOC.

Ziggler vs The Shield (Shield wins by Spear)

1 on 3 never really seems fair, yet Ziggler tried, but failed. It was a good match but for the most part; allot of people were chanting for Big Show to get in the ring and dominate. But no, he stayed sitting with his head in his hands wondering why the Hot Dog guy hasn’t showed up yet. And while Big Show cried, Ziggler got bombed!  Yay Gravity!


Tons of Funk (God I hate that Name) vs Harper & Rowan (Harper & Rowan Win by Pinfall)

Tons of funk came out to no disco ball but their full dance routine.. It’s disturbing how they keep doing the same moves thinking this is entertaining.. They need to stop, now, and forever. But the match as usual with these two teams was quick and pointless. Bray still sitting in the rocking chair, possible eye raping Big Show (Maybe his next big target?). In the end Bray does his finisher to Tensai; or Sweet T whatever the hell his name is now, and the segment ends. Ohh and Kane is still missing and possibly tied in a seller listening to recorded tapes of Bray speaking of Sisters, Praying, masks, and whatever else Bray wants to rant about.. SHOES, THEY FOLLOW THE SHOES OF THE SINGER OF GOD!!! PRAY!


Ryback vs Daniel Bryan (Bryan wins by DQ)

I’m amazed at the reaction Bryan gets sometimes, but I understand; the guy has been screwed over, he’s energetic and crazy in the ring. And the Best of all he looks like a Goat!


Ryabck vs Bryan was decent but I’m still not sure what the WWE is doing with Ryback.. While he’s Bullying people backstage he has a hard time stopping Daniel Bryan. I think Ryback’s character has fallen below expectation and now is he’s just used as a filler. But in the end Orton DQ’s Ryback to gives Bryan the win… of course…  But Bryan is resilient and gets Randy in the Yes Lock… Ohh wait here comes triple H’s new manly men The Shield. Of course the odds are now even, right? 4 on 1? Sounds like a party. Big show all this time angered that the hot dog guy obviously ignored him gets up and paces in disbelieve. How can a large man like big show sit ringside for hours without any food? It’s just not right. So he gets fed up and gets in the ring. BUT WAIT!! Triple H comes out and yells at him to “GET OUT”, you know like a dog!! Which Big Show does.. By the way, doesn’t big show have a clad iron contract? Wasn’t that his big thing with John Laurineties (Whatever the hell that guy’s name was) so he couldn’t get fired? Ohh right that’s another story line the WWE believes we all forgot about..  Cause you know wrestling fans can’t retain that amount of information from a year ago..

So the Shield and Orton continue to have their way with Bryan, even spray painting him with the word NO; In retaliation of Bryan vandalizing Orton’s new whore present from Triple H this past Raw. This is where the show ends and we all go back to living our lives as we all have been doing since we were born.

Now from my understanding there was a Dark Match

Big Show/ Mark Hendy/ RVD vs The Sheild. (RVD with the win by pinfall)

That’s right.. A dark match, with Big Show? Didn’t Triple H give him the night off? Ohh look more inconsistency with the show. This match was made just to have the audience leave happy. It started off ok with the normal tagging back and forth. But sometime you have to wonder, are there no other teams other then The Shield; their part of almost every segment now. But Bryan came back and gave a flying dropkick to Rollins and then a running knee which allowed RVD to Frog Splash him and take the win… The crowd cheered and cheered until Triple H yelled at them to go home! End of Show!

As stated previously, I don’t catch Smackdown that often because it’s usually re-done on Raw anyways, but lately it has gotten a bit more interesting to watch. I may follow once more but I won’t promise anything.. Ohh no, the cats back for round two!!

Follow me if you want to!  Facebook and Twitter, no other dame Social flabber-gaster!! Dam Logo still not done yet! Hopefully soon!

In your Face! Carnage Out!




Welcome to the Mind of Carnage!

So here we are.. Another week another RAW!

August 26 2013

Based off last week’s show, hopefully this raw will have the new corporation aligning and kicking ass again. Personally I like the new Corporation. I always did especially in the olden days.. I love Remembering Big Bossman kicking people’s asses, undertaker freaking people out, And the Rock standing atop the company with the WWE Championship belt with Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon at his side. And of course the notorious soaking of the corporation with the beer truck… Swim Vince, SWIM!! Summer slam ended with a lot of controversy when Triple H pedigreed Daniel Bryan, allowing Orton to pick up the win and become the new WWE Champion. The Story line here is that the McMahons have always had this idea that Daniel Bryan is too ugly, hairy, and too troll-like to be the face of the WWE. Can you get any more offensive to a person’s self esteem? “You’re talented, but your face scared children. You’re charismatic but your beard looks like Roseanne’s cooch area, and you’re energetic but your hair resembles that of a under the bridge, going to eat your children troll.

Anywho! We had another fab-tacular Raw last night… Honestly nothing really eventful happened during the initial show but there were some good moments. Let the Rant Begin!

I missed the first 30minutres of Raw because I was driving my wife home from work. So I did miss Triple H’s man whore get his present of a Cadillac Escalade and whatever the hell Miz and Fandingo did. Obviously wasn’t that important because it didn’t give a lasting impression… But Orton did get a fancy new truck from his Pimp Daddy Triple H for being the WWE Champion and having a wonderful face. More to come on Randy’s face later… That sounds wrong.

CM Punk vs Curtis Axel (Victory = Punk)

This match was Ok, I wasn’t as impressed with the actual matchup between Axel and Punk but the fallout was what was most entertaining. Reminded me of the Canning Dreamer took at the hands of Sandman back in ECW. Dreamer just kept taking them and asking for more, it got to a point where the man was bleeding from his back, arm, and neck just from all the shots and thanked Sandman for the beating. Except this time Punk was cuffed and had no choice but to take them. Heyman is a genius though; you gotta look at this guy’s expression there so simple yet so effective, every time the camera pointed at him he had an evil glare or smirk on his face; which just tells the story of him enjoying Punk’s pain.. And who was the 7% who picked Heyman to be special Guest Referee? Seriously, when I saw those options it was obvious which one the WWE is pushing for. Banned from ring side, Special Guest Referee, or Step in the Ring with Punk if Axel loses. Honestly people make the right choice and pick the obvious choice.. Heyman can’t fit into a referee shirt. So the fans ticked and tapped on their phones and decided the obvious answer..  I’m amazed the WWE didn’t put up a teaching tutorial on how to vote on the WWE App cause you know, were all illiterate on how to use smart phones and apps.. The ending though was a nice touch, with Axel holding punk up and Heyman swinging the Kendo Stick against Punks Mid section. Heyman Screaming “I loved you”, “I Murdered Myself for you”, “I fathered you”.. Whoa! Heyman fathered punk? Isn’t this child abuse then? After the initial Canning in the ring it moved to the outside where punk got struck a few more time with the Kendo Stick which eventually busted him open on his back. Later in the show Punk who apparently was denying medical attention, one hour later asked for Heyman at Night of Champions. Which he’s getting in an elimination handicap match with Heyman and Axel, and if Heyman runs he won’t be seen from again? Will Maddox kill Paul Heyman? You never know, Paul was responsible for the Shield ambushing Maddox; maybe he has a vendetta towards Paul. Maybe he’ll tie him up and torture the walrus for a bit. Who knows! By the way one of my favorite lines of the night was wheh JBL said “If Rhyanna and Chirs Brown can get back together so can Heyman and Punk”, Cole and King were silent for a bit after that.. It’s beating time!

Natalya vs Brie Bella (Victory = Brie Bella)

Once again they place these two in a match against each other. Don’t know why when Brie keeps missing her shots and kicks like a five year old trying to kick a soccer ball but keeps falling on her ass. But the match ended with the stick (Brie) beating Natalya? Why and How? I can’t believe a face plant would stop Natalya. Natalya is actually very talented in the ring but the WWE is mixing her into the whole Diva’s motif. She is a Diva I agree, but a diva that can punch the faces off of all the other balloon headed divas in the WWE right now.. And why do the divas all come out together now? Looks like the bathroom buddies now go everywhere together.

And did you see AJ give it to all of them?!  FUCK YES!!! Finally someone calls these women sorry pathetic excuses of human beings (Natalya Exempted)!! I have new respect for AJ. She followed in CM Punk shoes and threw her own Pipe Bomb. I hope this gets AJ out of the Ziggler storyline and into a more serious spotlight. AJ’s not a bad wrestler and seeing her in action against Natalya is sometimes turns out to be a good match. But what I loved the most was when AJ was putting down the rest of the Diva’s Natalya Stood in the rings shaking her head and smiling at the same time. While all the other stick figures screamed that AJ was jealous of them and wish that she wanted to be them.. Isn’t the dream of wrestling to become a champion? Which AJ is already? Anyways new found respect for AJ and hopefully the Diva division gets more serious and eventful. And I found it funny when she stated that some of the Diva’s sucked up to the right people… lol get it? Brie and Nikkie sucking Bryan and Cena? HA… Whatever..

RVD vs Del Rio. (Victory = RVD)

This match I had predicted of the bat that RVD would win because Alberto Del Rio doesn’t have a Night of Champions opponent and therefore needed one considering all belts are on the line at Night of Champions.. Well that’s how it’s supposed to work but the WWE always screws things up. For instance CM Punk is facing Curtis Axel and Heyman where Axel is the Intercontinental Champ but not defending it. I say Punk should win that for fun and bash Heyman over the face with it. Anyways this match once again was good; RVD and ADR do match up well with striking, grabbling, and high flying components. I have a future Prediction though, RVD and Rodriguez is a very odd combination. I predict that at NOC (Night of Champions) Rodriguez turns on RVD and costs him the belt showing his loyalty to Alberto Del Rio. It’s obvious, right? RVD doesn’t need a personal announcer; the crowd is his ring announcer.  Anyways this was a good match with a solid ending. Storyline Advance!!

Is anyone else satisfied that Cena’s gone for a few months? Geez that guy is actually a robot he never stops. No wonder his bodies starting to grow golf balls out of his elbow and breakdown here and there. Prediction: He comes back at next year’s royal rumble.. yay *Sarcasm*


Ryback is again bullying people.. This time almost face raping Josh Matthews. Still not surprised that Ryback isn’t being used for anything else. Just waiting out the ending of his contract I believe.


Christian vs Randy Orton (Victory = Orton)

This match was highly entertaining, Christian has been a guy who really motivated the audience by not taunting but clapping his hands together, slapping the ground. I like his momentum boost. Randy Orton obviously looks happy to be a heel again but he’s still receiving a positive reaction from allot of supporters. Except my wife who still yells at the TV for Orton to stop smiling.. She made a song for him: “Sledgehammer, sledgehammer, to the face!! Sledgehammer, Sledgehammer, OHH GOD I HATE RANDY ORTON!!” She doesn’t rhyme that often.. Christian put up a good fight and even though he did screw up Randy Orton’s Signature Buildup they did cover it well with a soccer style kick to the midsection to Orton. Great Match and I loved the nature boy style finish with a poke to the eyes.

Ohh and Randy’s Whore mobile got de-flowered by Daniel Bryan getting spray painted all over with the word YES YES YES YES YES.. Come over here there’s more on this side… YES YES YES YES YES. Triple H wasn’t very happy about that and asked Maddox to get all superstars to the stage, and if they think about interfering in Bryans match their fired.. Shit Triple H can read mind’s now, that’s impressive. I wonder would happen if the audience member thought of helping Daniel Bryan? Would Triple H go into the audience find the person and pedigree him on the sticky sour cream filled floor? You never know.

Titus O’Neil vs Swagger

Once again the Prime Time Playa’s are getting a boost and I do believe it’s due to Darren Young. It’s a good thing, they get the push they deserve and people are left wondering if Titus is Darren’s love interest.. I also still love that even though the All Americans put down the states they’re in, people still stand and chant “We the People”. Goes to show that some Americans are just American enough to agree with what Zeb has to say; and His beards becoming epic by the way. Someone needs to shave it and sell it. It was an ok Filler Match, just to kill time. No real story development, and the wrestling wasn’t so interesting to keep me enthralled; though my cat vomiting on my hard wood floor kept my interest more than their match.. Go Hairball!

Bray Wyatt apparently has a Sister Abigail that saves the city she touches and burns the city she kisses.. Are they still holding Kane captive? Should police be called? Or are they turning Kane into Sister Abigail? It would be another Santina but with a 7 foot freak of a man posing with a women’s hair piece. Go Abigail Kane!

Gauntlet match Daniel Bryan vs. the Shield

Bryan vs Seth Rollins was a good match, these guys give a good combination of style and kicks. Rollins is quick and agile as-is Bryan, so when these two meet up in the ring they do give quite a match which is fast past and entertaining. But I found it funny that after their match the shield pretty much went downhill from there. Rollins losing straight up to Bryan, Ambrose losing because Reigns interfered and then Reigns losing because Ambrose interfered. So Bryan Won another Gauntlet!! Ohh and we finally found a way to shut Miz up, kind of. Just threaten to fire him; the one time I wish Miz said something.  And did everyone else see Seth Rollins fly over the announcer table!! That was some great air time and landing. I was amazed to see that Cole moved out of the way so quickly. He should have stayed there and gotten his face planted with a boot.

So after the match Triple H comes out looking at the wrestlers on the stage and gives the go ahead to his puppets of mercy the Shield to destroy Bryan. And then Triple H sends his new love interest to the ring to what? Give Bryan one RKO…. You’re a champion and that’s all you do? I would have done that RKO on a table. Or better yet, considering the Escalade was already messed up. Why didn’t Randy drive the escalade in the arena and RKO Daniel Bryan on it? Destroying the vehicle and ending the show with Daniel sprawled over the vehicle with the words YES spray painted all over it.

I do like the new Corporation; it’s a good spinoff to what Vince has created back in the 90’s. Except this time his Son-in-law takes over and acts as if he’ll ass rape anyone who gets in his way. Anypoo Raw was decent but as I stated previously not as eventful as I would have liked.

Hope you enjoyed my spew! Don’t let it sit too long, it’ll ruin your face..

Carnage Out!


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