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Wrestling With… (Ep.28): The Asuka Scenario

This week on Wrestling With My Wife, Sam and Adam debate how they hope Asuka’s Raw career begins, and Sam reacts to the No Mercy event, John Cena’s future, Roman Reigns winning clean, the Miztourage vs The Shield fued and Brock Lesnar retaining the WWE Universal Championship. MOC’s Clown Price and Princess of Podcasting also give their take on Enzo Amore’s Cruiserweight Championship Celebraton, and what could be on the horizon for the Cruiserweight Division.

The Diabolical Duo also discuss this season’s Gotham storylines, the Rick and Morty season finale, and debut a brand new segment.

As always, a strong sense of humor and listener discretion is advised.

Asuka Comments On Her MSG Debut Over The Weekend

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka made her Madison Square Garden debut at a SmackDown Live house show on Sunday teaming with Nikki Bella, Tamina Snuka, and Becky Lynch to defeat SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Mickie James, and Natalya.

Asuka posted the following on Twitter about her debut:

Asuka Becomes The Longest Reigning NXT Women’s Champion & Counting

NXT’s current Women’s Champion Asuka, has officially become the longest reigning NXT women’s champion standing at 277 days and counting.

WWE has released a statement about her achievement which can be found below:

Asuka becomes longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion ever

Asuka can now add longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion to her growing list of accomplishments inside the squared circle. The Empress of Tomorrow, who has dominated the rest of the Women’s division since arriving to NXT has held the coveted title since April 1, 2016 when she defeated Bayley at TakeOver: Dallas.

As of Jan. 4, 2017, Asuka’s historic reign stands at 277 days and counting, passing the previous record-holder, Paige. This accomplishment is even more impressive when considering the list of previous NXT Women’s titleholders also includes the likes of Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks.

While anything is possible when it comes to sports-entertainment, Asuka’s record title reign looks to have no end in sight. Most recently, she successfully defended her title against Raw Superstar Nia Jax in Osaka, Japan, and before that, she thwarted the returning Mickie James at TakeOver: Toronto.

Competition among rising young Superstars such as Liv Morgan, Ember Moon and Billie Kay could bring forth Asuka’s next challenger, but can any of them overthrow NXT’s empress? Will it take a Superstar from Raw or SmackDown LIVE, or even a former Superstar to dethrone Asuka?

Either way, it could be a long time (if ever) before anyone comes close to conquering Asuka’s record-breaking championship reign.


Mickie James Talks Returning to WWE, Facing Asuka & More

Former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James recently sat down with WWE.com and spoke about her match with Asuka at NXT Takeover: Toronto.

Here are some highlights.

Coming back to the Women’s Division Since leaving back in 2010

It’s incredible. I’ve watched it from a distance. It’s something that I’ve always hoped for, for the women of the industry. I started as a wrestler, as a fan of wrestling and wanting to be a wrestler, I strived really hard to have a really great match, not just for women, just trying to kill it and have the best match on the card. But now, to see that come to fruition and see what women’s wrestling is, is a great thing. To come back to that and be a part of something that I hoped for, for so long, for the wrestling business, is amazing. I’m grateful.

How did this opportunity come about?

I was sitting in the airport in Orlando, Florida, on my way to the UK, where I’ve been for almost a month now. I got the call from WWE and they asked me if I was interested. I know who Asuka is, I’ve seen her work in Japan and NXT. She is incredibly talented. It’s cool to see someone come up and make an impact. I think for her, it’s even harder, because there’s the language barrier. But she’s this mystical kind of person. For them to even consider me to come back and face her and, hopefully, tear the house down, is pretty awesome. It made me feel like a million bucks. I want to go in there and take it to the next level and give the people everything that they want and more.

 When you see Asuka in the ring, what’s the first impression you have of her?

I think she’s fascinating. She has such an amazing presence. That’s one of those things you can’t teach people. Then, she gets it done in the ring. I know she had her own promotion in Japan and was very successful, so successful that she didn’t necessarily need come to WWE. But she’s smart enough to recognize that if she wanted to be the kind of star she wanted to be, like a household name, she had to come to WWE. I feel like she’s the complete package now, as a performer, artist and wrestler.

MOC Predictions – NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2

Welcome my Wargods to your NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2 MOC Prediction page. This Saturday marks the start of what will be an exciting weekend as Summerslam is just around the corner. But first WWE makes a stop in Brooklyn for their NXT TakeOver show.

Here are the matches and my predictions for this Saturdays show. Images sourced from WWE.com

The Pre-show will stream live with live results from the show starting at 8pm est, only on MindofCarnage.com.

Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay
Singles Match

This marks the official TV debut of Ember Moon (aka. Athena in the independent circuit). Ember Moon has been working NXT live events for a little bit now, so she’s not new to the scene completely. It’s no surprise that when a talent debuts, 98% of the time they pick up the win. It’s no different in this scenario. It’s good to see WWE introducing more stronger and well verse women competitors to the roster, and I believe Ember Moon will have a great start and career in WWE.

 MOC Prediction: Ember Moon

Austin Aries vs. No Way Jose
Singles Match

As much as I love Austin Aries as a performer, I honestly couldn’t care less about this match. It was thrown together quickly with no real back story behind it. Jose made Austin dance, Austin got angry and attacked him. That’s really all it is. Though WWE is showing some faith in No Way Jose to pin him up against a well known talent such as Austin Aries, it’s one of those things where WWE wants their talent to show them what they got. For No Way Jose, I say bring it in this match and show why WWE should stand behind you, dancing. When it comes to winners, I feel Austin comes out on top, especially since I feel Austin will get an NXT title shot relatively soon. He needs the momentum going forward. As for Jose, this will mark a line in his career that will either make, or break him.

MOC Prediction: Austin Aries

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Bobby Roode
Singles Match

It’s glorious that Bobby Roode is in NXT. One of the top guys in TNA who made a name for himself there gets to showcase what he has on a bigger stage to a much larger audience. I’ve been a big fan of Roode and seen how his character has matured in the business. His debut in an NXT ring will be glorious especially going up against Almas (aka. La Sombra)

Let’s face it though, when it comes to both of these men, Roode is the one taken the most seriously, especially since he doesn’t come out dressed as a male pole dancer ready to shake his junk in front of your face for a $1 bill. So in all honesty I can’t see, nor do I want to see Andrade coming out on top in this one. Roode has the momentum going into this match and needs to keep it going out.

MOC Prediction: Bobby Roode

The Revival (c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano
– NXT Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match

When it comes to this tag match, I’m expecting a tough and aggressive match from both teams. Ciampa & Gargano have been on a great streak so far, as have the Revival. So both teams in my opinion are heading into this match with a ton of momentum on their side. When it comes to winners, Gargano and Ciampa are in line for them, but on the other hand I feel WWE are putting a ton of focus on the Revival; especially since they’re the first ever tag team to hold the tag titles twice. As much as I want Gargano & Ciampa to win, i honestly feel the Revival will pull a trick out of their hat and pull off a cheating victory allowing them to retain their tag team championships. By pulling off a cheap victory, you position a rematch down the line, with a possible stipulation added.

MOC Predictions: The Revival (retain)

Asuka (c) vs. Bayley
-NXT Women’s Championship-
Singles Match

Asuka vs. Bayley 2, a rematch from their original fight where Bayley lost the Women’s championship by being choked out. Will this happen again?

Asuka has been a force not to be taken lightly in NXT. She has shown that not only is she agile, but quick, aggressive and strong. The woman will do anything she has to out-maneuver, position and out-think the competition. I honestly feel it’s a treat to watch Asuka compete in the ring just because she breaks the mold of female competitors and does it really well. When it comes to Bayley, I won’t lie; I’ve become a fan of the hugger! Bayley has won me over because she too can be aggressive in the ring. But when it comes to this match I can’t see Bayley winning, just because she is in place to be called to the main roster really soon. I feel in a way this will mark the beginning of the end in NXT for her which is not a bad thing. She’ll be moving to a bigger platform and a bigger audience.

So when it comes to this match I will say that Asuka will remain the women’s championship and continue her dominating role in NXT.

MOC Prediction: Asuka (retains) 

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
-NXT Championship-
Singles Match

Here’s the big match of the night, and I can safely assume it’ll be a hard hitting one.  Joe and Nakamura have taken NXT by storm as being two guy who’ve gone so far in a short time. Joe has been in NXT for a year and is already the champion and main eventing. Nakamura who came in after Joe is already one of the top notch competitors that you need to watch in NXT. Pretty much this will be a must-not miss match. When it comes to winners, it’s hard to call who’ll win this, so I’ll go based off my other predictions and say that Nakamura will win this and become the new NXT Champion making this the only title to change hands this night.

I know it’s a sad excuse to have Nakamura win just because no other titles changed hand based on my predictions, but all-in-all Nakamura is more of a veteran in the business than Joe, and I feel WWE would rather keep him in NXT for the time being. Joe is much easier to transition to the main roster than Nakamura. So because of that I say Nakamura.

MOC Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura (New NXT Champion)

Those are my predictions for the night. What are your thoughts, do you have the same?

Here is a summary of my predictions:

  1. Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay – MOCPrediction: Ember Moon
  2. Austin Aries vs. No Way Jose – MOCPrediction: Austin Aries
  3. Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Bobby Roode – MOCPrediction: Bobby Roode
  4. The Revival (c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano – MOCPrediction: The Revival (retain)
  5. Asuka (c) vs. Bayley – MOCPrediction: Asuka (retain)
  6. Samoa Joe (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – MOCPrediction: Shinsuke Nakamura (New NXT Champion)

You can check out the live stream for NXT TakeOver:Brooklyn 2 Pre-Show here at MindofCarnage.com 6pm EST on Saturday Aug.20 followed by the live recap for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2 at 8pm EST.

MOCLive NXT TakeOver Dallas Recap – April 1, 2016

Show: NXT TakeOver Dallas

Date: April 1st 2016

Author: Cade Carnage

Venue: Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center Dallas, TX


Welcome everyone to your MOCLive NXT TakeOver Dallas recap!

This marks the first event in this action packed weekend where I’m pretty sure my fingers will be falling off by Monday night, why you ask? BECAUSE IT’S WRESTLEMANIA WEEKEND BITCH, and there’s events galore!! Sorry, I got a bit angry there.

Tonight NXT comes at us from Dallas with a special NXT TakeOver show. Now this will be absolutely amazing as Nakamura makes his debut to NXT against Sami Zayn. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this match, not only that Austin Aries also makes his debut against Baron Corbin in what will be a great physical and aggressive match.

If you’re missing the event tonight but want to stay in the loop, then you’re in the right place. Make sure to keep refreshing for the latest recap of the show.

Sit back, grab a cigar, slice a potato and prepare as NXT TakeOver Dallas begins.


NXT Kickoff Show

Update: Thank you @BillKauff for bringing this up: Apollo Crews vs. Elias Samson was actually a dark match before NXT TakeOver Dallas, which would explain why they didn’t have a graphics made. Apollo Crews ended up winning the match.

NXT TakeOver Dallas

Let the show begin!

The Revival (c) vs. American Alpha
-NXT Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match

Chad Gable and Dawson start things off with a quick clinch taking both to the corner and the ref breaks them apart. A “Gable” chant begins and Dawson laughs at the audience and slaps Chad Gable.  They split again and clinch once again this time Gable gets the advantage with a few close counts giving him the fan reaction. Dawson and Chad stare off and Chad slaps Dawson. They clinch for the third time and Dawson looks to have the upper hand with an arm lock, Dawson lands a few running elbows and finshed it with a hip toss. Chad manages to counter and gets the tag in on Jason who hits Dawson with a high dropkick. Dawson rolls to the outside as the audience is going crazy for Jason Jordan.

Dawson climbs back in and Dash distracts the ref allows Dawson to rake the eyes and tags in Dash Wilder. Both try for a double move on Jason but take both of them out. Chad comes in and both hit a hip toss to Dash and Dawson. Chad Gable gets the tag and locks in a few arm locks to Dash. Dash hits a hard elbow to the head and takes Chad to the Revivals corner. Dawson tags in. Dawson comes in landing a few hard punches and kicks and lifts Chad on the top rope. Dawson goes for a superplex but Chad counters and gets a few close pins. The Revival get the upper hand on Chad again but Jason comes in and both men hit a double dropkick and German suplex making the audience get LOUD!

American Alpha attack the Revival on the outside. Chad takes Dawson into the ring and goes for a back drop but Dawson manages to get a blind tag. Dawson runs to the outside where Chad follows and Dash hits a hard clothesline. The Revival begin their assault on Chad Gable getting a few quick tags and focusing on Chad’s midsection and arms. Dash locks in a chicken wing on Gable as a “Let’s go Gable.” Chad manages to fight out and tries to reach for Jason but Chad pushes him back and Dawson tags in taking him out. Dawson gets a nice pin following a kick to the head and gets a 2 count. Dawson lifts Gable on his back and stretches him, but Gable counters into a pin roll up. Dash runs in to attack, but Gable manages to DDT both Chad and Dawson. Gable is really close to Jason but Dash climbs out from under the ring and pulls Jason off the apron. This allows Revival to hit a double move in the corner, but a mild mistiming didn’t allow the move to connect fully.

The Revival still keep the advantage as Jordan comes back to the apron. Chad goes for a tag but Dawson holds his leg, Chad rolls and allows to give him the tag to Jason, as the audience go loud. Jason takes out both members of the Revival and hits his own t-bone suplex to Dawson twice. Jason pins Dawson and gets a 2 count. Jason takes Dawson to the top rope in the corner but Dawson fights out. Jason goes for a belly-to-belly but Dash holds Dawson’s leg down making Jason fall back. Dawson gets a pin and Dash tries to hold his legs down but Jason still gets a 2 count. Dawson goes to a suplex but Jordan fights back and tries to pin but Dawson pushes him away and Dash hits a hard elbow. Dawson pins but Chad breaks the pin. Dash throws Chad out and they try to attack Jason but to no avail as Jason counters. He tries for a corner spear but Dawson moves out of the way. Chad tags in and he and Dawson go back and forth with pins showing their wrestling skills in the ring.

Dawson gets taking into the corner and Jason gets a blind tag and runs around the ring. Chad attacks Dawson in the corner as Jason hits a running spear in the corner and Chad and Gable hit their finisher giving American Alpha a 1..2..3!

Winners: American Alpha (New NXT Tag Team Champions)

Video: A video is shown of Bayley meets young fans WrestleMania Axxess & Asuka practicing some of her kicks.

Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin
Singles Match

As you can expect Austin Aries got a great ovation from the audience at NXT TakeOver Dallas.

The match starts and Aries goes for the attack quickly. Austin takes him to the corner delivering a few punches and kicks. Baron grabs him and pushes him to the opposite side of the ring. Austin comes back attacking quickly not letting up. Baron pushes him off the ropes, but Austin comes back delivering a dropkick to Baron’s knee. Aries climbs on Barons back and delivers punches to the back of the head. Baron pulls him off and pushes him to the ropes again, but Austin comes back landing a quick forearm taking Baron to the outside. Austin climbs to the top rope and lands an Axe handle to the outside.

Austin and Baron begin fighting around the ring with Austin keeping the advantage. Baron rolls back into the ring and just as Austin attacks, Baron lifts him up and hands him on the top rope. Baron follows that up with a hard clothesline and begins stomping on the downed Aries. Baron keeps the control stomping on the limbs of Aries and choking him against the ropes. Baron tries for another attack but Aries tries to fight back but Baron grabs him and throws him under the bottom rope taking his shoulder against the corner post. Baron pulls Austin out and locks in a claw to the hurt shoulder and grounds Aries.

Austin tries to fight out but Baron keeps over powering him, but Aries manages to break the hold by dropping down and rolling Baron off him. Baron though keeps the attack and lands his elbows against Aries shoulder. Baron pins but only gets a 2 count. Baron yells at the audience but gets stopped by Aries who lands a few hard elbows to the head. Aries slaps Baron against the chest a few times taking him to the corner in pain. Aries lands a running forearm and pins but only gets a 2 count. Baron tries to climb out but Aries jumps on him landing multiple punches to the head. Aries hopes over the top rope and lands a double Axe Handle to Baron. Aries climbs to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick and a running dropkick into the corner. Corbin rolls to the outside for a breather, but that doesn’t last as Aries runs and hits a suicide dive to the outside. Baron walks to the other side and Austin follows but Baron counters with a spinning back drop. Allowing Corbin to roll into the ring and try for a count-out victory.

The ref reaches the count of 9 and Aries slides back in at the last minute. Aries taunts for Corbin to attack. Corbin goes for the attack and manages to hit a few elbows to his head and ground Aries. Corbin tries for End of Days but Austin Aries rolls out of it and manages to get the 1..2..3 pin victory.

Winner: Austin Aries

Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Singles Match

Shinsuke Nakamura got a huge ovation from the audience as this marks his first WWE appearance, even getting a “Holy shit” chant.

The match begins and already a Nakamura, Sami Zayn chant begins. Nakamura and Zayn stare off and a loud YES chant begins. The audience is hot for this. They try to clinch but Nakamura rolls out taunting to the audience. They clinch up this time and Nakamura pushes Zayn to the ropes and leaves him there. Sami tries to attack but Nakamura takes him down and tries for a few kicks but Sami ducks them and backs away quickly. They clinch up for the second time and Sami gets a arm lock in, but Nakamura rolls out and counters with his own. Sami does a few rolls and breaks out the arm lock and slams Nakamura down to the mat. Sami locks in another arm lock but Nakamura pushes him off the ropes. Sami rebounds off the ropes and hits a few forearms and hip tosses taking Nakamura to the corner. Sami taunts Nakamura making the audience go crazy.

The talents looks for a hand lock but Nakamura hits a had kick to the leg taking Sami to the mat and follows it up with a dropping knee to the head giving him a 2 count. Nakamura and Sami counter each other’s a few times but Nakamura gets the upper hand countering a running attack with a knee and a kick to the head. Nakamura goes for his corner stomps but Sami holds his leg and counter, but Nakamura comes with the opposite foot hitting Sami in the head. Nakamura pins but only gets a 2 count. Nakamura locks in a choke. Sami manages to fight up and hits a suplex. Sami slaps Nakamura against the chest and lands a few punches in the corner. He takes him off the ropes and Sami hits a calf kick for the 2 count.

Sami keeps on the attack in the corner delivering a few forearms to the face. Nakamura explodes out of the corner with a few of his own but Sami lands a hard right taking Nakamura to the outside. Nakamura climbs the apron to come in but Sami tries to attack, but Nakamura lands a hard kick to the head. He lays him across the apron and hits a running knee to Sami and lands a jumping knee to Sami. Nakamura takes him to the corner and does his stomp taunt. He goes for a corner attack but Sami counters flipping over him. Nakamura counters again laying Sami across the top rope in the corner and hitting a running knee. Nakamura pins and gets a 2 count. Nakamura goes for a back drop but Sami counters flipping on his feet. Sami takes Nakamura to the outside and hits his signature dive. He rolls him into the ring and lands a top rope cross body giving him a 2 count.

The audience begin a “this is awesome” chant in which I highly agree. Sami goes for a suplex but Nakamura stops him with a knee to the head, but follows it up with a few more. Nakamura runs the ropes but Sami counters with a driver slam. Sami and Nakamura exchange right punches in the ring getting the audience behind them. They did this back and forth for honestly a few minutes. Following the exchange Nakamura appeared to have been busted open with an elbow. They continue until exhaustion kicks in and audience give them a standing ovation. Following the ovation Nakamura gets on the attack and begins hitting Sami hard against the head. Nakamura lands a few hard kicks to the head taking Sami to the mat.

The ref cleans the blood around Nakamura’s face. Nakamura kicks Sami in the head again and tries for a running move but Sami counters with a huge clothesline. Sami gets on the offence and lands a few punches and kicks. Sami tries for the clothesline again but Nakamura counters into an arm lock. Sami does get locked in it fully so Nakamura transitions into a triangle hold. Sami manages to break the hold by stomping on Nakamura’s head. Sami gets on the offence landing HARD HARD kicks to Nakamura. Nakamura fights out and tries for a clothesline but Sami locks in his submission hold and it appears dire for Nakamura. Nakamura manages to fight out and hits a hard stepping side head kick taking both competitors to the mat.

Look who’s watching

The audience begin a “fight forever” chant as both men get to their feet. Nakamura goes for a back suplex but Sami counters. Sami takes him to the corner but Nakamura counters running to the opposite side, but Sami tries for his running kick finisher, but Nakamura ducks out of the way quickly. He lands his back German suplex on Sami and goes for the running knee, but Sami counters into the blue thunder bomb and gets a really close 2 count.

Nakamura rolls to the outside and Sami tries for his hurricanrana DDT through the ropes, but Nakamura stops him with a hard kick to the head. Sami rolls into the ring and Nakamura climbs to the top rope for a big move, but Sami counters climbing up with him and tries for a superplex, but Nakamura fights out and pushes Sami off the ropes. Nakamura jumps down and tries for a running move but Sami looks to hit his turnbuckle face slam. Nakamura fights out and lands a few elbows to the head. Nakamura climbs to the second rope and hits a hard knee to the head followed up by his running finishing knee (I don’t know the finishing move name yet) giving him the 1…2…3!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Absolutely great match. Following the match Nakamura offered his hand as a “thank you Sami” chant begins. Sami gets to his feet and shake Nakamura’s hand as an offical welcome to WWE.

Sami received a standing ovation after the match, as that marked his final match in NXT, and I will say that it had to be one of the best matches I’ve seen.

Bayley (c) vs. Asuka
-NXT Women’s Championship-
Women’s Singles Match

The match starts and both competitors clinch up as a “Bayley’s gonna hug you” chant. Bayley and Asuka go back and forth with arm locks. Asuka manages to fight out and lands a hard elbow to the face breaking the hold. Both ladies clinch up again with Bayley locking in the headlock. Asuka pushes her off, does a few counters and hits her with a running shoulder. Asuka runs the ropes and Bayley takes advantage with a hip toss. They counter a few more running moves and stare off, getting the audience loud.

Both women look to clinch but instead Asuka lands a few kicks to Bayley. Bayley lands a hard forearm to the head but Asuka comes back with a hard kick. Asuka lands another hard kick to the gut and tries to a apron attack on Bayley but get’s stopped with a hard clothesline. Bayley takes advantage keeping the advantage on Asuka, landing a cross body from the top rope. Bayley pins but only gets a 2 count. Bayley lands a few knees to the head, but Asuka counters into an arm bar, Bayley quickly crawls to the ropes to break the hold.

Asuka begins attacking Bayley in the corner. She tries for a kick, but Bayley counters hanging Asuka upside down in the corner. She lands a few kicks and hits a running elbow and pins for the 2 count. Asuka rolls to the other corner and kicks Bayley away when she tries to attack. Asuka climbs to the top, but Bayley stops her with a few forearms to the head. Bayley climbs up and hits a hurricanrana and pins Asuka for the 2 count. Just as Asuka kicks out Bayley locks in a front lock chokehold. Asuka fights and struggles to get out of the hold and manages to and locks in a ankle lock. Bayley struggles and rolls taking Asuka outside of the ring. Bayley runs the ropes, slides under the bottom rope and hits another hurricanrana on Asuka who was waiting for her on the outside.

Bayley rolls Asuka back into the ring and pins for a 2 count. Bayley begins delivering a few hard punches but Asuka yells out. Bayley runs the ropes but Asuka follows and takes Bayley out with a hard dropkick. She follows it up with kicks all over Bayley’s body. She lands a cross body from the second ropes and continues her onslaught of kicks on Bayley. She hits a running knee to the head and pins Bayley for the 2 count. Asuka goes for an attack but Bayley tries for a pin, Asuka fights out but Bayley captures her and hits a back suplex. Bayley tries to keep the attack going but Asuka hits a hard kick to the head. Both competitors are out for the count.

The audience begin a “this is awesome” chant as both competitors get to their feet. Both try for the dropkick but to no avail. Both exchange a few back and forth punches and kicks. Asuka goes for a head kick, but Bayley catches her leg and locks in a captured ankle lock. Asuka struggles and reaches and finally gets to the ropes, but Bayley takes advantage smashing Asuka’s knee to the mat. Bayley begins to focus on the legs of Asuka. She lands a few dragon screw leg locks and focuses on the attack. Bayley goes for the clothesline but Asuka quickly locks in the arm lock. Bayley struggles and manages to counter out and pin for a 2 count. Asuka almost looks for another submission but Bayley hits a scoop slam. She hits a running clothesline and locks in a arm lock. Asuka yells out in pain and Bayley pins her for a 2 count. Bayley tries for the Bayley-to-belly but Asuka counters and hits a hard kick to the head. Asuka hits a front German Suplex, and quickly Asuka locks in the arm lock. Bayley almost breaks out but Asuka tries to transition into the Asuka Lock. Bayley struggles and almost gets to the ropes, but Asuka pulls her back and Asuka locks in her submission victory; the Asuka lock. Bayley screams and coughs as Asuka doesn’t let up. Asuka brings her back to the mat once again. Bayley again struggles but all of a sudden doesn’t move and the ref MUST call for the bell. Bayley is knocked out via submission.

Winner: Asuka (New NXT Women’s Champion)

Finn Balor (c) vs. Samoa Joe
-NXT Championship-
Singles Match

Finn Balor comes at in his demon paint, but this time also has a chainsaw which doesn’t actually have a chain on it, so it’s safe.

The match starts and both men stand in their corners starring at one-another as the audience get loud again. Joe goes for the first attack but Balor counters and lands a few punches. Joe takes him to the outside and waits in the ring. Balor runs in and attacks again, but Joe throws him outside. Finn attacks again and this time you can tell Samoa Joe has been busted open near the eye. Finn attacks but this time he throws Samoa Joe to the outside. Finn runs over the ropes and lands on Joe on the outside. Joe takes the advantage and throws Finn over the barricade and against a security guard near the barricade.

Finn attacks Joe on the outside and both men head back into the ring, as the blood on Joe’s face begins to really flow. Joe and Finn brawl in the ring for a bit until Joe take Finn to the outside and hits a hard running suicide dive. This gives time for the ref and medic to attend to Joe’s cut. Joe seems really upset about this and is pissed off that the match has to stop to attend to the wound.

Joe climbs back into the ring and Finn goes on the attack but Samoa Joe captures him and slams him to the mat. Joe locks in a surfboard stretch but Finn breaks out. Samoa Joe takes him into the corner hits Finn with an elbow and then followed by a kick to the head. Samoa pins but only gets a 2 count. Once again, the match is stopped to attend to Joe’s cut which is flowing once again.

After the medics leave again he goes on the attack, taking Finn to the corner slapping him around and choking him with his foot. Joe hits Finn with a running boot to the face. He lifts him to the top rope where Finn tries to fight back but Joe lands a few forearms to the chest. Finn manages to push him off but Samoa Joe lands a front drop, followed by Joe hitting a few kicks to the head and knee drop. Joe pins but only gets a 2 count. Joe attacks again and runs the ropes, but Finn is right behind him landing a hard dropkick. Once again the medic cleans Joe’s cut.

The stop isn’t long as Finn goes on the attack landing a few running clotheslines. He takes Joe to the corners and hits a few slaps to the chest in every corner. Finn tries for another but Joe stops him and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Finn kicks him off and takes him to the outside. Finn lands a running dropkick and hits a direct kick to the head. Finn takes Joe into the ring but Joe captures him and hits a belly-to-belly taking Finn to the corner.

Joe attacks Finn in the corner tries for another running kick, but Balor counters into the sling blade. Finn goes for a running move, but Samoa Joe counters and hits his senton and pins for the 2 count. Samoa Joe goes for a power bomb and connects and gets a 2 count. Joe transitions right away for a Boston crab. He transitions once again and locks in a cross face. Finn yells out in pain and manages to roll out and hit a double stomp on Joe’s chest. Finn manages to land another sling-blade and lays Joe in front of the turnbuckles. Finn tries for the double stomp but Joe stops him and hits his muscle buster and pins for the 2 count.

Both men reach their feet and exchange a few punches and kicks until both get laid out again. Both meant reach their feet at 8 but Finn is the one to attack. Hi hits another sling blade, his corner dropkick and hits his top rope stomp. Balor tries for another move, but Joe counters and locks in the Coquina Clutch. Finn pushes off the ropes and flips Joe over giving him a pin for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Finn Balor (Retains)

I will say that I do hope Vince was watching that match just so he could see how his rules wasted so much time  in what could have been an amazing match. Though as least Samoa Joe wasn’t concerned about the cut. So it may end up being nothing but another scar on his head.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the recap.

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