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Another WWE NXT Star Out of Action with a Concussion, Divas Greet Vickie Backstage, Austin

Another WWE NXT Star Out of Action with a Concussion, Divas Greet Vickie Backstage, Austin

– Below is video of Vickie Guerrero being greeted by the Divas backstage at RAW last night:


– Steve Austin’s new interview with Vince Russo is now online at this link.

– WWE NXT star Slate Randall is currently out of action with a concussion. As noted, Corey Graves is also out with his second concussion.

Partial source: PWInsider


Ryder Not Booked for Hometown Event, Austin Podcast and More.

– Steve Austin noted on Twitter that his new podcast interview with Vince Russo will be posted on Tuesday.

– It’s worth noting that WWE did not book Zack Ryder on their live event in Long Island this past Saturday night. While that event was going on, Ryder was a few hours away in Reading, PA losing to Bo Dallas. Ryder told fans he was sorry he couldn’t make the hometown show and wished he could have been there. At the show in Long Island, Ryder’s buddy Dolph Ziggler paid tribute to him by hitting a Broski Boot on Alberto Del Rio and doing the “woo, woo, woo” catchphrase.

​New WWE NXT Divas Debut, Steve Austin/Rusev, & More

— At last night’s NXT live event in Tampa, new NXT Divas Carmella and Devin Taylor made their in-ring debuts last night against each other. Carmella, “The Princess of Staten Island”, got the win. She used to be known as Leah Van Damme.

— When asked by a fan on Twitter what he thinks of Rusev, WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin replied with the following:

“The kid has a good luck and lots of potential. I like the gimmick. We’ll see how it goes. #dontrush”

— Here is another video of Roman Reigns as part of Ad Council’s new Father’s Day campaign:


Paige’s Submission Finisher Gets a New Name, Steve Austin at Awards Show, Rent the WWE Legends House

– The new name for Paige’s Scorpion Cross Lock submission move is the PTO – Paige’s Tap Out.

– Jerry Lawler will be appearing on ME-TV’s Svengoolie show on Saturday, June 7th at 10pm EST.

– The house that was used for WWE Legends House is available for summer rentals in Palm Springs, California.

– Steve Austin will be a presenter at the 2014 CMT Music Awards this Wednesday night at 8pm EST. On a related note, Austin’s Redneck Island will be airing on TruTV in the UK this summer.

Which WrestleMania 30 Match Was Cut Short?. Rock/Austin

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The Shield vs. The New Age Outlaws & Kane match on WrestleMania30 was cut short due to time, both in terms of the ring entrances and the match itself. This was in order to make time for the rest of the show. As previously reported, it is believed within WWE that Billy Gunn’s injury during the six-man tag match at WrestleMania 30 happened during the finisher when he and Road Dogg took a joint powerbomb from the three Shield members. As we previously reported, Gunn was coughing up blood after the match due to a burst blood vessel.

Based off of things said at Monday’s post-WrestleMania edition of RAW, it appears as though the New Age Outlaws will be off of television for a while, as the six-man tag-team match at WrestleMania XXX was their blow off for their latest run on television.

— As noted earlier, Steve Austin and Rock’s deals to appear at WrestleMania 30 were finalized before the final Raw before the PPV. WWE held off on advertising them, making their appearances a surprise for the opening segment. Austin’s appearance was promoted the day before the show but only because it became known when he told TMZ he would be there.

Backstage News on The Rock & Steve Austin at WrestleMania, Warrior Tribute Show, Match Finish Botched

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Steve Austin and The Rock both finalized their deals to appear in the WrestleMania XXX segment with Hulk Hogan before the go-home RAW last week.

– The idea of the finish to the Divas match at WrestleMania XXX was for AJ Lee to grab Naomi’s hand and tap out with it when she had her in the Black Widow, as a way to set up a rematch on TV. For whatever reason, as she was doing it, Naomi tapped with her other hand.

– Monday’s WWE RAW from Birmingham will be an Ultimate Warrior tribute show.

Hulk Hogan On The Ultimate Warrior, Steve Austin Talking To Huge Name?


– Hulk Hogan tweeted the following about The Ultimate Warrior this morning:

“We talked,both forgave each other,we hugged ,we shook hands as we told each other I love you,I am so sad,God bless his beautiful family HH”

– Steve Austin noted on his newest podcast that he and The Undertaker talked about doing a podcast interview soon. Austin said he’s looking to shoot the interview when he’s in Texas in a few weeks but said it depends on Taker’s health.

Steve Austin Speaks Out – Feud With The Rock, HBK, Hogan

Credit: BostonHerald.com/ Ewrestling.com

Steve Austin recently spoke about working with CM Punk and more. Here are the highlights…

On Working With The Rock: “We just tore into each other,” remembered Austin. “Any time we stepped into the ring, good things were going to happen. That’s a testament to chemistry, mutual respect, and our desire to prove we’re the best. People were going to leave damn sure getting their money’s worth.”

On WrestleMania 14 vs. Shawn Michaels: “Shawn was in a bad way,” said Austin. “He was in a bad place in his head, and along with his bad back came a bad attitude. I remember telling Vince McMahon right after, ‘That match was half-ass,’ but Vince told me, ‘We got that done and it’s over with. Now we’re going to take off and put the jets to the rocket.'”

On Not Wrestling Hulk Hogan: “I don’t know what the hell was in my head,” said Austin. “I didn’t really care to work with him. At the time, I just didn’t really think that much of Hogan. I was caught up living pretty fast and being Stone Cold and didn’t care for it to happen.”

On Working With CM Punk: “I could get more out of that guy than anybody else walking Planet Earth,” said Austin. “He could have that ultimate ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting with me. Punk’s been around for a long time and he’s a smart guy, but he never stepped into a damn squared circle with the intensity of a guy like Stone Cold Steve Austin.”

JR Blogs Talents and Podcast

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on JrsBarBq.com. Here are some highlights.

Talent speaking up: If any wrestling company fosters a backstage environment that does not encourage their talents to speak up and get more involved in their careers from a presentation and creative standpoint, that company is asking for hard times. In ring participants like to perform and to create or they wouldn’t be in the biz. If one is a performer then they likely have an above average abundance of creativity. Any show business entity that stifles creativity from their performers is myopic.

Talents cannot be afraid to speak up but unfortunately because of the shrinking number of places a talent can work and earn a decent living the “don’t rock the boat” philosophy seems to permeate the wrestling business.

That’s not healthy for anyone involved.

His first podcast with Steve Austin: I had a great audio session this week with @steveaustinBSR for the Ross Report podcast that will be debuting THIS Wednesday on Podcastone.com and ITunes and it’s always FREE. A new podcast will drop every Wednesday. Austin talks about some unique, WrestleMania topics, his booking thoughts on Daniel Bryan and what Bryan needs to address to get over even more, the CM Punk saga, thoughts on NOT wrestling a program with @HulkHogan, @Goldberg and @BrockLesnar, where the original Smoking Skull Title Belt is today, along with much more including his thoughts on Steve attending WM30.