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Where Are They Now – Santino Marella

WWE caught up with Santino Marella at his gym in Mississauga Ontario, Battle Arts Academy.

I am showcasing this video just because Battle Arts along with Anthony and Yuki, have truly changed me this last year I’ve been training under them. I never understood the term “respect your dojo” until I actually started at Battle Arts. It’s a place where the stresses of your everyday life can be put on hold the moment you step foot on the mat or ring. It’s a place that means a lot to me being a student there and frankly I always love seeing the deserved attention it gets.

Santino Marella’s Battle Arts Professional Wrestling Introduces New Tag Team Titles

As some of you may know, former WWE talent Anthony Carelli (aka. Santino Marella) has his own wrestling promotion known as Battle Arts Professional Wrestling, which is performed out of his Battle Arts Academy school in Mississauga Ontario.

Today Anthony announced via Instagram that Battle Arts Wrestling has introduced their very first Tag Team Titles which can be seen below. The winners will be decided in a tag team tournament. First Rounds is set to be held on February 18th.

Interesting note for those of you who don’t know. This is the gym I train in, and this just marks another motivational piece to reach towards.

Make sure to follow Battle Arts on Twitter, Facebook and at battleartswrestling.com.

You can see the image of the belt blow.