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JLW Podcast #64 – Jinder Haters, WWE Battleground Review, RAW DC Thoughts

Welcome to Episode 64 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. Josh talks about the following topics.

– Addressing the hate that’s directed towards Jinder Mahal. Pot calling the kettle black in regards to who deserves what in professional wrestling

– Josh goes over why he doesn’t dwell on things he doesn’t like. Why Josh doesn’t RANT on social medial when he’s too busy covering the show?

– The YAN Club Moment of the Week


– WWE Battleground Fallout SmackDown Live

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MOC Prediction – WWE Battleground 2017

(Images here-under sourced from WWE.com)

This Sunday we see the return of the Punjabi Prison Match, a match in where you’re not only within a cage, of bamboo, but within a cage, within a cage of bamboo… That’s a lot of bamboo.

Below are my predictions for this Sunday’s PPV and my thoughts on the matches.

Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English
Singles Match

These two have had there moments in a WWE ring developing a small feud which merits decent matches. Tye has garnered the upper hand on many occasions and has captured multiple wins over the drama-king Aiden English, but in all honest there has to be a climax in their story where the bad-guy gets the upper hand. See what I did there? In my opinion Aiden English needs a win now that he’s a singles competitor, and even though he gotten them on Smackdown, he needs a bigger one during a bigger event, so in my opinion I feel English comes out on top of this one.

MOC Prediction: Aiden English

Breezango Prepare To Close The Case At WWE Battleground

Not really sure how to address this, but Breezango plan to get to the bottom of the case in who’s been attacking and ruining their Fashion office these past few weeks. These guys have been making probably some of the best segments I’ve seen in a while and frankly their killing it. As for attackers, I really couldn’t tell you who I think it is but some ideas I have are:

  1. Ascension
  2. The Hype Bros
  3. The Colons
  4. Dolph Ziggler

In all honesty, I hope it’s Dolph just upset that he couldn’t be apart of this beautiful crew of men.

Charlotte vs. Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Lana vs. Becky Lynch
-5-Way Elimination Match To Determine #1 Contender For Naomi’s Women’s Championship-
5-Way Elimination Match

The women in WWE have been doing a great job at delivering some intense hard hitting matches. This will be no different. Now i’m not going to list who I believe will be eliminated 1st, 2nd and so on. But I’ll give my thoughts on who I feel should deserve it, and in all honesty I’m going with Natalya. She’s been on the short list on so many occasions when it comes to the WWE title, and the woman can deliver a good match depending on her opponent. I feel that giving her an opportunity a the title will at least give her a bit more backing to the ass-kicker she could be.

MOC Prediction: Natalya 

And if I had to guess, I would say her and Charlotte are the final two competitors.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens
-WWE United States Championship-
Singles Match

It was a bit shocking when I heard AJ Styles won the US title during WWE’s live event at MSG, but then again not really. WWE usually likes to do utilize that venue for some surprises. But this has only developed a feud which has been fun to watch and enjoyable to experience. Owens in my opinion works with everyone, and when he’s pinned with another guy who can deliver in the ring, it’s just a present to experience. I feel this match will deliver on many bases and I honestly feel that Owens will come out on top re-capturing that WWE US title. Only to elevate this feud to another rematch at Summerslam.

MOC Prediction: Kevin Owens (New US Champion)

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin
Singles Match

Shinsuke vs. Baron in my opinion is just a placement feud to give Baron something to do while we wait for him to cash in the Money in the Bank case. Which wouldn’t surprise me if it happened during Battleground. I feel though that WWE will keep Nakamura strong and will have go over, so at a later time he could challenge for the WWE title if Baron wins it and can claim that because he’s beaten him before, he can do it again. So for me I’ll say Nakamura goes over.

If WWE wanted to keep Baron looking like a monster he could generate the loss by getting DQ’ed by using a weapon or a low blow. Take the sleazy heel way out.

MOC Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura via DQ

The Usos (c) vs. New Day
-WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match

I won’t lie, I’m enjoying the new Usos gimmick. It seems more genuine and it appears that their having a good time with it. They can be taken more seriously than before, and seem to have gotten better on the mic. New Day though are always enjoyable and yes some can argue that they’ve become stale, but to be honest they still put a smile on your face and mine, so i’ll leave it at that.

When it comes to this match I feel Usos will still come out on top. Either they win cleanly, or they run an angle where the ref confuses one of the Uso brothers, and gives New Day the 3 count, but reverts the win after discovering that the illegal man was pinned. Usos take advantage and pick up the win again. This at least leaves room for once again another match down the line, that is if WWE wants to keep this feud going leading to Summerslam.

MOC Prediction: The Usos (retain)

John Cena vs. Rusev
Flag Match

John Cena has gone on record saying that his time in WWE is numbered. Reaching his 40’s he knows that his time is coming up and wants to work with those that he believes can make the biggest changes in the company. That should tell you something about Rusev. This flag match is good for cheap pops, as Cena will try to the US title and Rusev for the Bulgarian flag. Though, as much as I want to say Cena will win, I’m cheering for Rusev. The man needs heat, and being grabbing the Bulgarian flag waving it over a downed Cena will generate great heat for him. To be honest he could also grab the us title, cover Cena with it and just stand above him waving the Bulgarian flag. Again, this match works well for cheap heat and frankly I feel Rusev needs it the most.

MOC Prediction: Rusev

Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Randy Orton
-WWE Championship-
Punjabi Prison Match 

The return of the Punjabi Prison Match and the main event for the night. This match positions Jinder to not receive any help from the Singh Brothers, at least at the beginning so it could position Randy to win. But in my opinion I feel Jinder will still come out on top with the potential for Baron to interfere at the end and cash in the MITB against Jinder.

Not much to say about this match, but I know it’ll be a aggressive match between the two with the Singh brothers getting involved somewhere down the line. But as stated, I believe Baron will get involved and potentially win the WWE Championship leaving Battleground.

MOC Prediction: Jinder Mahal (retains) 
MOC Prediction: Baron Corbin cashes in (New WWE Champion)

Wrestling With…(Ep.18): Burning In The Skies

This week, wrestling takes a backseat as Sam and Adam discuss various pop culture topics including the tragic passing of Chester Bennington, O.J. Simpson’s release, Shane McMahon’s helicopter incident, a German model’s unique actions, and R. Kelly’s new scandal.

On the wrestling end of the spectrum, the First Couple of MOC discuss Kurt Angle’s surprise angle, and preview the Battleground PPV.

As always, bring a strong sense of humor and the Power of Love, as listener discretion is advised.

JLW Podcast #63 – WWE Battleground Predictions, Jason Angle? Mae Young Classic Preview

Welcome to Episode 63 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. Josh talks about the following topics.

– In depth preview of the Mae Young Classic

– Some thoughts on the NJPW G1 Climax Tournament

– WWE RAW Nashville Thoughts. The Angle/Jordan storyline, similarities between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, really good night of in-ring action from Hardy’s/Revival to Joe/Reigns. Why RAW’s Main Event Scene Is Off The Chain

– WWE SmackDown Live Birmingham Thoughts. Josh makes his case as to why the Battleground PPV is going to be good. Remember folks the Great Khali will not be in the Punjabi Prison.

– Predictions for the WWE Battleground PPV. With one major prediction that will shock people.

Thank you guys so much for checking out this weeks podcast.

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Ramblin About Wrestlin – EP 121 – Battleground Predictions!

Tonight, The Ramblers celebrate Max’s Bar Mitzvah (aka his birthday) with special songs dedicated to him and our friend Paul Sweat.

If you would like to wish Max and Paul a happy birthday, you can call us @ (847) 260-7577

WWE Battleground Pay-Per-View Tickets Available Now

WWE has announced that tickets are available for the Smackdown Live exclusive PPV Battleground.

See their announcement below:

The SmackDown LIVE-exclusive pay-per-view WWE Battleground 2017 comes to Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center on Sunday, July 23, and you can get your tickets now!

Tickets start at $25 and are available at WellsFargoCenterPhilly.com.

Now in its fifth year, WWE Battleground has turned into one of WWE’s most exciting events. Previous editions have featured such classic matchups as a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way featuring John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns, as well as a WWE Championship Triple Threat between former Shield members Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. What will Team Blue have in store when this year’s event comes to the City of Brotherly Love?

Relive past WWE Battleground events now on the award-winning WWE Network, and don’t miss out when WWE Battleground debuts in Philadelphia this July.

WWE Battleground Venue & Ticket Purchase Information

Source: 6ABC.com

6ABC.com has announced that WWE is bringing Battleground to the Wells Fargo Center on July 23rd in Philadelphia, PA.

Battleground will be a Smackdown Live exclusive PPV and will stream live on the WWE Network. Tickets for the PPV will go on sale April 22nd at 10am and can be purchased through WellFargoCenterPhilly.com or by phone at 1-800-298-4200, or in person at the Well Fargo Center Box Office.

MOCLive – 2016 WWE Battleground Pay-Per-View Results

Show: WWE Battleground
Date: July 24, 2016
Author: Cade Carnage
Venue: Verizon Center, Washingston, DC.

Welcome my WarGods to your WWE Battleground Pay Per View live results. Remember to keep refreshing this page for the latest details .

As always, if MOC does get 100% on my predictions I’ll be doing another give-a-way contest just to celebrate the fact that I know what I’m talking about. Let’s all rejoice!

Make sure to use chat below and get communicating! Images below sourced from @WWE on Twitter.

Here are my predictions for tonight’s Pay Per View event:

  1. (KICKOFF) The Usos vs Tyler Breeze & Fandango – Prediction: Tyler Breeze & Fandango
  2. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya – Prediction: Becky Lynch
  3. Rusev (c) vs. Zack Ryder – US Title – Prediction: Rusev Retains
  4. The Miz (c) vs. Darren Young – IC Title – Prediction: Miz Retains
  5. Sasha Banks & ???? vs. Charlotte (c) & Dana Brooke – Predictions: Nia Jax is the partner – Nia Jax & Sasha Banks – Sasha Banks wins but it’s with Bayley
  6. The New Day (c) vs. The Wyatt Family – Predictions: The Wyatt Family
  7. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens – Predictions: Draw – WINNER: SAMI ZAYN
  8. John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows – Predictions: Finn Balor Debut – Cena, Enzo and Cass
  9. Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns – WWE Championship – Predictions: Seth Rollins (New WWE Champion)WINNER: DEAN AMBROSE

WWE Battleground Kickoff

Match set tonight for the Battleground Kickoff:

The Usos vs. Tyler Breeze & Fandango
Tag Team Match
Winner: Tyler Breeze & Fandango!

WWE Battleground Live Recap

VIDEO: Battleground kicks off with a video package outlining all the feuds and matches going into this pay per view.

Announcers: The announcers introduce the Spanish and German announces team.

Sasha Banks & ???? vs, Charlotte (c) & Dana Brooke
Tag Team Match


The Women’s tag team match kicks off WWE Battleground where Sasha was to find her own partner, which ended up being Bayley, which in all honesty wasn’t a huge surprise. Bayley got a huge ovation from the audience.

Before the match could even begin, Charlotte and Dana attack both Sasha and Bayley. Charlotte throws Bayley into the barricade and Dana stomps on Sasha. Charlotte takes Bayley into the ring and the referee manages to break them apart and officially calls the match to begin.

Right away Charlotte goes on the attack and stomps on Bayley in the corner. Charlotte doesn’t waste time connecting a few chops to the chest. Bayley manages to fight back and lands a springboard elbow to Charlotte and tags in Banks. Sasha Banks comes in fast delivering elbows to Charlotte in the corner. Charlotte pushes her away but Sasha manages to climb to the top rope and hits a hurricanrana. Charlotte still fights back and as Sasha was distracted by Dana Charlotte smashes her face first into the turnbuckles. Charlotte gets a 2 count. Dana finally tags in and stomps away on Sasha. She tries for a pin but only gets a 1 count. Dana locks in a choke, but Sasha fights out throwing Dana against the ropes. Sasha tries to tag Bayley but Dana holds her back. Sasha lands a hard slap and manages to tag in Bayley.

Bayley comes in with the hot tag and takes out both Dana and Charlotte with clotheslines. She attacks Dana in the corner but Charlotte manages to distract Bayley allowing Dana to throw Bayley head first into the turnbuckle. Dana pins but only gets a 2 count. Dana still goes on the attack throwing Bayley against the turnbuckles and drives her shoulder in Bayley’s gut.  Bayley delivers a surprise pin but Dana comes back smashing Bayley face first against the mat. Dana tries for a running clothesline but both women deliver a clothesline allowing both to make their associated tags. Sasha and Charlotte come in and Sasha gets the upper hand with a few clotheslines, and a knee to the head. Sasha lands her double knee to the mid section in the corner and pins for a 2 count.

Sasha heads to the top turnbuckles kicks Dana off the apron and lands a cross body on Charlotte for a 2 count. Sasha goes for her back stabber but Charlotte counters and hits her natural selection finisher. Bayley breaks up the pin and Dana runs in throwing Bayley to the outside. Charlotte tries for the figure 4, but Sasha counters into the Bank Statement. Dana manages to pull Charlotte to the outside to break up the hold. Bayley hits Dana with a big boot and Charlotte lands a hard clothesline on Bayley. Charlotte climbs back into the ring and Sasha hits her backstabber and Bank’s statement making the WWE Women’s champion tap out.

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bayley

Another prediction come true, exempting the Bayley partner. I said Nia, don’t know why.

The New Day (c) vs. The Wyatt Family
Six-Man Tag Team Match

During New Day’s entrance they come out announcing that they are the longest reigning WWE tag team champions of all time! They recap that they are drafted to Raw, and most importantly remained together. New Day begin making fun of the Wyatt’s being split up due to the draft and that they could be the strongest now than ever. Big E references “bone crusher” from 2003 and says that they are never scared and begin a “New Day Rocks” chants. The Wyatt’s make their entrance.

The match begins with Xavier and Bray, but Xavier doesn’t do anything as he looks mesmerized. Kofi tags himself in and lands a hard kick to Bray. Bray tags in Braun who comes in running over Kofi Kingston. He lands a running body slam and tags in Erick Rowan. Erick lands a few clotheslines on Kofi and locks in a submission hold. Kofi fights out of the lock and runs the ropes but Erick stops him with a hard clothesline. Bray tags in and lands a hard punch to Kofi and takes him to the Wyatt corner.  Bray hits a hard clothesline and locks in a choke. Kofi hits a jaw breaker and tries for the tag but Bray hits another hard clothesline and stares at Xavier on the apron. Xavier backs away scared.

Braun tags in and begins choking Kofi in the corner. He takes him to the Wyatt corner where Erick tags in and stomps on Kofi’s chest. Bray tags in and throws Kofi into the corner. He treis for a body splam but Kofi gets his boots up and stops Bray. Bray goes for another attack but Kofi throws him over the top ropes taking Bray to the outside. Braun rolls him back into the match but Kofi manages to tag in Big E and Bray tags in Erick. Big E manages to get the upper hand landing a hard clothesline and a belly-to-belly to Erick. Braun stops the pin attempt and Xavier tries to attack. Braun swipes him out of the ring and Big E throws Braun out. Erick lands a hard slam to Big E and again Kofi comes in to help out. Kofi manages to takes out Braun and hits a cross body on the outside.

Big E gets thrown out by Erick but from behind Kofi dropkicks Erick into the turnbuckles. Bray would come in and attack Kofi but Xavier would stop him. Xavier and Bray stare off and again Xavier appears hypnotized. Kofi would try to attack but Bray stops him. Xavier now goes on the attack and manages to keep the upper hand on Bray, Erick and Braun. Big E would at one point spear Braun off the apron and landing badly on his head. Xavier turns to Bray but Bray begins his walk upside down and hits his Sister Abigail getting the 3 count win over the New Day.

Winners: The Wyatt Family.

Another prediction correct. I’m on a roll right now.

Announcers: They introduce the Japanese, Portugal, & Russian announcer team.

Rusev (c) vs. Zack Ryder
-WWE United States Championship-
Singles Match

Lana is in the ring and introduces her fiancé Rusev for the United States championship match up next.

The match starts and right away Rusev manages to lock in a front face lock and gets a quick 1 count. Rusev throws around Ryder not releasing the front face lock. Rusev takes Ryder into the corner and breaks the hold. Ryder would hit him with a hard elbow and continues the assault on Rusev. Ryder rolls to the outside making Rusev follow him. He rolls back into the ring and Ryder hits a sliding dropkick to Rusev on the outside. The action moves back into the ring and Ryder tries for a dropkick off the second rope, but Rusev counters and hits a hard side head kick.

Rusev mounts Ryder and begins raining down punches to Ryder over and over again. Rusev runs the ropes and connects a spinning calf kick giving him a 2 count. Rusev locks in a reverse bear hug making Ryder yell out in pain. Ryder manages to reach his feet and hits a few elbows to the head. He breaks the hold and Rusev tries to attack in the corner but Ryder moves out of the way. Ryder comes in attacking landing several elbows in corner. Ryder tries for his corner kick but Rusev catches hi leg and lands a hard kick to the gut. Rusev tries for a suplex but Ryder counters into a neck breaker. Ryder lands his Broski boot to Rusev and pins for a 2 count.

The action moves to the outside where Rusev lands Ryder on the barricade front first. Rusev takes a long run and tries for a tackle but Ryder moves out of the way and Rusev lands shoulder first into the barricade. Ryder lands a missile dropkick from the barricade and takes Rusev into the ring. Ryder hits the Rough Rider and quickly climbs to the top ropes. Ryder goes for the elbow drop but Rusev counters with a knee to the elbow. Rusev land a hard kick to the back of the head and right away locks in the Accolade.

Ryder begins fighting out but Rusev quickly transitions the Accolade into a deeper hold which only makes Ryder tap out.

Winner: Rusev (retains)

Following the match Rusev stomps on Ryders lower back and again tries to lock in the Accolade but all of a sudden Mojo Rawley runs out to assist

Backstage: Mick Foley & Stephanie McMahon are back stage talking about how Battleground has been working well for the Raw brand. Seth Rollins would walk in and talk how he will win the WWE championship tonight and how it will be so great tonight. Rollins believes that tonight will be so greta that in 9 months there will be a “Boom of babies named Rollins.”

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens
Singles Match

The match begins and right away Sami tries to go for his helluva kick. Owens rolls to the outside. Saim follows him but Owens goes on the attack and throws Sami against the barricade. Owens rolls into the ring to break the count and tries to throw Sami against the barricade but Sami counters throwing Owens instead. Sami takes Owens back into the ring. He jumps over Owens, and delivers a missile dropkick to Owens. Sami counters a back body drop attempt and tries for a rebound arm drag but Owens trips him up on the top rope. Owens hits his corner cannon ball and pins for a 2 count.

Owens goes on the attack and brawls Sami to the mat. He lands a knee to Sami’s lower back and lands a hard kick to the head. Owens goes for a suplex but Sami counters and goes for his own. Owens counters and connects his own suplex landing Sami gut first on the top rope. Owens connects a hard kick to the back and lands a senton giving him a 2 count. Owens locks in a choke giving Sami a breather. Sami tries to break out but Owens bring him back down.  Sami manages to fight back to his feet. Owens tries for the clothesline but Sami counters with his own. Sami lands a Mishinoku Driver and pins for the 2 count.

Owens rolls to the outside, and Sami tries for the sucide dive but Owens catches him and drops him to the mat pulling him to the outside. Owens tries for the apron powerbomb but Sami counters grabbing the ropes. Sami goes for the springboard off the ropes, but kind of screws it up and lands hard on the apron still connecting Owens a little bit. Sami brings Owens back into the ring and lands the blue thunder bomb for the 3 count. Sami favors the arm he landed on and climbs to the top rope. Sami tries for a cross body but Owens rolls under and lands a hard super kick. Owens sees Sami’s arm is hurt and locks in the cross face. Sami would manage to pull himself to the ropes to break the hold.

Owens hits a hard clothesline to Sami in the corner, not once; but twice. He tries for a third but Sami catches Owens into the exploder suplex. Sami sets it up and tries for the helluva kick, but Owens rolls to the outside. Sami tries for a top rope move but Owens catches him on the apron and looks for a move on the apron but Sami counters landing a brain buster to Owens on the apron. The ref begins his count and Sami manages to climbs back in, and as does Owens by the count of 8.

Sami gets back on his feet first and while still favoring his right arm lands a punch to Owens. Both Owens and Sami begins delivering punches to one another until Sami gets angry and delivers a more and more and more. Owens rolls to the outside. Sami follows on the other end and runs for his spinning Tornado DDT through the second and third ropes but Owens hits a hard superkick stopping him. Owens lands a cannon ball again and follows it up with a frog splash. Owens pins and gets a 2 count. Owens tries for the pop-u p powerbomb but Sami counters with a hurricanrana. He tries for the helluva kick but Owens counters with a superkick. Sami re-counters into two exploder suplexes and pins but only gets a 2 count.

At this time the audience give both men a standing ovation. Sami goes for a running move in the corner but Owens hits his pop-up powerbomb. Owens pins but Sami manages to put his foot on the bottom rope. Owens delivers a hard slap a few times, and Sami tells him to bring it on. Owens tries to another punch but Sami hits another exploder suplex in the corner, and then anther. Sami hits his Helluva kick on Owens and catches him. He positions him again and hits another Helluva kick and pins Owens for the 3 count.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Kick Off Panel:The Battleground kickoff panel give there thoughts on the matches from tonight.

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya
Singles Match

The match starts and right away Becky goes on the attack delivering a few punches until the ref pulls her off. Both women go back and forth with Natalya retreating several times to stop Becky from attacking. Natalya would tie up Becky’s leg in the apron and begin focusing on it. Natalya begins attacking Becky’s leg and keeps that focused throughout the match.

Sorry guys, I’m eating during this match so I won’t be going into too many details as I’m stuffing my face right now. LOL

Sorry guys I’m back just as Natalya locks In the sharpshooter to Becky Lynch. Becky would pull herself to the ropes making the ref break the hold. Becky would deliver an elbow to Natalya from the apron. Climbs to the top rope and lands a missile dropkick. Becky pins but only gets a 2 count. Becky attacks Natalya in the corner and the ref comes between them trying to pull Becky off. Natalya kicks Becky’s knee and locks in the Sharpshooter again. Becky tries to reach the ropes and Natalya keeps dragging her back. Becky has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Natalya

Backstage: Shane & Daniel talk to the WWE Champion Dean Ambrose hyping his match saying how he’s the only one representing Smackdown. Dean has the heart to keep moving forward and that’s why Dean is the champion. Shane pumps him up saying that Dean has the potential to be the best. Daniel recaps his war with the Shield and says that Dean was the one he was only concerned about. Dean says that tonight he shows the world why he was drafted to Smackdown and that tonight the champion stays.

The Miz (c) vs. Darren Young
-WWE Intercontinental Championship-
Singles Match

The match begins and Darren Young tries to go on the attack but Miz gets to the ropes making the ref push Darren back. Both men go back and forth with arm locks and quick pins. Miz takes Darren to the corner and the ref breaks them both apart. Both men clinch again but Miz connects a hard running shoulder. Both men again clinch for the third time, this time Darren gets a slam on Miz and locks in a hard front face lock. Miz manages to hit another running shoulder but Darren counters with a hard punch. Darren keeps on the attack and heads to the second ropes. Maryse yells at Darren from the outside distracting Darren, and Miz takes advantage pushing Darren off the turnbuckles to the outside.

Miz drives Darren gut first into the ring apron, rolls Darren back in and pins for the 2 count. Miz locks in a chokehold. Darren tries to fight out but Miz brings him down again with a choke hold. Darren manages to reach his feet and tries for a backslide pin but Miz counters into his own and Darren fights out and connects his own but Miz kicks out at 2. Miz quickly reaches his feet and connects a hard kick to the face. Miz tries for a running attack in the corner but Darren explodes and hits a hard clothesline.

Darren manages to get the momentum behind him an lands a few hard punches followed by a couple of clotheslines. Darren finishes off the set with a belly-to-belly to the apron and backdrops Miz on the apron. Darren pins and gets a 2 count. From the outside Bob Backlund calls for the cross face chicken wing. Darren goes for it but Miz runs to the ropes breaking the hold and decides to walk away from the match. Bob Backlund would block Miz from leaving only bringing him back to the ring and Darren throwing him back into the ring.

On the outside Maryse would slap Bob Backlund and fall down claiming that Bob pushed her. Miz comes to the outside and pushed Bob Backlund. Darren would climb to the outside and lock in the cross face chicken wing. The ref would call for the bell thus ending the match. Darren Young would not let the cross face go as Miz tapped out. Refs run out and break them both up.

Winner: No Contest

WWE would later clarify that Miz was counted out. Which means Darren Young wins via countout but Miz retains.

Winner: Darren Young (Miz Retains)

John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Enzo and Cass did there usually entrance and calls Cena, Enzo and Cass the Mount Rushmore of Certified G’s. They deliver a promo in the ring giving advice to the club in the end saying that they will kick the teeth out of their mouth and the crap out of their ass. They continue their promo with punch lines and just greatness, even to a point where John Cena raises Enzo’s arm in the air just because he’s impressed with him.

The match begins with Karl and Enzo, but Karl would tag in AJ as Enzo wanted him instead. Both men clinch up and AJ quickly connects an arm drag. The clinch again this time AJ manages to push Enzo off the ropes and hits a hard dropkick to the head. Enzo tags in Big Cass as AJ tags in Karl Anderson. Karl goes on the attack quickly and runs the ropes but Cass stops him with a hard shoulder. Cass throws Enzo to Luke Gallows, who’s trying to run in and against Karl Anderson in the corner. Karl and Luke roll to the outside and Cass throws Enzo on them.  AJ would try to attack Cass but Cass throws AJ on the Club as well. Enzo would tag in now but quickly Karl Anderson gets the upper hand on Enzo with a hard punch to the head. Luke Gallows tags in and slams Enzo to the mat giving him a 2 count.

Luke stalks Enzo delivering a hard right punch and tags in AJ. AJ lands a hard kick to the mid section of Enzo. Enzo would try to fight back but AJ pushes Enzo back into the Clubs corner. Karl tags in and hits a hard kick to the head. He pins Enzo for the 2 count and locks in a rear choke hold. Enzo would make it to his feet and deliver a jaw breaker to Karl. Enzo tries for the tag but Karl catches him and connects a knee back breaker rolling Enzo to the outside. AJ tags in and throws Enzo against the barricade and rolls him back into the ring. Karl tags in and AJ tries for one more move. Enzo throws AJ to the outside, punches Karl off the apron and drives Luke against the ring post. Enzo slides back into the ring and try to run for Cena but Karl comes from nowhere connecting a running calf kick. Karl gets a 2 count. Luke Gallows tags in and tries for a body splash but Enzo moves out of the way. Enzo manages to tag in John Cena, as Gallows tags in AJ. Cena connects his usual running shoulders and five knuckle shuffle and tries for the AA. AJ counters and lands his pele kick.

AJ reached his feet, punches Enzo off the apron. AJ tries for the Styles Clash on Cena,  but Enzo runs the ropes and connects a running spinning DDT. Karl would take Enzo out, Cass takes out Karl and Luke takes out Cass. Cena comes in attacking Gallows, AJ tries for a springboard move but AJ hits Luke instead. Cena grabs AJ and hits the AA. Cena goes for the pin but Karl pulls him to the outside and lands a spinebuster on the announcers table. Enzo jumps off the steel steps and hits a DDT on Karl on the outside.

Cena is laid out by the announcers table as AJ lays in the ring. The ref begins counting and reaches 9 as Cena runs back into the ring. AJ hits the Styles Clash and pins Cena. Cass pulls AJ from the outside and hits a hard big boot. Luke attacks Cass and rolls him into the ring from behind Karl attacks Cass and both hit the magic killer on Cass. Enzo would climb in and focus on both members of the club. Karl goes for the attack but Enzo throws him between the ropes and against the ring post. Enzo is left with Luke Gallows. Enzo runs the ropes but Luke hits a hard super kick taking Enzo out of the ring. Cena (the legal man along with AJ) would roll back into the ring and take out Luke Gallows. AJ tries for a top rope move but Cena catches him and looks to land the AA from the second rope which he connects and pins AJ for the 3 count.

Winners: John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Highlights Reel with Randy Orton

Jericho comes out for the Highlight Reel and tells the audience quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet ( plus a lot more). He welcomes everyone to the “Biggest highlight reel in WWE history.” His guest Randy Orton returns to WWE following a 9 month absence due to a shoulder injury. He introduces Randy Orton and comes out to a decent ovation.

Orton gets a as a “Welcome back” chant begins. Jericho says that DC loves Randy Orton tonight. Randy says that during his 9 months off he missed the ovation and audience, and the DC audience have made him too happy that he doesn’t mind sharing the ring with Chris Jericho. Jericho says that Orton is lucky to be making a return on the highlight reel with the best wrestler in the world. Jericho says that putting Orton in the ring with Jericho puts Orton on a better level [Your Welcome] says Jericho. Orton says that his good mode may be broken with an RKO out of nowhere. Jericho threatens that there may be a Code Breaker out of nowhere. Jericho brings up what’s happening in WWE today [Brand Extension, Dean Ambrose, and Stephanie McMahon] and more.  Jericho says that he wants’ to give Randy a present that will help Orton compete against Brock Lesnar and that will make him a better wrestler. Jericho says that he will give him the gift of Jericho!

Orton gets real close and looks to RKO, but Jericho backs away and Orton says that he was coming close to Jericho to see what was holding his hair up. Jericho says that Orton has something else to worry about and that’s Brock Lesnar. Jericho points to a Brock Lesnar vignette shown on the Titon-Tron showcasing the destructive beast Brock is. Jericho says that Orton and Lesnar came up at the same time and yet during his time in WWE Jericho thinks Orton is scared of Brock Lesnar as he’s ignored him several times in WWE. Jericho than asks Orton why he picked to face Lesnar at Summerslam.

Orton says that being out for 9 months; you want to make an impact, an epic return back to the WWE. Orton takes a shot at Fandango saying that it wouldn’t be epic if he came back to face him but instead; so hence why he picked Brock Lesnar. Orton claims that he know he’ll be suplexed over and over again and that it only takes on RKO to get to viper ville “No enhancement needs” [a sly shot at Lesnar’s USADA violation in UFC]. Jericho laughs it off and says Orton will pay for that comment. Jericho claims to know someone close to Lesnar and has some messages for Orton. Orton’s a coward, going to tear his arms off and that Orton’s a stupid idiot. Jericho mocks Orton and says that Orton needs to focus on Lesnar, and stay out of Jericho’s business. The segment ends as expected, with an RKO on Chris Jericho.


Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns
-WWE Championship-
Triple Threat Match

It appears that during this Triple Threat match, The Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon and her GM Mick Foley; along with the Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon with Daniel Bryan will be watching this match, which can only tell me that they’ll somehow get involved.

The bell rings and the match begin as all competitors stare off at each other. Rollins shows the fist and wants the guys to fist bump, remnants of the Shield times. Roman right away attacks Rollins and throws him to the outside. Roman follows and Rollins runs into the ring. Dean clotheslines him to the outside where Roman grabs Rollins again and throws him against the barricade and ring apron. He takes him back into the ring and clotheslines Rollins out again. From behind Dean tries for a school boy pin but Roman kicks out. Both men laugh it out and clinch up delivering some clotheslines and running shoulders.

Rollins tries to attack again but Roman stops him with a hard punch and Dean clotheslines him to the outside. Roman tries for a school boy pin but Dean kicks out and both stare off again. Both go back and forth, Dean goes for a cross body but gets stopped by Roman Reigns. From behind Rollins comes in and attacks Roman. Seth jumps from the second rope but Roman catches him on his shoulders. Dean run and delivers a running dropkick to Roman making him drop Rollins to the mat. Dean goes on the attack now taking Roman into the corner delivering multiple punches and stomps. Rollins comes from behind delivering a back breaker to Dean and lands a neck breaker on Roman. Rollins rolls Roman to the outside and pins Dean for a 2 count. Rollins lands a few punches to Dean and throws him hard against the turnbuckle. Rollins takes Dean to the corner and tries for a running move but Dean manages to counter and lands a hard clothesline to Rollins. Rollins lays on the bottom rope as Roman hits his drive by dropkick. Both Roman and Rollins fight on the outside as Dean Jumps from the top rope landing on Roman. Rollin throws Dean against the steel steps, and Roman against the barricade.

Rollins sets up Rollins but Roman counters flipping Rollins into the time keeper’s area. Roman and Rollins fight it out as Dean runs over two announcer’s tables and lands a double clothesline on both men. Dean takes Roman back to the ring, climbs to the top rope and lands missile dropkick. Ambrose lands a forearm smash and running bulldog and again climbs to the top rope. Dean hits his standing elbow. Dean pins and Roman kicks out at two and right away Rollins lands on Dean with the frog splash for the 2 count. Rollins looks for the pedigree on Roman, but Roman counters, quickly Seth tries for the pin but Roman powers Rollins up and catches him with a hard right hand. Roman takes Rollins to the corner delivering a few clotheslines. He hits Dean with another clothesline and a body slam on Rollins. Roman hits the superman punch on Dean and Ambrose and goes for the spear. Roman runs but Dean stops him with a boot to the head, Rollins hits his flipping kick against Dean head, Roman hits Rollins with a hard punch and Dean hits Roman with his rebound clothesline.

All competitors are laid out until they reach their feet. All men begin exchanging punches as Roman and Rollins gang up on Roman Reigns. Dean and Rollins look to power bomb Reigns but Roman fights out. Dean takes him to the outside and lands a suicide dive on Roman. Rollins runs the ropes and lands on Roman on the outside. Both Rollins and Dean appear to be working together as both men strip the announcers table and power bomb Roman Reigns through the Spanish announcers table.  As Dean catches hi breath Rollins grabs a steel chair and smashes it over Dean’s back. Rollins does the same over Roman’s back. Rollins rolls Dean back into the ring and looks for the pedigree, but Rollins counters into the power bomb but instead Dean counters hitting a hurricanrana taking Rollins to the turnbuckles. Dean climbs to the top rope but Rollins quickly climbs up and lands the falcon arrow on Dean for a close 2 count.

At this time all men are laid out exhausted. Rollins is the first man to his feet as Roman is still at ringside. Rollins tries for the pedigree but Ambrose counters and slingshots Rollins to the corner. Rollins jumps to the top turnbuckle and Dean follows trying for a superplex. Roman comes from behind grabbing Ambrose and landing a powerbomb on Dean, countering Rollins attack and hits a sit-down powerbomb getting a 2 count. Roman tries for the superman punch on Dean but Ambrose counters. Roman tries for the razors edge powerbomb but Dean counters. Roman hits a hard punch and Dean tries for his rebound clothesline but Roman hits the superman punch. From behind Rollins comes in and manages to hit the pedigree and pins for a 2 count.

Rollins can’t believe Roman kicked out and tries for another pedigree but Roman counters. Instead Rollins hits the turnbuckle powerbomb on Roman who explodes out and hits the superman punch. Roman hits the spear on Rollins. As Roman pins Seth Dean comes in and quickly hits the dirty deeds on Roman getting the 1..2..3!

Winner: Dean Ambrose (retains)

Following the match the entire Smackdown locker-room comes out and celebrates as the most prestige’s title comes to Smackdown.

Thank you guys for reading! I hope you enjoyed the recap here we go with the new era in WWE as tomorrow begins the time for the new rosters.

Two Names Backstage For WWE Battleground *Possible Spoilers*


For tonight’s WWE Battleground PPV there are two names backstage at this time.

Mojo Rawley who is one of the newest NXT call-ups for Smackdown is said to be backstage.

Bayley, who has been rumored to be Sasha’s mystery partner for her match against Charlotte & Dana Brooke is also backstage for WWE Battleground.

At this time those are the only names confirmed backstage.