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Booker T Talks About Commentating Monday Night Raw This Week

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was recently interviewed by the Roman Show and spoke about being the replacement for David Otunga on the Raw commentary team. As reported, Otunga’s debut on the commentary team has been delayed as he has been casted in a movie.

Here’s what Booker had to say:

“There’s always pressure. WWE is a machine. Being on Smackdown or RAW, I wouldn’t say it is not the same because they are two totally different brands, two different entities, but I am looking forward to working with Michael Cole and Corey Graves and giving it my brand of commentating. I bring my own style. I don’t speak like they do. I speak for the people. I think it’ll be refreshing. I am going to be there for six weeks for now, but you never know.”

See the interview below:

Booker T Discusses Leaked Images & Video Surrounding Paige

During the latest edition of Booker T’s podcast, he spoke on the situation involving Paige, with the video and images leaked online.

See his comments below (transcript sourced from NoDQ.com)

“My thing is this; it’s not about the content that was on the phone that got hacked and posted—then again it is because we have to talk about it from both perspectives. I have to tell you, I got hacked a few years back and they got to my Twitter, they got to my YouTube account, to my Square account, and actually tried to get into my bank account with my email. They hijacked my AOL account so if I didn’t have my original paperwork from 100 years ago, I wouldn’t have gotten it back. I’m lucky my wife keeps all that information. Lucky I didn’t have some compromising photos on my computer or something, they otherwise would have been out there. This turned my life upside down for about 9-10 days where everything was frozen. I had money from my Square account for about 6 months so I couldn’t get it. It totally just ripped my life apart. They put my home address, phone number, social security number all online, as well as a lot of racist comments. It was just totally out there, so stuff like this can happen in this day and age. We think that our privacy is protected, but these days it is a little bit different. Back in the day, they went into your mailbox and stole your mail, that is a federal crime. You can go to prison for that for many years. How can you track someone stealing your emails if you don’t know who they are? They can change like a chameleon; how can you actually fix that not happening to you again? It’s strange.

What’s even more strange to me is the thought of young people nowadays. To put themselves out there like that and something like this happening, it can totally change the landscape of one’s life. Just think about wanting a job as a teacher now, or something like that and work with kids, and the first things when you are looking for employment these days is to go on your social media, go online and check your profile and see exactly what you have done in the past. For me, everyone knows I have a record, which has follows me until the end of time. Something like this is going to follow Paige for the end of time. Right now, I don’t know if the photos have been authenticated or not, but I know she put a post on it on Twitter and apologized for it and what not, but the thing is, these young people have to think about what they do before they actually do it, because like I said, this is going to follow—not just follow her, but affect her right now with what she is doing.

One of the biggest compliments one of my friend’s, Scott Armstrong, told me, ‘Book, one thing about you over these years in this business, one thing about you is that you never have lost focus. You always stayed focus to what the task at hand is. You always focused on business and did your job.’ Somebody like Scott Armstrong telling me that is huge because he’s a guy who has made mistakes and lost focus, so for him to get back on track and stay focused and realize that I did something right, and these young people need to know that these days there are cameras everywhere. Everybody is looking to create a story, everybody is looking for a come up on your downfall. Neither one of them had any dealings with putting that video out I’m sure, but everybody that was in that video is going to affect each one of those people for the rest of their life. One thing you have to understand as a celebrity is that when you put yourself out there, you are going to be scrutinized when you are going out there and making a lot of money, when you are a so-called Superstar, so called Famous. Wen you are famous where people go out there and see your movie, buying action figures, they are the ones that are paying the checks, they are the ones who deserve to be scrutinized and asked the question why. Why is my young one having to see this? That is your private life and I respect your private life, but don’t make me be part of your private life. That is when it becomes a discrepancy, that is when it becomes a problem. When you put yourself in a position where something can happen, trust me, 9 times out of 10 something will happen. I go back to Mike Tyson to what, 1995 to that beauty queen. Did Mike Tyson do something wrong? I don’t know, but if you are in a hotel room at 2am something can go wrong, and if something goes wrong, you have to know that you put yourself in that position for something to happen. That’s the thing; don’t put yourself in a position for something like this to happen to you because it can be the downfall and the detriment to your life.”

Make sure to listen to his latest podcast here. 

Booker T Talks About AJ’s WWE Potential & Alexa Bliss

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was recently interviewed by Heated Conversations and spoke about several talents in WWE.

Here are some highlights:

On Alexa Bliss:

“I like Bliss! Do you know what? Bliss is like one of those little TNT firecrackers. Do you know what I mean. You hold it in your hand. Bang! You’ll blow your hand off. But she is awesome. Technically sounds. She goes out there and performs at a high level. She has a lot of, she brings a lot of emotion to the table when she works from a heel perspective, from a worker’s perspective. From a performer’s perspective, she brings it.”


On AJ Styles:

“The guy [does] not do anything but deliver each and every time that he’s out there in the ring. AJ Styles has proved that he is a player in the WWE and I hope we see AJ Styles in the WWE for quite some time.” Booker T continued, “I thought AJ Styles had the potential to be champion no matter wherever he went. I actually had a chance to perform with AJ down in TNA and I thought he was an awesome performer. I got a chance to see AJ Styles trying to break into the [professional wrestling] business right there at the end of WCW, just trying to do anything to get in and he was an awesome, phenomenal talent even back then, just waiting to get a shot. Everybody always [says] guys with that southern accent don’t do very well in the WWE environment, but you can’t even really tell AJ is from the south. It seems like he [has] figured it out, how to drop the accent a little bit.”

You can listen to the interview here. 

Booker T Hospitalized For Elbow Surgery

As reported yesterday, Sharmell “Booker T’s real life wife” went to Instagram revealing that Booker was in the hospital and would be missing the WWE Raw Pre Show.

The reason for Booker’s hospitalization was to undergo elbow surgery. This is the reason why Booker recently retired the Spinaroonie after he tore his tricep doing a move during his Hall of Fame induction in 2013 and the surgery was related to that.

Booker T Hospitalized Will Miss The WWE Raw Pre-Show

Booker T’s wife Sharmell revealed on Instagram that the WWE Hall of Famer will be missing tonight’s Raw Pre-Show after he was hospitalized over the weekend.

Sharmell said that Booker is at home recovering. There is no word on why he was hospitalized.

Thanks for all the prayers and support! Booker is home and doing well 😀

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Booker T Comments On Upcoming WWE Brand Split

WWE announcer & Hall of Famer Booker T recently discussed WWE’s upcoming brand split during a recent interview with WrestleZone.com.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I am going to sit back and watch it just like everybody else. I’m excited about the brand extension. I’m excited because it’s going to give us a chance to see two champions again. From a tag team perspective. From a heavyweight perspective. Another belt may be implemented. I’m looking forward to seeing the younger guys go out there and seeing what WrestleMania 33 is going to look like.”

Booker T Talks About The Possibility Or Returning To a WWE Ring

The Wrestling Compadres Podcast recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and asked what it would take for him to return to the ring. He said the following:

 “I don’t foresee myself putting my boots on ever again unless it was a situation like the Harlem Heat versus the Dudleys or something like that. Otherwise, I have no interest in getting back in the ring. WrestleMania is coming around and it’s going to be in Texas next year. That’ll be a great place to actually do that if they want to do it. I wouldn’t mind having one last WrestleMania run.”

Booker T Comments On Hulk Hogan Controversy. Says He’s Shocked

WWE Hall of Famer and TV broadcaster Booker T has commented on the controversy surrounding Hulk Hogan’s racist rant. You can read his comments on Twitter below.

Booker T also recalls back to his infamous promo from WCW Spring Stampede 1997 where he used the “n-word” when referring to Hulk Hogan in a wrestling promo. You can see the video below:

Here are his tweets:

Booker T Takes Heat From Fans Following Own Hart Comment

Source: EWN

During Monday’s episode of WWE RAW, Booker T, who was on commentary, made a comment about Owen Hart during the Nevillevs. Luke Harper match that was in reference to Owen Hart.

Fans have blasted Booker T on Twitter for the comment. So, what was the comment? Booker and JBL were talking about past King of the Ring Superstars, Booker T said that Owen didn’t defy gravity likeNeville.

Hart died in 1999 after failing in a tragic incident that cost him in his life. Some fans took this the wrong way and Booker apologized on Twitter for the comment:

VIDEO: Booker T Talks Raw Commentary, WrestleMania & More

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T speaks with John Pollock ahead of WrestleMania XXXI about his recent tenure joining the Raw commentary team, his thoughts on Brock Lesnar re-signing with WWE & more.