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Smash This Podcast | Bound For Glory – Preview/Predictions

Giving my thoughts and predictions on the card for this Sunday’s Bound For Glory! Who do you think will win it all? Thanks for watching! Ring that bell for notifications!

Dixie Carter Tweets About TNA TV Tapings & Bound For Glory PPV

Dixie Carter went to Twitter about the TNA Tapings and Bound For Glory.

This indicates that both will take place over the weekend.

EC3 Comments On TNA’s Status- “This Is a Wrestling Show”

EC3 commented on TNA’s current situation via his Instagram account.

“This is a wrestling show. This is a wrestling show that takes place due to an unparalleled effort of it’s talent, production, and host of others who’s names you may never hear. This is a wrestling show that is a combined effort of those women and men, who through turbulence, constant noise and leadership decisions outside of their control will take whatever opportunity they have to deliver. To do what they love. This is not a perfect wrestling show, this is not a perfect company, and this is not a perfect industry. The only thing that can be perfect is the combined effort from each individual to move forward as team. For the person next to you. For the fanbase that supports you. This is a wrestling show.”

Bobby Lashley Talks TNA Status, Bound For Glory & A Possible WWE Return

Current TNA talent Bobby Lashley spoke with ESPN.com to promote this Sunday’s Bound for Glory PPV.

Here are the highlights.

Thoughts on Bound For Glory and if it will happen on Sunday. Will the TNA brand continue? 

“Yes, because one thing people don’t understand is that Dixie Carter is not broke. She was never close to being broke. Her parents are billionaires so it’s not like they don’t have the money. They are just trying to make the right deal and that’s what we have known all along. I think it’s just one of those deals where this is business and it’s going to happen every year. For at least the past five or six years that I have known, around that end of the year point there’s always this, “Oh no, is TNA going to be sold? Is TNA going here? Is TNA going there?” And then next thing you know, bam, everything is fine and then we run again. And then the next year it’s the same question. I don’t know why it’s the same deal every year and it gets to that point. I think right now they are just trying to make the right deals with the right people. I know a lot of people have their hands in the pot and a lot of people are trying to pitch different things. Whenever the deal is done, it’s done.”

Possible return to WWE. Would you reconsider as a devoted family man?

“To a certain extent. It would have to be the right deal if it was. I don’t know if there is even an opportunity. There are certain people in the business who may not want you there and that’s why I left the first time. I don’t know if there is even a possibility of going back but their schedule is challenging. A lot of their guys are dealing with that. If I were to go back full-time, it would have to be something we sit down and really piece together and make it make sense. I would hate to say yes I’m doing it and get back and then it’s, “Oh no. Boo-hoo. What about my kids?” I don’t want to have a bad attitude. So I would have to really sit down and say this is what we can do.”


Billy Corgan Says He Remains Optimistic For Sunday’s Bound For Glory PPV

Billy Corgan appeared on the latest edition of Busted Open Radio where he discussed the status of TNA and his task of accumulating most of the shares for the company.

As reported TNA is suffering at this time financially, and rumors going around is that if the company is not sold, or financially backed they risk not being able to proceed with their Bound for Glory PPV this Sunday and even TV tapings. Dave Meltzer has reported that WWE is one of the bidders involved in purchasing the company, but primarily due to the video library.

Billy Corgan discussed what he could in the podcast. At this time he can’t go into specifics for legal reasons,

Here are some highlights:

Working To Buy the company: 

“I am working very hard to acquire a majority share of this company, and to keep it moving forward. This is completely out of my pile. I am committed. I have received so much more love and support in pro wrestling than I ever did in the music business. It’s an incredible fraternity,

Can Corgan fulfill the requested dollar value:

“I have the funds to step forward. But if stepping forward means two months from now, we’re in the same spot, what did I accomplish? The respect of the locker room is why I don’t want to make some s**t deal. I want to make a deal to move TNA forward for 20 years.”

Will Bound of Glory proceed as planned this Sunday:

“I remain optimistic that on Sunday I’ll be in the ring putting over what is about to happen. I will be in Orlando on Sunday. If you order that pay-per-view, and I’m standing in that ring, it will be one crazy pay-per-view.”


TNA Bound For Glory Date Revealed?

TNA is likely to hold Bound for Glory on October 3rd. The event was originally planned to be moved back to September 11th, but WWE then announced Backlash for that date as part of its increased PPVs for the Brand Split.

TNA Wrestling pushing the show back to October allows them to tape more material at Universal Studios in Orlando.

Three Matches Confirmed For This Weeks TNA iMPACT! Wrestling Broadcast

These are the following matches confirmed for this week’s TNA iMPACT! Wrestling Broadcast.

As a reminder TNA iMPACT! Wrestling moves to Thursday’s this week at 8pm EST on POP TV.

Here are the matches:

EC3 vs. Eli Drake
-Bound for Glory Playoff Match-
Singles Match

Drew Galloway vs. Bram
-Bound for Glory Playoff Match-
Singles Match

Lashley (c) vs. Eddie Edwards (c)
-TNA World Championship & X-Division Championship-
Six Sides of Steel Match

TNA Announces “Bound For Glory Playoff”

TNA announced a ‘Bound For Glory Playoff,’ which will name a top contender for the TNA Title at Bound for Glory. TNA posted,

THURSDAY, JULY 21 AT 8/7c IMPACT WRESTLING on Pop MOVES TO ITS NEW REGULAR TIME SLOT on Thursday nights at 8/7c starting July 21 with a supersize extended episode. The adrenaline-pumping action-packed IMPACT WRESTLING serves as the kick-off to the Bound For Glory Playoff, where 8 IMPACT Stars, including former World Champions Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, EC3 and other top stars compete to become the #1 Contender for the World Title.

TNA Mystery Third Announcer… No Shows At Bound For Glory Pay Per View


The Pope and TNA were hyping all last week that a third mystery announcer would be revealed at last night’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view event.

As seen on the show, there was not a third announcer.

There’s no reason for this according Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.

Meltzer just said that the person “no showed” the event. That was all he said.

It seems that TNA thought they might have someone to be the third announcer, but those plans did not work out. TNA made no reference that there was no third announcer during the BFG broadcast.

Jim Ross Comments On Last Night’s TNA Bound for Glory Pay Per View


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog on website where he gives his thoughts on last night’s TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view event.

Here are the highlight as per the matches:

Bobby Roode vs. Bobby Lashley:

Bobby Roode and Bobby Lashley had a damn good match. So did the Wolves tag title bout. Enjoyed two of my favorites in Gail KIm and Awesome Kong but thought the finish could have been better strategized.

Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle:

Impressed with Eric Young’s skill set a heel and Kurt Angle is still a badass and effective if not over exposed. Angle at Wrestlemania Texas vs. Brock Lesnar would be a massive hit but it seems that the decision makers in WWE don’t share my optimism but I might be wrong.

EC3 vs Matt Hardy (w/ Jeff Hardy As Special Ref)

Never book two fan favorites versus one villain in a triple threat match. It won’t work as a rule and did not work as it could have or should have. No issues with Matt Hardy winning the TNATitle by pinning Drew Galloway while EC3 remained undefeated but he lost his title. The champion losing his title without being pinned or submitted is as lame as being able to win a cage match by escaping the cage.

His grade for the show:

Gave the show a C+ grade as it had some good moments including the talent working hard but some of the booking was suspect IMO.

You can read the entire blog here.