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Nikki Bella Talks On Why Brie Bella Had Such A Difficult Labor

WWE superstar Nikki Bella spoke with E! News to promote the new season for Total Bellas. During the interview she spoke about her sister Brie Bella and how she had such a difficult time giving birth.

Here’s what she had to say:

“She tried to go natural and it was like eight or 10 hours into it had to get an epidural and then in the end had to get a C-section. Her abs were too tight, go figure, Leave it to the WWE Superstar, abs too tight.”

“I mean, it’s definitely a struggle for women in the beginning and it should be. I saw what they put their bodies through and oh my gosh, I give all the moms in the world so much credit. That is not easy, labor. I think it takes minimum a week to heal from that.”

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Welcome Their New Daughter

WWE.com has revealed that Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have given birth to their daughter, Birdie Joe Danielson on Tuesday, May 9th at 11:58pm. Birdie was born 8 punds, 10 ounces and 21 inches.

Here is a portion of the article:

“There is no better feeling in the world than meeting your daughter,” Brie told WWE.com. “I can’t even express the overwhelming joy and love that Bryan and I are feeling. Now we know what parents mean about the love you feel when you first meet your child. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers on the safety of Birdie coming into this world.”

Birdie arrived 11 days late.

MOC wants to congratulate the happy couple and their new baby girl.

VIDEO: Brie Bella Gives Pregnancy Update – Daniel Bryan Missing Smackdown Live Once Again

Brie Bella released a new pregnancy video giving fans an update. Sunday was technically suppose to be the due date for Birdie Joe Danielson, but she appears to be taken her time as Brie says that doctors believe she’ll come out by the end of the week. Daniel Bryan will likely be missing Smackdown Live this week once again.

Nikki Bella Talks About Her Sister Brie Bella Retiring & How Pregnancy Has Been Good For Her

Nikki Bella was recently interviewed by Progress News and spoke about her sister, Brie Bella and her pregnancy.

Here are some highlights:

How the pregnancy has been great for her sister:

“She looks like she’s due any minute, but yeah she’s due in about four weeks. Pregnancy has been great for her, she’s in the stage where she is getting a bit uncomfortable and can’t wait to have the baby. But she looks so beautiful pregnant, she has this amazing glow.”

Brie Retiring from professional wrestling:

“Brie retired from WWE because she can’t be a mom and wrestle at the same time. Giving that up and not automatically getting pregnant, I feel like she’s just in this in-between stage. And I think she feels lost and it kind of makes me feel bad for her.”

Check out the interview here. 

VIDEO: Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Reveal Their Top 5 Baby Names

The following video was posted on the Bella Twins’ new YouTube page, where Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella reveal they have narrowed their baby’s name down to 5 choices:

Brie Bella Says WWE Producers Asked Her To Get Breast Implants

Brie Bella was the first guest on the debut episode of Lilian Garcia’s “Make their way to the ring” podcast. Here are the highlights from her appearance.

WWE Producers of Diva Search asking for the women to get breast implants:

“I understand they had to have some weird questions. But there were a couple I wasn’t too comfortable with. They talked about my breasts. I didn’t have big ones…They asked if I would allow them to pay for me to have a boob job. I literally stood on stage and I was looking around like, what? They were like, well you guys don’t have breasts. I’m like, I’m so confused what’s going on right now. But you know, they’re making TV.”

Daniel Bryan’s depression & getting emotional over it:

“The producers on Total Bellas and Total Divas would say, you never cry. I’m like, I don’t? They’re like, you get emotional but you really don’t cry. People really saw me cry for the first time on Total Bellas over Bryan’s depression. I was just very overwhelmed. But I think I’ve shed so many tears in my 20s that you just get to a place where you’re just like, this is life, you gotta roll with it. We live, we die and everything in between is what you make of it.”

Are you really retired?

“No. I definitely have to make a comeback. I’d never go on the road, because my child is number one. I would love to come back for a match. I would love it, especially if I can do it with my sister and have another match with her because we didn’t get that. My retirement, I always visualized my husband being by my side and being in the ring with my sister. I didn’t get either of those. So I would love something like that and I’ll see how I can get myself back into shape after.”

Check out the entire interview here:

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Announce Gender Of Their First Child

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan as expecting their first child in spring 2017 and revealed today the gender. The happy couple are expecting a girl.

Brie had this to say to E! News:

“When I found out it was a girl I actually got really emotional. I have such an amazing relationship with my mom and I think, wow, I’m going to have that with my daughter. Also as a woman I now have my own blood to follow my legacy. It’s such a special feeling! My mini me!”

Daniel said this:

“I’m so excited we’re having a little girl. I’m sure that, just like her mother, she’s going to steal my heart.”

Brie has since gone to instagram to show off her baby bump and announce the gender:

Could Brie Bella Be Coming Out Of Retirement?

As we saw last week on Talking Smack, Carmella attacked Nikki Bella from the back only to heighten her role as a supposed heel and a feud with Nikki.

Brie Bella commented teasing possibly coming out of retirement.

As many can remember Brie Bella wrestled her final match at WrestleMania 32 in the 10 divas tag match. She went on retirement as her and Daniel Bryan was planning on making a family. Now with Daniel back in WWE, Brie return on the Smackdown brand wouldn’t be a surprise.


Brie Bella Clarifies Her Career Status With WWE

Source: WWE.com

Brie Bella got interviewed by WWE.com and was asked about her retirement rumors. Here are some highlights from the interview:

If WrestleMania 32 was her last match:

“Yes. WrestleMania 32 was my last match.

I wouldn’t say my last match forever, just my last match that you’ll see in a while. I am here at home because Daniel Bryan and I want to start a family soon. Or I shouldn’t say soon — we want to start it now! We’re going to start having babies, so I have to put my career on hold.

It doesn’t mean that I’m going to be gone. I’m going to be an ambassador for WWE. But I’m going to try motherhood”

Is this an official retirement:

“The hardest part is that it takes a while to have a baby. So, I hate saying retirement because after I have kids, I would love to make a comeback into the ring. I feel like I could bring a whole army with me, like Trish Stratus, who’s a mother. Michelle McCool, who’s a mother. Beth Phoenix, who’s a mom. It’s a good bunch of us who could come back and have one hell of a career.

I just don’t know the timing of it. I don’t know if it will be a year and a half, two years or three years. So, it feels like a retirement. At the same time, I’m just not going to close that door.”

Read the entire interview here.