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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s Wedding

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s wedding was this past Friday the 11th of April.

WWE.com posted a few images where you can view them by clicking here.

MindofCarnage.com wishes both a happy and strong life together!

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella’s Wedding This Friday, Rock Tweets Triple H, WWE Hiring Ex-NFL Star

Source: RSN

– Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella will be getting married this Friday. It doesn’t look like they will get much of a honeymoon with Bryan winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Brie tweeted the following after RAW:

“4 more days till I marry the man of my dreams!!! I Can hardly sleep! What an amazing time in the Danielsons lives right now!! I’m enjoying every second of it!”

– The Rock tweeted the following to Triple H this morning:

“@TripleH Another phenomenal Wrestlemania performance – proud of you, Trip. Your conditioning is insane! I will now go do cardio. Dammit.”

– As seen on the WWE Network this past week, former NFL star Shawne Merriman has been working some of WWE’s pre and post-show panels. Merriman reportedly worked a WWE tryout last year but wasn’t offered a job. For what it’s worth, Rey Mysterio tweeted about hanging out with Merriman in New Orleans and referred to him as a future WWE Superstar.

WWE Releases WrestleMania 31 Promo, Why Didn’t Brie Bella Appear After Bryan’s Big Win?


– Below is a promo for next year’s WrestleMania 31 pay-per-view:


– Brie Bella says she wasn’t allowed out to celebrate with Daniel Bryan after the WrestleMania XXX main event. She tweeted:


Rolling Stone Talks To Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella About The Yes Movement

– Rolling Stone’s website has a new article up looking at Daniel Bryan and The Yes Movement. Bryan talked about his popularity compared to Steve Austin:

“When you look at Steve Austin, if he’d happened in different eras, he would have been hated. Hulk Hogan, if he came out now saying, ‘America, take your vitamins,’ and he’s this jacked-up dude, you would get people going, ‘Wait, what? I hate this guy.’ To me, it’s whether you fit into the atmosphere.”

Bryan also revealed what he and Brie Bella want for their future:

“Brie and I would like a simple organic farm that’s not farming to sell stuff, but just to be self-sufficient. You never know what the world’s gonna be like.”

Brie was quoted in the article, saying Bryan has broken the mold and is making people look at smaller talents differently:

“Daniel is making not only your hardcore wrestling fan base, but your casual viewer, look at the smaller guys differently.”

Brie Bella Says She’d Love to Slap The Crap Out of The Authority

Brie Bella has been teasing a physical altercation with Stephanie McMahon on her Twitter. She wrote the following last night:

“I find Triple H and Stephanie completely annoying. I would LOVE to slap the crap out of them! Who else!!???? -B #RAW”

Brie Bella & JR Tweet about Elimination Chamber

– Brie Bella tweeted the following after Randy Orton pinned Daniel Bryan at the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view:

“You have to be kidding!!!! Wow! I really thought @WWEDanielBryan was going to win! #NoNoNo”


– Jim Ross tweeted the following regarding the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view main event ending:

“#WWEChamber main event a damn good piece of business.”


Hell in the Cell Results (Oct.27.2013)

Show: WWE Hell in the Cell

Author: Cade Carnage

Date: Oct.27.2013

Venue: American Airlines Arena (Miami, FL)


Welcome my War Gods to The Hell In the Cell Results!!!

Read my words and spread the Carnage!!

Who will be the guaranteed winner for the WWE Championship, and will HBK get involved in the final decision? Will Cena’s Return grant him the World Heavyweight Championship? Will the Heyman and Punks feud end tonight with Punk breaking Heymans face? And will we see The Rhodes continue their win streak retaining their championship? Let the bell ring and the Hell begin!

And on a side note, Big Show is barred from the Arena so his presence has been nullified from any interference to the Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan match; in addition there was word that Curtis Axel has been injured and cannot compete in his Intercontinental match against Big E Langston. The Kick Off match has been replaces with Kofi Kingston vs. (the Money in the Bank Holder) Damien Sandow.

We begin with Josh Matthews introducing his HITC panel Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, and Kaitlyn who are discussing the matches and possible outcomes for the Hell in the Cell tonight.

Backstage Segment: We also get a backstage segment where Miz requests Bray Wyatt in a match for Hell in the Cell. Vickie cannot sanction the match due to Miz not being medically cleared to compete. Miz states that if he can’t have a match, then there will be a fight. He walks off as Vickie yells after him.

We’re back to the panel where Big E is introduced to discuss the Punk and Heyman match. From there we cut to an interview with the Shield, where they and the panel share their opinions on the triple threat tag team championship match. Big E claims that with Ambrose, Shield always has the advantage. Dean suggests the rookie to quite down, but Big E forces Ambrose to put the US Championship on the line at HITC. A possible matchup for the United States Championship!?

Video Recap: Recapping John Cena’s career and overcoming his downfalls and achievements.

We now begin Hell in the Cell with the kickoff matchup against Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow

Pre Show: Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow (Youtube Match)

Damien starts things off cornering Kofi and delivering multiple punches and stomps until the ref pushes him off. Damien continues his assault with a shoulder bump and tries to connect a knee, but gets stopped with a dropkick from Kofi. Damien rolls out of the ring, and Kofi slides a dropkick to Damien to the outside. Damien gets the upper hand and tries to Irish whip Kofi into the stairs, but it’s Kofi who jumps over them and turns to land on Damien jumping off the stairs himself. Kofi takes Damien back into the ring but Damien gets the upper hand, stomping on Kofi as he climbs in. As he backs off we cut to commercial.

We come back to Damien delivering a hard scoop slam followed by his elbow drop for the 2 count. Damien head butts Kofi’s head against the mat and yells at the ref “Don’t tell me how to do my job!” Damien locks Kofi in an octopus stretch and punches his mid section. The ref asks if Kofi wants to quite, but Kofi counters into his own octopus stretch. Damien, hip tosses Kofi and misses’ legs drop. Both competitors are back up and its Kofi delivering a corner knee and a jumping hurricanrana. Kofi connects his double chest slaps, dropkick, running close line, and boom-drop on Damien. He taunts for the trouble in paradise but Damien counters into a back suplex. Kofi counters the suplex and delivers a corner kick to Damien’s head, and springboards himself on Damien for the 2 count. Kofi gets Damien on the ropes and springboards from the inside to the apron to deliver a dropkick to Damien. Kofi jumps on Damien but gets countered, where Damien connects his new finisher “Your welcome” for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Damien Sandow

We return to the panel where R-Truth states there’s a “Conspiracy Snow-balling” for the WWE Championship between Daniel Bryan and Triple H.  Dolph states that as much as he hates Randy Orton, he will win the WWE Championship tonight.  Josh Matthews takes us to the ring to begin the Hell in the Cell PPV!


The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Usos vs. The Shield (WWE Tag Team Championships)

Goldust & Seth start things off where Goldust connects a close line and Seth tags in Jimmy quickly. Goldust and Jimmy go back and forth with neck locks and an atomic drop. Goldust gets the upper hand and tags in Cody for a double arm snap mare. Cody brings down Jimmy for the 2 count, but Jay got a ghost tag and attempts two pins on Cody where both grant him a 2 count. Both Cody and Jay stand facing each other as the crowd cheers for their abilities. Jay gets the scoop slam and gets the 2 count. Cody pushes Jay into the Rhodes corners where Goldust gets tagged. Jay fights back and gets Goldust into the Uso’s corner where Jimmy tags and gets a corner cross body. Goldust fights back and connects punch after punch on Jimmy. Roman gets a surprise tag on Jimmy as he was Irish whipped, and surprises Goldust getting him to the outside. Roman beats Goldust down outside until he throws him back into the ring. Seth gets tagged and slowly beats Goldust down stomping his face, punching his body, and delivering a running kick for the 2 count. Seth keeps Goldust down with neck locks, and gets Roman tagged in and they both get in a double drop slam on Goldust for the 2 count. Roman keeps Goldust down as the crowd gets behind him. Goldust manages to rollup Roman for the 2 count, but Roman plants Goldust right away and gets the 2 count. Roman stands above Goldust as Seth yells “You ain’t going nowhere!”, “Reach old man!” Goldust tries to fight back and almost reaches for Cody just as Roman drags him back for the 2 count. Roman tries for a back suplex where Goldust reverses and plants the DDT. The crowd begins going crazy for Goldust to tag in, but Seth tags in and dropkicks Cody off the apron before he can tag. Goldust gets Seth out and reaches his corner but finds no one available. Roman tags in and runs for Goldust, but ducks and takes him outside the ring. Goldust reach for the Usos to tag out, but the Shield simultaneously pull them right off the apron. Roman backdrops Goldust and gets the 2 count where Cody interferes with the count. The ref kicks him out and Goldust continues to fight for the tag. Roman throws Goldust to the Shields corner and slowly beats and taunts around Goldust. Goldust struggles to get up as Roman yells trash talk towards him, he pushes Goldust back to his corner but he gets a scoop slam and allows Goldust to get the tag to Cody. Cody comes in with a Springboard dropkicks to Seth, followed by a top rope back flip for the 2 count. Cody continues by connecting a mid section kick to Seth and goes for the disaster kick, but at the same time gets tagged by Jimmy. Seth reverses and throws Cody out of the ring; but as he turns he gets a flying cross body by Jimmy for the 2 count. Jay jumps from the ring to the outside on Roman and Goldust. Jimmy lands a Samoan drop on Seth for the 2 count. Jimmy goes to the top rope but Seth grounds him by shaking the ropes. Codes tags in off of Jimmy and looks to plant the cross roads. Seth reverses and takes Cody to the top rope where Cody counters and superslex’s Seth to the outside; right onto Goldust, Roman, and the Usos. In the mayhem Cody rolls in Seth for the 2 count, just as Jay lands a top rope cross body on Cody. Jay drags Seth to the corner where Roman connects a huge spear planting Jay. Jimmy gets a super kick on Roman and Seth throws out Jimmy. Cody tries for the disaster kick but gets countered, but it’s Goldust who pushes Seth right into the Cross Rhodes to allow Cody to get the 1..2..3!!

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Goldust (Retain WWE Tag Team Championships)


Backstage Segment: Shawn Michaels and Triple H chat and laugh together

Miz’s music hits and seriously walks himself to the ring. He takes the mic and states how the Wyatt’s have gone after him and that due to the attack on Smackdown; he’s not medically clear to compete, but that doesn’t mean he can’t fight. He calls out Bray, and for him to leave the trailer boys at the warehouse. Miz says that he has followed the buzzers, come and get me!

Bray music hits but he’s just on the titon-tron singing a melody. Bray continues by saying how it pains him to see Miz as a man who has nothing left to lose. That Miz’s words mean nothing but Salt to Bray. He only wished if Miz could only see the monster that lived behind his eyes, the video goes out.

Miz stands in the ring in complete darkness, and just as the lights come on we see Luke and Erick attack Miz with shot after shot, and slam after slam. But all of a sudden BOOM!!! Kane music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Erick comes out to interfere but Kane punches him right down and tries to scoop slam Luke with complete Failure! Kane failed the scoop slam and threw Luke out very badly. As the Wyatt’s walk out in pain, Kane turns to see Miz stand up holding his head. Kane decides to choke slam Miz and does his Pyro taunt. Welcome back Kane!

Fandango & Summer Rae vs. Khali & Natalya

Fandango takes the mic and sounds very constipated when he speaks. He says that people can’t dance and that the master of salsa is himself. Once again he sounds as if’s losing his voice, or pinching a load. I couldn’t tell the difference.

Khali and Fandango start things off with Fandango running away from Khali’s slaps and hiding in the ropes. Natalya and Summer Rae gets tagged in and it’s Natalya who keeps the advantage with chokeholds, close lines, and back slides for the 2 count. Summer Rae gets in one dropkick and boasts to allow Natalya to get in the fireman’s carry and arm lock. A drop toe hold has Natalya slapping Summer Rae’s back. Fandango gets tagged in and taunts in front of Natalya, as she grabs him for the sharpshooter and Fandango rolls out. He’s about to attack Hornswaggel but Khali lifts him back into the ring. Fandango though, attacks Khali’s knees and continues dropping his knee to keep Khali down. Fandango takes a breather and allows Khali to slap his chest; Khali pushes Fandango into his corner where Summer Rae tags in and Natalya attacks her and delivers a suplex and front drop suplex to Summer Rae. A quick close line has Natalya going for the sharpshooter. Summer Rae drops Natalya into the ropes, and rolls her up for the 1..2..3!!

Winner: Fandango & Summer Rae


Dean Ambrose vs. Big E Langston (United States Championship)

This was a match that got made during the kick-off show, but I find it funny that if you can’t challenge for the intercontinental title, might as well challenge for the United States championship.

Ambrose pushes Big E, just as he picks him up and slams Ambrose down for the 2 cont. Big E starts things quickly with another pin and shoulder thrusts into a corner. Big E catches Ambrose in mid air and connects a side breaker. Ambrose tries fighting back with elbows and slaps; but the crowd gets behind Big E, as he appears to Hulk up. Big E slaps Ambrose back and delivers a back drop for the 2 count. Big E gets Ambrose in a bear hug in the middle of the ring. The crowd cheers for Ambrose as he fights out and gets Big E in the corner to ground him, but it’s Big E who backdrops Ambrose to the outside where he screams in pain. Big E comes out and gets his shoulder connected to the ring post. Ambrose rolls back into the ring, and tries to suplex Big E as he climbs the apron. Big E counters which a suplex of his own, but it’s Ambrose who stops it and runs Big E’s head into the ring post. Big E climbs back into the ring and Ambrose waits to deliver kicks and punches. Ambrose gets a choke in the corner and hangs Big E on the ropes. He continues by delivering his mid section punches and running dropkick for the 2 count. Ambrose attempts to but Langston in a bulldog choke, Langston though uses his size and gets to his feet with Ambrose on his back and slams him in the corner turnbuckles. Big E continues to fight back, but it’s Ambrose who locks in another choke lock. Big E once again slams Ambrose into the corner and delivers close line after close line to Ambrose, followed by a back drop and another close line for the 2 count. Big E gets the belly to belly and big splash for another 2 count. Big E taunts for the big ending, but Ambrose rolls out of the ring and begins walking up the ramp. Big E decides against that ad comes for him and runs him back into the ring. As he climbs in, Ambrose delivers a head kick and a DDT for the 2 count. Ambrose tries for a corner shoulder thrust, but gets side stepped taken him out onto the apron. Big E goes off the ropes and spears Ambrose to the outside along with himself. The ref begins his count Langston makes his way back before he reaches 10, but Ambrose on the outside decided to not climb back in and intentionally lost due to count out. Ambrose takes his belt and continues to walk off. But Big E grabs him; bring him back yet again into the ring and deliveries his Big Ending to prove his point. He stands above Ambrose holding the US championship up.

Winner: Big E Langston by Count out. (No Belt Change)


The Hell in the Cell begins to descend onto the ring where CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman match will be contested.


CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman

As Ryback comes out, Heyman is not at his side, but as he awaits in the ring, Heyman comes out with a mechanical lift. It took a while for it to come out considering the person driving it had no idea what he was doing.  Heyman arrives at the door and introduces himself on the mic. Heyman begins lifting himself to the top of the cell, and calls himself Satan himself. He gets to the top and walks the top of the cell telling everyone that he owns CM Punk.

CM Punk and Ryback begin to hammer away at each other. Ryback tries to military press Punk, but he reverses and goes after Ryback legs. Punk keeps Ryback down with kick after kick until Ryback rolls out of the ring. Punk waits for Ryback to stand up outside the ring; just as he does Punk delivers a suicide dive slamming both himself and Ryback into the steel. Punk gets a Kendo stick from under the ring and begins slapping Ryback with it. Ryback out of desperation lifts Punk and runs him into the steel cage. Again to the other side, and slams his head against the side of the cell. Ryback gets the kendo stick and starts slapping Punk with it, calling him “A bully”. Ryback throws Punk back into the ring and slaps him again with the Kendo stick. Ryback delivers a high elbow on Punk and walks around kicking Punk slowly. Heyman yells from the top as Ryback continues throwing Punk around with shoulder thrusts and scoop slams. Ryback locks in a Reverse Bear Hug and slows the action, but Punk delivers elbows breaking Ryback hold and ducks a close line which taking him to the outside.  Punk goes to the top rope and jumps to the outside on Ryback. Punk goes under the ring and grabs a table, but it’s Ryback who pushes him against the stairs violently. Ryback drags Punk in the corner and delivers suplex after suplex on Punk against the steel cage. Ryback throws Punk back into the ring and delivers a fast back drop for the 2 count. He continues his advantage over Punk by stepping on him and locking in a choke hold in front of  the Kendo stick. Punk tries to fight out but Ryback catches him in his locked-in jaw breaker for the 2 count. Again Ryback locks in a bear hug. Punk fights back yet again and is able to punch Ryback away, allowing him to deliver a cross body for the 2 count. Punk gets Ryback in the corner and delivers his high knee to the jaw. He gets to the apron and springboards right into Ryback arms for the scoop slam, Ryback gets the 2 count. Ryback drops the straps and calls for the shell shock. Punk shakes and reverses as he grabs the Kendo stick and begins slapping slapping slapping Ryback in pain. He gets Ryback into the corner and delivers another high knee and close line. He climbs the ropes and connects his flying elbow drop for the 2 count. Punk crawls for the Kendo stick and continues his assault on Ryback, until he wants something bigger and goes for the table he tried to get earlier. Punk sets up the table as the crowd chants YES YES YES. Ryback takes advantage and attacks Punk from behind and puts the table on its side and tries for a power bomb, looking to snap Punk in half. Punk fights out, but still ends up getting his crotch dropped on the table. Ryback connects the meat hook for the 2 count.

Ryback takes a long breather and sets up the table properly to “Finish it!” He tries to lift Punk up, but Punk low-blows him and Ryback rolls onto the table. Punk climbs the top ropes and lands the flying elbow on Ryback through the table! Heyman watches in amazement as the crowd chants “CM Punk, CM Punk”. Both competitors get to their feet, but it’s Punk who lands the kendo stick to the head and the Go-to-sleep for the 1..2..3!

Winner: CM Punk

Punk celebrates laughing up towards Heyman, and says “Where you gonna go?” Punk rolls out and grabs another kendo and wedges it through his trunks, and begins his climb to the top.  Heyman begs for Punk to not hurt him as Punk reaches the top. Punk yells “Nobody can save you now!” He grabs Heyman by the collar and kisses his forehead as he connects the kendo against Heymans mid section. Heyman falls on the cage and Punk begins the 20+ kendo hits to his back. Punk calls for the go-to-sleep and connects it to stand above Heyman victorious on top of the Cell. Punk walks around getting the crowd pumped and cheering!

Interview Segment: Renee interviews Daniel Bryan for the upcoming Hell in the Cell match. Bryan just wants a chance to be the WWE Champion, and hopes the HBK will be a fair and impartial referee. Daniel Bryan also states that this Miami crowd, were the first to originate the Yes phenomena; and that he will award them tonight by winning the WWE Championship.


Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans

Once again, not really a big fan of the Matadores, I personally hope the Real Americans Giant swing there masks off. And apparently JBL has a problem distinguishing between a real bull and El Torito, really? The Real Americans make their way to the ring where Zeb takes the mic and preaches that the Matadores are criminals and should be in jail cells because they’re not in the country legally, because you know; WWE hires illegal immigrants.

Cesaro and Diego start things off. Cesaro Irish whips Diego to the corner where he performs some fancy twist taking him to the apron. He jumps in and lands a hurricanrana and swinging DDT to Cesaro. Cesaro gets the upper hand and throws Diego to the outside. Swagger tags and runs right into Diego’s knee. He gets Diego back into the ring where Swagger lands his body splash and Cesaro tags to land his over the shoulder mid section stomp. Swagger gets tagged in again and delivers corner knee’s and close lines to Diego. Cesaro gets tagged again and wraps himself in a choke hold to catch a breather. Swagger comes in trying for an attack but gets thrown out by Diego. Cesaro holds Diego’s foot as he reaches for Fernando, but a roll by Diego has Cesaro connecting a running big boot to Fernando on the apron. Cesaro connects the giant swing for close to a minute, pretty much a maximum of 31 rotations. He goes for the pin but Fernando stops it at the count of 2. Cesaro tags Swagger and Diego tags Fernando where he connects a cross body, flying forearm, and a DDR to Swagger for the 2 count. Cesaro comes in but Fernando dropkicks him out of the ring. Diego tries to go after Cesaro but gets thrown into the barricade. Inside the ring, Swagger gets in the Patriot lock and Fernando tries to get to the ropes. He rolls and Swagger connects against Cesaro as he was climbing the apron. Diego gets tagged in and both Los Matadores connect their double neck breaker for the 1..2..3!

Winners: Los Matadores

Zeb walks into the middle of the ring and cries. Los Matadores change their attention to him but it’s Cesaro who tries to help but gets caught by El Torito connecting a hurricanrana. El Torito also jumps to the outside landing on Swagger. Los Matadores stand tall in the middle of the ring.

Video Recap: Cena progress to come back to the ring, with highlights of Del Rio’s Cross Arm breaker.


John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship)

Cena’s music hits and the crowd have the same reaction with the mixture of Boo’s and Yay’s. You would think at least he would change his music or entrance itself. Nope, everything remains the same.

The match begins with Cena keeping his right elbow at a distance. He gets the neck lock on ADR but Del Rio goes right after that injured arm. He rolls out favoring his elbow while the crowd chants “Let’s go Cena”, “Cena Sucks”. Cena comes back into the ring and gets a neck lock on ADR. Del Rio again goes for the arm as Cena cowards in the ropes. They stand off again, this time ADR takes advantage delivering punches to John head. Del Rio gets a head kick and tries for the arm again. Cena comes after ADR and delivers a bulldog for the 2 count. Cena Irish whips ADR but gets a kick to the chest and a drop kick to the face. Del Rio delivers a kick to the arm and Cena rolls out of the ring. ADR pushes Cena against the stairs and Cena rolls back into the ring. ADR connects two forearms and gets the 2 count. ADR connects a running head kick followed by another one and tries for a third one, but Cena ducks and looks to lock in his STF. ADR reverses and connects a German suplex which looked to have broken Cena’s neck. ADR locks a choke hold where Cena gets to the ropes. ADR drags Cena away from the ropes and locks an arm lock to keep Cena down. The crowd gets behind Cena but nothing comes of it as Cena falls back down.  Cena slowly crawls up as the crowd starts cheering again, he stands and rolls ADR over followed by a dropkick. He goes for the running elbow but gets connected by ADR’s elbow. ADR continues by delivering another head kick and chops from the top rope, ADR gets the pin and gets the 2 count. ADR goes for a submission move on Cena’s bad arm, grounding Cena. He fights his way to his feet and tried for the AA but ADR counters and connects a back forearm to Cena’s head. ADR gets Cena on the ropes and tries for the running cross body. ADR climbs the top rope and jumps for Cena’s head, but gets connected with a dropkick. They both get up and Cena connects his signature shoulders and the five knuckle shuffle. He goes for the AA but ADR connects the Back stabber for the 2 count. ADR walks around taunting for his arm breaker, but Cena counters into swinging DDT off the ropes for the 2 count. Cena rolls to the apron and climbs the ropes; just as he does, Del Rio connects his lifting head kick and gets the 2 count. ADR waits again but this time for the corner side kick. Cena counters and goes for the STF; ADR rolls out but almost gets put into the AA. He pushes Cena on the ropes and connects a Tilt-a-whirl back breaker for the 2 count. ADR lifts Cena on the top rope, hanging him towards the opposing corner. Del Rio goes for a corner spear but Cena pulls himself up taking ADR into the post. Cena turns around and climbs the top rope to land a high cross body for the 2 count. ADR takes advantage quickly by landing an arm breaker. He goes for the cross arm-breaker but Cena rolls it right into the STF. Del Rio drags himself to the ropes and with the tip of his fingers forces the break. Cena comes back but gets a side kick to the gut and head to give ADR the 2 count. Del Rio quickly locks in the cross arm-breaker, Del Rio exposes the bad elbow but Cena rolls over and lifts ADR into a power bomb. They both get up as Cena lands the AA for the 1..2..3!

Winner: John Cena (New World Heavyweight Champion)

Cena was going to win, it was predicted. But this match had a slow pace, and not as entertaining as it should have been.


AJ vs. Brie Bella (Diva’s Championship)

Tamina accompanies AJ and Nikki comes out with Brie, because none of the Diva’s can come out alone.

The match starts off slow, with both Divas’ getting in a clinch showing that they’re both of equal strength. Brie gets a forearm hit and rolls AJ for the 1 count. They both do some arm drags and Brie tries for the top rope. AJ stops her on the apron and whips her neck back taking Brie to the outside. AJ rolls her back into the ring for the 2 count. She locks in a neck lock and lands Brie on the back of her head by pulling her hair. AJ strangles Brie on the ropes as the ref yells “Get off!” AJ lands a neck breaker and taunts by skipping around inside of the ring. AJ delivers a side kick, but Brie tries for a rolling neck beaker; AJ stops it and jumps on Brie interlocking her legs and getting Brie in a choke. Brie tries to get the crowd going and runs AJ into the corner. A missile dropkick keeps both competitors on the mat, and Brie tries to build up the crowd. AJ side steps a spear from Brie and tries for the black widow submission, Brie fights out and locks in the half crap. Tamina gets to the apron and Nikki attacks her, as AJ gets to the ropes. Brie breaks it and tries for her running knee but connect Nikki somehow. She turns around and AJ locks in the Black Widow and has Brie Tap Tap Tap!

Winner: AJ (Retaining the Diva’s Championship)


Backstage Segment: Prime Time Players are playing 2K14 until Bob Backlund walks into their game experience chanting that the kids should be writing and reading then playing this game. Titus states that in this game you can get immortal, IMMORTAL!! They ask Backlund if he can dance and they do the Millions of Dollars Dance.. Wow I wish I didn’t see that segment.


Backstage Segment: Earlier it was laughter between both Triple H and HBK, now it seems the conversation has intensified and both Hunter and HBK look annoyed as they walk away from each other.


Video Recap: Recapping Daniel Bryan and Orton Feud, along with the corporate takeover and the beginning of “What’s Best for Business”.



Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton w/ Shawn Michael as the Special Referee (WWE Championship)

After all the entrances are completed, Triple H’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring holding the WWE championship in his hands. He climbs into the ring and shakes Randy Orton’s hand and shows Daniel Bryan the belt and asks him to shake his hand. Bryan shakes his head no and Triple H smiles and walks away to the back, as the Hell in the Cell descends.

The bell rings and both competitors exchange punch after punch as Orton throws Bryan to the outside. Bryan runs back in as Orton followed to the outside, and delivers a slide drop kick. He goes for his suicide dive but Orton runs in and scoop slams him for the 2 count. Orton tries for his DDT but Bryan pushes him off and connects a top rope missile drop kick. Bryan tries to connect his running close line after his flip off the top rope; but it’s Orton who connects a fast dropkick grounding Bryan. Orton gets Bryan up and suplex’s him right onto the rope and continues by hanging Bryan two more times working on his mid section. This time Orton leaves Bryan on the apron and slams into Bryan taking him into the cell. Orton comes to the outside and Irish whips Bryan into the steel steps. Orton tries to break apart the steps and seems to be having problems. He finally gets it out and slams them against Bryans shoulder. Orton uses the larger steel stairs and makes it stand against the steel cage. He lifts Bryan and Irish whips him against these steps, but Bryan holds on and sends Orton into them instead. Bryan connects his side kicks and slams Orton’s head into the steel cage and stairs. Orton lays motionless as Bryan takes him back into the ring for the 2 count. Orton sits up and Bryan connects his side kicks again to the back and chest of Orton. Daniel Bryan helps him up and lifts Orton on the top turnbuckle hanging him upside down. Bryan goes to the opposite corner and performs a running dropkick releasing Orton from the corner. Bryan continues by connecting a European uppercut and a dropkick grounding Orton. Orton rolls to the outside and Bryan lands a suicide dive, not once, but twice. He goes for a third one, but it’s Orton who side steps and gets Bryans head to slam right into the steel. Orton gets him up and plants his crotch against the post, as Orton slowly positions Bryan into his back neck breaker. Orton rolls Bryan into the ring for the 2 count. As Bryan lays motionless, Orton taunts to the crowd and takes Bryan to the top rope. Punch after punch Orton feels more confident. Head butt after head butt makes the crowd chant No, No, No. Orton goes for the super plex, but Bryan counters and rolls over Orton for a power bomb.

Both competitors stay down for a breather and slowly make their way to their feet slowly punching each other back and forth, exchanging yes and No chants from the crowd. Orton gets the upper hand but gets Daniels running close line right in his face. Orton drags himself to the corner where Bryan connects two running dropkicks, and mid section kicks. Bryan takes it one step closer, taking Orton to the top rope and connecting a hurricanrana. Daniel goes all the way up and lands the flying head butt for the 2 count. Daniel feeds of the crowds cheers and connects a few sidekicks and goes for the head kick just as Orton rolls him for the 2 count. Just as Daniel kicks out he locks in the Yes lock and Orton squirms to slide out of the ring. Daniel follows Orton and begins bouncing him off the steel over and over again. As Daniel keeps Orton on the steel; he connects a running dropkick against the steel.

Bryan decides to turn up the heat and grabs a steel chair, hitting Orton in the mid section and over his back over and over again. Finally being able to take out some aggression he has towards WWE management. Daniel begins taking multiple chairs out of the ring and throwing them into the ring. The crowd begins chanting ECW, ECW as 10+ chairs lay in the ring. Daniel goes after Orton again and continues to hit him over his back with the chair. Once both are in the ring, Randy gets Daniel with an eye rake and Orton begins the assaults on Bryan with the chair. He hits him in the mid section and gets the 2 count. Another hit across Daniels Back gives Orton the 2 count. Orton continoues the assault for another 2 count. Orton begins stacking the chairs in the middle of the ring, and HBK tries to talk Orton from doing this. Orton takes Bryan to the top rope and tries to Super plex him on the chairs. Bryan fights out but it’s Orton who pulls out his legs from under him. Orton takes him to the top again and super plex’s him on the chairs for the 2 count. Bryan hit the chairs with just his legs by the looks of it. After that kick out Orton thinks Shawn is counting slowly. Triple H makes his way back into the ring to call out Shawn’s count. As Hunter and HBK argue on the outside, in the ring Orton takes Bryan in a T-Bone suplex, and as Orton pins; Hunter yells to have him count the pin. Orton again complains that HBK isn’t doing his job. Orton goes after Bryan but almost gets caught in the Yes lock; Orton fights out and gets the DDT. Orton tries for the RKO but Bryan pushes Orton right into HBK. HBK lays motionless in pain, because as an ex-wrestler, a head butt would take him out. Triple H wants the cell doors open and Bryan connects his running knee to Orton. He pins Orton but HBK is down, and when Bryan see’s him; He goes to him and tells him that he has to count. Hunter comes in throws Bryan off of HBK to attend to his friend. Bryan connects his running knee to Hunter and celebrates for it, HBK looking as if he’s better stands up and deliver s the sweet chin music to Daniel Bryan, allowing Orton to get the pin; and HBk counting reluctantly 1..2..3!

Winner: Randy Orton (New WWE Champion)


There goes another PPV. New Champions, and hopfully and end to the Punk and Heyman Fued.

Can’t wait for Monday night Raw and to see what outcome we get from that.

Thank you for reading my war gods!

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