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Smash This Podcast | Bring It To The Table – Ep #6 Review

Giving my thoughts on the WWE Network special after RAW tonight!
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VIDEO: Bring It To The Table – Is A Three Hour Raw Too Long?

During the debut episode of ‘Bring it to the table,’ Paul Heyman, JBL and radio personality Peter Rosenberg spoke about fans wanting Raw to be brought down to two hours. They explain why it’s not so easy to achieve.

See it below:

WWE Premiering New Show On The WWE Network Following Raw

WWE is premiering a new show tonight on the WWE Network following Raw called “Bring it to the Table.” The show tonight, which features New York radio talent, Peter Rosenberg as the host will be interviewing Paul Heyman and JBL.

This will be a pre-recorded program so any comments made during tonight’s return of Bill Goldberg on Raw, will not be addressed by Paul Heyman.

Here is the synopsis for the show:

“Join Paul Heyman, John Bradshaw Layfield, and Peter Rosenberg as they debate controversial topics on the WWE Network.”