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Personal Thoughts On The Sexy Star & Rosemary Situation

I’ve been troubled by the latest reports I’ve been reading today following TripleMania event from this past weekend, where Sexy Star intentionally injured Rosemary’s arm following the completion of their match. Being someone who’s training right now to become a professional wrestler, this is truly upsetting.

One of the main lessons we learn in the fundamentals in wrestling is that you have to protect the fellow challenger in the match. You entrust a lot to your fellow competitor and in thus the other competitor entrusts a lot in you. It’s a trust in that ring and it’s crucial to have it as your life depends on the other person. You trust that the competitor delivering a move to you can deliver it safely, and with enough sense to protect you and vise versa.

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There have been stories of talents who believe that their better than someone else, and that can really rub some people off.  To a point where talents would stiff the competition during the match, not by accident, but on purpose. Just one hard punch. But going out of your way to intentionally injure someone is something completely different. You’re taking the bread off their table. You’re putting them on the shelf and jeopardizing their way of living. You could have injured them in a way where they couldn’t return to do what they love to do. How is that fair?

I use to like Sexy Star; she’s one of these talents that showed a lot of heart in the ring, which gets the audience behind you. But this weekend she truly showed her real colors and they are dark. I know she’s been more focused on her professional boxing career than wrestling, but that doesn’t give you the right to intentionally hurt someone. Yes there can be bad blood between talents, but usually talents still remain civil in the ring to give the audience; the one thing that connects both talents in that ring, something they can take home and talk about.

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The Wrestling market has never been bigger and instead of hot-headed talents in the locker-room who think they are the only important thing in there, there are a lot of friendships being developed now. It’s a new generation for the business, and even though friendships in the past were hard to come by, they still worked together in the ring.

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Sexy Star has now positioned herself to pretty much kiss her professional wrestling career away. Booker’s have already started pulling her from shows, just as WrestleCade did in their latest tweet:

And the fans that made you who you are today, are now turning their back on you. Talents who you befriended in the past now disregard you as a heartless person. It doesn’t matter if you have personal problems with a certain talent, when you’re in that ring, your main thing to do is put on a show for the audience, and make sure to PROTECT THE OTHER PERSON no matter how much you hate them.

As far as I see it, Sexy Star should not only remove that mask, but throw it away as well, as not only did she disrespect herself, the fans, her fellow competitors but the wrestling business itself.

Here is Rosemary’s comments 24 hrs removed from her fight against Sexy Star where she revealed that the injury was intentional.

MOC wishes Rosemary a speedy and healthy recovery.

VIDEO: Highlights From Kassius Ohno’s NXT Career From 2012-2013

Following the return to Kassius Ohno [Chris Hero] to NXT, WWE has released several videos from 2012 and 2013 featuring Kassius’ matches and promo’s. See them below:

Eva Marie Says She Wants To Emulate The Rock’s Career

Current WWE talent Eva Marie was recently interviewed by The International Business Times and spoke about emulating the Rock’s career from a wrestling and movies standpoint. Here’s what she had to say:

“After a few months [in WWE] I was like ‘OK, if I could emulate The Rock’s career that would be fantastic to make a crossover like how he’s done.’ I really want to take the Eva Marie Brand and do both [wrestling and movies] for as long as I can.”

You can read the entire interview here. 

Jeff Hardy Says He Wants To End His Career Facing The Undertaker

Jeff Hardy was interviewed by LA Weekly, where he discussed wanting to end his career, pro wrestling being “fake” and more.

Here are some highlights:

His thoughts on Pro wrestling being called “fake”:

“Wrestling’s not fucking real, but it’s not fucking fake. It’s predetermined. But it’s not fucking fake. Sometimes, I forget who I am.”

Who & where he wants to end his career against/at:

“Man, I want to Swanton off the top of the cell, onto the commentary table. Then, I want to climb the cell, cut the fucking cage, when Taker’s back in the ring, and Swanton though the cage, miss, and then Tombstone 1-2-3.”

Check out the entire interview using the link above.


Kevin Owens Talks About His Time In ROH, Fans Relating To Him & More

Kevin Owens was recently interviewed by Wrestling Compadres Slamcast,where he talked about his time in ROH, WrestleMania 30 & a lot more.

Here are some highlights:

On His Time in ROH:

“I remember I was in Ring Of Honor and I lost a match that meant I was to go away from Ring Of Honor and at that point I didn’t know if I would ever go back. And I think, for about two weeks, I considered just not wrestling altogether and I remember looking at the paper, like in the ads, for work, like a regular job. And then I realized, like, ‘none of this is going to work. I have to change.’ I think that’s the moment almost.” Owens continued, “I had a PWG show in California. At that point, I hadn’t wrestled in PWG for like a year almost. And I wrestled [Akira] Tozawa, who was just announced in the Global Cruiserweight Series for WWE. I wrestled him and that match made me realize, ‘oh, I can definitely still do this’. And I guess if you had to pinpoint a match where I think everything turned around, that would be the one, but it was off of Ring Of Honor basically firing me at that point. I don’t know. That’s when things kind of took a turn that I feel ultimately led me here [to WWE].”

Fans Relating to Him:

A lot of people see themselves in me I guess because I’m not chiseled out of stone and tanned and 6’5″.” Owens added, “I had people tell me that the fact that I’m here [inWWE] gives them hope for their own lives and I’m never going to claim to be an inspiration for anybody because I find that very egotistical, but if I can help people in such a way, just like the one thing I always said when people ask me, like, I don’t know, I’ve had kids ask me like, ‘what’s the best advice for me? I want to be a wrestler one day.’ As corny as it sounds, it sounds like a John Cena t-shirt catchphrase, but I say, ‘just don’t let anybody tell you [that] you can’t do it.’ You know what I mean? I’ve heard that my whole life and it never mattered. And here I am now.”

Going to WrestleMania 30:

“I didn’t go [to WrestleMania] for years until [WrestleMania 30]. [WrestleMania] 30 was the first one I went to because I wanted to see Daniel Bryan on that stage, but every year before, I kept thinking, ‘I don’t want to go to WrestleMania because the next time I go to WrestleMania, I want it to be as a WWE employee.’ I broke that rule for 30 because I couldn’t miss Daniel Bryan in that environment. And also at that point, I had been talking with WWE, so I almost felt like ‘I think I’ll be there soon.’”

WWE Producer Claims That Adam Rose’ Career Is Over

Current WWE producer “Road Dogg” Brian G. James answered a few questions from fans regarding Adam Rose and his Domestic Abuse charge. Road Dogg claims that Rose’ career is over.

See his tweets below:

It’s believed that WWE will wait until his trial is over in June to formally release him from his contract.

Zack Ryder Calls His Career A Roller Coaster Ride

Zack Ryder posted a lengthy message on his Instagram account about winning the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania 32 last month and not even being backstage for Payback.

Here’s what he had to say:

My @WWE career has been the ultimate rollercoaster ride…full of highs & lows. Last month at#WrestleMania I won the Intercontinental Championship. Tonight at Payback I’m not even in the arena. That just motivates me to work even harder. I’ve experienced the lowest of lows. I won’t stop until I experience the highest of highs…winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.#WWEPayback.

Undertaker May Put His Career On The Line At WrestleMania 32

Source: WrestlingObserver

As reported The Undertaker is scheduled for tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW. It’s being said that he will confront Vince McMahon regarding the match made last week pinning Undertaker against Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32 in a Hell in a Cell Match.

Bryan Alvarez mentioned on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Live that it is very possible that Vince puts The Undertaker’s career on the line at WrestleMania to make sure Shane doesn’t win.

Daniel Bryan Says “I Think It Could Be The End Of My Career In WWE” – Read About It Here


Source: PWTorch.com

Daniel Bryan made a statement about his career while in Singapore for a WWE promotional event.

Asked about his ongoing concussion recovery, Bryan was quoted by a Singapore newspaper:

“I think it could be the end of my career in WWE, but I don’t think it will be the end of my career.”

Bryan has reportedly not been cleared by WWE’s medical team to return to the ring. However, he has said in past interviews that his own independent doctor cleared him to return.

“I could find another passion, but it would just be sad because this is what I have been most passionate about since I was five,”

You can read the entire article here. 

Santino Marella “I Realize I’m One Of The Older Guys”

Santino Marella spoke with Newsday.com in a new interview promoting the company’s anti-bullying efforts. Check out the highlights:

On WWE’s anti-bullying campaign: “Being a bully is really a reflection on yourself. It’s not just what to do if you’re the victim, it’s to identify bullying in yourself. Are you being nice to everybody? . . . Sometimes prevention comes within you.”

On people who say WWE is being hypocritical in their anti-bulling efforts while promoting violence: “It’s crazy to criticize it, because the people who are putting out this product are the ones who are going out to the kids and saying, ‘Hey, what we do is a show. It’s entertainment.’ You cannot settle your disputes the way we do on TV, because we are entertainment. That’s one of the big messages that we teach in every school, and the kids understand it.”

On his career heading toward a close: “I realize I’m one of the older guys in the locker room, and I’m 5-foot-10. These young bucks are 27 years old and 250 pounds. That way I’d be able to stay on the program and entertain people and be an even bigger part of the show . . . I’m definitely winding down.”

On his fans: “I always had a special relationship with the fans because I came from the audience, and we’ve shared a lot of laughter together. So it’s not like they put me on a pedestal. They believe I’m one of them. So instead of fans and a role model, it’s more like we’re friends. So to have one of your friends come that close to becoming world heavyweight champion, it was exciting.”

On the recent releases: “The guys who were released maybe were not as flexible. They couldn’t fit into everywhere. I’m versatile. I can do anything. I can sing, dance. I can do it all. I can stay here for another 20 years.”

On comedy in wrestling: “We have to take you on an emotional roller coaster through the entire match — have you screaming, cheering, emotional. And you have to laugh too. It’s an essential part of the program. And that’s why I don’t get nervous that I’m going to get fired — because that’s my role.”