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Wrestling With My Wife (Ep34): Jericho-no.

This week, Sam and Adam discuss the updated Survivor Series card, backstage rumors, and the massive title change on SDLive from England.

Also, Sam gives her take on the Jericruise and his controversial tweet regarding ticket sales.

As always, listener discretion and a strong sense of humor are advised.

Wrestling With…(Ep.19): Sam Has An Idea

This week on Wrestling With…, Sam has an idea. That statement alone should be click-bait worthy.

Also on the show, the duo discuss topics including: San Diego Comic Con, the Flashpoint rumors, WWE’s heavily criticized Battleground event, Raw is Graves, SDLive is Jericho, Triple H goes to Washington, and Adam reveals his new favorite reality show character.

As always, a sense of humor and listener discretion is advised.

Chris Jericho Thanks The Fans

Following the beat down he suffered on Smackdown Live, as a way to write him off TV; Chris Jericho took to Instagram and thanked the fans for his latest run in WWE.

See his post below:

Potential *Spoiler* For Tuesday’s Episode of Smackdown Live

As we saw, Chris Jericho defeated Kevin Owens at Payback last night to become the new United States Champion, and by winning moved to Smackdown Live.

Based on The Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer notes that Fozzy [Chris Jericho’s band] is starting up their tour this week. This means that Chris Jericho’s WWE schedule is very short lived. It’s expected that Jericho will lose the US title on Smackdown to AJ Styles or Kevin Owens.

Chris Jericho Taking Time Off To Tour With Fozzy

It should be noted this Chris Jericho’s current WWE run will be done really soon so he can begin touring with his band Fozzy. Chris Jericho is set to face Kevin Owens this Sunday during the Payback PPV for the Unites States Championship. Jericho will have one more date remaining in WWE which is for the Raw following the PPV in Sacramento, CA.

His current run was extended a few months back, during his “best friend” story-line with Kevin Owens. So his departure to tour with his band has been put off, but to be honest, this has been his best run to date.

Top Star Says His WrestleMania Match May Be Off

Chris Jericho is notorious for spreading fake stories when it comes to April Fools day, for example last year he told fans he shaved his head and even shared a picture of him with no hair, which ended up not being true. So this year wouldn’t be any different.

He posted the following pic on his Instagram earlier today revealing that he “tore up” his ankle while training and that WWE doctors have said his match tomorrow against Kevin Owens would be off. To be fair, Jericho hasn’t revealed yet if this is a true or not, but it’s highly suspicious and “well timed.”

UPDATE: As a side note, this picture Jericho posted is actually the first picture that shows up if you google “bruised ankle.” So it appears his match is still on… dam you Jericho. LOL

See his post below:

As noted, Jericho is expected to begin touring with his band Fozzy following WrestleMania and will be taking time away from WWE.

Roman Reigns Addresses Fans Who Want Him To Turn Heel And Why He Doesn’t Want To

Roman Reigns was recently interviewed by Christ Jericho on his “Talk His Jericho” podcast. Jericho brought up fan ovation for Roman Reigns and how it’s similar to John Cena and believes that both talents [Roman and John] should never turn heel, because once they do, the audience will change and begin cheering for them.

Here’s what Roman had to say about that:

“The thing is, if I turn heel, what am I? Just like everything that has been done? Why not just be me? No one has ever been like me. This is un-chartered territory, it can be anything that I want it to be, so why put myself on one side of it? Why not just dabble, why not have the full range, do whatever I want, be the guy. That’s how I feel. I am the one writing this at this point now. We are in a position, we can do anything that we want, as long as they make noise.

Have fun man, boo the s*** out of me. If it is making you cooler with this dude and that dude next to you and y’all are having a great night. Please… Say all you want, I am a grown man, you’re not going to hurt my feelings. My wife is not going to think any differently of me”

Check out the podcast here.