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*SPOILER* Newspaper Advertises Major WWE Return at Live Event!

The Winnipeg Sun is advertising former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho for the March 7th WWE Live Event from the MTS Center.

The Winnipeg Sun reports:

“Chris Jericho is bringing the WWE to Winnipeg.

The World Tour is coming to MTS Centre March 7.

Other stars coming to Winnipeg include CM Punk, Big Show, R-Truth, The Miz and Daniel Bryan.

Tickets will be available on wwe.com and Ticketmaster, but are not yet for sale.”


Mind Of Carnage cannot yet confirm the validity of this story, but this could be another “Batista is returning!” leak.

WWE Unification Match Biggest Downfalls.


On Sunday December 15th during the TLC PPV the WWE will be unifying both the WWE Championship (Randy Orton), and the World Heavyweight Championship (John Cena) to determine who the Champion of Champions will be.

I got some problems with this when it comes to status and build up of this match.

A match of this stature should have been built up months prior, to get the audience behind the excitement and to prove that the champions are the best in the business. Yet that didn’t happen, as a matter of fact it was literally decided to have this match 1 month prior to the announcement at Survivor Series when Cena came out just after Orton defeated Big Show. A match like this should be meant for Wrestlemania status, but the WWE has decided to unify them during a PPV which only hardcore WWE fans will purchase.

In addition I find that both competitors have not legitimized themselves as true champion material. Randy Orton had the WWE championship handed to him by Triple H after he blindsided Daniel Bryan, and also has never won cleanly against his adversaries. He always receives some type of interference or help. Most recently during Survivor Series, Triple H came out and distracted Big Show allowing Orton to pick up the win retaining the WWE Championship. His character acts and seems to need the Authority there by his side to win, and that for me is not a champions legitimate claim of ownership.

As for Cena, he won the World Heavyweight Championship what, 2 months ago? He claimed he would bring back legitimacy to the title, but how can you do that in 2 months? He hasn’t legitimized it yet, let alone competed in more then 3 matches for it. But we’re all to believe the World Heavyweight Championship has run it’s course due to Cena making it the number one title there is? You cannot claim to legitimize a title and then get rid of it 2 months down the line. A perfect example of legitimacy was CM Punk and his reign as WWE Champion. Over a year he defended and won any and every match that came his way. He became a champion worth watching and a champion worth cheering for.

Another issue I find with this match is that Cena and Orton have had continues feuds in the past which allot of WWE fans have grown tired of. The reason why there’s multiple talent in the WWE is to show them off, and when you keep scheduling the same guys over and over again, it gets to be repetitive and non eventful. We’ve seen what both Orton and Cena can do and frankly there’s not much more they can do to give us that “WOW” factor, other then putting themselves through tables continuously. I would say hitting each other with chairs against the head, but I forgot that’s a big No-No now in the WWE. You hit someone in the head with a chair and you get fined.. Goddamn PG ERA!!!

Triple H has been claiming that this is a “Once in a lifetime match”,”1st ever”. So pretty much saying that the other unification matches in the past were nothing in his opinion. Sorry Jericho who was the first Undisputed Heavyweight Champion beating both The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night. This isn’t a first in the history, and I find it kind of offensive that the WWE would believe that the audience don’t know any better. Yes, this is a first where both titles are hanging and are contended in a TLC match. But no, this is not the first unification match for both championship belts. We don’t live in holes WWE!!

One interesting thing I have found is that Chris Jericho has never been mentioned as being the Undisputed Champion by Triple H or any other segment building up to this match. This is why I am drawing a conclusion that Jericho, who likes to make surprise returns; will interfere in the TLC unification match and grab the titles himself. Claiming that he took the belts to make a point for not ever, EEEEVVVVEEERRR being mentioned as the first ever Undisputed Champion. I don’t know, that is what I want, but I know the WWE has claimed that there “must be a winner” so I am not too sure if Jericho will interfere. Though It would make for great TV and a great surprise.

Anyways, all we have to do now is wait for this Sunday and see what comes from the Unification match between Orton and Cena.

Who do you think will win?

Carnage Out!