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PHOTO: CM Punk Surprises AJ Lee For Her Birthday With Former WWE Diva

Former WWE Diva AJ Lee went to Instagram yesturday revealing that her husband, former WWE talent CM Punk surprised her for her birthday with another former WWE diva and “other lift partner” Celeste “Kaitlyn” Bonin.

See the posts below;

CM Punk would tweet out:

CM Punk Comments On Why He Didn’t Answer The Rocks Phone Call

CM Punk tweeted the following last night, explaining why he didn’t answer The Rock’s phone call following RAW:

Rock would also comment on the night telling fans he works off instinct.

VIDEO, FULL SEGMENT: The Rock Calls CM Punk After Raw – WWE Backstage Reaction

As reported, The Rock went out following Monday night Raw to film a few clips for his upcoming film about Paige’s wrestling family “Fighting With My Family.

Rock was met with loud CM Punk chants after mentioning how the scene being filmed would be based on Paige winning the WWE Divas Title from AJ Lee. This led to Rock pulling out his phone to call Punk. Rock ended up leaving a voicemail and also had no luck trying to FaceTime Punk. Punk did respond on Twitter later:

Based on reprots from PWInsider.com, Both Triple H and Vince McMahon were not happy about the segment, as you could imagine. Rock did this without any notice from WWE and was kind of a spur of the moment type of thing. Triple H was said to be the most upset about the segment. Word from the back eventually came for Rock to wrap it up.

Watch the segment below:

VIDEO: The Rock Comes Out Following Raw, Attempts To Call & FaceTime CM Punk

Following Monday’s broadcast of WWE Raw, The Rock came out and addressed the audience and to utilize them for the Paige Movie he is filming.

During one segment of the night, the Rock legitimately called CM Punk, but the phone call went to voicemail. WWE would even cut his mic during that segment.

You can view the video from a fan in attendance.

The Rock would also try to face-time CM Punk.

Alex Riley Comments on CM Punk’s WWE Exit & Issues With John Cena

Former WWE talent Alex Riley was recently on the Ross Report and spoke about several subject, which included his issues with John Cena and CM Punk’s exit from the WWE>

See what he had to say below:

CM Punk’s Exit From The WWE:

I don’t understand, and I didn’t really keep up with much of the complaints. I know there was something about a medical thing or something, but that’s the gig, that is what you signed up for. I don’t know what he ended up making because that wasn’t disclosed, but he ended up making a lot. If somebody is going to pay me over a million, or it doesn’t matter, but I think if you’re making that kind of money, if you are breathing you are working. I was begging for somebody to give me work, I mean begging. Asking people everyday, why am I not being used? Why can’t I do this, and never really getting an answer, so only receiving the runaround, so to hear him push for other opportunities and get it, and then exit in the fashion he exited, I don’t know, I can’t sympathize with that because I wouldn’t do that, I don’t know the details of what he went through, but who knows.

Issues With John Cena: 

I will put it this way; there was an incident, and it definitely changed the path in my career. I don’t want to discuss it right now, but I will one day for sure. It was a tough situation at times, we can leave it at that.

Check out the entire interview here. 

CM Punk Jokes About A WWE Return

CM Punk who usually likes to troll fans online, went to twitter and joked of a possible WWE return.

When a fan asked if Punk would attend the December 27th show in Chicago that features John Cena, Punk responded with this:

What a smart-ass. lol


Seth Rollins Says He “Loves Kim Kardashian”

TMZ caught up with Seth Rollins while arriving at LAX and brought up the news about Kim Kardashian being robbed in Paris. Rollins responded with:

I love Kim Kardashian.

TMZ brought up guys like Ken Shamrock who said he could be a better job protecting her, and asked if Rollins would protect her. He said:

I’d protect that body.

The interviewer brought up CM Punk and if he would be accepted back, Rollins said nothing to that.

See the video by clicking here. 

Rene Dupree Says WWE Used Planters To Chant For CM Punk In ECW

Former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree was interviewed by Hannibal TV

You can read some highlights below. Full interview can be found below.


WWE using plants for CM Punk:

“Yeah. They would do chants, and then it’s like a ripple effect. They hear chants, chants, chants and then try and get the people up. CM Punk or ECW shirts, I’d see like three or four guys scattered around the arena. And I was like ‘wow’, but I guess if you really want to get somebody over.”

CM Punk’s loss at UFC 203:

“I think Michael Lansburg is really happy about the outcome. He (Brock Lesnar) had credentials, Brock was an NCAA wrestler. The guy knows how — and wrestling as you know is one of the greatest combat martial arts there is. Punk I don’t believe played sports in high school, I don’t believe he was ever involved in a really hard fight. But the thing is I’m hearing he was doing like comic books and he was doing movie roles. You have to dedicate yourself 24/7 to this. You’re not in there with some chump off the street, you’re in there with a guy who’s had legitimate fights and is a tough guy. Plus the fact that he is involved in a lawsuit, he had too many distractions. Plus he’s 38-years-old, he’s had hip surgery, knee surgery, he was an independent wrestler 16 or 17 years. I can guarantee he has at least 16 or 17 concussions. The odds were not in his favor. But he went and did it, that was something off his bucket list and maybe it’s his last fight, maybe it’s not I don’t know.”

Buff Bagwell Talks Samoa Joe As A Draw His WWE Lawsuit, And CM Punk’s UFC Debut

Former WCW talent Buff Bagwell was recently interviewed by The Pancakes and Powerslams Radio Show. Bagwell would discuss CM Punk’s UFC debut, Samoa Joe as a failed draw & more.

Check out the highlights below:

Bagwell’s thoughts on Samoa Joe as a draw:

“Samoa Joe, to me, I’ve never got that. I know he’s very popular. I know he’s very good in the ring, I think he’s a great wrestler, I like to watch him. But when you’ve got a chance to do a storyline, to the world of wrestling fans, who’s going to be Sting’s tag team partner, and the options are Lex Luger, Marcus Bagwell, and Samoa Joe. I mean, who in the heck is Samoa Joe? And Luger wasn’t fit enough, so I fit the part perfectly…I really don’t know where [TNA] were going with that, except maybe a push for Samoa Joe? Me and Samoa Joe haven’t spoke 10 words together. He was on one independent show with in in Cleveland, and he got mad because I was in the main event and he wasn’t. To me, Samoa Joe is a fat, out of shape guy who looks like he should not be in a wrestling ring, and I’ve not heard or seen anybody ever draw a dollar with him.”

CM Punk’s UFC 203 debut:

“He was able to stay over for a year and not have a fight, and then you go out and take such a big fight and get beat up. I mean, brother, that leaves not a dent, not a scratch, that leaves a scar. I’m not sure that can be fixed. So, it was a bad, bad decision, but whoever his manager is to keep his name getting said without having a fight, weighing a buck fifty; thin as a rail, he doesn’t look like a tough guy, I heard some things but he don’t look it. But to be able to get talked about on a pretty regular basis, bravo [claps]! But when you go out and get beat up real bad, that is really bad. I was rooting for him, because it makes us all look good. We’re all pro wrestlers. But, instead, he goes out there and gets his brain beaten out.”

His current WWE lawsuit:

“I was sitting at home one day, and – keep in mind, I was called up about the concussion lawsuit going on, you know how the boys are, there’s a lot of trash in this business; a lot of it – I remember me and Lex [Luger] talking about it like come on man, really? No one made me do anything, it was a scam, reaching out for things. It’s ridiculous. Well, I’ve probably over the years had three or four or five of those kind of phone calls, where somebody saw a loophole, trying to get everybody together to go after Vince, and everytime I’m like, you gotta be kidding me. One day I get a call, about a year ago, probably, from a lawyer, super great guy, his name is Matthew Peterson, and he talks to me for a minute and says, ‘I’m doing a thing where I’m checking on independent contracts; I know a lot about WCW’. He made me give him my resume over the phone. And it was a good one. I liked the way he spoke, I liked the way he talked, he said, ‘basically, what I do is I look at your contract, and I see if you felt like you’ve been mistreated at all; and if you do, we look at some openings and see how you feel about that.’ I said, I’ll send you a copy of my contract today so you can look at it and see what you think! So, I sent him my contract, and I realize that in a class action lawsuit, there’s a bunch of people always. Well, there aren’t a whole lot of people who worked for the WCW, WWF, and WWE, and I fall in that real small group of names that did that. So, maybe that’s why I thought this one was intriguing at first. I said that only thing I’m upset about, is every single week, I hear somebody say, ‘you were on WWE, the nWo part is on now, and you beat up Scotty Riggs’. The first time I heard that, no big deal, didn’t think anything about it. All of a sudden, I’m hearing 2 Cold Scorpio, Scotty Riggs, Nasty Boys. So me and this lawyer started talking, and he sees that they didn’t – through their wording – fire me. They released me. I realized that I wasn’t getting any checks anymore. Every once in a while I would get a 100 dollar check, a 200 dollar check here and there, but nothing was ever WWE Network. It was always some kind of nWo tape that I was on, or t-shirts. And the last thing I got from them, and that’s what got me on this, was probably 5,6,7 years ago; and it was probably a hundred bucks. All of a sudden, I’m hearing the Network, Network, Network, and I’m always on it. And little kids come up to me and say, ‘Yeah I saw you! My daddy watched you on TV!’ So, me and the lawyer started talking, and sure enough, he finds a loophole where they owe me a breakdown that they have to pay me a certain amount of money quarterly. And that’s all it basically boils down to.”