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JLW Podcast #77 – WWE TLC REVIEW, #UnderSiege, The Art Of A Wrestling Nimrod

Welcome to Episode 77 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. Josh goes over the following topics

– The Art of being a wrestling nimrod. Also How Wrestling Media Creates Stars?


– WWE TLC Review. Big night for the RAW Women’s/CruiserWeight Divisions, Balor/Styles 1 and the crazy main event. Why people need to take a chill pill regarding Asuka? The Shield is not The Shield without Roman Reigns.

– Quick RAW/SD Live Recap

– Thoughts on the Survivor Series Match Card and the overall theme of RAW vs. SD Live.

Thank you guys and girls so much for taking time out your schedules to listen to this podcast, it truly means alot. #GiveJLWPodcastAChance

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Potential Title Match For Upcoming Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As most of you already know, Austin Aries defeated Neville during the WWE Payback Pay-Per-View via DQ when Neville purposefully grabbed the referee and pushed him as Aries locked in his finishing move. Though Neville remained champion.

Based on reports, Neville was originally intended to defeat Aries, but a last minute decision was made to have Aries win, to allow this feud to continue. The idea behind it was that Neville already defeated Aries during the WrestleMania 33 Kickoff to retain his championship, and instead of giving Neville two wins in a row, that decision was made to allow for an even playing field between the two competitors.

It hasn’t been officially announced, but it is believed that a Cruiserweight championship match will be made for the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV on July 4th at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore. The idea may be that a stipulation is added to this match to not allow a DQ finish.

WWE has also been teasing that TJ Perkins is close to receiving a title shot as well, so potentially this match could become a triple threat.

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Cruiserweight Championship Match Added To WWE Fastlane PPV

Jack Gallagher won the fatal-5-way match on 205 Live defeating Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar, TJ Perkins and Mustafa Ali to become the new #1 contender for Neville’s Cruiserweight Championship. Gallagher will now face Neville for the title at the Fastlane PPV.

Here is the updated lineup:

Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens (c)
-WWE Universal Championship-
Singles match

Neville (c) vs. Jack Gallagher
-WWE Cruiserweight Championship-
Singles match

Cruiserweight Talent Suffering With Foot Injury

Rich Swann is said to be dealing with a foot injury at this time. The injury would prevent the former Cruiserweight Champion from competing in-ring for a couple of weeks. WWE though may still use him for TV appearances.

More as we get it.

Ricochet Confirms His Lucha Underground Status – Talks WWE & The Cruiserweight Classic

Indie talent Ricochet spoke with SoloWrestling.com and spoke about several subject which included his Lucha Underground contract and being contacted by WWE.

See the highlights below:

Thoughts on the WWE Cruiserweight Classic & If Ricochet was contacted for it:

I think the Cruiserweight classic was really cool, especially for the guys that were in it. It gave a lot of those guys great exposure, all the guys got signed, or a lot of the guys got signed off of it, and not their doing 205 Live. I think it’s really good for them.  I truly never got contacted for it [Cruiserweight Classic] I have been contacted by them [WWE] for other stuff but not for the Cruiserweight Classic, and it’s ok with me because i feel like; those guys who were on it were showcased very well. I think that it was good for them and the WWE to show what we can do as wrestlers. Just because were small doesn’t mean we can’t be entertaining and everything. But no I never got contacted  personally for that, but for other stuff. Again I love the concept of it, I hope they do another one and have enough people to do another one. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thoughts on the Division and 205 Live.

It hasn’t taken off as hot as they [WWE] thought it was going to be and it’s ok, it’s new, many dans didn’t know who a lot of these guys are. It’s new and it’s the feeling out process. These guys are the first ones and it’s a feeling out process and see what works and doesn’t work. I think if they would let them go like they did in the Cruiserweight classic  and do less of the cheesy backstage promo’s, I don’t know I can’t tell you. I just feel their in a bad spot because their the first ones. The’ll try something new and that doesn’t work, so then they have to try someone else new and see if that works. I think their just in a bad spot right now until they get it figured it out.

Does WWE hiring indie guys, and limiting their indie appearances hurt the business:

I don’t think it necessarily helps [the business] but it may help the indies as there’s a lot of guys that are new and haven’t been seen that can now come up. There are a lot of guys out there, who’ve been wrestling for 4-5 years who never got that exposure and now since a lot of the guys are now leaving and going away, it gives those guys an opportunity to come up and fill in those spots and show that you know, i’ve here and I’m really good to. So I mean, I don’t know if it’s good but it may be as it gets a new fresh batch of new guys.

Situation about a possible WWE run:

Anything is possible and I’m always keeping my options open. Like I said, I have a couple more things that I want to check off the check-list. The IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title, I really want that title so bad, it’s actually the only title I want in wrestling right now. I want to have a good run with the IWGP Jr title. I want to be in one more Super Junior and possible win one more Super Junior. I’d like to do a couple more things. Perform in more countries before I go there and abide by their schedule and do what they say. There’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe in the future, but for now I have freedom and take time off when I need. So in the future.

Performing for ROH while under contract with Lucha Underground:

Although I’m no longer under contract with Lucha Underground, I’m under a “no compete clause” as they say. I cannot compete until Season 3 is over. They just extended Season 3 so we’ll see what happens. I’d love to work with ROH but at this moment I’m kind of handcuffed and I can’t.

See the entire interview here:

MOCLIVE – WWE Raw QuickCap For January 16, 2017

Show: Monday Night Raw
Date: January 16, 2017
Venue: Verizon Arena, North Little Rock, AR
Author: Cade Carnage

Welcome to yet another QuickCap for Monday Night Raw. Tonight may be a slobber knocker as the beast himself, Brock Lesnar returns to Raw following his surprising loss to Bill Goldberg at Survivor Series. So to negate the embarrassment I hope he throws some people around.

In addition Triple H teased on Twitter that he would be coming back to the US following the UK tournament over the weekend for tonight’s Raw. It’s unknown if he’ll actually be used tonight on Raw to strengthen his feud with Seth Rollins. But if he is… let the punches fly. If he’s not, well whatever let’s move on.

Make sure to keep refreshing for the latest details. If you find any errors please let me know @MindofCarnage on Twitter. Highlights will be posted as they become available from WWE on YouTube. Images below from Raw are sourced from @WWE on Twitter.

Let’s press the start button!

PRE-SHOW: Before Raw begins WWE posted a video showing that Nia Jax attacked Sasha Banks before the show. Here it is:


Raw opens with a photo remember Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka who passed away this weekend.

VIDEO: Raw kicks off with a vignette featuring Martin Luther King Jr.

VIDEO: Raw opening video is aired and cuts to the arena where Fireworks are set off.

OPENER: Roman Reigns music hits and the audience gives him the usual mixed reaction. Roman comes out to the ring without the United States Championship. a video vignette from last week is shown when Roman lost the US title to Owens and Jericho.

Roman kicks off his promo by saying that being a former member of the Shield, he understands being outnumbered and how it can benefit you. Roman says he understands he lost the US title but will capture the Universal title at the Royal Rumble against Kevin Owens and will main event WrestleMania for the third time. All of a sudden Paul Heyman comes out addressing the audience.

Heyman comes out and says that there is a calm before the storm. He goes on to remind us that Lesnar will be on Raw tonight. He goes on to say that he is looking to give everyone a Royal Rumble match spoiler, but Heyman gets stopped as a load “Goldberg” chant begins. Heyman waits until the chant dies off and says that Goldberg is not there tonight for Raw. Heyman continues saying “eat, sleep, elimination, repeat.” Roman interrupts him saying that Brock must be somewhere else eating and sleeping as he’s not here [in ring] with Heyman.

As Roman approaches Heyman, Owens and Jericho make their way out. Owens begins saying how he finds it funny how Heyman and Roman are making Wrestlemania plans when JeriKO are both US and Universal champions. Both claim to have a date with destiny where Owens beats Roman at the Royal Rumble, and Jericho wins the Royal Rumble to have Owens and Jericho main event WrestleMania. No matter what, JeriKO will remain the US Universal Champion.

Owens says he stands as the longest reigning Universal Champion in history and will continue his streak after the Rumble and even after WrestleMania. Seth Rollins music hits and he too makes his way out… It’s party time.

Rollins says that you can’t have a conversation about the WrestleMania main event without including Seth “freakin” Rollins. Because Rollins missed last years WrestleMania he is going to get that Main Event spot at WrestleMania where anything can happen.

Braun Strowman’s music hits and he too makes his way out. Braun gets in Romans face but all of a sudden Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he makes his way out, to the party in the ring.

As Lesnar walks to the ring, Sami runs in from no where and attacks Braun. a huge brawl begins and Roman, Seth and Sami take out Braun. Lesnar runs in and takes out Roman and Rollins leaving Sami alone in the ring with Lesnar. Sami tries to attack but Lesnar hits a suplex to him. Lesnar alone in the ring calls Strowman in. Strowman climbs to the apron, but backs off. From behind Reigns hits a superman punch to Lesnar and takes out Owens and Jericho. Lesnar lands the F5 and lays out Reigns. This ends the opening segment.

ANNOUNCERS: Cesaro & Sheamus defend the Raw tag team championship against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and Big Cass & Enzo face Rusev and Jinder Mahal tonight.

Rusev & Jinder Mahal (w/ Lana) vs. Big Cass & Enzo
Tag Team Match

The match begins quickly with Cass and Enzo taking the advantage early on leading us to the commercial break.

When we return Enzo and Cass still hold the advantage over Jinder, until Rusev gets a blind tag and lays out Enzo with a big slam. They keep the advantage for a while until Cass gets the hot tag and manages to over power Jinder. Cass takes out Rusev and tags Enzo landing the boom-shaka-laka on Jinder. Enzo pins for the 3 count.

Winners: Cass & Enzo

BACKSTAGE: Jack Gallagher is coming out to join the announce team.

ANNOUNCERS: Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher is at the announcers area. They announce that Jack and Ariya will be in a “I forfeit” match on 205 live tomorrow following Smackdown Live. Similar to an I quit match, but instead they have to say “I forfeit.”

Ariya Daivari vs. Lince Dorado
Singles Match

Both men shake hands as the bell rings. Ariya goes on the attack right away, but Lince manages to get a cross body for a 1 count. Ariya goes back on the attack keeping the advantage in the match. Lince gets a few offensive moves in but Daivari connects a hard elbow and locks in a cobra-clutch making Lince tap out.

Winner: Ariya Daivari

ANNOUNCERS: They recap the attack from earlier when Nia Jax attacked Sasha Banks before the show. Video can be seen above.

ANNOUNCERS: They recap the United Kingdom Tournament from this weekend and showcase some highlights from the tournament. When they return from the UK highlights, they show the video when Nia attacked Sasha before the show during her evaluation for her knee injury. Sasha’s status is still unknown at this time.

Cesaro & Sheamus (c) vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows
-Raw Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match

Sheamus & Cesaro take the advantage early on, working well as a team tagging in and out against Karl Anderson. But the advantage can only last for so long as Karl manages to fight back and tags in Luke Gallows. Luke lands several punches to Cesaro and isolates him to the corner of the Club. Both teams go back and forth throughout the match with Sheamus landing his 10 beats to the chest of Gallows, but gets a swift kick to the knee giving the Club the advantage leading into another commercial

When we come back from the Pizza Bagel commercial, Cesaro manages to get the hot tag and begins landing his flurry of European uppercuts followed by a dropkick to Karl Anderson. Gallows tries to attack, but Cesaro trips him up and throws him out. Cesaro lands a Swiss-1-9 on Anderson and hits a cross body to Gallows on the outside. Cesaro hits a cork-screw uppercut in the ring to Anderson and pins for a 2 count.

Cesaro calls for it and manages to lock in the giant swing and gets 8 rotations. He locks in the sharpshooter, but Gallows runs in and hits a hard superkick allowing Anderson to pick up a 2 count pin. Cesaro again fights back and lands a boot to Gallows on the apron but he turns to a spine buster from Anderson. Sheamus makes the save but incorrectly strikes the referre with an elbow by accident. From behind Karl takes out Sheamus, and both the Club hit their finisher on Cesaro. They pin and a new ref runs in and gets the 3 count pin.

The Club believe that they won the Tag Title, but the original ref gets back to his feet and waves off the decision and says that the Club has won but due to DQ. Therefor Sheamus and Cesaro remain champs.

Winners: The Club via DQ (Cesaro & Sheamus retain)

ANNOUNCERS: They recap the opening of Raw when a brawl broke out in the ring and Lesnar took out everyone. Therefor due to the opening segment the following main event has been made; Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

The announcers now focus on the passing of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and run a vignette remembering the WWE Hall of Famer.

BACKSTAGE: Sami is backstage with Roman and Seth and is trying to get a strategy together to take out Owens, Jericho and Braun, preferably Braun as he is a beast. Rollins says that they’ll be fine… Sami is all with it and does the Shield fist… Seth and Roman both walk away.

Tony Nese vs. Rich Swann (c)
Non-Title Singles Match

The match never got on it’s way as Neville jumped the barricade and attacked Rich Swann During his entrance. Tony Nese tried getting involved but Neville just threw him out of the ring. Neville lands a hard kick to the head and ends this attack.

Winner: No Contest

BACKSTAGE: Neville is stopped backstage asking why he attacked Rich Swann prior to the Rumble. Neville calls everyone in the US hypocrites and says that he will break Swann at the Rumble and claim his thrown as the King of the Cruiserweights.

IN RING SEGMENT: New Day have an in ring segment to explain how they’ll work together at the Royal Rumble. As New Day enters the ring a “New Day Rocks” chant begins. Xavier begins by calling the 2017 Royal Rumble match the stacked it’s ever been in history. They list off names such as, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, & The Undertaker and the most important entrants, the New Day. They get to the point where each stare off at eachother saying that in the Rumble it’s every man for themselves. They say that is one of the New Day members win the Rumble, THEY ALL WIN THE ROYAL RUMBLE. They get interrupted by Titus O’Neil.

Titus says that he no longer wants to be in the New Day and says that instead of joining the New Day, he’ll replace them. He asks for one of their places in the Rumble. New Day reject that but decide to go ahead with it. Big E accepts the challenge and says that when he wins Titus stops all the trying to join them.

Titus O’Neil vs. Big E
-If Titus wins he takes Big E’s spot in the Royal Rumble-
Singles Match

The match apparently begins during the commercial break. So that should tell you how important this is. Titus gets beaten for a bit until he pushes Xavier on the outside, only enraging Big E and getting the upper hand with a big boot. Titus keeps the advantage on and even lands a powerslam and pins for a 2 count. Big E eventually makes his comeback with a few clotheslines and a belly-to-belly. He hits his splash ad hits the big ending for the 3 count.

Winner: Big E

IN RING: Charlotte has an in-ring segment to explain her strategy for being  undefeated at WWE PPV’s. Charlotte says that she studies her opponents and calls Bayley average. That word [average] is what connects the WWE Universe as her. Charlotte shows pictures of Bayley when she was younger meeting several WWE talents, and pokes fun of her looks. Charlotte continues calling Bayley pathetic and shows a few poems she did when she was younger. She then shows the fans a video with Bayley reading an essay she did when she was small. Charlotte again, pokes fun of her and pulls out a copy of the essay so that she can read it herself.

Charlotte belittles Bayley some more until Bayley’s entrance hits and she makes her way to the ring. Charlotte leaves the ring as Bayley climbs in and waves her off. Bayley says the pictures are unnecessary and that she’s not ashamed of her passion for the WWE. Bayley goes on to say that unlike Charlotte she didn’t have a father to call and open doors for her. Bayley says that she was a regular fan indeed, and sat in the nose bleed section because she loved this business. Bayley recites a few poems and ends the segment saying that she will be champ at the Royal Rumble.

BACKSTAGE: Braun is stopped backstage by Jericho and Owens to talk about strategy. They believe that Braun should take out Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn… Pretty much Braun takes out the entire team. Braun says that he does what he wants, how he wants and when he wants. He says that he will eliminate everyone at the Royal Rumble and will win the Universal Championship. Braun claims that tonight he makes Roman, Rollins and Sami scream mercy for their lives.

Brian Kendrick vs. Cedric Alexander
Singles Match

The action starts quick with Alexander hitting a springboard move landing both of his knees against Kendrick’s head. Kendrick though seems ok and manages to fight back landing a hard dropkick. Both men exchange a few punches with Kendrick getting the better of the two. Cedric manages to land a hard elbow to the head, followed by a kick and a rebound clothesline for a 2 count. Cedric tries for the back breaker but Brian locks in the captains hook. Cedric struggles but Alicia Fox runs out and pushes the rope to Cedric making the ref break the hold. Cedric rolls to the outside and Brian lands a sliding dropkick. He rolls Cedric into the ring and but Cedric manages to hit his back-breaker and pins for the 3 count.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Fox wants a hug after the match but Cedric side steps her and walks off.

BACKSTAGE: Nia Jax gets interviewed in the back talking about the attack from earlier. Jax calls her a wannabe tough girl and that she broke the boss. People are buzzing about the right women [Nia Jax].

ANNOUNCERS: They reveal who the first inductee is into the 2017 Hall of Fame. As reported Kurt Angle was the first one announced. They run a vignette for the Olympic gold medalist, and it’s amazing. Ohh it’s true, it’s dam true! See it below:

Kevin Owens (c), Chris Jericho (c) & Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn
Six-Man Tag Team Match

The action starts quickly as a huge brawl between both teams begins leaving both Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns in the ring. Braun quickly makes work of Roman throwing him over the top rope. We head into a commercial with the ref trying to gain control of the combatants

Following commercials Braun throws Roman to his corner and tags in Jericho. Jericho slaps Roman around a little bit only pissing off the former US champ. Roman lands his own slap and takes Jericho down. Sami comes in hot and begins whaling on Jericho, but Jericho manages to push Sami into the opposite corner where Owens tags in. The historic feud between these two shines again as Owens beats down on Sami keeping him grounded. Sami begins fighting out but Owens manages to land a head kick and pins Sami for the 2 count. Jericho tags in and Sami fights back and almost tags out but Owens tags in and goes for the senton. Sami counters and manages to tag in Roman Reigns.

Roman lands a few shots to Owens and connects a few clotheslines in the corner. Reigns stops an attack from Jericho and lays out Owens. Reigns tries for the Superman punch but Jericho grabs him by the foot. The distraction works with Rollins attacking Jericho on the outside. Strowman throws Rollins into the barricade. Roman tries for the superman punch on Braun, but he catches it and throws Roman back into a superkick from Owens. Owens pins but gets a 2 count, as we head into ANOTHER COMMERCIAL BREAK! WTF!!

When we return from commercials Kevin Owens locks in a choke hold grounding Roman. Roman manages to fight out with a Samoan drop. Roman tags in Rollins who comes in with the momentum taking out Jericho with the sling-blade. Owens tries to attack but Sami comes in and throws him to the outside. Rollins lands a sucide dive on Jericho, and Sami hits a senton to the outside on Owens. Braun goes for the attack on Sami but he ducks and Braun goes into the pole shoulder first.

In the ring Rollins manages to hit jericho with a sprngboard knee. He tries for the pedigree but Jericho counters flipping him over and tagging in Braun Strowman. Rollins tries to fight back but Braun grabs him. Sami attacks him from  behind but Braun lays him out. Rollins again attacks hitting a kick to the gut. Roman lands a superman punch on Braun, Rollins hits a running knee to the head, and Sami hits a cross body to pin Braun for the 2 count. Rollins jumps off the top turnbuckle from the ring landing on Jericho and Owens on the outside.

Sami tries for the helluva kick, but Braun hits a hard running clothesline, and hits his running power slam pinning Sami for the 3 count.

Winners: Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho

POST-MATCH: Following the match Braun takes Sami to the outside and carries him to the stage area. He walks to the announcers table and lays Sami beside it. But before he can do anything Rollins comes up from behind hitting him with a chair. Roman runs in hitting a huge spear laying Braun right out.

Rollins calls for the table and begins stripping the announcers table along with Roman. Owens and Jericho attack from behind and throw Rollins off the stage area. Owens calls to throw Reigns through the table and look to perform a double powerbomb. Rollins comes from behind and stops it landing a pedigree to Jericho on the stage. Owens hits Rollins over the back with a chair. He stops Roman’s spear with the chair and hits him over the back as well. Owens drags Roman to the table and powerbombs him through it laying him out yelling “remember Battleground!”

Thus ends tonight’s WWE Raw broadcast.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

What did you think of tonight’s WWE Raw broadcast? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

Any highlights not uploaded will be uploaded tomorrow. Thank you for reading guys.

Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling!

Vince McMahon Reportedly Not Happy With 205 Live & Cruiserweight Division

Source: Ringsidenews.com

Based on reports, Vince McMahon has been upset over the lack of interest from fans for both the Cruiserweight division on Raw and 205 Live. Vince made the decision to add better known names such as Tajiri and Neville to the division to hopefully add interest in the product.

Neville was not planned to be apart of the division, but since joining and developing a feud with Rich Swann, WWE officials are said to be very pleased with his progress and character development. Austin Aries is another name WWE will be adding to the division once he is fully recovered from an orbital eye injury he sustained a few months back by Shinsuke Nakamura.

MOCLive – WWE Raw QuickCap For January 2, 2017

Show: Monday Night Raw
Date: January 2, 2017
Venue: Tampa, FL
Author: Cade Carnage

Welcome to a new year ladies and gentlemen!

So let’s start it off strong as I bring back the QuickCap for Monday Night Raw. A place where I recap what happens on the show, but I don’t go into punch-for-punch details. Those are reserved for WWE Network specials, or PPV’s. Tonight Sami puts his life on the line as he faces Strowman in a last man standing match. Goldberg makes a return to Raw, and Enzo/ Cass faces off against Rusev and Jinder Mahal. Yes Jinder has some sort or story in WWE right now.

Remember to keep refreshing this page for the latest details, in addition highlights will be posted as they become available.

Make sure to follow my on twitter to interact there, in addition let me know of any mistakes you see. It’s difficult to perform a quality check during a live show.

Image result for thumbs up pic
Obama Approved!


OPENER: Raw kicks off with the commentators welcoming everyone to Raw. They recap that Goldberg returns tonight and that Sami Zayn will face Braun Strowman in a last man standing match. After that we head to the ring where Mick Foley is present.

Mick shows off his new look where he shaved off his beard and long hair. Foley jokes around that his resolutions for 2017 were to get a new look [which he had], to write on his hand which state he’s in during Raw just so that he doesn’t forget anymore, and how at the Royal Rumble Chris Jericho will be lifted in a shark cage over Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho enter to interrupt him.

Owens asks Foley if it’s funny to hang Jericho 100 feet off the ground like a ‘sexy pinata?’ Jericho and Owens joke about Foley’s new look and claim that he’s power hungry with his GM role. They list some grievances which are Roman Reigns getting another title shot, and that Rollins gets rewarded following pedigreeing Jericho on top of a car. They claim that it’s not right.

Foley agrees and says that Kevin claims Raw to be the “Kevin Owens show” and says that Kevin has yet to showcase that. Foley says that tonight’s Raw will feature the debut of the Kevin Owens Show with his first guest being Bill Goldberg. Stephanie McMahon decides to make her way out.

Stephanie says that Foley isn’t abusing his power about putting Jericho in a shark cage. Stephanie decides to make a match tonight pinning Chris Jericho vs Roman Reigns for the United States Championship, with a stipulation that if Roman gets DQ’ed or counted out, Roman will lose the title. Jericho shares his appreciation for that and asks if Rollins will be banned at ringside.Stephanie says that tonight Kevin Owens will face Seth Rollins with the loser being banned at ringside for the United States Championship.

Kevin Owens Show looks to have it’s debut, and finale today!

Kevin Owens (c) vs Seth Rollins
-Loser is banned from ringside in the United States Championship match later in the night-
Non-Title Singles Match

The match doesn’t start slow as Rollins takes it to Kevin early-on keeping the advantage on the outside. Owens lands a few offensive moves but Rollins doesn’t let up and keeps control of Owens leading into the first commercial break for the match.

I’m the best!

As we come back from commercials Kevin appears to be in control after a quick DDT. Kevin tries for an attack on the outside but Rollins manages to counter. Rollins and Owens fight on the outside. Rollins stops the ref count by rolling back in the ring. He rolls back out and Owens meets him at the time-keepers area with the ring-bell. The ref calls for the match DQ’ing Owens.

Winner: Seth Rollins (Kevin Owens banned from ringside)

After the match Owens tries for the pop-up power bomb, but Rollins counters and tries for the pedigree. Owens counters and rolls out of the ring ending this match.

Owens is not banned from ringside

Cesaro (c) (w/ Sheamus) vs. Karl Anderson (w/ Luke Gallows)
-Sheamus joins the announce team-
Singles Match

Cesaro holds the advantage throughout the match, being very aggressive with Karl Anderson, connecting hard hitting european uppercuts and strikes. But a distraction from Gallows causes the change of momentum as Karl takes Cesaro out as cut to commercials.

Related image

As we return from commercials, Cesaro breaks out of a hold and power suplexes Karl from a dead lift position. Karl again manages to fight back and lands a corner head kick giving him a two count. Karl tries to slow Cesaro’s pace with submissions but again Cesaro fights back with a few European uppcuts in the corner. He gets a cross body in and tries for the giant swing, but Gallows tries to interfere.

Sheamus runs to ringside to stop the distraction and Karl gets a back breaker to Cesaro. Karl tries for the finisher but Cesaro breaks out with a rebound European uppercut. Cesaro tries for the neutralizer but Karl counters and hits a running knee stunning Cesaro. Cesaro takes Karl to the corner and looks for a superplex but Gallows tries to interfere on the apron. Sheamus pushes him off, which in line trips Cesaro on the ropes. Karl stand on the top turnbuckle and hits a high neck breaker which gives Karl the 3 count win.

Winner: Karl Anderson

ANNOUNCERS: They hype the last man standing match against Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman for tonight’s Raw. They cut to a video vignette hyping the dominance of Braun Strowman.

VIDEO: They run a vignette for the Royal Rumble showcasing the issues between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.

Braun Strowman  vs. Sami Zayn
Last Man Standing Match

Let us take this time and remember Sami Zayn…. lol this will be interesting.

Sami kicks off the match with a few punches to Braun showcasing that he’s a bit faster. Sami rolls to the outside and heads to the time keepers area and pulls out a Kendo stick. Sami lands a few shots to Braun, that is until Strowman grabs it and breaks it in half. He throws Sami and the momentum rolls Sami to the outside. Braun climbs out but Sami again is waiting for him with a kendo stick. Sami lands a few more shots until again Braun stops it and breaks it in half. Braun throws him against the barricade and the ref counts. As Braun taunts to the audience Sami pushes him into the ring post. He does it a few more times, and tries for a running DDT, but Braun stops him with a hard punch to the head. Sami reaches his feet at 6.

Sami climbs into the ring but Braun hits a hard running body slam in the corner this gets followed up with a hard punch. Sami gets up and again Braun lays him out, but this time with a hard clothesline. Sami keeps getting up and Braun keeps knocking him down. Sami tries fighting back with a hard clothesline but that doesn’t last as Braun hits a running shoulder taking Sami to the outside and we cut to commercials.

Let’s take this time to pray for Sami.

As we come back from commercials, Strowman throws Sami off the stage area near the announcers tables. Braun beats him around a little bit as Sami begins to crawl near the stage equipment and into the backstage area. Sami grabs a pipe and bashes Braun across the head. Braun catches it and manages to throw Sami on top of the equipment cases. Sami ducks a projectile case from Braun and lands a jumping clothesline. Sami gets a chair and begins hitting Braun across the back and back to the stage area. Braun catches him and throws Sami on to the elevated stage and into the LED display. Sami though manages to fight back and again hits him with a chair. Braun tip toes to the edge of the stage and Sami hits a cross body taking both men through a few tables.

The ref counts, but both men reach their feet by 6. Zayn attacks Braun with a chair once more. But Braun catches the chair, and as Sami holds onto it throws him and the chair. Braun hits a running clothesline and hits a running powerslam on the outside mats. Sami manages to reach his feet at 9. Braun goes on the attack again landing several knees to the gut and forearms to the chest. Strowman won’t allow the ref the count and hits another running powerslam on the outside mats.

As the ref counts Strowman stands above Sami Zayn as the count hits 10 and Strowman wins.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Please prey… for Sami’s insides.

And I think I enjoyed this match as I really recapped it in somewhat detail.

After the match Foley comes out with medics to attend to Sami. As we believe the segment is over Braun again attacks Sami while on the stretcher and throws him into the barricade.

 ANNOUNCERS: They hope Sami is ok and will give an update on his condition later on in the show. They recap the US title match later tonight against Roman and Jericho.

BACKSTAGE: Jack Gallagher is backstage teaching the New Day how to use an umbrella to thrust onto others. New Day use the umbrellas in a not so gentlemen way as we cut to commercials.

ENTRANCE: New Day make their way out with Kofi throwing Booty O’s to the audience, Big E handling an umbrella and Xavier with Francesca 2. Xavier begins saying that 2016 was a good year for the New Day by becoming the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions. And with the new year, the New Day has decided to enter themselves in the 2017 Royal Rumble. All of a sudden they get stopped with a similar entrance as Big E does but done by Titus O’Neil.

Titus comes out dancing to his own music mocking the New Day. Titus says that if New Day want to reach their goals he knows what they need. A new member of the New Day. Titus starts a “whooo” chant and says that the Titus Brand is perfect for the position. Titus shows them his rhythm [dance], and tries to reach for Francesca but Xavier stops him saying that no one touches his girl but him. Titus understands and says he comes prepared and pulls out a whistle and begins twerking…

Image result for my eyes

Titus asks them to imagine his face on the box of Booty O’s. Xavier says that people would rather see his face on the back of a milk box. Titus mocks Xavier calling him a weak link. Xavier challenges him to a match to prove he’s not the weak link. Titus hits a cheap shot and rolls out of the ring accepting the match and asking for a ref.

Titus O’Neil vs. Xavier Woods (w/ Big E and Kofi Kingston)
Singles Match

Titus and Xavier start the match quickly with a ton of back and forth action. Titus manages to get the big slam with a scoop slam and grounds Xavier. He showcases his dominance and pins Xavier by standing on his chest. Xavier begins to fight back and manages to take Titus to the outside. Woods hits a running springboard from the ring, and rolls Titus in for a 2 count. Xavier goes for a cross body but Titus catches him and slams him to the mat, Titus tries for another move but Xavier lands a sunset flip and pins for the 3 count.

Winner: Xavier Woods

It appears Titus is the weakest link.

Image result for weakest link

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon is backstage as Bayley comes in. Bayley says she understands her match with Charlotte being erased from the records for the shoulder up controversy, but understand why Steph made Dana Brooke as a ref last week. Steph says that Charlotte has powerful lawyers and says that Bayley isn’t the future of the company and calls her “just Bayley.” Bayley says that she may have not grown up in the business but she belongs on Raw. Nothing will stop Bayley from achieving her dreams. Stephanie gives Bayley a chance and puts her into a #1 contenders match for a chance at the Royal Rumble for the Women’s Championship. Bayley’s opponent is Nia Jax.

BACKSTAGE: Cedric Alexander is seen walking with Alicia Fox and runs into Noam Dar. Dar says that it’s a new year and apologizes. Cedric says that Alicia is the one he should apologize to. Dar says he apologizes and proceeds to call her “sweat cheeks” and runs away.

Cedric Alexander (w/ Alicia Fox) vs. Drew Gulak (w/ Tony Nese)
Singles Match

Austin Aries joins the commentary team replacing Byron Saxton for the Cruiserweight division.

Gulak gets the advantage over Alexander after he scoop slams him against the ring ropes almost smashing Cedric’s head against the mat. Gulak locks in a few submissions but Cedric manages to fight back landing a hard kick to the head. Tony tries to interfere but Alicia pulls him off the apron. Cedric gets distracted and Drew takes advantage rolling him up for a three count.

Winner: Drew Gulak

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Chris Jericho 
-WWE United States Championship-
-Kevin Owens banned from ringside-
-If Roman gets DQ’ed, or Counted out he losses the title.
Singles Match

Both men land a few punches early on with Roman Reigns taking the advantage using a running clothesline. Jericho manages to land a hard dropkick and takes Reigns to the outside. Reigns takes the advantage momentarily but a screw up takes him head first into the ring post. The ref counts and gets the 9 as Roman slides back into the ring. We cut to commercials.

As we return, Jericho holds the advantage and tries for a running bulldog, but Reigns throws him against the turnbuckles and lands 9 clotheslines across the back followed by  a back drop. Reigns picks up a 2 count pin. Reigns tries for the superman punch but Jericho counters with a high elbow. He goes for the Lionsault but Reigns counters with his knees. Reigns goes for the spear but Jericho counters. Jericho tries for the code breaker but Roman catches him. Jericho tries for a rollup pin, but transitions into the walls of Jericho.

Reigns struggles but manages to fight out and roll Jericho into a pin. He kicks out right away and tries for a top rope move, but as he jumps Reigns hits the superman punch and pins for a very close 2 count. Reigns tries for the spear again but Jericho counters into the walls of Jericho. Reigns counters and tries for another spear but Jericho moves and Reigns smashes shoulder first into the corner post. Jericho pulls apart one turnbuckle, distracting the ref and grabs the US title. Jericho throws him the title and takes a bump. The ref turns around and questions Roman as the ref takes the belt Jericho gets up quickly and hits the code breaker. Jericho pins and gets a close 2 count.


Jericho begins kicking Roman in the gut until the ref breaks them apart. Jericho tries for another attack but Roman runs the ropes and hits the spear for the 3 count.

Winner: Roman Reigns (retains) 

I loved the moment where Chris Jericho reminded us of the gift of Guerrero.

Brian Kendrick vs. TJ Perkins
Singles Match

As expected for the Cruiserweights they start the match quickly. Actually funny note is that TJ’s spray tan looks really bad on his stomach. It appears blotchy and uneven. Anyways I got off topic, both men go back and forth until TJ manages to lock Brian in the knee bar and gets the tap out victory.

Man the tan took my attention… how odd it that.

Winner: TJ Perkins

ANNOUNCERS: The recap the United Kingdom Tournament and run a vignette about the announcement.

VIDEO: Another Emma vignette:

Big Cass (w/ Enzo Amore)  vs. Rusev & Jinder Mahal
Handicap Match

Rusev and Jinder both entered during the commercial break, which leaves Cass and Enzo to do there’s. Enzo is still in a wheelchair from an attack two weeks ago by Rusev and Jinder. Due to that Big Cass will take one Rusev and Jinder on by himself and calls them SAWFT.

Cass goes on the attack on Jinder as the bell rings. Rusev gets a blind tag but runs right into the boot of Cass. Jinder slaps Enzo in the wheelchair just to distract Cass. Cass goes after Jinder but Rusev takes advantage of the distraction and hits his side head kick and pins for the 3 count.

Winners: Rusev & Jinder Mahal

ANNOUNCERS: They recap the last man standing from earlier between Braun Strowman and Sami Zayn. The announcers say that they are still awaiting an update on Sami Zayn.

Bayley vs. Nia Jax
-#1 contender match for the RAW Women’s Championship-
– Charlotte Flair at Commentator table-

Nia pretty much dominates this match throughout utilizing her size as a power advantage over Bayley. Nia goes for a bear hug, but Bayley fights out and throws Nia against the turnbuckles. Nia goes for a spear but goes shoulder first into the ring post. Now unfortunetly I missed some details in this match as my cable signal was very choppy and the picture cut out a few times. But I did see when Sasha Banks music hits at a moment during the match where Nia climbed to the second rope and looked to finish it . The distraction helped as Bayley hits her Bayley-to-belly from the second rope to get the 2 count.

Winner: Bayley (#1 Contender for the Raw Women’s Championship)

The  Kevin Owens Show

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens come out to the debut show for the Kevin Owens Show which has a table with two chairs [for Kevin and Chris], a bad lawn chair and a man standing in the ring with a “Kevin Owens Show” sign on his head. Kevin welcomes everyone to the first Kevin Owens Show and says that even though the Stupid Idiot, Roman Reigns won his match against Jericho, both Jericho and KO still main event Raw.

Owens goes on to give a great introduction for who we believe would be Goldberg, but ends up being Chris Jericho. Jericho gets upset over the audience reaction and says that Tampa Bay, FL has made the list because they chanted for Goldberg during the Kevin Owens Show. Before Goldberg comes out, Jericho says that he has breaking news and that he’s in the Royal Rumble. Kevin complains saying that he doesn’t want to fight his best friend in case he wins. They bicker back and forth until Goldberg’s music hits and the cameras follow him out to the ring.

Goldberg comes out and says that now that Chris Jericho has been announced for the Royal Rumble, ‘he’s [Jericho] first!” Goldberg begins losing his temper when Owens gets in his face trying to calm him down. Jericho tries to add Goldberg to the list but stops him threatening a spear and a jack-hammer to both Jericho and Owens. Owens not impressed by this says Goldberg not’s that intimidating and decides to throw his own furniture around to prove he can do it as well. Owens and Goldberg go face-to-face until Heyman breaks up the argument and says that his client [Brock Lesnar] isn’t here tonight. But Heyman claims that at the Royal Rumble it will be Eat, Sleep, Elimination, Elimination, Elimination. Goldberg stops him and says that at WrestleMania he’ll meet Kevin Owens. Roman Reigns music hits.

Roman comes out and says that Jericho and Owens are delusional as they won’t win anything at the Rumble. Roman than addresses Goldberg. He doesn’t say anything just gets face-to-face. Braun’s music then hits.

Braun comes out, takes the mic from Heyman and claims that he’ll win the Royal Rumble match and steps inside getting between Goldberg and Roman. Both look at him and connect a running spear on Braun taking him out. Goldberg is the only one left in the ring.

Here’s the double spear:

Thank you all for reading, as always Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling! Any highlights missing will be uploaded tomorrow

Rey Mysterio Gives His Thoughts On The Cruiserweight Division In Today`s Market

Rey Mysterio was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post and spoke on various subjects, which included how the wrestling business has changes.

“I think starting from the very beginning, the styles have changed a lot. I think that’s due to the fact that you see more lightweights coming around. I didn’t think this would happen at all because for a long time management kind of just pushed us aside. It seems like something that was often talked about in 1996 and 1997—in the early WCW years. Along with Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko, we got that whole Crusiserweight division pumped up and ready to go. It lasted while it was in WCW. When WWE purchased the company, it kind of just went away. I remember Dean pushing for the division’s return for so many years and they never really pursued it, you know? Finally, after all these years it’s out there and that’s the whole evolution of this business. It might be a bad thing to say but the heavyweights don’t rule this world anymore. It’s all about the style and what you can bring to the table—how exciting you can be. The show has to catch your attention. And I think the Cruiserweights know how to do that.”

Read the entire interview using the link above.