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EMM: BJW Death Match – Kobayashi & Ito v Miyamoto & Kodaka

We’re back with Extreme Monday Matches featuring a bout from BJW from earlier this year. Bed of spike nails, Ring wrench, light tubes & Chair death match.

EMM: Jon Moxley vs. Neil Diamond Cutter (Drunken Taipei Death Match)

On 4/23/10 Dean Ambrose (aka Jon Moxley) wrestled drunk and only got drunker in a Drunken Taipei Death Match against Neil Diamond Cutter at an IWA Mid-South event.

EMM: Jun Kasai vs Yuko Miyamoto (Blood Xmas) – Scaffold Glass Board Death Match

Source: Chris Oney

Well, this is a Scaffold Glass Board Death Match…. If this isn’t extreme, than I don’t know what is.