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Wrestling With…(Ep.20): The Late Late Episode

In this week’s late edition, Sam and Adam recap the week that was on Raw and SDLive, discuss seeing Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars live with their daughter, and say a fond farewell (as only Sam can) to Ms. All Red Everything, Eva Marie.

As always, listener discretion and a strong sense of humor is advised.

Eva Marie Not Returning To Total Divas For Seventh Season

WWE women’s talent Eva Marie, will not be returning to Total Divas for their seventh season on E! Network. The producers for the show have already interviewed her potential replacements. Eva Marie has not been on WWE TV since August of last year after being suspended for 30 days following a Wellness Policy Violation.

Total Divas producers have been interviewing fellow WWE talents to determine a new cast member for the show. Charlotte Flair along with a handful of other talents were ones that the producers interviewed. At this time it’s still unclear on the status of Paige and she’ll continue to appear on the show.

As reported back in March, WWE will not be renewing her contract for an in-Ring return. WWE nor Eva Marie has made an official comment on her departure from the company. Marie has since changed her appearance upon her suspension from WWE and has filmed a new movie, so it’s not a huge problem if the company releases her as she does have more projects on the go. She has since removed ever and all mention of WWE and Wrestling off her twitter account.


Eva Marie Comments On Her Struggles With Alcoholism

Eva Marie held a live Q&A session on her official YouTube channel. During the Q&A a fan asked her about her continuous battle with alcoholism. Here’s what she had to say:

“I’m not sure if you guys know but I am in a recovery program. You absolutely have to carve out time for it. You just have to remember how desperate and willing you were to get sober in the first place and never lose that feeling.”

See the Q&A below:

Eva Marie Soon To Leave WWE?

Speculation is starting to run wild over Eva Marie and her status with WWE.

Based on reports, Eva has changed a few things on her twitter account which points to a potential departure from the company. Eva never really incorporated the WWE name in her Twitter handle unlike other WWE talents, but had it in her bio. Eva has since changed her bio removing the WWE reference and has linked all other social media account. In addition Eva has un-followed WWE’s twitter account.

Eva has been off of WWE TV since August of 2016 despite following her 30-day suspension and has been criticized by the WWE Universe ever since her debut in 2013. Eva never really progressed much in the company beyond Total Divas.

Eva has been primarily doing more modelling shoots, and has kept busy filming two movies which are rumored to not be WWE Studio projects.

Eva could very well be beginning her departure from the company, OR; she just wanted to change things up. Please note nothing is official until WWE or Eva herself announces it. At this time Eva is still under WWE contract unless otherwise noted.

Eva Marie Says She Wants To Emulate The Rock’s Career

Current WWE talent Eva Marie was recently interviewed by The International Business Times and spoke about emulating the Rock’s career from a wrestling and movies standpoint. Here’s what she had to say:

“After a few months [in WWE] I was like ‘OK, if I could emulate The Rock’s career that would be fantastic to make a crossover like how he’s done.’ I really want to take the Eva Marie Brand and do both [wrestling and movies] for as long as I can.”

You can read the entire interview here. 

Eva Marie Comments On Her WWE Suspension

Eva Marie has released a statement following her recent suspension.

“I am disappointed that this suspension has occurred, yet understand and respect that WWE upholds their Wellness Policy to the letter and won’t compromise on its integrity.

I violated policy by not turning in portions of required paperwork in the time frame WWE Medical deemed timely. I look forward to my return! Thank you for your support.”


Eva Marie Makes Post-Suspension Comments

Following her suspension from WWE. Eva Marie is not going to sit silently on social media. She posted her first post-suspension comment on Instagram on Friday afternoon.

Eva Marie’s Husband Finds Her Suspension Unjustified – Will Release Official Statement

As reported,  Eva Marie was suspended along with Paige & Alberto Del Rio by WWE for 30 days for violating WWE’s wellness policy. Eva Marie’s husband, Jonathan Coyle, address her suspension and believes it to be unjustly. Jonathan says that an official statement will be made on this matter.

See his tweet below:

BREAKING NEWS: Eva Marie Suspended For Wellness Policy Violation

Coming off the news that both Alberto Del Rio & Paige were suspeneded due to a wellness policy violation, WWE.com has announced that Eva Marie has also been suspended for 30 days for the same reason. They released:

WWE has suspended Natalie Coyle (Eva Marie) for 30 days effective immediately for her first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.

Becky Lynch Comments On Eva Marie & Says She Is So Hard-Working

WWE women’s wrestler Becky Lynch was recently interviewed by Channel Guide Magazine and discussing Eva Marie training hard in developmental.

Here’s what she said:

“Eva Marie is so hard-working. Yes, she is new. She gets so much flack from fans for being this gorgeous woman who, apparently, they say can’t wrestle, but she puts in the hard work. I love working with talent like that. It’s a challenge for me, but I feel it’s a great spot for me to be in because I can be a leader. I really enjoy that. I remember when I was coming in and having someone to keep you calm and help you through helps. Then you build this confidence. It does help because maybe they don’t have that confidence at first, and you are able to bring them through to a good match. Then they come back, and they are so excited. I absolutely love that.”