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The Sidebar – EP 15 – Rosemary Injury Updates & More!

Tonight, Dyzzy, JAYBONE, Max & Baron discuss our thoughts on McGregor vs Mayweather fight, the Sexy Star vs Rosemary outcome at AAA, plus we wish our soundboard guy Bubba a very happy birthday!!!

REPORT – Alberto Del Rio Involved In Fight With Man & Brother In Leoben, Austria

Source: Krone.at

Based on reports coming from Leoben, Austria, Alberto Del Rio and his brother El Hijo de Dos Caras were involved in a fight with a man at a bar. The police were called and the man was reportedly taken to hospital.

Following the fight, both Del Rio and his brother was apprehended and taken into jail. During their stay Del Rio reportedly broke his zip ties around his wrists and began fighting with his brother. Reports indicate the fight was serious. Police separated both men.

Del Rio is reportedly back in the United States and his brother was able to work a Mexico show yesturday. Current status of health for both men is unknown

Del Rio’s camp has yet to comment on the report.

Reason For Backstage Confrontation Between Alberto Del Rio & Mexican Wrestler

As reported, Former WWE talent Alberto Del Rio and Paige were involved in a backstage fight with a Mexican wrestler over the weekend. The Mexican Wrestler was IWRG’s own Ninja Turtle Rafy who would later announce on Facebook that he was ok.

Based off reports, Del Rio was the clear victor in that fight.

Since the report, very little detail have emerged as to why the incident may have happened, but Del Rio has gone to twitter and revealed that Paige may have been touch inappropriately by said talent which escalated into a fight.

See his tweet below:

Alberto Del Rio Involved In Altercation With Mexican Wrestler

Source: ProWrestlingSheets.com (Original from Super Luchas)

Based on reports, former WWE talent Alberto Del Rio & Paige attended a IWRG show in Mexico where Del Rio got into a real life altercation with a Mexican Wrestler known as Ninja Turtle Rafy.

The fight reportedly spilled out of the locker room into the hallway where it was witnessed by fans. Both men threw punches at one-another with Rafy taking a majority of the beating. The reason for the fight is still unknown.

Rafy has since gone to Facebook and clarified that he was involved in a fight with someone and that he was ok.

Del Rio has yet to comment on the report, but did post on Twitter that same night this picture of himself and real-life girlfriend WWE women’s talent Paige.


Backstage Fight During WWE’s European Tour

Based on reports, Chris Jericho and Sin Cara may have had a backstage fight during WWE’s European Tour this past weekend. Jericho was reportedly behaving in a manner that was “asking for it” and was not sitting well with other talents backstage. Sin Cara apparently knocked Jericho out-cold. No new details has since been released. We’ll have more once available.

Jericho and Sin Cara have both had previously backstage altercations this year. Sin Cara with Simon Gotch and Chris Jericho with Brock Lesnar.

Fight Breaks Out Backstage Prior To WWE Smackdown Live

Source: Wrestlingnews.co

Tensions were reportedly high backstage prior to Tuesday’s live WWE SmackDown in Worcester, MA at the DCU Center as Sin Cara and Simon Gotch got into a fight.

The fight took place in catering before the show started, and was said to be a legitimate fight.

As of this writing, there’s no word yet on what started the fight but there were a lot of people that saw it happen.

We hope to have more on this developing story shortly.

Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 Opponent Revealed

Brock Lesnar appeared on SportsCenter on Monday to talk about his UFC return which was announced at UFC 199. During his interview, it was revealed that Lesnar would be fighting Mark Hunt in the co-main event of UFC 200. Lesnar said that the decision to not fight again haunted him and he wanted to face his fears and wanted to fight again. Lesnar said he was at UFC 100 and why not be fighting at UFC 200. Lesnar explained that due to his health issues, he always felt he was never 100% during his MMA career. Lesnar said that he feels a 1000% right now.

Here’s what Lesnar had to say about UFC and WWE agreeing to this fight.

“I’m glad that I have the opportunity that both companies have faith in Brock Lesnar to step into the octagon. At the end of the day, I’m a prize fighter… I fight for money. They are making money. I’m making money. Everybody is making money. That’s what this all about … But you can’t step inside the Octagon just for the money.”


UFC 200 takes place at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 9, 2016.


Eric Bischoff Talks About His Plans If Vince McMahon Had Agreed To Fight Him In WCW

Eric Bischoff recently spoke Nick Hausman of WrestleZone Radio and talked about what his fight plan would have been if Vince McMahon had accepted his offer for a fight in WCW.

Here’s what he had to say:

I didn’t have a fight plan. I wasn’t working out anticipating it. I almost hate to get in to this conversation but it is what it is. This was twenty years ago when I was 40. While I certainly wasn’t in the best of shape and I couldn’t have stepped in to an MMA ring I was still in decent shape. I could still kick. My hands were still pretty good. My left hand in particular. To this day I’ve got a very good left hand. My approach probably would have been, and I did think about it a little, that Vince is not a trained fighter. He’s a big, strong, powerful, aggressive guy that I would have bet anything would have probably just come straight at me ala Mike Tyson. Wanting to get his hands on me so that his weight and strength would have been to his advantage. I would have done everything I could to avoid that. Especially when I was 40 and much faster. I spent as much time on my feet between wrestling and kickboxing. I was used to moving around the ring and being able to control the ring and the distance between me and my opponent pretty well and effectively. I don’t think Vince would have had that skill set. I would have relied heavily on my hands and my ability to move and stay away from Vince until I could have landed the shot of shots that I felt I needed to. My kicking skills had deteriorated. I was still able to do a lot of strong kicks to the mid section. I wouldn’t have been able to use the kind kicking techniques that I used when I was much younger. I wouldn’t have attempted it. I would have tried to survive.

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking the link above.

Chris Jericho Says Kofi Kingston Challenged Vince McMahon To A Fight

Source: EWrestlingNews

As you no doubt know from the number of interviews he’s been doing lately, Chris Jericho’s latest book Best In The World (At What I Have No Idea) was released last week. Jericho of course relates several WWE stories in the book and one of them involves Kofi Kingston actually challenging Vince McMahon to a fight.

According to the book, during a plane trip McMahon told Kofi in a snide manner, “Maybe one day you’ll get over.” Kingston was visibly disturbed by the jab and as Jericho and Kingston left the plane, Jericho told the other man that he had to go back and challenge Vince to a fight. Kingston thought it was a rib but Jericho was being completely serious, being aware of McMahon’s personality.

Kingston took the advice and got back on the plane, asking Vince if he had a problem with him. The two went back and forth and then McMahon went in for a double leg takedown. Vince and Kofi wrestled around for a while, until Vince finally got up and laughed about the situation, appreciating that Kofi stood up for himself.

Jericho adds in the book that McMahon has been known to throw out amateur wrestling moves against the likes of Kurt Angle and thus he knew that Vince would respect Kofi for doing it.

Rapper Punches Heckler In the Face at Tonight’s RAW

TMZ posted the following in regards to the rapper “Wale” punching a heckler at tonight’s RAW event in the face:

Rap star Wale PUNCHED A GUY IN THE FACE at a WWE event Monday night — and judging by the way security rushed in to break it up, it appeared to be 100% REAL.

It all went down at “Raw” in Washington D.C. — TMZ spoke with eyewitness Jawn Murray from AlwaysAlist.com who says Wale was sitting right behind the announcers enjoying the show … when some fan seated nearby began taunting the rapper.

Murray says Wale eventually got up out of his seat and “the next thing I know Wale is putting the smackdown on dude. Punched him dead in his face. It was a full fight.”

Security rushed over and broke up the fight — and took everyone involved into a hallway. Moments later, Wale returned to his seat and began snacking on popcorn like nothing happened.

We’re told the other guy is also back in his seat.

Story developing …