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Wrestling With…(Ep.20): The Late Late Episode

In this week’s late edition, Sam and Adam recap the week that was on Raw and SDLive, discuss seeing Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars live with their daughter, and say a fond farewell (as only Sam can) to Ms. All Red Everything, Eva Marie.

As always, listener discretion and a strong sense of humor is advised.

Mick Foley Fired From His General Manager Position On Raw

During tonight’s WWE Raw broadcast, Mick Foley kicked off the show addressing the WWE audience by reading index cards. He would later throw them away which instigated Stephanie McMahon to come out. Both would exchange a few words with Stephanie McMahon firing Mick Foley from his GM position on Raw.

You can review the details from the segment here. 

Kenny Dykstra Fired From His Day Time Job

Source: ProWrestlingSheets.com

Based on reports,  Kenny Dykstra was fired from his day job for missing a large amount of time to wrestle with WWE. Kenny works as a director for a non-profit charity and is said to understand the terms of his release.

Since returning to WWE a few months back with fellow tag member Mikey, Kenny has been making regular appearances for WWE. Kenny believes that working for WWE and missing time off from his job was a risk he was willing to work. At this time WWE has yet to offer Kenny a contract.

Joey Styles Fired From WWE

Source: ProWrestlingSheet.com

Joey Styles has reportedly been fired by WWE on July 29th. Styles took part in a Facebook Q&A session where some fans described it as a “shoot style interview.” During the Q&A Styles talked about disliking the three man commentating team, not liking the name “Universal Championship” and why Vince loves Roman Reigns so much. The Q&A video has since been pulled from Facebook.

It is confirmed that the reasoning behind Joey’s release is indeed due to the Q&A video. WWE officials were said to be “irate” over Styles answers to the fan questions. Styles was released from the company over the phone by Mark Carrano.

MVP Releases Video Saying He’s Been Fired By Lucha Underground

MVP took to YouTube.com to reveal that he’s been fired from Lucha Underground just one week after announcing that he’d signed with them. The former WWE and TNA Superstar revealed that his official contract was terminated after he interviewed members of the Lucha Underground roster for his podcast. He claims this “violated the non-disclosure terms” of his deal.

Not sure if this is some possible angle, but check out the video below and see for yourself.

UPDATE: Ken Anderson Fired From TNA For Drug Related Issues

UPDATE 1 Mar.11.2016

Source: Pwinsider.com

As reported earlier Mr. Anderson is no longer with TNA Wrestling. Anderson worked an indy show recently and told the crowd he was no longer working with the company. He told the live crowd:

“I don’t work for TNA anymore, so I agree with you. Fuck TNA!”

Sources report that he was fired from the company over some behavior that took place during the Bethlehem, PA tapings. No other details are available as of this writing.

UPDATE 2 Mar.11.2016

Source :ProWrestlingSheet.com 

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Ken Anderson’s TNA release was reportedly due to a failed drug test. Multiple sources are reporting that Anderson was given a drug test after he appeared to be under the influence of drugs after a match with Eric Young at the TNA iMPACT! Wrestling TV tapings in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Anderson looked so bad that the match was cut from the January 19th edition of TNA iMPACT!. Following the match, Anderson was forced to take an immediate drug test and was then sent home from the TV tapings.

While both TNA and Anderson have yet to comment on the reports, the company is hoping that he gets treatment for his issues and are there to support him along the way.

ROH Official Fired From The Company For Sexually Harassing A Woman

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Kevin Keenan, a former WWE referee who worked for Ring of Honor as a referee and ring crew member, was sent home and cut from the company after sexually harassing a female member of the roster.

Keenan, who was released by WWE in 2009, was part of a group of wrestlers, crew and staff who went out for food and drinks in Nashville the night before the TV tapings. Keenan made the alleged sexual advances then, which included spanking the unnamed woman. It was said to be clear that she was uncomfortable with the situation and when several people told Keenan off; he left the establishment with a few other people.

ROH officials were told later that night about the incident and Delirious, who is ROH’s booker, reprimanded Keenan the next day in front of the crew and roster. He told Keenan that his actions weren’t acceptable in ROH, nor would they be anywhere else, and was told to get his things and go. This was done in front of the ROH roster. ROH will no longer use him as well.

Manik Fired From TNA Wrestling With No Explanation As To Why

TJ “Manik” Perkins recently revealed on twitter that he’s been fired from TNA Wrestling.

Perkins went on Twitter on Tuesday to reveal that his contact wasn’t being renewed and he wasn’t given an explanation for his release.

Manik’s profile on the TNA website has been removed and Perkins tweeted the following:

Will Eden Be Fired On Raw Tonight?

Sheamus and Eden did an angle at Saturday night’s WWE house show in Augusta, Georgia where Sheamus yelled at Eden for not introducing him properly. This lead to Sheamus promising to have Eden fired on tomorrow’s (tonight’s) edition of RAW.

Eden responded to fan’s comment on the angle on Twitter. You can check out her response below. There’s also a picture of the incident that was posted on Twitter.

BREAKING NEWS: Billy Gunn Fired From WWE Following PED Test Failure

Source: The Wrestling Observer

Monty “Billy Gunn” Sopp was fired by WWE on Friday due to testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone in a powerlifting meet on July 25.

Gunn’s drug test at the meet came up with a 37-1 testosterone/epitestosterone ratio, which was well over the 4-1 limit. Due to the failure, he was suspended from powerlifting for four years. WWE officials were not aware of him competing as a powerlifter, or his suspension from the sport, until a few weeks ago.

The 52-year-old former tag team champion has been working as a trainer for WWE since 2012. He had a short main roster comeback with partner Road Dogg in early 2013, but has mainly been working with the NXT brand. He did occasional appearances on the NXT house shows in Florida, and also appeared on television as one of the trainers on Tough Enough and Breaking Ground.

As noted, WWE officials were not aware of him competing as a powerlifter until a few weeks ago or his suspension from that sport.