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BJW – Death Match Survivor 2017 Playback – COMPLETE SHOW

Source: Chris Oney 

Full Death Match Survivor 2017 series. Prepare yourselves fo 1 hours and 54 minutes of complete Extreme Matches.

EMM: Octagon Exploding Cage Time Bomb – Hayabusa, Great Sasuke v Mr. Gannosuke, Tetsuhiro Kuroda

Source: Chris Oney

The name says it all. Octagon Exploding Cage Time Bomb… Wrestling + Explosions = Madness!

EMM – Death Match – BJW: Masashi Takeda vs. Toshiyuki Sakuda

Source: Chris Oney

Here’s another Extreme Monday Match to quench your hardcore needs! From November 27, 2016 from BJW, Super Fight comes a death match you don’t want to miss

EMM: Jun Kasai vs. Masada (Pain Limit Finals 2012)

Source: Chris Oney

Freedoms Pain Limit Final 2012 event feturing Jun Kasai vs. Masada in a No Canvas, Gusset Plates, Glass Death Match.


EMM – Syringe Death Match – Drake Younger vs. Abdullah Kobayashi

Source; Chris Oney

featuring the syringe needle! Main Event and after match celebration July 30th, 2012