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JLW Podcast #64 – Jinder Haters, WWE Battleground Review, RAW DC Thoughts

Welcome to Episode 64 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. Josh talks about the following topics.

– Addressing the hate that’s directed towards Jinder Mahal. Pot calling the kettle black in regards to who deserves what in professional wrestling

– Josh goes over why he doesn’t dwell on things he doesn’t like. Why Josh doesn’t RANT on social medial when he’s too busy covering the show?

– The YAN Club Moment of the Week


– WWE Battleground Fallout SmackDown Live

Thank you guys so much for checking out this weeks podcast.

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The Rock Finishing Up Filming & Takes Some Shots At His Fast 8 Co-Stars

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is finishing up filming his scenes for Fast 8, which will be released next year. Dwayne  Johnson, who usually doesn’t post anything negative about his co-stars, posted this on his Instagram account talking about some of his co-stars:

Al Snow Says That He Genuinely Hates Wrestling Fans

Al Snow was recently interview by Hannibal TV where he talked about wrestling fans and says how he hates them.

See his comments below:

“There’s a lot about wrestling fans these days I don’t understand. They are the goofiest bunch of people I’ve ever met, they really are. I genuinely hate them, I really do. I love the fact that they’re fans, but I hate them. Opinion is the lowest form of knowledge, there’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. You can form an opinion with little or no actual information and then you can go around spouting it off as if it’s a real fact, when it’s nothing more than theory, conjecture and assumption. Real knowledge is not information. It takes a matter of information and experience together that make real knowledge. You have a bunch of people ‘fans’ that now have access and are privy to information, but have no actual experience. Since they have the information they think they now have the knowledge and understanding of a business that they’ve never been in.”

The video interview has since been removed… interesting.