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The Sidebar – EP 20 – Extended Edition!

Tonight, we bring you an extended editon of The Sidebar! We will discuss some random topics plus Wrestling News!

Smash This Podcast | Jarrett Steps Away From GFW & More!

Discussing Jarrett stepping away from GFW, TripleMania Fallout with Sexy Star and also touching on the current situation on GFW’s Future.

Jeff Jarrett Talks iMPACT Wrestling Filming In India

During a recent interview with the Wrestling Compadres Slamcast, Jeff Jarrett spoke on iMPACT Wrestling filming in India.

Here’s what he had to say:

“It is the first time to my knowledge that a US based wrestling organization is going to India, and are actually producing four episodes that will be seen globally. To my knowledge that is the first time ever that a company has done that. We are very excited. Sony Six is our partner over there. Grey Matter is a production company that we have partnered with and they have done lots of hours throughout India producing lots of programming so we are super excited. The crew is headed over, everyone is super excited. In 2012-2013, we filmed Ring Ka King a few years ago, hugely successful, changing regime prevented season two.”

Listen to the full interview here. 

Jeff Jarrett Comments On Relation Between TNA & The Hardy’s – Wishes Them Well

Jeff Jarrett has gone to twitter to comment on the recent rumors going around regarding the new policy’s for new contract for talents, and the recent loss of Jeff & Matt Hardy & Drew Galloway from Impact Wrestling.

See his comments below:

Jeff Jarrett Returning To TNA

Source: Pwinsider.com

Jeff Jarrett has reportedly made a deal with Anthem to return to TNA. Jarrett is expected to be backstage for the upcoming TV tapings in Orlando, FL which is set to film several episodes of Impact Wrestling, Xplosion and more.

Jarrett will be working with talent, in addition to creative team. Dutch Mantell will also be working the TV Tapings.

VIDEO: DELETE or DECAY Director’s Cut

TNA aired the Delete Or Decay segment on this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. The Hardy brothers teamed up to take on The Decay (Abyss, Crazzy Steve and Rosemary).

See it below:

Jeff Jarrett Talks The Attitude Era, NWO, The Bullet Club & More


Owner of Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett recently took some time to participate in an exclusive interview with PWMania.com.
Jarrett revealed the changes of the wrestling industry, new opportunities with Global Force Wrestling, his time with the TNA promotion and his experiences competing in WWE.
Check out some highlights from the interview below:
The Attitude Era and his time in WWE:
“Everybody that was part of that era on both rosters were just stacked full of talent. WCW was stacked top to bottom, the WWE being stacked right to the bottom. Everyone was scratching and clawing and doing their best too. It was drastically different in 97’, 98’, 99’ then it was in 91’, 92’, 93’ and everybody had an edge and some more than others. I had a series of matches with X-Pac and DX which culminated in a hair match and there were some other matchs it was such a unique time and I was fortunate to be a part of both organizations during theMonday Night Wars. From 95-96’ and 96’-97 and 97’-99’. I jumped back and forth so I was there when the nWo was red hot and I was there when Stone Cold and The Rock and DX were red hot. It was a really cool time in the business and the business was red hot.

The nWo & evolving pro wrestling:
“The original core group of the nWo, the original three Scott (Hall), Kevin (Nash) and Hulk (Hogan) are obviously the very best version. They do say though that the most sincere form of flattery is imitation so, as it rolled along there were different versions of the Four Horsemen, there were different versions of nWo and then it split to red and black and then it reunited. That’s a part of this business that has always been around and hopefully it won’t always be around but at Global Force what we are trying to do is to truly evolve the presentation and the production of professional wrestling because the world see’s so much more in 2015 it really does. There are Youtube stars that have never been on TV but they have their own Youtube channel and they are truly pop culture stars. That goes to show you in my opinion in 2015 where the world is heading. You don’t need to be on broadcast network like you had to be 15-20 years ago. The age of the digital technology especially with all the social media platforms it’s just a different era.
On Bullet Club:
“Those guys, the Young Bucks, Doc and Karl have already been part of our Grand Slam Tour shows the first seven that we’ve had. The in ring ability of the Bullet Club versus the in ring ability of the nWo and I think those guys (nWo) would be the first to tell you is that without question would say the Bullet Club is off the charts bell to bell more talented. They organically came out from Fergal DeVitt and Karl Anderson and those guys came up through the hard way in the New Japan dojo. They worked their butts off, match after match, tour after tour. The timing was right also as it all exploded all at once. It is a completely different set of circumstances then the nWo when it was real life set of circumstances when Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, arguably two of the biggest four or five guys in the WWF at the time defected and went south and were taking over. That was as real as it gets. But when you talk about competitive and Global Force Wrestling, we are going to bring that type of competition to the forefront.

On his gimmicks:

“I have always enjoyed being challenged. The ‘Double J MMA’ was a lot of fun to this day, I am undefeated in MMA bouts and had a lot of fun with that as well. Also the series of matches that I had with Kurt (Angle) at that stage of my career is something that I’m very proud of. I know he pushed me, I hope I pushed him. We turned out some really physically brutal matches but it was rewarding and like any wrestler you have to evolve and evolve with the times and keep challenging yourselves and the audience will latch on to that and realise that the effort is all about that and all about effort and in 2015 the wrestling fan is so acute to what is going on. They do not take a lack of effort ever.”

Jeff Jarrett Reportedly No Longer Majority Owner Of TNA

Source: EWN

The current GFW vs. TNA storyline is not just a storyline on TNA television but was a real-life situation. The storyline is that team TNA vs. team GFW will fight for control of TNA on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling in a Lethal Lockdown match. The winning team will gain full ownership of TNA.

TNA and Jarrett made a deal where Jarrett would come into TNA, do an angle with his promotion (GFW), which would give his new promotion exposure and the assurances he can book TNA talents for upcoming GFW events in exchange of Jarrett giving up his ownership in TNA.

Jeff Jarrett Talks Current State Of GFW, TV Deal, NJPW Relationship & More


Jeff Jarrett spoke with RVA Magazine to promote this weekend’s GFW show in Richmond, Virginia.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

TV deal for Amped:

“We are making moves. It’s been a real challenge for us to line up a domestic situation as well as international deals. I’m heading over to London in a couple of weeks to further those moves. The first set of tapings were great. We got plenty of one hour episodes and we’ve got the crowning of the champions in October. With that and the Grand Slam tour as well, it’s been no rest for the weary, but it’s exciting time in the still the very early days of Global Force Wrestling.”

Can GFW compete in today’s wrestling world:

“People say to me, “Jeff, you came out just with the name of the company and then went step by step” and it’s because I realized back then that creating brand awareness is always at the top of priorities. WWE is north of 90% in the marketplace. Put NXT under that umbrella and they’re by far the leader for wrestling. Then you got Ring Of Honor,TNA, Lucha Underground. You’ve got several alternatives and Global Force is taken the necessary steps to get there. Patience has never been in my DNA, but you got to take it one step at a time to create that. We’re looking to break in and have a very diverse style of wrestling and style of wrestlers.”

Any hesitation to work with TNA after his problems with them:

“You know, it’s a business. My family’s been in this business for over 70 years so I’ve seen a lot of situations where you’d say those folks would never work together again and they did. Business is business and when it’s a win-win-win–a win for our promotion, a win for their promotion, and more importantly, a win for the wrestling fans–it’s really hard not to do a deal. So we put a lot of things in the past and in our rear view mirrors on both sides and moved forward. It’s a pretty exciting time. All the positive momentum that’s coming from the working relationship between TNA and GFW is just a great thing.”

GFW’s relationship with New Japan:

“Definitely. Those guys are great. Obviously, we had a very rewarding and great experience with Wrestle Kingdom 9. It was a great way to really kick off that relationship. New Japan came out a couple of weeks ago and sort of released their new – well not new, but they broadcasted that they’re working with us and Ring Of Honor and independent promotions in the UK. I think that’s very, very healthy. That’s certainly what I set out to do from day one. Have handshake agreements, working relations, working agreements – at GFW, we want to bring so many different styles under one umbrella and connect the fan bases so it’s a win for the wrestling fan for sure.”

Vince Russo Asks “What The @#$%^ Is The King Of The Mountain Title?”

Vince Russo has a new blog on CSRWrestling.com. The former WWE, WCW and TNA creative writer brings his comedy into his confusion when asking “What The @#$%^ Is The King Of The Mountain Title?”

The following a sample:

My favorite wrestling parody today is being exhibited as we speak with Jeff Jarrett winning the King of the Mountain Title–and BELT that went with it— on a TNA ppv, and now defending that same title for his own company GFW—in small minor league ball parks around middle America. PLEASE–read that last sentence—are you actually going to argue with me that that’s NOT a parody of professional wrestling in 2015? That movie right there has FRED FREAKIN’ WILLARD written all over it! The only problem is that while Willard would make an outstanding wrasslin’ promoter in a comedic film, he is way too old to be the Champion of that same promotion in which he would actually have to defend that ridiculous title in fake fights on baseball infields in places like Indiana.  But, outside of that–that is a major motion picture that Christopher Guest would have a field day with.

Man, in my own mind I have to break this down further—not that any of it means anything–but at the time it is just entertaining the hell out of me.


OK, so what does that actually mean—to anybody? Well, at first glance one would have to think that Jeff is INDEED Champion of THE MOUNTAIN. So now, that extends the question—well—what MOUNTAIN are we talking about? Now, I believe that he actually won this epic match in Orlando Florida at an amusement park, but I don’t believe there are any MOUNTAINS in Florida. However, there are mountains where both TNA has its headquarters and Jeff Jarrett lives—Nashville, Tennessee–the SMOKEY MOUNTAINS. So now, one would have to ask–is Jeff the KING  of the SMOKEY MOUNTAINS?