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EMM – The Messiah vs. “Sick” Nick Mondo

Source: Chris Oney

Two of the World’s Most Violent Men collide in this brutal Deathmatch between XPW King of the Deathmatch & 3-time CZW Champ The Messiah and 3-time CZW Iron Man Champ “Sick” Nick Mondo!! This insane, bloody, ultra-violent, hardcore Deathmatch comes from the controversial SoCal promotion known as EPIC WAR Pro Wrestling!

EMM – BJW – Nick Gage & John Zandig vs Mitsuhiro Matsunaga & Jun Kasai

Source: Chris Oney

Check out the bought between Nick Cage & John Zandig vs. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga & Jun Kasia from BJW, Fire Road 2000.

No other way to start a monday, but with some extreme gory matches.

EMM – FREEDOMS – Four Corners Of Pain Death Match – Daisuke Masoka vs. Kenji Fukimoto

Source: Chris Oney

4 Corners Of Pain Match – Board Of Gusset Plates, Mousetraps, Light Tubes, Thumbtacks, Ladder, etc. It’s all out hardcore madness!!

Chris Oney was actually at this event and even took a picture with Daisuke Masoka later on… As you can tell, it was a bloody match.


EMM – MASADA vs NATE HATRED – NGI #TheArtOfHardcoare

Source: Chris Oney

WARNING: GRAPHIC From the 2015 Nick Gage Invitational – Masada vs Nate Hatred. Well of course it’s graphic, it Extreme Monday Matches!

EMM – Syringe Death Match I – Ryuji Ito vs. Kankuro Hoshino

Source: Chris Oney

June 27th, 2011 Main Event Complete featuring The Syringe Needle!

Being someone who hates needles… this one was tough to watch,

EMM: Jun Kasai vs. Masada (Pain Limit Finals 2012)

Source: Chris Oney

Freedoms Pain Limit Final 2012 event feturing Jun Kasai vs. Masada in a No Canvas, Gusset Plates, Glass Death Match.


EMM: BJW Death Match – Kobayashi & Ito v Miyamoto & Kodaka

We’re back with Extreme Monday Matches featuring a bout from BJW from earlier this year. Bed of spike nails, Ring wrench, light tubes & Chair death match.

JLW Podcast #63 – WWE Battleground Predictions, Jason Angle? Mae Young Classic Preview

Welcome to Episode 63 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. Josh talks about the following topics.

– In depth preview of the Mae Young Classic

– Some thoughts on the NJPW G1 Climax Tournament

– WWE RAW Nashville Thoughts. The Angle/Jordan storyline, similarities between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, really good night of in-ring action from Hardy’s/Revival to Joe/Reigns. Why RAW’s Main Event Scene Is Off The Chain

– WWE SmackDown Live Birmingham Thoughts. Josh makes his case as to why the Battleground PPV is going to be good. Remember folks the Great Khali will not be in the Punjabi Prison.

– Predictions for the WWE Battleground PPV. With one major prediction that will shock people.

Thank you guys so much for checking out this weeks podcast.

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