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Davey Boy Smith Jr. Comments On The JBL And Mauro Ranallo Situation

During a recent interview with Hannibal TV, Harry Francis Smith (aka. Davey Boy Smith Jr) the son of WWE legend British Bulldog spoke on the issues surrounding JBL and Mauro Ranallo and the bullying allegations that followed against JBL.

Here’s what he had to say:

You know it’s tough to say, I know Mauro really well and he does take things personally. I know JBL has a reputation of being a bully and stuff like that. So i think it could be a combination of a couple of things, and really bottom line is Mauro’s got a lot of like, mental health issues and he’s been pretty open about that on Twitter and everything. So anybody with mental health issues pretty much shouldn’t work in WWE. I mean it’s not really the best work environment, just because of the stress and everything. I think that he probably took things personally. Probably JBL was hazing him a bit and he probably just said “screw this” and snapped and said “I’ve had enough of this and l’m leaving.” I’m actually surprised he lasted that long in the company, just because I know how things work. Mauro I know is a guy that’s just so passionate about the business and he’s almost passionate to a fault, you know what I mean.

I mean Mauro can leave WWE and he’s got his commentating for MMA and got all kind of stuff. He doesn’t really need that [WWE] place, but I am surprised he lasted that long to be honest.

You can see the interview here:

Mauro Ranallo & WWE Officially Part Ways – WWE, Ranallo & JBL Issue Statement

Based on Newsweek.com Smackdown Live announcer Mauro Ranallo has officially parted ways with the WWE .

In a statement to Newsweek, Ranallo clarifies that his departure from the company does not have anything to do with the reports of growing animosity with his on-air partner John “Bradshaw” Layfield. As reported, JBL has been accused by wrestling media and former employees of the company of bullying and being openly-hostile.

This is what Mauro had to say:

“WWE and I have mutually agreed to part ways. It has nothing to do with JBL,”

JBL’s recent allegations has led to fans tweeting and trending #FireJBL. Fans even went as far as to chant “Fire Bradshaw” during a recent edition of Smackdown Live in Boston. Reports go as far as to claim that Bradshaw played backstage pranks on others fellow co-workers and had his own group around him which would follow his actions.

JBL would release a statement to Newsweek:

“WWE addressed my behavior and I responded accordingly, yet my past is being brought up because of recent unfounded rumors. I apologize if anything I said playing ‘the bad guy’ on a TV show was misconstrued.”

WWE would also issue a statement in regards to the allegations of bullying:

“As part of our commitment to creating an inclusive environment, in April 2011, WWE launched our anti-bullying campaign, Be a STAR, which encourages young people to treat each other with tolerance and respect.

“As a publicly traded company, that mantra carries forward in our corporate culture. As such, we fully investigate any allegations of inappropriate behavior including the recent alleged situation with John Layfield (aka JBL), despite no formal complaint having been submitted.”

MOC wishes nothing but the best for Mauro Ranallo.

PODCAST: The SideBar – EP 3 – Mauro Ranallo Discussion #FireJBL

Tonight on the Side Bar we talk about the recent discovery of bullying in the WWE with the recent departure of Mauro Ranallo, and I ask the question “Should the WWE fire JBL?”

Justin Robers Says That JBL Bullied Co-Workers Backstage – Has His Own Crew Of Guys

During a recent AMA, former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts spoke about JBL being a bully backstage in WWE and how JBL had a crew of guys that terrorized people. Here’s what Roberts had to say:

“He had a group. He was like the leader, and he pretty much had a cabinet, just like on TV. They followed him and did what he asked. It was him vs. ‘the new guys’ He had taken my passport out of my bag, and the next tour I guarded it with my life. On the flight back, Orlando Jordan told me he would watch my back and I should go to the gift shop. I didn’t take his advice. I also remember being told I had to bring beer to the guys on the plane, but I got out of that, luckily.”

JBL would respond to the allegations and posted the following on Twitter, claiming that he didn’t do it and that anyone could have done it because Roberts was hated by the whole crew…

This doesn’t come off well as Mauro Ranallo has been missing Smackdown Live due to him suffering from depression. Some backstage reports are claiming that the issues between JBL and Mauro could have agitated this issue. At this time it’s unknown if Mauro will be returning to the company.

Mauro Ranallo Update – Not Returning To The Company?

As reported, Mauro Ranallo needed to take time away from WWE in recent weeks due to his recent battle with depression. It was believed the tension building between JBL and him was the root cause for the sudden disappearance from WWE TV.

Ranallo tweeted out this last night giving a subtle response to the situation:

Interesting to note that Ranallo, removed WWE from his Twitter profile and deleted all of his tweets referencing WrestleMania. He also mentioned an upcoming gig with Showtime Boxing on April 22.

Mauro Ranallo Update – Missing Wrestlemania 33?

Mauro Ranallo, who we’ve reported has missed several weeks of announcing for Smackdown Live due to suffering from depression, has gone to twitter and revealed that he will not be working WrestleMania this year.

See his post below:

Mauro Ranallo Comments On Absence From WWE

Mauro Ranallo went to Twitter since March 13th to address his  absence from WWE. He thanked his fans for supporting him and said that his doctor wants him to stay off social media at the moment.

Here is what he said:

As reported, Maura Ranallo is believed to be suffering from depression at this time.

The Real Reason Why Mauro Ranallo Has Been Absent From Smackdown Live Commentating

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As some fans may have notices, Maura Ranallo has been ascent from Smackdown Live announcing for the past couple of weeks. This week WWE claimed that Ranallo was sick and was unable to make the show, while the prior week snow had kept him away.

Based on reports, the real reason Ranallo has missed these shows is because he suffers from depression. Mauro Ranallo has suffered from depression dating back to his teenage years and been vocal about his condition through social media and interviews.

Two closest friends of Ranallo have confirmed these reports and indicate that he’s doing fine and resting. This is not the first time Ranallo has missed events due to his depression. He has missed an Invicta MMA show for the same reason a few years back.

JBL Blocks Fellow Announcing Partner Mauro Ranallo On Twitter

Apparently there is drama boiling up on the Smackdown Live Announcers team.

Mauro Ranallo went to twitter and re-tweeted a fan tweet who was taking a shot at JBL. Well JBL didn’t like that so much and decided to out both of them by claiming he would “double block” them.

See the interaction below.

This was the fan tweet:

Here was Mauro and JBL response.