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LIVE: Ramblin’ About Wrestlin – EP 126 – Survivor Series 2017 Prediction Show

Tonight, we run down the card for Survivor Series and give you our predictions for tonights show! Also, we’ll be live right after the show with our review show! Subscribe & Share with your friends!

Smash This Podcast | Konnan Lead Writer For “Aro Lucha” | Update On Lucha Underground Season 4

My thoughts on this very interesting news about Konnan and a NEW Lucha Libre show Aro Lucha! Thanks for watching! Ring that bell for notifications!

Credit for info given here is from Masks, Mats & Mayhem Ep #81:

JLW Podcast #78 – RAW Baltimore, Bound for Glory 2017 Predictions

Welcome to Episode 78 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. Joshie talks about the following topics.

– The importance of self awareness. Josh goes over his experience of wrestlers and promotions charging him money for interviews.

#YANClub MOTW. Josh RANTs on Disco Infero

– Halloween SmackDown Live. Praise for in-ring action between Owens/Nakamura, Roode/Ziggler and Big E/Rusev. Preview for next weeks SD Live from Manchester, England.

– Reaction to Breaking News: Jinder Mahal vs. AJ Styles for The WWE Championship

– RAW Baltimore Review. Returns of Nia Jax, Stephanie McMahon, Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman. Josh fills out his teams for both the Mens/Women’s RAW vs. SD Live Survivor Series Matches.

– Preview for NJPW Power Struggle 2017

– 2017 Bound for Glory Predictions

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Wrestling With (Ep31): How Haven’t We Been Cancelled Yet?

This week, Sam and Adam discuss surprising changes to WWE’s annual TLC event, the surprise in-ring return of Kurt Angle (or is it?), and AJ Styles v. “The Demon” Finn Balor in what is being called by the Diabolical Duo as “The Wrestling Bubble’s Wet Dream”.

As always, a strong sense of humor and listener discretion is advised.

JLW Podcast #75 – The Shield Returns, Hell in a Cell Review

Welcome to an extended special edition of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. Celebrating our 75th episode, we provide no filter audio

All audio clips are not exclusive property of Josh Lopez, it’s used to enhance the presentation of the podcast.

Josh talks about the following topics

– Proper Research, Misconstruing Opinions to Facts, and Reaction to the Jim Cornette/Santino Marella Fiasco

– Extended YAN Club MOTW. Dave Meltzer in his purest form.

– RAW Indy Thoughts: The Shield Return, Sister Abigail Assessment, Kalisto becoming CW Champion and structuring out the rest of the WWE TLC Match Card.

– Hell in a Cell 2017 Review

– Josh provides his take on the on-going NXT vs. Main Roster Narrative. (Hypocrites be forewarned)

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Smash This Podcast | Lucha Underground S3 Ep #39 Review & GFW Oct. 11, 2017 Review

Reviewing Lucha Underground Season 3 Ep #39 Ultima Lucha Tres Pt 3! Lets hear your thoughts as well below!

Discussing results from GFW Impact Wrestling from 10/11/17 Thanks for watching! Ring that bell for notifications!

Smash This Podcast | WWE Hell In A Cell Review | Shield Returns | Kalisto Is Champ & More

CM Stylez joins me to give our thoughts on last nights Hell In A Cell. What did you like or dislike about the show? Leave your comments below! Thanks for watching! Ring the bell for notifications!

My thoughts on Highlights from Monday Night RAW! Along with rumors of Nevilles departure from the WWE?

JLW Podcast #74 – WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Predictions, Tom Petty Tribute

Welcome to Episode 74 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast.

– Josh talks about the horrible Vegas Shooting, Trump vs Puerto Rico

– How Tom Petty affected Josh’s life??


– WWE RAW Denver Thoughts. What’s with the Shield hate??

– WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

– Josh airs his favorite Tom Petty Song: A Face in the Crowd from the David Letterman Show

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Smash This Podcast | Victory Road 2017 & Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Tres Pt. 1 Review

Giving my thoughts on this weeks Impact Wrestling episode “Victory Road”. Thanks for watching! Ring that bell for notifications!

My review of Lucha Underground’s episode this week, “Ultima Lucha Tres Pt 1” Thanks for watching! Ring the bell for notifications!

Smash This Podcast | Lucha Underground – Ultima Lucha Tres Predictions

Giving my predictions on the next 4 weeks of Lucha Underground episodes for Ultima Lucha Tres! Give me your predictions and thoughts going in the end of this season 3!