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Smash This Podcast | Konnan Lead Writer For “Aro Lucha” | Update On Lucha Underground Season 4

My thoughts on this very interesting news about Konnan and a NEW Lucha Libre show Aro Lucha! Thanks for watching! Ring that bell for notifications!



Credit for info given here is from Masks, Mats & Mayhem Ep #81:


Smash This Podcast – Bound For Glory Review & Jericho vs. Kennny Omega At Wrestle Kingdom 12

Giving my thoughts, the Pros & Cons of Impact Wrestling’s Bound For Glory 2017. Thanks for watching! Ring that bell for notifications.

Jaybone’s thoughts of the announced Jericho vs. Omega match at Wrestle Kingdom 12.

Smash This Podcast | Bring It To The Table – Ep #6 Review

Giving my thoughts on the WWE Network special after RAW tonight!
Thanks for watching!
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Wrestling With… (Ep.11): Pride & PPVs

This week, Sam and Adam discuss the upcoming Extreme Rules event, the biggest hits from SDLIve, live concerts, entitlement, and start celebrating Pride month in a very special way. The duo also field questions from the Best Audience in Podcasting. As always, listener discretion is advised.

Please note there were some tech issues by the end of the show, so the last 7 minutes is did not record to it.

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Jim Cornette Gives His Thoughts On Kevin Owens Winning The Universal Championship

Source: PWinsider.com

Jim Cornette commented on Kevin Owens Universal Championship win this past Monday on Raw. He sent the following statement to Pwinsider.com:

“Well, first off, it doesn’t matter to me personally because unless Owens is wrestling The Revival sometime soon, I’m not going to see his matches as I don’t watch Raw, but I am thrilled for him and his fans and anyone who enjoys his work in the ring. The one thing I will admit that I was wrong on with both Owens and El Generico/Sami Zayn is that I never thought they would change, but they did and for the better – they just weren’t going to change for what they were being paid by Ring of Honor! [Laughs] I’ve had a lot of people go after me on Twitter today but the reality is that we put the belt on Kevin Steen for a year in Ring of Honor and there was a reason for that. But, he’s won a title I don’t care about on a show I don’t watch, so it doesn’t effect me personally, but I am happy for him, his fans, his family and anyone that wants to see him succeed.”

No CM Punk on Raw – What’s Your Opinions?

Weep, this week’s WWE RAW broadcast is over and there was no CM Punkon the show from his hometown of Chicago, IL despite some rumors over the last day or so.

Give me your thoughts WarGods. Did WWE screw their fans? Is CM Punk the one screwing the fans? Was RAW still a good show? Let me know in the comments section below!

Thank you all for your continuing support!

Why Wrestling?

I always have people asking me, “Why do you follow or watch wrestling?”. I re-iterate asking “Why do people watch soap operas & television shows?”. Because Its a story that’s worth watching.

For wrestling fans, this is our soap opera in-a-way.. I call it a Mopera, because in reality it is a soap opera for men. It has acting, action, surprises, and people turning on people.. Its the idea that these multi-talented performers can portrait a story-line, while at the same time learn to take an impact.

I’ve trained to be a wrestler, and trust me your body does feel it. But the enthusiasm and interaction with the crowd and wrestlers is what people really look forward too. Chanting YES YES YES as 1000’s of others do it, really can send chills up your spine. Just as a rock concert when you hear your favorite song come on Live. You feel the need to move to it, to experience it, and feel the vibe as others do the same thing.

So when people ask me “why do I follow wrestling?” Well it’s because it’s my motivation and entertainment.

We, are wrestling fans and just because you don’t understand why, doesn’t mean that you have full right to judge or ridicule.


Carnage out!!