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Anthem Owner Explains Why They Bought TNA Wrestling

The financial post did a profile of Anthem Sports and Entertainment owner, Leonard Asper where he explains why the company purchased TNA Impact Wrestling.

In the interview, Asper explains that he and his brother were big wrestling fans growing up and noted that TNA was the second highest-rated program on the Fight Network.

“I like sports. But I’m not doing this because I’m a wrestling fanatic. It’s a business decision,” he said. “We want to own content as a company.”

When Anthem purchased TNA, there were legal issued with former TNA President Billy Corgan. In a recent comment, Aspers says in a recent comment that they are willing to work with COrgan down the line:

“He was going to do some other things in the wrestling world. We said when we get all of this blocking and tackling done, we’ll reconvene and see what we’ll do together.”

Check out the entire article here. 

Jeff Jarrett Reportedly No Longer Majority Owner Of TNA

Source: EWN

The current GFW vs. TNA storyline is not just a storyline on TNA television but was a real-life situation. The storyline is that team TNA vs. team GFW will fight for control of TNA on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling in a Lethal Lockdown match. The winning team will gain full ownership of TNA.

TNA and Jarrett made a deal where Jarrett would come into TNA, do an angle with his promotion (GFW), which would give his new promotion exposure and the assurances he can book TNA talents for upcoming GFW events in exchange of Jarrett giving up his ownership in TNA.