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Wrestling With…(Ep.24): The Autumn Wind Is A Drifter

In this week’s stacked episode of Wrestling With…, Sam and Adam discuss elements of Raw and SDLive, the Sexy Star/Rosemary incident, Alexa Bliss, and score the Cena/Reigns promo from Monday Night, and much more.

In other topics, The Daleys give their thoughts on Hurricane Harvey, a review of the animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn, and Sam geeks out over the Game of Thrones finale…while Adam tries to figures the show out.

As always, listener discretion and a strong sense of humor is advised.

First Promo For The Netflix Exclusive Series of G.L.O.W – Glorious Ladies Of Wrestling

As reported, Netflix is looking to add a new series to their line-up focusing on GLOW (Glorious Ladies of Wrestling) promotion which was founded back in 1986. Chavo Guerrero Jr, is heading this new series and released a teaser for it via Instagram.

See it below:


A post shared by Chavo guerrero jr (@chavoguerrerojr) on


Paul Heyman Comments On His Promo From Raw

As reported Vince McMahon cut Paul Heyman’s promo short this past Raw due to the audience focusing too heavily on Brock Lesnar and chanted that Goldberg sucked. Paul Heyman commented on that promo in relation to an ESPN.com’s recent story titled, Paul Heyman defines the art of the wrestling promo:

VIDEO: Eerie Video Promo From Erick Rowan Following The WWE Draft

Following last night’s WWE Draft one of the newest Smackdown Superstar Erik Rowan posted the following eerie promo on his personal Twitter page.

What are your thoughts about it?

Taz Calls Out The Rock For Gimmick Infringement

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to debut his “Rock The Promo” show on his new Youtube channel. The idea of the show features fans sending in wrestling-style promos with wrestling personalities judging them. There will be a 32-person bracket competition.

Taz who has been doing the same thing since the beginning of his CBS Radio series “The Taz Show”, wasn’t happy with the news and tweeted the following:

The Rock responded with the following:

Taz has this as a follow up


AJ Styles Mentions The Royal Rumble Pay Per View During RPW Live Event


Since multiple rumors of AJ Styles appearing at the Royal Rumble have been running rampant, AJ’s gone on to say that he won’t be at the event, until now.

A fan brought to the attention of MOC that during a live event that took place tonight for Revolution Pro Wrestling (RPW); AJ did a promo saying that if he’s not suffering from an injury and if there’s a spot at the Royal Rumble. The fan cut AJ off as they give him a loud reaction and the video cuts off. It’s unknown what the rest of the promo is, but if AJ’s mentioning the Royal Rumble, it’s a good sign he may be there.

See the tweet below with the video:

What Happened Following The Money in the Bank Pay Per View Last Night?

Once last night’s WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view went off the air, Dean Ambrose stood up in the ring and took a microphone from ringside.

He began to cut a two-minute promo about how there are technicalities in all forums of life. .

You can watch his promo down below:

WWE To Sign Huge Indie Talent(s), Stings Promo On Raw, & The Status Of The Ascension On Main Roster

– Sting’s promo on Monday’s RAW has his voice altered and was inspired by 1990′s gimmick The Black Scorpion, which was played by several wrestlers and feuded with Sting. There was a lot of “head scratching” backstage at RAW over why they would alter his voice. One source commented that they didn’t know what the issue was with getting Sting in the ring with a live mic, but “it is what it is.”

– MOC is hearing WWE will be making some pretty significant indie talent signings for NXT some time after the WrestleMania 31 Revenge Tour is over.

– Konnor and Viktor of The Ascension are the latest NXT stars that have failed to transition to WWE’s main roster successfully. Their stock has fallen a lot lately, as is clear by how they’ve been booked on WWE TV since losing to The Prime Time Players on RAW a few weeks back. Word is that their push is “dead” and they’re not expected for the WWE Tag Team Title match at WrestleMania 31.

Road Warrior Animal Responds To Ascensions Raw Promo

In a post on his official Facebook page, former Road Warrior member, Road Warrior Animal, posted a response to The Ascension’s recent Raw promo that took a shot at the team. You can read his statement below:

“The idiots in charge make the call everyone knows how stupid it is to copy icons yet they still do it. Do it in a mocking fashion to get heat I understand do it in a disrespectful way well that’s another issue that’s low and has no place in the business.

Where does it end and I usually are just are playing when I comment but this one is a shoot I believe they should have had Me Animal find a team. For some undetected odd reason they don’t do it. They missed the boat with Ascension and they missed it when my brother John was in the ring both great times to bring me in and they missed it.

They need to go to their merchandise numbers today and see we rank up with the main roster on selling merchandise for a reason.

Oh what a rush.”