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Smash This Podcast | Rey Mysterio To Be Anchor For ARO LUCHA

Giving my thoughts on Rey Mysterio being announced for the first Aro Lucha show along with many others. Thanks for watching! Ring that bell for notifications!

Rey Mysterio Hypes Randy Orton, Talks Lucha Underground & Who He Thinks Is The Best Wrestler In The Business

Current Lucha Underground talent Rey Mysterio spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard and discussed Lucha Underground, Ricochet and more.

Here are some highlights:

Who he believes is the top talent in WWE is:

“Randy Orton is, in my eyes and in my heart, the best wrestler in that company,” said Mysterio. “I’m not talking about high flying, I’m not taking about the fast-paced acrobatic style. To me, he’s the best in WWE right now. I don’t think there is ever going to be a guy that works the style he does. The way he carries himself in the ring means a lot to me. Randy has a great presence and style that can’t be compared to anyone, and nobody can imitate his style.”

“I actually use Randy Orton as an example to my son because he wants to start training in January,” said Mysterio, whose son was involved in WWE storylines in 2005. “My son is a big kid—he’s 6’1”, 205—and I insist that he must watch and learn from Randy’s style. Not to imitate, but just to learn from what he has done over the years and see his evolution into who he is now. I have tremendous respect for that man. He’s an awesome human being, and he’s a general in the ring.”

What sets Lucha Underground apart from other promotions:

“Lucha Underground is a completely different atmosphere compared to what I was accustomed to for the last 14 years from schedule to staff to talent,” said Mysterio. “Some wrestlers will tell you that wrestling is wrestling, but, for me, it’s always exciting to get to step into the ring with different opponents. I learn from each match that I have, especially when it’s a different opponent. That’s something I’ve picked up over the past year-and-a-half at Lucha Underground. I’ve been able to wrestle with a different caliber of wrestlers like Pentagon, King Cuerno, Matanza, the signature match at the end of Season 2 with Mil Muertes, Marty the Moth, and it’s just a variety of talent that has kept me up on my toes because the competition is big.”

His thoughts on Ricochet & being the future of the business:

“Prince Puma [Ricochet] is the crispest dude in that ring,” said Mysterio. “I truly believe that he’s the future of this sport. I know there is a lot of talent out there that is incredible, and maybe I haven’t seen some yet or I’m not aware of others, but after sharing a corner in the ring with Prince Puma—then sharing an opposite corner with him—I believe that he is the best wrestler out there right now. That’s because his talent is just amazing—the precise moments, the way he executes each and every move, the timing, and the way he carries himself in the ring is just incredible.”

Check out the entire interview here. 

Rey Mysterio Gives His Thoughts On The Cruiserweight Division In Today`s Market

Rey Mysterio was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post and spoke on various subjects, which included how the wrestling business has changes.

“I think starting from the very beginning, the styles have changed a lot. I think that’s due to the fact that you see more lightweights coming around. I didn’t think this would happen at all because for a long time management kind of just pushed us aside. It seems like something that was often talked about in 1996 and 1997—in the early WCW years. Along with Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko, we got that whole Crusiserweight division pumped up and ready to go. It lasted while it was in WCW. When WWE purchased the company, it kind of just went away. I remember Dean pushing for the division’s return for so many years and they never really pursued it, you know? Finally, after all these years it’s out there and that’s the whole evolution of this business. It might be a bad thing to say but the heavyweights don’t rule this world anymore. It’s all about the style and what you can bring to the table—how exciting you can be. The show has to catch your attention. And I think the Cruiserweights know how to do that.”

Read the entire interview using the link above.

Rey Mysterio’s Son Training To Become A Professional Wrestler

Former WWE Star Rey Mysterio announced on Konnan’s ‘Keepin’ it 100′ podcast, that his son Dominic is training to become a professional wrestler.

See what he had to say below:

“Come January, I’m gonna get him in the ring and see how his reflexes are as soon as he steps into the ring. See what he can do, what he cannot do … and then go from there. And Konnan, I think he’s gonna be a apart of this once I get him in there.”

Has WWE Contacted Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio To Return?

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Though original reports (started by Forbes.com) stated that WWE tried to contact Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio about returning for the upcoming Brand Split, WWE has not contacted either man as of this writing. The Forbes report claimed that WWE had reached out to Hardy and Mysterio as well as manyother talents for a return for the upcoming Draft. Jeff Hardy is currently under contract to TNAWrestling while Rey Mysterio has an exclusive deal with Lucha Underground. Those contracts prevent them from returning to WWE at this time.

Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio Reportedly Contacted By WWE


WWE has reportedly contacted Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Goldberg about returning to the company for the upcoming WWE brand split. Reports are indicting that WWE wants to use Angle on SmackDown, and possibly team him with current WWE NXT tag team American Alpha. WWE is also reportedly interested in bringing back Carlito, John Morrison, JTG, Shad Gaspard and Shelton Benjamin.

VIDEO: Rey Mysterio Talks Lucha Underground, Return to WWE & More

Rey Mysterio sat down with HuffPosts Entertainment, Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani and talked about several subject in regards to wrestling, Lucha Underground, his support system, a possible WWE return and more.

Check out the interview below:

Backstage News Of Rey Mysterio Returning To AAA

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Rey Mysterio is reportedly returning to AAA as the financial issues between both sides have been resolved. According to reports, there are still two dates left on Mysterio’s original contract. He is expected to work those two dates and possibly more.

As of this writing, there is no word on if he’ll be signing a new contract and working additional dates. AAA wants to keep the relationship with Mysterio because a bunch of top talents have left the company in recent months. The promotion would like to use Mystero in a similar way to the way WWE uses Brock Lesnar as far as schedules are concerned.

Kurt Angle Set To Face Rey Mysterio In March

Kurt Angle will be working his first pro wrestling event after his TNAdeparture when he wrestles Rey Mysterio at an upcoming show for the UR Fight promotion. Angle finished up with TNA during last month’s UK Tour.

The event takes place on March 20 at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona and will air on IPPV.

Rey Mysterio Talks Leaving WWE & Kalisto


Rey Mysterio was a special gust on the Scott Fishman of the Channel Guide Magazine to promote Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network.

Here are some highlights.

On being released from WWE and joining Lucha Underground:

“I was with WWE for 14 years, and besides that, I’ve always belonged to a certain company,” Mysterio said. The fans were waiting for me to pop up on Lucha Underground. The relationship between the style and how I was raised in the sport, putting those two together was a perfect match. Once I had complete release from WWE, then we really started to think of a game plan.”

On comparisons between him and Kalisto:

“There is no need for jealousy, for regrets. If anything, I’m very happy for him to get the chance to succeed and could eventually become World champion.”

Read the entire interview here.