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Where Are They Now – Santino Marella

WWE caught up with Santino Marella at his gym in Mississauga Ontario, Battle Arts Academy.

I am showcasing this video just because Battle Arts along with Anthony and Yuki, have truly changed me this last year I’ve been training under them. I never understood the term “respect your dojo” until I actually started at Battle Arts. It’s a place where the stresses of your everyday life can be put on hold the moment you step foot on the mat or ring. It’s a place that means a lot to me being a student there and frankly I always love seeing the deserved attention it gets.

Santino Marella Shares Who He Wants To Win The 2017 Royal Rumble

Former WWE star Santino Marella, was recently interviewed by Justin Barrasso of SI.com and spoke about who he wants to win the 2017 Royal Rumble.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I love Brock Lesnar and hope he wins,” said Marella. “I’d have him eliminate Undertaker at the end. That would be a good swerve. Everyone would think Undertaker was going to get his revenge on Brock, and then Brock would eliminate him, as to say, ‘Not today.’ But there are a lot of big names in the Rumble, which means there will be all these big names who don’t win.”

Check out the entire interview here. 

Santino Marella Says Talents Like James Ellsworth Are Giving Kids An Unrealistic Expectation Of Pro-Wrestling

Former WWE star Santino Marella appeared on The Steve Austin Show to talked about various topics which included talents like James Ellsworth giving kids an unrealistic expectation about making a living in Pro Wrestling:


“I have a couple of kids who are great, talented, 5’11”, 6’0″. You can’t walk around and show up at 160 [lbs.]. You can’t show up at 138 lbs. Just, you’re going to get hurt and I’d be doing you a disservice if I said you wouldn’t. And I’ve become brutally honest with these guys. There [are] guys like, right now, James Ellsworth or Spike Dudley, and just having them kept that hope alive, so there is a chance because those guys have been there and from time to time they get these little, scrawny guys and it sets up a lot of these kids for disappointment.”


VIDEO: Santino Marella Explains Why John Cena Is Respected In The Locker Room

Anthony “Santino Marella” Carelli discusses the hierarchy of the locker room, why John Cena deserves being the face of the WWE and more in part 2 of the Fight Network’s exclusive: Retrospective.

Details From The Global Force Wrestling Event Filmed At Battle Arts Academy

Here is some details in regards to the Global Force Wrestling show filmed at Battle Arts Academy (Santino Marella’s School In Mississauga, Ontario) this past weekend.

  • The event was filmed with a full cameras setup within the Don Kovlov Arena (Battle Arts). Joe Dombrowski did ring announcing. Former TNA Star Johnny Devine along with Destiny promoter George “Iceman” Menes provided commentary.
  • The show drew 250-350 fans in attendance
  • There were said to be a lot of travel issues for the event. Cat Powers, Phil Atlas & Tariq were all scheduled for the show, but due to travel issues coming from Timmins Ontario, were replaced by Kat Von Heez, Bobby Sharp & Dustin Quicksilver.
  • Kongo Kong who arrived with the replaced talents listed above was already in gear and painted the main event.

VIDEO: Teaser For Retrospective: Anthony “Santino Marella” Carelli

The Fight Network filmed Retrospective on Anthony “Santino Marella” Carelli. See a teaser for part 1 below.

You can catch part 1 on September 28th at 7pm EST on the Fight Network Channel.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley took to his Facebook page to thank recently released WWE star Santino Marella.

Here’s what he had to say:


Thank you, Santino Marella, for making me laugh out loud countless times.

Thank you, Santino, for giving me one of the best/most ridiculous moments of my career, ‪#‎SockVsCobra‬ at Royal Rumble 2012.

Thank you for being selfless enough to willingly exchange your real-life persona as a world-class tough-guy in order to make us smile.

Thank you, Santino, for making me jump up from my couch with every near-fall in the 2012 ‪#‎EliminationChamber‬. Amazing!

Thank you, Santino, for showing me that one of the funniest men inside the ring could be so thoughtful and introspective outside of it.

Thank you, Santino, for preparing for your future even while you were living the dream. The Battle Arts Academy (visitwww.BattleArtsAcademy.ca) in ‪#‎Mississauga‬, ‪#‎Ontario‬ is a testament to your vision, sacrifice, and caring.

Thank you, my friend.

MOCLive – WWE Raw Recap – Slammy Awards Time

Source: WWE.com

Show: Raw & Slammy Awards

Date: December 21, 2015

Author: Cade Carnage

Venue: Taget Center, Minneapolis, MN


Welcome my Glorious Wargods to your Live Raw recap which also features the 2015 Slammy Awards. That’s right the Slammy’s are back one again signifying that the year is coming to a close. Here are the following awards set to be announced during the Pre Show and Raw episode tonight.

RAW Pre-Show:

  1. Rivalry of the Year
  2. Double Cross of the Year
  3. Surprise Return of the Year
  4. Best Original WWE Network Show

RAW Broadcast:

  1. Superstar of the Year.
  2. Match of the Year
  3. WWE Diva of the Year
  4. Breakout Star of the Year
  5. LOL Moment of the Year
  6. Extreme Moment of the Year
  7. “This is Awesome” Moment of the Year
  8. The OMG Shocking Moment of the Year
  9. The Hero Award presented by Coca-Cola

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Let’s see who wins tonight and if we’ll have any special returns.

Remember to keep refresehing for the latest update.

As for my GIF theme tonight, it’ll be Japanese game shows, why you ask, just because they’re crazy as fuck!


Raw Pre-Show

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Rivalry of the Year

Nominees are:

  1. Roman Reigns & Bray Wyatt
  2. Randy Orton & Seth Rollins
  3. Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D vs. Team PCB
  4. Rusev vs. John Cena
  5. Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

Winner: Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

Backstage: Paul Heyman accepted the award on behalf of his client and delivers a promo hyping Brock Lesnar as he is expected to return relatively soon to WWE TV.

Kick off Panel:

They show the Match of the Year brackets:

Embedded image permalink

They also identify some winners from earlier.

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Best WWE Network Original Program

  1. WWE Breaking Ground
  2. Table for 3
  3. Stone Cold Podcast
  4. WWE 24
  5. WWE Swerved

Winner: The Stone Cold Podcast

Corey Graves accepts the award and say he’ll bring it to Steve Austin at the Broken Skull Ranch.

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More winners were announced from earlier today:

Embedded image permalink


Double Cross of the Year

  1. Jon Stewart attacks John Cena
  2. Paige turns on PCB
  3. Goldust & Stardust split
  4. Damien Mizdow Throws Miz Out of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal
  5. Randy Orton turns on Seth Rollins

Winner: Damien Mizdow

Backstage: Damien Sandow was going to accept the award but Miz comes in and accepts the award instead. Miz tries to do a promo but Damien comes in and mimics Miz. Miz tries to stop him but Mizdown accepts the award and says that he’s top 10 in for Superstar of the year. Miz gets angry and leaves.


Extreme Moment of the Year

  1. Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker (Raw brawl)
  2. Luke Harper, power bombing Ambrose through ladders at Wrestlemania 31
  3. Seth Rollins breaks John Cena’s nose
  4. Roman Reigns attacks Triple H at TLC
  5. Neville’s cross body from the ring, on top of a ladder to Money in the Bank contestants

Winner: Roman Reigns attacks Triple H

Booker accepts the award as Roman is unable to come out at this time.


Here we go with Raw.

Raw opens with a video recap from last week when Roman Reigns won the WWE title on Raw.

Opener: Stephanie McMahon comes out first and makes her way to the ring to open the show. Stephanie welcomes the audience to Raw and the 2015 Slammy awards. She changes her focus on Roman Reigns and how he attacked her husband and father to capture the WWE title. Stephanie says that McMahon’s do not wallow in self pity, but rise to the occasion. She’s about to hype tonight, until Roman Reigns music hits and he makes his way to the ring through the audience.

Roman makes his way to the ring and Stephanie stands just watching and smiling. Roman gets on the mic and says that everyone is in a good mood, celebrating the Slammy’s and a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Roman though believes that Stephanie’s nice persona is a setup. Or Stephanie is trying to make Roman Reigns sweat in anticipation. Roman claims to not sweat, Vince, her or Triple H. Roman hasn’t seen him since TLC and wants her to deliver a message to HHH. Roman is here on Raw and the guy who carries the WWE title.

Stephanie is about to comment but instead says “get out.” She continues demanding for him to get out as a loud NO chant begins. They argue back and forth and Stephanie is getting angrier and angrier. Roman says that she sounds like a little kid which gets a reaction from the audience. Stephanie threatens him once more. Roman thinks about it but says that the audience don’t want him to leave. Stephanie yells some more and Roman still doesnt leave. He asks the audience is they want her relaly mad and turns his back to Stephanie McMahon. She does get angry and Roman laughs and walks out of the ring. Stephanie now begins yelling at Roman to come back in the ring and to not disrespect her. Roman walks through the audience and back up the steps.

Embedded image permalink

Stephanie threatens that Roman will witness his family break down. The calls that Usos will take on the New Day and says Dean Ambrose will face Sheamus in a steel cage. Roman looks back and laughs and taunts with the WWE title. Stephanie threatens that there will be hell to pay tonight.

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Announcers: They recap how fans can vote on the Slammy awards tonight and talk us through how to download the app…


Breakout Star of the Year

(Introduced by Dolph Ziggler)

  1. Kevin Owens
  2. Neville
  3. Charlotte
  4. Tyler Breeze
  5. Braun Strowman

Winner: Neville

Neville comes out saying that this was very unexpected. He thanks the WWE universe but before he could finish Kevin Owens comes out smiling. He comes face to face with Neville and gets on the mic saying that Neville winning should come as a shock. Owens says that he should have won and demands that Neville walk away. Neville says “what ever Kevin” and walks out. Kevin takes the mic and says that he is the breakout star. He’s the guy that beat john Cena on his first night. He focuses on Ziggler and says that the only way Ziggler would win a slammy is if they had a “has-been of the year award.”

Ziggler doesn’t take that likely and attacks Kevin on the stage. They brawl for a bit until the refs come up and split them apart.

In Ring: The Wyatt family are seen in the ring all of a sudden and appear to wait for an opponent. Kane’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring as Bray stand with his three other members of the Wyatt family.

Bray Wyatt (w/ Wyatt Family) vs. Kane

Singles Match

The match doesn’t last long as Kane and Bray fight it out for a bit. Kane slides to the outside and the Wyatt family just attack him. The ref calls for the bell as the Wyatt’s beat on Kane.

Winner: Kane via DQ

As they beat on him the Dudley’s with Tommy Dreamer run out and help Kane out scaring the Wyatt’s away and leading us to a commercial.

Embedded image permalink

The Wyatt family vs. The Dudley Boyz, Kane and Tommy Dreamer

8 Man Tag Team Match

When we come back from commercials the match turns into an 8 man tag. Team Dudley have the upper hand throughout the match and even deliver that crotch headbutt to Harper. They 3D Erick Rowan but get flattened by Braun. Kane takes out Braun and from behind Harper lands his spinning clothesline to D-Von and pins for the 1..2..3!

Winner: The Wyatt family


LOL Moment of the Year

(Introduces by Santino Marella)

Embedded image permalink

  1. Kazoo Moment with Edge & Christian vs. New Day
  2. Bushwackers HOF speech
  3. Miz erectile dysfunction commercial.
  4. Triple H & Stephanie Dance with New Day
  5. R-Truth comes out thinking he’s in the MITB Match

Winner: R-Truth comes out thinking he’s in the MITB Match

Santino says he will accept the award on behalf of R-Truth, just because he’s never won one yet and he’s funnier than truth. Truth comes out in a suit and demands for his award. Santino says ok but runs away with it. Truth runs after him and that ends that.

Announcers: They announce a match between Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler & Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose in a steel cage.

Backstage: Santa Clause backstage segment with Mick Foley.


OMG Shocking Moment of the year

(Presented by Paul Heyman)

Embedded image permalink

  1. Seth Rollins cashes in the MITB case at Wrestlemania 31
  2. Brock Lesnar destroys ringside & F5’s Michael Cole
  3. Kalisto’s Saleda Del Sol from the top of the ladder
  4. Wyatt’s family attacks The Undertaker
  5. Sheamus cashes in the MITB case at Survivor Series

Winner: Kalisto

Kalisto comes out to accept the award and says that moments like these are what makes him fly higher and thanks the WWE Universe.

Embedded image permalink

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

Singles Match

The match starts aggressively with both Owens and Ziggler brawling in the ring. Ziggler stops the momentum with a quick dropkick and tries for a sleeper hold on Owens. Owens breaks out and smashes away on Ziggler’s back. He lands a hard right hand and tries for a clothesline but Owens backs Ziggler into the ring turnbuckle and drops to the mat. Ziggler is forced to break the hold from the impact.

Owens continues the assault stomping away on Ziggler and lands a few forearms to Ziggler’s head. Ziggler begins to connect a few punches but Owens stops him with a hard shoulder tackle and yells “I’m the breakout star.” Owens goes to the outside and throws Ziggler into the barricade and rolls him back into the ring. Owens locks in a choke hold and grounds the action for a bit. Ziggler fights his way to his feet and lands a jaw breaker and breaks the hold. He runs off the ropes but Owens catches him and drops Ziggler on his knee. Owens lands his senton and pins for the 2 count.

Ziggler tries for a quick pin but gets stopped by Owens. Owens keeps the advantage over Ziggler some more with choke holds only wearing Dolph down. Ziggler fights to his feet and takes Owens into the corner. Ziggler lands a running cross body but Owens explodes out of the corner landing a hard clothesline. Owens tries for a suplex but Dolph counters into a jumping DDT and we head to yet another commercial break.

When we return from commercials Owens lands a front dropping suplex to Ziggler from the corner second rope. Owens goes for his pop-up power bomb but Ziggler counters into a super kick and that take Owens to the outside. Ziggler tries to attack, but Owens throws Ziggler on top of the announcers table. He takes Ziggler back into the ring and as Owens climbs back in Ziggler lands a fameasser and pins for a close 2 count.

Ziggler tries for an attack but Owens hits his pop-up power bomb and pins for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Kevin Owens


Superstar of the Year

(Presented by Stephanie McMahon)

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Ever WWE superstar was eligible for this award

  1. Roman Reigns
  2. Sheamus
  3. John Cena
  4. Kevin Owens
  5. Dean Ambrose
  6. Bray Wyatt
  7. The New Day
  8. Brock Lesnar
  9. The Undertaker
  10. Kane
  11. Seth Rollins
  12. Sting
  13. Plus remaining WWE superstars

Winner: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins music hit and he does come out on crutches to accept his award. He gets a great ovation from the audience. All i can say is that this man is good at capturing any and all the gold.

Rollins waits at the podium and says that there’s a tiny part of him that wants to say thank you, but was there any other option for Superstar of the year? Rollins recaps his accolades during 2015 which made him the star he is today and focuses on his injury. As quickly as the success came, one wrong landing made everything worth nothing. He focuses on the camera and says that in 2016 he will redesign, rebuild and reclaim his WWE title which he never lost.

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Announcers: They recap that next week on Raw John Cena makes his return and faces Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger

 Non Title Singles Match

Alberto takes the advantage throughout this match with the remaining members of the League of Nation (Sheamus, Barrett and Rusev) cutting off the stage area. Del Rio throws Swagger against the barricade and we cut to commercials.

Embedded image permalink


When we return from commercials Del Rio lands a drop kick to Swaggers head and pins for a 2 count. Del Rio lands a few clotheslines in the corner and hits a DDT giving him yet another 2 count. Del Rio tries for his side head kick but Swagger counters landing his Olympic slam and lands his Swagger bomb. Swagger pins but only gets a 2 count. He tries for a super plex, but Del Rio pushes him over, hangs him over the corner turnbuckles and Del Rio lands his double stomp giving him the 1..2..3!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Following the match Sheamus lands his Brogue kick on Swagger and all of them stand above him.


Hero In All Of Us Reward (Presented by Coca Cola)

(Presented by Mark Henry)

Embedded image permalink

  1. Natalya
  2. Roman Reigns
  3. Big Show
  4. Titus O’Neil
  5. John Cena

Winner: John Cena

John Cena isn’t there to accept the award and Henry says he accepts the award for Cena and will continue to work hard for the WWE audience.

Announcers: They recap the awards that happened on the WWE Raw Pre-Show which you can see at the start of this article.


Surprise Return Of The Year

(Presented By Santa Clause “Bo Dallas”)

Embedded image permalink

Clause comes out and pretends to throw presents, but has non and surprises everyone by revealing himself; Bo Dallas. Dallas says that Santa is real and all people have to do is Bo-lieve. He announces the nominees.

  1. Dudley Boyz
  2. Chris Jericho
  3. Alberto Del Rio
  4. Kane
  5. Sting

Winner: Sting

Bo Dallas (Santa) accepts the award on his behalf and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

In Ring: New Day are in the ring and says that they’re there for the fans but yell at them for not voting for New Day as the Tag Team Champions of the year. They yell shame at everyone for not voting for them and since the audience wants to spoil the Slammy’s they’re going to spoil Star Wars. New Day was going to spoil something before Kofi Kingston stops him and says he hasn’t seen it. Regardless they are still the WWE tag team champions and begin a “New Day Rocks” chant.

Embedded image permalink

New Day vs. The Usos

3 on 2 Handicap Match

The match sees the Usos taking the advantage over the New Day early on and work away on Kofi Kingston. Jey lands a side head kick and goes for the hip attack but Xavier and Big E pull Kofi to the outside. Usos try for the double suicide dive but New Day move out of the way and Usos stop themselves in the ring. They stare off as we cut to commercials.

When we return from commercials Usos are still on the offence. Landing a double elbow drop on Xavier. Big E distracts the ref and Kofi manages to hit an illegal kick to Jimmy. New Day begin their rotating stomp and Xavier grabs his trombone. BIg E throws Kofi against Jimmy and honks away with the trombone. Kofi lands a head kick and pins for a 2 count. Big E tags in and locks in a abdominal stretch but Jimmy fights out with headbutts. Big E takes him to the corner and lands a running shoulder to the gut. Big E gets a two count. Xavier tags in and tags in Kofi. Both land a running clothesline and stomp to Jimmy. Big E tags in and lands a high body splash and pins for a 2 count.

Big E takes Jimmy to the top rope and tries for a super German suplex but Jimmy fights out with elbows to the head. Big E falls to the mat and Jimmy lands a spinning body splash and takes out Big E. Big E tags in Xavier and Jimmy manages to throw him out of the ring. Jimmy kicks Kofi and Big E off the apron. Jimmy reaches and finally tags in Jey.

Jey comes in kicking Xavier Woods all around and lands a corner body splash. He calls for the hip attack and hits it. Big E tries to attack but Jey lands a side head kick taking him to the outside. Jey lands a Samoan drop on Xavier and pins but Kofi runs in and stops the count. Jey takes him to the outside and they try for their suicide dive. They run the ropes but Big E grabs Jimmy and pulls him under the ropes. Jey lands a super kick to Big E but gets rolled up by Xavier Woods. Woods gets a two count, but Jey counters pinning Xavier and giving him the 1..2..3!

Winners: The Usos

Embedded image permalink

Announcers: They recap once again how fans can download the WWE app to vote for the Slammy Awards.


Diva of the Year

(Presented By R-Truth)

Embedded image permalink

R-Truth comes out with his Slammy Award and says he caught up with Santino Marella.

Here are the nominees:

  1. Nikki Bella
  2. Naomi
  3. Paige
  4. Sasha Banks
  5. Charlotte

Winner: Paige

Paige comes out, but R-Truth comes to her and says that he made a mistake and says that Paige was runner up. This was a shot as Steve Harvey actually messed that up during the miss america pageant.. They argue and Truth reveals that Nikki Bella was the actual Diva of the Year.

Embedded image permalink

Real Winner: Nikki Bella

Neville vs. Rusev 

-Miz on Commentary-

Singles Match

Embedded image permalink

Rusev holds the advantage as the match starts with Miz on commentary. Miz hypes Neville and talks good about him as Sheamus, Barrett and Del Rio are at ringside blocking the ramp. Rusev rolls to the outside but Neville meets him with a rebound cross body. Rusev catches him and throws him against the corner post and t-bone suplexes him on the outside mat leading to another commercial break.

When we come from commerials Rusev lands a running cross body on Neville in the corner. He tries for another but Neville takes Rusev to the outside in front of the remaining League of Nations. Neville climbs to the top rope and lands a top rope moonsault on Rusev to the outside. Neville rolls Rusev into the ring and lays him out with a hard head kick. Neville tries for the red arrow, but Rusev rolls out and lands his side head kick and locks in his Accolade. Neville taps out to end the match.

Winner: Rusev

Following the match his League of Nations group comes in to celebrate. They focus on the loser of the match and Sheamus Brogue kicks Neville.

Embedded image permalink


This is Awesome Moment of the Year

(Presented by The Miz)

  1. Bock Lesnar Destroys The Cadillac
  2. Randy Orton RKO from the Skull Crusher
  3. The Divas Revolution
  4. Shield Minor Reunion
  5. The Rock & Ronda Rousey At Wrestlemania 31

Winner: The Rock & Ronday Rousey at Wrestlemania 31

Miz accepts the award on behalf of the Rock and Ronda and hypes his upcoming movie “santa’s little helper.”

Becky Lynch (w/ Charlotte) vs. Brie Bella

Divas Singles match

Ohhh man, I completely zoned out during this match. I came back realizing that I was watching these two for the 100th time and thought to my self… “does it smell like burning in here?” I wasn’t sure so I got up from my seat, taking the laptop to examine my surroundings. The smell seemed to die down and noticed there wasn’t anything to concern myself with. I came back to the couch, and set myself up once more. Laughing at the burning smell, but then realized that it could be a sign of seizures, and all of sudden I heard a bell and Becky Lynch was announced as the winner.

Sorry, i’m back.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Embedded image permalink

Becky Lynch got a clean submissive victory over Brie Bella.


WWE Match of the Year

(Presented by Ric Flair)

Embedded image permalink

  1. John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins (Royal Rumble)
  2. Sting vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania 31)
  3. John Cena vs. Kevin Owens (Elimination Chamber)
  4. Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens vs. Alberto Del Rio (Raw Fatal 4 way)
  5. Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker (Hell In a Cell)

Winner: Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker (Hell in a Cell)

Paul Heyman comes out once again and stands at the podium holding the trophy. The audience begin a “We want Lesnar” chant and Heyman “shoots from the hip” and says that Lesnar has no desire to come and accept awards, but has a desire to come out and fight. Heyman says that one man, one phenom stood up to Brock Lesnar and thanks him for being man enough to take the beating he took in the Hell in a Cell at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

Embedded image permalink

In Ring: The steel cage begins to lower for the Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose match, but then we get cut to the backstage area.

The League of Nations are attacking the Usos and laying them out in the backstage area. Jey and Jimmy get the arm lock and Accolade locked in and struggle and scream in pain. Sheamus lands two Brogue kicks to the Usos and says “two down, one to go.” They head to the ring.

Sheamus (w/ League of Nation) vs. Dean Ambrose (c)

Non Title Steel Cage Match

Embedded image permalink

As Ambrose begins to climb into the ring Sheamus takes advantage of a distraction and Brogue kicks Ambrose back out the cage door. Rusev, Barrett and Del Rio beat down on Ambrose at ringside and they roll them into the ring. The match officially starts and Sheamus begins throwing Dean against the cage wall a few times. Sheamus pins but only gets a 2 count. Sheamus lands a suplex and pins for another 2 count. Sheamus throws Ambrose head first into the cage wall and begins his beats of the Bowery. Dean counters catching the arm and headbutts Sheamus away. He tries to climb in but Sheamus lands a hard running knee and lays Dean out against the cage.

Sheamus tries to climb the cage but Dean catches his foot and pull him down. Sheamus lands a running forearm and lays out Dean as a “this is boring” chant begins. Those are never good to hear. Sheamus tries for another Brogue kick but Ambrose counters tossing Sheamus into the steel cage. They both get to their feet but it’s Dean who goes on the offence. He lands a few punches and slaps and lands a running clothesline to Sheamus.

We get cut to the back where Stephanie is watching. She appears upset that Ambrose is putting up a fight.

In the ring Ambrose tries to climb out but Sheamus catches him and throws him down. Sheamus now tries to escape but Ambrose climbs up with him and both men are in the corner standing on the ropes. Sheamus gets the upperhand and puts Dean on his shoulders and lands a white noise from the top rope. Sheamus pins and gets a close 2 count. Sheamus tries to climb out again but Dean again hangs onto Sheamus and pulls him back into the ring. Sheamus and Dean brawl away on the top rope but Dean trips Sheamus making him land on the top rope nuts first.

Dean climbs to the top of the cage but gets stopped by Barrett and Rusev who climbs it as well. Ambrose stands on the top and because he can’t go anywhere Ambrose jumps from the top and lands a standing elbow drop on Sheamus and pins but gets a 2 count. Ambrose struggles and asks for the door to be opened. He almost reaches the open door but Rusev begins climbing the catch, distracting the ref and Barrett shuts the door on Ambrose face.

Embedded image permalink

All of a sudden from the audience Roman Reigns runs in. He spears Del Rio, throws Rusev against he steel cage and hits him with a chair. He swings for Barrett but he misses and Barrett runs away. In the ring Sheamus begins climbing the cage but Roman climbs on the outside and meets Sheamus. He brings a steel chair with him and throws it into the ring. Dean Ambrose grabs the chair and begins whaling Sheamus. Hitting him across the back and in the gut. He lays the chair down and Ambrose lands his dirty deeds.

Embedded image permalink

Ambrose struggles to his feet and is trying to climb out of the cage. He reaches the top but Sheamus grabs him and stops him from escaping. Both climb to the top of the cage and sit down punching eachother back and forth. Ambrose gets a few headbutts and slaps and both climb to the outside of the cage. They brawl on the cage for a bit and Sheamus kicks him off to the outside matts, but in doing so gives the win to Ambrose.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Roman celebrates ringside and as Sheamus jumps to the mats Roman spears him laying him out. Roman and Dean celebrate the win.


Backstage: Stephanie McMahon is seen really pissed and Tom Phillips walks in asking for her reaction. Stephanie slaps him around like a ragdoll and almost knees him in the face.


Thank you reading. Stay around for tomorrow as Video highlights will be given.

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