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Cody Rhodes Accepts Challenge To Sell Out 10,000 Seat Arena For ROH

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer was asked on Twitter by a fan if ROH would ever sell out an arena with 10,000 fans?”

Meltzer responded to the question, saying “not anytime soon” which caused ROH star and former WWE talent Cody Rhodes to accept the challenge proposing that he & The Young Bucks would help Ring Of Honor sell out an arena.

Here are the tweets:

TNA Event Sells Out & Beer Money Hyped In The UK

The TNA iMPACT! Wrestling TV tapings in Bethlehem, PA on Saturday night were reportedly sold out which is very good. The show was heavily papered as one local bar gave away 40 tickets and numerous radio stations gave away tickets as well. Nonetheless, that’s still exposure for the company.

TNA Wrestling released the following video hyping the return of Beer Money’s to the UK during their Maximum iMPACT! tour at the end of this month: