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The Sidebar – EP 9 – RIP Smith Hart & NJPW G1 Special!

Tonight, the Ramblers talk about the passing of Smith Hart & NJPW G! Special!!! Call us with your opinions of the NJPW Special!

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Smith Hart Calls Seth Rollins An “Absolute Danger To The Business”

Bret Hart has been critical of Seth Rollins in-ring work following injuries sustained to Sting and Finn Balor and calling Rollins careless and dangerous. Well looks as if the Hart family agree. Smith Hart, Bret Harts brother went to his Facebook page and posted a long article discussing how dangerous Seth Rollins is following reports that a 20 year old student of his passed away at Rollins wresting school.

See his post below:

To the hardcore, die-hard, internet wrestling community I must ask when is enough, enough. I know my brother Bret has taken the lead in this topic, but I truly do not feel this is getting enough attention. Seth Rollins is an absolute danger to the business. Reports are coming out that a wrestling student has died while training at Seth Rollins school in Illinois. I have trained students for over 40 years and my family has trained some of the most well-known superstars of all time for more than 70 years and never has a student even been seriously injured let alone died. This is after numerous reports of his unsafe work in the ring. In the last year Rollins has critically injured in the ring John Cena, Sting, Finn Balor and even himself. Yet the hardcore audience stand by him as some sort of folk hero. Why? This “performer” has limited charisma, limited personality and absolutely no psychology. Does he do fantastic highspots? Yes. And is he a magnificent crossfit athlete? Absolutely. But he is an absolutely horrible professional wrestler. The goal in professional wrestling is to make it look real without hurting anyone. But Rollins manages to do the opposite as he makes it look fake while critically injuring talented wrestlers. Take this buckle bomb which is the cause of many of these injuries. A logical, rationale human being would know that it would be physically impossible to “shoot” that move on anyone, let alone anyone 3 times the size of him, which most professional wrestlers would be. Perhaps he should follow his buddy CM Punk into the UFC to try shooting that move onto a Mickey Gall and see what happens. Their is zero logic into his moveset, just high spots for the sake of high spots and it is injuring people, ending careers and now killing people. I understand that little is known about this death as it is in the early stages. Likely it was more cardiovascularly related. But there in lies another issue. Rollins is a fantastic crossfit athlete that trained for years to have the conditioning that he does. He can’t logically expect everyone off the street to have that same conditioning right away and logically would need to implement a more graduated conditioning system. But beyond that why would anyone want to train under someone who has proven to be so reckless? With as many proven qualified wrestling schools and trainers in the world like Lance Storm, Team 3D, Dory Funk, Tom Prichard or Booker T, why would you waste your money and your health training under someone who has a higher risk of injuring you than advancing your career. Fans, friends, colleagues, I emplore you to band together to boycott anything involving Seth Rollins as fans deserve better than this and the talent/students of this business cetrainly deserve better. To those working in WWE, I emplore you to either cease booking this careless fool and/or send him somewhere to be trained how to wrestle properly. And finally to Seth Rollins, if you read this. Take consideration of the people you are working with and learn to work safe or give up and find another profession.

Smith Hart Blasts WWE For Not Inducting The Hart Foundation Into the WWE HOF This Year

Smith Hart mentioned on his Facebook account that his brother, Bret Hart, told him that WWE will not be inducting The Hart Foundation (Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Jim Neidhart) into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

He posted the following on Facebook:

I just got off the phone with my brother Bret, who called to wish me well. In talking to Bret, I can confirm that WWE will NOT be inducting Owen, Davey, Blue Blazer or even as Bret and I suggested, of inducting the entire Hart Foundation as a unit this year in Dallas for their fictional Hall of Fame. This once again proves that WWE’s Hall of Fame is nothing more than profiteering, grandstanding and political BS. It’s a shame, not only for the fans that still fill my inbox annually holding hope, but also for WWE as the task of filling 100,000 plus into Jerry’s world seems near impossible with their vastly depleted roster and horrible creative direction. A Hart Foundation induction on its own would not fill the stadium, but I’m sure would help more than the proposed inductions of The Godfather, Jacqueline or JBL (with all due respect). The reason given for the lack of an Owen induction is still our former Sister in law, Martha who still holds a grudge as if the tragedy happened days ago. Personally, I wouldn’t blame Bret or anyone in my family if they boycotted this year’s show.

WWE & Smith Hart Play April Fools Jokes On Fans

– WWE has used a John Cena vs. Randy Orton match for this year’s April Fools’ joke, you can see it below. See if you can spot the issues.

– Smith Hart also played an April Fools’ joke on fans by commenting on his Facebook post, many believe him. He wrote:

“I’m happy to announce I will be moving to Orlando to accept a position as a trainer within NXT to teach an emphasis on tag team wrestling. I’d like to thank my brother Bret for recommending me and believing in me. I’d like to thank Triple H and the McMahon family for allowing me this opportunity. I’d also like to thank my long time friend Pat Patterson for loosening Vince up during the negotiations. The future is now”

Smith Hart Reacts To The Recent WWE Releases & More

In a new Pro Wrestling Mania blog, Smith Hart (Natalya Neidhart’s uncle, Bret Hart’s brother) wrote about the releases of several wrestlers from WWE. Here are highlights:

On the pros and cons of being released: “I’d like to offer my perspective on this week’s spring cleaning efforts by WWE. It’s never pleasant for anyone to be fired, especially from their dream job. Sure, many in the internet wrestling community will condemn WWE for their booking, politics or choices of who was fired and I know from a creative perspective many of these talents will have much more creative freedom now that they are available on the independent circuit. But the negative is that with WWE being the only viable game in town right now, the ability to make a living will be much harder without job security.”

On Brodus Clay: ” I take great pride in the fact that Brodus originally opted for my Cambridge based school to begin his journey in the business. I have long since thought WWE officials missed BIG on Brodus Clay. In an era where the only super heavyweights on the roster include the 42 year old Big Show, the 41 year old Great Khali, the 47 year old Kane and the 43 year old Mark Henry that surely the 33 year old much healthier and much-more agile Brodus Clay could have been a tremendous asset in the WWE for years to come. But much like other stars of the past such as Junkyard Dog, Akeem, Dude Love and Rikishi, rather than promote Brodus as the monster he was, he was converted into a dancing fool for the kids. For a man that was at one time the personal bodyguard to Snoop Dogg who is one of the most prolific gangster rappers on the planet, promoting this monster should have come with relative ease. Brodus whose real name is George Murdoch is destined for greatness in Japan.”

On Camacho: “This one was shocking if for no other reason than he had recently been given a push in NXT. Although his tenure in WWE was lackluster as the bodyguard for a man primarily perceived as an enhancement talent, he is the son of WWE legend Haku and perhaps like many second generation stars could have been given a better look. One Idea I had was that considering his father’s 2001 return to the WWE came as the tag team partner of Rikishi, he could have been an often 3rd man in the corner of the Uso’s themselves 2nd generation sons of Rikishi. The two families have a long-storied history. With his release, I foresee Camacho ending up in New Japan tag teaming with his younger brother Tama Tonga. For those that have yet to see Tama in action, he is himself a tremendously talented young man. Perhaps the 2 may someday return to WWE in the future as a tag team.”

On Evan Bourne: “This one was the most shocking to me. Evan was one of the most gifted high flyers WWE has ever had. I remember speaking with Evan at Wrestlemania 26, he also was competing in Money in the Bank that year and I suggested to him about using his patented shooting star press off the ladder. He in fact did that evening and I’d argue that was the highlight of that match. I can`t speak for the current health of Evan Bourne, but I would venture that with talent like Cesaro,Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose dominating in WWE, it`s almost a shame to think of all the matches that won’t be able to happen now. I’ve always though Evan Bourne vs. Antonio Cesaro could have been great for business. Recently I suggested that perhaps he and Tyson Kidd could have formulated a new tag team that could have added a new dimension to the current tag team ranks. Evan Bourne will have no trouble whatsoever finding himself another job in wrestling. I will even make the bold prediction that he will make a surprise appearance at next week`s Ring of Honor pay per view.”

Smith Hart Reacts To The David Benoit Issues

Smith Hart posted the following on his Twitter account on David Benoit, Chris Benoit’s son. David Benoit was recently going to make his in-ring debut at a Hart Legacy Wrestling event. Chris Jericho helped get the match halted because he learned that Benoit wasn’t properly trained yet and complained to Hart.