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PHOTO: CM Punk Surprises AJ Lee For Her Birthday With Former WWE Diva

Former WWE Diva AJ Lee went to Instagram yesturday revealing that her husband, former WWE talent CM Punk surprised her for her birthday with another former WWE diva and “other lift partner” Celeste “Kaitlyn” Bonin.

See the posts below;

CM Punk would tweet out:

WWE Leaves Room For Royal Rumble Surprise Entrants

Based on reports, there will be more entrants announced for the WWE Royal Rumble match this week. WWE is still planning on leaving a few “surprise spots” with one of those surprises being Samoa Joe. Joe hasn’t been on NXT TV as of late, and is believed to have finished up all ties and feuds with NXT.

Please take note, that plans in WWE can change last minute.

Surprise Expected For Tonight’s Episode Of Monday Night Raw

Reddit Insider u/FalconArrow posted a tease for tonight’s RAW claiming that a a surprise is in line.

FalconArrow previously did tease of a HUGE surprise on Raw two weeks ago which ended up being Shane McMahon’s return to WWE, so we can take his notice of surprises somewhat viable.

Here is what he said about tonight in Chicago:

“You’ll probably want to tune in.

Admittedly a bit more generic than the Shane surprise. Something tells me you will still enjoy it though”

MOC: It’s hard to expect what “generic” surprise it may be, but it’s either a return with Cena, Rollins or Cesaro; or even Sami Zayn making his main roster return possibly setting up a match with Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 32, which was teased during the Royal Rumble.

It’s also worth noting that John Cena also teased earlier today some large news. It’s unsure if these are referencing the same big news.

What are your thoughts?

Triple H Promises Huge Surprise For NXT Tapings Tonight


Triple H took to his Twitter account to tease a huge surprise for tonight’s NXT tapings. Here’s what he wrote:


MOC: What do you think it could be?