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JLW Podcast #77 – WWE TLC REVIEW, #UnderSiege, The Art Of A Wrestling Nimrod

Welcome to Episode 77 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. Josh goes over the following topics

– The Art of being a wrestling nimrod. Also How Wrestling Media Creates Stars?


– WWE TLC Review. Big night for the RAW Women’s/CruiserWeight Divisions, Balor/Styles 1 and the crazy main event. Why people need to take a chill pill regarding Asuka? The Shield is not The Shield without Roman Reigns.

– Quick RAW/SD Live Recap

– Thoughts on the Survivor Series Match Card and the overall theme of RAW vs. SD Live.

Thank you guys and girls so much for taking time out your schedules to listen to this podcast, it truly means alot. #GiveJLWPodcastAChance

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MOCLIVE – WWE 2016 Survivor Series PPV Live Recap

Show: WWE Survivor Series
Date: November 20, 2016
Venue: Toronto Ontario, Air Canada Center
Author: Cade Carnage

Welcome my WarGods to your Survivor Series Live recap!

Tonight is a loaded show with Raw and Smackdown Live competing for the superior product. In addition Fantasy Warfare comes to life as Goldberg takes on Brock Lesnar following 12 years away from the ring.

Make sure to refresh for the latest details and highlights. Pictures hereunder sourced from @WWE. If there are any mistakes please let me know by sending me a message @MindofCarnage. 

If you wanted to check out MOC’s predictions. Click here. 

Let the show start.


Here are some of the matches from the Survivor Series Kickoff Show:

Rich Swann, TJ Perkins & Naom Dar vs. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari
Six Man Tag Team Match
Winners: Rich Swann, TJ Perkins & Naom Dar

Rich Swann gets the pinfall victory over Ariya Daivari following the standing 450 splash.

Kane vs. Luke Harper
Singles Match
Winner: Kane

Kane picks up the win following a chokeslam.


VIDEO: A video package hyping WWE2K17 opens the show focused on the Fantasy Warfare storyline between Brock Lesnar & Goldberg. In addition the upcoming feuds between Raw vs. Smackdown Live teams.

The 2016 Survivor Series Pay-Per-View begins!

Team Smackdown Live vs. Team Raw (Women’s Division)
Traditional Elimination Match

The women’s match kicks off the Survivor Series PPV. The Raw team comes out, but during the Smackdown Live team entrances Nikki was suppose to make her way out but cameras cut to the back and she is laid out holding her head. Daniel and a medic tend to her as Natalya comes in. She checks on her as well and Daniel tells her to head out and take her place. Natalya replaces Nikki Bella for the match.

Alciai Fox and Carmella kicks things off with a long clintch. They break and push eachother around a bit. Fox hits a dropkick and gets a nothern lights surplex on Carmella. She tries for a rebound move but Carmella coutners with a hurricanrana followed by a bronca-buster. Carmella pins for a 2 count. Fox manages to fight back but Carmella runs in and tags Becky Lynch. Fox tags in Bayley.

Before Bayley and Becky could clinch, Charlotte tags herself in. She comes to the ring, but Sasha tags herself in. All three women begin to argue back and forth until both teams run in and a brawl ensues. The ring clears and Becky and Sasha are left in the ring. Both go back and forth with a few pins until Charlotte tags herself in. Becky gets a few arm drags on Charlotte and goes for the Dis-Armer. Charlotte drags herself to the ropes and tags in Nia Jax.

Jax comes in and right away throws Becky around squishing her in the corner. Becky tags in Carmella who gets knocked out. Bliss gets tagged in and gets knocked out. Noami also tags in and tries for a second rope move, but Nia catches her and throws her backwards. Natalya comes in and looks to have some advantage over Jax but Nia lands a hard clothesline to Natalya and Carmella laying out the entire team. Fox tags in and Carmella manages to land a hurricanrana and tries for a buster again, but Fox counters and smashes her head against the turnbuckle. Fox lands her finisher and pins Carmella for the 3 count.

Carmella Eliminated (Smackdown)

Bliss comes in and attacks Fox, she lands her top rope finisher and pins for the elimination.

Alicia Fox Eliminated (Raw)

Charlotte comes in and attacks Bliss. Naomi tags in and lands a missile drop kick and takes out the entire Raw women’s team on the apron. Naomi goes to the top rope and lands a cross body on Nia Jax on the outside. Naomi lands a hard kick to Nia’s head but Nia catches it and throws her up the entrance. The ref counts to 10.

Naomi Eliminated (Smackdown)  

Sasha Banks and Bliss come into the ring and right away Bliss takes advantage of Banks with a choke. Natalya tags in but Sasha begins fighting back. She takes out the Smackdown team on the apron. She sets up Bliss across the ropes and drives her knees to her gut. She lands a double knee on Natalya on the outside and rolls her into the ring for a 2 count. Natalya tries for a suplex but Sasha fights back. Bliss attacks her from behind and Natalya gets a roll-up to pin Sasha for the 3 count.

Sasha Banks Eliminated (Raw)

Charlotte comes in and both her and Natalya exchange chest slaps. Natalya lands a German suplex and follows it up with a sit-down powerbomb. Natalya almost gets the 3 count until Nia Jax breaks it up. Natalya locks up the Sharpshooter but Charlotte manages to make it to the ropes. Natalya tries for a running boot, but Charlotte hits a hard big boot and pins Natalya for the 3 count.

Natalya Eliminated (Smackdown)

Becky comes in and takes out Charlotte with a suplex. Bliss tags in and both argue back and forth. Nia tries to attack but BEcky and Bliss try for a double suplex. Nia counters it and suplexes two women. Nia goes for a running move but Bliss couters and tries cross body. Nia catches her and Becky kicks her off. Becky manages to lock in the dis-armer and Nia Jax taps out.

Nia Jax Eliminated (Raw)

Nia attacks Becky  after the loss and throws her into the barricade. Charlotte lands a hard big boot to Bliss in the ring and pins her for the 3 count.

Alexa Bliss Eliminated (Smackdown)

Charlotte rolls Becky into the ring and throws her into the corner. Charlotte tries for the Figure-4, but Becky counters and comes back delivering a few clotheslines. She hits her T-bone suplex and connects a top rope leg drop and Bayley makes the save breaking the pin. Bayley and Becky begin exchanging punches with Becky landing the pumphandle slam. Becky pins but only gets a 2 count. Becky hits a running leg drop, elbow drop and tries for another leg drop, but Bayley moves and hits a running elbow to the head. Becky tries to counter into her submission but Bayley counters with a kick to the head. Becky tries again but Bayley runs to the ropes. Becky tries to pull her away, but Bayley catches her in the Bayley to Belly and picks up the 3 count pin.

Winners: Team Raw (Charlotte & Bayley)

Following the match Charlotte attacks Bayley throwing her against the outside barricade several times. She lands a hard boot to the face and walks off as the only winner referring it as “my moment.”

BACKSTAGE: James Ellsworth is walking backstage until he gets occasted by members of the Club. They make fun of his no-chin and says that he’s a nerd and “chin-it-to-win-it.” They make fun of him until Mick Foley comes in and stops them. James marks out with Foley and mentions that he is a huge fan of his. Foley tries to get James to join Raw, but Ellsworth says that he’s team blue. Foley walks off and Ellsworth turns towards Braun Strowman and says “don’t you know?” James runs away.

The Miz (c) vs. Sami Zayn
-WWE Intercontinental Championship-
-If Miz Wins, The Chhampionship Moves to Raw-

Singles Match

The match begins with both men clinch up. Miz gets the arm bar but Sami breaks out and gets a 1 count pin. Both men clinch again and this time Sami gets the arm bar and a quick pin for the 2 count. Sami re-locks the arm bar. Miz fights out and Sami catches a calf kick taking Miz to the outside. Sami tries for a rebound move, but Miz moves out of the way and Sami stops himself. Sami tries to grab Miz but he pulls him out and slams Sami’s head against the apron. Miz throws Sami against the barricade, but Sami rebounds with a backwards flip and takes Miz out. Maryse tries to get in his face but Sami shows her the hand! Miz attacks Sami’s leg and rolls him back into the ring.

Miz focuses his attack on the leg and lands a few stomps and quick holds to weaken Sami down. Sami manages to fight back and lands a few hard slaps to the chest and delivers a few punches to the corner. Miz ducks under one and kicks Sami’s legs taking him off the ropes. Miz slams Sami’s knees against the mat. Miz tries for a running move but Sami throws him to the outside. Sami tries for another running move but Miz grabs his legs and slams them against the corner post. Miz lands a hard stomp to Sami’s head and pins for a 2 count. Miz tries for the figure-4 but Sami fights out. Both men exchange punches in the middle of the ring until Miz kicks his knee out. MIz runs the ropes but Sami lands a HARD clothesline flipping Miz upside down.

Sami gets to his feet and clotheslines Miz to the outside. He runs the ropes inside the ring and jumps over the ropes landing on Miz on the outside. Sami rolls Miz back in and lands a front slam on Miz to give him a 2 count pin. Sami tries for the Blue Thunder bomb but Miz fights out. Miz tries for the Figure-4 but Sami breaks out. Sami tries for a kick but Miz fights back with a DDT and pins for the 2 count.

Miz mocks Daniel Bryan’s YES chant and does his running corner dropkicks and finishes it up with a running clothesline. Miz climbs to the top rope and tries for the Axe Handle, but Sami counters into the Blue-Thunder bomb and pins for the 2 count. Sami tries to his Helluva kick, but Miz rolls out of the ring. Miz rolls back in and Sami goes for a surprise pin. Miz kicks out and runs to a clothesline but Sami hits an exploder suplex in the corner. Sami goes for the Helluva kick but Miz counters, takes Sami to the mat and locks in the Figure-4-leg lock. Sami fights and struggles to turn Miz and manages to reversing the pain. Miz manages to roll again but takes Sami into the ropes making the ref break the hold.

Miz mocks Daniel Bryan’s chest kicks landing them to Sami. Miz goes for the last one but Sami counters and locks Miz into the figure-4-leg lock. Miz tries for the ropes but Sami pulls him back in. All of a sudden we hear the ring-bell go off without a tap. The camera pans over and Maryse was the one ringing the bell causing a distraction. Sami believes he’s won but Miz rolls him up and gets the 3 count pin.

Winner: The Miz (retains) 

BACKSTAGE: AJ Styles and Dean are backstage talking about their match later tonight and if the team listens to AJ Styles their team will win. They refrence their match at TLC and almost begin a fight until Shane McMahon breaks them apart. He says that can’t afford to lose another match tonight and asks them to focus. They both agree to work together.

Team Smackdown Live vs. Team Raw (Tag Team Division)
Traditional Elimination Match

The Raw team Enzo Amore & New Day both deliver promo’s during their entrances hyping how they will be the winning team. They end their promo’s with a “Team Raw Rocks.”

All 20 men in the ring go face to face as the ref tries to split them apart. He finally gets them split and Fandango and Big E start things off. Before they can clinch Fandango begins throwing “ugly” tickets all around. Big E attacks him from behind and right away, Kofi tags in and both deliver their finisher. Kofi pins for the 3 count.

Breezeango Eliminated (Smackdown)

Jey Uso quickly come in and lands a hard Superkick to Kofi and pins him for the 3 count.

New Day Eliminated (Raw)

Luke Gallows comes in and begins exchanging punches with Jey. Cass tags himself in and lands a hard headbut to the shoulder. Epico tags in and tries for an arm bar but Jey lands a hard punch. Zack Ryder tags in but Epico quickly gets the upper hand. Zack fights back with a flapjack and tags Mojo Rawley in. Mojo lands a bell clap on Epico and gets the audience behind him. Mojo cuts off Epico with some Football moves and tackles his legs. Mojo pins for a 1 count. Epico quickly lands a dropkick to the knee and tags in Primo. Primo stomps on Mojo in the corner and Gallows tags in. Gallows lands a running body slam in the corner and tags in Karl Anderson. Karl runs the ropes but Mojo stops him with a cross body. Zack Ryder tags in and goes on the attack. Anderson tries for a move in the corner but Ryder gets his knees up. Ryder tries for his running boot in the corner but Gallows pulls Andrson out. Ryder hits a sliding baseball slide but Anderson and Gallows double team Ryder and hit their finisher. Gallows pins Ryder for the 3 count.

Hype Bros Eliminated (Smackdown)

American Alpha come in and take out both members of the Club. Gallows manages to hit a hard punch to Gable and takes him to the Raw corner. Sheamus tags in and lands several stomps on Gable. Epico, Primo tag in and deliver a double team on Gable. Epico gets a 2 count pin and lands a few punches to Gable. Team Smackdown call out to Gable to have him make the pin but Epico locks in a choke. Gable tries to fight out, but Epico hits the tripleta (three suplexes) and pins Gable for the 2 count. Primo tags in hitting a double axe-handle. They try for a double team but Gable manages to take out both of them. Gable tags in Jason and both land a double move electric chair. Jason pins Epico and gets the 3 count.

Shining Stars Eliminated (Raw)

The remaining three teams step foot in the ring and a huge brawl ensues leaving Enzo/Cass and Rhyno/Slater in the ring. They manage to take out the Smackdown Tag Champs. Cass throws Enzo on the other Raw team on the outside. Cass and Rhyno take themselves out of the ring. Heath Slater climbs to the top rope and lands on all of the members on the outside. Chad Gable looks to do the same thing but Sheamus stops him quickly. Jason takes out Sheamus, and Cesaro tries for the swing on Jason. Gable stops him and throws him to the outside. Gable runs the ropes and gets belly-to-bellied to the outside on team Raw. Inside the ring the Club sneak back in and lands their finisher on Jason Jordan and eliminate the American Alpha.

American Alpha Eliminated (Smackdown)

Slater slides into the ring and tries to fight the Club but the numbers game is too much and they keep the advantage. Team Raw quickly tag in and out and work on Slater. Gallows tries to run the ropes but accidentally hits Enzo on the ropes. They argue as Heath tags in Rhyno. Rhyno hits the Gore on Gallows and pins for the 3 count.

The Club Eliminated (Raw)

Cass comes in and takes out Rhyno and Slater. Enzo and Cass hit their top rope finisher and Enzo pins Rhyno for the 3 count.

Heath Slater and Rhyno Eliminated (Smackdown)

The Usos who are the remaining team for Smackdown come in and deliver a double super kick to Enzo. Jimmy picks up the pinfall victory.

Enzo and Cass Eliminated (Raw)

Sheamus & Cesaro vs the Usos are the last teams available. Sheamus manages to land his forearms to the chest on the apron and tries for the Brogue kick but Uso brothers double team him. They try for the double superkick but Cesaro pushes Sheamus away and takes it fully. Sheamus hits a Brogue kick to Jimmy Uso and throws out Jey Uso. Sheamus pins but Jey runs back in. Sheamus still goes on the offence but the Usos manage to double team him and hits their top rope finisher. Jey pins but Cesaro runs in and cuts the count off. Sheamus manages to get momentum on his side and tags in Cesaro. Cesaro lands a few running forearms to Jimmy. Jimmy stops him but Cesaro still keeps the advantage taking both Uso brothers out with a few clotheslines. Cesaro takes out Jey Uso and delivers a 619 to Jimmy in the ring. He slides out and hits a running forearm to Jey against the barricade. Cesaro hits a cross body on Jimmy and begins his swing. He makes about 15 rotations. Cesaro tries for the sharpshooter, but Jey runs in and superkicks Cesaro’s knee. Jimmy lands a suicide dive on Sheamus on the outside. Jimmy locks in his new submission but Cesaro doesn’t stay locked in as he transitions in to the Sharpshooter. Jey tries for the superkick but Sheamus stops him with a Brogue kick and Jimmy taps out.

Winners: Team Raw (Sheamus & Cesaro)

Following the match Sheamus wants to shake Cesaro’s hand, as Cesaro reaches for it he fakes it and taunts towards the audience.

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie and Mick are celebrating in the back and happy how well Raw is doing tonight. They hype Cesaro and Sheamus and award them a Tag Team Championship match for tomorrow’s WWE Raw broadcast.

Kalisto vs. Brian Kendrick (c)
-WWE Cruiserweight Championship-
-If Kalisto wins, the Cruiserweight Division moves to Smackdown Live-
Singles Match

The match begins with both men shaking hands. Kendrick tries for a quick attack but Kalisto lands a fast Hurricanrana. Kendrick rolls to the outside and Kalisto lands a cross body from the ring. He rolls Kendrick into the ring and lands a springboard cross body and a 2 count. Kalisto runs the ropes and hits another springboard cross body for another 2 count. Kalisto lands a few punches, runs the ropes but Kendrick quickly hits a calf kick, and lands a snap suplex for a 1 count. Kendrick tries for Slice Bread finisher but Kalisto counters. Kalisto tries for his Soleda Del’Sol but Kendrick counters. Both men exchange pins over and over again until Kendrick hits a hard back elbow. Kendrick tries for the attack but Kalisto breaks it and lands a dropkick to the corner. Kalisto tries to pull him off but the ref pushes him back. Kendrick counters into a rollup sending Kalisto’s head into the turnbuckles. Kendrick hangs Kalisto over the apron pinned between the ring and steel steps. Brian dropkick the steps and climbs into the ring waiting for the ref count.

Kalisto jumps into the ring before the count of 10 and Kendrick goes on the attack. He lands a few forearms to the head and chokes him against the ropes. Brian Kendrick hits a suplex and pins for a 2 count. Kendrick locks in a choke hold and tries to keep Kalisto down to the mat. Kalisto manages to reach his feet and break out with a dropkick, but Kendrick holds onto Kalisto’s arm and jumps to the outside clothesling Kalisto using the ring ropes. Kendrick tries to climb back into the ring slowly but Kalisto stops him with a hard kicks. Both men get on the apron, and Kalisto hits a standing Spanish fly from the apron to the outside mats hurting both men. Kalisto throws him back into the ring and pins for the 2 count.

Kendrick rolls to the outside, but it doesn’t mean he’s safe as Kalisto runs the ropes and hits a suicide to the outside. Kalisto lands a few punches and sends Kendrick back into the ring. Kalisto climbs to the top rope but Kendrick stops him tripping him up. Kendrick tries for a super-reverse suplex but Kalisto catches him and tries for his finisher from the top rope but Kalisto stops him. Kendrick grabs Kalisto’s face and flips him to the mat locking in the captain’s hook. Kalisto struggles as Kendrick pulls back on the hook. He manages to reach the ropes and break the hold. Kendrick goes on the attack again focusing on the lower lumbar area of Kalisto. He tries for a running move but Kalisto stops him with a hard boot to the head. Kalisto lands a few kicks to the Kendrick, and follows it up with a AA looking move. Kalisto lands the hurricane-DDT and his finishing move. Kalisto pins but Kendrick manages to reach the ropes to break the pin.

Kalisto annoyed begins to climb to the top rope but all of a sudden Baron Corbin runs in and attacks Kendrick first. Kalisto jumps on Baron but he catches him and hits his End-of-Days finisher leaving Kalisto laid out.

Winner: Brian Kendrick via DQ (retains)

PANEL: Renee Young with Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Lita are talking about the matches still to come.

BACKSTAGE: Baron is walking backstage and gets confronted by Daniel Bryan saying that Baron cost Smackdown the cruiserweight division. Baron says that Smackdown doesn’t need little pests running around. Daniel says he’ll take care of him on Tuesday.

Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown Live
Traditional Elimination Survivor Series Match

Jericho, Kevin Owens and AJ Styles all received large pops from the audience. Before the match could begin both teams stand face-to-face until the ref breaks them apart.

Kevin Owens and AJ Styles kick things off for their teams. Owens and AJ go back and forth with some chain wrestling getting the audience behind them. Kevin ducks a dropkick, and tries for a senton but AJ Styles moves out of the way. Both men reach their fight and begin exchanging punches. Kevin Owens tries for his finisher but AJ breaks out and goes for his Pele Kick but Owens moves out of the way.  Both try for their signatures but both counter. Kevin Owens tags in Chris Jericho and gives him a big hug.

Jericho goes on the attack fast and lands a few punches to the head. He hits a shoulder tackle but gets dropped by a dropkick from AJ. Rollins laughs in the corner and Jericho yells at him. He slaps him into the match and tells him to fight. Rollins jumps in and faces AJ Styles. AJ though tags in Dean Ambrose, former members of the Shield face-off. Both men clinch up and again go back and forth with some chain wrestling. Nearing the end both men try for their finisher but counter and stare off. Chris Jericho tags himself in after that yells at Ambrose “you owe me $15,000 dollars.” Dean responds with a few punches to the face. Jericho fights back but Ambrose hits a few arm-drags. Jericho hits a dropkick and Ambrose tries for his rebound clothesline but Jericho stops him with the code breaker. Dean catches him throws him away but Jericho comes back quickly landing a dropkick. Jericho takes Ambrose to the corner and begins slapping him around. Dean counters and takes Jericho to the corner and rains down punches to the head.

Dean tags Shane McMahon in and he begins landing crazy punches to Jericho. He lands a few arm drags and takes Jericho to the corner. Jericho lands a missile dropkick and takes Shane off his feet. Jericho tags in Seth Rollins and he hits a suplex giving him a 2 count. Roman Reigns tags in and both men deliver a crotch stretch on Shane. Roman takes Shane to the corner and begins hitting several clotheslines in the corner.  Roman tags Rollins, and holds Shane as Rollins climbs to the top rope and hits a hard punch to Shane’s gut. Rollins locks in a choke but Shane fights back and hits a back body drop. Shane manages to tag in Dean as Kevin Owens tags in for Raw.

Dean holds the advantage over Owens as he hits a few running clothesline. Owens counters and takes Ambrose to the corner looking for his canon ball but Dean counters with a hard clothesline. Dean goes for another attack but Owens counters and tries for his powerbomb. Dean counters and tries for his finisher but Jericho attacks Dean from the back. Team Raw and Smackdown face off as all the members enter the ring except for Braun. Braun tags himself in and enters the ring. Both teams begin brawling it out. Dean tries for a suicide dive on Braun but he catches him and walks around the ring. Styles rebound from the ring and hits a forearm to Braun taking him out. As all men brawl it out, Owens climbs to the top rope and flips on all the members of each team. Kevin tries to grab Orton, but he back drops Owens on the barricade. In the ring, Shane tries to climb to the top rope, but Braun catches him and throws him back into the ring. Braun goes on the attack against Shane but gets stopped by AJ and Dean. Braun gets taken out by AJ and Dean and clotheslines to the outside by Shane McMahon. Roman and Rollins try and attack Dean and AJ but the Smackdown teams takes advantage and takes them out.

At this time AJ and Dean are the only ones in the ring and begin to argue back and forth. Dean eventually attacks AJ and Shane tries to break them apart. Braun Strowman comes back in and lands a running powerslam on Dean and pins him for the 3 count.

Dean Ambrose Eliminated (Smackdown)

Braun heads to the corner and throws Shane into the ring and begins whaling on him in the corner. Braun hits a hard running body splash. Braun turns and catches AJ who tried for the forearm and throws him out of the ring. Orton tries to get a quick RKO but Braun throws him away and takes Orton out. Braun tries for the running splash but Bray stops him. Bray yells at Braun to remember the family and attack. Jericho comes in telling him to not listen but Braun turns to him and grabs him by the throat. Braun through lets him go and attacks Bray Wyatt. He takes Bray to the outside and begins stripping the German announcers table at ringside. Out of nowhere Randy Orton comes from behind and lands an RKO to Braun on the table. Orton and Bray strip another table and look to smash Braun through it. They lay him on the table, and Shane McMahon heads to the top rope from the ring. He gets to the top, leaps and lands a hard elbow taking both him and Braun through the table.

Roman and Rollins run in and attack Orton and Bray at ringside. Roman and Bray clothesline each other to the time keeper’s area and Orton takes out Rollins throwing him against the steel steps. The ref counts Strowman as AJ helps Shane to the ring. As Braun tries to climb in, something under the ring holds his leg as the ref reaches 10.

Braun Strowman Eliminated (Raw)

Braun pulls James Ellsworth from under the ring and chases after him as he tries to run up the ramp. Braun takes Ellsworth and throws him off the stage through a few tables set up.

We focus back into the ring where Jericho pins Shane for a 2 count. Jericho tags Owens in and he connects several punches to Shane’s head. Owens hits a senton and pins for a 2 count. Jericho tags back in and hits a dropkick to Shane and pins for a 2 count. Jericho locks in a choke to slow down the action. Shane tries to fight back but Jericho drops him and hits his lion sault. Jericho tries for the pin but Shane counters into his own pin. Jericho kicks out and lands his code breaker on Shane. Randy runs in but Jericho hits the code breaker again. Jericho pins but against Shane kicks out at two.

Jericho tags in Rollins. Rollins stomps on Shane for a while and brings him to the Raw corner. Rollins lays out Shane and tags in Rollins. Jericho climbs to the top rope and tries for a splash but Shane moves out of the way. Shane manages to reach Styles and tags the WWE Champion in. AJ Styles takes Jericho to the corner and lands a neck breaker taking his knee to Jericho’s neck. AJ pins but only gets a 2 count. Jericho tries to counter into the Walls of Jericho, but AJ counters himself into the calf crusher. Jericho smashes AJ’s head against the mat, breaking the hold and again tries for the walls. AJ counters into a pin and lands a few shots to the head. He attacks Owens on the apron and tries for the Styles Clash on Jericho. Owens comes in and attacks AJ with the List of Jericho and hits his powerbomb finisher. The ref has to DQ’ed Owens for using a weapon.

Kevin Owens Eliminated (Raw)

Jericho yells at the ref and tries to pick up his list when from behind Orton comes up and hits the RKO. Orton pins Jericho for the 3 count.

Chris Jericho Eliminated (Raw)

Rollins and Roman are the only members for Raw left. Rollins goes on the attack against Orton but Orton’s quickness is shown as he hits his powerslam and slows Rollins down. Bray Wyatt tags in and lands a hard running cross body on Rollins in the corner and gets a 2 count.  Bray lands a few forearms to the face and tags Orton. Orton walks around Rollins stomping on his arms and legs. Orton takes him to the Smackdown corner and lifts him to the top rope. Orton climbs up with him and hits the Superplex on Rollins. Rollins tags in Roman as Orton tags in AJ. Roman gets the usual negative reaction as he takes out AJ with a clothesline. Roman also takes out Randy and Bray with the Samoan Drop. He hits it again on AJ Styles and lands a Niagara Driver on Styles for a close 2 count. Roman calls for the superman punch and tries for it but AJ catches him with his jumping kick. Shane McMahon makes the tag and comes in throwing several punches to Roman Reigns. He hits a DDT on Roman and counters a knee from Seth. Shane hits a spine buster on Seth and drives Roman into the corner post.

As Roman lays in one corner, Shane climbs the opposite turnbuckle for his coast-to-coast move. Shane heads to the top and jumps, but Roman quickly gets to his feet and hits a HARD spear. He pins Shane but Shane’s shoulder is up and the ref stops the count. The ref checks on Shane as he appears dazed and out of it and waves him off as medics take Shane out of the ring and helped to the back.

Shane McMahon Eliminated (Smackdown)

Team Smackdown begin to work together to beat on Roman but he fights back taking out Bray with a high dropkick. Roman tags in Rolling and Bray tags AJ. Rollins hits his flying knee on AJ and lands a suicide dive to Bray on the outside. Rollins lands a few forearms in the corner and tries for a superplex, but AJ slips underneath and delivers a kick to his head. AJ climbs back up but Rollins also jumps down and lands his own kick to the head leaving AJ on the top rope. Rollins jumps up and connects his Superplex, Falcon Arrow combo. He pins but Orton stops the count and attacks Rollins. He tries for a DDT on the mat but Roman comes from behind and attacks Randy Orton.

Rollins and Roman beat on Orton on the outside and notice that one of the announcer’s tables is still stripped. But they strip the other table at ringside instead and decide to powerbomb him through it but AJ comes in quickly and takes out both Roman and Rollins with a hard forearm. AJ goes back into the ring and taunts to the audience. All of a sudden Dean Ambrose runs back in and attacks Styles from behind. He beats on him as the audience shows their displeasure with Dean. Security comes out to take Dean the back but all of a sudden Roman and Rollins attack them. The Shield reunites tonight and triple powerbomb AJ through the table. Rollins rolls him into the ring and pins for the 3 count.

AJ Styles Eliminated (Smackdown)

Roman and Seth head into the ring and wait for Bray and Orton to make it into the ring. From one side of the ring Luke Harper appears. The Wyatt Family begins their attack on Roman and Rollins. Roman and Bray fight on the outside with Luke Harper interfering landing a hard kick to the head. In the ring Rollins takes out Bray Wyatt then runs the ropes and lands on Harper on the outside. Rollins climbs back into the ring and counters every attempt by Orton and Bray. Rollins climbs to the top rope and tries for the frog splash on Bray, but Orton sneaks underneath and hits a RKO quickly. Bray covers and gts the 3 count.

Seth Rollins Eliminated (Raw)

At this time Roman is the last member of Raw and the audience begins chanting “let’s go Smackdown.” Bray goes on the attack but Roman counters, hits the superman punch to Orton on the apron and takes Bray to the outside. Roman continues his attack on Bray as Orton comes from behind. Roman throws him into the steel steps. Roman throws Bray into the barricade and rolls him into the ring. Harper tries to interfere but Roman hits him with a spear. Roman climbs into the ring and Bray looks to his Sister Abigail but Roman counters and lands the superman punch. Roman tries for the spear but Orton pushes Bray out of the way and takes it all. Bray quickly hits Sister Abigail and pins Roman for the 3 count.

Winner: Team Smackdown (Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton)


Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg
Singles Match

Here we go with the Main Event of the evening. It has been 12 years since these two last faced off. Let’s see what this match has for us.

The bell tolls and right away Lesnar takes Goldberg to the corner. Lesnar stares at Goldberg but he pushes Lesnar right to the mat. Lesnar tries to get up and right away Goldberg hit the spear. Lesnar struggles back to his feet and Goldberg hits a second spear. Lesnar’s not looking good at this point as Goldberg stalks Lesnar. Goldberg hits Lesnar for the Jackhammer and pins for the 1..2..3…

Winner: Goldberg

That was a fast win… I mean like a really fast win. Wow…. Ok, Goldberg beat Lesnar he know holds 2 wins over the Beast in Incarnate.

Well that was an interesting finish. WWE literally just buried Brock Lesnar and in a way Undertakers streak. But,I’m not that one who makes the decisions so, guess we got to live with it.

Thanks for reading guys. Let me know what you thought of the show. I’ll upload highlights as they become available.

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