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Smash This Podcast – Lucha Underground Ep#36 & GFW 9/21/17 Review

Reviewing this weeks episode “Rise Of The Ring Announcer”

Reviewing this weeks episode of Impact.

The Sidebar – EP 11 – #F*ckThatOwl

Tonight, we discuss Reby Hardy’s continuing Twitter war with Anthem, Reigns & Cena exchange words on Twitter & more!

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Smash This Podcast | GFW Slammiversary Review & More

Giving my thoughts on GFW’s event this past Sunday, TNA becoming GFW and more.
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PODCAST: Wrestling With… (Ep.9): Backlash In A Black Hole Sun

This week on a wild Wrestling With…, Sam and Adam deliver their unique and comedic take on Raw and SDLive, Backlash, the Bullet Club, and much more. The First Family of the IWC also answer questions from the Best Audience In Podcasting, and pay homage to Chris Cornell. Also in this episode, scientific evidence hell has frozen over, as Adam thanks Baron Corbin. 2017 really is a weird year.

As always, listener discretion is advised.

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Victoria Reveals Which Company Forgot To Renew Her Contract

Former WWE and impact Wrestling talent Victoria [Tara in TNA], noted on twitter which company forgot to renew her contract. There was speculation that WWE had forgot to renew her contract, but it turns out to be TNA [at that time]/ Impact Wrestling.

See her tweet below:

Simon Gotch Talks WWE Talents Watching Final Deletion Backstage

Former WWE talent Simon Gotch was recently interviewed by Journey of a Frontman. During the interview he talks about how WWE talents were watching the Hardy’s Final Deletion backstage.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Chris Jericho had actually been given an advanced copy of it because Matt had done his podcast and he gave him a copy of it. So when we were over in Japan for a couple days, he was showing it to us. He was telling us that this video’s insane, it’s insane, it’s insane, it’s insane. So we had a viewing and Cena sees everybody laughing and asks what’s going on. And we were like, “Oh, we’re watching this Matt Hardy video.” And he asked how it was. I said, “Try and imagine the worst thing you’ve ever seen WWE do. Then imagine if somehow it was good.” And he looks at me for a second and he goes, “I don’t want to come in halfway. Please tell me when it is over. I would like to watch it.” So it finishes and we’re all dying laughing because it’s just the most insane thing anyone’s ever seen. I actually brought it up to Chris and found out he ended up bringing it up to Matt at Mania. If you watch the video when he lights the fire, Matt actually gets engulfed in a ball of flame for a second. If you watch it closely when he throws the fire down, pay attention to Matt. Don’t look at Jeff, don’t look at the fire. Look at Matt. The fire comes up and engulfs him. And he was like, “Yeah! No one noticed that! We were doing it, it took all day and we were losing the gasoline. They were like you just gotta go, just do it. And we just went and did it. It got all over me!” And so it was just one of those where it was just a complete accident, but apparently not a lot of people noticed it. I came back in later, Cena was watching the video, he looked at me and said, “You are absolutely right.””

Listen to the entire interview here. 

Alberto El Patron Promotes iMPACT! Wrestling’s India Tour

Alberto El Patron was recently featured in an Impact Wresting video where he talks about the India fans for their upcoming tour and says how passionate they are about the business.

See it below:

Jay Lethal Comments On His Release From TNA & Why He’s Not In The WWE

Former TNA and ROH talent Jay Lethal recently spoke with The Post & Courier on several subjects.

Here are some highlights:

Regarding his release from TNA:

“I never ever really got the full true story. Just one day they called and said they were going to have to release me. I’ve heard several different stories. I heard Dixie’s parents came in and cut the budget and got rid of me. I heard three other stories, but when it comes down to it, I guess Dixie owned the company at the time. Nothing can happen without crossing her desk. So I guess the idea came up to get rid of me, and she signed off on it. I really don’t know what else to say.”

Why he’s not in the WWE:

“It’s funny. When I got into the wrestling business, all I wanted to do was wrestle for WWE. That was a major goal for everyone from my generation. I’m not saying that’s something that I would not want to do, but along the way I sort of re-prioritized some things. With that said, if I never got to work for WWE, I wouldn’t be too upset. I wouldn’t feel that my career wasn’t complete. I think that I’ve made it. And that’s something that a lot of wrestlers struggle with.”

Check out the entire interview here. 

Reby Hardy Reveals That TNA Is “Going After” Her

Former TNA talent and wife of current Raw Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy, Reby Hardy took to twitter last night and shared her displeasure over TNA. As reported, Reby doesn’t hide her feeling towards the company as she has gone on several Twitter rants about them in the past, and even released a “F*uck that owl” T-Shirt.

Her latest tweet yesturday though, seems to indicate that TNA is coming after her.

The “F*uck that owl” shirt may be one reason why TNA is coming after her. Following a fan asking where he could buy the shirt, Reby answered saying that they’re no longer available.

See her tweet below:

iMPACT Wrestling’s Viewership Takes Big Drop This Week

Last night’s broadcast of iMPACT! Wrestling saw a big drop in viewership compared to last week’s edition.

This week’s iMPACT featured the Decay vs. the iMPACT Tag Team champions The LAX in a street fight. The show’s viewership brought in 255,000 which is a big drop compared to last week’s 320,000 viewers.

Impact Wrestling ranked #133 on the Cable Top 150 list.