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WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match Announced For March 21st.

WWE has announced that on Tuesday March 21st, The Usos will challenge American Alpha for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship ahead of WrestleMania 33.

See WWE’s announcement below:

Will American Alpha Defend Their Tag Team Championship At Wrestlemania 33?

Some fans have been speculating as of late if Smackdown Live Tag team Champions Chad Gable and Jason Jordan will defend their championships at WrestleMania 33. They have had a minor feud with the Usos as of late, but with very little buildup.

It’s expected that a match will be made between the two teams for Wrestlemania 33 as we inch closer to the event. There is potential that it may be a kickoff match.

WWE Confirms Zack Ryder Knee Injury – Usos Offer To Take Their Place As #1 Contenders

WWE.com posted the following, confirming reports that Zack Ryder injured his knee during the Smackdown Tag Team Battle Royal:

On the Dec. 13 episode of SmackDown LIVE, Zack Ryder suffered an injury to his left knee. The injury took place when Long Island Iced-Z attempted a Rough Ryder in the same contest in which The Hype Bros won a Tag Team No. 1 Contenders’ Battle Royal. This victory gave them the right to challenge SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Wyatt Family.

After the match, Ryder was carried to the trainer’s room and is currently on crutches.

“We think he injured his kneecap or his patella. We think it popped out and then popped back in, so we’re just going to do an MRI to make sure that there is not cartilage damage or some tendon tearing, stuff like that,” according to WWE’s Dr. Chris Robinson. “Hopefully there’s not and it’ll be a shorter rehab period. If there is, there’s a different road we might have to go down that may take longer to get him to recover.”

Check back to WWE.com tomorrow for an update following Ryder’s MRI.

Ryder who was attended to by medical staff was pulled from the Tribute to the Troops taping following Smackdown live.

During the Smackdown Talking Smack Segment, The Usos who are also out on injury offered to take the place as the new #1 contenders for the Tag Titles if the the Hype Bros can not compete. When Daniel mentioned Jey’s ankle and if he could compete, this is what they had to say:

“It’s gonna be right. I’m gonna tape it and put some wood on it. Then I’m going to tape the wood to it and wrap some wire on it because we are going to go!”

MOCLive – WWE Raw Recap March 7, 2016

Show: Monday Night Raw

Date: March 7, 2016

Venue: Allstate Arena, Chicago IL

Author: Cade Carnage


Welcome my Wargods to another episode of Monday Night Raw. With another episode of Raw comes another edition of the GREATEST RECAP ON THE INTERNET! MOC Bitches!

Sorry I got a bit excited there. Tonight Shane McMahon makes his return to Raw to shine some light on his upcoming match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32. Triple H will for sure have a message for Dean Ambrose heading into their 1-on-1 match at WWE Roadblock for the WWE title, and all in all I’m pretty sure more shenanigans and stuff will happen.

Make sure to refresh the page for the latest up-to-date details.

Just like last week expect a limited recap, meaning I won’t go into specifics about what is happening during the matches. But expect full detail in backstage segments or promo’s just because those are the story drivers. So let’s strap ourselves in as WWE Raw begins!

Now a quick note, it’s been reported today that there is a surprise in line for Raw. Not sure exactly what it is, but we’ll find out together.

Now considering Hogan was center of today news due to his civil lawsuit against Gawker, I plan on doing a Hogan themed recap maybe to keep his spirit high!

Groovy Brother!

WWE Raw Pre-Show

What to come for tonight’s Raw broadcast?

AJ Styles & Chris Jericho vs. The New Day (c)
-WWE Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match

Big Boss Man gets inducted into the 2016 Hall of Fame

Shane arrives on Raw and is said to kick off the show.


VIDEO: Raw starts with a video vignette from last week when Undertaker warned Vince that Shane’s blood will be on his hands following WrestleMania 32.

Will i get suspended?

Opener: Shane McMahon’s “here’s comes the money” begins and the audience give him a huge pop!

Shane gets on the mic but stares off at the “Shane O’ Mac” chants beginning from the audience. They give him a great ovation. Shane says it’s overwhelming and thanks them. Shane references last Monday night on Raw when Vince & Taker had their segment. Shane references the “son of a bitch” comment and says that he lost a ton of respect for his father. Shane calls Vince a maniacal old bastard and that he’s lost his touch with the business, fan base, reality, Shane and his grandsons. But, Shane uses Vince’s words to get pissed off. Shane says it is his destiny to be in control of Raw and says that it’s all going to stop. The chairman’s grasp on everything, the Authority, backstabbing, and backstage politics will stop; because it’s choking the life out of this business.

Shane continues saying how there are a ton of talented guys who are never used in the back, but yet those un-talented guys are seen every week. Shane says that he will win at Wrestlemania and dawn a new legacy on Monday Night Raw… all of a sudden the Undertakers bell tolls and the lights go out. The audience get excited for the Undertaker, but Vince’s music hits and he comes out to stand on the stage.

Vince laughs at the audience and asks if they’re disappointed… By this time an “asshole” chant begins. I guess they are.

Vince says that Shane had fear in his lights when the bell tolled. All of a sudden CM Punk chant begins and Vince laughs asking “how long will this go on for?” The audience stops and Vince smirks. Vince focuses on Shane and says that at WrestleMania he will face fear in the Hell in a cell match. Vince recalls when he was writing Shane out of his will and found a picture of them a long time ago where Vince was taking Shane to his first ever wrestling event. Vince shows that he has the photo in his hands, throws down the frame and steps on the photo claiming that Vince renounced Shane and that he never had a son. Vince says that in the end he’s Vincent Kennedy McMahon, whereas Shane is nothing but; Vince’s son.

Vince now focuses on Shane’s children, Vince’s grandsons and says that at WrestleMania they will witness Shane’s failure and that at WrestleMania when Shane is taken to the hospital Vince will hug them and tell them that they have at least one father figure in their life.

Vince ends his promo saying that at WrestleMania, his greatest creation puts to rest his greatest failure. Vince calls out security and they rush the ring to take out Shane. Shane warns security to not touch him and that he’ll walk out peacefully. But from the stage Vince yells at the security to “get him out of there.” They step in and Shane warns them. One security guard steps in and tries to remove Shane but Shane fights back landing punch after punch after punch and completely takes out all 4 security members. Shane calls for Vince to enter the ring, but Vince walks away to the back, ending the opening segment.


Kevin Owens (c) vs. Neville
Non Title Singles Match
Winner: Kevin Owens

Owens keeps the advantage during match which allows him to mock and taunt Neville and Michael Cole at ringside. The audience seem pretty supportive of both Owens and Neville as they know these two are great indie performers, and have had a ton of great matches before and overall respect what they do.

Neville lands several great high flying moves which get the audience hot for him and was about to go for his Red Arrow but Owens gets in a roll up and gets the win.

Post Match: Following the win Owens attacks Neville from behind and takes him to the outside. Owens is about to powerbomb Neville on the outside when Sami Zayn’s music hit and both Zayn and Owens begin to brawl at ringside. Owens takes Zayn into the ring but Zayn comes back with more punches to the head. Both men stand off in the middle of the ring and Owens looks to run away but Neville hits a stiff kick to the head, allowing Zayn to clothesline Owens out of the ring. Sami and Neville celebrate in the ring and Sami’s return to Raw.


Announcers: They hype the FreeWrestlemania month where if you sign up now you can get WWE Roadblock and WrestleMania for free.

They send us off to a video vignette of Triple H taking out Roman Reigns and accepting Dean’s challenge for the WWE title at Roadblock.

Backstage: Ziggler and Zack Ryder chat until Stephanie McMahon comes in and Steph wants to talk to Ziggler. They mention a tweet from earlier where Ziggler had to remove it due to it being directly against the Authority… MOC missed this. But anyways, Ziggler references Survivor Series where he beat the Authority and says that at WrestleMania it will be a mirror because Authority will be out of power once again. Stephanie calls him delusional and makes a match for later on. Elimination Tag Team match pinning Dolph Ziggler against Three members of the League of Nations.

Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae
Divas Singles Match
Winner: Summer Rae

I’m more then happy to not recap this match considering this is a Total Divas story?

Rather be shot brother! 

Lana came out half way through the match which allowed Summer to take advantage and get the win via a roll-up.

Post-Match: Lana came into the ring after the match and connected Brie’s face-smash move on her. That is all.

Promo: Dean Ambrose is out next to address the attack from last week at the hands of Triple H. Ambrose stands in the ring and says that the road to WrestleMania was free and clear but Ambrose has changed things up threatening to screw everything up. Ambrose says that it’s bad timing but doesn’t care what Triple H’s plans were, or Roman Reigns for that matter. On Saturday Dean is hijacking the road to WrestleMania whether anyone likes it or not. Dean says that his bad attitude gave him a beat down from Triple H last week. Dean laughs “Nice Try!” Dean says that Triple H will respect him at WWE Roadblock when he beats Triple H and will become the new face of the company. Dean and Triple H will attends meetings together and charity events.

Dean says that being the WWE Champion he will lay his body out every night and week to be the champion the WWE fans deserve. All of a sudden Triple H’s music hits and he comes out to the ramp. Triple H laughs at Dean and calls his visions of a win at Roadblock is nothing but a fantasy. Triple H says that the WWE title will stick with him for as long as he wants. Triple H threatens that Dean needs a trip to the announcers table once again to get some respect beaten into him. When Dean wins he tells Triple H that he can suck it.

Triple H laughs and calls Roadblock a clever name that some idiot in marketing came up with. Dean is not a roadblock, but at best a speed bump or a pot hole. He compared Dean to Roman and asks “how’s the anti-Authority thing working out for Roman?” Triple H laughs and says that that when you face Authority, you will lose and get hurt… permanently. Triple H and Dean go back and forth on the mic and Dean asks for Triple H to step into the ring so he can hear him better.

Triple H begins slowly walking to the ring but stops half way through and mocks the audience asking if he should enter the ring. Triple H stops and says that he fights on his time and that Ambrose will get his shot on Saturday; but until then Triple H will do what successful people do. Triple H delegates that Ambrose goes 1-on-1 with the new face of fear Bray Wyatt. Dean will come face-to-face with reality and will find out that the Authority always wins.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus, Rusev & Bad News Barrett
Elimination Handicap Tag Match
Winner: Rusev, Sheamus & Bad News Barrett

As you would expect Ziggler pretty much gets beat down for the first 7 minutes of the match showcasing that he’s at a disadvantage.

Ziggler manages to get the advantage over some LON members and manages to eliminate King Barrett with a super kick.

King Barrett Eliminated

Following the elimination Sheamus and Rusev get the upper hand and both manage to get the upper-hand. Rusev hits a side head kick and Sheamus ends it with the Brogue kick giving the LON the win.

Hogan No Like!

Announcers: The announcers focus on Shane McMahon’s career in the squared circle and his high risk moments during his run in WWE.

Check out the video below:

Backstage: Becky bangs on the Divas locker-room rushing Sasha Banks that they’re on next. Sasha comes out of the Divas locker-room and says that she had Becky beat on both Raw and Smackdown if it wasn’t for Charlotte and her father Ric Flair. Both bicker back and forth and prepare for their upcoming tag team match.

Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks vs. Naomi & Tamina
Divas Tag Team Match
Winner: Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch

Quick match with Sasha getting the submission victory over Naomi.

Post Match: Charlotte went on the attack and took out both Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

Backstage: R-Truth walks into the arena with a pizza and hands it over to Goldust. Both men exchange a few back and forth teasing a partnership.

Here’s there segment which ended with exploding asses…. ya you read that right.

AJ Styles & Chris Jericho vs. The New Day (c)
-WWE Tag Team Championship-
Tag Team Match
Winners: New Day (Retain) 

Great match throughout with Jericho and AJ having a ton of support from the fans, but New Day manage to retain the Tag Team Titles in an aggressive match. Big E catches Jericho’s code breaker after he ran Styles  into the barricade and transitions into the Big Ending for the pin.

Post Match: Following the match Jericho attacks AJ Styles and hits him with his code breaker finisher. Angry that he didn’t win. Jericho hits another code breaker leaving AJ laid out in the ring. Jericho lifts Styles up and hits a third code breaker and laughs at the audience. Jericho heads to the announcers area and grabs his Y2AJ shirt and stuffs it down AJ’s mouth mocking him.

Jericho says otherwise

Backstage: Jericho is shown walking in the back and gets interviewed by Renee Young about his action against AJ Styles. Jericho says that he has one comment, everyone always chants AJ Styles, AJ Styles, AJ Styles. Jericho says that he hopes everyone was enjoying that, because they won’t chant his name again.

Tyler Breeze vs. Kalisto
Non Title Singles Match
Winner: Kalisto

Quick match, nothing too important.

Hogan Did It

Backstage: Kalisto gets interviewed by JoJo and asks what he wants to experience for his first ever upcoming WrestleMania appearance. Kalisto says it has been a dream of his to be in front of millions of people. WrestleMania will be a moment to live forever. All of a sudden Ryback came in and asks JoJo why he isn’t in the main event of Wrestlemania. Ryback mocks Kalisto’s size and says him winning it not believable but still says he’s a champion. Ryback gives some advise and tells Kalisto to not be in a tag team as that holds you back.

Ryback will give him a sample about being on your own when he tears the wings off the Social Outcast.

Ryback vs. Curtis Axel (w/ Adam Rose, Bo Dallas & Heath Slater)
Singles Match
Winner: Ryback

No surprise here.

I Won Bitch!

Announcers: Recap the opener of Raw featuring Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon.

Backstage: Vince is seen on the phone until Stephanie walks in and wants to talk about Shane McMahon. Stephanie shows concerns now that Shane threw a few punches in the ring and took out a few security guards. Vince stops her saying “I Got this” and that ends that.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt
Singles Match
Winner: Dean Ambrose via DQ

Before the match can begin Bray gets on the titon-tron and says that at Roadblock he has a chance to do what Dean could not. He will conquer the conqueror and will destroy him. Tonight Bray will use Dean as an example to show how dangerous Bray can be. He then goes off and enters the arena alone.

Interesting to note that the Wyatt family members are not at ringside with Bray.

The match was a good back and forth. Dean appeared to have the upper hand but near the end the lights go out and the rest of the Wyatt family, Braun, Harper and Rowan come out and attack Dean Ambrose causing the DQ.

The Wyatt’s stand above Dean as Triple H’s music hits and he makes his way out. The Wyatt’s stand facing HHH as he makes his way into the ring. HHH walks around the downed Ambrose until Bray gets in his face. The audience seem to accept this and begin a YES chant but Bray backs off and takes his family out of the ring and up the ramp. Leaving HHH and Dean in the ring.

HHH throws away the title and gets into his fight mode and glances over at the announcers table. Triple H strips the table and prepares it to taste Dean’s blood. He goes back into the ring but Ambrose quickly gets up and hits his Dirty Deeds finisher laying out the COO of the company. Ambrose picks up the WWE title and celebrates with it in the middle of the ring as Raw comes to an end.

There you go folks, that is your Raw. I’ll have highlights up tomorrow, and I’ll also be releasing my prediction for Saturday’s Roadblock WWE Network special this week.

Thank for reading!

Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling!

Light food means I can eat more… right?












Roman Reigns New Stable Gets Name & Hype Bros In Action

— WWE may be giving Roman Reigns’ stable with Dean Ambroseand The Usos the name of “The Family.” The foursome is feuding with Sheamus’ League of Nations right now.

— The Hype Bros. appear to be working WWE main roster house shows this coming weekend. Zack Ryder posted the following:

BREAKING NEWS: Jey Uso Undergoes Shoulder Surgery – Out For 6 Months

According to a new report by WWE.com, Jey Uso has undergone surgery to repair issues with his shoulder. The story notes that the injuries happened at WrestleMania, but they are referring to the injury angle done early in the match to get him out of the action.

WWE physician Dr. Stephen Daquino stated that Jey suffered an anterior shoulder dislocation on the left arm. He underwent surgery last week to tighten his rotator cuff and shoulder capsule to repair the injury, which had been bothering him prior to WrestleMania.

At this time, it is estimated that he will be out for six months.

Here is the full article from WWE.com:

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Jey Uso has undergone surgery to repair recent injuries suffered in action at WrestleMania 31 Kickoff, causing him to be removed from the Fatal 4-Way WWE Tag Team Championship Match.

“At WrestleMania, Jey suffered an anterior shoulder dislocation on the left arm, which was later evaluated back in Florida,” said WWE physician Dr. Stephen Daquino, who also confirmed that Jey underwent surgery last week to tighten his rotator cuff and shoulder capsule to repair the injury, which had been aggravating him leading into WrestleMania.

 While Jey hasn’t been seen in action since WrestleMania, Dr. Daquino was able to provide a soft timetable for the dynamic Superstar’s return.

“It looks like [his] return is estimated [at] about six months.”

Continue to check back with WWE.com for more updates as they become available.

Jey tweeted out earlier

MOCLive: WWE WrestleMania Live Results – Mar.29.2015 Final

Show: WWE WrestleMania 31

Date: Mar.29.2015

Author: The most excited person right now, Cade Carnage!

Venue: Levi’s Stadium (Santa Clara, California)

Holy crap it’s here, it’s finally here; WrestleMania 31!

Following an emotional and awesome Hall of Fame we now focus on the biggest show itself; WrestleMania! Tonight we see the IC and US title defended, Bray vs. Undertaker, Sting vs Triple H, Divas Tag, and Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar. Man this card gets me excited and I’m looking forward to all the matches to come, even with the kickoff show where Tyson Kidd and Cesaro defend their Tag Titles and the Andre The Giant Battle Royal takes place.

WrestleMania is here so let’s all breathe, grab a fresh beer, get a massage, go to the washroom and rejoice for what may be the best show of the year!

Don’t fall asleep now.

WrestleMania Kickoff.

Below you can find the WrestleMania kickoff stream and here is whats to come:

Second Hour Of WrestleMania Kickoff:

The second hour starts with the panel re-introducing themselves and sends us off to Jerry Lawler, JBL and Michael Cole to begin the tag team championship match.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (c) vs. New Day vs. Los Matadores vs. The Usos (WWE Tag Team Championship)

New days comes to the ring bearing new neon green & White attire instead of the blue, Big E and Kofi Kingston will represent The New Day.

With the sun bearing down on them Cesaro and Kofi begin the match with a quick clinch and Cesaro starting it off aggressively with a few punches and European uppercuts. Kofi gets the upper hand with a dropkick and sends Cesaro into the Los Matadores corner. Fernando tags in and Cesaro climbs out of the ring annoyed. Cesaro meanwhile grabs Jey and throws him into the barricade shoulder first. Fernando and Kofi exchange a few quick back and forth’s and Diego tags in and tries to connect a few punches to Kofi. Kofi drags to the corner and Cesaro reaches and tags himself in by Diego. At ringside Jey was taken to the locker room after being thrown into the barricade.

Kidd tags in and both Cesaro and Kidd wear down Matadores and New Day. Jimmy gets a tag by Kofi and super kicks Cesaro, Kidd, Fernando & Big E and connects his hip attacks on all 4 corners. Kofi comes in and ducks a super kick by Jimmy and springboards on the outside on Cesaro. In the ring Jimmy lands a super kick to Kidd who spring boarded into the ring and got a close 2 count. Kidd gets to his feet and Jimmy manages to throw him. He tries for a suicide dive and got tagged by Big E in the process. Cesaro stops the suicide dive and tries for a pin. Big E take him out and all teams get into the ring brawling it out. IN one corner Cesaro suplexes Big E into the ring, and Jimmy tries to suplex Fernando. Fernando counters throws Jimmy onto Big E and the Los Matadores connect a double maneuver (Power bomb to Back Breaker). At this point all members get into the ring again and we lose track as who the legal guy is. Naomi, Xavier, and El Torito also get involved and yet the referee doesn’t DQ them. This goes on until each member of each team come and deliver finisher after finisher on another competitors.  We also a debut of a modified 3D where Tyson lifted Fernando and dropped him on Cesaro’s European Uppercut. At one point all members to one corner again and double electric chair & double superplex connects leaving the audience to get loud.

Jimmy gets to the top rope and connects a frog splash but Cesaro runs in throwing Jimmy out of the ring and pins Big E for the 1..2..3! Who knows who was legal there?

Apparently Cesaro got a blind tag when Jimmy jumped for his frog splash.

Winners: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (Retain)

Ok, so one prediction comes true!

Embedded image permalink

WrestleMania Panel: We get taken back to the WrestleMania panel who talk about the tag match and how Cesaro and Kidd impressed delivering a message to the rest of the tag teams.

Social Media Lounge: We get taken to the Social Media lounge where Josh interviews Lita for the #AskLita Social Media event. Some questions were if she thinks that AJ and Paige issues will cause a problem, and Lita says that blood is thicker than water and the Bella’s have worked out and Bella’s will have the upper hand.

Another question was what’s next for team bestie (Lita and Trish Stratus). Both have been doing appearances and tease’s a possible series on the WWE Network.

Any change we might see the Besties vs. The Bellas? Lita says to get it trending and maybe.

Last question Will Lita ever return for a WrestleMania match and against whom? Lita says that we’re on to something with the Besties vs. The Bellas. Josh sends it back to the panel.

WrestleMania Panel: They go back and forth about WrestleMania while the wind blows their hair all over the place.  Well, more like Renee’s hair.

John Gruden from ESPN talks the competitors in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

He talks, Titus O’Neil and calls Curtis Axel the dark-horse in the match.  His favorite is Ryback and calls Ryback the strongest man in the competition. That as his breakdown… I think we all had those breakdowns…

We comes back to the ring and all members in the Andre the Giant battle Royal begin climbing in.

2nd Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The match starts and all begin to brawl but stop as Curtis Axel gets their attention and rips his shirt getting a great reaction from the crowd. All competitors pick Axel up and throw him over the ropes to a NO chant.

Curtis Axel Eliminated by Everyone

Fandango & Adam Rose Eliminate Eachother

Poor Hideo, getting slapped around by Big Show and Cesaro, at one point both Miz and Midow team up against Alex Riley and pick him up trying to eliminate him. Riley fights back and begins beating down on Riley and tries to eliminate Miz. Mizdow from behind grabs Riley and throws him over, helping Miz.

Alex Riley Eliminated by Mizdow

Zack Ryder gets the cameras and tries for his broski boot but Bo Dallas comes from behind and hip tosses Ryder over the top rope eliminating him.

Zack Ryder Eliminated by Bo Dallas.

Dallas runs around the ringside excited and gets back into the ring. Hideo Itami surprises him and takes out Bo Dallas.

Bo Dallas Eliminated By Hideo Itami.

Hideo turns after the elimination and gets WMD’d and eliminated.

Hideo Itami eliminated by Big Show.

Los Madatores Eliminated by Kane

Sin Cara Eliminated By Big Show

Tyson Kidd Eliminated by Mark Henry

Ascension sandwich the Mark Henry and both eliminate Mark Henry

Mark Henry Eliminated By the Ascension

The Ascension try to beat down on Big show and manages to knock the big man off his feet, but nothing comes from this as they leave him on the mat. They focus on Ryback but Ryback double flips them over the top rope.

The Ascension Eliminated By Ryback.

Ryback connects his Meat hook on Darren Young and throws him over.

Darren Young Eliminated by Ryback.

Slator slaps Ryback and Ryback throws him out.

Heath Slator Eliminated by Ryback

Titus now takes out Ryback but Ryback back suplexes Titus out of the ring.

Titus O’Neil Eliminated by Ryback.

Jack Swagger Eliminated by Big Show

The New Day try to eliminate Big Show and they get him on the ring apron but Big Show fights back and eliminates all of the New Day members from the ring apron.

All 3 members of New Day Eliminated by Big Show

At this time a “let’s go Mizdow” chant begins and Mizdow connects a neck breaker on Jimmy Uso. Big Show also pushes Erick Rowan over the top rope to eliminate him.

Erick Rowan Eliminated By Big Show

Ryback lands a hard clothesline on Big Shiw and throws out Goldust

Goldust Eliminated by Ryback

Ryback tries for the shell shock on Big Show but Kane comes in stopping them and connects a double choke slam on Miz and Mizdow. Kane and Cesaro fight off and Cesaro scoop lifts Kane and throws him over the top rope.

Kane Eliminated By Cesaro

Big Show and Cesaro go back and forth and Cesaro almost scoop slams him out again but Big Show counter scooping Cesaro and throws him over the top rope.

Cesaro Eliminated by Big Show

Ryback comes in connecting a spine buster on Big Show and tries for finish him off but Big Show grabs him and throws him over the top rope.

Ryback Eliminated by Big Show

The last three are Miz, Mizdow and Big Show where a loud Mizdow chant begins. Both talk about their strategy and both appear to have agreed. Miz walks towards Bg Show but Mizdow doesn’t walk and shakes his head “no.” The audience goes crazy at this point and Miz tries to talk Mizdow into it, but again Mizdow shakes his head no. Miz now yells at him claiming that he made him and no one should matter (referring to the audience.) Miz slaps Mizdow’s chest and Mizdow grabs him and throws him over the ropes.

The Miz Eliminated by Mizdow

The Miz tries to come back in but Mizdow delivers a hard punch not allowing him to re-enter.

The refs get him back and Mizdow and Big Show stare off at each other. Big Show smiles all eager telling Mizdow to take his shot. Mizdow lands a kick, a running forearm and a few punches. Big Show tries to throw him out but Mizdow holds onto the top rope and climbs back in. Mizdow gets Show on the ropes and tries for a running clothesline but Show stops him with a hard shoulder. Mizdow climbs on the ropes and Big Show runs for the attack and Mizdow lowers the top rope and Big Show hangs over the top rope. Mizdow lands a few punches and throws Big Show onto the ring apron. Mizdow tries to knock him off but Big Show gets back to his feet. Mizdow runs the ropes but Big Show grabs his throat and climbs back into the ring. Mizdow locks in a chokehold but Big Show lifts Mizdow over the top rope to the apron but Mizdow holds onto the neck hold. Big Show almost appears to go over again but this time Big Show lifts him up and tosses him to the outside.

Damien Mizdow Eliminated By Big Show

Winner of the 2nd Andre The Giant Battle Royal: The Big Show

Big Show picks up the huge trophy by the announcers table and holds it up. Big Show wins his first ever battle Royal at Wrestlemania.

So curious when Sheamus returns than… Hmm..

WrestleMania Panel: Renee, Booker, Bryon, & Corey Graves talk the Andre The Giant Battle Royal & the WWE fans. Kicking off WrestleMania will be the Intercontinental Championship match.


Opener Segment: Grammy nominated artists Aloe Blacc kicks off WrestleMania singing “America The Beautiful.”

Right now:

Daniel Bryan vs. Stardust vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose vs. R-Truth vs. Bad News Barrett (c)(Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match)

Daniel Bryan has the first official entrance for WrestleMania and gets a great YES chant from over 70,000+ fans. Dolph Ziggler also debuted a new hair style where his hair is braided like a Mohawk, kind of cool actually. Stardust comes out with a special cape with Black and Red straps. Luke Harper comes out in a plaid shirt, but still has his stained undershirt. Dean Ambrose is the last entrant and he got a huge pop from the crowd.

The match starts as the IC title is seen hanging above the ring and all competitors brawling it out. Harper is the first to be throws out followed by Dean and thus allowing Luke to throw Daniel into a ladder. Dean lands a suicide dive on Harper and Barrett comes from behind hitting Dean with a ladder. No one after the other each member of the match connects a suicide dive or springboard on all other members. Dean climbs a ladder o the outside and from the top connects a dropping elbow on all competitors.

R-Truth introduces the first ladder in the ring and sets it up as everyone tries to get back to their feet. Truth begins climbing the ladder but his fear of heights slows him down and allows Wade to come and hit Truth over and over again with the ladder. Barrett hits Dean off the apron and from the top rope Bryan comes in dropkicking the ladder against Barrett and set s him up in the corner. Daniel throws Stardust in the corner as well and lands two running dropkicks. He goes for another but Harper throws the ladder against Daniel face stopping his momentum. Harper sets up the ladder and begins climbing but Daniel stops him, tangles him up n the ladder and hangs him upside down and lands his chest kicks. Daniel tries to climb on the other side but Ziggler pushes him off. The competitors each try to climb the ladder but Stardust dropkicks the ladder out from all of them.

Stardust attacks the legs of Dean and Ziggler and throws a ladder on Harper on the outside. Stardust jumps to the outside and pulls out a ladder that’s all sparkly but gets attacked by Barrett. Barrett kicks a step off the ladder and attacks Stardust with it. Dean attacks Barrett from behind and throws a ladder on top of him. Dean throws a ladder inside the ring and tries to climb it but Harper throws in his own ladder and both go one on one. Harper lands a hard big boot on Dean and punches Ziggler to the apron. Harper sets up a ladder across the top rope but gets a eye poke from Dean. Dean tries to attack but Harper catches him and throws him into the corner ladder taking him out. Harper wraps the ladder around his neck and begins hitting everyone with the ladder until Truth trips him and lands his head scissor on Harper against the ladder.

R-Truth sets up a large ladder and instead of setting it up in the middle of the ring he sets it up in the corner. Barrett attacks Truth and throws him into the corner. Stardust climbs the very large ladder and tries to reach the belt but Barrett is there and lands a fucking high Superplex on Stardust which got a “Holy Shit” chant. Daniel now sets up another ladder and both he and Ziggler fight to get the title. Ambrose comes from below and pushes the ladder off taking both Daniel and Ziggler to the outside.

Dean sets up his own ladder and tries to climb it but Harper comes from behind pulling him off. Dean connects his rebound clothesline and tries to climb out again. Harper grabs him and power bombs Ambrose on a ladder that was set up across the barricade and ring apron. Ambrose lands really badly on his neck and the medics check up on him. Harper tries to climb up but Ziggler jumps locking in a sleeper yet Harper continues to climb the ladder. By the top Harper loses his footing and falls with Ziggler on his back.

Ziggler tries to climb the ladder and almost gets the title but Barrett pulls him off and connects his Bull hammer. Barrett lands another on Stardust and then R-Truth. Barrett climbs but Daniel comes in pushing Barrett off and tries to go for the title. Ziggler and Barrett come back and push him off. Barrett takes out Ziggler and Bryan lands his running knee on Barrett. Bryan sets up the ladder again and almost gets to the title until Ziggler climbs up and both begin connecting punches on the top. Each try to reach for the title but the other stops them. Both exchange head butts until Daniel Bryan takes him off and Brayn climbs up taking the title off the hook.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (New Intercontinental Champion)

Another prediction down and correct, 2-1. The medics continue to check on Dean following the power bomb onto the ladder.

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins (w/ J&J Security) (MITB)

The match starts with both staring off at each other. They try for a clinch but Rollins sneaks out. The clinch again and this time Orton gets a side head lock, but it gets countered by Rollins into his own. Orton throws Rollins off the ropes and Rollins takes him down with a hard shoulder. Both Rollins and Orton do a couple of counters and Orton tries for the RKO but Rollins runs to the outside. Randy follows and Rollins gets back into the ring and gets the upper hand as Orton tries to climb back in. He connects a few stomps but Orton fights back landing a few European uppercuts and takes Rollins to another corner where he begins landing a few punches to the head. Rollins grabs Orton and power bombs him into the opposite corner but Orton does feel it as he explodes off the corner taking out Rollins. Randy tries for the RKO but J&J tries to interfere but get laid out by Orton. Orton rolls to the outside and connects his elevated DDT to J&J on the mat from the ring apron taking them out. From the ring Rollins lands a sucdide dive taking Orton out.

Rollins rolls Orton back into the ring and begins stomping his chest and wearing Orton down. Rollins lands a suplex and pins for a 2 count. He locks in a chokehold so he can ground Randy Orton. Orton fights back to his feet and tries to attack Rollins in the corner but Rollins drops Orton’s face into the second turnbuckle. Rollins follows it up with a running forearm begins punching Orton in the midsection yelling that “this is my time.” Rollins tries another move but Orton counters with a few clothesline and power slam. Rollins counters and tries for the curb stomp but Orton still lands his power slam.

Orton gets Rollins into the corner and lands a few European uppercuts until the ref pushes him off. Rollins tries for another face smash against the turnbuckles but Orton counters landing a T-bone suplex taking Rollins to the apron. Orton tries for his DDT but Rollins counters flipping Orton on the apron and connecting a flipping kick to the head and takes him to the outside. Rollins rebounds off the ropes and lands a moon-sault but also sends his lower back against the announcers table.

Rollins rolls Orton back into the ring and heads to the top rope. Orton turns but trips Rollins on the top rope and climbs up with him. Orton locks Rollins and tries for a superplex but Rollins counters trying to punch him off. Rollins breaks out of it and rolls over Orton for a power bomb but Orton counters with a back drop leaving Orton on the top rope. Orton jumps and lands a cross body but Rollins counters into a pin and a 2 count. Rollins rebounds off the ropes for an attack but Orton gets him on the second ropes and connects his DDT. Orton gets the audience going and taunts for his RKO. Rollins gets back up but Rollins rolls him up for a 1 count. Rollins lands a side head kick and tries for his twisting neck breaker but Orton counters into an RKO and pins for a 1..2.. KICKOUT!

Orton stalks Rollins and retreats to the corner looking to bunt Rollins. He sets up for it but as he runs Jamie and Mercury come in and Orton RKO’s both of them. Rollins gets the distraction and lands his curb-stomp but Orton kicks out at 2. The crowd gets loud as they get excited. Rollins sets up Rollins and heads to the top rope for the phoenix splash but Orton rolls out and Rollins corrects his finisher Rollins out of it, Orton tries for the RKO but Rollins counters and tries for his Curb stomp but Orton throws him up and lands his RKO and giving him the 1..2..3!

Winner: Randy Orton

Dam another prediction! 3-1 I’m on a roll!

Audience: Ronda Rousey is in attendance for WrestleMania 31

Next is Sting vs. Triple H

Sting vs. Triple H

Entrance: Sting’s entrance has special Asian drummers with Sting’s face paint. The drums work well with Sting’s music and add that sense of importance.

Triple H’s entrance has scenes from San Francisco with a Terminator eye in the WrestleMania logo. Terminator cyborgs are lifted from the entrance, Triple H than gets lifted up on stage  wearing an odd robotic skull. Just check it out below.

Embedded image permalink

Triple H and Sting stare off as a YES chant begins. The match starts and history begins as the first WWE match for Sting has arrived. The audience begin a “This is awesome” chant even before any punches are delivered.

They clinch up and Sting gets the side head lock and rebounds off the ramp landing a hard shoulder taking Triple H off his feet. Sting plays to the crowd getting them loud. They clinch up again and this time Triple H takes down Sting in a side head lock. Sting gets back to his feet and rebounds Triple H off the ropes but this time Triple H takes him down, does his “suck it” taunt and runs the ropes. Sting counters an attack and hip tosses Triple H and lands a drop kick stopping the action and a “you still got it” chant.

They clinch up again and Sting takes Triple H to the corner. The ref breaks them up but Triple H gets the first punch with a hard right punch. Triple H now begins landing punch after punch taking Sting off his feet. He rebounds Sting off the ropes and tries his knee smash but Sting wasn’t even affected and taunts and tries for his scorpion lock. Triple H fights out and rolls to the outside once again stopping the action.

Triple H walks around the ring and climbs back in slowly. They clinch up again and Triple H goes on the attack and tries to throws Sting in the corner, though Sting counters throwing Triple H back into the corner and takes him over the top rope and to the outside. Sting tries for a Stinger Splash against the barricade on the outside but Triple H moves and Sting hits the barricade gut first. Triple H throws Sting into the steel steps and rolls into the ring. Triple H grabs Sting and brings him on the apron. Triple H lands a vertical suplex bringing Sting back into the ring, he drops a knee to the head and pins for a 2 count.  Triple H lands a few more punches and throws Sting in the opposite corner hard. Triple H laughs as he gets up to his feet. He throws Sting into the corner again and Sting drops to his knees in front of Triple H as he taunts the DX taunt once again. Triple H lands another knee to the head and pins for the 2 count.

Triple H slows it down with a choke hold and Sting does fight out, he runs the ropes but Triple H counters with his spine buster and gets another 2 count. Triple H locks in the choke hold again. Sting fights back to his feet and connects a few elbows to the gut and gets Triple in the corner. Sting goes for a corner attack bug Triple H counters with a big boot, he goes for the second ropes and jumps but Sting catches him and locks in his Scorpion death lock and rolls Triple H in it. All of a sudden DX’s music hits and Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, and X-Pac run to the rescue. When was this no DQ?

Sting is able to take out all members of DX and throws Triple H to the outside. Sting climbs to the top rope and jumps on all of DX taking them all out. Seriously I have no idea when this turned into a no DQ. Anyways Sting rolls Triple H back in and when he tries to climb in, Billy Gunn tries to attack. Sting punches Billy Gunn off the apron and turns into the pedigree. Triple H pins and gets a really close 2 count.

Triple H gets angry and heads to the outside and under the ring looking for good out Sledgy, (Sledgehammer). He gets back into the ring and all of a sudden the NOW music hits and Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan come out to a great reaction.

They come near ringside and the DX members attack and NOW and DX fight again! Triple H amazed by this gets Sting come from behind and connects his Scorpion Drop. Sting pins and get the 1..2..KICKOUT!

OMG what! Triple H kicks out and Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock again. He locks it in and Triple H tries to drag himself to the sledgehammer but before Triple H got there, Hulk Hogan pulls it away. From behind X-Pac throws Hogan in the corner post, Kevin attacks him. Billy Gunn takes out Kevin Nash, and he holds his thigh, hopefully he didn’t rip it again. Road Dogg takes out Scott Hall and Triple H reaches the ropes to break the scorpion death lock. Sting tries the scorpion death lock and all of a sudden Shawn Michaels lands a sweet chin-music to Sting and taunts “Suck it.” Triple H slowly pins and gets another close 2 count. The crowd at this point is loud and excited.

Billy Gunn give the sledgehammer to Triple H and cheer him on as Sting watches on but all of a sudden Scott Hall gives Triple H the black bat. NWO on one side, DX on another. Triple H tries to attack but Sting lands a bat to the gut and Triple H goes to his knees. Sting swipes at Triple H and he uses the Sledgehammer as protection but the Bat breaks it in two. Sting throws the bat away and begins unloading puch after punch on Triple H in the corner. Sting lands his Stinger Splash and tries for another but Triple H grabs the Sledgehammer piece and smashed Sting over the head. He slowly drags himself for the pin and gets the 1..2..3!

Winner: Triple H

Well that killed my win streak. 3-2 now.

Embedded image permalink

After the match DX and NWO help their associated competitor back ot their feet and DX and NWO stare off. Triple H looks as if he wants some more and calls out Sting but instead, holds out his hand. Sting gets in his face and shakes his hand, they exchange some words and Triple H leave walking out with DX, as Hogan, Hall, Nash and Sting celebrate in the ring.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan gets interviewed in the back following his win. Pat Patterson comes in and congratulates Daniel Bryan for the win. This is followed by Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, Bret Hart and Ric Flair all come in to congratulate him. All the legends chant YES as Ron Simmons comes in and does his usual “DAM.”

Embedded image permalink

Performance: Skylar Grey with Travis Barker with Kid Ink

Announcers: Hype WrestleMania 32 in Texas and send us to a live army base feed who are watching WrestleMania 31.

The Bella vs. Paige & AJ Lee

Sorry guys, I know it’s WrestleMania 31, but I’m still not recapping this match. If at any time I get a break, this is it.

Hey look at it this way, that GIF above is at least not a middle finger, giving them a chance.

Primarily the match consisted of the Bella’s dominating over Paige taking AJ continuously off the apron. Paige kicked out of the rack-attack and when AJ got back to the apron Paige got the tag and AJ begins to clear house. AJ keeps the advantage and from the outside Paige throws Brie into the steel steps. AJ works on the distraction and locks in her sumbission on Nikki and gets the tap out.

Winners: AJ Lee & Paige via Submission

I gave you a mild recap… rejoice! But I won’t rejoice as that’s another loss in predictions… 3-3, dammit!

Announcers: The Announcers give the tell-of-tape showing statistics between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

They also recap the 2015 Hall of Fame last night and show some highlights from all the inductees speeches.  Check out the highlights here.

The Hall of Famers are on the stage area. Rikishi, Larry Zbysko, Alundra Blayze, Steve Michalek (Connor the Crusher), The Bushwhackers, Tatsumi Fujinami, Lanny Poffo (Macho Man Randy Savage), Arnold Schwarteenegger & Kevin Nash… The funny thing is that Kevin Nash’s introduction was completely interrupted by a WWE 2K15 commercial.

(Note: Lanny Poffo’s name was spelled Pofo)

John Cena vs. Rusev (c)(WWE United States Championship)

Lana comes out with the US title and with a Russian marching company behind her holding a Russian Flag in the air. Form the stage area cannons fire and a tank rolls in and Rusev is standing on top of it. Entrance on a tank wins… It’s pretty cool.

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink
I Win!

John Cena’s entrance consists of a video opener of American presidents talk the American dream, how America has changed the world and how the men and women of the United States Military are fighters and will never surrender. Following the video John Cena’s music hits and he comes on stage so a “John Cena Sucks” chant to his music. I thought he would have had a more elaborate entrance, but no.

Eden introduces the competitors but Rusev stops her and demands to be introduced first. Eden does so and Rusev gets a negative reaction. Eden introduces Cena but he gets a worse reaction than Rusev. I don’t know who to cheer for here.

The match starts and Rusev taunts but Cena connects a quick clothesline and gets a fast 1 count. Rusev manages to connect a jumping spinning heel kick and pins Cena for a 2 count. Rusev stomps on Cena’s chest and power lifts him off the ground slamming him down on the mat and pins for a 2 count.  Cena gets back to his feet and lands a few punches of his own but gets countered with a hard kick from Rusev. Rusev lands a running cross body in the corner on Cena and a rolling senton on Cena in the corner. Rusev grabs the Russian flag from Lana and waves it around over a downed John Cena.

Rusev stands above Cena and mocks the “you can’t see me” but Cena connects a shoulder kick, Cena runs the ropes and does his shoulder tackles, and backdrops and Cena connects his five-knuckle shuffle. Cena tries for the AA but Rusev counters with a twisting backdrop and pins for a 2 count. Rusev sets up in the corner and tries for his jumping side head kick but Cena counters trying for the STF but Rusev breaks out and connects a spinning side slam giving him another 2 count.

Cena rolls to the apron and Rusev comes to meet him and climbs to the second rope. Both he and Cena climb the corner turnbuckles and Rusev tries for the superplex but Cena breaks out and lands a few head butts taking Rusev off the top rope. Cena jumps and lands his top rope leg drop and gets a 2 count on Rusev. At this point the audience begin chanting “let’s go Lana” which shows how interested people are about this match. IN the ring Rusev counters the AA attempt and lands his jumping head kick. Rusev tries for the Accolade but Cena rolls out of the way, but to no avail as Rusev connects a back kick to the head on Cena, Rusev picks up another 2 count. Rusev argues with the ref about the count as John retreats to the corner. Rusev tries for a running attack but Cena counters with a big boot and lands a tornado DDT giving Cena a 2 count.

Both competitors take their time getting back to their feet, Cena gets the first shot and both exchange punches with Rusev getting the better reaction. Rusev lands a knee to the gut and yells that “Cena can’t beat him.” Rusev lands a knee to the head and a Alabama slam and pins for another close 2 count. Rusev yells things in another language while on his knees and backs into a corner. Rusev tries for his stomp but Cena grabs the ankle and locks in the STF. From the opposite side Lana throws her shoe towards the ref to distract him. Rusev gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. Cena tells the ref to watch out for Lana and Rusev from behind lands a fall-away slam. Rusev climbs to the top rope and from three quarters of the ring Rusev jumps landing a head butt giving him a close 2 count.

Rusev calls for the Accolade and stomps on Cena’s lower back and tries to lock it in. Cena locks on Rusev’s leg not allowing him to grab both arms. Cena explodes up and Cena connects a springboard stunner on Rusev… Ya you read that right. Cena gets a close 2 count.

Cena waits for Rusev to get up and Cena tries for the AA. Rusev counters and tries for the side slam but Cena counters into a rollup and another 2 count. Rusev gets the advantage with his jumping head kick and slams Cena face down on the mat. Rusev stomps on Cena’s lower back and the Accolade locks in. Cena struggles but manages to reach his feet and back tracks into the corner turnbuckles breaking the hold. Rusev tries to lock in again but Cena locks the leg and locks in the STF. Rusev almost reaches the ropes and Cena looks to re-position him until Lana comes on the apron to distract the ref. Cena tries to get her down and side steps an attack by Rusev. Rusev lands against Lana and Cena takes advantage with a AA and gets the 1..2..3!

Winner: John Cena (New United States Champion)

After the match Rusev is seen yelling at Lana as a medic is attending to her ankle. That 4-3 for me.

Announcers: The Announcers introduce the WrestleMania panel (Renee Young, Booker T, Bryan Saxton, & Corey Graves) They recap the Tag title match from earlier & The Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Check’em out.

In Ring: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are introduced in the ring to announce the new attendance record at Levi’s Stadium of 76,976 people.

It is great to see how many fans there are in this world, this is why MOC wants to be a place where you can communicate and let your minds be known. Keep spreading this Carnage my Wargods!

Stephanie goes on to say that WWE would not be where it is today without Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. That gets a negative reaction but Triple H comes on to say that the truth hurts. Not only did Triple H beat Sting tonight, but he beat anyone that bet against the Authority. Triple H feels that he beat million of people around the world and the 76,976 people in the arena… no matter what the Authority always wins. Triple H and Steph look to kiss but then all of sudden you hear “If you smell!”

The Rock gets a great ovation and a loud “Rocky” chant begins and goes on for a while even to a point where Stephanie tells the audience that yes their happy, just be quiet. This just gets them going to get even louder. The Rock says that the Authority doesn’t own the fans and for dam sure The Authority doesn’t own the Rock. The Rock say that he was born in the east bay and that he gives the Authority two choices. Triple H can dress up as the Terminator again or they can create a WrestleMania moment, right here and now. Triple H can get his beat by the Rock. Triple H and Rock go face to face and Triple H says that he remembers kicking Rock’s ass for most of their feud. Triple H says he has nothing to prove to Rock and walks away. The Rock comes back saying that he left his heart in San Francisco Triple H has left his balls in Stamford Connecticut. Triple H gets a bit pissed and takes his coat off. Triple H looks to attack but Steph stops him and says that the Rock just needs to feed his ego, because the Rock knows that without the McMahon’s there would be no Rock. She calls out a few of Rock’s family members and says that all would be no-bodies without Vince McMahon, Vince McMahon Jr, and Stephanie McMahon.

The Rock thinks about it as a Shane’O Mac chant begins. The Rock says that Stephanie wouldn’t be in power without Vince McMahons Johnson. Steph laughs it off and slaps him across the face. Stephanie demands to know what Rock’s gonna do and gets in his face asking if he’ll hit a women! Stephanie Demands for The Rock to get out of her ring and stadium.  The Rock backs away slowly and climbs through the ropes as Steph mocks and jokes around. Rock doesn’t go far as he begins walking around the ring. He stops in front of Ronda Rousey and she gives him a look as she glares at Stephanie McMahon.

The Rock helps Ronda over the barricade and calls her by his side. They both get into the ring and Rock stands beside Ronda and gets a “This is awesome” & a “Ronda gonna kill you” chant. The Rock says that he would never hit a woman, but Ronda would. Stephanie says that she’s surprised and that Ronda and she are friends, she asks for Ronda to tell him but she doesn’t say anything. Steph tries to talk her way around this and tries to hype up Ronda and in UFC Steph would never deal with her, but says that WWE is her home and no matter what Stephanie owns this. Steph demands for Ronda to get the hell out of her ring. Ronda gets on the mic and says that any ring she gets into; it’s hers. If Stephanie wants her to leave, she should make her.

Stephanie not impressed demands for Ronda to leave the ring. Rock gets on the mic and says that Ronda’s look means that if Steph continues to talk the will pull Stephanie’s insides out and play jump rope with her fallopian tubes. Triple H comes in saying that Rock can’t say anymore about his wife. Rock agrees that he won’t say anything and begins punching Triple H. Ronda gets in a hip toss and Triple H gets taken out. Stephanie turns Ronda around and tries to slap her, but Ronda clinches up her arm and makes Steph beg for forgiveness and throws her out of the ring. Rock and Ronda Rousey have their WrestleMania moment kicking the Authorities monkey asses!

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt’s entrance consisted of him walking down with the lantern and walking Scarecrow men behind him… kind of creepy. Bray yells towards the entrance for Taker to come and get him.

Embedded image permalink

The Bell tolls and the goosebumps rise as the Undertaker makes his way to the ring surrounded by Smoke.

Embedded image permalink

This time his hair is also normal and not the Mohawk.

Embedded image permalink
See normal taker

Undertaker’s appearance is actually pretty impressive, Bray Wyatt tries for the first attack but Undertaker gets the big boot up first. The bell rings and Undertaker is already on the attack punching away on Bray Wyatt in the corner. Undertaker continues the assault and delivers a shoulder to Bray’s shoulder and takes him off his feet. Undertaker grabs Bray’s arm and goes for old school. Taker walks the ropes and lands it taking Wyatt out. Undertaker looks natural as a “You still got it” chant begins. Taker runs the ropes but gets dropped by a hard forearm to the head. Bray Wyatt clotheslines Taker to the outside but Taker lands on his feet, and stares at Bray. He pulls Bray to the outside and runs Bray into the ring apron focusing on his lower back. Taker rolls Bray back in but hangs Bray over the apron, connecting a big kick to the head and a leg drop to the chest on Bray Wyatt. Bray slides to the outside and Taker continues the attack by the barricade.

He rolls Bray back in and slowly climbs back in. Undertaker lands a running clothesline in the corner and connects his snake eyes. Taker runs the ropes for his big boot but Bray stops him with his cross body taking both off their feet. Bray gets a crazy look on his face and begins attacking Taker in the corner. Bray gets pushes off by the ref and goes back to attack some more. Taker begins climbing back to his feet but Bray stops it with a hard punch to the neck. Taker connects his own to try and stop Bray but it’s not enough as Bray lands knee after knee to Takers gut in the corner. Bray runs corner to corner and lands a running clothesline getting a 1 count. Bray locks in a choke hold but Taker tries to make it back to his feet, but Bray takes him back to the mat with a hard punch to the back of the head. Wyatt delivers elbow after elbow to Undertaker’s head and glares at him struggling to get up. Bray slides Taker by the corner post and runs his body into his head hurting Bray at the same time as he throws himself over the steel steps.

Bray rolls back into the ring and kicks Taker into the head. Bray goes for another attack but Taker quickly locks in Hell’s Gate and tries to get the submission. Bray fights out by delivering shots to his head and manages to break the hold. Both competitors are on the mat as the official reaches the count of 7 and Undertaker and Bray reach their feet. Taker gets back up and gets the angry look on his face and tries to attack but Bray lands his captured slam and senton for another 2 count. Bray goes to the corner turnbuckles and hangs upside down looking for his finisher. Bray sets up for Sister Abigail but before he can connects Undertaker grabs the throat and lands his choke slam on Bray Wyatt.

Taker gets a breather here and gets back to his feet and swipes his throat signalling for the tombstone. Taker lifts him up and connects the tombstone. Taker pins but Wyatt kicks out at 2. Taker surprised that Bray kicked out sits up and kicks Bray away. Taker reaches his feet and once again taunts for the tombstone. He grabs Bray but this time Bray counters and quickly connects his Sister Abigail for a very close 2 count.

As both lay flat Bray sits up upside down and all of a sudden Undertaker sits up quickly starring at him. Bray rolls and tries to back off but both get back to their feet and both exchange punch after punch with Bray getting the better of it. Bray collapses on Undertaker and mocks the Undertaker throat slice. He lifts Taker up and tries for another sister Abigail, but Taker reverses and connects another tombstone pile driver and gets the 1..2..3!

Winner: The Undertaker

So that’s 22-1 and for me, that 4-4… DAMMIT!

Undertakers gets a great firework display and gets a good ovation from the crowd.

Here we go with the final match! My predictions are 4-4 so this will be the tie breaker… Let’s go Lesnar!

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesanr (c)(w/Paul Heyman) (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Roman comes out to a somewhat negative reaction. Roman also got a huge firework display with no reaction from the audience. Not surprised by the reaction to be honest, it was expected; though once Lesnar’s music hit, you heard a huge ovation from the crowd. WWE also had a huge firework display for him, which is understandable; it’s Brock Lesnar for crying out loud.

Lillian Garcia introduced Roman Reigns but Paul Heyman introduced Brock Lesnar and that got a huge ovation.

The match begins with Reigns and Lesnar brawling. Lesnar lifts Roman off his feet and throws him into the corner turnbuckles. Lesnar lands a German suplex on Roman and a F5. Lesnar notices that he is bleeding from his cheek following a punch from Roman. Brock know lands a few punches to Roman in the corner and Lesnar lands another suplex but this time a fisherman suplex. Lesnar walks arounda s the ref checks on Roman and Lesnar tries to attack again. Reigns fights back and tries for a couple of running clothesline but Lesnar takes all of them and lands another German suplex. Lesnar beats on Roman in the corner and another suplex to Roman. The Count is 4 so far.

Roman gets to his feet slowly as Lesnar hunts Roman. Roman tries to fight back but Lesnar doesn’t like it and lands another German Suplex. Roman is seen smiling for some reason as Lesnar continues the attack and he lands a few knees to the gut. Lesnar lands the 6th German suplex and Roman gets laid out.

Brock waits for Roman to reach his feet and smiles n the process but before Roman can reach his feet, Lesnar lands another hard knee to the gut. Lesnar sets up for a suplex and hangs Roman over the top rope. He holds Roman as Lesnar lands knee after knee after knee to Roman’s head. Lesnar runs the ropes and connects a running forearm on Reigns taking him off the apron and into the barricade.

Lesnar remains in the ring as the ref begins his count. Roman climbs into the ring as the ref reaches 8. Lesnar tries for another running move but Roman catches him on the apron with a hard knee to the head. Roman connects a few more and kicks Lesnar to the chest. Lesnar though catches Roman leg and clotheslines Roman Reigns to the outside so hard that the Rock felt that. Lesnar connects a few knees to the gut on the outside and rolls Roman back into the ring. Lesnar lands another suplex throwing Reigns across the ring and to the outside.

Roman tries climbing back in slowly and Lesnar meets him and over the top rope lands a belly-to-belly back into the ring. The count is 8. Lesnar lifts Reigns up and lands a 2nd F5 and pins but get a close 2 count. Lesnar annoyed now takes his gloves off and prepares to hurt Roman Reigns. Lesnar stands over Roman Reigns and connects a hard slap. Roman tries to talk some smack to Lesnar and asks for more. Lesnar lands more slaps and punches which only makes Roman Reigns laugh. Lesnar now angry power lifts Reigns up and German suplexes him for the count of 10 and lands another F5 and gets yet another close 2 count.

Lesnar annoyed again lifts Reigns to his feet but this time throws him to the outside. Lesnar tries to throw Roman into the corner post but Roman throws Lesnar instead taking him head first. The camera focuses on Lesnar and his forehead appears to have been busted open. Lesnar slowly gets into the ring and Roman Reigns lands his superman punch. Lesnar remains on his feet and Roman lands another Superman punch. Reigns goes for another punch but Lesnar catches him for the German. Roman fights out with elbows and headbutts and connects another Superman punch. Roman lands a spear and than retreats to the corner and lands another spear pinning Lesnar and getting the 1..2..KICKOUT!

Roman sets up for another Superman punch. He goes for it but Lesnar catches him and lands a vicious F5. All of a sudden Seth Rollins’ music hits and he runs into the match giving his MITB case to the ref demanding for him to start the match. This match has now turned into a triple threat match.

Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns 

Rollins comes in throwing Roman to the outside and lands a curb stomp on Lesnar. Rollins tries for another but Lesnar catches him for the F5, but from behind Roman Reigns lands a huge spear. Rollins takes advantage and lands a curb stomp on Roman Reigns and pins for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Seth Rollins (New WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

Wow, that was unexpected I thought Lesnar would have at least retained. But at least this makes a storyline for Brock Lesnar

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading and I did really enjoy the show, I hope you did also.

I know this guy did.

By the way I lost my prediction, ended in 4-5… at least i got over 3 correct.

And yes Rollins was this happy:

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