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Eric Bischoff Says Vince McMahon Had His Fingerprints All Over The Firing Of FBI Director James Comey

On the latest episode of Eric Bischoff’s “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast, he talks about the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey, and claims that Vince McMahon had his finger prints all over it.

Here’s what he had to say:

“He future endeavored him! I thought it was just awesome,” Bischoff said. “Look, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m really not. You can get lost in that. Literally, you can lose your mind if you think about that stuff too much but… come on! That had to be some tongue in cheek shit right there. I thought it was great. That had Vince’s fingerprints all over it. I loved it. That was not a government boiler plate termination letter. That was a kick in the balls on the way out the door termination. Like I said, I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories but if that wasn’t Vince McMahon and Donald Trump having a yuck over the phone I don’t know what it was.”

Vince McMahon Involved In Minor Car Accident Earlier Today

Source: TMZ.com

Based on reports, Vince McMahon was involved in a minor car accident earlier today around WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut in his Bentley.

Multiple law enforcement officers confirm McMahon was driving his black Bentley when it had collided with another vehicle. Exact reports of how the incident occurred are not known at this time as the investigation is ongoing.

Vince was seen shortly after walking around. One source claims it was minor accident and everyone was ok.

WWE Releases 2016 Earnings Made By Their Executives

WWE released their Proxy statement this month, which revealed the earnings of a few of their executives. Executives can make an additional income by selling merch, ads, viewership & more.,

See their earnings below:

  • Triple H- $3.993 million in 2016
  • Vince McMahon– $3.071 million in 2016
  • WWE Exec. Kevin Dunn– $4.637 million in 2016
  • Shane McMahon– $2.15 million in 2016
  • Stephanie McMahon– $2 million in 2016

Ryback Rips On Vince McMahon & Kevin Dunn Over Their Treatment Of Tyson Kidd Following His Injury

During the latest installment of Ryback’s podcast “Coversation with the Big Guy” he spoke on Tyson Kidd’s life threatening injury and rips into Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn for the treatment of Kidd that followed.

As you may recall, Tyson Kidd suffered a life-threatening spinal/neck injury back in 2015 during a match against Samoa Joe following the Muscle Buster finisher. Not much details have been provided on his status, but it was said to be an injury where only 5% of people survive from.

Here’s what Ryback had to say:

“WWE should make sure, 100%, that not only is he taken care of for the rest of his life, and I mean well beyond taken care of, they should bend over backwards time and time again for him because they took away, this guy loved wrestling, not just as much, on another level, and what they took away from him, and, by the way, and to take as fucking long as they did to fucking apologize, I’ll personally say it right here on the podcast: fuck you, Vince [McMahon] and fuck you Kevin [Dunn], for not being fucking men and not fucking apologizing to this human being that you ruined. And Vince, you are a fucking piece of shit, I’m going to say it right here, for everything that you did that night to go out there and fucking create that circumstance. And you should hate yourself when you look in the mirror”

Check out the latest episode here. 

Vince McMahon Comments On The Passing Of George “The Animal” Steele

WWE chairman Vince McMahon tweeted the following yesturday remembering the late WWE Hall of Famer, George “The Animal” Steele.

Vince McMahon Chews Out Braun Strowman Backstage

Mick Foley was a recent guest on Lillian Garcia’s podcast and discussed a moment backstage where Vince McMahon kept on correcting Braun Strowman on certain terminologies.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I was about to go out there a couple weeks ago, and I heard Braun Strowman say, I want a title shot. Mr. McMahon’s behind the curtain, at the board watching the monitor, and he goes, oh god, it’s not a title shot. I was thinking to myself, then what is it? That’s exactly what I would go to call it when I would go out there. You want a title shot? He’s like, it’s a title match. It’s a match! So if you ever wonder what it’s like to see a six-foot-eight, three hundred pound behemoth get chewed out, you should’ve been there.”

Listen to the entire interview here. 

Vince McMahon Misses Elimination Chamber

Source: PWinsider.com

Based on reports, Vince McMahon was not backstage for Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber PPV. At this time there is no word as to why Vince McMahon was not at the event.

It should be noted that McMahon did undergo recent surgery earlier this year for his hip. It’s unknown if that’s what could have kept him out of action.

WWE Earning Conference Call Recap

Source: Wrestlinginc.com

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, Chief Strategy and Financial Officer George Barrios and SVP Financial Planning & Investor Relations Michael Weitz hosted a Fourth Quarter 2016 earnings call today from WWE headquarters in Stamford.

Below are highlights (Sourced from Wrestlinginc.com)

– Weiss opens the call and welcomes everyone. He gives the standard introduction and mentions that the earnings release can be read on the WWE Corporate website. Vince takes over and touts the record revenue announced this morning. Vince talks about how they’re “super serving” the WWE Network audience with live shows and in-ring content – specifically 205 Live and the WWE UK Title tournament. He mentions how the cruiserweight division will have their own sources of revenue such as merchandise and live events. It didn’t sound like he was indicating cruiserweight-only live events. He said they had 294 million hours of watched content on the Network. He mentioned how social media is big barometer for him and how they had more than 15 billion video views. They’re satisfied but not thrilled with their 2016 performance. Barrios takes over the call next.

– Barrios talked about the release and some of their growth, touting that they are the 5th largest streaming service. They’ve landed 15 new “blue chip” advertisers over the past 2 years. He talked about WWE Network growth and mentioned that there were more than 7000 hours of content at the end of the year. He also mentioned that WWE talents worked more than 500 events in 24 countries on 5 continents last year, and that 40% of new talent recruits came from outside of the US. WWE is highest selling action figure property in the United States, behind Star Wars.

– Barrios talked about the 1.5 million Network subscribers we reported on earlier. They will report an updated subscriber count on April 3rd, the day after WrestleMania 33. It’s time for questions from investors now. One caller asks about metrics from the UK tournament and the company building on their brand in the UK with a UK TV show. Barrios says the UK special did well locally and they also saw good consumption of the event around the world. Barrios talked more about “super serving” the fans and says WWE fans will consume just about anything that the company throws at them. Vince chimed in about how they’ve already had UK competitors appear on other WWE programming and says growing the talent pool helps them in so many ways. He says they are thinking about a UK TV show but it hasn’t been announced. Vince says their partners are interested in a show as the buzz from the tournament was very strong. Vince says the expansion from that success can be exponential.

– Another caller asks if we can expect them to increase the number of live events in 2017 and what new markets they might target. Barrios confirmed they will do more live events this year and mentions how the brand split allowed them to do a second live event on Monday nights. Barrios was later asked about WWE Network’s recent campaign with CrunchyRoll. He declined to comment on specific partnerships but says they will continue to do various things with other brands, learning from which ones worked and which didn’t work. Another caller asked Vince about the UK expansion and possibly bringing the UK Champion to WrestleMania. Vince says the UK tournament does allow them to capitalize on local and larger markets. He says there’s just so much opportunity on a global basis that they really haven’t tapped into much but this tournament was their first attempt. He praised Triple H for attracting a number of top international talents.

– Vince was also asked about advertising on the WWE Network but he turned that over to Barrios, who said they will continue to have the minor ads but they are focused on monetizing the Network through subscribers. They were asked about gauging fan interest going into WrestleMania this year, mentioning how there were several injuries going into last year’s show. The caller also mentioned the “Goldberg effect” driving some of the momentum. Vince said there’s no one talent that keeps the big WWE wheel turning. Vince believes they have more momentum this year than last year, agreeing that they have less injuries this year, which gives them more freedom in matches and storylines. Vince also said the brand extension is working extremely well, as they expected. He said there is some crossover with viewers, which they wanted, but they are introducing new viewers to SmackDown and that’s what they have been trying to do. He also mentioned fresh talent going from brand to brand, using Roman Reigns potentially jumping to SmackDown as an example. Vince said it’s hard to create new stars with just one show and the brand split allows others to climb the ladder of success.

They wrapped the call after a few more questions. The full call will be available on WWE’s Corporate website.

Goldberg Talks About His Relationship With Vince McMahon, The Business Today, Plus More

Goldberg was recently interviewed by Extra Mustard Sports Illustrated to hype this Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV.

See some highlights below:

Goldberg thoughts on Roman Reigns push in WWE:

“I don’t know the meteoric rise of Roman and what they’ve done with him, and I’m not going to sit here and pass judgment by any means, but if they just try to push someone down people’s throats, people resent it,” Goldberg said. “I wasn’t privy to it in real time, I didn’t see everything, but I think Roman is a great kid. I feel really bad that anyone would go out there and boo him based not off of not liking him or his ability, but just based upon the situation. His look, his work, his enthusiasm, and what he puts into his craft—Roman is a professional. The only thing I don’t like about him is he went to Georgia Tech.”

Goldberg’s thoughts on the business and it’s current state:

“Look at AJ Styles and Sasha Banks,” Goldberg said. “The ability that they have at this point is a bright star for the future of wrestling. I’m very happy with where the business is and who it’s been left to. Sure, there are holes that need to be filled, but there always are. The business is in good hands and the future is bright.”

The differences in the current product compared to WCW:

“It’s totally different,” Goldberg said. “I can’t for one second compare the two. My workload was much different back then. These guys and girls pound the pavement and work four-to-five days a week, and drive from town to town, those are the guys who put wrestling on the map. Guys like me, we come back and try to help bring in a different crowd, but the reality is those people lay the groundwork. If it wasn’t for them doing what they were doing, then I couldn’t do what I’m doing.

“The biggest difference is I’m happy on this one. I don’t think I’d ever been happy in the wrestling business before. I really wasn’t. I always felt like I had my guard up, and I always felt bad about being in the position I was in. I don’t feel any of that now. I’m here, I’m doing a job, and all that other stuff will handle itself. I prepare myself and my character, I go out and do what I have to do, and that’s my work load.”
Goldberg’s relationship with Vince McMahon:

“It’s both of us,” Goldberg said. “At the end of the day, it’s a business. Sometimes ego gets in the way, and sometimes people do things that aren’t conducive to a good business relationship, and I think that was done on both sides [in 2003-04 with WWE]. I’ll take full credit for being a jerk at times, but we grow up. Times have changed, I’ve changed, he’s changed, the business has changed, and, guess what, I’ve got a family now.”

Read the entire interview here. 

Chris Jericho Talks About Vince McMahon’s Reaction To The List

Current WWE United States Champions Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by Busted Open Radio and spoke about how the List of Jericho can into development and what Vince’s thoughts on it was.

See the transcript of the interview below sourced from WrestlingInc.com

On what he got over in 2016:

“The List, ‘Stupid Idiot,’ ‘Gift Of Jericho,’ ‘Drink It In,’ all that sort of stuff, that used to get heels heat. If you go back and watch after I turned on AJ Styles back in March or whatever it was, you see me getting heat by calling the crowd ‘Stupid Idiots.’ People legitimately booing and ‘The Gift of Jericho,’ what an arrogant thing to say. But then after a couple of months everyone started loving it. Then it became like these beloved catch phrases that people would pop for, and that’s when I kind of started having fun with it, like I’d stay quiet like 100 times in a row to see what happens, trying to get the word ‘it’ over. The List came up and that was really my co-writer for most of the year, Jimmy Jacobs, he actually came up with The List Of Jericho. We were like, ‘Oh let’s give it a try’ and after the first night it really worked. After that I was like ‘Let’s actually get a list.’ If you see the first couple of weeks it was just a clipboard, and then Vince was actually off for a few weeks because I think that’s when he tore his quad or something along those lines, so I went to the props department and I said, ‘can you make me a list but I want it made out of steel, I want it to be thick like a tablet. So if you hit somebody with it, it’ll knock em out.’

On Vince McMahon’s reaction to the list:

“When Vince came back I kind of told him, ‘here’s this list that I got and I had it made so I can use it as a foreign object.’ He thought it was great. The first idea was for me to take it to the ring and use it for finishes, but he didn’t want that, he just wanted it to be this entity. Next thing you know The List Of Jericho is more over than 80 percent of the roster. Now everyone wants to be on the list and the only way to get heat off of it is if I tease putting people on the list, and then don’t put them on the list. That actually gets heat now. You just never know what’s going to work and what’s not going to work, and doing this as long as I’ve been doing it you have to recognize when something is gonna catch. Like I said it is like catching lightning in a bottle and when that happens you just want to stick with it — my original plan was to be in the WWE for four months, January to Wrestlemania, then some things got moved around on Fozzy’s schedule and some other things that I had going on, then I just decided ‘Why don’t we take 2016 completely off and with Fozzy?’”

Check out the entire interview here.