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The Reason Why WWE Didn’t Use The Term “Draft” For The Superstar Shake-Up

Source: Wrestling Observer Radio

As we saw, WWE ran theĀ “superstar shake-up” this year between Raw and Smackdown which was WWE’s version of the Draft. The reason WWE was no longer using the term “draft” was because Vince McMahon wanted to change it up.

Vince is notorious for changing his mind on certain words. For example, Vince hasĀ dropped such words as “title” or “shot” and requested no one to use those words on WWE programming, and even went as far as to remove the numbers from WrestleMania as it made it sound “too old.”

At this time the next WWE Superstar shake-up, or whatever Vince will call it at that time, is expected to be done after Summerslam.