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PODCAST: Smash This Podcast | Impact Wrestling Review

My thoughts on this weeks Impact Wrestling episode, also discuss my thoughts on Crazzy Steve’s Twitter Farewell to Impact Wrestling!
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PODCAST: The SideBar – EP 3 – Mauro Ranallo Discussion #FireJBL

Tonight on the Side Bar we talk about the recent discovery of bullying in the WWE with the recent departure of Mauro Ranallo, and I ask the question “Should the WWE fire JBL?”

PODCAST: Wrestling With… (Ep.5): New Contenders On An Old Holiday

This week, Sam and Adam discuss Jinder Mahal’s surprise win on SDLive, and what this could mean for his character’s direction. The duo also give their opinions on other current No. 1 contenders in WWE’s landscape, and answer questions from the best audience in podcasting. Also, in the spirit of the lighthearted “420” holiday, Sam and Adam give their top 5 stoner movies and songs for their pop culture segment.

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PODCAST: Smash This Podcast | Who From Lucha Underground/AAA Could Invade Impact Wrestling?

Discussing the possibilities of who could show up in Impact Wrestling if an Invasion angle happened between Lucha Underground or AAA.
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Jim Ross Talks The Challenges Of Braun Strowman Being A Heel & Dash Wilder Breaking His Jaw

During the latest edition of the Ross Report, WWE Hall of Famer discussed several topics surrounding WWE. Here are some highlights:

Braun Strowman being a heel, and potential challenges:

“I wonder sometimes, just asking out loud here, is Strowman such a strong character that there will be a pocket of fans that live through that vicariously as a big monster, therefore it might be challenging him to be that traditional big heel that we have been used to seeing over the years. Is that a bad thing? I’m just talking out loud here with my talking points, but I like Strowman, but I just think it might be challenging with the way he is working, and his look, with his destructive mission, which might be challenging for him to be this monstrous villain because what is there really to hate?  Especially working with Roman Reigns, who is controversial as well, so Braun Strowman beating up Roman Reigns does not make him a heel, so it’s going to be challenging. I believe both guys are going to be big stars, which is what you want, for them to be big stars.”

Dash Wilder’s suffering from a broken jaw:

“Wilder has a fractured jaw and will be out a couple of months. Here’s how I perceive this: Dash Wilder and his partner, in times of somewhat rehabilitation, let’s say, they are going to come back better than they left because they are going to study and put the mental pieces back together, take it apart and put it back together. I feel badly that Wilder is hurt, but I believe he will come back a more viable talent than ever before he left because he has two months to study his game and heal the rest of his body, which isn’t a bad thing.”

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PODCAST: Wrestling With… (Ep.4): United In A Shakeup

This week, Sam and Adam discuss the WWE Superstar Shakeup, Braun’s Hauling Service, the JBL/Mauro situation, and answer questions from the best audience in the podcasting game.

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PODCAST: Smash This Podcast Shakeup!

Discussing the future of this channel…
From this point forward for now, there will be no additional vids being published on this channel. Smash This Podcast will be going to my original channel, All Wrestling related vids will be at this channel:


PODCAST: Wrestling With… (Ep.3): Marathons And Mania

“This week, Sam and Adam discuss the marathon WrestleMania weekend, The Walking Dead season finale, answer listener questions, and discuss AJ Brooks’ newly released book “Crazy Is My Superpower”.